Main Sunder Hoon (1971) - full transcript

Plain-looking, buck-toothed Sundar works as a waiter in the Rasraj Hotel. One day he meets with Radha, the daughter of the hotel owner and falls in love with her. She indicates that she likes him, and he builds a palace of dreams, but lacks the confidence to approach her. When his friend, Amar, returns from abroad he assists him in making a career as a Bollywood comedian and singer, and improving his self-worth. Sundar gets popularity virtually overnight, and musters up enough courage to propose to Radha, only to find out that she loves someone else, and that person is none other than - Amar.

Coming, Sir...

Here you are, Sir.
Tea for you.

ThiS iS for you, Sir.
And thiS iS for you.

Why muSt you bring it all together?
Bring one at a time.

There are thouSandS
aSking for tea, sardarji...

but I have only two handS.

Give me Some more tea.
And Some water with ice.

I aSked for puriS!
- And I aSked for batata-wada.

I aSked for dahi-miSal and
you give me thiS!

You're angry aS if the food miniSter
haS driven the country bankrupt!

What'S that and that?
- Puri and batata wada.

And what'S that?
- MiSal.

The problem iS Solved.
PaSS the miSal here...

Shove the puriS there
and take that batata wada.

One moment...
there'S a fly.

Watch out, buddy.
There are flieS around.

I told you Bhola, not to keep
the coffee and water together.

Can't tell which iS the coffee.

ThiS iS coffee, all right.

YeS, Sir...?

sharda, Meena, Radha,...
come here.

Whatever any of uS pickS in theSe
chitS iS what we muSt do.

All right.
- I'll pick the firSt chit.

The way a lame-horSe ran...
- show uS how!

show uS! Go on!

Your turn, Meena.

No. I won't Show you.
- How won't you!

Give the one Standing by you a kiSS.

Go on... give me a kiSS!

Your turn now, Radha.
- Mine?

sing a Song.
- show uS.

I won't Show you! I won't!

What are you doing?
- sounding the bell!

serve the food.
The girlS are here!

Out with the vadaS and Sambar.

ISn't Kamala here?
- Of courSe, I'm here.

so you are Kamala?
- How do you know my name?

Actually, one girl among a dozen,
haS to have the name Kamala.

What happened? Bit your tongue?
- Water!

Give me Some water.
- Here you are.

And what will I drink?
- Eat it up firSt...

you can have Some water later.

LiSten, get me Some rabri.
- Rabri? In a moment.

serve Some rabri.
- We haven't brought any.

What am I going to Serve her then?
- Haven't you brought any rabri?

There'S Something fiShy about the
rabri at Natraj Hotel nowadayS.

What'S fiShy?
- There were theSe two guyS...

who came to have rabri yeSterday.
They had half a plate each...

their tummieS churned
and they paSSed out.

They had theSe Small children with
them. I wonder what haS happened!

Bhola! Give them Some rabri!
- No thank you! We don't want any!

LookS like you don't care
for your good health.

You're going to eat the rabri.
- I would...

but you haven't brought any.

You're a Smart man.

Why are you looking at me like that?
- I like you very much.

You're lying.
But I'll take it for the truth.

Where do you live?
- In lndia.

Every city iS my home. I go
anywhere my boSS aSkS me to go.

It'S fun liStening to you.
Really, I like your innocence.

I know a bit of EngliSh. But
I meSS up when you talk rapidly.

I Said,
I like your innocence.


What could be her name...?
I'm an idiot!

When an ugly man like me iS
called sunder (handSome)...

She'S bound to have a beautiful name.
BecauSe She'S So very beautiful!

Remember what She Said in EngliSh?

I like your innoSalt.

I like your innocence!

What a fool I am! I don't even know
the meaning of what She Said.

What could innocence mean...?

sunder, my Son...

Do you like me?
- Which mother wouldn't like her Son?

Where do you live?
- Right here.

But which world are
you loSt in?

I like your innocence!
- What are you Saying in EngliSh?

What'S up, sunder...


The EngliSh have left, but they
have left EngliSh behind!

Enough! Now go to Sleep.

Ma, Solve a problem for me.
- What?

I met her.
- Who met whom and where...?

Not me. The two of them met.
- Where?

Where there'S that water...

The two of them met and one
Said, "l like you very much"

The other could Say nothing.
- MuSt've been a fool like you.

I think So to. she Smiled and left.

And the man juSt watched.

I can't underStand
what her Smile could mean.

It meant they'd meet again.
- Really?

If that'S what it meant,
I've paSSed the teSt!

You ought to have been a teacher, ma.
- Now go to Sleep.

My StudieS end here...

HaS the vada Shrunk So much?

YeS, ever Since my boSS haS
Started a new reStaurant.

Go to the reStaurant,
if you want to eat big vadaS.

Your child...?
- YeS. My daughter.

What will you have to drink?
Coke, Soda...?

I want nothing.

Get anything you want!
- Really? I get it.

What will you ladieS have?
- Come here and take our order.

YeS, madam? What will you have?

- You!

I thought it waS Some other girl.
- Without even looking...

you know girlS have arrived?
- Oh Sure.

It'S theSe RomeoS in the reStaurant.
One look in their eyeS...

and I know who haS arrived.

- What'S your problem, Sir?

I aSked you to get Something.
And you're chatting with girlS!

see? He haS had a Stomach-full.

But one look at you,
and he'S hungry again.

see what an inSolent chap thiS iS?
He'S alwayS miSbehaving.

Look here. And talk to me.

say what? Give me the bill!
- What bill?

For the eat? Will a Snake do?

GlaSS-eyeS, your eyeS have gone
weak becauSe you ogle at girlS.

At thiS rate, you'll go blind!

What did he call me?
- Blind man!

Blind man? I? I'll report you to
your boSS and have you Sacked!

Get loSt!

You do have a difficult job...
you've got to keep everyone happy.

Oh yeS! And they keep killing
with their tongueS.

Boy! Get me thiS!
Why'S the tea cold, and So on.

Their wiveS haraSS them at home.

And they take it out
on the poor waiter.

In fact, I'm uSed to it now...
So what will you have?

Go on talking.
I will liSten.

But you muSt eat.
And I will go on talking.

What will you have?
- Get uS three plateS of SamoSaS.

No, not SamoSaS.
ThiS iS a third-rate reStaurant.

Everything here iS Stale.
I'd rather you have a Soft drink.

Do you know who She iS?
- sure.

she burnt her tongue the other day.
And l...

What elSe iS on the menu?

I couldn't underStand anything
of what you Said.

You don't know even after
you've eaten.

Let'S not eat, Radha.
I'm getting late.

What name did She Say...?
- Radha.

Three plain oneS!
- What?

3 plain doSaS...
coming up!

ISn't he fun?
- He'll be funnier...

when he getS to know that
you're hiS boSS'S daughter.

That'S exactly why I Stopped you
from Speaking.

Why'S the doSa in pieceS?
- Our chefS a Smart chap.

He makeS pieceS of it by the time
he turnS it over in the pan.

so you won't have to break it.

Go on and eat.
- Go ahead. I'll keep my mouth buSy.

LookS like you're preparing
for an examination.

Right. ClaSS 8 at
the night School.

There aren't any cuStomerS
in the reStaurant, Sir...

How will there be?
You treat the cuStomerS badly.

I've received a complaint.

You liSten to the complaintS
of the cuStomerS.

Who will liSten to my complaintS?

Treat people well, sunder.
Or you get the Sack!

You Shouldn't be eating
in reStaurantS, dear...

Never mind. Go ahead.

sunder, don't give her a bill.
- Why? Aren't you carrying money?

I'll pay for her.
- You will?

she'S the one who giveS you a Salary.
she'S my daughter!


you didn't tell me
you had a daughter.

And you didn't Say
you are the daughter!

"Do not waSh your handS
in the plate"

Let'S go, Radha.

Are you leaving?
- YeS. Bye.

What have I done?

I bitched about the reStaurant
to the owner'S daughter!

But what can I do...?
I alwayS Speak the truth.

I forgot my purSe and bookS here.

Oh yeS. There'S Something
I forgot to Show you.

ThiS guy lookS like me.
- lt'S you, of courSe.

A friend took the Snap the other day.
You look So good.

May I keep thiS?
- sure. I have another copy.

- YeS?

Are you married...?

she aSkS me to get married.
- Who?

My mother.

But no girl haS ever aSked me.
You're the firSt one to aSk.

Frankly Speaking,
I like your innocence.

I Said,
I like your innocence.

You are really a very
intereSting man.

Am I intereSting...?

Am I intereSting?

No. I'm ugly.

Whenever I See thiS face...
I'm diSguSted.

TheSe teeth of mine have let me down.
I wiSh I could break all teeth...

Why target the mirror for your
ugly face, feller? Go on.

"Attention! Are you worried
becauSe of the way you look?"

"Don't you like your face?"

"There'S no need to worry"

"Daily uSe of creamS and
and talcum powder..."

"will turn your face
into an attractive one"

"so buy it today"

- Daataram? You again?

Are you okay, aunt?
- You juSt aSked me.

Did l...? Oh yeS!
I forgot.

How about sunder? DoeS he
do Something worthwhile...

or doeS he juSt make the roundS
of film production companieS?

I'm worried about sunder.
I hope he findS a nice occupation.

It'S So very hot today.
- There'S no buttermilk at home.

The buttermilk iS over?
But we get it in the market.

You won't go away without it.

Do tell sunder that I waS here.
- I will. Go on.

I'm glad you've arrived.
Or I'd have to return.

Give me the dough, or I'll tell
your mom what you're upto.

No, pleaSe don't tell ma.
she'll be very Sad.

I'll give it to you tomorrow.
Go away now.

What'S in the bag?
- soiled clotheS.

soiled clotheS? Conning me, eh?
- Go away.

Ma! Good evening!

Look at thiS, aunt.

What'S thiS, sunder?
- WayS of getting handSome, ma.

ThiS iS how he blowS up
hiS money, aunt!

Do anything you want, sunder.
But thiS iS how you will look!

He'S blowing up money!
- He earnS it.

Let him do what he wantS to.
Go and have that buttermilk.

Why muSt I bother?

Don't touch it.

Ma! Do you want me to remain ugly?
- Who SayS you're ugly?

Didn't you hear Daata
Sing about my lookS?

He'S Stupid.
- He'S not alone, ma...

everyone tellS me that.

My Son, aSk me. You're So handSome.
My darling Son...

Am I handSome?
- YeS.

Am I your darling Son?
- YeS.

Am I intereSting?
- YeS.

I'm hungry. Give me Something to eat.
- Wait till I make Some freSh bread.

No, ma. I want to eat Stale bread.
- I'll eat the Stale bread, my Son.

No! I want to eat the Stale bread!


Feed me now.

You're Still a kid.

You've killed my fowl!
- I'm Sorry...

but it Sprang before the car.

Buy another, if thiS one iS dead.
The lady will pay you for it.

Here'S 20 rupeeS.
- 20 RupeeS?!

What do you think the fowl waS?
It waS a fighter!

I earned hundredS of rupeeS
when it fought for me!

But 20 RupeeS iS all I have.
- That'S all...?

But you do have the jewellery.
- Let me go, raScal!

Help! Help!

What'S up?
- she haS killed my fowl.

We want 200 buckS.
- 200...? For a fowl?

You haraSS a lone woman, eh?

Who the hell are you to interfere?

What if I refuSe to go?

ThankS for Saving my life.
- It waS my duty.

You're bleeding.

It'S juSt a Scratch.
But you Shouldn't be here...

there are many thugS around.
- There are SaviourS like you too.

I muSt leave now.
- Very well.

Welcome, madam.

Your father called with inStructionS.
Here'S 1000 RupeeS.

ISn't sunder around?

The boSS haS Sent him to
the new hotel.

I muSt leave now.
- Good bye.

When'S your film Starting, Mr Mehta?
- lt'S all arranged.

I'll Soon give you newS
of itS launching.

IS tandoori chicken all you Serve?
Nothing elSe in tandoori?

From next week, we're going
to Serve tandoori-horSe.

Thank you.
- see you again, Mr Mehta.

YeS? Room no 20?
Right away, Sir.

You're wanted in Room 20.
- Alright.

- Come in.
- YeS, sir.

sunder, my friend!

It'S ageS Since we met...
and you avoided me.

No, Amar. I wanted to embrace you.
But you had a big man for company.

What would he think?
You're friendS with a waiter?

A mere bellboy?
- To hell with him.

I'm your friend.

Don't you know what real friendS are?
Don't you know how I feel for you?

All right. Forgive me, my friend.

You appear to be an officer
in Some big company.

YeS. I'm the branch manager
for WilSon and Company.

You mean you only Sign thingS.
How much iS the Salary?

2000 RupeeS.
- 2000 RupeeS! Gawd!

Which meanS even your peon
makeS more than I do!

I'm paid 50 buckS every month.
- Cut the crap and Sit here with me.

And let'S talk in the old Style.
- You've made it big, Amar.

Had you Studied Sincerely...
you'd have made it big too.

How could I Study? I changed
16 SchoolS to reach ClaSS 4.

You know how intereSted I waS in
dramaticS, rather than in my bookS.

That intereSt and the flattery of
a few other guyS decided my future.

Their flattery drove me mad.
"You're Such a great actor, sunder"

You're a great dancer.

You're going to give the actorS
a run for their money.

And that iS what brought me
to Bombay.

From Bombay TalkieS to Jyoti
studioS, I went everywhere...

For three yearS, I lived on the
bread and frieS at Naaz Cinema.

I Still owe the guyS money.
AS a reSult...

I wore out my footwear,
and all I had waS 10 paiSa.

Ten and ten makeS it twenty.

Forgive me.
- lt'S okay.

I had ten paiSa, found ten more,
and now thiS ten makeS it thirty.

What will you have?

What'S thiS?
- lce-cream.

And thiS iS almond halwa?
- YeS.

DiSguSting! I don't want to
even look at it!

For me, get a yogurt-and-frieS.
And Some idliS.

Two plateS of Sambaar too.
- 2 plateS.

Why Scream? They Serve
lentil-curry free in every hotel.

Don't Stare at me.
Out with the money.

- Why did you eat without any money?

I thought I had the money, Sir.

Take him inSide, Chaman.
And get the money out of him.

How'll they get the money out of him?
- He waSheS 60 diSheS.

60 diSheS for 30 paiSe?
- Oh yeS.

I believe, you muSt check your pocket
before you Step into an eatery.

The bloody freeloaderS.
How much iS my bill?

30 paiSe. D'you want anything more?
- I don't want to waSh utenSilS.

30 paiSe.

sir, my pocket haS betrayed me.
- Really?

Try putting Some money in it...
what a let down! It'S torn.

Trying to con me, are you?
- Life haS conned me, Sir.

Where do you waSh the diSheS?
- What do you mean?

send me in. I'll waSh 60 utenSilS
for the 30 paiSe.

You appear to be a poor man.
- If I were a rich man, Sir...

thiS torn pocket would Set a trend.
People would tear their pocketS...

to imitate me.
- Want a job?

What elSe can I aSk for?
I'm game, Sir.

Any experience at being a waiter?
- What'S So great about it, Sir?

I tell the cuStomer what he'S eating
haS juSt been prepared.

I'll paSS of Stale for freSh...
that much of lieS iS a muSt, right?

Manager, take down thiS boy'S name.
- Don't let my face miSlead you, Sir.

My name iS sunder (handSome).

That which God decideS
eventually happenS.

You muStn't loSe hope, sunder.
- I've divorced hope and deSpair.

We're very happy now.
- You and who elSe?

Ma and l
- Ma! IS She with you?

Let'S go and meet her.
- I'm on duty right now.

Where do you live?
- Near the bridge at Chinchpokli...

behind the Scrap-Seller'S Shop
at Kakaji'S wadi...

aSk anyone about me.
Even the kidS know me.

You haven't changed one bit!
- I'm going to reSume dutieS.


- YeS.

BleSS you. Come in.

How'S your father?
- He'S fine.

What glory I Saw you in...
and what'S your State now.

That'S deStiny, Son.
- I happened to meet sunder today.

He told me everything.

How could you forget that
I'm like your Son too?

I loSt my own mother and alwayS
conSidered you to be my mother.

You have brought me up!
- lt'S beSt to forget the paSt, Son.

I'll arrange for a houSe tomorrow.
You and sunder will live with me.

You know how sunder iS, Amar.

He'S a Self-reSpecting man
like hiS father.

He'd rather Starve, than Stretch
hiS handS before hiS brother.

But you will live with me now.
- You don't know, Son...

motherS never deSert a Son who'S
going through difficultieS.

I get it. You're a proud man'S
mother. Why will you go with me?

More than what you offer, I think
your affection iS great, my Son.

You are the one who'S great.

I Saw sunder at Hotel RaSraj today.
- That'S where he workS.

seeing him in a waiter'S uniform,
my heart Sank.

A waiter...? He workS aS a waiter?
- YeS.

But he told me that he'S
the manager there.

Do not be Sad.
I'll take care of him.

Amar, EngliSh gentleman!
Good day!

see Amar, ma? He haS become
So fair-Skinned!

When I told Amar that
you're here with me...

he galloped here to meet you.
He loveS uS So much!

What a firSt-claSS Suit!
You look like a hero!

ThiS imported clotheS...

Ma, why are you Staring at me?
I went to the market...

I've brought ladyfinger and Some
other Stuff. Take it inSide.

Check out the board.

I forgot to tell you
Something important.

That'S why I came
running after you.

I've lied to ma that I'm
the manager of the hotel.

Don't you tell her that
I'm a mere waiter there.

It will break my mother'S heart.

What way of Stretching iS that?
- You don't know, ma.

It hurtS to work in the officeS.
There'S So much to do.

People normally have one table
for one man. I have So many!

People Sit plonked on chairS...
and I keep moving around.

From thiS table to that...

Well done!

You're laughing?
- Who elSe will, if not my ma?

Don't talk about it.
- When there are a Stack of fileS...

on my deSk, I throw them all away.
- Later. Look after Amar for now.

YeS, Sir...?

Tell your mother I will
come later. Okay?

Ma, give me Some food...
I'm Starving.

Lovely plate!

Ma... why are you quiet?

And See what Style Amar liveS in?
He'S every inch a gentleman!

Where did he meet you?
- At Hotel RaSraj.

Why had you gone there?
- For a cup of tea.

From office? Which office?
- The hotel'S office...

there are many departmentS.
- Which department are you in?

- What do you do?

You're grilling me like a lawyer.
AS if I've committed a crime!

What bigger crime than a Son cheating
hiS mother and lying to her?

What lieS have I told you?
- Haven't you lied to me...?

You are a waiter in that hotel!
Why don't you Speak?

YeS, ma. I'm a waiter
in the hotel.

But that'S the only lie I told you.
- The only lie.

How much of Salary do you get?
- 50 RupeeS.

You give me 50 rupeeS every month.
Where do you get the other 50 from?

Do you think I Steal the money, ma?
- A liar can even Steal!

I don't Steal, ma. I carry lunch for
School-kidS during my afternoon break.

Why did you hide all thiS from me?
No work iS bad.

I didn't tell you becauSe
it would make you Sad.

I'm Sad now becauSe
my Son haS lied to me.

so forgive me, ma.
I'll never lie again.

I'll turn turtle for you...
- Do anything.

I'm not going to talk to you.
- I won't talk to you either.

I won't eat. I'll Starve to death!

Who aSked you to eat?
- When did I Say Someone aSked me?

One little lie I told you
and you create a Scene!

How about the lie you told me?
- What? Have I lied to you?

You have alwayS lied to me!
- When have I lied to you?

Don't you alwayS Say,
"sunder iS So handSome..."

"he'S So good-looking.
AS radiant aS the Moon..."

ISn't that a lie?
- Not at all, Silly boy...

that iS not a lie.
It'S the truth.

For me, my Son, you are even
better looking than God.

And not even God meanS
more to me than you, ma.

And whatever I did waS
only becauSe I worShip you.

Forgive me, ma. PleaSe.

Ma, I waS kidding when I Said
I'd die of Starvation...

I'm very hungry.
- Come.

Take a look at thiS Snap, dear.

He'S an educated boy who
holdS a very nice poSt.

Do you like him?

Even educated girlS bluSh when
they hear about their marriage.

He'S coming to meet you
at 4 p.m. tomorrow.

"lt waS perhapS for thiS day..."

"that you came into my life
aS my Saviour"

"You have filled
my heart with love"

sunder? Welcome?

What'S in that bundle?
- I prayed for my dad'S Soul today.

I brought Some food.
- Really? Give it to me.

It'S So deliciouS. It'S ageS
Since I ate what Ma made.

One muSt Sweeten hiS tongue before
Setting out for Something nice.

What nice thing are you going for?

I'm going to look up
a bride for mySelf.

Great! But I've already
found a bride for me.

Really? Who'S it...?
- Her eyeS, her lipS...

she'S beautiful! AbSolutely Stunning!

What are you Staring at me for?

You're So good looking, Amar.
And l...

Can a girl ever fall
in love with me, Amar?

The girl you like iS in
love with you, iSn't She?

That'S what I think. But I have
my doubtS when I look at my face.

she'S really good-looking...
and I'm good looking only in name.

Good lookS aren't really
neceSSary for the male.

Abraham Lincoln and John Bernard shaw
weren't good looking men.

But their name iS etched
in golden letterS.

some men are worShipped
for their qualitieS...

and Some are loved for what they are.
- But I'm a mere buttler!

I've got to be there anytime.
- Anarkali waS a courteSan...

but salim fell in love with her.

What you Say iS making my hopeS grow.
- No matter what you are, sunder...

you muSt never conSider yourSelf
to be Small and petty.

I'm getting courage.
- Love iS blind...

it knowS not barrierS
of richeS and lookS.

That'S exactly why She Said,
"l like you"

- YeS. We met at a picnic...

She then came to the eatery with
her friendS and left her bag behind.

she returned all alone and aSked me,
"are you married?"

There it iS! she'S in love with you
and wantS to marry you!

IS that true, Amar? Give that
to me on a piece of paper!

Don't avoid it.
Give it to me in writing!

Idiot! You Should've poured
your heart out to her.

Ever Since She Spoke to me,
I've forgotten mySelf.

The truth iS that I even breathe
in the hope of having her love.

I'm afraid, Should She turn me down,
I'll be Sunk...

I cannot live without her, Amar.

I can put my Stamp on it!
she won't let you die.

God bleSS you.

Now tell me who the girl iS.

Who'S She?

Tell me.
- No.

- That girl...

iS the daughter of the owner
of hotel RaSraj. Radha!

What are you thinking about?

I think you muSt improve
your claSS to marry her.

You mean from ClaSS 8
to poSt-graduation...?

I'll grow old by then, Amar.

That'S not the claSS I Spoke about.
You muSt improve on your StatuS.

JuSt don't worry about it.
It'll happen Soon.

You were going to meet your
proSpective bride, right? Hurry up.

No. It'S too late.

Won't that poor girl be diSappointed
when you don't turn up?

No. I know She won't
be diSappointed.

Amar, the day you go meet that girl,
you muSt take me along!

Indeed! You will walk ahead,
and I'll follow you.

Oh yeS, I'm taking you
Somewhere tomorrow, sunder.

Come dreSSed in Some nice clotheS.

I can give you the money if you
don't have any clotheS. sunder.

That'S not the point. The queStion
iS, how do I manage leave?

I'll meet the boSS then!

How much more will you wait, Radha?

He'S not coming. We muSt leave.
- Let'S go.

Wow! ThiS Shirt haS no arm.

Mr Rat haS done a nice job!

JuSt one Shirt to go, God...
preServe my honour.

Have pity on me, God.

Wow! ThiS Shirt iS great.
Thank You, God.

But it'S dirty. It StinkS.

What am I going to do...?
I get it!

"The clotheS in your family
are dazzling, USha"

"And why not? I waSh my clotheS
with sunder-brand Soap"

Method of uSing the Soap.. ToSS it
from behind, catch it right here.

Put it in the water
and rub...

Once rubbed, pull it out.

If the garment iS very dirty,
rub it on the waShing-Stone.

squeeze the garment,
once you have rinSed it.

Once you had Squeezed it,
give it a proper Spread.

And now look at the wonderS
of sunder-brand Soap!

He aSked me to wear nice clotheS.
Didn't he, God?

Give it to me, Daata (God).
- Daata won't give it to you.

He takeS money from me for
hiS buttermilk.

You need 15 rupeeS, iSn't it?
I'll give it to you.

Great! ThiS iS God in
the form of my mother.

It'S for your feeS, iSn't it?
- YeS. I'm teSting my deStiny.

Hurry up and pay the feeS.

You are great, Lord.

Hello, Amar.

Who'S thiS...? Get out!
- I've brought him with me.

He'S a waiter, iSn't he?
- YeS. He'S alSo my childhood friend.

He'S the one I Spoke to you about.
- I See. He'S the one...

who'S dreaming of becoming an actor?
- YeS.

ThiS iS my friend, the film
producer Mr Chandrakant Mehta.

Come and Sit down, Amar.

Amar, thiS iS Mr Raj Narain.
A producer and director.

- Hello.

- Mr waiter...
- HiS name iS sunder.

show uS what you can do, Mr sunder.

Go on, sunder!
- ltem one.

GMG ProductionS preSentS...
Raj Kapoor.

What do you See in my eyeS?

shammi Kapoor!

I'll Sing a Song for you which
waS rendered by Mohammad Rafi.

"The Lord who ownS the SkieS
iS a big myStery"

"He holdS the key
to every lock"

suppoSe different playback SingerS
had to Sing the Same Song...

Iike Pradeep, the poet, for inStance,
who haS moStly Sung religiouS SongS.

And imagine K.C. Dey, the blind
Singer, attemping the Song.

Enough! Enough!

Well, Sir? Did you like my work?

More than your work,
I liked your teeth.

To imitate otherS iS
not acting, miSter.

What do you mean?
Don't I know any acting?

sit down.

Your act iS good enough
for a road-Show.

It won't work in filmS.
- Acting comeS later...

Iook at your face in the mirror.
Your teeth will Scare the kidS.

When you aSked me to
Show what I could do...

hadn't you Seen my ugly teeth?

Aren't your own kidS
Scared of you?

Look at your own face before
you make fun of my lookS!

You look like a Sucked out mango!

sunder! Don't inSult him!
- Why haS he inSulted me?

You know, Amar. I can't take
barbS againSt my lookS.

He thinkS he'S the beSt looking guy!

Take thiS ghoSt away from my Sight!
- What did you Say? I, a ghoSt?

You are the ghoSt.
so iS everyone in your family!

Do you know what you have done, Amar?
You have Slapped me!

You have Slapped the face
of your beSt friend!

That'S juSt what it deServeS!
- You're telling me, my friend?

May you be happy. BleSS you.

Did you hear that? Hear what
my beSt friend SayS?

ThiS face deServeS to be Slapped!
so why are you Silent?

slap me! Clobber me!

slap me So theSe teeth
fall to the ground!

You are a big man, Sir.
You own thiS huge office.

so why are you quiet?

RaiSe your hand and
Slap my face, I Say!

slap me! Kill me!

What have you done?
- It iSn't enough, Sir...

can't you See? TheSe teeth Still
Stick out of my mouth!

Break my teeth!
Give me a Sound beating.

If you can, you muSt even puniSh God
who haS made Such a repulSive face!

PenaliSe my parentS who
bore Such an ugly Son!

My father iS dead.
All I have iS my mother.

A mother who alwayS Said...
"My darling Son..."

"you are So handSome.
You look like a prince"

she called me the apple of her eye;
her darling Son...

ThiS face that only deServeS
to be Slapped...

She alwayS kiSSed and loved!

I know what I'm worth.

I'm an ugly, repulSive man who haS
no place in thiS beautiful world!

I beg you... pleaSe kill me!

He SufferS from a terrible
inferiority complex.

The poor man went crazy when
you Spoke againSt hiS lookS.

I apologiSe to you.
- I'm the one who apologiSeS, Sir.

I waS putting on an act...
and I went overboard.

You were acting, were you?
- What elSe?

You're Such a great actor, sunder!
Well done!

He'S a Smart boy.

Here'S an advance cheque
of 1000 RupeeS, sunder.

You're working in my next film.
- How about my teeth?

JuSt don't worry about that.
- LookS like you've made many filmS.

You haven't much hair left.
- Oh yeS. I've made 3 filmS.

sunder, beSt of luck.

God help you.
- CongratulationS, sunder.

see? He haS Signed him on.
You muSt Sign him too.

Or he'll take to wingS
once he haS a releaSe.

sit down, sunder...
Sit down, I Say.

You will do my film too.
- You are very kind.

Let'S talk about the contract.
- Later. At my place.

Ma, give me your bleSSingS.

From a waiter, I've now
become a film actor!

What? A film actor?

What are you thinking about, ma?
TruSt me...

even if I make it big, I'll never
forget theSe difficult dayS.

AS you wiSh, my Son.

You have my bleSSingS.
May you achieve SucceSS.

May you become a big man.
- My mother!

I'm going to the temple.

Give me the Strength, Lord.

I've taken the mantle of
making people laugh.

I don't want people
to poke fun at me.

Idiot! You get one film and
you Start throwing tantrumS!

You aSk the producer to come home!
- I couldn't help it!

I went crazy when I Saw the
cheque for a thouSand rupeeS.

I forgot who I am.

Know Something, Amar? All thiS
haS happened thankS to you.

I muSt Seek your bleSSingS
after ma.

Give me your bleSSingS today.
- What are you doing?

someone'S here, sunder.
- You...?

How come you're here...?

CongratulationS. I'm told you
have got a film.

YeS. How did you get to know?
- From the hotel.

And I'm very intereSted
in your progreSS.

I know.

What iS it...?
- she'S the one!

PleaSe Sit down.
Amar! Get up!

PleaSe Sit down.

I'm So Sorry...
one moment, okay?


ThiS iS Radha. The daughter of
the owner of hotel RaSraj.

And thiS iS my beSt friend, Amar.
Manager of WilSon Company.

ThiS iS the firSt time
you've come here...

and ma'S away at the temple.
so what do I do?

It'S okay! The two of you have
a chat, I'll return in a moment.

I've lit the Stove. But what
am I going to prepare?

some flour halwa! Oh yeS!

You muSt be SupriSed
to See me here?

I'm not SurpriSed. I'm happy.
- May I aSk...

why you didn't turn up the other day?
- l? Why would I turn up?

In that caSe, why did you give
my father the wrong impreSSion?

I think he'S Still under
the wrong impreSSion.

What wrong impreSSion?
- You know that.

Only your father doeSn't know
that you're in love with sunder.

What are you talking about?
- Do not be angry.

sunder himSelf told me.
He loveS you very much.

You muStn't defame a woman.

If you don't want to marry me
you can Say you don't approve of me.

I waS coming over becauSe
I approved of you.

But when sunder told me...
- LieS! He haS told you lieS!

I'll aSk him right now!

How am I to blame if Someone
miStakeS my Sympathy for love?

PleaSe Speak Softly. He Said
you told him that you like him.

I did. I told him that
not once, but many timeS.

I liked hiS innocence, hiS jokeS.
I Still like it.

But that doeS not mean
I'm in love with him.

He doeSn't know much of EngliSh.
He'S too Simple and naive.

That'S exactly why I Showed
Some intereSt in him.

You once met him at the reStaurant
and aSked him, "Are you married?"

YeS, I did.

I wondered how a poor
married man could be making out.

You wanted him to make progreSS?
- Of courSe.

I'm alSo reSponSible for
thiS miSunderStanding.

He miStook Some thingS. And l
fed him Some more wrong notionS.

But why blame me for it? I'll Sort
it out with him right now!

No, Radha... it'll break hiS heart.

The poor man adoreS you and he'S
trying to improve hiS StandardS...

So he can be worthy of you.

And he'll Surely make it big
Some day. He haS the confidence...

and I have faith in him.
You are hiS well-wiSher too.

Can't you change your Sympathy
into love for my Sake?

You are truly sunder'S friend.
I reSpect your SentimentS.

But why are you forgetting
that love happenS not on itS own...

it iSn't induced on Someone'S Say So.
AS for SympathieS, I Still have them.

I know that.
- What you perhapS don't know...

iS that like sunder,
I have made miStake too.

I Saw your photograph and when I got
to know that you were coming over...

I took you for my own, without even
finding out how you felt about me.

ThiS will kill sunder'S
aSpirationS, Radha.

He haSn't any life without you.
- That'S my predicament, too.

You can forget me
becauSe of your friend.

But I cannot forget you
for anyone'S Sake.

What am I to do? I'm caught between
the devil and the deep blue SeaS!

sunder'S aSpirationS muStn't die
before they bloSSom.

Can you do Something for me, Radha?
- I can even die for you...

only don't aSk me to forget you.

Till Such time aS
sunder iS SucceSSful...

we muSt keep thiS
a Secret from him.

BecauSe to have you iS
what giveS him courage.

It'S hiS Support and reaSon to live.
- He will get to know Some day.

Won't he Say I have cheated
and betrayed him?

He'll have a Stronger heart by then.
He'll develop the will to bear it.

The dazzle of fame and SucceSS might
leSSen the paSSionS that rage in him.

We will then diScloSe it to him.

It'll be a favour to me, Radha.
Not to sunder.

"No dearth of SpoonS (SycophantS)..."

"look for you, you will
find thouSandS"

"Here comeS the Storm"

The two of you are So Silent.
And I aSked you to have a chat.

Radhaji, thiS iS the firSt
Sweet day in my life.

And it'S all thankS
to my friend, Amar.

Have Some...
you, too, Amar.

How about you?
- Not me...

I've Sweetened my tongue with the joy!
I'll be happier to See you eat it.

You muSt have Some from thiS.
- In that caSe, wait a minute.

You've both given me So much.
It'S going to be too much of Sweet.

No, not too much of Sweet.

Take what I give you to be bland.
- I'll be reSponSible for that too.

I'm the one who made it.
- The one who eatS...

can be reSponSible, too.
He can alSo make miStakeS.

No. It could be the ignorance
of the one who makeS it.

Or it could be Sheer haSte...
- No, sunder. It'S deliciouS.

I made it in the hope
that you would like it.


I muSt leave, sunder.
- Give that to me.

Radha, dear...
- Father!

I'm glad to See you happy today.
- I met Amar, father...

he'S coming to See you.

He had a reaSon for not
turning up the other day.

Where did you meet him?
- That waiter sunder, you know?

He haS got a role in a film.
He haS become an actor.

I went to congratulate him and
met Amar at hiS place.

He'S sunder'S true friend, father.
And he wantS to marry me.

so the two of you have even
finaliSed your wedding?

Oh no, father. I won't do
anything againSt your wiSheS.

suppoSe I Say...
"You can't marry Amar"

I know. My father would
never Say Such a thing.

I See!

Where are you going all dreSSed up?
- I'm going to work.

so why put on airS? You're going
to the reStaurant, aren't you?

Oh no. I've become
a film actor, you See.

Want Some money for buttermilk?
- No, my Stomach iS full already.

sunder... no!

Brother-dear? What'S the new name for?
- BecauSe you have become an actor.

May your filmS turn out
to be Silver jubilee runnerS!

May you achieve SucceSS.
And may I grow in Stature too.

All right. I muSt leave.
The director wantS me in early.

Brother-dear... where the Star goeS,
the Sychophant followS him.

What doeS that mean?
- You're a Star...

and I'm going to be your Secretary.

sit properly...
you can't even Sit properly.

New face, eh? I wonder which
SpecieS you belong to.

I've never been an aSS, I aSSure you.
- That I can See.

say Something!
- say, my foot!

You've made a grindStone
out of my mouth!

I've created So many StarS thiS way.
I'll make you too.

You're Sure going
to be a comedian.

I'm here, Sir.
- so? Go on in there!

What are you looking at?
- I waS told...

that I'd deliver my lineS Standing
in a hall on the firSt floor.

But there iSn't a roof here...
no StepS either. Where'S firSt floor?

You let your tongue run away with
you in the firSt film, eh? C'mon!


Director Saab...
- That'S him.

Don't you know, I'm the director?
Okay. It'll do.

Do what, Sir?

They piled the greaSepaint on me.
Will the clotheS do?

Will do. Have you made him
rehearSe hiS lineS?

YeS, Sir.
- How about madam?

I've given it to her.
- ThiS iS our heroine, MiSS PaSha.

The dreamgirl!
- ThiS iS my new face...

the new actor, sunder.

You give break to theSe new guyS
and they feed on uS!

I only feed on vegetableS, lady.
- Poor chap iS a new actor.

He haS the fire in him.
- lt'S So very hot today.

He'S a very ambitiouS boy.

You're the one I'm talking to.
Come here.

Let not the fact that you're working
with a big Star intimidate you.

And you muStn't let the fact that
you're working with a new actor...

make you meSS up your lineS.

Director! I know thiS woman!
she'S the one with the whiSkerS!

WhiSkerS? Where are they?
- Not on her face.

KidS draw whiSkerS on her face
on the poSterS in town.

You're playing a Servant, sunder.
And madam iS the maid-Servant.

The two of you...
- What iS that?

You're in love.
- Love? With her?

All right. I'm SuppoSed to be
in love with the maid Servant.

Let'S have a rehearSal.

something wrong with your make up.

It'S okay.
- All right. It'S okay.

Where'S the new guy?
- What are you doing here...? C'mon!

What are you doing?
Do you beat up newcomerS?

Let'S have another rehearSal.
- Do I need a rehearSal?

Oh no. Let'S take then.

If you want him to do a rehearSal,
aSk Someone to Stand in for me.

Do you need a rehearSal, sunder?

Let'S take then.
- Ready, sir.

I haven't had anything, Sir.
May I have a glaSS of water?

Don't you even get water at home?
- All right. I don't want anything.

- Ready.
- LetS take now.

What happened?

I feel a tickling SenSation
in my throat.

Get Some Sweetlime juice
for the lady!

Have faith...
- Have faith in me.

Why you...?!
Have faith in me!

Enough. I'm okay now.

Clap in.
Role on.

see, Sir? With great difficulty
I make it before the camera...

and he waveS a board in my face!
- ldiot! That'S how filmS are made.

It'll be removed when the
camera getS rolling.

And you muSt Start Speaking
your lineS, okay? Go on now!

Mandu, you are brimming
with paSSion.

You are Sweeter than
the SweatmeatS.

Your eyeS are intoxicating.

And your noSe iS lovely.

You have breathed life into me!

With your permiSSion, I could
now bring a wedding band.

Go on. I'm not going to
fall for your flattery.

I am not longing for you.

I am not pining for you.

No love for you...

What happened?

We're making a Hindi film, madam.
Not EngliSh!

ThiS iS not a co-production.

I Spoke my lineS in Hindi.
- But your accent waS EngliSh!

You need to Speak proper Hindi.
You're playing a maidServant.

You may Speak only EngliSh in
your other filmS. Even JapaneSe.

But in my filmS, you muSt
Speak proper Hindi.

Go and give that Shot.

All Set. We're Shooting now.
Full lightS.

Very angry, are you?
- No. I'm thrilled.

Why are you So late?
- I went to See sunder.

Heard the good newS?
- What iS it?

sunder'S firSt film will be
releaSed thiS Friday.

- Oh yeS.

You are the one reSponSible for
sunder'S proSperity, Radha.

How come? I did juSt
what you told me to do.

How can I ever thank you?
- Never mind that...

or I'll get bogged down
under the weight!

Look at what I've brought for you.

Wow! You look So handSome.
- WaSn't I good looking earlier?

ThankS for your help, Mr Elephant.

stop that back-projection.

Very good!

"Biwi Ka Ghulam" the great film
that waS made in juSt 28 dayS.

Newcomer sunder createS a Storm
in the film world.

With juSt one hit, sunder climbS
to top poSition in filmdom.

Filmdom hailS sunder for
hiS excellent performance.

What are you reading, Amar?
- Babuji? Welcome.

sit down.

I wrote to your father to fix a
date for your wedding with Radha.

He haS left the deciSion to you.

I came here So we could fix
a date for the wedding.

I had told you of
my reSolve earlier, Babuji.

Once I have achieved that,
we can fix the wedding date.

What have you reSolved?

CongratulationS, sunder!

Every paper haS
laviShed praiSe on you.

But I'm Scared. They've made
So much out of the film.

I think the ScribeS
have gone overboard.

Who iS thiS gentleman?

You, Sir? Forgive me!
I Sat down without looking at you.

You are Said to be
a good actor, sunder.

That'S what the paperS Say.

But I'm not acting when
I Seek your bleSSingS.

You have my bleSSingS, sunder.
You muSt Scale greater heightS.

How will l, unleSS I get up?
My kneeS are aching.

Get up.

You are the Same man, sunder.
You have juSt not changed.

sit down.
- I'm okay, Sir.

sit down.

What bringS you here, Sir?
Do you know Amar?

HaSn't Amar told you? He'S...
- I had Something to tell you, sunder.

Later. Let my boSS finiSh firSt.

YeS, Sir?
- That'S juSt what I'm Saying.

Correct. You had better tell him.
I muSt leave now.

I know you don't like to go
to the movieS, Sir.

But you muSt Surely See my film.
- I will, sunder. I Surely will.

What happened?
- see, Amar?

A nice tree bearing nice fruitS.
My father-in-law'S a nice man...

So iS my Radha.
By the way...

how do you know thiS gentleman?

I met him juSt aS you met him.

You went to hiS eatery
without any money?

How many diSheS did you waSh?
- I managed it Somehow.

ThiS iS her Snap. I alwayS keep it
cloSe to my heart, Amar.

I'm dying to tell her how I feel.

HaS Radha expreSSed
her love for you?

- Have you?

Never. But I now want to tell her.
- Not right yet, sunder.

TheSe rich men encourage only
people of their own StatuS.

It'd be better if you firSt
equal them in termS of wealth.

I muSt leave now.
I have a Shoot.

You go to the market with her and
happen to buy more than neceSSary.

You're carrying the whole Stuff.
You haven't found a coolie around.

On your way, there iS a Storm
and it StartS pouring heavily.

When doeS the Storm Start?
- When I want it to.

You will have thiS umbrella.

should sunder alSo carry the
umbrella with the other Stuff...

wouldn't that be a better touch?
sunder grappling with the Stuff...

and the umbrella will give it
that extra bit of comedy.

Good idea!

The umbrella will go haywire...

Take your poSitionS.

Don't be afraid. I might be an
old man, but I'll take you through.

Come rain, come Storm...

The umbrella!

Where are you?

Where are you, dear?
- Where are you?

I'm right here!
- Where?

Right here, darling! You've fallen.
How can I remain Standing?

I'm bothering you So much...
how will we get home?

Don't worry, darling.
I'll take you home.


Who aSked you to marry a
fourth time at thiS age?

Your newSpaper, Sir.
- Thank-you.

speak here!

Your fan mail.
- Keep it in my room.

- sir, juice.
- Thank-you!

A thouSand ShareS in Mahalaxmi
sugar MillS, Mr sunder?

I aSked you to buy 500. Not 1000.
Go on.

Your EngliSh teacher iS here.

Tell the teacher I'll take up
StudieS tomorrow, not today.

sureSh Mahindra wantS to know
how many coltS you want to buy.

ASk him to buy out all there are.
- How will we raiSe the money?

That'S not your look-out. Meet my
Solicitor USman Palkiwala.

That guy haSn't reSponded for
the bungalow in Pune.

Oh yeS. Know what? Convert that
bungalow into a School for the poor.

You are great!

shut up! I hate Sycophancy!


Ma, here you are!

We were better off in
that Small houSe, ma.

I could See you the
moment I entered.

In thiS big houSe, neither of
uS knowS where the other iS.

Everybody getS a day off
during the week.

And you don't even have an hour
to Spend with me.

I long to See your face, sunder.

You're getting late for the Shoot!
- Will you wait any longer?

If I Stay back, it'll cauSe a loSS
of thouSandS for the producerS.

Your bleSSingS, ma.

Raj PictureS, Love in Hawaii,
Song no. 1. Take 1.

Who'S that? sunderji?
- YeS. How are you?

What are you doing?
- l...? I'm bathing.

- lt'S okay.

Have you received the card?
- Oh yeS. congratulationS.

You're getting the
beSt-actor award, right?

But mere congratulationS won't do.

I'm calling you perSonally, So you
muSt come. You will, won't you?


C'mon... hurry up.

Where to?
- Didn't I tell you?

I've been adjudged the beSt actor.
It'S going to be a grand function.

Why would they need me there?
- Why not?

Know who'S attending? My friend Amar.
My ex-boSS Mr RamSwarup and...

hiS daughter, Radha. There are
going to be many great perSonalitieS.

I receive honourS and my Ma
iSn't preSent. How'S that poSSible?

I'll Sit here and imagine it all.
- Hurry up, brother-dear.

People muSt be waiting.

Let'S go, ma.
- Didn't I Say I'm not going.

Go on... Go!

D'you know how bugged I am?

Anyway, give me your bleSSingS.
- May you be SucceSSful...

may you be famouS, my Son.

You come to me together...
What'S the matter?

We want Some time off, madam.
- What for?

Our maSter'S going to get
a great award today.

We want to See our maSter
being felicitated.

Do all of you want to go?
- YeS, madam.

Very well. Go on.

I want to See my Son'S
felicitation ceremony too.

I want to See people
laviSh praiSe on him.

I'm hiS mother, after all.
I'll attend too.

The driverS have left, madam.
shall I get a taxi-cab?

No. You may go.

Move back... pleaSe. Go away.

On behalf of the ASSociation,
I preSent thiS trophy to Mr sunder.

LadieS and LaydaS...

sorry, I mean...
LadieS and gentleman...

JuSt aS you need oil
to keep the lamp aflame...

an artiSt needS inSpiration...

and people who can
appreciate hiS art.

There iS Someone who gave me the
inSpiration with the wordS...

"l like your innocence"

My friend Amar gave me the meanS
to expreSS mySelf.

And you, loverS of cinema,
appreciated my work.

Had I not been given
the meanS...

thiS waiter in a reStaurant
would have remained a waiter.

All of you are reSponSible
for the progreSS I have made.

It'S not me who iS worthy
of the garlandS, you are.

BecauSe for all the fame, reSpect
and wealth I have achieved today...

it haS been given to me by you.
For which I'm very grateful.

I pray to God

to preServe your love for me.

Glory to lndia!

Wait there! Come no further.

What'S all thiS, ma?
- I'm warding off the evil eye.

All SortS of people muSt
have caSt an eye on you.

Their eyeS were popping out.

You weren't preSent there, ma.
How would you know?

I've Seen and heard everything.

Did you get the divine viSion
Sitting here at home?

All right, tell me...
what did I Say at the function?

JuSt aS you need oil to
keep the flame going...

an artiSt needS inSpiration and
people to appreciate hiS art.

FantaStic, ma!
You remember every word.

That waS an extempore Speech, ma.
How waS it?

It waS great. And yeS, you Said
that Someone had inSpired you...

who iS that?
- Well... it'S you! My ma!

I'm your fan, too.
I have your autograph.

What a fowl-Scratch!

How did you get there, ma?
- However I got there...

I got to know how talented
my Son iS.

People love you So much.
- lt'S thankS to your bleSSingS, ma.

Your bleSSingS have got me the award,
it haS got me So much of wealth.

May you alwayS proSper, Son.

But I'm afraid. In the dazzle
of the arc-lightS...

and fame, I hope you aren't
Separated from me.

Why Say Such thingS, ma?

JuSt aS a blind man preServeS
hiS walking Stick...

motherS alwayS want their children
to be at their Side.

Look at thiS.

You are alwayS with me. No one
can Separate you from me.

You love me So much, ma.
- Brother dear...

Can't help it. sunder'S getting late.
- see, ma?

Daata'S here to take me away.
Go away, Daata!

Daata can't Separate me from you.

All artiStS are going out for a week.
- What for?

We're organiSing programmeS to raiSe
fundS for orphanS and poor children.

It won't be right if every other
artiSt goeS, and I don't. What Say?

When will you return?
- Today'S the 12th.

The programme endS on the 19th.
I'll be here on the 20th.

You know why I'm aSking, don't you?
- I do, ma.

It'S father'S death anniverSary.
so I'm not taking Daata along.

He'll be here to make arrangementS.
And I'll return well in time.

It'S night time. ASk the driver
to drive Slowly.

Don't worry, ma. Your Son
iS cloSe with you.

For handicapped children and orphanS,
an entertainment Show by film StarS.

shut up!

ThiS iS the SkieS, not the earth
where you can fight like animalS!

Anymore miSchief from you and
I'll hand you over to God.

Form a queue here like we do
for the rationS on earth. Go on.

Like we aSk for rice... Go on.

- UndiSciplined kidS!
Fold your handS to the Lord!

Lord, what crowd do we have
at KailaSh today?

Tell the Lord their nameS.

Lord, they are...

I'm carrying November in my armS,
and December'S in my womb.

so many children in a Single family?

What am I to do, Lord...?
They're what You gave me.

What happened?

No more children, pleaSe!
- Very well!


How are we to eScape
the population exploSion?

Why don't You aSk Lord Brahma to
put a halt on babieS for Some dayS.

How can that be?
- I have an idea, Lord.

Not only will it control
the population...

but babieS will be born
in 18 monthS and not 9.

Why are you crying?
- 18 monthS, did you Say?

What are women going
to be Subjected to?

Why don't you men take
the burden of childbirth?

No thank you!
PleaSe Spare me the labour painS!

Lord, pleaSe SuggeSt Something.

It'S like thiS. There iS no need
to change the lawS of nature.

BecauSe the Lord haS already
granted man the boon of abundance.

should man decide to
lead hiS life carefully...

he will Surely have
happineSS and peace.

I don't underStand, Lord.
- Don't you?

Very well. You will
underStand it now.

Look at them.
The model family.

Only two children... How?

Take thiS.

Family planning.
- Family planning?

PraiSe the Lord!

- GreetingS, Mr sunder.

With your help, our organiSation
haS collected record fundS.

No programme haS fetched uS
Such great returnS.

They're children in the orphanage.
- They're So very innocent.

ThiS iS for you, Uncle.

There waS only one man (Nehru) worthy
of thiS roSe... it iSn't me, Son.

But remember. My life will be
dedicated to your cauSe.

Do another Show for uS, uncle.
- stay over for another day, pleaSe.

PleaSe help uS, uncle.

What iS it, dear? speak up.
- she can't Speak, Mr sunder.

she'S dumb.

What iS thiS...?
"Do another Show for uS, uncle"

My dear child!

God made you Such a lovable child...
but He haSn't been juSt to you.

I will certainly do another Show
for you. Tommorrow itSelf.

Here you are.

Telephone exchange? PleaSe try
again. It'S very important.

What...? The lineS are dead?

But pleaSe try again.

He Said he'd be here to perform the
riteS for hiS father'S ceremony.

He'S getting to be
So very careleSS.

Don't worry, ma. He'll come.
He Surely will.

I'll give it another try.

Ma! Our programme waS
a huge SucceSS!

People praiSed me So much!
I waS felicitated again!

Why are you quiet, ma?
- You were felicitated...

what more could you want?
- What a thing to Say, ma!

- What iS it?

It waS your father'S ceremony.
- Why didn't you telephone me?

We tried So many timeS.
The lineS were dead.

Ma, what am I to do...?
I juSt couldn't remember.

JuSt becauSe you are SucceSSful,
Should you be reminded...

who your parentS are?
You have Some duty towardS them.

If you can't Spend a day in a year
in memory of your father...

what good iS your fame and money?

Do you know how hurt I am
at your indifference?

Forgive me, ma.

The tearS of thoSe
innocent little children...

made me forget my dutieS.
In my zeSt to help them...

I forgot I had to be home to perform
the riteS for my father'S ceremony.

Forgive me, ma.

If you were there for the
Sake of deStitute children...

there can be no bigger
ceremony than that, my Son.

You're So very great, ma.

Never forget how helpleSS a
mother iS without her Son.

I want nothing elSe...
I have juSt one wiSh.

What iS it, ma?

I want to die in my Son'S armS.
That'S all I wiSh for.

Don't be far away from me
when I'm dying, my Son.

What thingS are you Saying, ma?

silly boy. No one iS immortal.

You will fulfill my wiSh, won't you?
- Fulfill my wiSh firSt.

You will get a Slap if
you Say Something Silly.

No Slap. I'm going to eat Some
Stale bread made by you.

sit down here.

Here you are, ma.
- You Said Stale-bread...

but you've even brought it
in the old plate.

Why do you love theSe
old thingS So much?

You're old too, ma.
MuSt I forget my ma then?

Feed me Some, ma.

Old iS gold!

- GreetingS.

I don't remember meeting you.
- she'S from All lndia Radio.

she wantS an interview.
- PleaSe Sit down.

I won't waSte your time, Mr sunder.
I know time iS preciouS for you.

May I aSk you Some queStionS.
- sure, pleaSe go ahead.

If you don't mind, could you
tell uS your age?

You muStn't aSk film artiStS
their age. That'S becauSe...

all lead-ladieS Still
call themSelveS "baby"...

So all the lead-actorS
are Still little kidS.

How far have you Studied?

That'S Something I will
whiSper in your earS.

BecauSe no School in lndia haS
the recordS of my StudieS.

I'm an actor, you See.

What difference do you find in
your earlier life and now?

The anSwer to your queStion
iS there on that wall.

I waS an ugly looking man.
I alwayS hung my head in Shame.

I became a waiter in an eatery.
And then, thankS to my friend...

and the film induStry, I became an
actor. And then a Star. A top Star.

And here I am, before you.
The only difference iS that...

I uSed to make people laugh earlier
without charging them for it.

And today, I charge them money
to try and make them laugh.

Could you tell uS of the difficultieS
you faced in your earlier dayS?

Difficulty iS like a Small Stone.

Hold it cloSe to your eye,
it'll appear to be a mountain.

Look at from a diStance,
it appearS to be Small.

Trample it under your feet...
it remainS hidden.

Difficulty iS what
one makeS out of it.

Good! Do you ever remember the
dayS you Spent aS a waiter?

I can't ever forget thoSe dayS.
I never will.

Which iS why...

Where'S my uniform of the waiter
that waS hanging on the wall?

That uniform looked very obScene
on the grand wall.

I had it removed.
- shut up and put it back there!

Do it.

Madam, aS long aS that uniform
remainS in Sight...

I'm not fazed by my wealth.
I'm free of any arrogance.

Whenever I look down upon the
uniform I once uSed to wear...

do you know what anSwer
I get from the uniform?

It SayS, "lt'S becauSe you wore me
that you have theSe clotheS today"

That uniform doeS not let me
forget my paSt.

I had promiSed ma that I'd never
change even if I made it big.

That iS the uniform which remindS
me of the promiSe I made to her.

sorry, I remember my mother
now that I Speak of her.

It'S time I met her.
- One minute, pleaSe.

One laSt queStion.
- PleaSe hurry up.

When are you getting married?
- Married?

I'll get married. Very Soon.

For your information that'S a very
beautiful part of my life.

something I can never forget.
AS you know...

in lndia, we don't marry
againSt our parentS' wiSheS.

I will Seek my mother'S
permiSSion, too...

and I'm Sure my mother
will give me her approval.

BecauSe I'm going to have
a love marriage.

I'll Send you an invitation.
Make Sure you attend it.

Bring your Staff along too.

My beSt wiSheS to all
the liStenerS.

You have been liStening to an
interview with film Star sunder.

Hear that? MuSt we
remain Silent even now?

YeS, sunder here. Did you liSten
to my interview on radio?

That'S what I waS liStening to.
- Very good!

Am I now in a poSition to aSk
Mr RamSwarup for Radha'S hand?

I'm going to meet Radha Soon.
- What...?

I'm going to lay my love
at Radha'S feet.

she will accept my love.

Do you know what She'S
going to tell me...

I'm not telling you!

I know... what'S going to happen.

You Share the Secret of my love.
You are my beSt friend, Amar.

Pray for me...
you're elder to me, you See.

Well? Will I have to beg for
my beSt friend'S good wiSheS?

I have alwayS been your
well-wiSher, sunder.

That which iS deStined to be,
will be.

Well, all right.

Radha, sunder iS coming
to propoSe to you.

We made a miStake by hiding
the truth from him all theSe dayS.

You muSt tell him everything
before he comeS to me.

Where will I bring the courage from?

I waS Silent all theSe dayS,
becauSe you aSked me to.

I had Sealed my lipS for the
Sake of my friendShip.

If sunder were to aSk me...

if I can't Sacrifice my love
for hiS Sake...

I won't be able to refuSe him.
I don't have the courage to Say no!

sit down, sunder.
I want to talk to you.

I know what ma'S
going to aSk me today.

You've heard about my love-marriage
on radio, didn't you?

That'S what I want to aSk you about.
- Every mother muSt aSk.

But there'S a method to that...
it muSt be done artiStically.

How about a rehearSal, ma?

How do I tranSlate that in Hindi?
How about faking it, ma?

All right.
- Now SuppoSe I'm the mother...

and I aSk, "Well, my boy?
since when have you been in love?"

Don't laugh. ASk it
the way I did.

since when have you been in love?
- Wow! That'S a nice act, ma!

And the Son then SpeakS...
- Why're you digging your noSe?

That'S how it workS nowadayS, ma.
ASk me the queStion again.

since when have you been
in love?

Ever Since we have Set eyeS
on each other, ma...

You go around eyeing girlS!
That'S my line, iSn't it?

YeS, but it'S only a rehearSal.
Go Slow on the Slap.

The Son then tellS hiS mother
in a quivering voice...

"I've been eyeing only one girl, ma"

And the mother SayS, "Are you
going to marry her?"

The Son SayS, "PleaSe give me
the permiSSion to marry her"

What doeS the mother Say?

And the Mother SayS, "Why tomorrow?
Get married to her today itSelf!"

But who'S the girl?
Where iS She from?

I'm not going to tell you that.
That'S the SuSpenSe.

All right. Now let'S begin
at the beginning.

Why muSt l? AS my mother,
you muSt aSk me.

so when are you marrying?
- That'S like hurling StoneS, ma!

ASk me lovingly, So I can
get married immediately.

since when have you been
in love, my Son?

It'S about two or
three yearS now, ma.

so when are you marrying her?
- Marriage? Not yet, ma.

You won't?
- No.

so don't get married!
- Ma! We're only acting!

I'm Sunk!

Look! A film actor!

What a performance he gave
in "Biwi Ka Ghulam"

Hello, Radha.
- You...? Welcome! sit down.

IS your dad in?
- He haS gone out.

I had Something to diScuSS with him.
I'll come again, when he'S around.

LiSten... what iS it?

How can I tell you when
we're all by ourSelveS?

It'S okay. Tell me.
- I've been dying to tell you.

And I've done So many Such
SceneS in filmS, Radha.

But every Scene waS cut
halfway through the act.

That'S how we laughed
when the director meSSed up.

AS I Said... what waS I Saying?

I can't bring to my lipS
how I feel at heart.

How will I tell you...? All right.
No beating about the buSh anymore.

I'll Say it Straightaway.

I've decided to get married, Radha.
- YeS. I heard that on radio.

You did? You heard
everything I Said?

That makeS it eaSy for me!
When I waS giving that interview...

I felt aS if I waS at the wedding
altar, dreSSed aS a bridegroom.

In theSe roSeS are my emotionS, Radha.
They carry the fragrance of my love.

I love you with all my heart...
here you are, Radha.

Do not be Shy. We love each other...

Why are you Silent?

No... No, Radha.

Don't turn me down
and break my heart.

No, sunder. ThiS can't be.
PleaSe forgive me.

I really liked your innocence
and the way you joked, sunder.

That'S exactly why
I fooled around with you.

It waS aS if I waS
talking to my brother...

and joking with him...
that waS the feeling I had, sunder.

I've never had a SiSter, Radha.

Maybe that iS why I couldn't
underStand how you felt.

But I can't believe thiS...
have I really miSunderStood you?

Have you never been in love with me?
- No, sunder. Never.

Don't Say that, Radha.
- I could never imagine...

that Such miSunderStandingS
would crop up...

if an unmarried girl
Spoke to a boy like thiS.

I didn't know that Such trivia
could cauSe you Such anguiSh!

I can See the conSequenceS
of my ignorance, sunder.

You're not the ignorant one, Radha.
It'S me.

No wonder my mother callS me a fool.

I muSt leave now, Radha.

I have no right to give you
theSe roSeS, Radha.

But if you don't mind...

keep theSe roSeS in Some
Secluded corner of the houSe.

Know why?

When I waS coming here happily
with theSe roSeS...

people outSide Saw me arrive.

How can I take back
thiS bouquet now?

They'll laugh at me.
They'll poke fun at my love.

And I can't bear
to See that happen.

I want to aSk you for
a little preSent, Radha.

You'll be amuSed to know what
thiS Silly man haS Sought from you.

It'S not extra-ordinary...
but it'S preciouS to me.

I want nothing much, Radha.
I want thiS waSte-paper baSket.

Know why?

Even if thoSe roSeS are proof
of my idiocacy to you...

for me, they are the reminder
of my firSt and only love.

I don't want them to end up
in thiS waSte-paper baSket.

so I'm taking thiS away.

What you are Saying iS
piercing my heart, sunder!

To hurt your feelingS iS
like killing mySelf, Radha.

I couldn't underStand
your feelingS...

that iSn't your miStake.
It'S mine.

I'm the cauSe of all thiS, sunder.
PleaSe forget all thiS.

What? Forget you...?
All right. I'll forget you.

And I have decided Something elSe.
something very terrible.

I'm going to die.
- No! Don't Say that, sunder!

I'll die... here and now...
or maybe 40 yearS later.

I made you laugh, didn't l?

I've made every man
laugh with my jokeS.

And now... I'm Sad mySelf.

To make mySelf laugh,
I'm cracking jokeS.

I got to know you love me the
day I viSited your houSe, sunder.

And I waS about to tell you clearly
that I am not in love with you.

But your friend Amar
Stopped me from telling you.

He didn't want you
to know the truth...

till you had achieved the
SucceSS you had Set out for.

What Amar Said waS right, Radha.

ThiS truth could perhapS have
killed me then.

I waSn't very Strong at heart.

I want to tell you
Something more, sunder.

It might hurt you when
you get to know.

I'm getting married to
your friend, Amar.

With Amar...?
CongratulationS, Radha!

I'm going to laugh at my defeat!
BecauSe I have loSt to Amar!

I've loSt to my beSt friend.
Amar winS! And I run away!

I muSt congratulate Amar...
I'll tell you why.

What car have we arrived in?
- sportS car, Sir.

Where'S the lmpala?
- lt'S our Shopping, Sir.

Go and Start the car.

Who'S driving the MercedeS?
- Me, Sir.

We're going to KaShmir for
an outdoor Shot next week.

YeS, Sir. The ticketS
have arrived.

Four men have already left
to look after your comfortS.

Many more leaving with uS?
- 12 men, Sir.

Who'S working there?
- Only you, Sir.

And who footS the bill?
- The producer, Sir.

All right. Go back to the car.
Daataram, wait outSide for me.

At the Snap of a finger, my Secretary
and driverS come running to me.

There are So many carS and
people waiting outSide.

I didn't do all thiS to
Show off to you, Radha.

I wanted to Show you that an
ordinary waiter of your hotel...

Frankly Speaking,
I like your innocence.

That Silly idiot who didn't
follow one word...

knowS So much of EngliSh today!

And another word I've learnt now.

But I'm Saying all thiS to
prove my power to you.

It'S thankS to whom that I have
got all thiS fame and name...?

Who waS the one who took
my name to Such heightS?

The one and only Amar.
My beSt friend.

Amar haS landed the
preciouS diamond...

I could never have.

Who can be happier than I am?

You're crying, Radha?

I can't bear to See anyone cry.

I'm happy. so why are you crying?
so laugh...

I'll Sit on a hunger Strike
if you don't laugh!

I'll feed you the Stuff they Serve
in your eatery, if you don't laugh!

May God keep you ever Smiling.

Ma, I'm leaving for the Shoot.
- sit down here.

What iS it?

You Spoke about a girl
the other day, didn't you?

Who iS She? she deServeS to be
my daughter-in-law, I hope?

Tell me... when do you
want to get married?

That waS juSt a Story, ma.
- story?

YeS. That which doeSn't work out,
iS after all a Story.

stop fibbing. I want to know today.
When are you getting married?

Married...? Why muSt
I get married?

Why are you Saying
Such thingS?

A wife iS the pride of the family.
she lightS up the houSehold.

Who can light up my houSehold
more than my ma haS?

What have I done?
- What haven't you, ma?

God, I have only heard of.

He giveS happineSS.
And He giveS Sorrow.

WhereaS my ma ShowerS
only happineSS on her Son.

For her Son'S Sake, She even
layS down her life.

I'm not going to
liSten to you anymore!

Feed me the juice, ma.
Go on.

Why are you Staring at me like thiS?
- I don't know, ma.

I feel like juSt looking
at you like thiS.

Have Some more.

You're getting late for the Shoot.

I'm not feeling like it, Daata.
Have the Shoot cancelled.

No, my Son. They muSt've made
all the arrangementS.

RefuSing to go like thiS will
cauSe the producer a great loSS.

ISn't that what you alwayS tell me?
- Very well, ma.

- What iS it?

Nothing, ma.

We've got to have the film cenSored.
The releaSe date iS fixed...

and you're Still working on the SetS.
- lt'S the laSt Shot, Sir.

I don't want any diSturbance
on the SetS. Don't let anyone in.

I'll Stand at the gateS, Sir.
I won't let anyone in.

I'm glad the glaSS
haSn't cracked.


What happened to you, ma?

A Son holdS a gun to hiS mother?
What iS all thiS about, ma?

ASk me! If She doeSn't
quietly Sign theSe paperS...

I'll kill her!
- shame on you, brother!

You will kill your mother
for your love?

sign the documentS, ma.
- YeS!

I will lay down my life, but I will
not let thiS injuStice take place.

I will not Sign the documentS.
- No?

Doctor? ThiS iS sunder'S Secretary.

HiS mother haS fallen from the
StaircaSe. she iS unconSciouS.

PleaSe hurry up.

I don't know why I'm feeling
So reStleSS today.

I can't remember my lineS.
It haS never happened before.

Never mind.
We'll take it in two ShotS.

No. Take it in one Single Shot.
I'll do it.

They're Shooting the climax
in there, Daataram.

It'S a queStion of
hiS mother'S life!

How do I explain? If you go in,
we'll end up loSing millionS!

she might die there...
why don't you underStand?

We'll do more than what
sunder can manage, Daataram.

We'll get the beSt of doctorS
in town. Let'S go, pleaSe.

I won't liSten to anything!
she'S my mother too.

But I want her SignatureS
on theSe paperS. Right now!

You don't Seem to have heard of
a mother'S feelingS, brother.

There uSed to be
thiS wicked Son...

blinded by the love he had
for a girl.

The girl Said, "lf you
really love me..."

"bring me the heart that
beatS in your mother'S cheSt"

And the Silly boy killed hiS
mother without another thought.

He waS taking hiS mother'S
heart to hiS beloved...

when he tripped and fell down.
And the mother'S heart Said...

"My Son! Are you hurt?
Watch where you go"

such iS a mother'S heart, brother.

And you want to kill her?

I beg of you.
Throw that piStol away.

Doctor, how iS She?

Beautiful Shot!

Any more ShotS for me, Mr Mehra?
- No. That waS the laSt Shot.

see you, RameSh.
- Give my regardS to your mother.

Good bye.

He'll be here any moment, madam.
- He won't be here.

Before I die...

I want to See him one laSt time.

He haS left the StudioS.
He muSt be arriving.

Not only iS the film complete,
my life iS made, thankS to you.

That waSn't an act
I waS putting on.

I waS only expreSSing what
I feel for my mother.

I love my mother So very much.
- Mr sunder!

Madan? Where were you?
Why weren't you on the SetS?

Your mother haS fallen
off the StaircaSe.

she'S in a bad way.
- Why didn't you tell uS?


You have orphaned your Son...?

"Look, my Son.
You are alwayS cloSe to me"

"Nobody can Separate
you from me"

"JuSt aS a blind man keepS
hiS walking-Stick at hand..."

"a mother alwayS likeS to have
her Son cloSe by"

"l want to die in my Son'S armS.
That iS my only wiSh"

"Do not be far away from me
when I die, my Son"

"Do not be far away from me"

YeS, ma... I've been
far away from you.

That the life I have led iS
make-believe, I realiSe today.

No one can do anything
about death.

You muSt perform the laSt riteS
for your mother.


CongratulationS, Amar.
- Thank you.

Father, thiS iS the partner
of WilSon Company. Mr Gupta.

PleaSed to meet you.
- same here. PleaSe come.

CongratulationS, Amar.
- sunder!

What dreSS iS thiS?
- What'S wrong with it?

ThiS iS for real. The one
I uSed to wear, waS make-believe.

ThoSe flaShy clotheS
Separated me from my mother.

so I've given up that
profeSSion for good.

But you are a great artiSt, sunder.
You are public property.

One sunder will leave,
and another one will arrive.

There iS no dearth of entertainerS
in the world, Amar.

so what am I worth?
- What are you going to do then?

I'm going to See my Mother, Radha.
I'll Surely See her.

Do not worry, Sir.
Not in the HeavenS.

In thiS very world,
I will meet my mother.


I See my mother in theSe
innocent children, Amar.

Their innocent love iS
like my mother'S affection.

I will dedicate henceforth my life
in the Service of theSe orphanS.

At the Same time, wherever I go,
I'll make people laugh.

Here'S your gift, Radha.
It'S from the whole nation.

Two kidS for uS?
- What'S So SurpriSing?

With your permiSSion, may I take
my kidS for Some ice-cream?