Main Street (1956) - full transcript

A couple of friends decide to have a good time and play a trick on an unmarried woman. Therefore one of them has to pretend to fall in love with her.

It's dawn.
The last bat is finishing his round.

And faraway the first morning train
joyfully whistles.

Here below is the town,
a small provincial town.

Like any town in any country.

The story that is just beginning

does not have precise
geographical coordinates.

The color of the sky, the shape of the
houses, the ads on the walls

or a certain way of talking and
smiling need not have a specific flag

in which to wrap
these men and women

who will start living before our eyes.

Can you hear it?

The sound of the bell inaugurates
the town's still sleepy ambiance.

Then silence returns.

And with it the noise of the
sweepers, who will prepare

Main Street for a new day.


Get out of my house!

Crooks! Rascals!

Murderers! Bastards!

I'm still alive!
I'm still alive!

I'm still alive!
I'm still alive!

He almost died there.

He had to stay in bed
for three days.

When I ran away his eyes were like
this... He looked like a little kid.

I'd told you that Juan
is something else.

You almost killed someone
important, a philosopher.

And you, Luis, have you read
something by him?

He only reads football results.

- Or the "Farmer's Gazette"
- What's wrong with my newspaper?

It's a complete drag!

Exactly, a drag. Like that looney,
Don Tom?s, another drag.

Just like this friend of yours,
the intellectual.

Federico is an excellent fellow.

And since you don't give him a hand,

he's been in the library
with D. Tom?s for one hour.

- Come, we must rescue him.
- Wait, we must finish the match first.

Well, just to give him
the first warning.

Your friends...

are getting impatient.

Oh, well. This publication in which
you're working is very interesting.

IDEAS, arts and letter magazine.

Yes, indeed,
very interesting.

It could be more
if you wrote for it.

If I wrote? Maybe...

Maybe so for you,
but not for me.

You see, I'm through with it.
My complete works are published.

That's the goal, isn't it?

If one supposes I don't have
anything left to say...

Who's making that supposition?
You? It is comfortable.

I don't know. In any case,
I prefer that comfort, understand?

Call it obscurity.

There are more things in the sky and
the earth, Horatio, etc. etc.

Yes, more things, like...

This town, do you know it?

No, I've only been here for
three days. I came only to see you.

It's not been possible yet.
Tomorrow I'm returning to Madrid.

Too bad!

It's my town, a charming
provincial town.

Three things are the
diapason of this town:

The cathedral bells,

The seminarists walking in the
promenade in groups of three

at twilight, and
walking through Main Street.

I hope to actually die. Here it's not
bad, even if it's due to a prank.

A silly provincial prank.

Any idea of who might have done it?

Sort of. Certain folks...

who are bored.

Don't you consider doing
something about that?

Yes, to pay for the coffin.
I broke it.

They need to have fun,
that's the truth.

It's not their fault. This is the
recreational and cultural centre.

I already know it.

Our library too?

We have, among others,
the universal encyclopedia.

A bound collection
of the Province's Gazette

and the classics.

It is one of the town's
cultural elements. There are more.

There is the
secondary education institute.

The discussion group in the new
cafe about our local poet.

- Do you know him?
- No.

Every year he wins the "Natural Flower".

There is also Gim?nez Vega.
He's a retired army Commander.

He gives lessons to boys who
want to enter the military academy.

And, first and foremost,
Don Anselmo.

The Cathedral's canon.

And me. I have my siesta here.
It's the ideal place.

Then I take a walk
around my town.

Your friends. They're waiting for you.

Go with them.

They will show you the town.
Theirs, of course.

Main Street, the Modern Theatre.
The old quarters.

And you? Won't you write something?

Someday, perhaps. In that case
I have your address, no?

Federico Rivas, that's it.

- Forgive me.
- See? They're getting bored.

- What do you think of the livestock?
- Excuse me?

- The women.
- Ah.

- Baldie, did you see that?
- Yes.

- What did you have to see?
- Nothing, just someone

who used to be my girlfriend.
You're, aren't you?

That's great!

Look. Luis' shop.

Well, his father's.

The "English Elegance". It's the best
clothes shop on Main Street.

- But they're not doing well.
- Really?

Yes. Juan will be able
to tell you.

Hey, Juan. Come here.

What was your bank's decision
regarding Luis' shop?

I don't know. They
were talking about a mortgage.

Of course.

His bank deals with
the entire town.

Baldie, come. Look!

- He's very shrewd.
- Who?

This one, Jos? Mar?a.
Pepe, the bald one.

Great lawyer.

Damn, my boss's wife.

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon..

- Taking a stroll?
- Yes, we come from the mass.

- And you?
- Same old.

- Don't you know each other?
- P?rez Ramos' missus.

- How are you?
- Charmed.

- I haven't had the pleasure...
- Ah, I thought you knew each other.

Just by sight.

My friend Isabel Castro.

- How are you?
- Charmed.

Are you a relative of Don Rafael,
the one with the pharmacy?

No, no. Isabel is the the daughter
of the late Don Blas.

- The cavalry colonel.
- I see.

Living there, on Main Street.

- Who?
- Isabel.

The weather is not bad,
don't you think?

- It's been a nice autumn.
- Yes, yes.

Will you stay here for long?

- Me? No. I'm just passing by.
- I see.

- He's a writer.
- I see.

Victoria has put a lot of weight
since she got married.

She's satisfied.

How fine she was when
I met her as a spinster.

Who seems not to have any escape
is Isabel. She'll remain single.

She's been around for too along.

- She should vacate the street.
- She's such a pretentious girl.

Such tedious women!

- Won't you buy us a drink?
- What are you having?

- Today I'll have a Manhattan.
- A Manhattan it is, then.

I want to know if you agree.

Federico is leaving tomorrow. We
must offer him a decent farewell.

Have a few drinks here,
then dine at the restaurant.

Then to the New Caf?,
and then...

And then to the
Old Quarter.

Look at that monument!

Look. That one is not from here.

She looks like an actress.

She's the best thing
on Main Street.

Getting bored?

And you?

I'm used to it.

I was feeling very lonely
at the beginning.

And now?

Now I'm fine.

The bank job is not bad.

If I hold on a little more, I may
become intervention director.

Would you stay here?

Why not?
I can get married and all.

There's a rich girl
but I must become a director.

I can see that you're popular.

We all know one another here.

This thing of strolling along
Main Street is nice.

- You can see people, girls.
- And do you take any girl out?

You mean, if I have a fianc?e?

No, I mean if you go out with girls.

What girls? I don't get it. Ah, you're
asking me if I sleep around.

No, not sleeping around.
If you go out...

- Oh. Well, no... You can't.
- You can't?

Sure, you can go out one day,
but if you do it again...

- What? - People will say that you
are engaged.

- Really?
- Really!

Therefore, you either
are her lover or her boyfriend.

If you're her boyfriend, it's serious.
To get married.

You can always break up, of course.
Baldie does it very well.

- And if you have a lover?
- It's difficult.

Because girls are decent...

Not that. It's just that if she's your
lover everyone gets to know it.

That's why they are very careful.

Because then if they don't catch
an outsider...

Hey, you! Come here.
I'll pay another round.

- Must we go with them?
- Sure, they're terrific guys.

You're impossible. Tonight we're
going to the Old Quarter.

- Is it pretty?
- This is not about tourism.

- Oh, I see.
- We'll go to a bombastic place.

Pepita's Caf?!

Don't be stupid. He's
destroying the pianola.

No one can make
a fool of me, Pepita.

You're a sweetheart.

What a pain in the neck!

Come, boy.
Let's call your friend.

Leave me, baby.

Come here, don't go.

What's going on here? This can
make anyone go insane.

We're finished with this drunkard.

Don Luciano, Tonia.

- Come here, boy.
- Leave me.

What's the matter with you?

I want to go home.

- What about the newspaper?
- Right, the newspaper is my home.

Come, we're going.
Tell Baldie and the others.

- Will I see you tomorrow?
- How should I know?

I'm going with them.

Come on, stay.
It's Saturday.

No. My wife gets really annoying.

Luis! Want to take my seat?

I'll take care of it.

- So you're staying...
- Yes...

My wife knows that I have a job.

- Bye, pretty face.
- Bye.

- Coming or what?
- Yes, sir.

- Tomorrow, as usual.
- As usual.

Let's go.

- What about Federico?
- I don't know.

- Wasn't he with you?
- He's been waiting for half an hour.

- Why didn't you stay?
- Just because.

- Pretty, isn't it?
- Yes.

What are they doing?

It's a local tradition.
There's a saint's image,

and when people pass here
they leave a few coins.

Like an expiation, I think.

Or just in case, no?

Federico and me
are going that way.

See you tomorrow.

I'll see you on the way out, no?

- Yes.
- Goodbye, goodbye.


The public works engineer
and his wife.

The Alcalde's nieces.

- Don't you play Lotto?
- No.

I play ten every week.

He's from the bank.

- Getting bored?
- No, no.

- There is paella today.
- What?

At the Lodge, I mean.

- Want the newspaper?
- No.

Pastry. Everyone buys pastry
on Sundays.

And hojaldres, made by the nuns.

Look, she's great. She's the
notary's daughter, and she's rich.

Don't you greet her? We met her
yesterday on Main Street.

- Isabel.
- Oh, yes.

Luis is right.
She's been around for too long.

That one will be a
bachelorette forever.

No musical companies
ever come here.

Bye. One of those three priests
lives in our lodge.

Goodbye, Luisito.

She's his cousin.
A good catch.

Shall we?

You must eat fast.
You don't want to miss the train.

- Did you pack?
- Yes.

See this? Just one moment ago
the place was packed.

It's always like this
on Sundays.

All of a sudden,
it gets completely empty.


He's a strange guy. He's a local
but he's always alone.

Do you think
Real Madrid will win?

There's no one around.
Silence, you would say.

Sometimes I remember
one poem or another.

Whose is this?

Sunday, silence. The silence of
three o'clock in the afternoon.

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.

I came to wish
my friend a good trip.

The writer? He's very nice.

I didn't come here for no one.
I come here often.

Just because.
I like to watch the trains.

If you're staying...

Oh, no. I don't want to
reach home late.

We'll go together,
if you don't mind.

Don't bother. Someone must
be waiting for you.

No. And even if there was...
Let's go.

Well, charmed

- Careful.
- Thanks.

- I haven't seen it.
- It's beautiful.

But I'm very sentimental.
All romantic films delight me.

Especially the American ones.

Why? Are men more

Not that. It's the houses. Have you
seen the kitchens they have?

White, clean and stupendous.

Why do you laugh?

I remembered Federico. He'd
be arguing with you right away.

Telling you that what you see
in American films is false,

that it's a lie.

But it's so pretty,
even if it is a lie.

I understand. That's why people
enjoy flirtatious compliments.

Well, in your case I don't mean
to say that they are a lie.

Nevermind. Don't try to
take it back, it's worse.

- And now? Why do you laugh now?
- Because of you. You blushed.

Me? Maybe.

- It's not cold, is it?
- No.

It's curious that we had never
talked till today.


- Do you know the Sol?s?
- Those parrots?

Forgive me. I'm a rude man.

They're my friends. I have very
few unmarried friends left.

I'm getting old.

Don't say silly things.
What does your boyfriend do?

Why do you ask me that?
Every one knows I don't have one.

I think I'll be single forever.

- No, woman.
- Yes, man. No doubt.

It's not too bad,
except for the children.

- Do you like them?
- Very much.

- And do you enjoy it?
- What?

If you enjoy living in a lodge.

What can I do?

How's it called?

Grand Lodge Castillo.

Oh, Mrs. Obdulia's lodge

Do you know her?

Mother does. She's also
an officer's widow.

When I came I was
for a few days... Goodbye.

...a few days in the Grand Hotel.

Oh, that hotel must be...
goodbye... very expensive.

Yes. And furthermore,
it is not the same.

Yes, of course, it's not the same.

Isabel, would you like us to go...

- Pardon?
- If you want to go for a drink.

Oh, no, thank you very much.
It's very late.

As you wish, but it's not late.

It's just that mother is alone
at home... Goodbye.

But it won't take long.

You're very kind.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Poor girl. I feel sorry for her.

You're a fool. I can't imagine
what she has done to you.

- She exists.
- And takes a walk everyday.

Like all women.

They take strolls when they are
young, but then they get married.

And if they don't?

Then they shut themselves at home
and don't dare to show up.

It's true. In last year's ball
she stuck with my wife and me...

What a dreadful night!

Of course. Who will want
to dance with her?

And who will go for a walk? All girls
of her age are married,

or became nuns or
are working in the kitchen.

But she goes on and on.

And she looks at you
in such a way...

Let's move on, no?

I bet that Isabel will say yes to the
first man who proposes to her.

- Who proposes what?
- To get married.


I meant that it's my turn.

That's a relief...

What a great prank!

You just gave me a terrific idea.

Me? Why me?

Out of solidarity
with your friends.

- You're our friend, aren't you?
- He's nobody's friend.

He's from Madrid, of course.

Come, stay quiet.

But of course I'm your friend.
But why me?

Just because.

Don't be an idiot, Can't you see that
Baldie and I are already married?

I'm from here and people
know all about me.

Yes, we're going.

You're from here. So what?

Everyone knows how I am
and she wouldn't believe me.

When we pulled that prank
on Don Tom?s

we all did what you
told us to, didn't we?

- He's a wuss.
- Right on.

Me? I have the guts for that
and anything else you want.

So why do you keep
talking so much?

I wanted to be informed...

So, will you do it or not?

Of course.

We promise not to laugh!

Listen, Juanito!
Maybe with this thing...

- What did you tell him, you dirty boy?
- I told him that...

Oh, this guy, this guy,

what a prank he has pulled.

Good work tomorrow.

Take it easy, don't scare her away.

Goodbye, Don Juan.

Regards to Isabel.

- Won't you have your breakfast?
- Good morning, nanny.

- If you're not taking your breakfast...
- But it is Monday today.

So what?

You know perfectly well,
don't make me talk.

- What are you staring at? Do I look
bad? - Terrible.

You have the face of a nun. You
never go out and get fresh air.

- Nanny, don't exaggerate.
- I don't.

Let's see, what are you
doing today?

I must go to the Cathedral,
have the communion and then...

And then the usual stuff. And
your mother is happy about it.

And what's her fault in this?

She incites you, and if she can
she will accompany you.

That's fine with her,
she who has done it all,

who is a widow, and a fat
Andalucian. But you..

Do you know how old you are?

- Yes.
- Say it, don't be afraid.

- 35
- And no man in sight.

Young lady, as your mother would say.

"Wake up or you'll end up
like dry tuna on a plate".

Don't cry. Don't cry, silly.

I'm telling you to react.
I want to be a grandmother.

Well, your mother will be the granny.
I'll blow up your children's noses...

- Isabelita, sweetheart.
- Yes, mummy.

- It's the Mother Abbess...
- Help me, come on.

- I'll be outside...
- Yes, mother.

And stop chatting with
that old woman.

Go, hurry up.

- Listen... Who was that?
- Who?

Who, who... as if we hadn't seen
you last night, your mother and me.

- No one.
- Come on, child.

- No one?
- No one.

- Nothing?
- Nothing, nanny.

- But nothing, nothing?
- Nothing, nothing.

Alright, then.

Nanny is getting crazier everyday.
What was that about "nothing"?

You know her. Yesterday
a boy walked me home...

She saw me and she gets delusional.

- I also saw you.
- You did?

- Who is he?
- Juan... I can't remember.

- Is he from here?
- No, he's from elsewhere.

- Is he just passing by?
- No, he works here, in a bank.

Oh, for the love of God.

But, mummy...
The nobility is gone.

- What do you know?
- Hurry up or we'll never get there.

But why? This is what
I can't understand.

I told you many times.
I wanted to see you.

There was no other solution,
so I went to the church.

I needed to see you.
Don't you believe me?

Why shouldn't I believe you?

- What will you say at the bank?
- What?

You wasted the entire morning.

Something, don't worry.
That's not important.

What's important is
something else.

- Something else?
- You.

Isabel, you haven't
answered me yet.

Right... Why do you want to go
out with me?

Does it sound strange to you?
It isn't.

I have a million reasons.
First, I want to go out with you.

Then... I need it.
Finally... it's my wish.

I know how things work here.
People will talk.

I'm not a child.
If I'm inviting you, it's because...

Because it's very important
for me.

But it does not matter if
you don't want to go out with me.

No, it's not that.
It's just that...

Than don't think about it

I'll take you to the movies. There's
an american movie premiering today,

in color, presenting the whitest
kitchen in the world.

- Now you're making fun of me.
- No, I remember it.

- Shall I pick you up?
- Yes, but not at my place...

At the theatre's entrance.
Is that ok?

- At 6?
- Yes.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Modern Theater.


October 27th, 55

Stall seat, Row 12.

Number 6...
Number 8

Isabel, aren't you engaged?
First it was the girlfriends.

There's always jealousy and
a desire to hurt. But I didn't care.

I was expecting it. I was sure
that someone would come.

Come and take me out of here.

Isabel? Aren't you engaged?

Then there were my aunts, those
aunts that all families have,

who ask questions and criticize and
and snoop. They annoyed me, yes,

because of their comparisons:
that one has two kids...

the other has been pregnant for 5
months, and the other is engaged.

I ignored them. I was waiting.

Of course I wasn't dreaming of
the charming prince anymore.

Isabel, you don't have a fianc?...
Then it was my mother.

She was getting nervous,

At the age of 30 years she thought
I was an hopeless old bachelorette.

And having only father's

He was a cavalry coronel.

He could have made a career in
the war. Those from his rank

are now Generals, but he died just
when he was starting. Poor man.

Father's pension and a few small
lands amount to almost nothing.

Poor mother was getting anxious.
But me, I was waiting...

I'd have to marry an outsider.
Single men around here were

younger than me and the chronic
bachelors were out of question.

Isabel, you don't have a fianc?...

That is me during my last birthday.
I'm 35.

Am I older than you?
Two years? One?

Well, it's not much.

I saw myself in the mirror and said:
Isabel, you don't have a fianc?,

nor hope to have one.

It is a fiasco.

I left a nun's school 18 years ago

and there was only one thing
to do: to get married.

18 years...

18 years waiting.
Do you have any idea?

Waiting and walking up and down
on Main Street.

And what shall I do?
I wanted to find a job,

but then my mother said that I'm a
respectable girl, and this and that.

And my aunts: "Isabel, what
will the people say?"...

You know what I do?
I dream. Yes.

Yes, I imagine things. For instance,
I'd like to be an air hostess.

Should be nice, no?

Sometimes I wake up at night
and ask myself:

Why didn't I get married?

I'm not too ugly, I think,
or stupid, or mean.



It's a mystery. Do you know what
makes me sad?

If I get married this year
and have a son in the next year,

I'll be 36.
I'll be an old mother.

That makes me sad.

Another thing also saddens me.
The other thing is the theatre.

In the circle there is a group
of theatre lovers.

Every year we have a function, a
proper function, in the Main Theatre.

I've always worked...
But last year...

This is silly...

It made me sad. I had to play the
role of the protagonist's mother.

Am I making you sad?
Don't worry about me.

I'm strong. I keep waiting.
I can still hold on a few more years.

Don't you think?

Look, the seminarists.

The church bells.

The train.


No, let's go.

- Already?
- Yes.

- Come, let's go.
- But...

Please, let's go.

As you wish

Grand Lodge Castilla. Yes.
Well, I don't know, son.

Oh, it's you, Luisito.

Yes, yes.
I'll see it right away.

Wow, I got scared. I didn't know
that you were here,

in the dark...
- Don't turn it on.

- Are you feeling sick?
- No. Leave me alone.

Yes, son, yes. Your friend Luis
asks about you.

- Where is he?
- On the telephone.

Tell him I'm not here.
I'm not home for no one.

I don't like to lie.

Well, lie. Say that I'm not here,
that you haven't seen me.

Yes, son, yes. I'll do it.




Come, Luisito, sideways.

Good, good.

What else do you want? That I beg
on my knees for forgiveness?

It's not necessary to go that far.
Besides, it's our fault, isn't it?

Of course. We shouldn't
have counted on him.

If you want to
take things that way...

Is there any other way?

- What's the problem with him?
- He's giving up.

- Poor boy, he just doesn't have the...
- What?

Want me to go on with the prank?
Very well, let's go on.

Sure, and then he abandons us
again, like yesterday night.

Yes, hiding.

While we made fools of ourselves
saying that he was Isabel's fianc?.

- He won't do it, I'm telling you.
- I don't know. Wanna bet?

Do you think I'm an idiot?
Are you trying to annoy me?

Ok, you win.
I bet against all of you...

Whatever you want. You can ask
for permission to go out tonight.

Because tonight we'll
celebrate the hard way.

And it's on me. I'm a
gentleman, you losers.

I'll meet her, tell her that I love her,
and bring you her head if you want.

Got it?
Behave and I'll be back soon.

What's up?

It's the escort that will go with the
Procession. It's just leaving.

Through Main Street, of course.

Listen! Are you this
girl's fianc??

Of course. I'm just going
to pick her up at her place now.

- Give her regards.
- On your behalf.

And I love you...

I love you, don't forget. And I came to
tell you this, to be your fianc?,

your husband. Is it true
that you also love me, Isabel?

- Answer me...
- Yes.

Thank you, thank you, Isabel.

I'll wait for you later, on Main Street,

when you are through with this.

- Are you in the congregation?
- No, but I'll join in if you want.

- Goodbye. Goodbye, Isabel.
- Go away.

I'm going, Madam.

God bless you, Mar?a.

You're full of grace...

- What do you think?
- About what?

The prank about that girl,

I've told you.

- What?
- Disgusting.

- Really?
- Yes, disgusting.

These guys are all a bunch
of monkeys, but you...


Nothing. I thought you
were different.

- Like what?
- More of a man.

More... more complete.

But it's only a prank.
So that we can laugh.

All of you?

I'm not following you.

Will she laugh as well?

Bah, nothing will happen to her.

What do you know?
You disgust me.

Good. Shut up!

Only if I want to.

Tonia, Tonia.


Don't be angry, woman.

You pig.

- Hello
- Hello.

- Let's go?
- Let's go.

It's nanny.

Such a nice man!

Why are you crying?

Where is my veil?

- Going out? - Yes, I want to pray
to the Virgin.

What are you doing?

I'm going to pray with you.

Maybe if we pray together, the Virgin
will know about it sooner.

Oh, nanny. You and your ideas.

Hello! How are you, Isabel?

Oh, what a dress. You look lovely,
and much younger.

- He's your fianc?, no?
- Yes.

I'm so happy for you,
poor woman.

- I couldn't believe it.
- Yes, it was difficult.

- Yes, but in the end...
just look!

Well, we'll take your leave.
Goodbye, sweetheart.

- Come eat with us one of these
Sundays! - Goodbye.

Aren't you...
Well, aren't you happy?

I can't stand these people...
they are mean,

They know just what to say
to annoy you.

Isabel! Isabel!
Sweetheart, I'm so happy.

Isn't it, Manuel?

- It's him, right?
- Yes.

- It's a great pleasure.
- Charmed.

What a fine woman you're
taking, smart boy.

Good, decent, clean...
Isn't she, Manuel?

What joy! What joy!
Your mother must be so happy.

She had no other desire but to
get you married.

She kept telling it to us,
isn't it, Manuel?

Well, you know how happy we were.

It wasn't easy, was it?
But it was worth it...

Isn't it, Manuel?

Goodbye, beautiful.
And it's been a pleasure, young man.

They almost look the same age,
isn't it, Manuel?

Don't put on that face,
they say it with no bad intentions.

You're good, Isabel.
You believe everything.

But it's normal. It's our
first day as fianc?s.

What do you expect them to say?

I don't care, but I won't listen to it.
Let's go.

Wait, there's no way out.
It's the nuns from my school.

Holy Mother of Christ.
If it isn't Isabel.

- I thought you wouldn't remember
me, Mother. - How could I not?

Don't you remember, Sister?
It's Isabel.

Ah, Isabel. Right, right.

This is... This is my fianc?.

We had heard something about it,
but we were waiting for you to come.

You know how much we
care for you.

And the Reverend Mother
would be delighted to see you.

- We'll go. Won't we, Juan?
- Of course.

You'll see how beautiful the altar
for St. Joseph is now.

It's almost finished. Everyone helps,
people are so kind...

- May St. Joseph reward you.
- And may God bless you.

Thank you.

- Sister, let's go.
- Goodbye, Isabel.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

I'll bite the first one who talks to us.

I love you so, Juan!

I love you, Juan. I love you.

- Isabel.
- I love you. I love you.

- Isabel.
- I love you. I love you.

Isabel! Listen!

I love you, Juan, I love you.

I love you so!

Another round of white wine!

He's getting late.

- Who?
- Juan.

Have you forgotten when you
were your Conchita's fianc??

Do you know the plan?
Tell him, Baldie.

We both think that it is best
to do this quickly.

First, Juan must ask for her hand.
And then, to announce the wedding,

we'll throw a party.

We'll use the grand
ball at the Circle.

But that's afterwards.


And during the Circle's ball, what?

Right... We'll tell the truth
at the ball.

These are the details!

It just crossed my mind...

Go on, I wanna know about it.
More drinks, boy.

It's not prefect yet, but...

Shall we wait for Juan?

Better, no?

Let him be. He's probably saying

- See you tomorrow, Isabel.
- No, don't go.

- It's late.
- Late?

- Juan, Juan, you don't love me.
- I do, woman.

Tell me! Tell me!

- I love you.
- Juan!

Well, now... bye, bye.

Bye, bye. See you tomorrow.

Juan, I love you, I love you.

- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.

- And Tonia?
- Inside.



What's the matter?

Tonia, please let me
stay here with you.

- I need you. I need to talk to someone.
- Well, stay then.

- But don't go.
- Just a moment. I have customers.

Well, what's wrong?

I'm feeling terrible, Tonia.
What will happen?

I want to live in peace, without pain,
without anyone else feeling pain.

That's why I lie sometimes.
She's happy now because I'm lying.

- Keep lying.
- Yes, but till when?

Tell the truth.

The truth? What about her?

- Lie!
- Tonia!

Lie and you'll have to marry her.

But it's only a prank.

Say it.

Say it. Say it is a joke, for you and
your buddies to have a good laugh.

And her?

She's so happy now.

So happy...

Look, the bullfight arena.

Nice! This way we save
our ticket money.

And the Cavalry Quartel.

Too bad. If my father were alive
I'd be able to see him from here.

Don't you like it?

I do.

- It's cold.
- At all!

Draw the plan carefully.

We could have the
dining room here, no?

Or your office. You must have
an office, don't you?

I don't know. I must think about it.

Or the drawing room.

Oh, no, no. I had forgotten.

This is for the children.

With drawings on the wall,
and games and toys...

and stars on the ceiling.

We'll have many children,
lots and lots of them...

And here, ourselves.
How many beds? Two?

It's always two in the films.

Do you know why? Because of the
censorship. That's what I was told.

But... I want one. Only one.
Very large.

See? You made me blush now.
You let me talk and talk

but you don't tell me anything.

I talk too much, isn't it?

And I do silly things.

As if I were 16 years old.
Forgive me.

I'm just starting to live now.

And I must love you very,
very much.

Very fast, Juan...

Let's go. Your mother must
be tired of waiting.

Poor mummy.

Look at her! I'm sure she told the
watchman about us.

Poor woman. It's tough to get
old when you're alone.

You know? Mummy has something...
But don't tell her.

That's why I didn't want
her to know about it.

And... To be alone with you.

Do you love me?

Come, let's go.

You never say that you love me, Juan.
And it's nice to hear it.

Be careful.
Watch your steps.

If I fall,

I will die.
What would you do?

Hold me!

How scary!

I told you. Come, let's go.

Juan has drawn a plan.
See it?

Is this the house?
Very pretty, very pretty.

Don't take mummy too seriously.
She's always joking.

- Do you want to go for a snack?
- Very well.

Sweetheart, didn't you have to go
to the dressmaker?

Yes, of course, you're right.

It's for the Circle's ball tomorrow.

- Listen... What shall we say if
they announce it? - What?

What else? The wedding.
I'm sure they'll stop the orchestra,

and announce our wedding.
They always do it.

Let them announce the day we've
been thinking of: the 5th of May.

- Such a long time...
- Yes.

What are you saying? You've been
talking for no more than 15 days.

My Blas and I spent
three years talking.

Please come and help me
urgently. Very serious matter.

Greetings, Juan.

I got scared when
I received it.

Furthermore, I couldn't imagine
what this could be about.

- And now that you know it?
- It doesn't sound that serious.

- You think so?
- Yes. It's simple to fix.

- What can I do?
- Tell the truth.

That would kill her,
destroy her forever.

At the age of 35 it would be the
final blow, the end of Isabel.

- Aren't you sleepy?
- No, it's still early.

We're still going out.

Oh, city folks...
Noctivagous and depraved.

- Well, good night.
- Have a good rest.

- Good night.
- If you leave close the door softly.

I can't have that weight on my
consciousness, do you understand?

Everybody would know it.
People are mean.

They would laugh at her,
make her life miserable.

And living in the same city, I'd meet
her someday and it'd be terrible.

Don't tell her the truth, then.
Get married.

For compassion, no?
Out of pity.

Don't you love her?

I do... I don't know. As one loves
a puppy or a sick child.

I feel sorry for her. She's innocent,
with no one to protect her.

Sometimes I'm glad to see her happy
just because she thinks I love her.

That is so vain!

To marry her out of pitty
could make her happy, but...

But you'd be destroying your life,
your great projects.

I remember that you told me:
To be a section director,

and to marry a rich girl.

- I don't have the right.
- What do you think?

Help me! What should I do?

- I asked for your help!
- That's why I'm here!

Listen. There are two solutions.

One: to tell the truth.

You save yourself,
she is destroyed.

This frightens you, doesn't it?
You want to live peacefully.

Without remorse.

The other one is not to tell the truth.

She is saved and you destroy yourself.

This also scares you, isn't it?
You want to live happy...

You really think you have a right!

There is another one.
Luis, Baldie and the others...

That's it. They can save me!

One, two, three...
One, two, three...

Waltzes are not good for us.

Let's see how this works...
Pay attention, nanny.

Two steps forward,
One backward...

What do you think, nanny?

Come on, woman. You're
slower than a snail.

Nevermind, I'll take
the book to the ball.

Are you happy?

- Too happy.
- Why? That's not bad.

I think it is.

I believe in compensations.
How can I explain it to you...

Good things and bad things
compensate for one another.

When everything is going well,
suddenly you get a tooth ache.

When everything goes wrong, you
win some money in the lottery.

Did you notice?

I think that God must be in charge
of such things...

- The balance.
- And so?

Right now everything is too
good, too perfect for me.

It scares me that it can end
all of a sudden.

Why? What can happen?

I keep asking the same question.

What can happen?

Nothing! We can't do nothing.

Are you pigs?
This is a prank, right?

And we're pulling it together,
as always, don't you remember?

The one on Don Tom?s, and the one
on the Latin Professor.

And the one with the actors,
and that one with Do?a Pura.

So what? Conclude.

I'm just saying we've always agreed
on these. Why shouldn't we now?

- Because not, you idiot.
- You are hysterical.

What's this all about? We had such
a fine cards game going on.

The big baby here is afraid that
that the corny girl may cry.

But we're going to kill her!

But this is such an old prank.
If this were the first time...

Besides, bachelorettes don't die.
That's why they are bachelorettes.

Just say yes.

- I can't keep doing this!
- You'll go till the end.

Come on, man.
This is almost over.

- Should we tell him?
- Will you?

Say it. Clearly, now.

But what?

Baldie and Luis had thought
of a tremendous ending.

- We were going to surprise you.
- But since you're acting like this...

Come on, say it.

The ball. We stop the orchestra.
And me, as master of ceremonies,

I go up to the stage.
Then the orchestra plays a chord.

I ask for silence and I
announce your wedding.

And then I jump and start
punching you.

Friendly punches, of course,
but they must look real.

- Get it?
- Yes.

Then I say that you can't
get married because

you've been engaged with one of my
cousins from Logro?o for three years.

You hear it...

You stand beside her, and I say
I'll kill you if you go with Isabel.

He slaps you...

And a grand finale,
a grand finale!

What talent, Baldie!

See, Federico?
Everything is planned.

This way you won't have to say it
was all a lie, and I don't lose my face.

You'll be known as a rascal.

Not too bad, like a Don Juan.

And her?

She? She will suffer, but not as much
as with the truth.

For an impossible love!

Tricked by a vile seducer.

It is romantic! Good for

Federico! Going?

You're all rascals,
a bunch of little cowards.

A bunch of rats that
someone should exterminate.

You, for instance.

Me or any other real man.
You're just a bunch of

filthy thugs and fags.

Federico, listen.

You listen:
tell Isabel the truth.

The truth!

You have the entire day of tomorrow
or till the ball starts.

- Otherwise...
- Otherwise what?

I'll tell her myself.

Federico, Federico.
It's only a joke.

A joke. I'd told you:
they are bored.

Everyday from the Circle to the
Miami bar, the theatre, Main Street.

And again the Circle, bar, caf?,
theatre, Main Street...

And again...

They need entertainment.
Nothing matters to them.

They do their work, and then no
inquietude, no ambition...

Nothing to think about.

Someday they find that the
person next door is a fantastic show.

Especially if the person is not
loved. Then it's so much fun.

You see? Like a child
playing with ants.

You can also play
with someone.

How? With a prank...

It's a provincial town.

No. It must be more than that.

You know? It was very good
for me to come here.

It's silly to live in Madrid.

You're exaggerating.

Try to understand. In this Madrid of
neon lights, of the Gran V?a.

Furthermore, it's false.
Truth lies here, in this town.

And others like it.
The Main Street, the people.

And farther away, over there,
in the fields.

My country stays, first
and foremost, here.

I can recognize it. One can try to
ignore it, pretend it's something else.

But, no. It is here.

Glad to know it. What else?
What are your plans?

What can I do?

Not much: to see, to hear, to tell.
Not to be afraid...


Afraid of the truth.
Like Juan, like you.

Telling the truth can bring you pain.
It is bad, and mostly uncomfortable.

One cannot peacefully enjoy one's
life, drinking a good wine.

You can also call it egoism.

Do you think that your friend,
that Juan... will tell the truth?

I don't know about him.
I will.

And her?



I love you very much.

Why? You don't even know me.

I will soon

I will soon...
What if it is too late?

Too late? For what?

I may not be what you imagine.

Doesn't matter. I don't imagine
nothing, I just know that I love you.

But you don't understand...

- What I mean is...
- What do you mean?

That you snore? That you are
an egoist and a little conceited?

That you don't like your job?

You had dreamed of doing great
things, to travel, to be independent.

You consider yourself a loser...

You don't believe in anything,
everything means the same to you.

You only think... of existing the best
way you can, without complications.

Is that what you're
trying to tell me?

Yes, and other things.

Other things?

Maybe... The women you
have met before?

Or... Someone in particular?

Something else.

I really don't care, Juan.
I don't want to know.

I love you and that's enough for me.

Sure, you could endure anything
now that you have a fianc?...

This is all that matters!
All that matters to a...

To a bachelorette like me, no?

A husband, whoever he is.
Do you think I'm like that?

Forgive me. I didn't want to hurt you

Don't cry.
Please don't cry.

I'm not crying. I'm happy.
We had a fight...

I don't have any fear anymore.


Of course. It's not a good thing
to be constantly happy.

Now I'm happy and
a little unfortunate.

It's a balance...
Nothing can happen anymore.

What if something did happen?

Like what?

If everything had been a prank,
if I didn't love you.

Don't be silly.
That's like saying...

If the moon were to fall,
if you didn't love me...

I must tell you that...

Juan. Look me in the eyes.

And now answer me.
Do you love me?


There you go.
Say no more.

This is where we talked for
the first time. Remember?

And this is where we had
our first fight.

I'm happy.

I love you. Nothing
can happen. Nothing.

You didn't tell her.

I didn't tell her.
I couldn't.

You and your truth.
What is truth good for?

You must tell it.

You get covered in lies. You tell
one and cover it with another.

Till when?

You're making a snowball so
huge that it will run you over.

Tell her the truth, Juan.
Tell it!

No! I can't!
I don't want to!

Then I'll tell her.

Tell her, tell her.

I shall never see Isabel again.

- There is another solution.
- What?

To run away!
Or to kill myself.

It's the same.

I'll be gone and no one will suffer.

She will adore me forever, forever.

It's not bad to love someone.

Even you won't miss
me too much.

And Tonia...
"Poor Juanito, he was a good boy"

Everybody sad, but happy.

Nobody suffers. Neither me.

Don't be silly.

You're not going to kill yourself.

No? Why not?
Tell me! The truth!

Because you are a coward.

That's why.

Only cowards commit suicide.

Here's your change.

- Keep it.
- Thanks.

You're staying?
I must close.

When my friends returns.
He has gone to the toilet.

The toilet is that way.
That door leads to the backyard.

There's another way out,
isn't it?

Of course.



- Girl! Come and have lunch!
- I'm going, mom.

Girl! Girl!

Coming! Coming!

Don Federico, phone call for you.
From the bank.

Thank you.

Say it.

No, nothing new.

That is what I wanted to know myself.

No. No idea.

No. Neither sleeping
nor eating.

I'm sorry.

No, eating, no.

I will.

But where can that boy be?

Did something happen to him?
I'd call the hospital or the morgue...


Hey, I'm trying to help.

Thank you.

But where could he be?

- It's getting late, no?
- Yes.

- He's always punctual.
- Yes.

Don't worry. He'll be here soon.

- Juan won't say the truth.
- I know that.

And I also know that
he didn't commit suicide.

He may have ran away.
That I know he could do.

Or he may be walking around,
waiting for the whole thing to pass.

Do you know him well?

We never know no one,
my friend.

You love him.


He comes here, and he talks...

About those things
that we hide within.

As if he is confessing.

Do you understand?

I'm here, by his side...
and I love him...

Yes. I love him.

Juan doesn't know it.
And he never will, right?


Why don't you go the Circle?

I've been there.
No one has seen him.

He'll probably show up there.

You're right. I'll go.
Thanks for everything.

And what will you do?

Same as usual: to wait.

Waiting for a man,
like that poor woman.


She's also waiting.

We women can't do anything
but wait.

On the street corners,
in the square's arcades.

Walking down Main Street.

Behind the windows.

Good luck!

What about Juan?

I haven't seen him.
I'm searching.

You too? He hasn't come to
the Lodge or to my house.

I thought I'd find him here.

Don't worry about Juan.

No, really? Maybe he
just wants to make me a surprise.


And look.

It looks like a mirror... a delicate
one. We can almost skate on it.

Do you dance?

Last year, and the years before,
I just stood here...

all night, sitting with myself.

In this exact chair. Like this.

But that was before. Today I will
dance all night with Juan.

No. You won't be dancing
with Juan or anybody else.

Isabel, you must not come here
tonight. You can't.

Don't interrupt me, please.
Let me carry on.

Don't talk now.

Listen to me.
It's all a lie.

The ball, Juan's love,
everything is a lie, Isabel.

All lies. A prank by casino boys.

For what? Nothing! To make fun
of whoever, of a spinster.

Of you.

To become your fianc?, to make
you think of marriage and a date,

and expose everything tonight
and laugh about it.

That was Juan's task.

Isabel, don't hate him.
He's not the only one to blame.

There are other things:
Main Street, friends...

I don't know... the town,
the whole town.

Isabel, you must forgive me.
Someone had to tell the truth.

Juan couldn't do it.

Isabel, are you listening?
Don't stay here, run away.

Escape, run out of here,
come to Madrid.

I can accompany you,
I'm leaving now.

You must know someone there.
A friend, a relative...

Go with them, or i'll take
you with mine.

But go, Isabel, go.
Don't let them laugh.

Isabel. Shall I walk you home?

Are you feeling well?

Isabel, are you feeling well?

Try to think of what I told you.

I'll be at the station.
Are you listening?

Are you listening to me, Isabel?

At the station.

Where to?

Where to?

Where to, Se?orita?

But where to?

Please, Se?orita!
Tell me where to.

But where?

Isabel! Finally.
Let's go!

Isabel, don't you want to run away?

Isabel! You must live!
You must live!

Isabel! You must live!
You must live, Isabel!