Main Khiladi Tu Anari (1994) - full transcript

Karan (Ashkay Kumar), a police officer whose brother is murdered by ruthless gangster Goli (Shakti Kapoor). Despite his best efforts, the only witness, Mona (Shilpa Shetty), is also killed. But Karan's plans for revenge are interrupted when he's ordered to work with Deepak (Saif Ali Khan), a famous actor training for his next role as a cop. The mismatched pair catch a break when they discover a crude dancer who looks just like Mona (Shetty again), and together they hatch a wild plan to bring Goli to justice.

Ivebeen watching you.
for the last two hours

"It's like moving with a bloody mirror!
I can't even think, because of you!"

You ape me! You even smoke like me!
Soon Im going to quit smoking!

Me too! It is a bad habit

"One second,... why are you
getting so angry?'

Are you Damodar?

What is the telephone number
of your residence?

Im neither interested in your
films nor your heroes! Got it?!

Don't try to bug me!

"- Karan, is Deepak there?
- oh, sister-in-law. Im Deepak.'

"While writing your name on her wrist,
Shivangi slit her nerve.'

Im calling from Holy spirit hospital
Please rush here soon.

And don't tell Karan anything.

"Sister-in-law, don't worry,
Ill be there right away.'

Hey jerk!

Not now sister.

"Sister-in-law, how is Shivangi?
Is she out of danger?'

Yes. But even the doctors
were scared initially.

She just wouldn't stop bleeding.
I thought I had lost her.

"Sister-in-law, don't cry.
Everything will be all right"

Shivangi was my husband's favorite.

She is like a daughter to me.

- I wonder why she was so crazy?
- I very well understand this.

I have a cure for it too.

Please wait here.

What madness is this?

You had told me that someone else
is a greater fan of yours than me.

Who had etched your name
on her wrist

"I also tried, but I don't know
when I fell unconscious.'

I had lied to you folks.

- But I took it seriously.
- But..

But why?

So that my name is on top
of the list of your fans.

can anyone love someone so dearly?


Will you come close?


I love you.

Whatever you are doing
is not good.

And what is it that Im doing?

Don't try to hide from me.
I know everything. You and Deepak...

- It's better if you don't meet him.
- Why? Isn't he a nice human being?

"of course, he is
a very nice person.'

- But..
- But what?

"Look, Chutki. It's not advisable
to talk to Karan now.'

"As, all he can think about is
your brother's killer.'

"If I talk to him now,
he will get angry.'

So I suggest you remain quiet for
a few days and not meet each other.

When the time is right Ill
personally talk to him.

"And Im sure, Karan will
never say no to me.'

Don't cry, Chutki.'

What happened?
- Ill never meet you again.

Not meet me?
Why not?

Because neither brother nor
sister-in-law will be happy.

Hence it's better....
if we don't meet again.

Why not? Why won't Karan accept
our relationship?

We love each other. Ill
straight away go and tell him...

...that I want to marry you.

"No, Deepak. Karan will
never understand our feelings.'

He cannot see beyond
the law and his duties.

He won't understand our sentiments.

Why won't he? Hitherto no one
has made an effort

Love can even melt a
stone-hearted person.

What? Love?!
And that too brother Karan?

"He can't even smile,
what will he think about love.'

He will Shivangi.
We will teach him how to love.

"When he realizes what love is,
he'll value our love too.'

And after that our
path will be cleared.

No way. He's always talking
about guns and bullets.

Which girl is crazy to
fall in love with him?

"There is a girl Shivangi.
And he will fall in love.'

Ill bring such a twist in his life
that he'll be left with no choice.

Not everybody get what they want

Why not? Tell me something.
How do you find Karan?

Absolutely boring.

of course. All the time he moves
around with a sick look on his face.

There's no smile on his lips.
A curt look.

And neither have I seen
any sympathy in his eyes.

You know how he
looks when he walks?

Like a loaded revolver
dressed like a man.

Don't say that He has lot of
sympathy for you if not for others.

oh forget it
That's a load of bull-shit!

He can never have sympathy
for anybody.

That's where you are wrong.
You have only seen his face.

Come down a bit and
peep into his heart

He's like a coconut
A hard exterior and tender within.

I don't believe you.

Why don't you believe me?!
I...I swear make up.

I stay with him 24 hours. And most
of the time he only talks about you.

About me? Really?

"Ijust swore, and still you
don't believe me?'

- What does he say?
- He says that..

He says that..

He doesn't say anything.
He's foolish in this matter.

- But one thing really hurts him.
- What?

That you dance on the streets
and bandy words with men.

And...and pick pockets.

What do I do? I have to do
something for a living.

"No, Basanti. Don't sacrifice your
love for your living.'

Just imagine that you are a
police officer's wife.

You'll get so much of respect

"Just imagine, your orphan children
will at least have a father.'

- You have come?!
- Hey! At least leave my uniform!

"- You want to be a police officer?
- Yes, I do!"

- You dare scold my children?!
- I was only...

You didn't answer my question.

"speak up, Basanti.
speak up!"

What do I say?
This dream can't come true.

- It can Basanti. It can!
- How come?

- Will you do as I say?
- I will

Why did you get me here?

"- Buddy, Im very unhappy today.
- What do I do?'

"Look, buddy.
I have no one in this world.'

Only Dhansukh... my secretary.

"- And you, my friend.
- Listen to me carefully.'

Im no friend of yours. After your
work is over we go separate ways.

And why have you got me here?

Whether you take me as
your friend or not..

I want to spend the evening with you.
- Why?

Because today is my birthday.

- Now what?
- Today is my birthday.

- How about a drink?
- No. I lose control over myself.

"You must've drunk hooch. Ill
treat you to ""Deepak Kumar special"".'

"- No, I won't
- Today is my birthday!"

- Only one.
- okay.

- Let's go.
- One is for enmity.

"- I don't care. I won't drink!
- Scared, eh?'


- That's it
- Is that all?

I forget to tell you.
Basanti had called this morning.

She sounded scared.

"She says every night at 10,
someone knocks at her door.'

- Why?
- I don't know.

You left her among the wolves.

"Imagine, if someone breaks open
the door, then her chastity will..'

Why will anyone do that?

Ive taken responsibility to protect
her honour! Understood!

You are here and she is there.

I must go.

He has not yet come.

He is here!

You? You are drunk?

No. drunk.

"You here, at this hour
of the night?'

One should solve night problems
in the night only.

At 10 o'clock some son-of-a-gun...

"...knocks at your door,
and disturbs your peace.'

He's here?

Don't open the door.
Im getting very scared.

But what are you doing?
Please stay away.

"The next time he knocks,
Ill pounce at him immediately.'

And Ill beat him so much...

Stay back.

My clothes with hers?

Basanti, what happened?'

You have ruined me!

Im undone!

Last night you did
whatever you liked.

- What..what did I do?
- What did you do?! You...

"- Basanti, don't cry. Listen to me.
- Don't come near me!"

One minute. Ill just come.

Come again?
You did everything?

You raped that girl?

People revere and respect cops.

And that very inspector
has outraged...

a girl's modesty?

I could never imagine that you
are a devil in disguise.

Poor Basanti.

I didn't do it deliberately.
It was an accident

What do I do?

What do I tell you?
You have only two options.

Either serve a term for
seven years for rape...

...or get married to her.

How's that possible? Neither does
she know me nor do I love her.

As far as knowing you is concerned
by now she knows you too well

And as for love... you know this
country of ours is amazing.

Girls here fall in love with
their husbands after marriage.

"Just get married,
she will start loving you.'

- Shall I send for invitation cards?
- Hey! Wait!

- But...
- No ifs and buts.

"Tell me something, if she tells
you that she loves you...'

...then will you marry her?

"- Yes...if...
- Yes, speak up!"

If she says ' I love you '
then it's fine.

Deepak here. Do as I have told you.
Im giving Karan the phone.

Whatever happened last night..
I am....

...extremely sorry.

"- Basanti, here.
- Yes?'

Goli's goods worth millions have
been delivered to a godown at Vashi.

"If you wish, you can raid
that place right now.'

"- Now?
- Yes, hurry up...'

because at 4 p.m
the goods will be shifted....

...and delivered to
their respective dealers.

4 p.m!

"According to Basanti, there must
be only four to five men here.'

Im going down and you...
will stay here.

"- You won't come after me, okay!
- Why?'

Why not?
I will come!

Fine. Come after me.

Karan, if you don't release me!"

Come on!

The keys!



"If it wasn't for your
timely help, Id have...'

"By saving my life, you have proved
that you are a hero and not a zero.'

Today I saved your life. Will you
give me anything I ask for?


"Karan, I...I love your sister
and want to marry her.'

Such a big loss?
Such a big loss?!

Only half an hour more.

Only half an hour more!

And the goods would have been
delivered to the dealers.

There's someone.

There's someone amongst us...

...who is a police informer.

- Yes?
- Should I say something?

Im getting scared. You go in
and Ill wait out?

- Why?
- Ive a wife and four children.

Im the only bread winner. And this
terrorist has committed 30 murders.

- Thirty murders?
- If I die they will become orphans.

Im getting very scared.

What's this?

"Why are you fooling at this time?
Forget it, sir.'

What's this for?

"When the terrorist comes, you'll
lose your heel Keep it in!"

"Sir, you go in.
May God protect you.'

This is loaded.
Keep it

Only to protect you.

"If required, shoot only
at the leg. If required.'

And don't come out
of the jeep.

Don't step out of the jeep.

"Stop, or Ill shoot

Stop, or Ill shoot!"

He has a machine gun!

He is running away!

Stop! Stop!

What have you done?

You shot Ramlal?!

No! I thought it was someone else.

Do you know the consequences of
shooting a police officer?


Didn't I tell you
not to step out of the jeep.

Didn't I tell you to shoot
at the leg?

Why did you shoot on the chest?
What have you done?

Ive killed a constable.

"My life, my career everything
has got ruined.'


- Give me this revolver.
- You are arresting me?

"If someone learns you've committed
this murder, you'll be hanged.'

Ill only lose my job.

"And if I take the blame on myself,
you'll be saved.'

And so will your career.

At the most..

... Ill lose my job and will
be sentenced for a year or two.

You must leave
this city and go away.

Forget that such a thing ever
happened or you saw it happen.

Ill handle everything.
Nothing will happen to you.


Give all kind of monetary
support to Ramlal and his family.

Ive explained everything
to my secretary.

"Appoint a nice lawyer, if you want
Don't worry about the money.'

One minute. Take this.

Ill be here for a few days.
Do keep me informed.

"And Karan, Ill phone you
after every half an hour.'

Don't make that mistake.
Because the lines will be tapped.

"If someone hears our conversation,
we'll be sentenced for a year or two.'

okay, I won't phone.'

"Wait, Deepak.
What are you doing?'

"Karan, on one hand, is staking
his life and his career.'

And you are running
away like a coward?

Is your conscience dead?

"You love Shivangi a lot, don't you?
Then how will you face her?'

"Get up, Deepak.
And confess to your crime!"

He was shaking with fear.

He placed his head on my stomach.
I was getting tickled

... I was about to jump.

"Thank God, I didn't Or the
truth would have been unveiled.'

But one thing is for sure, sir.'

"The way you drove him out of the city,
he'll remember all his life...'

that even police officers
are good actors.

"- Who is it?
- It's you. okay, tell me something.'

I loaded fake bullets in the revolver.
But how did you start bleeding?

- Was that blood?
- Then what was it?

Tomato ketchup.

"I filled it in a plastic bag and kept
it here, and pressed it like this.'

"And seeing the ketchup,
he lost his senses.'

"- Sir, only one clap.
- Put your vest in.'

To hell with the vest
I feel like jumping with joy.

How he ran for his life!

"Let alone coming here,
his plane won't even...'

"- What is it?
- The plane has landed, sir.'

Landed? Where?

This vest has become too long.
Ill go and change it

So last night...

...we were out to nab
a dangerous terrorist?

And I shot your constable
by mistake?

You did a great favour to me.

You took the revolver from me
and put your finger prints on it?

"Look, next time you raise
your hand...'

"Let alone beating you, I can
get you arrested for fraud!"

You claim to be an inspector?!
A police officer!

But you are a cheat!

And you and your cheap constable
were making fun of me?!

"I was crazy about you, because
you were a complete man!"

"By aping your style, your walk,
I wanted to win an award!"

But..but now I won't

Because I don't like
aping fakes.

Just once you should have caught
me by my collar slapped me...

"...and asked me, how dare
I fell in love with your sister?'

I would have beseeched you.

Fallen at your feet and asked
your sister's hand in marriage.

But no. Tears can melt hearts but
not stone-hearted people like you.

"You are a heartless, ruthless
shrewd person!"

You neither care about your sister
nor her love nor her happiness!

And not even her future!

"Mr. inspector, first learn to protect
hearts. You may then protect the law!"

If moving around with guns and
acting tough is duty for you...

Then you are wrong!
It's your pride and ego!

We call it the act of a bully.

"You wanted me to go away
from your life, didn't you?'

And your sister's life too?
All right Im going away! Forever!

"Be happy, and if possible
let others also be happy.'

"If I have made any mistake
unknowingly, then do forgive me.'

Take care.

Are you happy now?

"Are you happy, having broken
your kid sister's heart?'

You claim to be her elder brother!

"But have you ever asked her what she
wants, have you ever sat with her?'

You didn't fulfill your duty
but I will fulfill mine!

"Im not only her sister-in-law,
but her mother too.'

And Deepak is the right choice
as a son-in-law!

"If someone else
comes to marry her,...'

I won't be alive to welcome him.

"Had he been alive, then his decision
would have also been the same, Karan.'

Dhansukh, where's Deepak?'

He went upstairs. He was in a
bad mood. Anything wrong?

"Actually, Ive come to seek
an alliance for my sister.'

- That's good news.
- I don't accept this alliance!

You loved Shivangi a lot
So what happened all of a sudden?

She can't stay without you.
Don't you love her?

"I do!
And I will till my last breath!"

"But what you did with me,
I can't forget all my life!"

- I know I made a small mistake.
- small mistake?!

"Had I not returned from the airport,
you had almost got rid of me!"

But my conscience told me...

that Karan is giving
such a big sacrifice.

"He's staking his life.
Go back, Deepak!"

And when I returned I saw this!
What did you think I was?!

"Deepak, you can't do this!
You can't play with Shivangi's life!"

- You have got to marry her!
- I won't! What will you do?


What can I do?


- On one condition.
- What?

First smile and say please.

smile, Karan.'

"- Get up, Ramlal
- No, sir.'

It's time to leave the world.

"- Don't joke, Ramlal!
- No, sir.'

"Im not joking, sir.
Ive been really shot"

Today I learnt how painful it is
when you get really shot

"- Nothing will happen to you. Get up!
- No, sir.'

Sir, will you do me a favour?'

- What?
- Won't you tell me?

Ramlal go and tuck your vest in!"

Say it, sir.'


What's this? Such a short meeting?
We had just met

And he left?

Friends! From today they
are my foreign partners.

They do the same business in their
country which we do here.

They don't stay anywhere for more
than an hour or two.

Because they are wanted by
the police all over the world!

Soon they will leave.

So I wanted you to meet them.

Because many of you will have to
go to their country for business.

"Come, Mr. Peter. Ill introduce
you to my partners.'

This is Mr. Ram Mohan.
This is Mr. Peter.

Basanti here.
I have found proof against Goli.

"Mona just left from here,
she had camera in her hand"


"someone has made a call to the
police station from here, sir.'

- From which room?
- 402. From Mona's room.

- What nonsense?!
- She is on line!

Put me through.

This roll contains all the black
deeds of these smugglers.

And not only that

With the help of these picture you can
easily arrest Goli and his men.

This is the best opportunity.

"Through this roll you can
get to your brother's killer.'

"- And send them to the gallows.
- Hi, love.'

Ill call you later.

Whom were you talking to?

A...a friend of mine.

Where is the roll?

Which roll?

Then why is there sweat on
your brow so beautiful?

What are you saying?

Don't you believe your Mona?

I was wondering...

" our goods were being seized,
despite all the secrecy.'

And who has been giving information
to inspector Karan?

So it's you!

I loved Mona very much.

When I could kill her with
my very hands.... are just her
look alike.

Imagine what Ill do to you.

Tell me, where's the roll?'

Look here and tell me
where is the roll?!

- Where it should have reached!
- Where?!

To inspector Joglekar!

- There's bad news for you.
- What nonsense are you talking?

Your Basanti is in my custody.

Ill tell you later
who I am.

- First give me the roll
- Roll?! Which roll?

Or Ill cut your Basanti
into pieces...

...and throw her in the courtyard
of your police station.

But the roll..

So inspector, are you dumbfounded?'

"- I want an answer.
- okay, Ill give you the roll"

But nothing should happen
to Basanti.

Tell me, where must I bring it?'

Listen carefully.

Is Basanti okay?

Basanti's life is in danger.

"They want the roll which they
didn't find it with Basanti.'

They think I have it
But where do I get it from?

- The usual trick!
- Meaning?

Buy any roll from the market
Till they develop it..

-...we'll get her released.
- How can...

We shouldn't underestimate
our enemles.

"We'll take the roll
but my way.'

I might escape from the
police here.

But the police abroad will
find me at any cost

They won't spare me.

You think Karan is a fool?!

If I don't leave with Basanti
in ten minutes...

...he will be here with the
entire police force.

Where is the roll?

Get it here.

First show me Basanti.

"Look, Ive got another
gift for you.'

Which will make you come to me
running like a small child.


Hey actor.
Where are you going?

You think Im a fool?

"First the roll will be developed,
then printed...'

...the photographs will be seen
and then they will be released.

Deepak, move!"

Stop those scoundrels!


Blast the tire!

Come out!


It's very painful isn't it?'

Actually you have also caused me
terrible pain in my life.


...there's a strange intoxication
in causing you pain.

I like it

Im enjoying.

Look, tell me where the roll is!"

Or you will undergo this torture
for a week.

I might get tired.
But he is a devil

Let alone a week.

Continue this even for a year!
yet I won't give you the roll

I won't!

Why do you want to
torture yourself to death?

Die like your brother died.
An easy death.

You know how your brother died?

"At my behest, he pumped five
bullets into him.'

He was torn to shreds.

You see this loyal
servant of mine?

He is very heartless.

"Bloody hell don't hit me
on my face!"

You know the value of my face is
more than your master's factory.

"Never mind. When he comes around,
start the torture again.'

He won't acquiesce so soon.

"Be it in film or reality, hero always
rescues the damsel in distress.'

Hurry up.


Come on out!

Or your artist friend won't be alive
to perform before the world!

Come out! Or Ill kill everybody!

Come out!

Ask me what fear is?!
When I leave home in the morning.

Im not sure whether Ill return
home in the evening or no!

I can't say at which crossroad
death waits to maim me!

"He's saying exactly what I told him!
Yes, exactly the same!"

"- Sir, he has copied...
- Be quiet"

He is looking so nice
in this uniform.

- Where are you going?
- I don't want to see this film.

Nice film, isn't it?'

Is something burning?