Main Hoon Na (2004) - full transcript

When India and Pakistan decide to end their hostilities, there is one army person in India who is unhappy, because of his son's death in the Indo-Pak war. He decides to launch terror attacks and bring an end to peace, and for this purpose he shoots and gravelly injures an Indian army officer. After the death of this officer, Raghavan then decides to do away with the army officer's daughter, Sanjana, who is studying in hostel. Raghavan and his men descend on the hostel and hold over 100 students hostage. There is only one student who can save them, and his name is Ram, he claims he is a student, but is here on a mission - a mission that when told will reveal his real identity and two plans which he must carry out simultaneously.

Can we hope for the same gesture
of humanity from Pakistan?

I can't speak to the Indian Army
General like this..

let's simplify this..
- Sir, General Bakshi has arrived!

- Should I ask him to go back?

Cameras off! No cameras
before the show begins

Are you in charge here?
- Yes sir!

Not anymore!
I'm Brigadier Shekhar Sharma.

The General's security
is my responsibility

Any problems with that?
- Not at all sir!


Capt. Vikram, Major Abbas..
over there

Major Karan in position.

Come with me

Sir, security camera is in position.
- Good!

All positions secured?
- Yes sir. All positions secured

Good. Let the show begin

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to `People's Voice'

I'm your host, Rajat Saxena
and today's issue is..

Project Milaap (Unity), a historic
step or a historic mistake?

The dawn of 15th of August,
our Independence Day..

will see 50 Pakistani prisoners
in Indian custody released..

at the Indian border

Let's meet the man
behind Project Milaap

Please welcome General
Amar Singh Bakshi..

the Commander in Chief
of the Indian Army

We'd first like to
congratulate you sir, because..

..the Parliament actually agreed
to Project Milaap this very morning!

General Bakshi, do you really
believe that Project Milaap..

..will lead to friendship
between India and Pakistan?

It's not so simple.
A chasm of fifty five years..

..cannot be bridged
by releasing fifty prisoners

Then why Project Milaap?
- It's a step.. to cover the miles.

So according to you
they are all innocent!

None of them are terrorists
or ISI agents?

If we had a shred of doubt that
they are dangerous to India..

we would never have
taken this step.

Most of them
are poor villagers..

..who didn't even know
they had crossed the border

After all the border is not
completely sealed.

They didn't even have weapons..

..yet they have been in our prisons
for years.. some since 1971

We feel it's time to
send them back home.

But not everyone agrees
with you General.

Some even want to stop you.

Everyone has the right to
free speech in a democracy!

But some people
don't want to merely speak.

Sir, I'm talking about Raghavan.

The people would like to know
who Raghavan is..

..and is it true that
he has sworn to stop Project Milaap?

Raghavan is a mask. He hides
his face because of his shame.

He's a coward - a terrorist.. used to violence
that he now fears peace

Project Milaap
will be successful.

The prisoners will certainly be
released on the dawn of 15th August

Damn! Back up!
We need back up immediately.

Come in.

Major Ram reporting, sir!
I'm outside the studio.

Maj. Ram, hold position for
Two minutes! Back up is arriving.

Just two minutes.

It's too late, sir.
I'm going in

Hello General. I'm Raghavan.
I'll ask you the remaining questions.

So General..

..I'm sure Pakistan is also
releasing our poor villagers, right?

Exactly what
I was going to ask him!

When elders speak,
learn to shut up!

So General, what about
Pakistan's show of good will?

We haven't heard anything
from Pakistan yet

Then why are we being
so damn foolish?

Because someone has to
take the first step

If we all behave like you,
there will never be peace

We've thought about this a lot.

And we are certain
that Pakistan will reciprocate

Pakistan! Pakistan is going
to laugh at us..

..because they don't want peace.
- Why?

Don't the Pakistanis
love their children?

You do, General!
You love your daughter a lot.

I'm really sorry.

She will really miss you, General

No one can save you now



Easy now.
You'll be all right, Sharma

Ambulance is on the way

I want to speak to my son




Doctor! - Ram!

- Father..



Was I a good father?
- Yes father, but right now..

No, tell me!

You're the best father
in the whole world

I'm guilty, son!
- No, father

Ram, listen please!

Please.. Yes.

There's something
I've always hidden from you


You're not my only son.

I have a wife, Madhu.

And a son, Lakshman..

..your step.. your brother!

Who I haven't seen
for twenty years.

It's been twenty years
since she left me.

Twenty years I have lived
away from them.

It's time I pay for my deeds.
- Don't say this father.

I knew you'll forgive me Ram.
Your heart is big.

But until she forgives me
I will not find peace.

My family will remain broken..

Promise me Ram, that you will
not immerse my ashes alone..

..that both my sons will
do my last rites

Where is father's family?

Son, they left
nineteen years back.

Because I came here, right?

Dear Shekhar, I know you consider
what happened between us..

..ten years back
a big mistake

I stayed away from you as I knew
how much you loved your wife.

But today I'm helpless.

By the time you get this letter
I may not be alive.

I leave our son in your care.

Please look after him.
He is your son, too.

What's your name, son?
- Ram Sharma, sir!

Madhu.. please.

It was just a mistake.

It was just a mistake.
- Mistake?

After marriage
it's called Infidelity, Shekhar.

I'm leaving. I can't live
with this lie anymore.

Lie? Are you calling
our marriage, our son a lie?

And what about the one
who is sitting outside..

..your illegitimate son?

He's a truth too.

And if he enters the house,
I am leaving.

Where will he go?
It's not his fault.

You're right Shekhar.
It's not his fault.

It's my fault
for having trusted you.

For my sake..

..because of me, father
stayed away from his family.

I will bring them home.

They won't come home, son,
not till you're here.

You can't go anywhere
at this stage, Ram.

I need you till 15th August.
- I know, sir.

But I made a promise
to my father.

Then go ahead.
Project Milaap was his dream too.

Ram, this is the photograph
Raghavan gave me.

It's my daughter Sanjana,
in her college in Darjeeling.

This picture was taken
from her college.

A gun can reach where a camera can.
And it's my worst fear.

Sir, why don't you call her back?
- Because she won't agree.

Even if her life's in danger?
- You don't know my daughter, Ram.

I haven't seen her
for two years.

She hates me.

Of course, it's my fault entirely.
I never let her come close to me.

I wanted a son. A son,
who would join the army like me.

That's why I never loved her.. I would've loved my son.

I was wrong.

Today I can give anything
to catch her glimpse..

..but she won't let me.

Sir, can we not send a 24 hour
Protection Team for her surveillance?

Sanjana will never let anyone
in a uniform come close to her.

If anyone does, she will run away
.. she's done it before.

So what do you recommend sir?
- I want you.. go to Darjeeling,
under cover to protect Sanjana

I don't trust anyone else.

I'm sorry, sir. It's impossible for me
to go to Darjeeling right now.

I thought you may be interested
in this mission.. there's another student,
Lakshman Sharma, studying there


Your father and I've been friends
for 25 years. I know everything.

Call it fate or co-incidence..

..but his wife Madhu and
his son Lakshman live in Darjeeling.

You are now officially on leave
till 15th August

I've already spoken
to the Principal of St. Paul's.

You are joining the college
from Monday.


And what subject
will I teach there?

You are not going there as a teacher
.. you will be a student.


I'll look really strange
as a student, sir

I think I'm better off as a teacher.
- You can't stay with Sanjana..

..all the time as a teacher.
- But I just don't look like a student.

Besides, it's been ages since..

..I attended
the national Defence College

Don't worry. Even the principal
will say that you are there.. complete your graduation
which was left incomplete.

But sir, the current generation..?
I've never even seen a civil college

I'll be caught in a day!
- Ram, no matter what..

Project Milaap cannot stop!


Those prisoners have to be released
on 15th August.

But Sanjana's safety..? - Sir.

No harm will come to Sanjana.

I promise you, sir.
- Thank you, Major.

"Like the winds sigh.."

"and the birds fly.."

"like the bumble bee's affair.."

"I roam without a care"

"I'm the queen of hearts!
What sadness is, I know not"

"With no fear,
I do and I defy"

"Like the winds sigh,
and the birds fly.."

"They can halt, they can try,
they can stop and ask me why.."

"but do I listen,
oh no, not I"

"I'm stubborn,
I'm crazy.."

"They say my mind is hazy.."

"but no one knows
where my dreams lie"

"Like the winds sigh,
and the birds fly.."

"Like the bumble bee's affair,
I roam without a care"

"I'm the queen of hearts,
What sadness is, I know not"

"With no fear,
I do and I defy"

"Like the winds sigh,
and the birds fly.."

It's odd, I've never seen my brother,
I've no clue what he looks like

But I'm certain
his eyes will be like mine

Actually I think he'd be
exactly like me..

calm, shy, decent, disciplined

And my heart says I will
recognize him instantly..

my little Lakshman

"Let the nymphets
come to lure me"

"And know that I'm no worker bee"

"For when I look into their eyes,
I'll steal their hearts, their minds"

"No matter how gorgeous.."

"they'll be mine
without a fuss"

"Like the winds sigh.."

"and the birds fly.."

"Like the bumble bee's affair.."

"I roam without a care"

"I may be mad, a little strange,
and wilder than most.."

"but the most lovable,
am everybody's toast"

"Like the winds sigh.."

"and the birds fly.."

"Like the bumble bee's affair.."

"I roam without a care"

"Like the winds sigh,
and the birds fly.."

Friends, it's a truly blessed day
as today we have amongst us..

the famous student
of St. Paul's, Lucky!

When I came to this college
four years back, Lucky was my senior

When we first got here,
Lucky ragged us a lot, didn't he?

In the canteen, he stripped me and
made me sing `My heart will go on..'

He's as smooth as so charming,
smooth and perky

We wanna fail school
just like Lucky!

I love Lucky!

Despite having failed his class
thrice, Lucky is still with us

And God willing,
Lucky may fail again..

and bless our juniors
with his presence too

And now, the moment
we've been waiting for..

Yes, it wasn't easy!

To fail consecutively thrice,
is not an ordinary feat!

But friends, with hard work,
perseverance and dedication..

you can all get here

And if I have your blessings,
I will continue to be with you..

right here, in this college,
for eons to come

That's a promise

Oh, wow!


Don't you feel any shame?
- Shame, Sanju?

Just look at these faces,
full of love, respect

And I won't need to study
this year as well

I've got you to copy from!
- Yeah, right

- Sanju..

Lucky, is Sanju your girlfriend?
- Avoid, man!

When Lucky has a girlfriend,
the whole college will turn to her

Who wants to look at Sanju?
- Hey, I only look at Sanju

Do you think she'll be my girlfriend?
- Are you..?

Oh yes. Why not? What a face!
What muscles!

What style!
- Oh stop!

You're perfect!
- I know

I have an idea! Let's arm wrestle.

I'll beat you and
impress Sanju, okay?

Meet me outside.

Hi Lukcy. - Hi baby

Lucky! - Hi, babs!

Stop it. You'll hurt yourself, Percy.
- Man never feels pain, Sanju!

You think you look cool smoking?
- Yeah, yeah

Please! Give it to me.
- Avoid, Sanju!

Hi Mini.
- Hi sweetheart

Where's your miserable boyfriend?

Right here!

Quit playing with fleas!
Wanna fight a man for a change?

Would love to fight with a man. But
I don't mind fighting you either!

Who are you calling a flea?
- Scram!

The loser gets punished!
- And Mini will kiss the winner

You.. - Wow!

Have you gone mad, Sanju?
- What'd I do?

You lost, Lucky!
- Time for punishment!

Whoever walks in first
through that gate..

push the person
and make him fall down. Simple

Hey what if it's a teacher?

Or the principal?

Whatever.. man!

It's the principal!

Good morning.

Scared, Lucky?

Go, Lucky!

Come here! Where was I going?

Home, sir!

Get lost!

- Hello!

Can you tell me
where's the principal's office?

First floor,
third door to the left!

Thank you.
- You are welcome


Sorry man, it was a bet!

What's your name?
- Wanna complain to the principal?

Avoid being a pain!

I asked you what your name is

Okay uncle, if you don't like
your face I can change it for you!

C'mon! You think you are tough?
C'mon let's fight, uncle


C'mon, let's go man.

Is he our new Chemistry prof?
- What..? Oh God!

C'mon man, you are mine!
- I'm sorry

Behave yourself!
We were just playing a game

Lucky, say sorry. C'mon!
- Sorry

It's okay

Can you take me to
the principal's office? I'm new here

Hey, did I not say first floor,
third door to the left?

He's deaf too! Come on, Sanju.
- Excuse me, Sanju

Hello. I'm Ram

And I'm Lucky.
Now beat it.

Tough guy!

Good morning. - Lucky, Mrs. Kakkad!

I'm going to fail them all!

Uncle, leave my hand,
grab it later!

I'm off, bye!
- The hag bores us to death

What are you upto?

Let me go, uncle!

Hi handsome! Are you
the new Chemistry teacher?

No.. I'm a student.
- Student?

I could just die!
I'm Mrs Kakkad, the Hindi teacher!

Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning

Meet me in the back side
when my period is empty!

I'll teach you everything

Oh! Such strong muscles!

- She means strong muscles!

Thank you. Thank you.
- Mention not

Finally I've found an oasis!

Very good ma'am! Excuse me!
- Sure

Everything is "squeezed" for you

Excuse me, sir

Major Ram Prasad Sharma, sir!
General Bakshi may have spoken to you

Of course. Why didn't you
tell me earlier?

Lieutenant Ram, right?
- Major Ram, sir.


What can I do for you, General?
- Not General. Major


Look, no one except you know that
I'm not a student here

So no saluting!
- Right.


No saluting. - Yeah.

The thing is Captain..
please sit down

I had really wanted to join the army.
But I couldn't remember the ranks

So, what can I do
for my country, Sergeant?


I'd like to be
in Sanjana Bakshi's class

Done! What else, Wing Commander?

And please stop saluting every second.
- Top secret, I know!

May I leave, sir?- Bye, Cadet Ram!

Don't salute, please.
- Top secret

Sir, there is a student in
your college. Lakshman Prasad Sharma

Oh.. Laksham Prasad?

Do you know him?

Just a distant relative!
You must know him

No, I don't.
I can't even remember names


Don't worry. Go to the ID office
at 9 30 sharp

You'll get all the information.
Okay? All the best

Right sir.

Over and out.
Tango and Cash!

Each man for himself!
- Okay!

- Major, sir. - Major.

Come on, Comrade

"My dear.."

"I look for you.."

"night and day.."

"in every way"

"My dear.."

"I look for you"

"night and day.."

"in every way"

"Call me.."

"show me where
you're hiding"

"Where are you..?"

"I'm here."

"Where are you..?"

"I'm here."

What do you say, Bro?

"My dear.."

"I look for you"

"night and day.."

"in every way"

"Call me.."

"show me where
you're hiding"

"Where are you..?"

"I'm here."

"Where are you..?"

"I'm here."

May I sit with you?

You, here..?
- Hello uncle

The senior citizen bench is there.
- Shut up

Lucky! - God!

What..? What are you doing?
Please make yourself comfortable

Three years of house-warming
should qualify this as your home

In fact, please consider
this your bedroom

Thank you, sir. You're too kind!
- That's me!

Sanju, a round cap today, eh?

I'll get you
a cowboy hat tomorrow, okay?

Wear a cap.

And why are you sitting?
Please lie down

In fact, on her lap.
I won't mind, and neither will she

You..? - Sir.

Sit, sit

You're new?
- Yes sir

Then get comfy!
- I'm okay, sir

Relax. No, this isn't
a Temple of Knowledge

This is a club.
Am I not right?

Please put your feet up.
- No, sir

No I insist that you keep
your feet up. Please

- Please

My feet..?
- Come on, please!

Okay, if you insist, sir.
I'll be fine

How dare you!

How dare you!
I'm going to set you right!

But sir..?
- Come with me to the principal

Follow me. I said, follow me!

Sir, if you walk ahead,
I'd be able to

Oh! You will teach me, eh?
Come on!

And quiet!

And no talking while I'm gone..
It's the principal

I was just coming to you

I want to expel this
not-so-young man immediately!

Go to my office and collect
your Leaving Certificate immediately

Mr Rasai, there is a new student
in your class. Ram Sharma

Sir, I'm Ram Sharma.
- Major!

I mean, Majoring in physics.
Follow me

Class! This is
our new student Ram Sharma


Ten years back due to
some family responsibilities..

..he had to abandon his education

But now he's back to complete
his graduation.

We're very proud of you, my son.
- Thank you, sir.

I want you all
to be friends with him

Now who will be his friend?

Who will be his friend?

Sanjana. - Sanjana!

Right, Sanjana.

Okay, sir.


I hope she doesn't know
you're shadowing her

No, sir. Not at all - Shit!

How is she?

What have I done?
- She's different

Are you two friends?

May I, please?

Ram, I don't like being
compelled to be a friend

- I choose my friends.

And they are very special.
And you're not.

Do you understand?

Are you two friends, Ram?

Not yet. But we will be

There are two commandos
stationed outside the hostel at night

Even my best officer needs sleep.

You don't have to worry
with me around, sir.

Everything is just fine here

And father,
you don't worry, too.

I'm here now,

I'll find them,
I'm sure they are close by..

..near me..

Hi mom. - Lucky come here.

Coming, mom, relax.

Lucky, did you speak to anyone?
- Yeah. I've put an advertisement..

up on the notice board.
We'll find someone real soon

Fix the fuse, Lucky!
The lights keep going out

Avoid, mom. Please.

Did I not ask you to
cut your hair today, Lucky?

Okay, bye, mom. Take care. Love you.

And your dinner?

Let's go. - Let's go, baby.


Welcome to Darjeeling, Raghavan

It was a choice I had to make
for the sake..

..of my little brother's education.
I had to quit college.

I always sacrifice.

But I always felt incomplete

And one day as I ticked
`under graduate' in a form..

I decided that as soon
as my brother finishes his studies..

I don't want to hear your saga.

I'm not interested in you
or your brother.

Fine! Let's talk about you.
Where you from?

What does your dad do?

My dad is dead. okay?


What's up, Sanju?
- Lucky..

Ram has turned into my shadow!
- Who? Our uncle?

It's the first time
a guy's after you. Enjoy, baby

What are you saying?
- Maybe she wants another guy, Lucky.

Lucky help me, c'mon. - Don't worry.

Mini darling.
I'll be back in a blink

Okay! - Okay.

Hey micro-mini! Watch it

Hey Uncle!

Bell Bottoms!


Are you deaf?
- No, but I don't think I need to hear you.

What's up, man? Why don't you stick
with people your age?

Hang on!
There aren't any here

Is this how you talk to your elders?
- Look Mr Geriatric..

..go do what old people do.
Sanju's my friend

So stop bugging her, or else..

Else what?

For you, I'll shut eyes and count
till ten.. not the usual three

And when I open my eyes,
you better have disappeared

Right? - Wrong. I don't think so.

I think so.
- Thinking is good for you

Okay, one.. Two..

Idiots, where are they going?

Where are you running?
Am I a witch?


I'm coming.. don't go away

Five! Six, seven!


Uncle, I hope
you've left for good

That's Sanju!
- You failed again!

Yet again! And this time
you've broken even my record

I'm coming.

How did you manage
to get 3.5% in Hindi?

Tell you what, if you pass this year
I'll give you a "Cadabury"..

..that too a milky one!
- Come again

She means Milk Cadbury.
- Yes, milk one!

Sweet boy!
And where's the other one?

Student name?
- Lakshman Prasad Sharma

Your name?
- Ram Sharma. - Excuse me.

Can't give another student's
information to you

Excuse me, just tell me..

Please, move. Sir..

Yeah, I want a..

Want information? We'll take it out
from the college computer..

..during the lunch break!
Piece of cake.

How much longer?
- Almost done.

Two minutes.

This is a race between
Lucky and Vivek.

Lucky, who is our favourite.

And Vivek, who is a bit angry.

So whoever runs upto the roof..

..and gets the college flag
for Mini gets a huge..

Are you mad?
I'd just said race!

Luck, no. - Shut up.

You guys will be rusticated!

By practical.

Why? Are you scared, Lucky?

Lucky, no. no.. no.. - Later, babes.


Okay, I'll go to the library.
Bye! - Thank you.

Move! Quiet!

What's going on?
- Sir, a race is on

No one told me it's Sports Day!
Yeah! Race!

Lucky! - Lucky!


Lucky hold on! I'm coming!
Someone do something

Who's that?

Captain Ram!

I mean, I want to make him
the Captain of the Athletic Team

See how fit he is!
Come on Captain, come on

C'mon, captain.

Who is this "Makko" man!

Macho man!

Ram turned out to be Rambo!

Look at him.

Let go, Lakshman

Don't look down. Let go

No! Are you mad?
I'll die if I let go!

Give me your hand.
- No..

Don't be scared.

I'm here now.

Let go.

Are you okay?

I didn't know you were so fit.
Were you in the army?


Hey, stop that!
You're okay now

Just relax. Come!

No, no, why do you keep
Calling me Lakshman?

Because Lakshman is your name

Lucky, Lakshman! That's how it goes.

But no one knows my real name
in the college

It doesn't go with the image!
You will not squeal, okay?

Okay. Image!
Stop trembling first

And what do you think
of my image?

Lucky! - Your image is set.

Idiot! You freaked me out!
Didn't I say it's too dangerous?

What `Okay'?
What if something had happened?

You didn't even think about
what your mother would go through.

How do you know mom?

I don't. I mean..

You must have a mom,
- True. Everybody has a mom.

Not everyone.
You are very lucky.


the other day I had said that
my friends are special people

Well, you are extremely special.


I say thank you. - I say friends.

What's that?
- Hey uncle..

Okay.. come on

May.. may I do this?
- Me, too. Me, too. - Percy!


Youth! Wonderful thing.

Isn't it, Khan?
- Yes, sir!

Such joy! Innocence!
Look at this boy

Has he even thought about
his future..

its dangers?
How it's rife with enemies?

No kid thinks
about these things, Raghavan

It's time to send another message
to General Bakshi

Shoot that boy

Shoot him
while Sanjana is around

And I want a recording of this!

Any problems, Khan?

But he's a kid

This is war, Khan.
Any war needs sacrifices

Our war was for the country
ten years back and still is


Good morning, sir.

We found some villagers
at the border..

who claim they got lost searching
for water. They are Pakistanis

You know very well that you are
standing on Indian soil

So get ready for a trial!

Are you Pakistani?

Don't be afraid. Answer calmly

Are you Pakistani?

Yes, sir

Trial over

Major Datta, on what basis
did you kill those eleven Pakistanis?

They were Pakistani spies!
- All of them?

- Is it possible that..

..some of them weren't spies?
- It's possible.

And it's also possible that none
Of them were spies.

They were Pakistanis!

Major Datta, let me inform you..

..we're not in a state of war
with Pakistan.

Brigadier Sharma, we've been in a state
of war with Pakistan since 1947.

I feel ashamed of having ever
called you a friend.

This man is mentally ill.

He does not deserve to be
an officer in Indian army.

Ten years!

It's taken me ten years
to create my own army

I've handpicked each soldier..

..who can help me fight this war.

I never said it would be easy..

Never claimed victory would come
without losing something

If blood must be shed,
then it must, Khan!

It could be ours, the enemies'
or a little boy's.

Right, Khan? - Right, sir.

"Who are you waiting for?
I'm here now."

"Just one look,
I'm here now"

"Who are you waiting for?
I'm here now"

"Just one look,
I'm here now"

"Why are you quiet,
why the heavy brow?

"If it's endless love you wish,
ask for it aloud"

"And you shall receive it,
for I'm here now"

"Who are you waiting for?
I'm here now"

"Just one look,
I'm here now"

"When you think,
when you see.."

"how much I love you.."

"Don't stay silent"

"Tell me, you have
that special friend.."

"who will give you
his heart, give up his soul"

"who will give you
his heart, give up his soul"

"And I will say, true,
for I'm here now"

"Who are you waiting for?
I'm here now"

"Just one look,
I'm here now"

"Why are you quiet,
why the heavy brow?"

"If it's endless love you wish,
ask for it aloud"

"And you shall receive it,
for I'm here now"

"Who are you waiting for?
I'm here now"

"Just one look,
I'm here now"

"If there's something
in your heart.."

"tell me"

"No matter what time
of day or night.."

"tell me"

"If problems plague you.."

"or you feel down and out.."

"tell me"

"If you have a wish,
a little want.."

"If you have a wish,
a little want.."

"don't ever be apprehensive,
for I'm here now"

"Who are you waiting for?
"I'm here now"

"Just one look,
I'm here now"

"Why are you quiet,
why the heavy brow?"

"If it's endless love you wish,
ask for it aloud"

"And you shall receive it,
for I'm here now"

"Who are you waiting for?
"I'm here now"

"Just one look,
I'm here now"

What is this now?
- The loser must face punishment

No look,
I just lost because..

Sit! - Ok.

And I sit here till when?

Until a girl walks
towards you from there

- And until you serenade her!

Girls, singing..
I've never done that

Sit down! - I'm sitting.

Someone's coming!
- I hope it's not Mrs Kakkad!

C'mon.. - Sanju! I can't sing

What the hell am I to sing?

"I'm just a little brave
tin soldier, sing with me.."

I should have stuck to the army.
I need a fresh new song.. yes

"Buffalo soldier
.. in the heart of.."

I got it!
She's the new Chemistry teacher


Ram, don't sing

No singing..

If he sing, he's gone, baby!

Wow! What a lovely sari!

Oh my God! C'mon, guys!

"My heart is the moon."

"You are the moonlight."

Just remembered! Her name
is Chandni (moonlight). - What?

"Why is the moonlight.."

"so far from the moon?"

Is it my imagination?
Or were you just singing to me?

No! 'I'm just
a little tin soldier..'


Whatever! Go ahead and
finish the song.

I said finish the song.

"You have no choice.."

"..but to return to my sphere."

"So go where you will,
go my dear"

"Go on, my.."

Don't watch!
You won't be able to bear it

No way! Such behavior in
this college, I will never bear it

By the way, which song was it?

1.. 2.. 3.. yo.. - Yo!

`My heart is the moon..'
- My favourite!

`you are the moonlight..'
- What song is this?

`Why is the moonlight so..'
- Stop it.

So old, and a student!

So young and a teacher! Amazing!

Colonel, do you know
who her father is?

No. Who, sir?
- How the heck do I know?

You also don't know?

Admiral, I know she is relevant
to your mission..

No, no..
- But apologize, you must! Go now!


Hello! - Hello!

I'll spit on you but never
do this kind of work.

A moonlight!
And what am I? An eclipse?

What sort of a law is this?

Excuse me!

"Makko" man!

Excuse me, Ms. Chandni!


How dare you enter
the staff room? No..

Don't stop me.. I will have you
thrown out of the college, get that?

You punk!

Hey, this was in the `Matrick'?
- You mean Matrix?

Shut up fatso!

Ms Chandni, if you command me
I'll throw him out!

No, thanks. I'll..

Go on.. - Yes, ma'am.

Actually they made me kneel..

and so I did because I'm a brave
little.. new one!

They said a girl will come
and then `when I saw you I felt..'

`like a blooming rose,
like a poet's prose..'

`like a deer in flight,
like a full-moon night..'

`like an endless search..'

`like the flame of a candle
in a far away church ..'

`I saw a girl..'

In front of everyone?

I don't believe this.

Every time I see her,
I want to sing!

Must be our Chemistry!
- Shut up! Madame Curie!

Go and get the tickets!
- And we'll get the chips.

I'll have popcorn.

Guys, please stick together!
This place is new to me..

I may get lost.

Come on, Ram..

"I'll get lost"
What crap!

He thinks it's a fair.

Why'd you push?
- Sorry!

Hurry up, guys!

Hold this.
How long are they taking, man?

No mistakes, Khan.
I want Gen. Bakshi to know that..

..the bullet could be
for his daughter too

Right, sir.

Record it. The girl should be
in the frame.

What did I do?

Oh no!

In a hurry, my friend?

Hurry up, Habib. C'mon, fast.

Drive, Habib. Fast!

Looks like
your friends abandoned you.

What's to become of you now?


What is he doing here?

He's a student, sir.

- About ten days old here


Major Ram has been protecting her
for the past ten days, and you..


Because of your stupidity,
Khan has been caught

Commander, give me a chance

No Captain.
You don't know Major Ram Sharma!

He's the best.

Gen Bakshi has sent his bloody best.

My departed friend Shekhar's son.
Looks I'll have to.. with him myself

It's going to be fun.

I promise you victory, and
that we will celebrate it with Khan.

I promise.

Enough! Leave him!

Who is Raghavan?

Who is Raghavan?

Our commander.
- A terrorist!

A soldier who can die
for his country!

No! He can only kill.

What war is he going to win
by killing a young boy?

And what war are you fighting
by garlanding the enemies?

We don't want war,
we want friendship!

Take him away.

It's shameful that you have
sold yourself to friendship..

..and we have to do your job.

You may be in the army
but we are the true soldiers

You and your army is useless!

You are fortunate, Khan, that you're
in front of an officer of the Army

If we were like you, then
you'd have been dead by now

We have orders to take him
to the headquarters

Put it on hold!
Keep interrogating him

Though, I doubt if he'll talk

Is my jeep ready?
- Sir, where are you going?

To college.
To complete my studies

If the atomic weight of Oxygen
is sixteen..

..can anyone tell me
the atomic weight of Calcium?




No one in the class?
Alright, I'll tell you.

The atomic weight..
- Oh please let them be

Your hair look beautiful
when you let them fly.

Really! When your hair falls
on your face it's like..

'I saw a girl and felt..'

' a blooming rose..'

"Now that you're here,
and so am I.."

"come a little closer
so I could try.."

"to tell you
how madly I love you"

"When I first saw you
and began to get to know you.."

"When I first saw you
and began to get to know you.."

"I lost my sense of time"

"The fragrance of your body
cast a spell on me"

"And I lost my heart."

"When I thought about you
and saw you.."

"When I first saw you
and began to get to know you.."

"I lost my sense of time"

"Why are you this beautiful?"

"It makes us all wonder
and believe in things like fairies"

"Though your beauty
pales them to a blur"

"So, why are you beautiful?"

"That makes one speechless.
I'm lost and in a mess.."

"I'm obsessed"

"I worshipped you,I desired only you"

"When I first saw you,
and began to get to know you.."

"I lost my sense of time"

"Now that you're here
and so am I.."

"come a little closer
so I could tell you.."

"what magic came over me
when I first met your eye"

"My first thoughts of you,
when I realized you.."

"when I really saw you,
and began to know you.."

"I lost my sense of time"

"The fragrance of your body
cast a spell on me"

"And my heart slipped"

"when I really saw you,
and began to know you.."

"when I really saw you,
and began to know you.."

"when I really saw you,
and began to know you.."

"when I really saw you,
and began to know you.."

Violins are playing.
In college

Ram? With a teacher? These will
turn into your funeral trumpets

Look at that.
- You saw that?

Nobody can see that

I've had this up for so many days
with no response

This is the problem of our college.
No respect, no discipline

Whoever did this has had it

Just wait and watch. - Yes.

Lucky needs a tenant!
I'm here now

Are you sure you won't have
any problems with me at home?

No problems. Grandpa's room is empty
and money's a bit tight right now.

And if you're around,
mom will love you.

Mom will love me?
- She always wanted a son like you..

Clean. But got me instead!
You two will get along superbly.

And wait till you
taste her cooking.

Mom's cooking!
- Yeah, she has only two missions.

One, to reform me.
Two, to feed everyone.

And your dad?

Ram, you're my friend
and all my friends know this.

Do not speak to me
about my father.


I don't like talking about him.

Okay, dude? Come!

Come, Ram.

That's our home.

Lakshman, there's no electricity..

I'm history! Mom had asked me
to repair the fuse

I'll go and get
the fuse repaired buddy..

you go and calm mom down.
- I'm coming with you..

I'll be back in two minutes!
- No Lakshman, how will I..?

Just two minutes!

Lucky, I.. - Please, Ram.

But how will I..? Mom..

Are you back, son?

What took you so long?

And why are you so quiet?

I knew you'd forget again

Do you know how long I've been
in darkness? We have a blown fuse

Forget it, I'll scold you later,
but first take the Lord's blessings

Oh Lord, I hope
he passes this year..

makes his mother proud
finds every joy in life

Who..? Who are you?

I thought it's my son..
- I..


This is Ram, mom, my friend,
and your new paying guest

Ram, this is mom

I know

He's just your type

Bless you, son.


here, have it hot

Enough, aunty.
I just had loads.. please!

Enough already? You're young,
you need more. Come on

I'm not as young you make me out be.
If I continue eating like this..

I'll have a paunch in a week's time.
- Good! A little paunch is appealing

Oh no aunty!
- It's a sign of prosperity

I'll get one more
- No, no.. absolutely not

Why? Aren't they nice?

It's not that aunty.
They say..

mother's hands create magic
no matter what

Yes. Lucky told me

I'm sorry, son

So, did your father bring you up?

Yes. He nurtured me,
brought me up

My father was.. is
a really nice man

Never let me feel
my mother's absence

But yes, he could never
cook like this

Actually aunty, I am what I am
because of my father

You're very nice, Ram!
Your father must be a nice man too


Fathers are so important

Sometimes I feel if
Lucky's father was with us..

Aunty, if you don't mind my asking..

I mean, Lucky's father..?

We don't live together

We had a fight and I left home

But didn't he come
to take you back..?

Several times

It's been seven years now, Madhu.
Please come back now

Haven't you forgiven me yet?

It's not about forgiveness
any more, Shekhar

Even if I reconcile
with your infidelity..

I cannot bear to live
with that boy at home

Madhu, please

He needs me

Just him? What about me, Shekhar?

And is Lakshman not your son?

You will need to choose, Shekhar

Lakshman and I will
come with you right away

But only if you want it this way

- His Highness has arrived

Lucky, you're a walking mess!
- Where are my shoes, mom?

Why don't you cut your hair?
And why're you a wearing doggy leash?

Your jeans are torn!
And your shirt.. son, give it to me!

I'll stitch it up in two minutes!
- Torn..?

I sat up since morning with a blade
to get it this way and you say..

Mom, it's fashion!
- Don't call me `mom', Lakshman!

Then don't call me `Lakshman', mom!
Lakshman - I hate the name Lakshman!

Why? It's a lovely name.
Lakshman Prasad

And goes well with your image.
- Oh, don't you just love it?

Ram-Lakshman, seems like Mahabharat
started in this very house!

The Ramayan!
- Whatever! I'm off

Lakshman, you won't be able
To get up tomorrow as well

I will mom ..- Tomorrow's Tuesday

I have to go to the temple.
- And we will, mom

I know you won't wake up.
- Temples are so boring, mom

Ok, Ok, Ok!

I'll take mother.. I mean aunty,
to the temple.

Ram, you're godsend!
See, problem solved

I love you! Baby!

Bye, dude.

May I call you 'mother'?
- Only if you eat my food every day.

Then forget it, aunty.

Bye, mom!

He'll come back late in the night.
This boy hardly sleeps

Wake up. Wake up, you morons!

I had given you an assignment
on Physics 3 days back..

Heat and Pressure

Heat and Pressure

And I would be delighted
if someone has not done it

Why sir?
- Because..

then you'll have to do
the same assignment five times

Why does he spit?
- Take out your homework

You too.. you too..

And ah! Lucky!


Cock a doodle do!

- I have it

Trying to con me, eh?
- No, sir

Today we'll separate the wheat
from the chaff

One second, sir!

Yes, do search below as well.
Maybe you dropped it there

But if it's not there
I suggest you start praying..

as only Lord Ram can
save you today

I know that your homework.. done!

I don't believe it!

And have you done your home work?

No, sir!

Sir, please.. - Got you!

Why did you do that? - You didn't do it.

I miss the army. I've to get down on
my knees at the drop of a spit-ball!

If anyone sees me here,
I'd definitely be court martialled!


You're up to something again?
- No ma'am!

I'm going to have you expelled!
- No Ma'am, I wasn't singing.

Then what?
Why are you on your knees?

I've been..
punished by Mr Rasai!

- Really

I know it is very silly

"Oh lord! This boy
is nutty as a pie.."

"why is it so hard
to make him realize.."

"that first the heart pines,
but slowly.."

"and only on the way one finds love,
then you fall freely."

Anuj, Pass!

Rohan, have you seen Lucky?

He's in the library.


You're Lucky, right?

Why don't you go and put it up
on the college notice board?

You're Sanju's boyfriend, right?
- Hey double battery, single power!

Sanju? My girlfriend?
Are you mad?

Lucky's girlfriend will be
the world's most beautiful girl

Not a plain Jane like Sanju.
Now buzz off

I have to study

My dad is not dead, Ram

I know

He never loved me

He always wanted a son..

who would make him proud,
join the army like him

Are sons everything?
And daughters mean nothing?


Even as a child I tried to be
my father's `son'

And look, I've succeeded

No one even remembers
that I'm a girl

Sanju, you're fine the way you are

It's time we remind everyone that
you're the most beautiful girl..

not only in the college,
but the world

Come with me.
- No Ram, please

I'm here now

Yes Ram!!
- Good evening ma'am!

Can you make me
look exactly like you?

- Yes.. not me. Sanju

Thank you. - Hi, Sanju!
- Hello, ma'am!

Come on in.. Come, come!

See you then!
- When, ma'am?

Physics assignment. Five times!

Baby, lucky, I love you.

You did my physics assignment?
And five times? I don't believe it

I thought I'll do it thrice
but by the third time.. actually started to make sense,
so I decided to the rest as well.

By the way, you're welcome!

Oh, thank you!
I was about to say thank you!

I said, you're welcome. Just do me
a favour, don't tell anyone

I got a reputation to protect.
- Of course. School, Lucky and all

Actually, you can
tell Sanju about it


She keeps chewing brains. This will
shut her up for at least two weeks.

You know what I mean ..
- Yeah, I know what you mean!

You mean you like Sanju a lot
- Like..?

Yes. Like.
- As in..?

As in.. you know as in..

You are crazy man!
- No, no! You are crazy about Sanju!

No, no! You are crazy!
- No, you are crazy about crazy Sanju!

Ram, when Lucky will fall in love
the entire college will hear violins

Violins! - Oh yes!

Sanju? No

Sanju.. no way, Ram

Shut your mouth, uncle

"Love is such a tornado,
Love is such a storm"

"Love takes away the power
of every life form"

"Everyone in love is crazed,
anyone in love is in a daze"

"Love makes it all so difficult,
yet it's all so easy in love"

"Look at these visions, these
lovesick souls, these smoking coals"

"Look at the follies of love"

"The woes of my heart
having glimpsed you.."

"It's like a magical spell,
what can I say"

"The woes of my heart
having glimpsed you.."

"It's like a magical spell,
what can I say"

Check that! Like that!

"The heart is but a traveller,
and you are the oasis it seeks"

"The heart is but a canoe,and you
are its bank with mystique"

"What more can the heart desire,
if it has you"

"My heart is
a lonely place, my dear"

"Come, I need your light
and your sparkly cheer"

Check that! Like that!

"Love brings all the joy,
Love has the power to destroy"

"It is its own limitation,
but frees one like the sky"

"In the Land of Love,
live millions of dreams each day"

"Lucky are those who get lost,
for love has shown them the way"

"Look at these visions pal, these
lovesick souls, these hopeful ghouls"

"Look at the follies of love"

"The woes of my heart
having glimpsed you.."

"It's like a magical spell,
what can I say"

"The woes of my heart
having glimpsed you.."

"It's like a magical spell,
what can I say"

Check that! Like that!

"I worship you"

"You are my prayer"

"If I have loved.."

"I have loved only this way"

"If I have loved.."

"I have loved
only this way"

Check that! Wicked!!

"My heart is going insane,
you are its only balm"

"Why is my heart all aflutter?
Tell me, love, what is the matter"

"Let your perfume
waft over and find me"

"Let your hair rain
their dark clouds over me"

Check that! Like that!

"Sweetheart, I have
crossed the beyond.."

"Sweetheart, you and
only you are my dawn.."

"Sweetheart, alas. You can't see
what's in my heart"

"Sweetheart, you'll remember me
only when I fall apart"

"Look at these visions pal, these
lovesick souls, these hopeful ghouls"

"Look at the follies of love"

"The woes of my heart
having glimpsed you.."

"It's like a magical spell,
what can I say"

"The woes of my heart
having glimpsed you.."

"It's like a magical spell,
what can I say"

Ma'am. - Hi Sanju!

Ma'am, it worked!
- I can see that

You're looking very pretty!
- Ma'am it's all because of you!

Thank you so much!
- You're welcome!

But you should thank
someone else for this

Ma'am, isn't he different?

Do you know he's actually older
than you are?

I do. But he's still my student

Hi Sanju.
- Hi

Sanju, I want to.. I have
to say something to you

But I don't know how to ..
- I know what you want say

Really!!! - Yeah.

That I'm looking really nice today

You feel this sudden
attraction towards me

Well, I did this all for you.
- Me..?

Well, I feel like I'm cheating you.

Because this isn't the real me.

Tomorrow when I go back to
my old clothes..

..and when Mini comes to you
wearing those micro-minis..

Then what?


Lucky, do you know
the difference between Percy and you?

At least Percy's feelings
weren't for my clothes.

LML Freedom. Drive and know..


What's up, Lucky?
- Nothing

You could talk to me.

No, thanks.

Hang on.. Army..

Food's here.

Ram, are you interested in the army?

A lot.

Army guys are different
Don't you think?

I mean, their style
or anything..

My father used to say
"It's a man's life"

Medals on the chest,
discipline, guns, tanks..

giving up life for the country..
They are so distinguished

Aren't they?

Mom, I'm going out


Mom why do you do this
to yourself.

Sorry pal, I hate the army

I'm not interested in their style
or their uniform

They and their problems
can go take a hike

- Mom, you know I hate their display

What is all this `uniform,
patriotic duty..' all bullshit!

Speak with some respect Lakshman!

My father is in the army.
I know how much he has sacrificed

We never met for months because
he was protecting the border..

so you, me and people like us
could sleep peacefully

You know what..

Even my father's in the army
and he's sacrificed a lot

He's even given up his family

I haven't seen him
for twenty years..

not because he was
serving the country..

but because he left my mother and me
to bring up his bastard son

Lakshman, not in front of..
- I'm just speaking facts, mom

It won't affect him one bit

You know what..

My mother hasn't slept peacefully
for twenty years

It doesn't matter to him.
It hardly matters to army men

They have no feelings.
They are inhuman you know.

You don't believe me!

Dad, do you hear me?
I'm talking to you

Lakshman, please Lakshman!
- No, don't worry mom.

It won't affect him
He can't hear me

Can you hear me, dad?

He never hears me

Nothing matters to him, mom

Dad, I'm talking to you

You don't care, right?

When I fail, you don't care

When I don't come back home
in the night..

you don't worry about me, right?

Why don't you scold me when
I don't cut my hair? Scold me, please

Why don't I fear you
when I secretly smoke, dad.. Why?

Do you care?

You love me?

Do you hate me?

Anything.. anything

I hate you

I hate you, dad

And I hate that swine

I hate him, Mom and
I hate his bastard son!

Are you okay?

Can you both not forgive him?

It's too late, Ram

It's too late for him

What are you watching, Lucky?

The most lucky guy in college

Lucky really misses
his father a lot, right?

Yes. He is helpless, but you..

Life passes by and we get used to
living without love

Why don't we give love a chance?
Why don't we trust our feelings?

Why don't you speak to
your father, Sanjana? Give him a call

No, he always preferred
to keep me away from him

So now you're having your revenge?

Sanjana, people change,
love changes them

You fear that he hates you.
Perhaps he fears the same thing

Why do we fear the ones
we love so much?

Speak to him once, Sanjana.
Life's too short for hatred

How are you, darling?
It's me

I heard your husband
is out of town

Where are you calling from?
- From a booth opposite your home

What say?

Looks like someone wants to die.

Just a minute.

Gun, pistol.. who are you?

Quietly come with us.


Oh, Ram!

I thought it was mom.

So what are you giving mom tomorrow?
- Why? What's tomorrow?

Her birthday.

Oh shit! I forgot again.
This is too much.

Ram, kick me, I deserve it.
- Yes, you deserve it.

Thank you.

Ram, think of something quick.


Happy Birthday, Ma.

You.. you cut your hair?
- Avoid, Ma.

I didn't know
I have such a handsome son

That's me. I love you, Ma

I love you too, son.

Happy birthday!

Chill out, guys!

Nose looks long, right?
- Don't make fun.

Please.. - Earlier it wasn't seen.

Good morning, class!
- Good morning, sir!

Class, I have some good news and
some bad news.

The bad news is that Prof. Rasai
has resigned.

The good news is that Prof. Rasai
has sent a replacement himself.

So class please welcome
Prof. Raghav Datta!

Greetings disciples.

Who is this 'disciples'?

I leave them
in your care professor..

- Raghav, right. I'm off

Okay, bye! Sorry.

My name is Raghav, and
you can call me by my name

No sir, no professor, because..

What an ape. Won't last a week.
Am glad I cut my hair!

I'll learn new things from you

I'm fascinated by
your generation's perspective

Who's `Percy-pective' now?

We may have an age gap, but not
in our thoughts

Not much gap in age too, sir.
Right, Ram?

Hey. Vivek, watch it



Did you fail, or start
Your education really late?

Sir, actually Ram had to give..
- No one asked you..

When elders talk, learn to shut up.

Has your father not taught this much?
- That's not fair, sir.

Interesting class.
Everyone speaks for each other.

What's your name?
- Lucky.

Stand up.

Full name?
- Lakshman Prasad Sharma.


Not you, Ram,

Ram, you look intelligent
and disciplined

Didn't you teach them
some manners?

Anyway, now that I'm here you will
learn everything. It'll be fun

Raghav.. permission to sit, sir?

Any doubts?

What a horridly rude guy!
- Avoid Sanju

Avoid what? How dare he say
anything about my dad?

Will his saying anything
affect your dad? It won't, right?

No way. -But the guy's got attitude

By the way, you look really cute
with this short haircut

Sanju, will you be my date
for the Prom Night?

Lucky.. I'd promised Percy
that I'd go with him.

Oh Percy. I completely forgot.
No problem. See you

Lucky, last few tickets left
for the Prom Night. You want?

No dude. Not going this year.
- What? Are you mad?

How can we have
a Prom Night without you?

Hi, Sanju.
- Hi, Percy

Sanju, I can't come with you
for the prom night


Thing is I get bored
with you, Sanju

And what's with
this lipstick..?

So better luck next time baby!


But I think
you should go with Lucky

Oh Percy..

Percy, I'm so sorry!

Better luck next time Percy!

Oh Percy, you're so sweet!

Sweet? Who?

I'll be at the Prom with
the other teachers

Everybody check your transmitter.

And this time there should
be no mistake

I can't go to the Prom.

I don't know how to dance
- What?

- Okay. Dance here

Hello Papa

How are you, Papa?

Hasta La Vista, baby

Welcome ladies and gentlemen,
to Sports Day

Boys team in black
and girls team in red

What are you saying? Not Sports day,
it's the Prom Night


Welcome to the Prom Night

Like last year, no kissing
on the dance floor

Especially boys and boys!

Ram, this is your chance.
Go ask Ms Chandni For a dance

No, no
- Come on, Ram! Be a man

No, I'm not a man.
I mean not!!

Ram, if you don't ask her to dance
with you tonight..

I won't speak to you.
- No, Sanju ..

Me too, Ram.
- Lakshman listen to me..

Me too. - Percy.

Listen guys

The Major's attention is somewhere
else. You guys go ahead

Sir, we're in position.
We have the target in sight

"Everybody get down,
this party is going to town"

"Rambablula, Ram Bamboo,
there is only one thing to do!"

"Baby, baby, let's rock,
Dance all night long till 12' o'clock!"

"Hey fair maiden.."

"sometime, somewhere, secretly.."

"Hey fair maiden.."

"sometime, somewhere, secretly.."

"let's meet sometime in secrecy.."

"let's talk
sweet nothings endlessly"

"But please oh please
don't meet others similarly"

"Hey handsome.."

"sweet, naive and so rookie"

"Look, we're made for each other"

"Can you hear our hearts flutter?"

"But I hope no other
can hear our private chatter"

"Hey fair maiden.."

"sometime, somewhere, secretly"

"Hey handsome.."

"sweet, naive and so rookie"

"Now that you're here.."

"my dreams seem so close, so near"

"And if you feel generous.."

"the weather will be marvellous"

"Now that we are one.."

"everything seems like fun"

"Now that we're together,
say bye-bye to cold weather"

"The breeze is soft and dewy.."

"the night is lost and sleepy"

"What's come over us so slowly"

"We've lost our senses entirely"

"Just so you won't remember
anyone but me"

"Hey fair maiden.."

"sometime, somewhere, secretly"

"Hey handsome.."

"sweet, naive, so rookie"

"Everybody get down,
this party is going to town"

"Lets rock lets shock,
Gonna be together till 1'o'clock!"

"These wretched distances
lead to such restlessness"

"But if you come a little close,
you can have my life"

"If you're so restless,
then hear this, I confess"

"If you're in my heart, my dear,
how can we not be near?"

"Her eyes look down ever so shyly,
I caught it though it was so flighty"

"I don't mind getting a bouquet"

"But like a gentleman stay away"

"Just a few more days without me"

"Hey fair maiden.."

"sometime, somewhere, secretly.."

"let's meet sometime in secrecy.."

"Let's talk sweet nothings endlessly"

"But please oh please
don't meet others similarly"

"Hey handsome.."

"sweet, naive and so rookie.."

"we're made for each other"

"Can you hear our hearts flutter?"

"But I hope no other can hear
our private chatter"

"Hey fair maiden.."

"sometime, somewhere, secretly.."

"Hey handsome.."

"sweet, naive and so rookie.."

Vivek, you are so stupid.

Your mere touch nearly killed me.

OK! Good night then! Bye-Bye!
- Bye-Bye!

Ms Chandni, you dance
very well indeed.

Thank you. Good night.
- Good night

Who is dropping you home by the way?

I'm a big girl I'll drive myself
home in my car.

True. But a lady should be
escorted to her car

Please don't take the trouble
- Oh no. I don't mean me

I mean your favorite student. Ram

- Come here

Won't you escort
Ms Chandni to her car?

Really, there's no need for you to..
- No, no.

- Actually

Please go with her
- Yes, sir

Let's go, sorry.

Target approaching door.
They're coming out.

Handle it.
- Yes, sir


I'm sorry you were
forced to escort me, Ram

I love it, ma'am.
I mean, it's my duty.

You really dance superbly.
Where did you learn?

Actually, whenever I see you,
I feel like a fish out of water..

A nut without a cracker..
- Oh no. Not again.

Actually Sanju, Lucky,
Vivek and Mini forced me..

Your sari is lovely.

Ram, if you drive
as well as you dance?

Won't you drop me home? - Well, I..



- Ram!

Get out!

Stop! Put the gun down
or I'll blow her brains out

Ram, listen to him!

- Down..

Sorry about the sari, ma'am

It's no problem

Thanks for the lift, sir.
But you needn't have bothered

We would have managed.
- Don't be silly

How would you go back
home alone, and at this hour?

Son, you never know
who you might meet on the way

Sir, I get off here. - Okay.

Thank you, sir.
- Sure

Won't you get out and
thank your friend Sanju?

Go ahead. It's okay

Good night, Lucky!

Hold it!


What the hell is happening?
Ram, a gun..?

Sir, please just keep driving.
Move it! Please.

What's going on, Ram?
- Towards the hostel! I'll explain

Pull over, sir. - Ok.

Sanjana, your dad is here.
Go and talk to him

I'm sorry, Papa.
- No, my dear. I'm sorry

Thanks for dropping us here, sir.
- It was my duty

So you're in the army?

Major Ram, sir

Major, impressive

Glad to know that country's security
is in such able hands

Any doubts, sir?
- Absolutely not

Good night.
- Good night

Papa.. Ram..?

I had sent Ram,
for your protection

So..'re in the army, right?

No.. yes ma'am

You're here to protect Sanjana?

Yes.. yes, ma'am.

So you never really were my student?

Yes ma'am.. I mean, no ma'am.

Happy Teacher's Day


Thank you, sir.. ma'am

Ram! Come in, come in, Ram!

Sir, we should congratulate
Major Ram on his successful mission

Has he succeeded?
Very good

So you finally
found Lakshman Prasad Sharma

No sir. Sanjana Bakshi.
General Bakshi's daughter

General Bakshi? Does he want
admission to the college as well?

No, General Bakshi is not joining

Sir, I have a request.
- Feel free to speak, Maximus

I'd like to stay here a bit longer

Then you must have lunch and go
- No, I mean..

I'd like to stay in college
for a few more days

Then stay till graduation.- Okay

But please don't
mention this to anyone

Top secret?

- Of course. Anything for the army

Thank you, sir! Thank you!

Lakshman Sharma. Lucky, right?

His distant relative. Had come
all the way here to find him

Lucky me

You have 6 hours

Find out the relationship between
Major Ram And Lakshman Prasad

So, when do you plan to
tell your mother?

Even Sanjana has agreed
to protection

You must reveal your identity..
- I know, Chandni

But I'm apprehensive

So Lucky Sharma is
Shekhar Sharma's son

Ram's step-brother.

Look Ram, if they find out
from elsewhere..

then they are bound to feel that
you deliberately deceived them

And once they know who you are
I'm sure they'll love you even more

I see. So once you found out,
you loved me even more, eh?

Any doubts?

Gentlemen, get ready for action!

Tomorrow Major Ram will leave
for a long exile

Keep watching dad,
this time mom will accept me

Lakshman will, too

Hello Ma



I want to say something..

to both of you actually


Ram, you're Shekhar Sharma's son?

And you never even mentioned it to me?
The army officers told me

He's quite a wretch,
but a very dear friend

We were in the same college.
Can you give me his address?

Or a contact number?

Is everything okay, son?

Looks like I've come
at the wrong time


Mother I.. I was just going
to tell you this..

Just don't say anything!
Not a word! Shut up

Mother, I hope you understand
why I behaved like this

One more word Ram and..
- No Lakshman. Let him speak

I do want to know
why he behaved like this

Tell me, why did you sneak
into our lives?

Did you think we'd accept you, and
forget everything?

Will I forget the twenty years
I spent like a widow?

Twenty years,
which will never return

Did you think that if you
escort me to the temple once..

and touch my feet,
everything will be set right?

No, Ma

Wounds twenty years deep do not
get filled in twenty days, Ram

Go, tell your father that
we don't need him anymore..

we're used to living without him

And this is his penance too,
to live without us..

and die without seeing our faces

Pack up and leave

There's no place
in my home for you even today.

Go! God damn it!

Just a minute, Ram.

What were you hoping to achieve?

Why did you do all this? Why?

I had come here to fulfill
my father's last wish

You were right. His penance was to
live without seeing the two of you

And.. he died without seeing
the two of you

He loved you a lot

Lucky, he gave me his ashes

I just wanted to untie the family.
That's all

Even though I knew
I would never be accepted

I'm sorry

"Bonds that break.."

"loved ones ache"

"I hope the miles finds a bridge"

"Why does this happen?"

"Why does the heart bleed?"

"Why am I tongue-tied?"

"I leave my dearest here and how.."

"I leave my dearest here and how.."

I walk alone, I'm here now"

"It's me who found love,
yet lost it"

"Here I am..
restless and unsettled"


Yes, sir.

Sanju, look up.
Say hello to your dad

So what now, General Bakshi?
Sanjana's with me now

Are you still ready
to sacrifice her..

and him..

and him..

and all the others?

I don't think so, Gen.Bakshi.
Project Milaap (Unity) is finished!

I have a few more demands

My soldier Khan's release,
a helicopter..

and my favorite student Major Ram

His education is still incomplete.

Go and relive caption Mahesh.

Check the corridors again.
- Sir.

Breaking news this evening!

The Pakistan General has announced
that on 15th August..

they will reciprocate by returning
Indian POW's to India as well

Yes sir.

If one extends such a warm hand
of friendship..

even Pakistan isn't so cold as to
not reciprocate

It's a pity that
we didn't take the first step

We've won. Now he'll have
to release those kids

Nothing has changed, General.
Pakistan can do what they want

You will not release the enemy

And by the way, I hope Khan
is near the helicopter..

and Ram has been tied up

Because Sanjana and her friends
have very little time left

But sir, didn't we say that
if Pakistan releases our prisoners..

An old habit of theirs. One hand
tries to put balm on the wound..

and the other hand hides a dagger
for the attack

Now you guys, get back
to your stations.

We're expecting guests

Call the Prime minister's office,
and tell him that..

Project Milaap has been
indefinitely postponed

Inform the
Pakistani Ambassador as well

No, sir

Sir, please don't do this.
- No Ram

There's a mother out there
who waits for her son

Tomorrow there will be
several mothers sitting outside

What will I possibly tell them?
That for fifty Pakistani prisoners..

I had to sacrifice their children?

Not fifty Pakistanis, sir.
It was you who used to say that..

it's not about ten Indians or
Pakistanis but thousands of soldiers

It's about the common people
in these countries. It's about us

It's a question of an enmity which
neither of us chose voluntarily

I know, Ram.
I understand this very well

But maybe we need to wait
for that friendship a bit longer

Sorry sir, but how long?

Today, after eons, Pakistan has
extended a friendly hand towards us

If we retract now, it would mean
another fifty years of enmity

And this time sir,
we would have chosen it

What happens to those children, Ram?
- Don't worry about the kids, sir

I promise you. Tomorrow, before dawn,
all the kids will be free

Please cancel your order, sir.
Prepare for Project Milaap

Didn't you ask if Pakistan was ready
to release our prisoners too, Khan?

You believed that Pakistan
would laugh at us..

but Pakistan is reciprocating.
Like us, Pakistan also wants peace

Yes, Pakistan is
releasing our prisoners

Now what can Raghavan achieve
by killing those innocent children?

Whatever he's doing,
it's for the country, Major Ram

No, Khan. Major Raghavan Datta,
ex-army, court-martialled..

is doing nothing for the country.

Did you know that he had son
who was killed in Kashmir..

by terrorists such as you

But Raghavan believes that
Pakistanis killed him

Raghavan is doing nothing
for this country

He is just carrying out
a misplaced vendetta

It's just revenge, Khan.
- Impossible, Major Ram. You're lying

Raghavan had said..
- Raghavan lied to you, Khan

Didn't you say your war
is for the country?

Well, tomorrow the gun will be
in your hand

Choose. Will you fight
for you country or for Raghavan?

You lost your home, your husband
because of me once

I won't let you lose your son

I assure you,
Lakshman will not be harmed

I'm here now


I want both my sons back


Are you okay?
- I'm fine, sir


Major, I thought you are
the very best

I was right in front of you
and you couldn't even recognize me

Let the children go, Raghavan

You've got what you wanted and
Pakistan is also cooperating with us

Yeah, yeah. I heard

It is this naivety
that will sink us eventually

No Raghavan. People like you
will sink us

You only know to hate, shed blood

You are so used to violence that
you can't bear the idea of peace

But there will be peace,
there will be understanding

And there will be friendship
- No friendship with Pakistan, Ram!

Only war.
And one result. Pakistan's defeat

Only then can the blood
on their hands..

..wipe away all the bloodshed,
our soldiers, my son..

who had nothing to do with the war.
Why did the Pakistanis kill him?

His body lay atop a hill
in Kashmir for two days.

On ice.
No one ever knew

Ram, there will be no friendship
with Pakistan. I won't let it happen!

You should think real hard
before you hate Raghavan..

because one day you will become
exactly that what you detest the most

Shut up, Ram

Now you are going to kill
these innocent kids..

..and become what you once
hated the most. A filthy murderer!


He has the blood of innocent people,
kids, on his hands

I say shut up, Ram.
- Project Milaap won't stop.

Project Milaap won't stop.
You've lost, Raghavan


Go on, kill these kids
and avenge your son

It won't stop Project Milaap.
You have lost, Raghavan


No Khan. No, don't Khan

Khan, don't

Khan, don't shoot. Damn it!

Not now, Khan.
Put your gun down.

Major Ram!

My war is still for my country.
- Khan..

Fulfill the promise you made
to your mother

We may not meet again.

I wish you peace, Major

You too, Khan

Until Project Milaap
is cancelled we will stay here

And what if it doesn't stop..?

We'll have to kill the kids, Khan

Shoot them

Major Ram.. Major Ram!

Hey shut up. Major Ram is dead!

They killed Major Ram!

You are very bad man.
- Shut up and sit there!

Please sir.

Captain Roy, go check outside

There's no one outside

Sit quietly

Captain Mahesh,
there's no one there

Keep it down.

Let go!

Calling all stations.

Come in. Rai .. Rai ..

What the hell! Come.

What about you?
- Please, please ..go away please go.

Move it! Go.

Lucky! Lucky!

I have to do something for father.
Please, go!


Go. Find him now.

Why did you do this Khan?
Why did you deceive me?

No, it was you who
deceived us, Raghavan

I supported you for our country..

not to avenge your son.
- Khan!

It's not a personal war, Raghavan.
It's not a personal war damn it!

It always is, Khan. It always is

Ram.. Ram

What happen?
- I saw them escape, Commander

I was fixing explosives on the roof.
- Major Ram can't escape!

Go find him damn it!

You won't come out
like this, Ram



Lucky! What are you doing?

Sanju, I can't leave my brother
alone in there

Lucky, don't go.. please don't go

Sanju, he's my brother

Don't go.. please.
- He's my brother

Ram.. Ram

Why scream? If you call from
your heart, you will even find God

The sun is rising. No one can stop
Project Milaap now. Not even you

In five minutes the army will be here
to arrest you.

You have truly lost Raghavan.

I'm the one with the gun, Ram.
How can I lose?

I can finish you off in a second and
parcel you to your father if I wish

But, I'm sure he can wait
another five minutes

Five minutes, Ram

Hurry up, Captain!

General Mohammad Ibrahim.
Congratulations on Project Milaap

You too

Your five minutes are up, Ram.
Wish we could play a bit longer

I was enjoying myself

Alas, I must leave now

Major Ram, your father beckons you

The countdown has begun!




Sorry, Major

Where are you running now, Major?


Turn around, Major

Turn around damn it!

I want you to face your death

Ram, get away from that God damn roof

How will you face
your father otherwise?

He took his bullet
right on the chest. Turn around

What a pity! This story
has a sad ending, Major. Death

What a pity, Raghavan!
Have you forgotten?

It's always the bad guy
who dies in the end




Don't let go, Ram.
Don't be scared. I'm here now

That's what I'm afraid of, idiot.
Now shut up and pull me up

Welcome parents, teachers and students.
And welcome to Prom night!

What are you saying? Not Prom Night,
it's Congratulations Day

Welcome to Convocation Day.

And this year finally
Lakshman Prasad Sharma is graduating

Along with a very, very, special
student Major Ram Prasad Sharma

"Can you hear the air,
and the songs it's singing.."

"about how life is youthful
and charming"

"Every moment is liberal"

"Every second is a thrill"

"Looks like this caravan did find,
The oasis of true love"

"If the days are bright.."

"the hearts will delight"

"If the days are bright.."

"the hearts will delight"

"If the days are bright,
the hearts will delight"

"Can you hear the air,
and the songs it's singing"

"It's a musical season,
and dreamy is the mood"

"How can one ever stay subdued"

"In life's chase,
you'll stay in my eyes.."

"I'll always feel you
in my embrace"

"Every heart is crazy
and now I know why.."

"this evening feels so hazy"

"Every moment is liberal"

"Every second is a thrill"

"Looks like this caravan did find,
the oasis of true love"

"If the days are bright.."

"the hearts will delight"

"If the days are bright.."

"The hearts will delight"

"If the days are bright.."

"The hearts will delight"

"If the days are bright.."

"The hearts will delight"

"If the days are bright.."

"The hearts will delight"

"If the days are bright.."

"The hearts will delight"