Maigret's Dead Man (2016) - full transcript

A series of vicious, murderous attacks on three wealthy farms in Picardy hit the national headlines and the elite Brigade Criminelle at the Quay Des Orfevres is called upon to lend its expertise in tracking down the brutal gang responsible for the slaughter. However, Inspector Maigret is resolute in investigating the murder of an obscure anonymous Parisian, an investigation that ultimately solves both crimes.

Is anyone inside? No, sir.
Come on.
Come out.
Come out!
Thank you. (COINS JANGLE)
Come on, quick. Come on!
Good afternoon.
What can I get you? A token for the phone.
And to drink? Er, whatever you want.
Um, a Suze-citron.
Police Judiciaire. Which department, please?
Putting you through.
Look, you don't know my name but you've met my wife, Nina.
She says she's met you. Who is this? My name won't mean anything to you, but they're gonna kill me.
I've tried to come and see you but they would've shot me. Who?
I don't know how many, at least two.
And since the 2:20 they've been trying to get me on my own so they can kill me. Help me.
Where are you? I tried to get a policeman at the Place du Chatelet to arrest them,
but he couldn't see anyone. They'd disappeared.
"I'm Nina's husband. She says you've met her."
Nina who? I'm at the Cave du Beaujolais. (BELL TINKLES) Oh, no. (REPLACES RECEIVER)
(CONNECTS) "Yes, sir?" Get me the Cave du Beaujolais. "Sir."
Janvier? Chief. Get down to the Cave du Beaujolais, find the man who just rang here.
Should I bring him in? No, just talk to him. Find out who he is.
"I'm afraid that number is engaged, Inspector. I can't get through."
Right. Phone, Chief. Says you know him. Nina's husband.
He's here.
Where are you now? "At St Antoine now, it's the big one.
I'm gonna try and lead him to the Canon de la Bastille.
Can you meet me there? Do you know it?" Yes.
Who are these men?
I doubt that's him either.
There you are. Ah. Do you want a drink? Mwah. Mwah.
Did you get a description? "Fawn raincoat, mid-thirties,
small. He said he was the sort of man you see a lot of."
Can you get word out to the city police that if a man wearing a fawn raincoat has had an accident,
or been in a fight or anything like that, they're to call me."
I've had a call from the Jours Heureux in the Rue du Faubourg. They said a frightened, anxious man
approached the bar with a message to ring you. It reads,
"I'll try and get to you, they're blocking all the routes."
Come on.
And an envelope, please.
(OVER RADIO) "..another farmhouse has been attacked near the town of Goderville.
As with the burglaries on the 12th of August and the 21st of September,
the perpetrators ransacked the property at night..."
"..if anyone has any information..."
"Police Judiciaire. What department, please?"
"Hello." Joe, it's Albert.
"Albert, what can I do for you?" Can you come and meet me? "Sure. When?"
I've got an idea. "Oh, yeah?"
He said I'd met her.
There was a madam called Nina, worked in the 18th.
But that was years ago.
She was 60 then.
The police in the Picardie farm murders think someone got off
the Paris train at Goderville at 3:30 in the morning. Having travelled from Paris?
That's what it says here. Who'd take a route like that?
That train stops at every station along the line.
Someone who really wanted to get to Goderville.
Who's on tonight? I am.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) As far as you can tell, he was dead.
I can try.
That's fine with me.
Not a hoax. Chief,
this gentleman saw the body get thrown from the car.
Was he alive? No.
He's been stabbed in the heart, sir.
What kind of car?
It was a cream and blue Citroen with a Paris registration.
The last two numbers were a seven and a five.
Thank you.
Can I ask you to confirm your name and address, please? Of course.
Can you get some details from this gentleman here? Sir.
Thank you for your help.
Who's done this?
It feels like an underworld job, Chief.
A settling of scores.
Who is he? He had nothing in his pockets, Chief, no wallet or anything.
Looking at how they've wrecked his face,
I'm not sure even his own mother would recognise him. That's how they do it.
Watch the chief. He's gonna get in the van with this one.
No, he won't.
He will. This one's got under his skin.
I'll stay with him.
Thank you.
Do you have to smoke while we're doing this? Hmm.
Antiseptic in the air. (CHUCKLES)
When did you qualify?
Is his suit handmade?
It's off-the-peg, average stuff.
He's poor all right, or at least his childhood was.
How can you tell? By looking at his teeth.
Where did you qualify? What else, Paul?
His hands don't suggest any particular occupation.
They're well-kept. He's got tender feet though, with dropped arches,
which indicates a life standing up.
Any scars on the body? Any old wounds?
I don't think he's underworld, Maigret.
Time of death?
Between eight and ten last night. Well, good night, gentlemen.
What did they damage his face with?
Something heavy. Not fists.
After he died? Yeah, that's right.
It was the knife that killed him but...'s like he's been held down and operated on.
The bruises on the arms,
this knife wound to the heart. It's vicious, Maigret.
I'd like to get a mortician to reconstruct his face,
see if we can get a recognisable photograph.
All right. I'm gonna open him up.
Let's see what he last ate.
Those of a weak disposition should look away.
We need to find the cream and blue Citroen. (PHONE RINGS)
Janvier, take a man and do nothing else. Hmm, Chief.
And I want witnesses from the bars from which the dead man called.
Are people gonna recognise him from this? They might.
Those bars were the Cave du Beaujolais,
the Canon de la Bastille, and the Jours Heureux.
And we believe he tried to call the switchboard from the post office in the Rue de Faubourg.
People are creatures of habit, so the same time of day is when we'll get witnesses.
His last suspected location was the post office,
three hours before he died.
I want to know where he went after that. Why the phone calls stopped?
And where he ate.
Well, he was killed shortly after his last meal, which was...
cream cod, an apple, and white wine to drink.
So we should check the menus of all the cafes and bistros, all of them.
Thank you.
Fingerprints? He's not known to us.
Your registration number is one-eight-zero-eight-A-D-three-eight?
Have we had any cream and blue Citroens
reported missing in the last few days? And can you tell...
He asked for an envelope and a stamp. He posted it before he left.
Has the box been emptied since? Every three hours. He posted it after he make a phone call.
What have you got?
I have a cream and blue Citroen stolen eight days ago, but its registration doesn't tally, so...
It's not our car.
What do you do when you get home, Janvier?
I give my wife a kiss. Hmm.
When I get home I get changed out of my suit jacket.
You think he went home after calling you?
That would explain why the jacket and the trousers don't match.
Moers, do you have a knife?
Yes, of course.
There we are.
Put the tip through here.
The two holes don't align. He wasn't killed wearing his raincoat.
No, he was killed indoors without the coat,
and they faked it to look outdoors.
All right, your dead man is speaking to me at last, Maigret.
(METALLIC CLATTER) In the arch of his shoe
there's an odd sort of mud.
It's earth saturated with alcohol, probably wine.
The type of soil you find in a cellar
where a cask has been broached.
(OVER RADIO) "Police in Picardie are still working around-the-clock..." I've said everything I saw.
There's nothing else I can add. ..on the slow train to Le Havre
on the night of the 8th of October. Tonight a third vicious attack...
The attack follows similar burglaries and killings
on the nights of the 21st of September and the 12th of August...
..the murders in each case have been calculated.
Calls have been made to the Police Judiciaire in Paris..."
What drink did the dead man order? A Suze-citron.
May I have a Suze-citron?
And a token for the phone.
Where did he stand? Just there.
"..are struggling..."
Do you want a Suze-citron?
No. Beer.
He said, "Since the 2:20 they've been trying to get me alone and kill me."
What's the 2:20? A train? Or a horse race. I don't know.
Get his photo around the train stations and race tracks,
and check on the times of trains and races.
(COMMENTARY ON RADIO) "..slipping into stride at the tail of the field..." Well?
Yeah, it's difficult to tell,
but if this is who I think it is, you see him a lot.
Do you know his name? No - but he's here every meeting.
Thank you.
What's he doing?
Walking through the same areas as Dead Man.
" on the outside..."
Here you are.
This letter he posted, was that to you?
No, nothing's arrived.
Then why hasn't his wife reported him missing? Is she involved? I don't think so.
He didn't speak of her with any fear.
Drop it.
I don't think this is underworld, sir. That's exactly what it is,
and we'll never find a thing. Let them kill each other. I don't have resources for this.
We've just had a request from Picardie for assistance with the farmhouse murders.
Make your entire department available to Inspector Colombani and offer him your full,
personal assistance. Is that clear? I'd like to keep this investigation going as well.
He has got a link to Paris with this train journey, and he'll need all our manpower and experience -
And he'll get it, but - Good. File that.
Judge Comeliau, good to meet you. Inspector Colombani.
A good journey? Yes, it was very quick.
Right, now let's get this down, please?
If we can be careful.
Ah, good morning. Moers. Colombani.
Morning. What have you got for me? This chaise longue is from the living room
of the farmhouse in Goderville which was attacked two nights ago.
Is it possible you can tell me something about the last people who sat on it? We can give it a try.
I believe a number of people sat and watched a woman being tortured and killed.
Can I interrupt? Excuse me. Hmm.
Put it on the top.
Excuse me, sir.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Chief Inspector. Colombani.
My whole department is at your disposal. Thank you.
Except for Inspectors LaPointe and Janvier
who are helping me with another investigation for a few days.
Ah. Well, I was hoping that you would be assisting me mainly.
As soon as I can, I will.
I'm sure you understand. He wants them over there.
I also want all the jewellers and the silver merchants in Paris
checked out for items stolen from the Picardie farmhouses.
Here's a list of all the things taken.
Check the fences, see if anything connects to the murder victims,
and we need detectives on every train travelling to Le Havre.
Your job is to find the man who got off the train at Goderville
at 3:30 in the morning.
All right, so I've got four witnesses at the track.
He saw the dead man laying bets on the 2:20 the day before yesterday.
Very good. I have a sighting of a cream and blue Citroen
broken down here at the Quai Henri IV at 8:10.
Now it was pointing in the direction of the Pont d'Austerlitz.
The telegraph boy who saw it was a bit of an enthusiast.
He reckons it was a Citroen Light 15 Traction Avant,
Parisian registration.
The chief says it's the best lead we've got so far.
Also, the chief wants to know who he was trying to call from the post... (CLEARS THROAT) there was, er, no record of him
calling at that time. What are you doing?
And where is Maigret? He's gone home with a heavy cold, sir. Hmm.
Right, I'll be at my desk for the rest of the day.
(RINGS) Hello, Maigrets. "Judge Comeliau for Maigret.
Yes, of course.
Comeliau. Be nice. (SIGHS)
Your men tell me you're suffering from a heavy cold.
It's not heavy exactly, but I think I should stay at home today.
I need you here. Colombani needs to trace the man who bought the train ticket to Goderville
and to find out whether similar tickets were bought before the other farms were attacked.
He has all my men are at his disposal. I asked you not to work on that unidentified body. I'm not,
but I'm thinking about I cope with my cold.
Be here tomorrow.
And what are you thinking about your dead man?
I'm thinking about why he drank a low-alcohol drink like Suze-citron.
And why did he? People who drink it tend not to go into a bar to drink,
but go in a professional capacity, like a salesman,
who spends his day being stood rounds.
So you think he was a commercial traveller of some kind?
No, because of his shirt.
What was wrong with his shirt? It was white.
It wasn't striped or coloured.
And the cuffs were not as worn as the rest of the shirt.
What does that tell us?
Perhaps he was someone who spends his days with his shirt sleeves rolled up.
Like a barman or a cafe owner.
Maybe he had one of those little bistros run by a married couple
that only serve one dish of the day? Yes. Are you warm enough?
Another blanket? No, thank you. I'll put some more coal on the stove.
And I think I know when he changed his plan.
What plan? They pursued him from the race course,
and that's when he tried to phone me.
But after three attempts he rang somebody else
from the post office.
And then he went home, ate his supper,
and waited for the second plan to unfold.
What was it?
I don't know.
If he went home and had supper...
Yes? Then maybe he was expecting someone who was gonna help him,
but that person didn't make it until after his killers turned up.
Because their car broke down.
That's why the friend didn't make it.
If his friend was in the car, why would he dump his body?
I thought you were too ill to work?
Get me Janvier. "Yes, Chief."
It's the chief.
Chief? "Find out how long the cream and blue Citroen's
been broken down at the Quai Henri IV.
And release details of the car to the Press.
We want anyone who saw it to come forward. Right away, Chief.
(FLASHLIGHT POPS) I think by now all of France know the dates of the murders
at the Picardie farmhouses.
August the 12th, September the 21st, and three nights ago on October 8th.
I am appealing for people who travelled on trains between
Picardie and Paris on those dates. If you saw anything suspicious
around that time... (PAPER RUSTLES)
..please contract myself, Chief Inspector Colombani,
Judge Comeliau, or the Police Judiciaire.
Claire Fontaine? You're not Chief Inspector Maigret.
No. He's not available right now - I was hoping to speak to Maigret.
If you sit and speak to me, I will relay everything you say to the Chief Inspector.
If it's of importance. But it is important,
that's why I need to speak to him.
I saw the cream and blue car. The car that's in the paper?
The car that's in the paper. This one.
And where did you see the car?
In my house.
Well, I was in my house, the car wasn't, that was outside.
I saw it pull up outside Au Petit Albert.
And what is Au Petit Albert? A little bistro,
run by a husband and wife near where I live.
The wife stinks of garlic.
When did you see it? Well, that's it.
Wednesday night, the night in the paper.
And there was definitely a seven and a five in the registration
because I have grandchildren of seven and five.
Marianne's favourite colour - Did you see anyone get out of the car?
Yes, I saw a gentleman. Well, he wasn't really a gentleman,
he was rather big. What time did you see the man arrive? Nine o'clock.
And where do you live? Near the Quai de Charenton.
So the licence is held in the name of Albert Rochain.
It's a quiet, respectable place. It serves barges on the river.
And Nina? Not on the licence.
The Fontaine woman says the wife is dark skinned and a bit of a slattern.
I haven't heard that word in a while. When was the last time you heard the word "slattern"?
I've never heard it. How did you get out of working with Colombani?
We caught your cold.
Well, I hope you feel better soon.
Have you been inside? No.
Blood? Mmm.
Cream cod.
Well, they weren't after money.
Here's the jacket that matches his trousers. Hmm.
Do you recognise her?
No. Do you think she's dead as well?
I don't know.
But circulate her name and photograph.
Is there a child? These things have never been used.
As if they're waiting for a child.
Can Moers get over here? He's coming in his lunch break, Chief.
Colombani has brought in a sofa from the Goderville farmhouse.
I've found the hairs from three different dogs, from cats,
feathers from chickens, and fabric from 25 different garments.
It's been impossible to get anything useful from it.
Someone's been looking for something here, Maigret.
I got that impression too. There are fresh prints all over the bedroom
as if the drawers have been rifled.
What were they looking for?
It can't be anything bulky.
They even looked in the little box you use for earrings.
"Are you sure you're not gonna catch another cold?" No.
I've lit the stove and I've got some medicine.
Are the sheets clean? There are some sheets in the cupboard,
but I'm going to sleep on the settee.
Would you like to come round here in the morning? Why?
I think we should run this place for a few days.
Us? Yes. I think it would confuse the killers to see it open again.
"Might draw them to us."
(SQUEAKS) Here we are.
Now have you been a good girl?
Mwah, mwah. (DOOR SLAMS)
(Shh, shh, shhh.)
(Let's see if Daddy can understand what's happening tonight.)
Who's running the bistro? You told me he was dead.
Bistro? Cabana.
Cabana. Who's in there?
Have you got the dope?
Come on! You told me the little man was dead!
Of course he's dead. So who is running the place?!
You tell the animal to go back and kill the wife
and kill whoever's running it!
Ow! What if he told them what he saw?!
(SPEAKS CZECH) Now, shh, shh!
No, no.
(SIGHS) Dope.
You give them the dope.
Go back tomorrow,
Find the ticket - and kill anyone who's there.
Thank you, thank you.
(GIGGLES) Did you enjoy the show? I enjoyed you.
Where shall we go tonight?
I have a table booked at the George V. Hmm.
Jean, can't we go somewhere more intimate?
I know this really lovely little bistro off the Saint-Sulpice.
We have to go to the George tonight.
Why? Because you'll look out of place
in a little bistro on the Saint-Sulpice...
wearing this. Oh, my God.
Jean, it's beautiful. You're so generous.
Let's put it on.
Adele? What?
Look what Jean got me today. Oh, are they real?
Of course they are. Ooh.
The George V, please?
Two more coffees, please?
Albert Rochain was a waiter at the Cadran for years.
He left 18 months ago to get married. Did he meet Nina at the Cadran?
No. They thought she was some sort of distant cousin, they never met her.
Find out where Albert's family is from.
She may well be there. Chief.
And I'd like to place an advert in the personal columns.
All right.
"Friend of Albert with the cream and blue Citroen,
for your safety's sake, urgently contact Maigret at home,
132 Boulevard Richard-Lenoir.
Discretion assured."
Could you take this, please?
Where's Little Albert? Where's he gone? (CUTLERY CLATTERS)
Oh, he's in the country for a while. I hope he takes Nina with him.
Maybe we'll stink less of garlic after we've eaten this. (MEN CHUCKLE)
Don't you like Nina? She's all right.
She's got a great arse, hasn't she? (MEN CHUCKLE)
Was she expecting a baby?
She's not. She's desperate though.
What can I get you?
(DOOR SHUTS) Follow him.
Get the car.
You'll have to take it back.
Oi! Oi!
Are we going to pick him up? Just let him panic
and see where he leads us.
Police! Police! Oi!
What can I get you?
A beer.
Turn around. (ENGINE REVS)
Someone's been shot.
Oi, leave him alone! Move away. Move away!
Move away! What have you done to him? Stay back, please!
(ALL SHOUT) What are you doing here?
"You won't be home tonight?" No, but I've sent a car to take you home.
"It was nice being here with you,
playing at a different life. I liked it.
We wouldn't be happy doing anything different. You wouldn't be.
I have a feeling that this was a happy home.
Isn't ours?
Yes, it is.
"Yes, it is."
How did you know the wife? I don't know.
"You didn't recognise her from the photographs?" No.
Maigret will be attending.
You'll find her alive somewhere. Have you locked the doors? I'll be all right.
Keep the doors locked until the car gets there. I'll be fine.
Move along.
I'll see you in the morning. "See you in the morning."
They're ready for you now, Chief.
Hello, George. Home, is it, madam?
Yes, please. Oh, it's bitter, isn't it?
The name on the ID card was Victor Poliensky, a Czech national.
He was an illegal, the card forged. (BACKGROUND CHATTER)
He hasn't lived at his given address or worked at Citroen,
his given place of employment, for the last six months.
Can you quieten down, please? Will do. We know that he was an addict,
and suspect the person he telephoned
was an accomplice that he tried to get back to.
Has this photo gone to Vice? None of the girls recognised him, sir.
The knife you found on this Poliensky,
is it the one that killed your cafe owner?
Moers has confirmed it. Albert Rochain was not underworld, sir.
Yes, yes.
Now we will be supported by men from the 2nd arrondissement
who will search the area. Everybody lock down a section
of two blocks here and are picking up anyone that leaves.
We're gonna find a lot of rubbish and may not find his killer,
but we need to find out where Poliensky was heading and discover who shot him.
(TELEPHONIST) Yes, I'll pass it on. Goodbye.
Follow me. Up the stairs, second floor.
(DISTANT VOICES) Come on, open up or I'll break the door down.
Police! Open the door!
Do you know him? Him? No, no.
Have you any Czechs living here? We've got Poles, Italians,
and Armenians, but no Czechs.
Argh! Agh!
I've done nothing wrong. Come on. (MEN SPEAK IN NATIVE TONGUE)
All right. Check all the papers.
How can I give you what I don't have?
Laurent, take her next door.
Come on, mate. Papers?
Right. Come on.
Oi! You!
Come on, you!
This way.
Aagh! Aargh!
Agh! Get off! (GRUNTS)
I just tried to make her get up and she bit me. Look at that.
Is she Czech? I don't know, she won't speak. She keeps moaning. Aaargh!
That's because she's in labour. Get an ambulance.
Get the proprietor in here. Sir.
What's your name? Do you understand me? Aaarrgh!
What's her name? Maria. Maria what?
I don't think she has another name.
Where are the others? What others?
There are no others. So what is this?
And this?
And this?!
They've gone. When?
Today. I don't know. When today?
After this man was shot in the street?
I asked him that already. He says he doesn't know him. Did that man live in this room?
Yes. (SIGHS) With another.
So there were two others? I swear, I don't know anything.
You are very close to being closed down. Please don't obstruct us.
They both...slept with her.
She was sort of their queen bee.
Aaagh! Aaagh!
Will you all step back, please? (GROANS)
Just leave it. I can't hear myself think.
Chief, shall I go with Janvier?
No. Go back to the quai, start processing everyone we've picked up. Don't let it wait until the morning.
Find out what they know about that woman and the Czechs.
Pietr Holosko.
He was the most, um, (CHUCKLES) possessive of her.
Was Pietr the gunman this afternoon?
He took the call but it was the other man who went out.
The other man?
A gent.
A fur coat.
How old?
About 30, 35.
Did he sleep with her as well?
Oh, yes.
And sometimes... (SNIFFS)
..after he was here,
they'd go away for a night,
and they'd come back flush with cash.
Did they have a car?
Well, they had a van parked up somewhere, I don't know where.
What dates did they go away?
I don't know.
October 8th,
September... 21st,
Go on.
(SNIFFS) August 12th.
Do you realise the significance of those dates?
Those are the dates of the Picardie murders.
Please... (SNIFFS)
You've got to help me now because if Pietr or the fur coat comes back,
they are going to kill me.
I've seen blood on their clothes.
They come back from those trips with blood on their clothes.
The farms were so well chosen
I thought the gang would be based in Picardie.
I thought they'd know the place like the back of their hand. Maybe they do.
There are lots of temporary workers on the farms in the summer, many immigrants.
Why did they kill your cafe owner, Maigret?
Was he in with them?
I don't think so. So what did he know?
Just what we all knew from reading the papers.
That on the night of the 8th of October,
a man travelled from Paris to Goderville
on the slow train to Le Havre,
a journey nobody makes.
You think the cafe owner was on that train? He had no reason to be.
But why weren't all four of them on the train?
Because they had a van. I don't think the man in the fur coat
would want to travel with this lot, do you?
I think he'd want as little to do with them as possible.
Good night. Night, monsieur.
Maxim's. We can't go to Maxim's.
Why not? Because of what I'm wearing under this coat.
Oh, what are you wearing under this coat?
Nothing -
except the necklace.
Hey! The police have got Maria.
Jean. Stay there. Jean? Stay there!
They picked her up this evening. What are you coming to me for?
I come to you. We need to help her. No, we need to kill her.
If you hurt her, I will kill you.
Think about it.
Think about it, boy, she knows too much.
She's just a woman. There are others.
Oh, no. He's under a lot of pressure at work.
What, and you want a woman? Yeah? Is that it? You want that?
But not the old one?
You can have that. Really?
And others, I guarantee it. Maria is no longer useful
to either of us.
No? No.
Shut her up for me, Pietr.
He's coming, he's coming.
Sorry about that. Who was that?
I just needed to talk to him.
How do you know him?
He's just someone that's done some work for me.
Hello, Nicole. That you for coming all the way from Goderville.
This is Chief Inspector Maigret.
Hello, Nicole. It's fine, sweetheart.
Please, this way.
Nicole, it's very brave of you to come and see us today.
Inspector Colombani tells me that you saw the faces
of some of the bad people
who came to your farmhouse the other day.
I have a photograph here of a woman,
and I'd like you to tell me if she was one of those bad people.
Do you understand?
Do you want to hold my hand while we turn the picture over?
Keep pushing. Aaaargh! Push.
And again. (PANTS) Keep pushing.
It's a girl.
Doctor! Hey, let me.
Ask her her name.
Ask her where she was on the nights of August the 12th, September the 21st,
and October the 8th.
Translate that, please? I'd rather not, actually.
It wasn't very pleasant.
Ask her if on the evening of October the 8th, she was in a farmhouse near Goderville in Picardie.
Chief Inspector, whatever crime this woman is suspected of,
she is a Czechoslovakian citizen and has not only legal rights
but an expectation of human dignity.
I ask you to suspend questioning until a time when...
Do you want to continue with your speech about human dignity?
Just translate for the Chief Inspector, will you?
On the night of August the 12th, an old farmer and his wife
were stabbed to death.
On September the 21st, an another wealthy, isolated farm in Picardie... (TRANSLATES)
..there were similar murders.
And five days ago, at a farm in Goderville,
an entire family was hacked to death.
But at Goderville a witness survived.
A ten-year-old girl hid in a wardrobe.
At one point she crept out of her hiding place.
And saw a pregnant, dark-haired woman
burning her mother's breasts with a candle flame.
And after her mother had revealed the location of the family safe...
..she slit her throat.
This morning the young girl identified you
as the woman who tortured and murdered her mother.
Do you think I care?
Where is Pietr now? (SPEAKS CZECH)
Tell her that her life may depend on how she answers the next question.
Where is the man who would visit you and tell you which farms to attack?
Please answer the question.
What is his name?
She has an hour to think about answers to those questions,
and to think about how, in this country,
we still send murderers to the guillotine.
She needs to start cooperating.
She has a child now.
Chief Inspector, I would like to point out
that that woman is not Czech, she is Slovak.
Those people from the rural east, they are uneducated.
Some are no better than peasants from the Middle Ages.
No better than animals.
I feel I need to point that out to you.
If she's fit to move, Maigret, I want her transferred this evening to La Sante.
Excuse me?
Whose are those flowers?
Nobody's now. The lady in this room went home a few minutes ago.
Would you mind taking them to Room 270?
Of course.
Thank you.
Because the room is cold,
and because there's a woman with a child in there.
(SPEAKS CZECH) Where is she going?
(BABY CRIES) La Sante's a prison infirmary. She'll be well looked after.
May I travel with her?
Be my guest.
No! Get back!
No! No! Pietr! (BABY CRIES)
Agh! Agh!
Who is he?
He saw your notice in the newspaper.
"Friend of Albert with the cream and blue Citroen,
for your safety's sake, urgently contract Maigret at home,
discretion assured."
Is that right? Yes.
I've come because your reputation is good. This is not a trap.
You can speak in confidence here.
Please, sit down. No.
I knew Albert. I ate at his place.
I knew him.
And on the day he died? He rang up.
Said he'd been racing.
Said he'd realised who the Picardie gang were.
Said if we helped him, he might get some money out of them.
Who's "we"? I'm not telling you that.
But my mate does cars.
Paint jobs, ringers.
Anyway, the car we used to get to Albert's place
broke down, didn't it? Pile of crap.
And when we got there he was dead.
The thing is,
the thing is I'm on parole.
I've been inside eight out of the last ten years, Maigret.
I ain't going back.
And you'd been seen in a place where a man was murdered. That neighbour woman saw me, yeah.
I ain't going back inside. I can't.
I understand.
And police don't take must interest if a gangster's found dead in the street.
You don't sniff around that for long.
So we dumped him like he was an underworld hit.
His face smashed in, like they do, so no-one could trace the body.
Then we got rid of the car.
Where's Nina? She's safe.
With someone I know out at Arpajon.
She's a good woman. Hmm.
Thank you.
One more thing.
This envelope came for me the day after. I think it's from him.
At first I thought it was a betting ticket, but it's for a train.
How could Albert combine a train ticket to Goderville?
Where are you going? We're on in five. No.
Jean wants to meet. We're leaving Paris.
What do you mean? He's taking me away.
He says to the Riviera.
I don't have to do this any more. No, Francine. What?
Do the show, darling. Don't burn your boats here.
You'll be back. Jean won't want me coming back here. (SIGHS)
He loves me. Men like Jean come and go, babe.
No, you're wrong about him. You're wrong.
Come out. No. I'm not coming out.
How often did the man in the fur coat take them all to the race track?
Oh... After each burglary, that's all.
They'd take the jewellery they'd stolen.
Sell it and stuff.
That's where his fence is?
(METALLIC RATTLE) I honestly don't know,
but I know you can get rid of things. Get your coat. Why? I'm not leaving!
Because there's a race meeting and he knows we're closing in.
I think he'll try to shift what he's got left. What's that gotta do with me?
You're going to identify him for us.
No. Come on, get up, get up.
(COMMENTARY OVER TANNOY) "The riders are on the track and parading for race three,
and they are led out by number one...
The next is the grey, Jolly Breeze, ridden by..."
We're looking for a man in his thirties,
possibly in a fur coat. Will he be armed? He may be.
If we get a positive identification, let's isolate him before we move in.
I don't want him shooting in this crowd.
"..mounting a strong challenge on the outside..." Let's hope so.
Go, ten!
"'s a fifth win by..." (WILD CHEERING)
Look, that's him, on the stairs.
How much do you think I've won?
You go and get the winnings, I'll see you in a bit.
Where are you going?
To get some more champagne.
Excuse me? Excuse me, miss? Yes?
I'm Inspector LaPointe with the Police Judiciaire.
I wonder if you'd mind accompanying me outside? Why?
I'd rather explain outside.
My boyfriend is coming back with champagne. He'll be joining us.
Come with me, please.
I want 10,000...for all of this.
Get off! Let me go!
No! No!
Thank you very much for coming.
Your boyfriend's name is Jean Tonnelier.
He has a wife and three children,
and lives in a two-room tenement in St Denis.
You may have just seen them.
Six months ago he was a foreman on the shop floor at Citroen. No,
that's not right.
(LAUGHS) Jean and I dine at Maxim's.
And we've had rooms at the George V. The jewellery and coat
I am wearing today are worth more than you can make in a year.
This man Tonnelier... Dacourt.
..would get to know some of the Czechs
who would turn up for casual work at Citroen. He would manipulate them,
sleep with their woman,
and he heard them talk of the wealthy farms
that they'd worked on in the summer in Picardie.
He is a film producer. He is a ringleader of murderers and thieves.
He kept them high on dope
in conditions you wouldn't keep an animal. No.
He got them to murder and rob the farms they knew in Picardie
in order to fund his life at Maxim's and the George V. No.
And you. No.
And he had a cafe owner called Albert Rochain murdered because he thought
Albert was about to expose him for what he really was.
How can a man sleep as calmly as Jean if he has done the things you say he has?
He is like many men,
some who commit crimes and some who don't,
he lived a life where other people were not people.
They were just "things".
And this is the file
that contains details of what your boyfriend and his accomplices did
in order to steal the things that you're wearing.
You'll be seeing more of me over the next few weeks, Maigret. Indeed.
The station master from Goderville is on his way to identify Tonnelier,
then we'll be transferring him.
Did she know anything?
Were you there when they killed the man
who recognised you at the race track?
It puzzled me how he'd got hold of your train ticket.
But I think it was because he was a compulsive gambler
who checked the floor for winning slips
that had been discarded by accident.
The papers that morning were full of stories of a suspect who had taken
an unusual train journey to Goderville.
And when your victim checked what you had dropped,
he recognised the train ticket
and realised who you were.
Is that right?
He was a nothing.
A little man placing little bets for little winnings.
I saw him pick up the ticket and look at me,
and so I set the animal on him.
I want you to know
that his name was Albert Rochain and that he had a wife
and that they were trying to start a family,
and for all his little bets and little winnings,
his life was more successful than yours
because he didn't end up like an animal in a cage,
despised by everyone,
with nothing to look forward to
except his execution.
I'm sorry, we just have to finish up.
My wife, Louise.
Hello. Please?
When is your husband's funeral?
We'd very much like to come and pay our respects.
He'd like that. Thank you.
I'm sorry about what happened to Albert. He was a good man.
And happy, you know?
He was always singing, Chief Inspector.
He always wanted everyone to be happy.
That's why he was good at running this place and...working in bars.
(VOICE BREAKS) And he was good to me.
I'm sure he was.
I knew I was lucky when I found him.
Will you keep the bistro on? Absolutely.
For him.
We talked of filling the house with children. I know.
But we weren't so lucky there.
Supposing you were able to adopt a child?
Do you think that I might?
That they'd allow me?
Would that be possible?
I know of one who is facing a life in an orphanage.
A baby? Yes.
One that very soon will lose its mother.
Maybe some good can come of this, Nina.
It's not its fault
who its parents are. Is it?
No, it isn't.
Do you think it would be possible?
Let's see. I can ask.
My husband would like it
if I was here with a child.
Goodbye, Nina.
Goodbye and good luck.
When Albert rang me he said that you and I had met.
Ten years ago. I was working at a hotel in Dieppe.
You were on holiday there.
All the guests were watching you, secretly talking about you.
I took up some service for you both one afternoon.
Ah. Albert was very taken that I'd met you.
Will you ask about the baby for me?
Yes, of course. Thank you.
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