Maid for Revenge (2023) - full transcript

When a house cleaner wakes up next to her client's pool covered in blood, she discovers the owner dead in the water and her eight-year-old son missing. With no memory of what happened, she races to uncover the truth. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Oh, hey. Excuse me.

I’m looking for 9 Doran Lane?

Hi, sweetie. It’s Mommy.

Are you having fun with Katy?

Whoa, cool. Well,
that sounds awesome.

You can show me when
I get home, okay?

Well, Mommy’s at work.

No, I know. I’m going
to be there at 3:30

to pick you up, okay?

Okay, I gotta go.

Oh, my God.

My lucky day.

Hey, there.

Can I help you?

It’s not what it
looks like, I promise.

It looks like you’re
trying to steal my truck.

Okay, it is what it looks like,

but it’s not what
you think, I promise.

Uh-huh, yeah. Why don’t
you come on out of there,

and you can tell the
cops all about it, okay?

Please, I’m just
trying to get home.

Get home?

Well, you could call a cab.

Hop a bus.

Grand theft auto, probably
not your best bet.

No, wait. Please, please.

Look, something happened.

I was on a job, and
an accident happened.

I couldn’t get paid and
so I can’t get home.

And I’m just trying to make
it home to my little boy.


Well, what’s so urgent
you need my truck?

I left it with the sitter
when I was at work,

and I’m five hours late,
and I can’t contact her.

I’m really worried.


You’re not drunk or
something, are you?

No. I don’t drink.

So, you just need to get home?

Where do you live?


Give me the keys.
Give me the keys.

Push over. I’m driving.

Are you serious?

Yes, I’m serious, but hurry up
before I change my mind. Go.

Let’s get you home.

I’m Billy.

Um, thanks. I’m Annie.

I hate to ask this, but is it
okay if I borrow your phone?

Yeah, go ahead.

Thank you so much.

I really don’t know how
to thank you for this.

It’s all good. Just
paying it forward.

Maybe one of these nights it’s
gonna be me out trying to steal

your truck out of your
driveway, and you’ll...

you’ll do the same for me.

Hi, Katy. It’s me, Annie.

I know that it’s almost 9:00

and I’m so sorry because I
said I’d be home hours ago.

Just... something came up and
I couldn’t get to a phone.

Just please tell Tate I’m
going to be home soon,

and I’ll pay you
extra for your time.

I’m so sorry about all this,

and I really hope that
everything’s okay.

Okay, bye.

No news?

Babysitter’s not answering.

Lot of cops out tonight.


Full moon, I guess.

Tate. That’s your son’s name?


He’s eight.

Eight’s a good age.

He can ride a bike,
he can climb a tree,

but he still don’t mind
a good tickle, right?

Do you have kids?

Nah. No.

I had a little
brother once, though.

I thought you said
your name was Billy.


Friends call me Billy,

and the occasional thief I find
out in my driveway at night.

Something’s not right.

What are you doing?

I want to make sure
everything’s okay.

Oh, no. No, you don’t
have to do that.

It’s okay.

Look, I’m here now. Let’s
just make sure it’s alright.




They should be here.
They’re not here.

Yeah, this is Billy.

Yeah, she is.

It’s for you.


Hi, Mrs. Wilkerson. It’s Katy.

I just got your message.

Katy, yes. Hi. Thank
goodness you’re alright.

Where are you? Where’s Tate?

Tate? What do you mean?

Is he not at your

My moth... Why would he
be with my mother-in-law?

Well, when you weren’t
picking up your phone for,

like, three hours, I
called the emergency

contact number you gave me.

Oh, right. The
emergency contact.

I completely forgot
that I did that.

Of course you would
have called Elizabeth.

Katy, I’m so sorry
for the confusion.

I-I... I got so
distracted with work.

Is everything
okay, Mrs. Wilkerson?

I didn’t do anything
wrong, did I?

No, no, no. You didn’t
do anything wrong,

and everything’s fine,

it’s just been a
really long night.

Okay, um, I should probably
get back to studying then.

Just let me know when
you’ll need me again.

Of course. Thank you, Katy.

He’s at my ex-mother-in-law’s.
I’m just going to call.

Yeah, go ahead.

Hi, Elizabeth, it’s Annie.

I’m so sorry that I’m
calling so late I, uh...

I lost my phone, and if you can,

just give me a call back on
this number when you can.

Thanks. Bye.


Thank you.

You keep it.

I think you need
it more than I do.

You can send it to my house
when you get a new one.

Uh, which is where I should
probably go now. So...

Hey, uh, can I offer you
something for the road?

Cup of coffee or let me
pay for your gas at least.

Stop, come on. It’s all good.

If I go now I can catch
the end of the game.

No harm, alright? Just
take care of yourself.

Hey, uh, I don’t know why
you’re being so nice to me,

I mean, especially
since how we met.

Thank you.

Well, um...

I don’t know, sometimes
we do crazy things

because we don’t
have a choice, right?


And if I’m being totally
honest with you...

you didn’t strike me
as the carjacking type.

I’m going to go.

It was, uh, it was
really nice to meet you,

and I hope everything’s okay.

If you ever need me, you
know how to find me, right?

- Okay.
- Thank you.

- Bye, Billy.
- Bye.

Annie! Where have you
been? I’ve been so worried.

When I got that frantic
call from the babysitter,

I just assumed the
worst. Are you okay?

Yeah, I’m fine. Where’s Tate?

I put him to bed an hour ago.

Annie. Annie!

Are you sure you’re
telling me the truth?

What do you mean?

Well, this coming
Monday, the 22nd,

is the anniversary
of Gerald’s passing.

Right, right.

And I know it hasn’t been
an easy three years for you.

For any of us.

Yeah, you’re right. It hasn’t.

Thank you.

I don’t know where
I’d be without you.

I stood by you, Annie,

because Tate needed a mother,

but you needed a friend.

Thank you for watching him.

I’m going to get him.

You gotta stop
spoiling him like this.

I’m sorry. I can’t
say not to him.


Hey, sleepyhead.

Wake up.



It’s me.

I’m sorry for the

It was my pleasure.

You know Tate’s
welcome here any time.

The both of you are.

Thank you.

Yeah. Text me when
you’re home safe, hm?

I will.

Let’s go. Come on. Come on.

Are you okay?


Sorry, sweetie.

Mommy just had a bad dream.


I’m going to go and
make some breakfast.

- Okay.
- Okay?

Jut keep playing.

Wow, that’s a lot of pancakes.

Chocolate chip and blueberry.

My favorite.

I know.

So, how’re you doing
today, sweetie?


I’m sorry that I
confused you yesterday.

You must have
wondered where I was.

Grandma said that you
were busy working.

Well, that’s true.


I was requested by name?

Aren’t you having
any pancakes, Mom?

I’m okay, sweetie.

I’m not hungry right now.

But you eat up.

- Katy. Thank you for coming.
- Hi.

Of course, Mrs. Wilkerson.

I just feel so awful about
what happened last night.

It was not your fault. It
was a misunderstanding, okay?

Look, you’re okay to
watch him for a few hours?

What I have to do
shouldn’t take too long.

I did get a new phone, okay?

So, please text me
if anything happens

or if you need to
go anywhere, okay?

I’m going to text
you the number.

Of course, Mrs. Wilkerson.
I’m not gonna let you down.


Tate and I are gonna
have a great day.

And please help yourself
to the pancakes, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay, buddy.

Okay. Be good, okay?

Bye, Mom.

Bye. Okay.

- Bye. See ya.
- Have a good day, guys.

Thank you.

Ms. Mosley’s body
was found by police officers

responding to an anonymous call.

The cause of death was a
knife wound to the chest.

The police are still
searching for a suspect,

and are not releasing
more details at this time.

Can you turn
off the radio? Thanks.

- Hank.
- Annie.

Pl... Please, come in.

I’m so sorry to barge
in on you like this.

I just didn’t know
where else to turn.

No, no, no.

I’m in trouble.

Okay, okay. Have a seat.

Tell me, tell me
exactly what’s going on.

Okay, so you know
that I am working

for this cleaning service.


Last night I blacked out or
I was drugged, I don’t know,

but I woke up with
blood all over my hands.

The head juror from my trial,
Lydia Mosley, she’s dead.


I didn’t know it
was her house, okay?

She wasn’t there when I arrived.

There was a note on the
door telling me to come in,

there was a bloody knife in
the dishwasher. I found it.

Okay, um...

Annie, we, uh...

We need to contact the
police immediately.

No, they’re going to
think that I did it, okay?

They’re going to think
I killed her, Hank,

for revenge.


By leaving that house,

your options have
narrowed with every step.

You’ve incriminated yourself.

I didn’t have a choice.

They’re not going to believe me.

Listen to me, okay?

You need to trust in the
system. Let me help you.

The system that locked me away
for something I didn’t do?

Look, I can’t do that.

I can’t let them take
him from me again.

I need to know who is
trying to set me up.

What can I do to help?

I just need to figure
out what they know

in the investigation with Lydia.

Can you call your friends?



Let me make a few calls.

Thank you.

Her death is being
investigated as a murder.

There was an anonymous phone
call made to the police.

Um, forensics are
still at the house.


It’s only a matter
of time, Annie.

A few days at most.

Even if they don’t find a
fingerprint or a DNA sample,

they’re going to check
her phone records,

see who she hired.

They’ll know you were there.

Okay, then I need to figure
out who’s trying to set me up

before the police do.

I mean, whoever did this,

they could have killed me.

They could have
made me disappear.

No, they wanted to
see me behind bars.

Or, whoever did this

wanted Lydia Mosley dead,

and you were simply
caught in the crossfire.

I don’t believe that.

I need to figure this out.

Thank you. I’ll be in touch.




Hey, stop!


Why are you following me!?

Stop! Hey!

- Hi.
- Hey.

Annie, I didn’t
expect to see you.

So soon?

Uh, more like again.

I brought you your phone back,
and also something just to say

thank you for what you did.

Um, it’s for your
steering wheel.

For intruders.


It’s a gift.

Yeah, well, now
that you mention it,

I have been rethinking
my spare key policy.

Do you want to come in?

Yeah, that’d be good. Thanks.

Yeah, sorry about the mess.

Oh, it’s okay.


So, um, what do you do
for a living, Billy?

You said construction, right?

Yeah, you know, um...

Odd jobs.

This and that.

Um, why don’t you tell me
why you’re really here, huh?

Look, I did want to
thank you for yesterday.

It’s been a long time since
someone’s been nice to me.

But you’re right.

I am here because
I need your help.


I think that somebody
is following me.

You can’t go to the cops?

This related to the accident
that happened yesterday.


I was in prison.

For almost three years. I
just got out not long ago.

My parole had two
conditions, okay?

Get a job and stay
out of trouble,

and yesterday I messed
up both of them.

So you came here.

I managed to get a picture

of the license plate
of the car who I think

has been following me,
and I thought that maybe

you might know a guy that
could help me run it.

So, you’re saying I kind of
look like a guy who knows a guy?

Your tattoo.

I saw something similar
when I was on the inside.


Well, you’re not wrong.

In my line of work...

you need to look up a
few IDs, so to speak.

Know who you’re
really dealing with.

Now, I downloaded this software
from a very charming fellow

on a message board that
shall remain nameless.

What about me?

Did you look me up?


And what did you find?

I found a sad story about a car
crash from a few years back.

The rest is none of my business.

So, you don’t care?

No, I care.

Believe me, I care.

My, um...

My mom, she...

Let’s just say that I know

something about being a
single mom with a record

and raising a son.

Or two.

I just really appreciate
what you’re going through.

And I want to help you.

I really do, okay?

Let me see that picture again.

Huh. Gun-metal grey Audi.

Let me try something.


Here we go.

Maynard Barnes.

AKA Jack Manson.
AKA Peter Budd.

He’s a career criminal.

I mean, why would someone
like him want to follow me?

You tell me.

No, I kept my nose
clean in prison,

and I’ve kept myself ever since.

This guy, he drives around in a
car with his own license plate.

Okay, so maybe he just
thought you were an easy mark.

He thought he wouldn’t
have to worry about you.

Still, I don’t think he’s the
sharpest tool in the shed,

you know? Somebody
has to be paying him.

He’s probably not the
one pulling the strings.

I’m going to find out who.

Let’s go.

No, you don’t have to come.

Honestly, you’ve
done enough, Billy.

No, no. I’m not arguing this.
I’m not arguing this, okay?

That being said though,
this guy Maynard

is pretty far out there.

So, I’d appreciate if you
could fill up my tank with gas,

and, uh, then I’ll
take you out there.

I’m kidding.

Hey, anything?

Are you sure this is the place?

Yeah, this is it. I’m sure.

Hey, alright.
Come on, let’s go.


How do you want to play this?

I don’t know.

Well, this is what we do.

We sit, and we
wait, and we watch.

We’re going to get
the lay of the land.

I mean, he could be alone.

He could have a retired SWAT
team in there for all we know.

Hey, can I, uh...

Can I ask you about
your accident?

What happened?

We were...

driving home after a party.

Gerald, he’d...

he’d had a bit
too much to drink.

He was being playful

and he was trying to kiss me.

I took my eyes off the road
for just a second, but...

when I looked back
there were headlights

coming right at us.

The next thing I remember...

was a police officer

shining a light in my eyes

and asking me questions...

While I watched my husband
being wheeled away.

They sentenced me to
three and a half years

for driving under the influence.

Although, I didn’t have
any drinks that night.

I don’t remember the
last time I had a drink.


I think I blamed myself,

and everything
happened really fast.

Tate when to stay
with his grandma,

and I got out after
two and a half.

Two and a half years...

Of my life was stolen from me.

Two and a half years
without my son.

Annie, I’m so sorry.

I need to clear my name.

I don’t have any
more time to waste.

I need to go in.

Open the door.



Someone’s paying this
guy a boatload of money.

Like, 40 grand this month.


They’re leaving again.

We’ve come this far.

Let’s go see where
they’re going.


We just keep following ’em?


It’s mostly just junk mail.

Oh, my God.

What is it?

The man who lives here,

his name is Samuel Primm.

Who’s Samuel Primm?

The night of my accident,

the guy driving the other car,

that was his name.

Annie, that is one
hell of a coincidence.

I mean, is he behind all this?


Maybe you can ask him yourself.

He looks older than I remember.

Okay, well, what do
you want to do now?

I don’t... I don’t know.

I’ll go in first.

No! What are we going to do?

Tie him up? Force a
confession from him?

Yeah, maybe. If that’s
what it takes...

- No, we can’t do that!
- Annie, listen to me.

If this guy is involved with
someone like Maynard Barnes,

we cannot be messing
around with him, okay?

I mean, maybe
there’s another way.

Yeah? Like what?

I’m going to go and talk to him.

I mean, I don’t have time
to be careful anymore.


Think they bought it?

Yes, can I help you?

Samuel Primm?


Do I know you?

Annie Wilkerson.

You’re here.

Were you expecting me?


Come inside.

I heard that you were
badly injured in the crash.

Spine mostly.

All that time in court sitting
across from each other.

I don’t think we ever spoke.

Legally, I suppose we
weren’t allowed to.

I remember that you
couldn’t look at me.

I think about that
night all the time.

As do I.

I came to ask you...

I came to ask you...

why you’re trying
to destroy my life.

And to beg you to stop.

Is it about revenge?


I don’t know what
you’re talking about.

No, I saw you with my own
eyes. You’re paying them.

The men that are following me
and trying to set me up. Why?

What men?

Annie, what... What...

What happened to you
was an injustice.

If you... If you came here
coming to-to find the conspiracy,

you came here for nothing.

I harbor

nothing but remorse.


The a...

The accident was all my fault.

I was texting and...
And driving, and...

I veered out of my lane.

Why would the
police officer lie?

He was
protecting me.

He was a friend of mine.

We grew up together.

He changed the results
of your blood test.

The investigating officer...

where is he now?

He... He died almost
two years ago.

Had cancer.

Okay, so those men, they
weren’t here for you.

I live here on my own

my cows.

I don’t see anyone.

I don’t speak to anyone.


So, then what were
they doing here?

I mean, who could they
be working for? I...


Excuse me.

I have to take one of my
pills. This has been...

been a lot.


I’m sorry.

I’m really sorry.

What did that guy say to you?

He said that I was
wrongfully imprisoned.

And that they took my son.

For nothing.


I’m gonna get something to
drink and some ibuprofen.

Do you need anything else?


Here’s some water.

There’s the, uh, those...

What is this?

Yeah, you know, I... I told you.

I... I check up on
people I’m working with.

Oh, so that’s what
we’re doing now?

We’re working together?

You’re looking into
my mother-in-law.

Her business dealings,
her financial holdings.

Is that why you’re
actually helping me out?

Just to get access
to her wealth?

Or is it something worse?

Are you part of
what’s happening here?

Annie, come on. I...

We met by accident.

Tell me the truth.

You found me, remember?

Am I just some mark to you?

Look, maybe I considered
that there may be some reward

somewhere down the
road, maybe, okay?

But, you know,
what’s the big deal?

The truth is, now that
I’ve gotten to know you

and spent time with you,
I realize that I really

just like being with you.

I don’t believe you.

Okay, well.

Well, what about you?

I saw the news. Lydia Mosley.

Local woman found dead.
Murderer on the loose.

Is that just a coincidence?

What were you running from,
hm? The night I met you.

I did nothing wrong.


Annie. Annie! Wait!

Katy? Tate?


That was fun.

Mrs. Wilkerson, you’re back.

- Yeah.
- Everything okay?

Tate wanted to play catch,
so we just went to the park.

We ran two whole
blocks on the way back!

Wow. Oh, my God.

I’m just so glad
you guys are okay.

Mom, you’re squeezing me!

Sorry, buddy.

Okay, you’re going to
go and pack some stuff,

’cause we’re going to
go to Grandma’s, okay?

Go, go.

Thank you, again, for
staying so long, Katy.

No worries. We had
an awesome day.

Oh, I’m glad. Okay, um...

- You okay to get home?
- Yeah, sure.

- Great.
- I’ll see you next week?

- Yes.
- Okay.

- Thank you so much.
- Bye, Tate!


Okay. Bye, Katy.

See ya.


Are you going to finally tell
me what’s going on with you,

or do I have to hire
myself a private detective?

I think I’m in trouble, Liz.

Someone’s trying to set me up.

Put me back in prison.

Set you up? What? Why? How?

Well, at first I
thought it had something

to do with the accident,

but I think it’s actually
linked to something much bigger.

Okay, I met with Samuel Primm,

and he told me what happened
the night of the accident,

the truth.

What truth?

The night of the accident,
the night that Gerald died.

He admitted that
it was his fault.

He was texting and driving.

You’re saying that the
officer on duty that night

lied under oath?

Yes, to protect
the other driver.

To protect Samuel Primm.
They were childhood friends.

We have to call the police!


To make sure you’re exonerated!

No, no. Trust me, okay?

Just, we can’t do
that right now.

You could phone Hank.

I mean, surely he’s
in a position to help.

At least give you some advice.

I’m just not sure who
I can trust right now.

You can trust me, Annie.

I’d never do anything
to hurt Tate.

I know.

I know that.

The last couple days have
just been a nightmare.

You poor thing.

Let me get you a
nice cup of tea.

I’ll be right back.

What’s wrong?

It was you.


Yes. I did it for Tate.

He had a choice.

Stay with the woman
who took him in

and who had the
means to give him

everything his
heart could desire,

or go with the woman
who abandoned him

and whose dark past will forever
shadow his bright future.

A felon for a mother.

A father he’ll never know.

You were supposed to be
arrested that night at Lydia’s,

but no, no, you had to
wake up, you had to run.

I should have used
a stronger dose.




Tate needs to be with the person

who can care for him best.

And because I need
a purpose again.

Tate and I were happy
for two and a half years.

He was my perfect
little companion.

And then you get out,

and they rip him
away from me like

he was a loner, like I hadn’t
given him my whole heart.

You have no idea what it’s
like to lose a son, do you?

You can’t. You can’t.

Because Tate is still alive.

You are not going
to take him from me.

Let him go.

What? Like you did that
night? Let everything go?

Your entire family?

You know the accident
wasn’t my fault.

I was innocent.


The only person in this
house who deserves that term

is playing down the hall
without a care in the world,

and I will do everything in my
power to protect that innocence.

You don’t have to
do a thing, Annie.

I’m going to take
care of everything.

You just go to sleep.

my son? Where’s Tate?

Tate’s safe and sound in bed.

Let’s just leave him in peace.

What are you doing?

Two and a half years I
took care of that boy.

And what do I get in return?

Saturday mornings in the park.

Listen, I tried to
remove you as gently,

as considerately as possible,

with the least amount
of harm to all involved,

but you forced my hand.

So, they’ve been working
for you this entire time?

Yeah. They were recommended
by our friend, Hank Darrow.

He represented Maynard here
in a racketeering case.

As discreet as he is ruthless.

I am sorry, Annie.

I tried so hard to
make this painless.

She can’t be found. I
don’t want her to suffer.

Just smother her.

That seems to me
the most merciful.

See the size of that house?


There had to be a hundred
grand worth of art

just sitting in the living room.

Yeah, well, the old
lady’s got bank.

I knew she had money. I
just didn’t know that much.

Sort of makes you
think, though, don’t it?

About what?


The cost of good
labor these days.

The price of doing business.

What are you saying?

I’m saying once we
ditch this chick,

we go back to the
house and get the kid.

Find out how deep the old
lady’s pockets really are,

then we get out of town before
the whole thing blows up.

Like a ransom?

Well, call it a
performance bonus.

What if she doesn’t play along?

Well, then I’ll play her a copy
of our diciest conversations.

Remind her who she’s been

spilling her secrets
to this whole time

and who’s been taking notes.

Get ’er!

What the hell?

Go get her.

Don’t look at me, I’m
not getting in there.

Well, one of us has to.

Not me. We’re not getting
paid enough for that.

You’re right.

Let’s just tell the old
lady the woman’s dead.

Let’s go get our money.


Are you really asleep?

Or are you playing
games with your Grandma?


Looking for somebody?

Oh, my God. You scared
me half to death.

What are you doing back here?

Here’s what’s going
to happen next.

Marcus and I are
going to take the kid.

We’re going to text you
an address in a bit.

While you’re waiting,

I want you to fill a bag
with 200 grand in cash.

Make me wait, miss
a buck or two,

involve the cops, and
you’ll never see him again.

Then all your little
secrets will spill.

She can’t be found.

I don’t want her to suffer.

Just smother her.

That seems to me
the most merciful.

Stop! Stop!

Please! Stop.

- Hey.
- Can I help you?

I’m Billy. I’m Annie’s friend.

You’re Elizabeth right? We
haven’t officially met yet.

Annie’s friend?

Yeah. Yeah, I’ve been
trying to get a hold of her,

she’s not answering her phone,
and she mentioned she might

be stopping by here.

Um, so I came to apologize.

Oh, isn’t that sweet.

I’m sure she’ll be touched,

but I’m afraid she’s
not here right now.

Oh, she didn’t, uh...

She didn’t stop by with her son?

She’s not in here?

Mm, I’m... I’m fairly
certain I would have noticed.


Um, there’s nothing
wrong, is there?

I mean, she’s not
in any trouble?

She’s just been acting very
strange these past days.


Yeah, you know, I
think she’d just

want to explain that herself.

Well, can I relay
a message to her?

I’m actually on my
way out to see her.

Oh, you are?

Where is she?

Uh, well, I have the
address, but, um...

I’m not sure I should
be telling you this,

but she’s afraid that
Tate isn’t safe here.

She thinks someone’s
following her,

and she’s absolutely adamant,
she’s worked herself up.

So, I don’t want
to fan the flames.

Well, um...

I’ve got my truck, so if
you’re going to see her,

I could just give you a lift.

Well, I know she’d want me to
be very discreet about this, so.

Elizabeth, you gotta
help me out here.

I, um... I really
let Annie down today,

and I’m just trying to
make it right, you know?

Well, I’ve always trusted her
judgement in matters like this,

so, um, yes.

Let’s go and see that
daughter-in-law of mine.


Just give me a second, hm?

Yeah, yeah.

I was just about to
come and get you.

Annie, what are you doing here?

Wait, I...

What happened to you? Are
you wearing my clothes?

Did you know that
Elizabeth wanted Tate?

I have no idea what
you’re talking about.

Has something happened to Tate?

You tell me.

I mean, I tried to beat her
thugs back to her place,

but they had already taken him.

Why didn’t you tell me
you were working for her?

She commissioned my
services over a year ago.

My hands were tied.

It’s just business, Annie.

Did you know that Samuel Primm
and the officer who arrested me

were childhood friends?

So, this entire time you were
just pretending to help me.

You should
know, Annie...

the police found a match to
the fingerprints they found

at Lydia Mosley’s house.

You are already in the system.

So, they know I was there.

You need to think this
through very carefully.

Think about what’s
best for Tate.

Now, I can take you
to the station myself,

make sure things go smoothly
when you turn yourself in.

I have no intention
of turning myself in.


This has gone too far. Yeah?

For too long. I could spend
the next three months under

house arrest for what I’ve
already done to help you.

Now, I’m calling the police.

Tell me where they went.

I have no clue, I swear.

What about a cabin?

I know the man likes to hunt.

Tell me.

Right now.

Okay, he...

He has a mortgage on a second
property on County Road Six.

There’s some hunting
cabins in that area.

I had no idea this was
going to happen, I swear.

Elizabeth was just
worried about you.

She was worried about your
capacity to look after Tate.

That’s all.

So, what happens now?

You going to keep digging
this trench you’re in?


If I were you, I would
lock the door behind me,

and I would take a good,
long, hard look in the mirror,

because that trench
you just mentioned,

you’re in it just
as much as I am.

Um, I brought a couple
water bottles for the road.


Oh, thanks. Um...

Yeah, I’m good.

She’s got the cash.

Money’s on the way.

Is he still sleeping?


Think we gave him too
much of that stuff?

As long as he’s still breathing.

How do we know she’s
going to keep her word?

What if she decides to
call the cops or something?

She won’t call the cops.

We got way too much dirt on her.

We’re holding all the cards.

So, what are we going
to do with him then?


I don’t know.

Maybe I’ll adopt.

I don’t understand.
What’s Annie doing out here?

That’s a question
you’ll have to ask her yourself.

- Hey.
- Oh.

- Can I help you?
- Thank you.

No, I’m good. Thank you.

- You sure?
- Yeah, yeah.

Alright, well,
just careful there.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Sorry, Billy.

Annie isn’t here.

You should have drank the water.

This would have been
a lot less painful.

You got it?


Come on in.


Let’s see what you
brought us first.

How’d you get the
money so fast anyway?

I have a safe. Emergency funds.

Just please let
me take back Tate.

Count it.

What’s going on?

Look who decided to join us.

Did you enjoy your cold swim?

In the seat. Perfect.

Looking for this?


Hey! No!





I don’t know what
you’re doing here,

but I’m glad to see you.

Billy! Come on!

I trusted her.

I’m so stupid.

No, Annie. Annie,
I screwed up today.

I never should have let
you go off on your own.

I just had no idea what
you’d be walking into.

Wait, how did you find me?

I was coming to apologize.

And then I ran into
your mother-in-law,

she told me that I
could find you out here.

Annie, we’re going
to get your boy back.

Not too far to go.

Just a few more hours,

and then we’ll stop
for the night, okay?

We have so much to look
forward to, sweetheart.

This is our adventure,
just you and me.

Oh, we’re going to
have so much fun.


No, no, no, no, no. I
can’t believe I did that.

How could I be so stupid?

Oh, God.


- You’re early.
- Don’t you worry, honey.

Mommy’s just going to
take you on a little trip.

You’re not my mother,
you’re Grandma.

Uh, look, honey. We’re
going to have to get out

and walk for a while.


Well, because this isn’t safe,

and I don’t want anything
to happen to you.

So, we can’t stay here.

Why can’t we stay in the truck?

Because I love you so, so much.

I love you so much.

whatever happens,

I want you always to
remember that, right?

Grandma loves you so much.

Here, dear. There we go.

Oh, uh... oh...

Oh, my...

He’s not here.

Over there. Over there!


Tate! No!

Was it so wrong to
want to give I’m everything?

’Cause you want him happy.

To have it all.

Just stay here.

So, what now?

Call the cops? Try
to clear your name?

She can’t be found.
I don’t want her to suffer.

Just smother her. That seems
to be the most merciful.

I think I’m going to lay
low for a little while.

Let the truth work itself out.

Lay low, huh?

Sounds like a vacation.


Vacation sounds like a
really good idea to me.

I could use one of
those right about now.



I don’t suppose you, uh,
could use a little company?

Hold that thought.

There’s just one thing
I gotta do first.

You know?

You said you wanted to
give him everything.

But you tried to take
away his own mother.

You never thought
I was good enough.

Not for Gerald, not for Tate,

but I am,

and I am never going to
let anything happen to him.

Noted philanthropist
Elizabeth Hale

was found guilty, along
with her co-conspirators

Hank Darrow, Maynard
Barnes, and Marcus Fain

of first degree murder, and
the attempted abduction of

her eight-year-old grandson.

The truth worked itself out.

Yeah. I mean, once the police
actually started looking

into everything, there was more
than enough evidence. So...


I’m just glad it’s over.

I could get used to this.

Come here.

Oh, you think she’s going
to steal your truck?

I don’t know. She’s
kinda cute, though.

If she manages to get in I’ll
offer to give her a lift.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

You gonna go wave
your crowbar at her?

Give her some of
your famous advice?

"Hey, call a cab. Hop a bus.

Grand theft auto, probably
not your best bet."

That was a good line.

It worked on you.

We’ll see.

Yeah, we’ll see.

He looks mad.