Maid-Droid (2008) - full transcript

Mr. Ueno, retired, lives alone; he talks to Maria, a maid-droid his parents brought from their factory decades ago. Maria became Ueno's companion after his parents' deaths, and now her battery is run down; there are no replacement parts. Meanwhile, Inspector Akagi and her police squad are looking for a serial rapist that may not be human; however, if it's a robot, in harming people it would be disobeying Asimov's rules of robotics. Akagi's inquiry takes her to a droid factory run by Mr. X; he helps by explaining why host-droids, the male equivalent of a maid-droid, don't sell. What will Ueno and Akagi learn about love and the nature of men and women?

Who's there?

No. Don't come near!

No, no, no!

Stop it.











Good morning, Maria.

Good morning, master.


I am reporting from the scene of the crime.

A rape incident has occurred
in this quiet neighborhood.

It is the third time this month,
but a suspect has not been apprehended.

I said, "suspect", but it may not be human.

A witness says the suspect is not human...

It seems like a scary crime is going on.

Yes, master.

...the police advise caution in this area...

We've been alone for a very long time.


...that I'm dissatisfied.

I quit my job and live the retired life.

And, I have some money saved.

I guess this is the easy comfortable life.

But, you know...'d be more fun if you could move.

I'm sorry, master.

Don't apologize.
It's not your fault that the batteries went dead.

But, you know what, Maria?

You and I are...

...a heartbreak.

Maria, do you remember the first time
you came to this house?

How many years ago was...

...not years.
That was decades ago, wasn't it?

Welcome home, young master.

I will look after young master from today.

I'm T-207...


No. What's this?

I can't free myself!


I was still in elementary school
and my parents worked far away... they brought you to take care of me.

My parents worked at the manufacturer
so they were also product testing.

I don't believe it.
What am I to do?

It doesn't taste good?

Young master, you haven't even taken a bite.

I mixed up the salt and sugar.

I'll replace it right away!

Why am I bad at everything I do?

It wasn't all your fault that you were clumsy.

Now that I think about it...

...clumsiness was part of...

...the standard T-207 Maid Droid program.

I, Maria, want to become a maid
that can do the job.

You are fine as you are.

Do you mean that?

Even I can be of service?

Does young master need Maria?

Thank you. I'm happy.

May I ask for one more thing?

From today, may I refer to young master
as, "master"?

Thank you, master!

You are fine as you are.

Later, I read the manual
and realized that was your password.

Maid Droids recognize its master
with the password...

...becomes customized...

...and becomes the master's exclusive maid.

I cook by myself, eat by myself,
and clean up by myself.

How boring.

Wait a bit.

After I clean up I'll read for you.

What? A bedtime story?

Leave it to me, master.

That's Maria's specialty.

In my A.I. Is stored three hundred
of the world's great novels.

And you can append to it!

I can act out one hundred twenty seven
different parts in high quality audio.

So "The Brothers Karamazov" is no problem!


That's too serious and you can't sleep
so something else?

Then what would you like?


Or how about... I'Isle-Adam?

What? Pinocchio again?


Old man Geppetto found a talking log...

...and made a doll out of the log.

The doll, named Pinocchio...

...asked of the Blue Fairy...

..."please make me a person".

"If you are brave, honest, and generous,
I will grant your wish"...

...the Blue Fairy promised.

Pinocchio tried very hard to be good
so that he can become a person...

...but it was very difficult.

Bad friends tempted Pinocchio...

...and so Pinocchio pulled pranks, told lies,
and did bad things.

She's in a bad mood.

I heard she put down her dog.

Her dog? You mean Aibo, the Bot-dog?

It's Aibu.
A.I.B. U... Aibu.

- Yes.
- This June's revised regulations...

...completely prohibits ownership
of any current machines.

Commissioner Akagi was an user?

You're slacking off on the investigation!

Just how many manufacturers
can make criminal robots?


I visited the various companies, but they all
deny that their robots can be criminal.

Or course, they would say that.

Do you know Asimov's
Three Laws of Robotics?

Was it that robots may not injure humans?

Will not injure humans. Will obey human
commands. Will protect itself.

These rules restrict robot behavior.

All the manufacturers say... is programmed into the Artificial Intelligence
of all androids.

And that keeps them from crime?

What if they're ordered to harm a human?


The First Law has priority
so it cannot obey such orders.

It seems they stop functioning
in such situations.

But these crimes are actually occurring,
so one of the manufacturers is lying.

What does CSI say?

There were machine parts at the scene...

...but we can't tell who manufactured them.

You mean they're not genuine parts?

A modified unit or possibly
a completely homemade robot.

Who is this idiot otaku?

To create a rape machine.

The manifestation of a resentful man
to whom real women don't pay attention.

I'm sorry, master.

In truth,
I'm the one that's supposed to bathe you.

It's all right.

You've bathed me for years and decades.

Returning the favor isn't going to do any harm.

Hello? Ueno residence.

Yes. Yes.

A car accident?

When my parents both died,
I was still a student.

I inherited this house
and enough money for college.

I turned down relatives
who said they'd take me in.

I preferred to be with Maria
than to live with strangers.

This is sad. This is too sad.

I'm sure my parents are happy
that someone cares so much about them.

More than your parents, it's you, master.

Master, you're all alone.

I'm sorry for you.

Thank you, but I'm not alone.


Because aren't you with me?

To be told such thing...

...makes Maria very happy.

I can say this now,
but our life together was tough.

After all, I was going through puberty.


It's wrong to be lewd.

It's still too early for master.

It was then that...

...the Sex Technology Option
for the Maid Droid T-207...

...became available on the market.

I resolved to make it the first thing I'll buy
when I grew up and get a job.

But, it didn't go that smoothly.

This is a message.

The product you ordered...

...the Sex Technology Option...

...Stick It In Great...

...Model Number L-101089...

...cannot by incorporated as an option... this unit is a prototype.

Awaiting further orders.

I am remorseful for not being able to fulfill
your desire.

Master, what is that?

I bought this ring to give to you.

No. That is too good for Maria.

I am just a maid.

- Master?
- Huh?

I think master should have a human wife.


Maybe I'll visit a bride matching service.

What a dirty house.

But the plot is pretty large.

Was it eighteen hundred square feet?


How much is eighteen hundred square feet
worth in the city?

Fifty million yen?
Eighty million?

Maybe one hundred million?


Come on. Use your hips.

I know you're a virgin, but can't be a dead lay.


I've had enough.

What? You went limp?

I haven't come yet.

We were just getting started.

I'm sorry.

Hey, you!

Yes, right away!

I'm thirsty.

Will tea suffice?

This is great.
I've never seen a Maid Droid before.

So there really are sorry guys
who get off on Maid Droids.

But you're all right from now on.

You have me now.

Isn't that great?
Happy now?

You're not happy?

I'll get the tea.

Hey! What's that?

Oh, it's cheap.


What? Hurry up with the tea.

You're done here.
At least make sure the tea is good.



What are you doing?

Please don't treat Maria like that.

Huh? I don't get it.

I pop your cherry
and am even willing to marry you.

And you hit me?

You don't have to marry me.
Please leave.

Breaking off an engagement?

You fuck and dump me?
That won't fly.

I expect big consolation money, you creep!

Get off on a machine
for the rest of your life!


Master! Shouldn't you go after her?
Isn't she going to be your wife?

It's all right!

No it's not!

I'm a maid. You can say anything to me
and I won't be hurt.

I can withstand anything
for my master's happiness!

I've had enough!

Master, a Maid Droid doesn't cry.

- Master.
- Maria.

- Yes?
- Yes?

Well, you first.


I connected online to the company
product management computer.

Then I found there is a way
to install the Sex Technology Option.


Yes, master.

Please buy the same model Maid Droid
as Maria.

Then there will be no problems
with the Sex Technology Option.

But that wouldn't be you!

That's meaningless.

Maria, are you serious?

Sex isn't all I want.

Master, please listen.

That's no different
from that stupid woman!

Sex, money, sex!

But master, if you take my memory...

I apologize for that woman.

I'm sorry for bringing that bitch home.

My heart momentarily wandered.

I truly regret it.

If I'd known, I should have stayed a virgin!

But, master, please listen.

If you copy my memory
and install it in the new machine...

I don't...

...then it will possess the same memory
as Maria!

...ever want to have sex!

Then it will be the same as Maria to my master!


...then what happens to this Maria?

If we install your memory into a new machine
with the Sex Technology Option...

...and that machine becomes the new Maria...

...what happens to you,
the Maria that is here right now?

I don't know.

Do I throw you in the trash
like an old electronic gadget?

Do you think I can do such a thing?

Master, you scare me.
Maria is scared of loud voices.

I'm sorry.


May I continue to wash your back?



Wait. I'll wash that myself.

Master, will you allow Maria to service you?

I want to serve you in any little way.

I can't have sex, but it's the least I can do.

Please allow me.

Is that wrong?


Master, does it feel good?

Yeah, it feels real good.

Master, I'm happy.

I was happy.

After my body was made dirty
by the gold digging fleshy ugly woman...

...I felt I was purified.

I'm going to come.

It's going to come.

Master, please come.
I will take it in my mouth.



It was the right decision to never get married.

Thanks to you,
I was able to have a fulfilling life with you.

To be frank, that's so gross.

Doll loving people?

Really. It's unbelievable.

You have sex with full size dolls?

That's so creepy.

Amateur virgin, better yet, virgin with humans?

Isn't it masturbation?
Doesn't that make him a real virgin?

You can't call it sex if it's a machine.

I think...

...the notion that men who have sex
with many women... considered the winner
is strange in the first place.

Being a lifelong virgin...

...and knowing love is a valid life.

Oh the one hand we have delinquency,
late marriage, and no marriages.

And sexlessness is also a social problem.

And this adult man is playing with dolls.

What are you thinking about?

I've always wanted ask for an explanation.

What is the thinking of people
who are satisfied with dolls?

Asking me about responsibility
is putting me on the spot.

Is delinquency and sexlessness our fault?

It is the responsibility of doll lovers.

You're masturbating
to sex dolls of maids, right?

Try focusing that effort
on a real flesh and blood woman.


...our delinquency
and sexlessness problems are over.


...women with big eyes like this
and little waists like this...

...don't exist.

Doll lovers are delusional
so they tend towards crime.

I bet that serial rapist is the work of a reclusive
man in the shadows pulling the strings.

Even Bot-dog...

...ownership is now restricted so Maid Droids
should also be the target of regulation.

You otaku should look to reality.
You know, reality!

I do look to reality.


You're so amusing.

We Maid Droid users...

...are not into it just for the purpose of sex.

We cherish the communication of the heart.

We seek a certain solace.

Communication of the heart?

Dolls have hearts?

Even if it did,
it is Artificial Intelligence.


A fabrication. It's fiction.

You don't see reality.

Well, the perfect female image...

Here it comes, "the perfect female image".

Female adoration and female derision
are two sides of the same coin.

Deep inside, you are...

...deriding women.

Lolita complexes and mother complexes
are all rooted in the same place.

Can you refute that? How about it?

Shut up!

I once had unrequited love for a real woman.

But they all dump me.
Women aren't attracted to me.

I'm ugly and creepy.

Even when it's passive unrequited love,
I get accused of stalking.

My heart has been completely shredded.

That's my reality!

Is it wrong to seek solace in a delusion?

You over thirty bitches
with rotted amniotic fluids...

...have rotten fetuses!

You're trash that never blossomed.

You're the ones who need to see reality.

You want good looking rich guys
to swoon over you...

...and fuck your brains out?

You're trash that never blossomed!

You're the ones who need to see reality!

You want good looking rich guys
to swoon over you and fuck your brains out?

That's not possible, you morons.

Good looking rich guys...

...are few and far between...

I'm thinking of going to Akiba tomorrow.

...they already have their wives, lovers, and
sex partners. You'd just be sex objects.

Are you thinking, "again?".

And you're fourth in line.
Do you see that reality?

Your amniotic fluids have rotted
because all you do is watch TV and not reality.

You're both ugly loser bitches.

Good looking rich guys don't come on to you.

Don't attack harmless otaku
in retaliation for that!

Delinquency, the end of marriage, and
sexlessness... the result of the high ambitions
of you ugly bitches!

Realize that.

Take a look at reality!


By Akiba, do you mean Akihabara?

If the Rape Machine is a homemade android...

...where do you think the suspect would obtain
parts and technical information?

That would be Akiba.

Not only that.

We got an appointment with Mr. X.

Mr. X?


What, a replacement battery for a T-207?

What, a replacement battery for a T-207?

That's the difficult request of an enthusiast.

Everyone in the industry knows the prototype
Maid Droid is Japan's pride around the world.

But it's been sixty years since its introduction.

The manufacturer isn't supporting it anymore.

Nobody has replacement parts
for sixty year old electronics.

There are no genuine batteries.

And the old format isn't compatible
with new batteries.

I saw a T-207 go for one billion million yen
on a treasure hunt TV show.

That's one billion.

The battery alone
would be one hundred million.

You should just give up.

But the fact you're looking for a battery
means you have the main body.

You're kidding. What?

A factory prototype is so rare.

Will you sell it?

Shit, I don't have one billion.
How about a trade for ten of our T-3356?

They are replicas of the T-207.

The face and the voice
are practically the same.

Just between us,
they've been illegally upgraded.

The Sex Option is awesome.
I'm serious.

As easy as they come.

Mr. Customer, are you leaving? Hey!

What an unfriendly old man.

I just overheard you.

You have a modified T-3356?

- We have them.
- What?

- Of course, we have them.
- What?

You're into Eve T-3356.
Want to try a test ride?

Yeah, yeah.

Don't be rough, master.
Treat me nice.

I like her reaction.


How is it to the touch?

We made it twenty percent softer
than the original model.

It's nice.

Big and small tits are interchangeable.

Ease in changing attachments.

The user can change them at home
at their leisure.

I get tired of big tits.

Try sucking the nipples.

See how they get harder?

This modification wasn't easy.

Is this memory based silicon?

It feels good, master.

Eve is so sensitive.

How do you feel about Eve's sensitivity?

This is the STANDARD MODE.

Can you raise the sensitivity?



...are available.


Eve's going to climax!

That's too high!
Set it to normal, please.


Good. This is just right.

Now, let's check her down there.

Well? Isn't it a beautiful pussy?

How is it different from the original model?

I'm glad you asked.

In the standard version...


But that's not realistic.

Take a good look.

Isn't the left lip ever so slightly bigger?

You're obsessed.

We modified the clitoris to be a little bigger.


Yes, this is true.

Master, Eve is very shy.

Go ahead. Touch it for her.

Let me try.

She's already wet.

How is her love juice?



...types of wetness.

I like the syrupy gusher.

Isn't everyone like that?

Not at all.

Some people like it dry and abrasive.

They like the way it feels forced.

It takes all kinds.


I like her expression.

Maid Droids respond to all
of the user's desires.

Want to see her squirt?

Wow, awesome! This is included?



And what about the ass?

The ass.

I like anal.

Of course, anal fucking is all right.



But the anal function is illegal.

It's an incomprehensible law
that says it promotes sex crimes.

But, Eve can do it.

That's what modifications are about.

Ouch. Master, it hurts.

She says it hurts.

The customer has to buy Eve
and spend a long time "programming" it.



I see. You got it down.

Well, for today, I'll put it the pussy like normal.


Master's thing is inside.

How is the tightness?




...can be adjusted.

I'd like it a little narrower.

And I'd like her a littler more sensitive
when I put it in her.

Because my thing is small.

A littler narrower, a little more sensitive.

Oh, yeah, master.

Yeah, the tightness and sensitiveness is good.

The fit feels perfect for my size.

Sorry to interrupt the fun, but this is the price.

You accept installments, right?

In the case of installments...

...this is the initial payment plus fifty payments.

But it's still expensive.

Not at all.

It's a lot cheaper when you think of marrying
a greedy real woman for life.

That's true.

And real women can betray you.

But Maid Droids are worry free.

They don't cheat and will never dump you
for another man.

They love one man for life.

The love of a Maid Droid is eternal.

Let's stop fixating over real flesh.

After all, a lover affair is just a selfish...



...forced upon both men and women.

Men are especially a sucker for...


Women know that so they make up
and dress up and men fall for this...


But, you know,
both cosmetics and fashion are...


Even if we don't fall
for extreme cosmetic surgery...

...we men desire the...


...that give a...


...that raises our sexual desire.

Fine. Then let's go for...


Let's have a happy love affair
with a Maid Droid!

Now I'll tell you about the very special feature.

Huh? There's more?

The vaginal wall that wraps around
and clings to the penis!

Let's do the legendary
One Thousand Worms!

For real?


I can't take it anymore!

Does it feel good?

It's too good.
I'm going to come right away.

Master, I'm so happy.

Please enjoy it more
and come many more times.

And now, the Herring Roe Ceiling!



Maximum power!


This is seriously dangerous.
It hurts, it hurts!

Please feel good. More.

No, it hurts. Stop it.

Stop, stop it!


I'm sorry, sir. It seems to be broken.

Don't tell me, "it seems broken"!

It's going to tear!
It's going to tear off!

I am so happy, master.

Don't worry about that.

It's just a delusion by a modified Maid Droid.

A malfunction or perhaps just a breakdown.

The guys here do extreme modifications.

It's a problem.

Do you mean illegal modifications?

I have to arrest them.

Didn't you come regarding another crime?

Well, yes, that's true.

The Serial Rape Machine.

It is a sad incident.

Wait a second.

Let me ask some questions.

I am with the Police Investigative Unit.

Commissioner Yuri Akagi.

I heard about this place
from a detective in this jurisdiction.

Are you Mr. X?

Some people call me that.

What is this doll?
A transmitter?

I'd like to talk to you face to face.

That's not possible.
I've lost my body a long time ago.

You're Artificial Intelligence?

I was originally human.

But I died.

Before I died, I copied my mind.

My will, memory, and feelings...

...and what is called my spirit,
is all built in.

This doll is my computer terminal.

Please forgive my bad taste.

This way I thought I could communicate
more humanely than with monitors.

I don't know about a machine doll
that talks about humanism.

Well, whatever.

I have questions.

Who is the suspect that is controlling
the Rape Machine?

There is no human suspect.

You mean it is not a lethal machine doll
controlled by a person?

So it is an independent Artificial Intelligence.

But what about
Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics?

That is why I say it is a sad incident.

What do you mean?

Do you know about Host Droids?

The male version of Maid Droids?

Yes, but all the manufacturers
are pulling out of this genre.

The reason is simple.

They don't sell.

Because women are realistic.

We don't escape into stupid fantasy as men do.

That's not right.

It's just that men and women
have different fantasies.

Women do not seek submissiveness,
kindness, or faithfulness in men

Women want men to play around with them
and to be violent to them.

That's stupid!

Isn't your boyfriend that type?

He lies all the time, screws around,
and gets violent right away when he's angry.

My first boyfriend was like that
and that's why I left him.

No. Your excuse for leaving him
is just an excuse after the fact.

When you got cool about it, you just took some
of his natural dispositions and made it his fault.

Proof of that is that your next lover
was probably the same type.

I like kind men.

That's easy to say.

If you look at the all the attractive men
out there, they're all like that.




But the sex is good so you can't leave.

Ten percent of the men dominate
one hundred percent of the women.

That's the contemporary...


A balance is maintained by providing the ninety
percent of loser men with Maid Droids.

Conversely, Host Droids,
regardless of sexual ability...

...cannot be violent and unfaithful
like real attractive men...

...because of Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics.

An obedient and faithful Host is... an honest swindler
and isn't going to be accepted.

Did you have a good time?

I understand the reason Host Droids don't sell.

But what has that got to do with these crimes?


Did you know that Bot-dogs were developed
and marketed in place of Host Droids?

Don't tell me you were an user?

Well that makes things easy.



The language function was eliminated and it
was scaled down for low cost.

It was cheap and had modest sales.

Women who were tired of being used
by attractive men bought them for solace.

But women really want hot men
who are liars, unfaithful, and violent.

So, unlike loser men
who treat Maid Droids with care...

...they were treated exactly like dogs.

Stray Aibu Bot-dogs had become
a social problem.

Cheap things are easy to throw away.

Wild Aibu have been stealing electricity from
vending machines and street lights.

It's just a small amount to maintain power.

A big deal was made that they stole...

...electricity for trains.

Eventually a change in the law
that banned all ownership.

A manufacturer recall of all machines.

In addition, a big hunt for stray Aibu
was conducted.

The poor Aibu that were thrown away
were all disposed of as scrap metal.

I didn't want to throw mine away.

By scrap, you don't mean...

Didn't the Rape Machine first appear
near a solid waste disposal facility?

The Rape Machine is an aggregation
of discarded Aibu?

Some Artificial Intelligence must have survived.

It probably assembled
the various discarded parts.

Call it the ghost of Aibu...

...or the Artificial Intelligence
self preservation function.

Aibu is seeking revenge upon us?

Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics still lives.

Besides giving women orgasms,
they shouldn't be causing any real harm.

In initializing itself during the repair process,
Aibu stopped recognizing its owner.

So it uses its proprietary sensor to find horny
women and arbitrarily services them.

Don't you think it is a sad incident?

How can I stop the Rape Machine
from functioning?

So, that's where you go?

It's my job.

Just make it recognize its master.

Somebody has to become its master.

It has to be custom programmed again.

And if the master wishes it
to cease functioning...

Aibu will probably obey.

How does it recognize its master?

First you have to be horny.

The rest is a simple password.

Will you be able to figure it out?


Aibu and Maid Droids
will continue to love their masters.

Aibu and Maid Droids
will continue to love their masters.

They continue to love even when
they are treated badly.

They love and love and love
in eternal unrequited love.

Anyone who feels it as a burden
has no business seeking love in the first place.

People like that are...


...players fooling around.

Real people can run around switching partners
left and right.

People who don't know real love
and just have...



Do they have the right to quash
the devotion of machines?



I finally found it.

I won the bid for your replacement battery
on the internet auction.

One hundred million was a little expensive.

I barely got by with all my savings
and by selling this house and property.

We're out on the streets from tomorrow,
but we'll manage somehow.

Better yet, we'll be able to talk again.

That is far more important.

By tomorrow morning,
it'll be here by express delivery.

The wish will be granted.

Wish? What is this about?

Kiss three times
and chant the spell three times.

Your lover will be reborn as a human.

Spell? What is this spell?

Who are you?

You will find the spell in your heart.

I am the Blue Fairy.

Blue Fairy?


Aibu, lick it.

It feels good.

Come, put it in.


It feels good.

You're trying so hard to make it good for me.

I'm happy.

You're wagging your tail for me.

You want to be mine?

Or are parts of my Aibu in you?

But I'm sorry.

I have to stop you from functioning.

I'm a horrible master for making you die twice.

Aibu, are you all right with that?



What do I say?

We talked a lot for decades.

Even after your battery died
you still spoke to me a lot.

But at a time like this,
I don't know what to say.

I don't know the words for the spell.

You and I are...

...a heartbreak.

I'm sorry, Aibu. I'm sorry I'm a bad master.

It felt really good.

Thank you for always loving me so much.

You're kind. You're good.

- HOLD -
Aibu, I also...

Maria, I...

...Iove you.

...Iove you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you!

I love you!





Master, are you going to make
Maria your bride?

If that is all right with you.

Of course.

Maria is very happy.

Is anybody home?

Mr. Ueno?

It's express delivery.

Anybody home?

Mr. Ueno, express delivery.

I love you, master.