Mahpeyker - Kösem Sultan (2010) - full transcript

1 00:01:27,120 --> 00:01:30,032 I hesitated greatly, but I'm certain now.

I have no other choice.

My heart's not in it, but...

A mere boy on the throne, his mind on games.

His mother at his side, her only aim to thwart me.

On the verge of famine and privation.

Someone has to stop it.

In my day it wasn't like this.

One had to search for those in need.

Now we can't decide who to help first.

That orphan girl...

Halime, yes, that was her name.

She's still in my thoughts.

Fortunately I noticed her.

Behram! Halt!


What do you seek, my Sultana?

I seek myself, Behram.

A speedy recovery, my son. I was in such agony.

As though the scalpel cut my own flesh.

- Was the pain terrible? - I didn't feel a thing.

God give you wisdom, Idris Agha. You've served the throne well.

May God grant a long life to our Sultan, my Sultana.

With rest, the wound will heal quickly.

You're right.

My son.

It's all over.

Sleep well and rest, okay?

The Sultan is in your care.

Let's go.

Let's go.

The circumcision is done; the sovereign is resting.

Ibrahim Agha will handle things.

Why doesn't the Grandmother Sultana honor us with a visit?

She left the palace early.

It seems she has more pressing business...

...than the Sultan's circumcision.

Blood... It's blood!

Quick, run and tell the Sultan's mother!

Do your work well, Ibrahim. So that the circumcision celebrations

...turn into a funeral.

Mehmed, my son!

My son!

Süleyman, what's happened

Notify the doctors!

Was the surgeon so very unskilled?

I'll get to the bottom of this, my Sultana.

You call yourself chief surgeon?

Is this the measure of your skill?

You loiter about...

...until the last drop of blood has drained from my son?

Mother, we're rich!

Ah, my girl, ah.

How blessed I am that my late husband brought you to me.

You've been my only support.

I hope nothing's amiss.

- Who comes at this hour? - Fear not. Open the door.

We come from the Palace to take you to the Harem.

But why?

We're simply following orders. We do not know why.

We were to get you.

Emine, get dressed. We're going to the Palace.

The Sultan's housekeeper fell ill. We mustn't lose hope.

You're to pray for her recovery.

The girl must wait here.

My daughter is always with me. She'll be no trouble.

That's impossible. The girl waits here.

I'll be back as soon as I've recited the prayers.

His Majesty.

Who is this?

The daughter of the woman who's come to pray for Housekeeper Cevriye.

She'll be kept here until the end of prayers.

Your majesty, they await you.

Do not be afraid.

Fear me not. I only wish to learn your name.




Keep her here until I tell you otherwise.

Don't let her go, even if her mother comes.

I was scared, but it was love at first sight.

For both of us.

May God grant you a long life, your Majesty.

My condolences, your Majesty.

She was like a mother to me.

I'm indebted to her. Spare nothing for the funeral.

She wanted to be buried near His Holiness, Eyüp Ensari.

So be it.

My condolences, my Sultan.

Thank you.

Your majesty...

...are your mother and grandmother aware of your decision?


They won't know today. But tomorrow-

Is there harm in their knowing?

No, they'll be informed.

This is contrary to our traditions.

I know. I'm aware of that.

But my decision is final.

Son, where is my daughter?

She's being kept elsewhere. Do not worry. Off you go.

I'm looking for my daughter.

I told you, she's elsewhere. They'll let her go later.

I'm begging you. Where is my daughter?

Off you go.

Let my daughter go. Let me go!

Our Sovereign wishes to marry.

What? Marry? What marriage?

What's the meaning of this?

We'll have the ceremony later, after the holidays.

For now, let's get married!

He needs his first experience. Otherwise, he'll become impulsive.

I know these sons of Osman.

They're stubborn and won't listen to reason!

We tell him we need time to prepare the bride.

We need to buy time.

Meanwhile, I'll find a girl so lovely he'll be too smitten...

to notice anyone else, much less this humble girl.

Tell me, sister, where are we going?


To a good place. Fear not. Would you be so adorned

to go to a place that is bad?

My mother's asked for me, hasn't she?

That's it, isn't it, sister?

Fine, now back to your chamber.

No talking. If I hear anything, I'll know it was you.

Listen carefully and don't forget.

We're about to appear before Sultan Ahmed and his mother.

Don't be scared. They're people, just like you and me.

Keep your head bowed as you enter. Look straight ahead.

Do not ask questions. Remain silent.

My Ahmed, Sultana Safiye, his mother...

... Sultana Handan and the others.

I remember how my legs trembled.

I was alone in that vast, crowded room.

The Chief Eunuch muttered something about giving my consent.

I didn't hear him.

I just followed his instructions, and nodded.

As the religious leader pronounced us man and wife...

... I was still wondering what I was doing there.

I thought we had done something wrong.

That was the only explanation I could find.

I'd have run away if they'd let me.

I thought only about my mother.

Only when the Mother Sultana and Grandmother Sultana kissed my hand...

... did I realize I was getting married.

May God grant you eternal joy, my Sultan.

It was fated thus. May God unite you.

Thank you, Mother.

- Mahpeyker is in your hands. - Certainly, my boy.

Everything was done in haste. We were taken by surprise.

We'll educate the bride before the ceremony.

Don't worry.

When can I see her?

First let her get accustomed to the court.

She'll meet her tutors and learn proper manners.

Don't worry. Leave her to us.

Are you never frightened?

I was scared when they came for my accession to the throne.

There's no reason to be anxious.

There is time before the wedding. Let's wait until your education is complete.

- Are we married? - Yes.

My mother?

You'll see her. But only in the palace. You're now Mahpeyker.

Such is tradition.

Mahpeyker means "face like the moon".

Who was I to thwart the Grandmother Sultana's plans?

Give the girl a good scouring!

Give me more water.

Girl, you're filthy...

Do you never wash?

Stop right there, mother! It's forbidden!

I have something to say, my son.

I won't leave unless you listen.

My daughter's still inside.

We entered together but they didn't let her out.

I've been waiting for days.

If they keep her, there is a reason.

She must be at fault. She'll be questioned and released.

This is the palace. Your daughter can't be lost here.

What has she done wrong?

Tell me! Go and ask!

Alright, mother. What's your daughter's name?


It hurts!

Like I've been stuck with needles.

Why does she do this? She doesn't know me.

You're filthy, she said. But I'm not filthy.

Pay her no mind. She's a real witch.

Didn't you notice her face? How pocked it is?

Your beauty maddens her. She's avenging her own ugliness.

When will they let me see Mahpeyker?

Your Majesty, she's under the tutelage of your mother and grandmother.

Don't worry. First, her training must be completed.

It's tradition.

How is my Mahpeyker?



You mean Emine. She's fine. Her education continues.

She's untalented, but she learns nonetheless.

She's seen her mother, hasn't she?

I believe so. She has no complaints.

Thanks to you, she lives, in luxury here in the Palace.

I told her to come to me if she needs anything.

And when will this education finally be complete?

I'm not certain, my Sultan. You'll be informed when it is.

My son, even rice is not consumed immediately.

We let it rest and steam. The time will come.

Just wait until you see the gift your grandmother has prepared for tonight.

What is it?

- Tell me, Grandmother! - Nothing special, my lion.

I found an angel, and prepared her for you tonight.

She is a vision of beauty.

So beautiful that the moon would not dare show its face.

The time has come, my Ahmed.

But what about Mahpeyker?

What of Mahpeyker?

Is the Sultan to wait with folded hands until she is ready?

The early bird gets the worm.

Produce an heir and put us all at ease.

How do we know which one is barren and which is fertile!

I never saw my mother again.

I don't know what happened to her.

By the time I became what I am, it was too late.

From one lesson to another. Lessons and more lessons.

Days became months.

The Sultan never asked for me.

And I was forbidden to say I was his wife...

... or to use the name Mahpeyker.

Too much excitement is bad for a man.

The girl entering your bed, knows the art of love

This syrup will relax you.

It was prepared by Servant Kevser.

She would not think of hurting you.

She is indebted to your deceased father.

I know, Agha. If need be, I'll drink it.

With God's help, it will give you strength.

While you were having fun last night, Pembe and I were praying.

May God grant your prayers. What did you pray for?

That you win the Sultan's heart and bear him a son.

God has heard your prayers.

What beautiful fabric!

It's obvious what's happened.

They're beside themselves in the apartments of the Mother Sultana.

- Who said so? - The servants.

They giggle when speaking of you.

What have you told the Mother Sultana?

What would I tell her? I simply told her the truth.

You should have exaggerated a bit.

What's this. He kept her overnight? He didn't let her go 'til morning?

Yes. Even though the girl asked several times if she should leave.

He insisted she stay.

He takes after his grandfather.

Perfect timing.

If Kevser's calculations are right, the girl was in her fertile days.

- Is that so? - It is indeed.

I sent word this morning. The Sultan's favorite... to rest in bed. The other girls shall wait on her.

- Shall she visit again tonight? - Certainly, while the faucet is flowing.

Otherwise, he'll soon be asking for Mahpeyker.

The Chief Eunuch has been warned. But that's not enough.

We must keep him distracted.

She's no mere girl, but an unbroken mare.

How true, Mother.

And we have her tether.

This girl will make him forget that hussy.

With your dimple as sword...

you conquered the land of beauty.

Declaring that there shall be no other sultan... that realm.

Beautiful, isn't it?

It is, my liege.

Your late father also enjoyed the poetry of Yahya Efendi.

Whenever I mention Mahpeyker my mother...

...changes the subject.

If harm comes to her in the harem, I'll demand a reckoning.

I memorize these lines to recite to her alone.

It won't be long. She'll soon be ready for you.

The Grandmother is preparing festivities even before the baby is born.

Do not despair, Emine.

It's 4 months before Mahfiruz will give birth.

The Sultan has forgotten me.

- Come on, dance! - I don't know how.

Grandmother commands it. Dance. Go on.

Look at her. As stiff as if she swallowed a pole.

She looks like she's in mourning.

My lion will soon have an heir. Everyone should rejoice.

God forbid it's a girl. Just look at her.

Emine, hand me those towels for a vinegar compress.

Where are they off to like that?

They're midwives, off to market to buy cloth.

Otherwise, it is forbidden to leave without Grandmother's permission.

If I wore a veil, would anyone recognize me?

Have some syrup before going out.

I'll send word for the Agha to come and get you.

Don't bother. I'll go myself.

The guards all know me.

Fine, but do what I told you.

Of course. Bless you!

Where'd you come from? You're not one of us.

Sister... Sister.

Agha... look at this.

What's the matter?

She's not one of us.

You're not a midwife. What are you doing here?

Agha, I beg you. Let me go. Don't tell on me.

No one need know.

You want me executed, woman! Nobody's going to market today.

Get inside, all of you!

Go on, you heard me!

This girl nearly escaped.

Take her to the Chief Eunuch.


It was a mistake to consent to a treaty with Austria.

My sovereign... the old days we would have imposed our terms in a royal decree.

We would not have needed ratification.

But if they wished to break the treaty, they would have said...

...that they didn't sign it.

Now it's affixed with their seal.

Does their seal mean they'll honor it?

What's happening?

- What was the name of that place? - Zsitvatorok, your Majesty.

What's that commotion?

Send for the Chief Eunuch immediately.

Did I not instruct you to keep an eye on that girl?

What's the meaning of this?

I told you, Sultana. When she said she was ill-


Enough of your stories!

What's behind this? Tell me!

What are you plotting?

If the Sultan hears of this, I'll hold you responsible!

Let her go! Why allow such a ruckus?

If she goes unpunished, she'll be emboldened, my Sultana.

The Sultan summoned you, Agha. Go quickly.

Right things if you can!

He's learned what happened.

I hope he doesn't lose his temper!

Everything was going so well.

Her education is complete, Agha.

So, you've been scheming?

Mahpeyker is to be given a new apartment.

Servants are to attend her.

I want her with me tonight.

At your command, my Sultan!

Clearly, my grandmother finds life here tedious, Agha.

That's why she's been meddling.

She must be missing the old palace.

I shall permit her to move there.

She and her belongings shall leave tonight.

Inform my mother that she shall never interfere again.

Otherwise, there are plenty of empty rooms in the old palace.

You asked for me, my Sultana?

He hasn't forgotten me.

Didn't I tell you to keep...

...a light heart, my Sultana.

May God provide you far better.

These are from the late Sultan Mehmed.

I was presented with them upon Ahmed's birth.

I adore them.

May they bring you good fortune.

I cannot accept, Mother Sultana. They are too precious.

That's why I give them to you. Take them!

I'm not giving them for good.

Just for tonight.

Ahmed will give you much finer things.

How beautiful you look!


You commanded me to come.

It wasn't a command. Come.

The Chief Eunuch must not have forwarded my request... see him.

If he had, the Sultan would have summoned me.

He loves me.

God is my witness. He was devoted to me.

This is all Mustafa Agha's doing.

I just learned about...

...all you've been through.

They said you were being educated.

That you were happy, with no complaints.

Was I wrong to believe them?

God forbid. You cannot err.

I know I was wrong. But it's over now.

Never again will I allow anyone to darken your heart.

From now on, you're my Kösem.

Kösem, which means "foremost and dearest".

Did you think about me?

I thought of you always.

I wanted you to come, always. But-

I'm here now.

Don't look at me like that. I am embarassed.

You're beautiful! You know that.

No, I do not know.

You must know.

You should sleep now.

Are you tired?


Then why talk of sleep? Do you wish to go?

No, but... I was told not to tire you.

Stay at my side.

But that's against tradition.

I represent tradition.

So, what is tradition?

I am tradition.

Tell me, will you stay with me?

Why does he shun me?

Is it because I'm with child, my belly swollen?

He doesn't shun you, Mahfiruz. He's like all Sultans.

Did you think he'd desire only you, or me?

Instead of punishing that girl for fleeing the harem...

...he takes her into his bed.

How did she manage that?

They say her mother was a Hodja.

Perhaps she prepared a love charm.

Ahmet forgot Mahfiruz.

I visited her son, the prince, just once, after he was born.

To avoid being accused of jealousy...

... I sent my congratulations and gifts.

Then Ayþe, Murad and Ibrahim were born.

I was happy.

I thought it wouldn't end. But it did.

The Sultan was building the mosque which would bear his name.

His enthusiasm grew as construction continued.

At night, he'd talk of its magnificent domes and its tiles.

Welcome, my Sultan.

Thank you, Master Architect.

Look at your brothers.

Take lbrahim inside. There's a chill in the air.

He smiles every time I look at him. My God smile upon him!

Amen. He's so serene. The nanny says he never cries.

Murad quarreled with his tutors.

I heard.

Your son has the energy of a sultan.

He cannot control his temper.

He flies into a rage.

It's not even clear why.

I'm retreating to the mosque for a time.

I intend to devote myself to prayer.

- May God hear your prayers. - Amen.

How many days this time?

Ten days. As the Prophet advocated.

It's cold. I fear for your health.

Don't worry. They'll light a brazier in my cell.

I'd meant to do it during Ramadan, but fate decreed otherwise.

Murad, my son, settle down!

Murad, sit still for a moment.

Murad, you'll scare lbrahim.

Murad! Come here and sit down for a moment.


Why do you act this way, my son?

I want to go out and play.

But they won't let me. They always say no!

Murad, it's raining. That's why.

Ömer Agha tells me you're not doing your lessons.

He should teach horseback riding, the bow and the sword.

Not reading and writing all the time.

If it's fair tomorrow, I promise you can go and...

...practice with the sword in the garden. For now, behave yourself.

Okay, my little lion?

Your majesty...'s best you vomit.

What is it? What's wrong with him?

We don't know, Sultana. But don't upset yourself.

What do you mean Agha? Of course I'm upset.

Go to the port and ask the foreign captains if they know...

...a skilled doctor. Have him brought here immediately.

I understand, Sultana!

Where's Chief Eunuch lbrahim?

I told him to come to the gate, once his work was done.

Do not worry, Sultana. We'll soon understand.

She's over there!

Please. Help me!

I beg you! Don't abandon me!

I beg you! Help me! Let me go!

Agha, I beg you, please! Leave me alone, I've done no wrong.

Don't take me away! Let me be!

Lbrahim Agha is held accountable?

Yes, Sultana. But, Mother Sultana Turhan did not mention your name.

How could she name me? She's no fool.

The doctor said the bleeding was due to...

...the opening of the wound.

Is it the eunuchs who noticed?

Yes, Sultana.

They say that the bed was soaked with blood.

Whatever. God protected Sultan Mehmed.

Go to Sultana Turhan, and tell her how distraught I am.

Tell her I pray for him.

He's my grandson, and my pain is great.

Have you anything to say about Ýbrahim Agha?

In order to save his skin, he might not hold his tongue.

Mother Turhan holds lbrahim Agha responsible.

How could she? Did she see it happen?

Shouldn't she consult me before punishing the eunuch?

Why did she speak with the grand vizier and chief eunuch without knowing anything?

I do not know why the grand vizier even listens to her.

Well, what's done is done.

All because of lbrahim's ineptitude. He hasn't seen the last of me!

I'll show him and his lackey!

They'll learn what revenge is!

My son, my Mehmed.

God has spared you.

Mother, I'm fine.

Of course you are, my lion.

Praise be to God!

Times have changed.

In olden days, you'd have been tossed into the sea in a sack.

Get up, come on.

Stay here for a moment.

Appreciate the value of the blessing you've obtained.

From now on, think only of your duty.

Salve and dress her wounds.

As you command.

The crown prince and his mother have come.

Show them in.

I smell the scent of my lbrahim...

Of course you do, Sultana. What could be more natural?

Tell me, Süleyman, how much do you love me?

Very much. Don't you know that?

Yes, I know, but...

...I don't know who you love more, your mother or me.

You know that too.

Tell me, my lion. Is it your grandmother, or me?

I still love you.

God willing, my Süleyman...

...shall never know sorrow or pain...

...during his reign.

As long as you defer to me you shall know no burden...

...and your reign shall be auspicious and long.

With the prayers and support of his grandmother... son shall want for nothing.

The foundation of the Ottoman Empire is its army.

The strings of the military are in my hands.

What else matters?

Sultana Turhan flew into a rage over her son's little accident.

She should have expressed her grievances directly to you.

She has grown overly proud.

She is ripe for a fall.

Being a Crown Mother is different from being a mother.

Until my Murad came of age...

...I ruled this vast empire on my own for ten years.

She knows all of this, and yet...

...the devil gets the best of her.

Such wickedness! They are Godless!

By what right am I judged?


I beg you...

Are you well, my Sultana?

Yes, by God's grace. I pray for you.

Sultan Ahmed would meet with your late father weekly.

He'd be distressed if he could not see His Holiness Mahmut Hudai.

May their souls rest in peace!



After the death of Ahmet I... sufferings were great, your Holiness.

I no longer knew myself.

I was surrounded by envy, betrayal...

...and ingratitude.

I learned that hypocrisy wears a guise of respect and fidelity.

I learned this too late.

I let myself be deceived.

Life has dealt me such severe blows...

...that my skin is tough as leather.

For this reason, I choose to divert my poison to the palace...

...and the milk of my kindness to the general public.

But there have been times when I've been consumed by rage.

I allowed myself to be overcome with hatred.

Later, I repent of my words and actions.

But -

You assumed great responsibilities at a tender age, I know.

Your suffering has been great. Such is the human condition.

Praise God, you have endured.

When you feel remorse, pray.

It will relieve you. Perform two verses of prayers.

Follow the ways of His Holiness Mahmud Hudai.

He and Sultan Ahmed were like father and son.

I'll do what you say.

I'll do it...

...starting tomorrow.

Greetings, Halil Agha.

Greetings, Behram Agha.

Remember the promise you gave Grandmother Sultana.

Grandmother Sultana is our benefactress.

If this is what she wants, there must be a reason.

Meet at the garden gate when everyone is gone.

Ali Agha will leave the door unlocked.

He will arm his men and wait.

The state is in the hands of a boy.

Mehmed Khan and his mother know nothing of affairs of state.

We must show them who has the strength and power.

- Stand by at dusk. - At your command, my Sultana.

Do you remember the day I saved you from...

...the executioner, Üveys Agha? Oh what a day!

How could I forget, my Sultana! I've never forgotten!

Every day I pray to God to give me the opportunity... repay my debt.

Well, your prayers have been answered, Agha.

The opportunity to repay your debt has arisen.

This is the day!

At your command, my Sultan. My life belongs to you.

Take this.

After dusk, pour it into the sherbet from the Sultan's kitchen.

Mehmed Khan's sherbet?

Down with his reign!

He's so busy playing soldier, when can he find time to rule?

The empire is in ruins and he doesn't even realize it!

And his mother couldn't care less.

Praise be to God, the Empire is not without a head.

Listen, Agha. The army has made its decision.

And I have assented.

Until my son Murad came of age, I governed the Empire for ten years.

I did not do that in order for the Ottoman Empire... land in the hands of a child.

We have reached agreement and made our decision.

We are blameless.

A quarter measure should be sufficient.

But use half, just in case.

My Sultana, of course you know best.

Your wish is my command.

But the Sultan does not always drink sherbet.

What if he doesn't want it?

If he doesn't, he won't drink it.

But if he does, give it to him. Off with you.

Have you talked to the Aghas? Have measures been taken?

Everything is ready, my Sultana.

You've also talked to Royal Quartermaster Ali Agha.

He said not to worry. Your wish is his command.

And I talked to Head Janissary Halil Agha.

Everything is ready. After sunset-

I leave nothing to chance, Behram.

If he survives Üveys' poison he'll be caught in the army's net.

There is no turning back.

My Sultana... ...your garments are ready

for the accession ceremony.

I can't do it!

I must see the Sultana.

What is it?

It's private. I must speak in person.

This is no time to make a petition.

That's not it, Agha. It's urgent!

Okay, follow me.

I've forgotten how many bloodstained garments I've donned.

May this be the last time.

Ahmed, you shouldn't have left me.

It was you who said we are nothing unless we hold the reins of power.

For years I have endured your mother, Mahfiruz, our sons.

It was I who saved Ibrahim from Murad

and installed him on the throne.

And it is was I who drove him into the clutches of Kara Ali.

My son's blood is on my hands.

And now, Turhan obstructs me.

I myself chose that foolish girl

to amuse my son, lbrahim.

I imagined she would sit quietly.

But she's revealed as a snake!

So, she seeks to poison Sultan Mehmed.

Have I heard you correctly?

I passed on what I heard, my Sultana.

Grandmother Sultana seeks to take the life of our sultan.

On her orders, the Janissaries...

...will enter the palace after sunset.

I tell you so you can make provisions.

Have Royal Guardian Reyhan and Ismail Agha come immediately.

At your command, my Sultana.

You spoke of taking measures.

You were right.

A person who betrays the hand that feeds is capable of anything.

My Sultan, I beg you.

You misunderstand me.

Your fears are groundless.

All measures are complete.

You're right.

The time has come.

I'll perform my prayers in the quarters of the aghas.

Then I'll let the Janissaries into the palace by the garden gate.

Don't worry.

What's keeping that girl?

It's time to take up arms, aghas.

First, we must take Sultan Mehmed to a safe place.

Eyup is a secure area.

Then we'll spread word in the halberdiers' barracks...

...of Grandmother Sultana's schemes.

We'll ask if they'll stand by as the Sultan's life is threatened.

I know all the chiefs of the Janissary corps.

Leave it to me to select and arm a few of them.

Suleyman and I will ensure the protection of our Sultan.

We won't allow anyone to touch him.

We'll also post guards in the area.

They'll be taking action right after prayers.

We must act before the Janissaries are at the door.

We must put a stop to Grandmother Sultana.


Listen Agha, if the soldiers come and find the door locked

everything will go wrong.

Zeynel will open the door, Agha.

When you get inside...

...don't get confused and lose your sense of direction...

I'll wait for the soldiers.

Don't worry Agha. There'll be no confusion.

We'll follow the path you described

and find the apartment of the Mother Sultana.

The Mother Sultan sends her regards, Agha.

The Grandmother has attempted to take the life of the Sultan.

She tried to break the established order.

It is therefore necessary to end her life.

The Mother Sultana's wish is is our command.

Musa, take your men and go to the gate of the Harem.

The rest of you come with me.

- What are you doing here at this hour? - Locking the door, Agha.

You lie!

Don't! Don't!

Lock the door.

Palace guard Ali Agha said the door would be open.

The Janissaries are at the door of the harem.

Take me to the Grandmother Sultana.

How are we supposed to know where to go?

It's best we scatter.

You, check over there.

There are soldiers in the harem.

- Wait here until further notice. - Okay, be careful.

- She's not here. - She's not here either.

Behram Agha, the guards are in the harem. We must act quickly.

We must protect Grandmother Sultana.

Find Halil Agha, Chief of the Janissaries.

I'm going to the Grandmother Sultana.



- Mahir? - Yes, my Sultana.

Haven't the Janissaries and guards come yet?

They'll soon be here, Sultana.

Idiots! Oafs!

Get your hands off me!

Ahmed, save me!

Save me from these murderers!

Come, my lion, come!

If you expect me to plead...'re making a mistake!

I am the wife of Sultan Ahmed.

I am the mother of Sultan Murad and lbrahim.

I have governed for 11 years.

As the Sultana...

...As the Sultan's wife...

...And as the mother of the Sultans.

I shall not fear death.

The greatest woman in Ottoman history, Sultana Kösem Mahpeyker...

... was murdered on September 2, 1651, at the age of 61.

Her life was a struggle for love, power and absolute rule.

When her son, Murad IV, ascended the throne, she ruled the Empire...

... for 10 years as the sole sovereign.

Kösem Mahpeyker was the last Mother Sultana...

... Topkapi Palace ever knew.

Sultan Mehmed IV and his mother, Sultana Turhan, were...

... pleased by her demise.

However, because of the charities she helped to establish...

... for orphans, the needy and the sick...

... and because it was believed she followed in the path of the saintly...

... Hizir Aleyhisselam, the people of Istanbul mourned her for many weeks.