Mahler (1974) - full transcript

Both trifles and structure are tossed out the door by director Ken Russell in this film. Here, historical content matters not so much as metaphors, feelings, emotions, and interpretations, and pay close attention, as every word and frame is intended to be important. The film takes place on a single train ride, in which the sickly composer Gustav Mahler and his wife, Alma, confront the reasons behind their faltered marriage and dying love. Each word seems to evoke memories of past, and so the audience witnesses events of Mahler's life that explain somewhat his present state. Included are his turbulent and dysfunctional family life as a child, his discovery of solace in the "natural" world, his brother's suicide, his [unwanted] conversion from Judiasm to Catholicism, his rocky marriage and the death of their young child. The movie weaves in and out of dreams, flashbacks, thoughts and reality as Russell poetically describes the man behind the music.

How are you? Did you sleep well?

Well. As a stump.

No, like a rock.

The first movement of the 3rd Symphony
turning in my head.

This is suggestive.

It must be because you run tomorrow.

I was the music.

The music was rock,
and the rock, it was me.

Close the window, it is cold.

You must be feverish.
Let me take your temperature.

There is no question of fever.
It's cold. Close the window.

Do not complain.

You were part of the dream.
- I was a pebble, probably.

No, you were a living being,
struggling to be born.

Finally, you noticed.

A chrysalis.

Ready to become a colorful butterfly.

Where are you going?

I'm flying to a fashion magazine.

Do I have the honor to speak
Dr. Gustav Mahler?

Siegfried Krenek, the news reporter

Dr Mahler, is it true... break the contract
conductor in New York.

Because competition with
Toscanini is too strong?

Or because we do not like your music?

Or for health reasons?

I had enough skyscrapers and Sarsaparilla.

I want to find a place sunny near Vienna...

...grow grapes and breathe again.

Pulmonary congestion... It's health?

Why are we today so literal?

I was speaking metaphorically.

Why did you have to leave
The Vienna Opera?

By Semitism?

Or because your
musicians were treated like slaves?

I have too much trouble.

Dr Mahler,
you prefer directing or composing?

I manage to live,

I live to compose.

You just made me lose
two minutes of my time,

Mr. Krenek.

Why not teach like me
the New York Philharmonic?


Very well.
Thank you, Dr. Mahler.

Very kind of you responded.
It was an honor.

All of Austria is proud see you again.

Do not say anything. I know.

I could be your shadow,
for the little that I exist.

I expected that.

It's time to change your tune.

There were many music until you kill them.

Just above the wheels...

And next to the toilet...

Is the compartment noise?

Now you will say your entire personality.

Charm controller.

Seduce and give us another compartment.

It was the last, luckily...
- I still have a headache.



And silence.

The greatest quality is silence.

Gustav, a sepulchral silence.

No, my dear. It's noisy as a manger. Listen.

Putzi sleeps, that's not it...


Honey, these are the
sounds of the campaign...


If you were embarrassed,
would you write the labeled parts.

What tell me the forest animals...

...or tell me What the flowers Prairie.

Titles are clearly revealing.

All your music is a hymn to nature.

Not all.

You forget the most important title...

This tells me love.

Help me.

I do not want to imitate nature, but
grasp its essence.

If all the birds and animals
would die tomorrow,

if the world became a desert,

people hearing my music could still know...

...and feel what nature.

If you really want to help me in my work...

...trying to quell the tumult.

When will you watch my songs, Gustav?

You promise since our marriage.

I want to study in depth and take time.

When I cease to lead,
compose all the time...

...rather than holidays,
will be different.

Ravens are the most annoying.

If we get rid of the nests,
there will be more offspring.

There is a lot of work ahead.

Close the door quietly.

You do not have frightened crows...

...and we have a lot of music
copy after lunch.

You need a bath.

The controller will see what he can do.

There is no free compartment.
Hopefully someone wants to change.

New Stop minutes.

You could lie down?

My God.

Why do I always honor
of this detestable music?

Cursed wind instrument.

You should not have to use as your

A welcoming committee.
They want to hear a few words.

You will speak.

Where are you going?
- At the sink.

What am I saying?

Tell them that music me out of the womb.

Bernhard Mahler Wine & Spirits.


You mean, my son?




Least ten.

- Ten less.

Since your five years
I taught you everything.

Range these bottles.

We'll try next year.

For nine months I paid a private tutor...

...for the input college exam.

I bought expensive books.

Grammar Schmidt syntax Hindemann,

and a selection of works...
His name? Goethe.

So, you repay me by missing
your schooling?

I threw 50 crowns in the trash.
- It's not enough.

- It's not enough.

Not enough... What do you say?

With the sacrifices your mother and me...
How ungrateful.

What I had...

Father Karl Ritter
was bribed with 500 crowns... see that with my ten least...

...they do not want a fellow Jew.

It's École Polytechnique?
- Yes.

Dirty son of a bitch.

Pour this shame on me and my house.

Killed with my own hands.

Take the soup before it cools.

What good is a graduate of
the Ecole Polytechnique,

if the public worldwide
admire the good pianists?

Who really? You Ignaz Moscheles.

Franz Liszt, Rubenstein.

With lessons from my old friend Sladky...

...and a scholarship Conservatory Prague... have the world at your feet.

The whole world at your feet.

You like Gustav?
- Yes, Aunt Rose.

Alfred Grunfeld was himself a child prodigy
Academy Sladky.

It looks like a factory wonders.

A plant of Jewish children
with bow ties and loafers varnish.

What is a piano without a pianist?
- I use it in part.


Gustav will be a child prodigy.
Is not that wonderful?

The grandfather speak to Sladky.

No fewer than three crowns lesson...

A crown.

Crowns, crowns...

Crowns for books,
food for the family.

And now for the music.


Sladky always asked three
crowns per lesson.

To his old friend, a crown.

He owes me a favor.

Grunfeld bought two houses for his parents
in France.

And Sigismund Thalberg
was presented to the King of England.

Bernhard, I see our son
play at Buckingham Palace.

- And a crown.

A crown...

Brings schnapps, Berta.

Let's drink to the future
fame and fortune of my son.

Sladky Academy of Music.

Which title will you give to that?

The name of Serenade Kitten.

I would have said the Miserere Cat Dying.

Eine Kleine Katmusik. ...

This is from where?
- In my head.

It should stay there.

Even a monkey is smarter.
He?? can play the piano with one finger,

nose picking with another
and eating a banana at the same time.

But to play the piano as a genius...

And the engineering application
of skills, competencies...

And still more skills.

Skills major. Get started.

Bends inward elbows, wrists,

elbows, wrists,

elbows, wrists...

Eight... Eight crowns.

To pay another month of lessons.


Do not worry about money.
This is a good investment.

Why not lessons of composition?

What composer made his fortune?

Mozart is buried in a mass grave.

I do not think I can
become a concert pianist.

Train, my son.

Become the king of the keyboard.
Did you go...

Make us proud of you.

Goodbye, father. Thank you.

Elbows, wrists,

elbows, wrists...

The first to make the round trip won.

Well done.


Look, it's that idiot Mahler.

How's your old man's eye?

It is time the pigs Jews take a bath.

Shut up.

If you think you win a prize,
you're wrong.

Jews always want something for nothing.

Return to your books.
- And your piano, tantouse.

Idiot Jewish...

Tantouse, tantouse.

They call me Old Nick.
What is your name?

Mahler, Gustav.


Medley Since when do you?

Two years, but I do not float.

Not more than a bar of iron.

But the boats, yes,
like dolphins.

Why not stay with us?

Relax, let yourself go.

Forget swimming,
it will come by itself.

Where are you taking me?
- Floating.

I do not want.

Look at the clouds.
As they float.

It's Easy?
- Because you support me.

And no hands.

No, do not think fall...

...but you float.


It's not easy?

What is it?
- My Music.

Good title, What says Nature.

It is strange and even a little ambitious.


I think you the divine spark.

All we have deep within us...

...shines in the darkness.

But we need that spark... ignite us.

This is what you lack.

Because of the age?
It's nothing.

Rossini composed
symphonies to seven years.

The technique? Easy as ABC.

No, no, no...

...really Feel the nature
it's your shortcoming.

This tells me nature...
What are these fruits.

I do not know.

What tree is this?
- I do not know.

And the birds?
- They are too fast.


What bird sings?
- The Girl?

In this period? They migrate.

Do you know where?

When the moon rises?

What brings the north wind?

Where is the Big Dipper?
- I do not know.

And you dare call music.

Who has not lived in the desert
like an animal or a rock...

...never wrote two notes which are worth.

My God, what your parents thought
all these years?

I recognize lilac,
at least when it is in bloom.

You come every day?


I am elsewhere.

This is a pianist Franz Liszt.

Half as good as Franz Liszt... will be good.

This morning on the way to Littmans,

I met the old Mendelssohn.

Nephew Felix.

You know how it takes per performance?

- 800 crowns.

800 crowns per concert.

And you know how,
with 15 concerts a month.

Of course, you can do more.
Without spending more.

Just a few partitions.

The other expenses are the
responsibility of the organizers.

Some concerts do not last half an hour.

Account how much it minute.

800 by 30...
- The child will need a representative.

To protect it from developers.

And where to find outside the family?

No. A parent,
to take his interests at heart.

I said how much?

Maybe Gustav will he
something after dinner?

I have to be a millionaire.
I own property,

I hunt, tenants pay me rent.

You know,
I sent my son to college.

I do not have to worry about him.

I'm a millionaire.

You pay me.

I'll kill him.

I still money.

I'm not going to fly.


I'm tired of your pride of poor...

...your dreams of fame and wealth.

We are not rich as our sorrows.

There was never any blood in this house.

And I want to see blood from anyone.

Hello, Gustav.



Take. Read.

See what is said.

'Dear Alma, I love you. Max.'

How is the composition?
Still to Beethoven?

Someone do the same if I were deaf.

From what I hear,
is the least of your problems.

They never remember how
many symphonies wrote.

Beethoven. New, is not it?

And that no other composer can not exceed

When will your 10th symphony?

If you try to intimidate me,
it missed.

I'm not superstitious.

All Jews are.

You're not Jewish, is not it?

Since you're famous.

I do not remember,
What is your religion?

I am...


If you want to talk to my wife,
wait outside.

No, Gustav.
I want to talk to you.

You know what I feel for her.

I need it, I love it.
I can not live without it.

What originality.
I have to make music.

And I did not know you were a poet.

You, so fun.

Thank you your franchise.

You know that it's over,
and why.

You'll be better off with a nurse
and I with her.

They say you informed:
Your music speaks for humanity...

...warmth and understanding.
Prove it.

I'm tired being told as she talks to people.

It begins where words stop.

And no need for a symphony
to tell you to get out.

I stay in St. Pölten.
I hope you will come.

A lady from the center of the car
accept an exchange.

I said that you are and you're sick.

I do not move.

Why not move?

I struggled.

Bearer Sorry,
there has been a misunderstanding.

Of course, Dr Mahler,
there is no harm.

Thank you.

I heard seeking peace, Dr. Mahler.

God of Heaven.


All appreciate the sensitivity
of a remarkable mind,

so delicately tuned to
vibrations of the infinite,

not to mention harmony of the universe.

I'm afraid my husband
has changed his mind.

He wants...
- Alma, please.


It's an honor to be
with someone who knows.

The music of galaxies?

No, death.

You've got the wrong person.
- No, it's in the papers.

Your last symphony, the 9th,
deals with death.

Death implacable enemy, mocking,

lover even death.

Who is this man floating in the air?

Who is this man floating in the air?

Some say God.


Who is God?
- He created everything.

It seems a man.
Everyone is there a god?

All started with God.

This tree?
- Yes.

And the water?
- Yes.

God is Lulu?

Even Lulu.

How can God be so different?
- Watch...

Watch your fingers.

They are different?
- Yes.

Everything is within you.

Do not stay long.


When we die,
a piece of God dies?

No, some never dies.

Nobody sees it.
- How do we know?

Do you see anything?
- No.

And you?
- No.

Come here.

Now what?
- Yes.

Can I watch?

The unfathomable is not non-existence.

How rainbow arc?

There is something in us... one can see.

Not even there?
- No.

What is it?

Some call it mind,

others call it the soul.

This game never dies.
- Never?


And what happens?

It is the spirit of God.

Good night.

What are angels?

They are what the old considered spiritual.

- Of course not.

Who are they?
- Dirty Angels.

The evil spirits.

They would live in a place called Hell

And if you do stupid things, we will go?

Do not worry.
It's just a fairy tale.

If we're nice, we will wings?


Have been good or bad
makes no difference.

Neither reward nor punishment.

Heaven and Hell are
invented by man, not by God.

So there's nothing?
- Oh. If.

Of course, there is one thing...

...that God shares with us all.



We all die.

We will see God.

We are going to die, die...

Yes, even mocking death or lover.

I read in the New York Times.

Do not believe the newspapers, ma'am.

They exaggerate.

Death... You should read a farewell.

The symphony is a farewell to love.

Thanks for your consideration.

Death, death...
No more talking about it.

What are you doing?

If you hid another lover.

And you.
Your pigeonnantes opera divas.

Stop and call controller.

I'm not dead yet.

Like to see behind me.

Max, Kokoschka,
an army at your feet.

Always wanted stardom.

You do not want that reputation.

I can not stop you.

Go to St. Pölten with Max.
I do not care.

- Gustav.

The tenth...

I dreamed... I imagined...

Do not say anything.

A doctor examine you to the next station.

It was my funeral.

I was alive and you were with Max.

I wanted to live,
but you do not notice.

It was horrible.
- Do not worry, it's over.

I understand.

Go gently among fields,

taste the Summer joy... find the Prince of Love...

...hanging in the sunshine.

He picks up a lily for my hair...

...and flushed my face.

I am driving its beautiful gardens...

...= = hatch where his golden pleasures.

May sweet dew wets my wings...

...and Phoebus fanning my
voice rage .

He trap me in a silky fabric,

to appear in his gilded cage.

He likes to sit and listen to me sing,

then he romps and sings with me.

It covers my gold / I wing...

...and mocks my loss of liberty.

I do not applaud the song, but you.

This is divinely sung.

Thank you.
- It's lovely dear,

despite reminiscent of Zemlinsky.

My teacher...
- It's a bit derivative Arensky.

Derived turn Rachmaninov.

This is reminiscent Paderewski.

Who owes so much to Tchaikovsky.

For all amateur musicians...

...the slightest thing to do is the best.

Enough Gustav.

Your song is charming, Alma,

But a little naive, childlike.

Critics accuse me of naivete.

Do not associate naive children,

they do not even know what it is.

Paradise surrounds our childhood.

To enter this world,
we see with the eyes of children...

...and hear with their ears.

What you've captured perfectly
in the 4th Symphony.

The vision for children of Paradise, Divine...

If Alma has no songs to sing,

continue with Tristan, is not it.

Yes, going to work.

The music is beautiful,
but does not pay the rent.

You like?

Yes, I was surprised.

You are talented but...

...leave it to the professionals.

Remain what you are.

A housewife.

...I - I know what I want to be.

I did not mean that.

I do not want to see you suffer.
I've seen so many...

The Emperor will see you.
Say 'His Majesty.'

His Excellency, Francis
Joseph, Emperor of Austria.

Justine and Gustav Mahler.

It is an honor that Her Majesty
give us a hearing.

I am not flattering.

No verbiage, get to the point.

You asked management...

...the Opera Theatre
Imperial Court in Vienna.

You realize that it is the aspiration...

...any musician.

You need to be aware...

Hugo Wolfe applied for that position.

Yes, Your Majesty, I am informed.

- They died, Majesty.

What are your qualifications?

In 1875, I joined the Vienna Conservatory.

A year later, at age 16,
I won a piano competition.

And two years later,
composition with a quintet.

Your success does not interest us.

We want a Director...

...not a frustrated composer
using his position... ensure the implementation of
his little symphony.

As in Prague.

You have a brother composer?

True. Otto.

Best composer you, is this true?

This is a young bright future,

He requested a hearing,
but I was busy. Too bad.

I want a walk. Everyone has one.

Continue exposing your merits.

Artistic director and conductor
of the Royal Opera Hungary...

...and the Hamburg Opera.

Okay, and your social skills?

Do you dance the waltz?
- Yes, Your Majesty.

And your lovely wife?

Yes, Your Majesty.


And what else?

Whether dancing, Majesty?

No, musical skills.

Let, Your Majesty...

Last year I chose to drive.

A season of German music at
the Royal Opera in London.

I received some success
with the works of Wagner.


This is a problem.

Down your pants.

You say, Your Majesty?

Down the pants.

Your wife will not object,
you are intimate.

You are very Jewish.

This is unfortunate.

We have good surgeons...

...they could certainly hide circumcision...

...but even so, I doubt
deceive Cosima Wagner.

She feels a Jew for miles.

It is even more Semitic than her husband.

If I can not influence it,
I would stay tied.

I rule the nation,
but the world of music.

It's a shame you dance divinely.

We need to finish the hearing.

It's time for my therapeutic bath.


Take your sister, Dr. Mahler.

Herr Wolfe could become fierce.

Go back to your room.

Poor Hugo Has he mentioned me?

Just to say that you are better
than your brother composer.

He wants a walk.

Music easy for simple mind.

Why not come and see me?

Why he continues to believe that it
is the Emperor of Austria...

...rather than a musician?
I do not know.

Do not even think that he could lead.

I do not know how he knew
I asked the post.

You must have heard it all.

I had a bad time.

Maybe it revenge
for him taking this position?

They have not given me this position.

I want to talk to Dr. Richter.

I'm going to a concert of Tchaikovsky.

Otto you home.

Then we have dinner.
I invite you.

As already promised yesterday...

We have dinner at home.
- I'll do the shopping.

You treat me like a child.

It must be married.
- You win a cover.

This way.

In many ways, you and Hugo
suffer the same misfortune...

...a common factor.

Before you great composers
had to earn a living...

...directing the work of others.

Some can not resist them.

Tchaikovsky, Schumann, eg.

Cracked as our poor Hugo.

It's still true?
- Everyday...

...reams of music,
everything is bad.

Her songs are the best ever written.

I think you studied at the Conservatoire.


He was already greater than his teachers.

If I get the job to which he aspires,

what impact on him?

Will you refuse?

We were very close.

All we wanted,

me, my sister, the whole family...
- We all have responsibilities.

You and Your Family.
And I, Hugo.



Just in time to hear my last song.

Critics say that I serve.

Relax, Hugo it will go.

I do not want to see you suffer.

Let compose idiots who do not
know to do anything else.

I'll put the kids.


Your music.

Let's review the Liebstodt.

We will try, if my voice allows.

I consumai flames.

You and Me Max rites.

It's terrible destroy something living,

nobody sees.

This is terrible.
It changes you.

I understand.
- Really?

I'm surprised.
But it is possible.

Before Vienna choose Max or me.

Gustav, please.

Let your heart speak, not duty.

Duty destroyed...

...always destroyed.

Cous stuffed and kasha, you must
hungry. In five minutes.

Wonderful, I'm starving.

What is it, Otto?
- Something new.

This is not over.
This is called Laying Sun.


Interesting is easy.
Sublime, it's difficult.

You write beautifully.

And she writes well.
School of Business...

From the lost money...

At least I can earn money when I graduate.

When you finish your
precious Conservatory...

...what guarantee that someone
is paying for your music?

Look Gustav...

...if it does not succeed, then you?

I will only pay your lunch?

Morning, afternoon and evening.

Hello, Otto.
Jews have such a bad reputation.

And school?
- Rotten.

When shall we go to America?

When our brother we will
pay the travel, honey.

You are incorrigible.

Just ask for a loan.

America is the land of
golden opportunities...

...and when I am a star, I will every penny.


You déshonoreras our name.

We are not rich, but Gustav
and I have a worthy profession.

I prefer to be part of the oldest professions.

This can not last.

Shut up.

You're right.

If I have the job finished problems.

Hugo believed there and see where it is.

Hugo said.

He gave me the answer.

Maybe religion is the obstacle.

And I am the best in the country.

Between me and the post,
there Cosima Wagner.

You're going to marry?

Way More...

I'm Catholic.

with Cosima Wagner and Gustav Mahler.

Valhalla, Altar of the Goddess
music. Cosima Wagner.


Intercession of the Sacred Heart.

Kill the Dragon Gods Veterans.

Still Kosher?

And then appeared the Lyrics.

Since you're not Jewish,

stronger and happier,
you're one of us.

You're a goy.

The doors open to you,

while I smile,

Director Mahler, sieg heil.

You led me up.

You will go far.

You're my passport to Heaven.

You're not a dog...
- You gave me the job.

You're going to get money..
- I'll touch.

Thank God..
- Thank God.

Thank God..
- Thank God.

I managed.
- What, Gustav?

Passport to Heaven.

Keys to the Kingdom of
the Vienna State Opera.

How could you?

This is no worse than pulling teeth.

Frankincense was used as anesthetic.

Gustav. What would our mother?

'Eventually, the boy
at the gates of Buckingham.'

I mean your conversion
for the good of the family.

To hell with the family.
I did it for me.

I hope you will not regret.

You think God's wrath will befall?

Do not worry, he's dead.

Man is his own God.

I was baptized in the Church of Christ...

...and now me the cornucopia.

Baptize me champagne at the Cafe Royal.

I'm not dressed. And the others?

Take the champagne at home.
We look forward, in particular Otto.


Buy a magnum. No, two.

O magnum mysterium.

Do you think that will be enough?

One less mouth to feed.

Your second poor brother, Otto.

No, never do anything to clear itself.

I sacrificed everything for my work
for years... generally end in disaster.

Doing things out of love, not duty.

If you prefer Max, go with him.

Thank you.


It is Putzi.

Lower the blinds.

The body should not be shown.

But kids want to give their bouquets.

A funeral wreaths.

No bouquets, but crowns.

Lower the blinds.

Doctor, thank you for coming.
Is my husband.

I was putting my luggage, Doctor.

When will the first attack?

Gustav. What do you think?

I try to think Development...

...1 movement of the 6th Symphony.

- Does the house is burning?


This must be important to bother me.

What is this?

Songs on the death of children.

Why not delight children,
children's lives?

There are many forms of death...

There is the death of innocence.

I do not choose the subject,
it is he who chooses me.

Take care of children.
And I music.

You are inhuman. You
would sacrifice we all... a single note of music that unhealthy.

That fleet.

Under the storm and the cry of the wind,

I shelter children in the house,

but a voice tumultuous called out.

I have not been able to prevent.

Under the storm and the cry of the wind,

I shelter the children in the house.

I'm afraid that the danger lies in wait.

I torment for them.

Under the storm and the cry of the wind,

I shelter the children in the house.

I fear death at dawn.

I can not save them.

Under the storm and the cry of the wind,

I shelter children in the house,

but I lost in the storm.

I have not been able to prevent.

Under the storm,

when the storm roars...

...and the winds complain,

it rests,

he based... in the arms of his mother,

in the arms of his mother.

Now no demon can not take them,

God will not abandon .

They rest,

they rest,

as in the arms of their mother,

as in the arms of their mother.


When your sweet mother... through this door,

I turn my head to look at...

...=. = First, my eyes do not go to his face,

but in this place beside her,

Where your beautiful face should be,

giving me a smile for Night... you did,

my little.

When your sweet mother
in through this door... the candlelight,

I remember how you came to me,

walking in front of it to say good night.

Darkness wins...

...and remain only.

O. Light of joy...

...forever part.

I had my first heart attack
after the death of one of my daughters.

Yes, I read that,

not on the attack, but the coincidence...

The death of the child and your
morbid songs.

I was scared by writing
presaging something.

But I must continue
despite the consequences.

The more I know about life and death,

and more I see a macabre joke.

Why live? Why suffer and die for know?

There are long,
my understanding...

If I could answer with words.

I do not write music.

If you understand,
many will never know.

I myself have poor hearing.
Say 'ah'.


Slight infection, inflammation.

Do not worry,
ditto for the heart,

but no excess.

Avoid exercise,
running and swimming.

Take care of yourself, you will live old.

And the band?

I have a concert tomorrow.
- That depends on you.

When was your last exam?

Yesterday, a clinic in Paris,
before taking the train.

He also saw infection in the throat.


I send a report to your doctor... confirm cardiac diagnosis.

Beware throat.
Gargles morning and evening.

Take a high dose of Mendelssohn to heal.

To heal my hearing.

I would rather die than to hear that noise.

Maybe. It is said that the Devil
has the best songs.

May sing together.

Mahler. Mahler.

Say the word. Speak.

This is good news.

For me or Max?
What did you tell him?

I talked to the doctor your heart.

Rest, and you'll be fine.

Soon we arrive in St. Pölten.

You can leave me a clear conscience.

Yes, I can.

As long as I knew loved me, what did I
to be...

...your housekeeper,
your copier or your bitch.

I thought you would stop loving your music

you would start to love me.

You do not understand?

My music is my love for you.

This is you.

I was thinking the birds and bees.

Do you remember the summer of 1904?
- It was hot.

Is that all?
- You were unbearable.

There was a reason.
- Yes, that damned 6th Symphony.

True, I was wrong.

I was in despair.

Hugo, Otto...
I wanted to end it all.

But that made me to life?

What is the unique and brilliant spark
the whole symphony?

Have you forgotten the 2nd
theme of the first movement?

I just copied everything, you remember?

You do you recognize?

It is you, my love.

Until my music live,

our love will live.

My sister? It's even Dr. Roth.
I phone the station.

I came as soon as I learned.

I confirm diagnosis,

for throat infection.

I fear carditis was revived.

No chance, a few weeks.
Everything ready?

We'll be at the hospital in about 15 minutes,

if I do not lose it.
Yes, it is a tragedy.

This is Dr. Roth.
- It's nice being here.

You can get Doctor we will live forever.