Mahjong (1996) - full transcript

When a well known businessman goes missing, owing $100m to Taipei's underworld, two hoods decide to follow his son, the leader of a youth gang. A small group of trendy foreigners gets caught up in the action.

Taipei: Chen, a millionaire, is missing

Reputedly, his debts are
more than ten billion

They think the best way to get
to him is through his son

Hey, boss

Which one is his son?


I heard from a man on the inside

His son has joined some gang

I'm sure it's his son

Please get off

In which direction?

Chase them?

Kill them?

You still think about a ransom?

If not, then what it is?

What does 'on credit' mean?

Back, quickly!

What's up?

You sure it's that car?

Jay, with his unique fucking pink Benz


Hey, Ginger, fabulous outfit

I want you to meet my new friend, Hongkong

Hongkong? How did you ever
get a name like that?

Does he look like what of those good
looking young boys from Hongkong?

John, this is Jay, Master hair designer..
The best in town, right?

HongKong is working for me in the salon
He has the best hands in the business

Let him have a few moments with your hair

I just love your red hair

Jesus Jay, give me a break

This blonde

Has had her day now.

But before, just to splay her two legs was 200
thousand in even I couldn't help laughing!

And now does she still do it?

My little sweety

She has just moved from the cartel to
the spring bed.

But she's still in bed

Ten years ago, she came
to Taiwan as a showgirl

Now there is no show

But she still plays the blond bitch

She's rich

Hey Jay! Who are you with? Wanna join us?

Alison, I want you to meet my new friend
- Hongkong

You from Hongkong?

He hasn't done his military service yet..
No travelling for this boy!

He is too young

Hongkong, great name!

That's where we met

Marques is a designer

He has done some design for our salon

Now he's the hottest designer in Taipei

This is just spooky, once you get to Taiwan

His gallery was prosperous

Just like a walk-on in a comedy show

But he thought he was something

If Alison hadn't found him a job

He would still be drawing alms in London

Why did they come here?

Cause they couldn't make a
living in their own country

And they came here for free meals

You should be careful of them

Be right over


Ginger! You look great, Ginger!

Thank you! So do you!
Thank you very much!

So what's the word?

Stock market sucks, really slow
I'm thinking about going to China

Doing what?

You will soon find out

Oh, some family entertainment, I'm sure

Are you bringing David
Copperfield to China?

What? See that girl?

She's looking at me

Alison, you're so beautiful

That one by your side is your lover?

I'm a one hundred percent asshole

Kiss, although kissing is ominous

Where's Jay's car?

Like this

Awesome, right?

What a has really saved my life.

It almost stifled me

No more driving tonight

What's wrong? Please, don't
bring me more troubles, ok?

Yes, little Buddha has seen your car

If something happens, you shouldn't
be in it. He's supernatural.

I don't care.

Carpe diem

Oh, right, this is Lunlun, my
schoolfellow..his first time here

Great, one more for company,

I don't think my car has
a big problem, right?

What a coincidence, Lunlun
once worked in a garage

You should ask him for help
if there's something up

Alright, why didn't you mention it earlier

It's your first time here?

Do you know The Beatles?

They have a lot of of the
guitars that they've played.

Bring some drinks, my treat

Let all live as they would die.


Wait a minute - wait a minute!
Why don't you go to talk to him?

He looks like a stranger to me

So what's wrong with a stranger?
I just met you an hour ago

I'll talk to him when he is alone

Wait a minute, what did
you say your name was?


Marthe, Marthe. Good, look,
what's the problem?

You just came all the way from Paris to see him. I just left a big
job on my desk to bring you here. You just going to walk away?

I didn't tell him when I was coming
What if he doesn't remember me

Look, look, look, come on.

Don't make a big story out of it
I've got to get back to work

Trust me! It will be fine. It will be
like he never left you. Come on, come on!


Look who I've found!
Marthe? Ginger, Alison.

She just showed up in the
office looking for you.


Ginger, Alison, this is Marthe.

I told you about Marthe.

No. Am I interrupting something?

Oh, not at all. Please join us.
David, you're staying too, right?

No, I've made out to finish that south
elevation by tomorrow. See you all later!

David, hold on a minute!

I'll be right back.

What say you?

Which one do you like more, I know them all

I'll introduce them to you

There's no problem with my car

I never believe prophets

Toast, Hongkong

I'm not Hongkong

I'm Lunlun

That's why I like you

Hongkong brings me one everyday

You are drunk

I'm not at all drunk

I can count

Come on, turn around

Just count to 3

What do you think?



Have problems?


How many women do you have?

Why did you bring her down here?

Come to ask your help

The only one she knows in Taiwan is you.
What am I supposed to do?

Oh, Christ, David! What you are stupid!
Those fools are working for me.

She got pregnant?

What happened? You gonna be a father.

Oh, no, no! I just arrived from Paris.

Today? You mean just now?

Oh. Just to go to school here?

Oh, no, no. Just to see Marques.

I used to know him.

From London?

Maybe you're his girlfriend now..yes?
Oh, no! Not me!

Marthe, Marthe! May I have a word with you?

I can't stay.

I'll wait for Marques in my hotel. There is
my address. Would you please give it to him?

Marthe, you seems like a good girl, Marthe.
Can I tell you something?

I think I know what you
are doing right here.

You've travelled a long way just for a man.

Kind of admire you for that

You know, this part of the world is maybe
a great place for a lot of things,

but maybe not the greatest place for love.

If you find things are disappointing,

there is still a lot that girls like you
can do here.

It's kinda like the wild west,
then you seem to be a quick draw

Look, let me know if you
decide to stick around

You know?

You remind me a lot of
myself ten years ago.

Alison, would you please wait for me here?
I'll be right back, OK?

Hey, Marques?

Don't bother coming back

Don't talk like this at this place

You must be bloody mad showing up here!

This is the end of 20th century.
You could have called or written

We do have things called fax
machine these days you know

What are you trying to prove?

But you just left

You left without saying a word.
You just disappeared from my life.

If I call back

Would you?

I wanted to see you face to face. I wanted to
know what's happening between us, Marques.

I was shut down

I'd nowhere to turn. No prospects.

No business. It was a
bloody dead end, all right?

I had to get out of London.

But why didn't you come to Paris?
Paris, come off it!

How much French do I know?

What kind of work was I going to get, huh?

Did you for one minute think
how much trouble you'll be for me, huh?

Who do you think you are, anyway...
Victor Hugo's daughter?

So you come here?
How much Chinese you speak?

Christ! Everybody here speaks English!

Go back and try it out in Paris!

I'm staying.

What for? For me?

How much money you've got?

Where you planning to stay?
Come on, where!

How long do you think you'll last?

Just a hotel room alone is 150 quid

What are you worried about?

I came by myself and I'll look after myself


- OK! Go on!
Go ahead and do it!
- Yes, I'll try it and I'll do it!

Did you see where Alison went?

Can't lose Alison now, can you?

Bugger that!

Not many girls like Marthe nowadays

How old is she anyway?
16... 17?

Don't get any ideas about Marthe

Hey, you're talking to the next
vp of international affairs

I'm corporate now

What ever happened to your escort service?

Don't act so holy, Mr Lindsay

You and I are not that
different and you know it.

Where are you, Hongkong?

My car!

How can it be like this?

Damn it!

It means bring mahjong to Jay?

Is it alright?

You are really fucking emotional

You wanna be rich, use only your head

Without emotion

So you wanna bring someone down
you should take away his emotion

Don't feel it's immoral

Once you get it, you won't lose then

It's carriage

What are you doing?

She can't speak Chinese,
- It's got nothing to do with you

You wanna cheat her?

I didn't know she's your friend

Son of a bitch..2000

Who are you?

Asshole, get lost!

OK. No problem!

You tell her we'll take her

What's happened?

We can give you a ride


She ask why?

You tell her, she almost got cheated

The taxi driver is a bad guy.
He tried to cheat you

Trust us. We are good guys

Where do you want to go?

Yeah, OK! No problem!

I couldn't understand him.
I didn't know he was trying to cheat me
Thank you so much!

What did she say?

She said thanks

Confucius says: 'Isn't it a delight after
all to have friends come from afar?'

He is happy, yeah! He is happy.

How do you say THANKS in Chinese?


We are all young, no need to say thank you

Tell her that she should
get to somewhere by bus

He understands you

I'm so glad! Everyone speaks English here!

Are you two still in school?
Are you both in high school?

Why are you doing here?
What was that in Hard Rock?

I come to visit a friend

But he is not a friend any more

Ginger's business card

Was Ginger the friend you want to see?

Oh, no no no! I just met her

She said if I need I can call her

She said Ginger would look after her

We all will look after her

We will help you too

What is your name?


Sounds like the building of the
subway system What company is that?

Matra, Subway company

Then we call her Matra

Can we call you Matela?

Your Chinese name Matela

Yeah! No problem.

She's got no money, no card

You ask her that how long
would she like to stay?

How many nights do you want to stay?

I don't know. I didn't
plan to stay in a hotel

She doesn't know.


How much for 3 nights? 8000

8000 - here's 10



OK. No Problem!

Tell her don't worry, she can
call us if there's something up

Don't worry! You can pay it back later

Yes, but it's embarrassing

I never owe this kind of thing before

Tell her to sleep early...
we'll come to get her tomorrow morning

You should rest. You look tired.
We will come to visit you tomorrow

OK! Thank you so much!

No problem!
Thank you! Bye bye!

You are so generous

You think I'm offering?
I'm coining my brains

You know what I'm thinking?

There's something up,
you should wait and see

No problem! No problem!

It's an interesting town
Everybody seems really friendly here

I think I'd like to know it better

Well, I think you ought to go home

Listen! Even I had a tough
time making a go of it myself

This place isn't for you! You don't know
the place, you don't know the people

There might be fun for couple of days

But what about after that?
What do you going to do?

This is not flowers drum song around here

There are not a bunch of Chinese ladies waiting to
sing and dance for you the whole time, you know.

The same in London?

You told me to go back to Paris

Now you said the same thing
That's you always do in this case

What is that you want, Marthe?

If you need money to go
home I'll give you money

I'll not bother you Marques, OK?

Then what were you thinking
when you decided to come here?

I came here to find out one thing
It's that you love me or don't?

If you love me, I'll wait for you

If you don't, say it and
I'll go away forever

What's the hell does love
have to do with this?

Even if I say I love you, you just can't
stay That means that you don't love me?

If you don't love me, I'll leave tomorrow

That's not I'm saying

What are you saying?

Get out of here!

Get out and don't come back until you know
what the hell you want

You won't get me like this, Marthe

I'll leave. But I won't be back

If you insist on playing these childish
games, I'll leave and you won't see me again

You are the one playing
childish games, Marques

OK! That's how you want to... I'm off

You won't see me again

That's it!

That woman?

All the same when naked


They are scared of AIDS

I don't care about that

And I don't have that


Why did you get up alone?

To piss

You're gone when I got up

I'm here

Do you love me?

You no longer love me

Come on - here's my friend


Come on

Nice feet


Lunlun -

So aromatic

Feel strange? No

Then it's ok

Don't forget the makeup

No, I just got up for pissing

Alison, come here

Which side do you prefer?

I can help you see the geometric aura

No difference

Which side?

What for?

Let we try which side is more comfortable

What do you wanna do?


You go talk to her

What's the matter?

About what?

I feel so strange

About what?

They seem...

We haven't finished...

You go, he'll talk to you

Do you hate me?


Hongkong's girlfriend is our girlfriend

Mine is his, his is mine

There's no difference bewteen his and mine



Do you no longer like me?

Ask him what?

I wanna ask him if..

He brings you back so that we can
get to know each other better

Then one day you'll find you love me most

I need to ask him


That will be the same answer

That's my business, I must ask him

It's just ok for asking me

I said there will be no difference
between my answer and his

We grew up together

You wanna alienate us?

You comet

Listen to me, you!

Fuck you!

What do you mean?

Threaten me

You stupid bitch

What do you want?

She leaves or I leave.

She's more important

If she is, then what am I?

Damn ingrate

Come on, listen to me.

What do you really want?


What do I want?

How can you not know what you want?

Let me tell you, ok?

You want him, you like him a lot

I can see it.

But do you really love him?

I'm like this before I met him last night

If you love him, then don't
cause trouble to him

You will entangle us


We are a family

If you love him, then
don't bring us trouble..

If I'm right, you know clearly

We know that you can't accept our lifestyle

But you should see..

That's the way to prove
your love to Hongkong

You should forget it

He loves you, really

And it's ok for you to leave.

Wait a moment

I wanna talk to him alone

Wanna have a try? Alright

No problem

Have you been like this for a long time?

Isn't it so strange?

We share one girl

It's very common, don't think too much

Then what about them?

The same

That's our friendship

I hate that

It says thanks for being a good friend

But did you always bring girls back?

Ah? I didn't

I won't let them do anything to
you, cause I like you very much

Bull shit


How's it going?

This is new.

Newcomer, you should get used to it.

Secondhand again.


You don't have a husband, right?

Then you go



What do you wanna do then?

In this world, no one knows what he wants

They will thank you when you
tell them what they want

Haven't you seen how I persuaded her?

Because women are most
afraid of blaming themselves

Mom, it's me

What's wrong?


Say something!

Calm down, what's the matter


Don't cry

Lunatic, seems something happened

I have to go and take a look

That bitch just wanna kiss

It's ominous

God damn it

Damn bitch

If Dad don't come to clear all these things

I'll kill him when I find him

Only one crystal cup broken, no big deal.

No more bullshit

They pointed a gun at
me, you haven't seen it

Today it's a crystal cup

Next time..they will take my life

How much is the debt?

One hundred kindergartens..
You tell me how much!

Does that include the bazaars?

3 billion, you know!

All right, stop doing crazy things!

They just hassled you,
don't take it so seriously

a leopard can't change its spots

He must get into some women

Or he wouldn't take this much money

You remember that..that
Angela from Hongkong

I just knew him hanging around her

Finally, she would be cheated

So poor me

But this time, he lost so much

You tell me why he's hidden himself?

We can get the money back in a year

Right, when Mom's shopping in Paris

But for that idiot to open
some chain kindergartens

Then everybody talked about our money

It's just a Dad's duty

Mom, you can think of making money too

So what if I have a good idea,
it's not the same as going bankrupt

Except to fuck woman, there
won't be any other reason


Don't just think about yourself, ok?

Never offended your father

You still don't know haven't even
slept with him for 20 years, it's your shame

Don't make your son feel that the worst
decision of his dad's is marrying you

If there's some other women out there

I promise you that I will get her out

Don't be like this

They don't even answer the phone

He's coming

The Son of the chain store boss


Never thought that his
son would be like this

This is a professional job

Look at him

Bring him here

Your prophet's right

My car was inexplicably broken.

Luckily I wasn't in it or
I would have been dead

I cannot believe it.

Does it have something to
do with my car's color?

Should ask little Buddha

But for sure pink isn't a lucky color..
Could you change it?


I just can't get my favorites.

I know it's my fate

This must be Angela

Jay's here

I'm so glad that you've come

This place is so large..

This is my friend


But Marques' design is first class

You know Marques, that Englishman

I know him

Just help yourselves, please

What's up, do you know them?
You can't?

This man Chen is her new father?

How do you know that?

This kind of woman, they
just know about money

No difference between old
and young, new and old

And fat ones

Right, we haven't finished our chat

When do you ask little Buddha to
help me to see the geometric aura?

Except for his good friends,
he won't help others

He's a friar

Now you see him as an augur

Listen to me

If he can come, I'll give him 100 thousand

How is it?

I'll talk to him for you


Uncle Qiu, hello

Who are you?

I've seen a picture of with my father.
My father is that multiple shop Chen

It seems that you both
are members of one club

Right, I often play golf with him

He bets so big... 1 million once!

And it's always me who takes his money

What about the kindergartens?

I wanted to invest, but he turned me down

Do I look like a pauper?

You seem excellent from any point of view

How's it going with him? Long time no see

Could you give me a business
card, I'll get him to call you

Try to control that woman

Why me again?


This bitch once cheated my father

Anyway you go for her

When? About 10 years ago

Took all my father's money

Now I'll get my revenge

So your dad is my cousin?

All things from the little
budda depend on you

Angela also wants his help

You and your big mouth!

Little Buddha doesn't work like that

Qiu has bought her a house

She wants little Buddha
to come and see her house

Is he so like a wizard?

I want to decorate the house

But I always feel something strange

Even I feel nervous here

Wash the hair first

Angela, you're lucky!

Hongkong, wash the hair

Son of Hongkong

Must be a pretty boy from Hongkong

Alison last night?

Why talk about it? You are
worrying me these days

What to worry about? We have
projects lined up next two years

you can't lose her now, can you?

I mean she brings at least 35% of our business
just from her family connections alone

We've got a lot of
competitors to think about

Right now you are working for me.
So don't tell me how to behave

But for now I'm the boss, all right?

Oh it's me. It's OK! It's me you are
talking to. I am here to help you

Come on! What about that Marthe?

What happened there?
You talk to her today?

It's a nightmare

I went to the hotel, but she's already
checked out I've no idea where she went

I can see some serious shit on the horizon

You watch.

Marte's going to dump on me from a great
height What's she want from me anyway?

You can get familliar
with Taipei living here

Stay here is the much
better way to know the city

It's a waste of money
to stay in those hotels

Everyone here is friendly

You'll find people are really friendly here

Oh, I like that

Take something to drink

What's the matter?

It's his idea

I can't wait to find a job here

Then I'll get to have my own place

No problem

Can I use that?

Ginger! She promised to help
She should be a good place now

Oh! Wait!

We will handle this for her

We will handle this for you

It's dangerous here

There will be a lot of
things you don't understand

There will always be trouble
like the taxi driver last night

Bad, OK? No problem!

Why call me back?

Everyone is here now

Let's have a meeting first

A Meeting? My hormones already rose to here

Don't tell me that the blond
bitch can't be fucked

Remember that she is our money printer now

The same as Zhongzheng Jiang

You wanna fuck Zhongzheng Jiang?

Take care of her

Give her anything she wants

She counts on only us in Taipei

Only we can talk with her

Later when we ask her to do what we want...
she has to do it

She will be under our control

She will do as you tell her

But she is a foreigner

Let's see

What's your number?
It's a secret

Now the dearest Matra is in my hand

Is it alright?

Lunlun, no emotion

But Matra...

Don't destroy our plan

He's not satisfied with any newcomer

Just do your own intepretation

What about Angela?

We will have dinner tonight

What for?

Just fuck?

At least give her a triple climax

From then on, she can't sleep without you

The problem is about Qiu

Qiu fucked her, then gave her a house

So they could fuck in it

Makes money also

No need to pay for a hotel room

You should look at it very carefully,
then drive the ghosts away

It needs a lot of money

Till Qiu abandons her

You tell her that Qiu will abandon her
She will believe in you

Once she believes in you,
we'll be able to live a better life

Dad, long time no see

What's the matter?

That woman took all my money

I have nothing now

Let her pay you back

I am for you

The first is 7

What about the others

Go on guessing. You've got one A

Guess what?

Who is that?

A woman I don't know...
told me that Dad want to meet me

Your dad turns up at last!

Someone's on the phone

Handle it for me. will you!

Mr Chen is wanted on the line!

Look! That's his son

Use your head

He hasn't said he'll hide away

This English really sucks

I thought that you should
hide in some dodgy place

And it would piss off when
there's no sigh of wealth

Seems it isn't the case

You're on holiday

Who's the woman that called me?

It's not simple in your relationships

Where is she?

Can't be like that thing with Angela?

Say something, ok?

What do you want?

You decide to re-appear or you want
me to help you to go to the mainland


Don't be like this

I just wanna see my son, ok

Please repeat it!

You ran away alone when things went wrong

Left your wife and your son

It's a miracle that I'm still alive

That's the prologue?

Do you think you are an actor?

And the music's's so disgusting

Have you ever missed your son?

They said that you are a coward, a bastard

Do you know what's on my mind?

I was a little boy ten years ago

Now things are different.
How I get on with them.

Do you understand?

You are my father, I can't deny that

It's surely different now from
what it was ten years ago

Ten years ago I was cheated by Angela


And everybody said I was a fool

But one year later, I got all my money
back, ..they said I was a cheat

..that I was a big liar

That's because I was cheated just
like the biggest fool in the world

I won't be cheated if I don't trust anyone

You have told me this too

Nobody in the world knows what he wants

Isn't it

Let it go

It seems that nothing changes in ten years

In these ten years, you told them what
you wanted, then you got your revenge

You've told me that..
I should cheat someone without emotion

You and I both are shameless,
never have any emotion

I never fail when I do as you taught me

What's wrong, I've got belief in you.
Why have you become so weak?

Dad, you only need make an appearance

Those idiots outside
will still listen to you

Because they still don't
know what they want

Dad, cheer up!
I can help you

We'll do it together?

How about that? Good idea, huh?

Do you want more? Is that enough?

When you are as rich as me

you'll find out that what you want
is the thing that money can't buy

When I die, there is nothing left but money

I'm the poorest in the world.

I thought that it would be easy
to cheat on 3 year old kids

Then everybody invested

That's because they don't know what
I am thinking of and what I want

So what do you want?

What's the thing that money can't buy?

Say it!

I can say it for you

Women. Right?

Dad, I know you too well!

No excuse. Just fickle with your affections

Idiots like Jay, how could
he afford a foreign designer

You are still young! You don't understand

I'm young! I know nothing!

What were you doing at 17

I can feed my friends all by myself

I won't spend my money
just on women like you

Don't pretend to be so piteous

Get out right now!

Otherwise I'll tell everyone you are here

I'm busy tonight. You should call me first

Where are you going?


Where should I wait?

Why do you never tell me where you are?

But we are in love!

I'll go with you

I just met you a day ago

But you said you love me

I love you. I really love you!

Go home and wait for my
call if you really love me

May I wait at your place?

No. Wait for me at home

When will you be back?

Those women often go for facials
to make themselves look younger

Just a waste of money

So what? You see how young she is

I can give you a lot of help if you need it

I know everything about Taipei

You need me, I know this town.

I guess I'm learning something tonight.

She doesn't believe you...

We are in control of Matra

She trusts us

You want Marthe? You talk to me.

I'm the only one in this town she trusts.

Really? Then, I'm listening?


Our rule's called 3-7, understand?

Say it

This is how we do it. We call it 3-7

What 70 for me & 30 for you, right?

She 30

Don't kid around!

Look, we haven't even got to first base yet
How do I even know you have Marthe?

She wants to make sure

She trusts me, not you

I don't believe it

Bring her here!

Just go!

Go go go! What are you waiting for?

Bring Matra here

No problem!

How did it go? Ginger wants to see you...

Great, It's nice to have people to help you

I don't think you should go.

Why? I need a job. I have to have a job

I can do many things, I
never needed my parents

I've been on my own since I was 14

Come on. I'm excited

I don't think I should take you

What's wrong with you, come on, let's go

You don't want to do that kind of job

I'll do anything.
- You can't do this

What do you mean I can't
do it, I can do anything

Don't tell me it's prostitution
or something like that

Let's go

What are you talking about?

I decided to came here, I decided to stay,
I decide what kind of job to take

I want him to make him regret this

I can't take you -
- Just tell me where they are then.
- No. I can't

That's my problem!

Has nothing to do with you!

You just do your job as a lousy interpreter

Ok. I'm sorry

Just tell me what happened

I'm new to all this

When I first saw you at the Hardrock

I just feel that you are different

Tonight at the Hardrock

I passed the same spot
where you ran into me

Then I thought of you

So they are in the Hardrock?

I can't do it.

I guess I can't stay here either right

Hungry? Yes

Hungry, then wanna eat me?

Kiss me

I never do kissing

What? Never been kissed?

You just do it as soon
as you get on the bed

It's why you don't understand
that kind of feeling

Kissing's very romantic,
can make two people closer

More excited

Try it

Kiss me once. I'm hungry!

A man will go off the rails
if he kisses someone

What? Go to hell!

Every man who has kissed me drives a Benz


A Benz

Where's Matra?

Can't find her


She's gone

Fuckin' bitch

Didn't she say she would wait for us?

I think you ought to pay for the drinks

Nowaday, you can't fuckin' trust anyone

Why did she betray me?

Are you hiding something from me?

What? No

Anyhow, I never concede
to let anyone do anything

I know

I only say this to you once

Why are you so emotional?

I'm always listening to
you, helping you translate

These are all tips my father taught
me to make someone successful

I treat you as my friend
so I can tell you that

Did you see your father?

He said there're only two
kinds of people in this world

Bilker and mutt

Which one you are is your own choice

Everyone thinks he's a big cheat

In fact


I feel that he's training
up in some new skills

He said I was too young

Anyway I know there's no better
cheat than him in Taiwan


Your attic

There are a lot of things
stacked in front of the door

Boxes, what are they?

Just temporary. It's a long
time since anyone lived there

So, do you wanna live there again?

Then you should move them or throw them out

All Right


You are full of mettle

You're back! Time to give you the rent


I'll give it to you now


It smells good...

But I'm too tired to eat it

Sleep, you can eat it when you wake up

How do you say 'good night' in French?

Bon nuit, Marthe

Shit... damn it

What the..!

I got up very early and

I've got a guest...

This is?

He is the little budda


You have just half an hour


Watch yourself


Has Alison came to find you?

Another annoying woman


I gotta go to work

Need help?

Has anyone ever told you that you
were a Empress in your last life


It's supposed to be your palace here

But the direction of the
door is totally wrong

What should I do with it?

I will tell you later

You're going to drive today, aren't you?

You'd better not drive today!

Something will happen to you car

Though there's no blood coming out
You still should be careful

I mentioned the house just now

But its geometric aura has to be changed

Step by step

We don't want to disturb them

Asshole, come back

Oh, my car!

Is this your car?

Sorry, Miss!

We didn't do it on purpose

As he said, the house...

I'm so happy that you came to see me

I'll do anything you want

if only you'll be with me forever

Don't leave me

Just love me, ok?

I won't leave you

but I have business that is private

But I want to know where you are

You never tell me where you are

Yesterday you and that woman...

You got in her car

You didn't tell me where
you were going either

Why did you go with her

I know that you're fucking
that old woman...

I couldn't get any sleep last night

I love you

I will go crazy if I go on loving you

How did you get on before you met me?

Why did you break up with your boyfriend?

Did he tell you where he was everyday?

If you like, you can go back to him

Do you really think I'm like that?

You let me sleep with
every one of your friends

It's over!
That's how you love someone?

Is there anything wrong?


Hey, you are back

Are you alright?

Oh come on let me in,
I'll explain everything

Open the door

I'm sorry about what happened

Come on let me in

Will you just go away

I'm sleeping, please don't bother me now

Just give me five minutes, that's all

Then we can all sleep well

I... I didn't sleep at all last night

Couldn't find you anywhere
yesterday, I looked all over for you

Where were you? I was worried

Just go away, will you. I
can't handle this any more

I just want to talk to you

Just kill me! There's
no need to say anything

That's funny!

Don't go!

Are you listening to me?

Are you ok? what are you doing in there?

Will you just get out of here!

I can't take it anymore

You are fucking with my
whole life, you know that?

All right, all right, I'll come back later

You get some sleep, all right?

You can't go! I beg you!

What's the matter?

Whose boots are these, Alison?

Do you hear me, whose boots are these?

Do you have someone in there?
I'll kick the fucking door in

They are my brother's.
I have no one here with me

Open it

What are you talking
about, there's no one here

Why don't you open the fucking
door, there's no one here

Don't throw my shoes!

Your key's out here


I've arrived

Come in

It's you

Your dad finally knows that I'm right,
Asks you to please me, right?

He doesn't know I'm here

What's your job?

You are free in the daytime
aren't you a rabbit girl....

I'm a teacher

My dad runs schools

What a deal! Sounds reasonable

Because it seemed to be
unpleasent when you met yesterday

You quarrelled then

Why he told you everything?

You know everything about me
I know nothing about you

Did he tell you that I'm rich?

I can't understand these married women
Why do they always make out with old guys

For money?

Or for a feeling of safety

I'll satisfy you

I've been thinking for a
long time before calling you

What do you want?

I just want you to know

You should remember. Your
father really loves you

No matter what happens

Tell him go to hell

What else can feel right now!

Where is it?

Shut up!

Father and son all hidden away,
so I end up with this woman

Your father was born in Taiwan

You're an import

You son is safe

You are rude!

Give me the camera

Just make a date


Snap snap time. Smile!

Let your mom see your happy
face with this woman

I'm telling you to smile!



Isn't this good? Troublesome!

Really a child

Your mom brings it here, then you can leave

You're walking down a dark road

Guess what's at the end of this road

Do you know?

It's this!

Are you scared?


The bullets are here. I can't waste them

They are expensive

Liar, so mean

It has nothing to do with her. Let her go

Do you think you are smarter than us?

Never cheat us

I will meet your mother
Don't lie to me

This guy is clever!

Already loaded! Be good!

Don't try to escape like
you're on a tv show


You must be Hongkong, handsome boy

Who are you?

I'm Winnie, Angela's friend

What a house!

What a cute boy!

That's why Angela said she had barely slept

Did she really say so?

Of course

She also said that after kissing once...

couldn't stop kissing

I want it

So I'll keep on kissing you tonight

I just want to kiss you
I won't eat you. Don't be so nervous!

Found something to eat?



I truly hope that you aren't here

You are so mean

You have no need to introduce yourself

I know everything about his body

Why bring them?


Don't treat them like strangers

We can share anything

You should treat them as if it were me

Don't you want to have several
women at the same time?

I will make your dreams come true

Angela, what are you talking about

You should share good
stuff with your friends

Don't keep it all to yourself

Don't scare Hongkong

Am I scaring our cute boy?

Are you scared?

In turns. It should be Winnie

Did you hear that? The order of the Empress

I would obey it

Come here to eat

Once you begin, you can't
just put it on pause

Do you want me to feed you?

Empress, this king is
finding it hard to wait

Just have a little

It's all for you

I'm not hungry

Were you hungry last night?

Don't make me lose face
in front of my friends

Don't be nervous. I won't
fall in love with you

Come on! Eat

Eat this

Be careful!

That's OK! I'm strong

My name is Marthe

What's yours?

Damn it

He doesn't understand English

What shall we do?

I'll see if I can get my hands free.
I think he's a fool

What are you saying? What?

She wants to go to the toilet


can't hold it any longer..?

Say something now... Gonna piss..

Don't take it for granted that
I can't understand English

Mom, what's the matter?

Got the wrong guy?

What a fool!

Don't be so angry!

Handle this himself

That's impossble!

I'm a greenhand here

Mom's last words are 'killing a fly'

I'm against it after all

It's wrong. Why?


Why kill us?


I couldn't understand you

3rd floor

Come on, come quick

Boss, please tell me the reason why..

What a poor...

I'll tell you how to say it...

Do you need me?


I'm here

I'm here

You'll speak...

I'll go if there is nothing else


Go where?

I gonna send Matra off

I haven't counted Marthe's things in

Why did you cheat me?

You hang aroud with her before telling me

At least Marthe is blameless
Why do you want everyone to be in danger?

You are right

Nobody here can go
I'll bring you to my father

I wanna see his face

Just do me a favor

If you want, you can go

I don't want to force you

You don't have to stay

Visitors!...bring some tea here

Help yourself then?

Are you looking for my dad?

No use in killing me me

Lucky you

Damn it, what's so lucky

I'll take you to my dad by myself

Never thought that, right?

How about solving the problem by yourself?

Why didn't you tell me earlier?

This is good, hey?

Going bankrupt is good, isn't it?

It's 50 or 60 square metres

It's worth less than 10000000

It's nothing compared
with the money he owed

What's wrong?


Nowadays, kids all go crazy


Don't get too near, call the police!

When did he die?

The body's just been found

Don't be sad

Don't be angry

Come over right now

I didn't do it!

By themselves or others, do you know that?

Where does he live?


Line 397, No 25


Call the police!

I don't know who's in charge of that area

Why did it happen to me?

I'll get a criminal record

Please come over

Please! We are brothers!

There're names in that requisition

No. Just sign here..
Then you can take her with you

May I speak with her?
Of course! Go ahead.

I'm sorry

I just want you to know

I love you

That's all I wanted to say

I'll wait for you outside.
I have some papers to sign

You can live with me, Marthe

I'd like you to stay

You're crazy, you're crazy,
why do you say it now?

Why now, It's useless.
It's... Useless!

I don't want to waste any time

Don't cry!

It's not a tragedy!

You make me want to cry too

Hey, think about it...

Lunlun's gone, and that
one can't stop crying

What should I do?

It's all because of women

You must have kissed her

It's for real!

I told you not to kiss them


What's wrong?

OK, I'll go!

It's all the little budda's fault!

He said there was a ghost in the
house, then Angela went away

You have another house

You must be joking

No bullshit

Thank you indeed!

I tried, but always failed

Angela is better than me

She never gives without
getting something first


Am I going to cheat you?

I owed her much money,
so had to give her this house for the debt

She believed the little budda
Then she regretted it...

You tell little Buddha, change
the geometric aura here

It depends on you!

It has nothing to do with me!

Please help me this time
We can share the money

Listen to me

Is it just me who can spot this idea?

We create an accident when little
Buddha's doing his divination

Then we could get a lot of money when those idiots
see that what the prophet said has become a reality!

Nobody knows what they want nowadays

So many people watch TV, the
ads, read the magazines

just to find out what they really want

They do what we want to them to..

But that's not enough..

You can try the chains

I'm not interested

Wait! This could make a lot of money!

It sucks!

What? Making money is trash now?

Listen to me!

I told you I'm not interested!

I beg you!

I'm going bankrupt
Just like your father

Help me

Have you ever imagined that you get
this face when you die, regret?

We are busy making money when we are alive

Why think about death

You never thought about death?

I'll give you the chance

Let you taste death

How's that? Can you feel it?

Do you have the feeling of death now?

I'll give all the money to you


What about that feeling of death?

Live or die, it's no difference to you?

Don't kill me!

It's up to you

Forgive me!

Now you regret that you use
your life only to make money?

I don't wanna you die with any questions

We will all be fine if you are friendly

Don't you have many ways to make money?

How come it has come to
this confounded idea?

Let me see my son for the last time

He is as young as you


Why didn't you think about
your son until now?

Why do you bring him here
but leave him alone?

You are just like your
father, so damn hateful

Don't shoot, please!

I don't want to die!

You won't die like this

I'll call the ambulance first

You cheated on my dad with Angela?

You misunderstood it!
That Angela went to the US long ago

There are tens of thousands
of Angelas in Hongkong

That's funny, that's really funny.

Those bucks call you Martra?

Do you know why Martra's
so well known here?

It's not because it knows how to build
an underground for these people.

It's because it knows how to tell
these people what they want.

These people shelled out four times the going
rate for a metro that still doesn't work

These people have so much money stuffed
up their ass.. its' beyond belief

You know, in ten years this place
will be the centre of the world

The future of western
civilization lies right here

And you know what the odd thing is...

..the 19th century with the glorious age of imperialism,
right? Just wait till you see the 21st century

That's why Martra is here, and
that's why I'm here, Marthe

I was so lucky to end up
here and I've no intention..

Of telling anyone back home about it,

I'm so glad you've come here

I miss you so much, there's so much
I want to share with you, Martre

This, this is where I like to go

Hold on a second, I'd like to buy something

I'll be right back

It has nothing to do with us

I really don't want to kill

Just let go. Think about yourself

I'm different from him

I won't leave my friends

Hongkong won't either

You never kiss a woman from now on!

Kissing is unlucky!

Hongkong became what he is
now just because of kissing

We are still friends

It's hard to have a time like this

You go on the same

Please don't act like that

That's what friends are, isn't it?

Not like a stray dog

I'm the boss

Who's going to need you?
We can try alone

It's ridiculous. Why be so rude?

You treat me like that
precisely because you need me

It's you that needs me!

Why am I so hapless..
Everyone shouts at me

What's wrong with that woman?

I never think of that... you need me

Women again!

Ever slept with her?

You must have been kissed once more!

Angry again!

What's wrong with you?
With that lifeless face!

Just beaming

What are you talking about, man?

Just made a friend. What's it to you?

She looks French

That girl - she came to find
you just now... She's gone now