Mahanubhavudu (2017) - full transcript

A kind-hearted person must face his OCD condition in order to win his love back.

My name is Anand.

I never wanted to experience
or see this day in my life..

..but it came today.

The reason for it is my love story.

Every love story has some problem.

But the problem in
my love story is.. Me.

Because I have OCD.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

If you do an in-depth study,
there are many types in it..

..but the one I had was
over cleanliness and neatness.

Doing things repetitively
and scrubbing things repetitively..

..overly reacting to
trivial and petty things.

We usually call such
people fastidious.

But it is not fastidiousness,
it is actually an illness.

And if we add my love
story to this illness..

Why wait anymore? See for yourself.

Hey! That's his bike, not yours.

Let him wash it, sir.
He is doing a good job.

My bike usually gets
a wash in the rain.

This is the first time
it being properly washed.

If there's mud on your bike, wash it.
Why wash others' things?

My eyes see just the mud.

I don't care if it is on
my bike or somebody else's bike.

If my mind is disturbed,
I've to scrub things with detergent.

Just see what your
scrubbing did to my car.

I don't remember what
color it was when I bought it.

Do you remember the color?

Hey! Oh God!


Now, you both can dry it off.

Dry it off?

Sir! My bag is muddy too.

This will wash it off, yeah.

That is bread.

I know. But I feel satisfied
if I dust it off before I eat it.

Be careful with the milk.
You might burn your tongue.

Sit straight.

Happy Valentine's Day!
- Same to you.

Take the flower.

No. If you want me to take it..

..first sanitize your
hands and wear gloves.

Anand, if you follow your
OCD rules to touch a girl.. will never
find love in your life.

That's okay.

I'm sure there is
a clean girl somewhere..

..who will impress me
and make me fall in love.

When I see that goddess,
my heart will react to her and.. will make my mind accept her.


Anand! Anand! Anand!

Anand! It is a great sin to reject.. or flowers
that are offered to you.

I've been in love with
you for the past six months.

You are not at all interested in me.

I've studied your character.

It is very difficult to
find the girl of your dreams.

Even if you do find her,
your behavior will chase her away.

So.. Don't reject my love.

Please, accept me.

Hey, don't touch. Distance.

- What were you saying?

Yes, if I find the girl of my dreams..

..I know how to woo her.

Okay? You can go.

Anand, please.
- Go.

Watch where you are going.

Watch this.


Look how it stretches.

Why did you place a shoe in the plate?

Why did you spit gum on the path?

Clean my shoe.

How can you be so sure that it was me?

How can you be so sure?
- You spit it out. I saw it.

Don't you have any other work to do?

This is my work.

Prove that this gum belongs to me.
Then, I will clean it.

He can't do it. He is trapped.

Okay. I will send the shoe to the lab.

If the saliva on the gum
is a match with your saliva..

..I will file a case in
the court and send you to prison.

What is saliva?


Great man! Will you ruin
my life for a silly mistake?

Wait a minute. I will remove it.

Tissue! Tissue!
Tissue! Use a tissue, you idiot!


Who wants your sorry?

Look there!

Small children are cleaning
the roads for a 'Clean India.'

But idiots like you are
still littering the roads.

Neatness should be in your heart..

..not in the clothes you wear.

We should have the
sense to keep ourselves..

..and our surroundings clean.


Your advice about
cleaning is impressive.

What's your name?


I instantly connected
with her because..

..she was as beautiful as her words.

Even though I was washing the tablet.. thoughts were on her.

That's a tablet.
It will melt in the water.

Aunt! Another emotion
has been added to his OCD.

You need to keep an eye on him.

I saw her again after two days.

She was eating an
ice-cream very neatly..

..and wiping her mouth
every now and then.

I fell for her once
again when I saw that.

- Sir!

Yes, sir.

He is Mr.
Anand. Your new project manager.

She is Meghana, from head office.


Hey! What are you doing here?

You are..

Maybe you didn't recognize
me in these glasses.

Some guy spit gum on the path.. got stuck to your shoe,
I lectured him about saliva..

Right. You stood there
and asked me for my name..

..when I was leaving.


You turned around,
said your name is Meghana..

But you didn't stop there,
you came here..

..forcing me to hear your
silly story and pull my hair out..

Correct, sir.
- Shut up!

Sorry, sir.

I mean, I was excited to see her.

Do you need to show all
that excitement before me?

Can't you take this out?

I will do that. Please, come.

Wait. She came here
from the head office.. work on a project with you..

..not to discuss about
the gum stuck to your shoes..

..or the dung stuck to your hands.

Be serious in your office hours.
Take her. Please.

- Thank you, sir.

It's okay.
- I was with her that day.

You don't remember me?
- Yes, I remember.

We met in a strange way, didn't we?
- Yes.

Please, come.

I was scared to meet
my new project manager.

But I became really confident
after I saw that it was you.

I still can't believe this.

That small chewing gum
has brought us together.

I didn't understand what you mean,
but I feel as if I do.

I think it's better if you remain so,
with half knowledge.

- Just joking.

Let me see how long
these smiles will continue.

Until you burn with jealousy.

Who is she?
- Anita.

You bagged the project
that she wanted to do.. she is jealous.
- Oh dear! Why didn't you give it to her?

Everything is God's will.
He decides and we follow.

Anyway, thank you, sir.


Sir! Thank you!

She is a beautiful girl. Who is she?

She is Meghana.
She joined our office recently.

I see. Since she is new,
she doesn't your character yet.

What if she does?

If she does, you wouldn't
be seeing her photos like this.

You think my character is so bad?

No. Yours is a very good character.

But a girl won't be able
to bear so much goodness..


It will be too much to bear.

Not at all.
She loves cleaning just like me.

- Do you know how we met?

We became friends during the process..

..of cleaning a chewing
gum that was stuck to her shoe.

A chewing gum stuck to her shoe?

Is that how your love story started?

Stop being mean.
I like her. Now she has to like me.

Really? Do you know something?
That is a big hurdle.

Why? Why?

I will tell you. This is
the time where I walk and talk.

Layla Sujatha in 10th class.

A young girl who used
to sit beside you in class.

In the winter season,
when she had sinus..

..she blew her nose like this..
- Hey!

I didn't blow my nose.
I just pretended to.

You avoided her and ran off.
Do you remember that?

No, I don't remember.
- You won't.

Our neighbor Padma
in the Intermediate.

You gave her a greeting
card and said 'I love you' to her.

But the card slipped from
her hand and fell in the gutter.

Since you gave it to
her with so much love..

..she removed it out with her hand.

You were disgusted
with her and ran away.

You ran away from girls even
in the beginning stages of OCD.

And now you are in
the Ph.D stage of your OCD.

How will they love you? How?

Okay. Suppose,
just suppose that unfortunately..

..a girl falls for
your beautiful face..

..she will hate you when
she finds out about your OCD.

It's a fact. Donald Duck.


I have a toothpick.


I don't care what you think,
she and I are compatible.

She will definitely like me.

I will bring her home in one month.. take mom's blessings.
Wait and watch.

Yes. Stick to that decision, son.
All the best!

Thanks, mom.

Move aside.

I was very confident before Kishore..

..but what if she doesn't like me?

Don't know.
I opened the tap in the washroom..

..while thinking about her..

What if somebody
comes to the washroom?

Oh my God!

Yeah, you are right.

- Yes?

There is no water in the washroom.

If you want to use,
there's another one downstairs.

So sweet. Thank you.

But, how did he use it?
- Who?

How did he use it when
there is no water? That means..

- Yes?

New applications. Please take a look.
- Forget them.

Why are your cheeks so red?

What are you using?
Won't you tell me? Pretty.

Do your work.

Hi, baby! How are you?

He is coming this way.

Hey, Anand! How are you, man?

Anand, any problem? Do you have fever?

Keep your hands away.
I will kill you if you touch me.

But why?
My hands are gold, dude. Come on!


You tore the 'No Water'
signs and went inside.

There is no water,
tissues or soap inside.

Hands! Where did you wash your hands,
you idiot?

Why? Why wash my hands?

One hand,
two hands, just rub them together.

Bro! Boys should be rough and tough.

Hug me. You'll feel better.


Oh God!

How dare you hit me!
Only one of us will remain here!

Get lost, you unclean fellow! Idiot!

Sorry, don't worry. Take it lightly.

What is this, sir?
Washing hands in the restroom.

Scrubbing with soap while bathing.

Urinating after checking
if there is water or not.

I have no such habits, sir.
I won't cultivate them.

What is this, sir?
Where did this tissue come from?

Did we have these when
we were children, sir?

Didn't we use our clothes as tissues?
- Yes.

It is a clean white paper, sir.

Just because our hands are wet..

..we use it to wipe them and throw it.
That's not our culture.

Sir, let me tell you this.
If I want to relieve myself..

..I do it before everyone.
I don't feel shy.

How can he raise his hand?

How can he punch me in the stomach?

Stop it! Why are you
crying like a small kid?

Yes, sir.
- Look, Anand! He is your colleague.

You shouldn't punch
him in the stomach.

Say sorry to..

Where is he?
- Why will he be here? Look!

He went straight, took a left,
took a U turn and is near the exit.

You can sneeze now, sir.

You are the owner
of such a big company.

But he doesn't even
let you sneeze in peace.

He does not respect
you or your sneezes.

What is the use of this nose, sir?

Stop talking rubbish
and go do your work.


Why wouldn't she leave?
You gave her such a scare.

Not just her,
anybody would run away from you.

Excuse me.

The cab left. Can you drop me?


Let's go.

Thank you.

Seatbelt.. You already put it on.

Why did you control it?

I can stop the car aside and get down.
You can sneeze.

That's okay.

What? Do I look funny to you?

I just remembered what
you did in the office.

Why did you get so angry?

I had a reason to.
If anyone behaves irritatingly..

..or uncleanly before me,
my mind doesn't accept it.

I can't control my
reaction at that time.

I maintain good hygiene
and expect the same from others.

Is that wrong?

No, it's not wrong.

Thanks for understanding me.

What's there to understand?
You are a good man.

You like to be clean and neat.

And girls like clean men like you.


Didn't you ever love anyone?

I did. But I didn't tell her yet.

Then tell her.

But I have to find
out if she likes me or not.

Why wouldn't she?

The moment you say
'I love you' to her..

..she will be on cloud nine.

I just found out.

Stop! Stop!

Do you want to sneeze?

We reached my apartment.

- You are so funny.

Okay, then.





Why are you so happy?

Did you wash a dirty
bus on your way home?

Or, did you scrub a stinking
toilet in a movie theater?

Tell me.

Meghana likes me.
- Oh God!

What's that expression?

You should be happy when
you hear something good.

Ignore him. What did she say?

That's how I established
my character in the office today.

I thought she won't come
to me after what happened.

But she came to me,
got into my car, sat beside me..

..and spoke positively
about me saying that..

..any girl would jump
with joy if I propose to her.

Maybe her mental
condition is not good.

Ignore him.

Find a good time and
express your feelings to her.

What's the hurry, mom?

She is worried that
the girl will run away..

..if she gets to know you well.

Don't worry, mom.
Nobody can destroy our love.


He won, sir! Come!

Well done!
- Ramaraju sir!

It is difficult to
defeat your nephew Seenu..

..or take away your position
as the Village Head.

This time it will become
very clear to Bhupathi..

..that it is useless
to try again and again.

Be careful, son.
I'm worried about your safety.

I don't care about my safety, uncle.

You should be on the top.

He is a dynamite.

Throw it high!
- Separate them and tie them up.

Mom! I will become fat
if I eat sweets. I told you no.

That's why we sent you
thick yoghurt and milk pudding.

Aunt! I will be tempted
to eat them if I see them.

I managed to lose 5 kilos
with great difficulty. Look at me.


Hi, dad!

Happy birthday, darling!

Thank you, dad.

You've lost weight and look beautiful.
Your age is..

Didn't I tell you that I
will tell you when the time comes?

Didn't I tell you? Didn't I tell you?

You keep saying that
like a broken record.

But you will never agree
to get married. Never.

Alright, I'm getting late.
I'm leaving, bye. Okay?

Bye, mom. Bye, aunt.

Bye! Bye, sis!
- Bye!

Let's go.
- I'm getting hurt. Move aside.

She runs away when
we talk about her wedding.

I wonder when she
will get married and..

..bring me a son in law.

Happy birthday, Meghana.

Thank you.

How do you know?

When guys see the
CV's of beautiful girls..

..they notice their date
of birth and places of moles.

I haven't developed the habit
of looking at places of moles..

Hi, Meghana! Happy birthday!
- Stop! Step back.

Happy birthday! Happy?
- Very.

Hey, Meghana!
If you guess the gift inside..

..I'll gift you my one month's salary.

Are you doing this genuinely
or to create trouble?

Since she is placing
special emphasis on it..

..I'm sure it is an interesting item.

Any gold?

Not gold. But everything
in it is like gold to me.

Can I open it?

Yeah, please.


Don't touch!

Pour two drops. I will wipe my hands
and then open the gift. Where's the bottle?

- Relax.

- Open it, Meghana.


Sanitizer, body butter,
body scrub, anti-bacterial soap..

..and loofah.

Every human being born in this world..

..needs these things
along with food and clothing.

So, I gift them for birthdays
and encourage cleanliness.


How is my concept?


Thank you.
- Hello! If you encourage him like this..

..we should name this
company OCD Solutions.

What is OCD?

I'll explain. It's a qualification.

A rare honor given to great persons.

I see.

So it is like an Oscar award.


She is comparing OCD to Oscar.

Since she is fair,
I thought she is from Mumbai..

..but she is from a village.
She will fall for him easily.

- Hmm?

When you saw the gift,
I saw a spark in your eyes.

That means your heart
was touched with it.

So we should draw closer
to each other without any delay.

Mom! I'm hungry. Urgent.

Oh dear, he is here.

You should have clarity
along with cleanliness.

Are you hungry or
going out on urgent work?

My stomach is hungry but
my heart has an urgent work.

I'm planning to propose
to Meghana today.

Wow! All the best
to poor Meghana, bro!

Mom, hurry up!

Oh God! I'm coming. Don't trouble me.

It is 8.42.

I wanted to make something
special for you but got late.

Mom! What are you doing?

Laxmi hasn't come yet.

I think she didn't
wash your plate and spoon.

I couldn't find them.
Anyway, I got a chance to feed you.

It's been a long time
since I fed you with my hands.


Eat. My hands are clean.

Mom! We can't really see
if our hands are clean or not.

You came from the kitchen.

I'm sure your hands
have sweat and germs.

I will get an infection
if I eat this food.

Bring me bread and butter.

Hey! You are becoming
so obsessed with cleanliness.

Since you don't eat anything
unless mom cooks it..

..she got up early and cooked
for you though she is not well.

She is not well? What happened?

Nothing. You eat food.

She has viral fever
from the past two days.

Her fever is coming on and off.

She is managing with tablets because..

..she is scared that you
won't come to her if you find out.

Kishore, will you stop?

I'm fine now.
No fever. See for yourself.

Eat, my boy. You said you are hungry.

I cooked it for you because
you like it. Come on.

I don't want it, mom.

- Hi, Meghana!


I need to talk to you.


It will be better
if we can talk in person.

Actually, I'm at the hospital.

Huh? At the hospital? Why?

My father has some health issues.

I came to the Citizen Hospital
to get his reports checked.

Citizen Hospital?

- Wait there.

The doctor is here.
I'll talk to you later. Bye.

Meghana! Hello!

What did you spray in my mouth?

What's wrong with you?

What is that?

What happened? What?

Answer me.

Anand! What's the matter?


Anand! What's the matter?

What's wrong? Why did you drag me out?

How can you sit so serenely
amidst all those patients..

..and play Candy Crush?

It just takes 10 seconds
for us to contract their diseases.


You being a health conscious girl,
why did you come.. the hospital without
taking any precautions?

What will I do if you fall sick?

Why are you so panicked? Why?

Why? Because I love you.

I have to protect you.
It is my responsibility, you know.

Love? Since when?

I didn't tell you, right?
I will tell you now.

I lost my heart to you
the first time I saw you.

When you joined office,
I felt as if you came for me.

When you said you liked me,
I decided that you are mine.

I like you very much.
I can't bear the thought..

..that you are in danger.

I have only two persons in this world.

One is my mom,
and the other one is you.

I don't know a cleaner way to propose.

I'm expecting a
positive reply from you.

Oh God!

- Oh dear! It's you? I was so scared.

What's that, sir? It looks so strange.

We get allergies if we
inhale polluted air, right?

This air purifier stops that.

Wow! Can I use it?

I can't use it after you use it.

Okay, you both carry on. I'm going.

There is a lot to learn from you.

There is a lot to learn from you too.

Not responding when
a guy proposes to you.

Not answering phone calls.

Not replying to messages
even after reading them.

Innocently asking 'How are you?'..

..when you bump into
me as if nothing is wrong.

I will learn too.

Are you really serious?


When I do a work, I do it perfectly.

Not even 99.99 percent.
100 percent perfect.

Whether it is to love a girl,
or do something else.

I'm an OCD man, a quality man.

Once I touch a girl,
I'll give my life for her.

Do you want me to touch you?

Do you want some water?

No, no. Thanks. I want an answer.

Okay, then. Do your cycling.

Hey! Why are you leaving
without giving an answer?

Okay or no?

My father will decide that.

Where did he come
from all of a sudden?

He was right there from the beginning.

I will love the man he likes,
and marry the man he likes.

But where can I meet him?

This afternoon at lunch.

Does he live here?

He is coming today.

What if he doesn't like me?

Hi, Anand!
How are you? Did you come for a walk?

Where is your machine? Put it on.

You inhaled a lot
of polluted air already.

I got it. Go ahead.


My dad.

What? Why are they
dressed as villagers?

Patteseema is a village.

But you don't speak like that.

If I speak like that,
your city people will harass me. Yes.

I love you very much. Don't kill it.


Sir! Son in law looks very handsome.

Hello, uncle!
- Hello!

Don't be so formal with older ones.
Shake his hand.

Our under tenant Bhadram.

Please, sit.

Come on, sir. Be careful.

Now tell me, uncle. How are you?

My daughter called me
in the middle of the night..

..and asked me to come
down to see the bridegroom.

I've been waiting for
so long to hear those words.

So I immediately hired
a car and came here.

She told me that
your father passed away.

What does your mother do?

Are you her only son,
or do you have any siblings?


What is this? Why are
you slapping this on your hand?

That's a sanitizer.

A perfume?

If you use it after giving
a handshake, it smells nice.

- But it's over.

Maybe I used it too much today.

One second, uncle.

One second, Meghana.
I will be right back.

Should I come with you?
- No. Sit right there.

We should take a couple
of these while going home.

Excuse me.

Close the tap.

Hi, uncle! Now I'm free.
Now you can ask me, uncle.

I will answer your questions.

- Food, sir.

Food is here.
- Keep it on the table carefully.

Looking at your face,
I knew you would spill something.

Clean it quickly.

Sorry, sir. I will clean it right now.

Shall we talk?

Yeah, sure. Why not? Let's talk.

What does your mother do?

Where do you live?
Do you have any siblings?

- Yes, uncle.

Are you listening to me?

Of course.
Where does your mother live?

What does my house do?
That's what you asked me, right?

No, not that.
My sir asked you about your mother..

You worthless idiot!
Hurry up! I can't bear to see this.

I'm coming, sir.

Sorry, uncle.
My mind doesn't work properly..

..if I see something
that is not neat and clean.

I start getting irritated about it.

Now tell me, uncle.

I'm hungry.
Shall we talk after eating food?

Oh. Uncle is hungry. Let's eat uncle.

"Who was it that
carried you as a child?"

"Which mother gave birth
to this powerful bull?"

"No one has seen someone
like him before."

Continue, uncle.
Neatly. Eat neatly, uncle.

"Once there was a sky,
there was a cloud in the sky.."

"..there was a tune
behind the cloud.."

"..and that tune
dissolved the heavens.."

" should become the parrot.."

" should tell your dad."

Why are you singing these songs?

Ask him to clean his face.
I can't see it anymore.

I will die.
Please, ask him to clean his face.

Ask him to clean his face.
I can't see it, please.

Use a tissue. Use a tissue.

You idiot!

Use this tissue, please.


Now eat, sir.


You still have a rice grain, uncle.
Take this.

No, no, no. Throw it here.

Now eat.

Thanks for your cooperation, uncle.
Some chicken?

No? Okay.
It is 'Dum Biryani.' Did you like it?

Dear! He is good.
A perfect match for you.

Thank you, uncle.

But you can't marry him.

Why not, dad?

Dear, it is very difficult
to deal with his over cleanliness.

Do we need this?

Dad, I told you.
He is a little high-class.

Once he gets used to us,
he will become one of us.

Once he loves us,
he will give his life for you.

She didn't tell me this,
uncle. Really?


Dear! He didn't even
let me eat my food in peace.

How will you spend your life with him?

Dad, I said I like him. Please.

She is so adorable.
Give her to me, uncle. Please, uncle.

Then marry her.

Thank you, uncle. Thank you..

Why do you ask me? Why call me here?

- Uncle! - Bhadram, let's go.

- Sir!

Give that to me.


Sir! Sir! Sir! I'm hungry, sir!
- Get lost!

Sir! Sir! Sir! I'm hungry, sir!

- Hey! My bag!

Oh dear!

I will bring it back.

Hey, stop!

Hey go!

Madam! Will you stop for a minute?

Don't you get it? I asked you to stop!

- Yes. Give it to me.


He stole it in ignorance.

You don't commit a crime knowingly.
Give it to me.

What is that look?
You are the one who stole it!

Give it to me!

Don't keep the bag inside! No!

If you have the guts, take it from me.

I don't have the courage
to touch this dirty body. No.

Give the bag to me. Come on, give it.

You are talking too much!

If you want the bag,
put your hand inside..

..boss's vest and take it.

You are expecting too much from me.

Why are you sitting
in oil and eating food like?

Does it look like a star hotel to you?

Give it to me. Give it to me.
- Take it. Take it.

Stay away. Stay away.

When was the last time you had a bath?
You stink.

You will die.
And I will die if I breathe that air.


If it wasn't my bag,
I would've just left it here.. matter how much
money was inside it.

Give it to me. Give it to me.

Give me a tissue.

Why would you have tissues?
I'm a fool to think so.

Give me the bag.


Kill him!

Why are you dancing?

Dancing doesn't suit you.

You ate food. Now you'll
fight without washing your hand?

Did you come from a jungle,
you buffalo?

Sorry, sir.

Hey! Oh God!


Get a TT injection,
it won't turn septic.

Uncle, I don't drink or smoke.. you have no reason
to be afraid to give me your girl.

I just have this good
habit of cleanliness.

Uncle, I take very
good care of my things.

So, imagine how I will
treat the girl I love.

Dear, do you think
he is right for you?

Hundred percent, dad.

I promise. He is a very good man.

You can't find another
man like him for me.

Really? Don't you think
you are exaggerating?

Really, dad.

Okay, you know him
better than me. I agree.

But if you both have any differences..

We won't. I'm telling you.

No, dear. You are my only daughter.

If I don't find a good son in law..

..nobody will respect
me in the village. So..

Dad, he will bring you honor,
not disgrace. I guarantee it.

Enough. Don't praise him so much.

Where is he now?

He is waiting outside.

Thank you.

What is that look,
as if you achieved something great?

My dad liked you.

- Yes. He asked you to come inside.

- Wait a minute.

Looks like you are very happy.

How can I not hug you
after giving me such good news?

Come, hug me.

Wow, you are too forward.

Here? On the road?

Oh, you don't want it here?
Let's go aside.


Your behavior is
always on the extremes.

You don't touch someone
if you don't like them.

But you get stuck
to them if you like them.

I feel uncomfortable. Leave me.

But I feel very good.
I feel all tingly inside.

Stop there.
My dad agreed to our wedding only.

You just have to agree to one kiss.

A kiss?
- Yes.

Oh God!

Why are you worried when I'm not?

Give me just one kiss,
for safekeeping.

No way. What if somebody
comes in suddenly?

Is it okay if nobody comes?

What if they come?

So let's finish it
before they come. Kiss me.

I want to kiss you, but..

No buts, let's do it.
This will be my first kiss.

I see. Do you think
this is my hundredth kiss?

Come on, please. One kiss.

Okay, okay.
I feel shy. I will close my eyes.


Did you brush?
- Huh?

I mean, it is hygienic
if you brush twice a day.

That's why I asked.

I didn't brush.
So, you won't kiss me now?

Hey.. Hey.. Meghana..

Hey, my dad is waiting for us.
Come on, let's go.

Come on.

What is your problem? Stop it.

Thanks, uncle. I didn't expect
that you will agree so quickly.

I always fulfill
my daughter's desires.

I didn't want to say no to you.

Moreover, you cleared
all my doubts with your fight.

Do you like fights so much, uncle?

Be serious when discussing
something serious.

Oh. Sorry, uncle.

Marrying my daughter means
sharing my responsibilities.

You have to carry my
honor on your shoulders.

Not just in kilos and quintals, uncle.
I will carry tons of it.

Can I say something?

From today I won't feel
that I don't have a father..

..because I have you.

See me as your son, not a son in law.

I will become one of you.

That's it, son.
You won me over with your words.

Uncle, you said I didn't
allow you to eat a meal in peace.

Come on, I'll keep
you good company this time.

Meghana, serve dinner.

Let's go.

Stop that right now.

Yes. Son in law is very funny.

What is today's special?

Do you have a generator?





- Meghana!

Dad! Dad!


Dad! Dad!

Hello! Hello, doctor!


Yes, Meghana?

Let's take him to the hospital.


Dad, nothing will happen to you.

Anand, drive faster.

Nothing will happen to you, dad.

Anand, what happened to you?

I can't.

I can't bear it.

My hands.. My hands.. I can't drive.

I can't..

Oh God!

Meghana, when I see blood..

I feel sick sitting in that seat,

I can't do it.
Understand me, Meghana. Please..

I stay away from my
mother when she has fever.

And your father is.. I will call..
I will call a cab for you.

My phone..
My phone.. I will call a cab.

But I can't drive it, Meghana.

I will die if I drive that car.

Meghana, you know me, don't you?

Meghana, say something.

Say something, Meghana.
I love you, Meghana.

I'm not doing it on purpose..
- Madam! He is not moving.

He will be okay. He will be alright.

I will stop a car. I will bring a car.

Stop! Stop!

Auto! Auto! Auto!

Sir! My uncle vomited blood.

We need to take him to the hospital.
Please, sir.

Sir, please!
Sir, please, sir! Sir, please! Please!

How is he now? Is he out of danger?

Did they say they will
send him home after doing tests?

I will say that if that's
what you want to hear.

I will tell the truth if
you want to know what happened.

If you had shown this
concern last night..

..he wouldn't be in
this critical condition.

She took him to the hospital
in the nick of time..

..and saved his life
by getting the surgery done.

Otherwise, they would have
taken his body to the village.

What's the use of
regretting your actions now?

You should've thought about
it before leaving a girl.. the middle of
the road at midnight.

Thank God for saving his life.

What if something
were to happen to him?

She would have become
a fatherless child.

Because of you.

You know how painful it
is to live without a father.

You love her,
how could you leave her father to die?

Is that the value
of his life in your eyes?

Anand, one second.

Madam, did you check it?
Is the money transferred?

- Keep the bill ready. Thank you.

What? Why did you enter
the hospital without..

..taking precautions?

There are patients here. Come on!

Sorry, Meghana.

What for? You did nothing wrong.

I did a mistake by loving
you before knowing you well.

You know that I'm sensitive, Meghana.

I didn't know. I really didn't know.

I really didn't know that
you view people as things and..

..that you stay away from
your mom when she is sick.

A girl wishes to be with a man..

..who will lovingly
take her into his arms.

Not with a coward
like you who runs away..

..from people because he
is scared of their illnesses.

Since you have OCD,
you shouldn't expect love..

..from people like us.
You shouldn't love us.

It is better to fail in love
than to marry you and fail in life.

Go away. Never disturb me again.

Do you remember?

You confessed your
feelings for me right here.

Now I'm breaking-up
with you in the same place.

We found love here,
so leave it right here.

Brother! Bhupathi deceived us.

He bribed Seenu to be on his side now.

Seenu! Why did you
play for your village?

Why did you help your uncle to win?

Because you thought he
will give his daughter to you.

But what did your uncle do?

He went to the city
without informing anyone.

When that girl said that
she loves someone in the office..

..instead of scolding her
and forcing her to marry you..

..instead of putting
an end to her love story..

..he fixed her marriage
with that city man.

That is such a horrible thing to do.
Such betrayal.

Oh God! We, your enemies..

..even we can't process
this injustice towards you.

You are his nephew,
the one who was supposed to..

..marry his daughter,
I can't imagine what you are feeling.

Play for our village this time..

..and help me to
become the Village Head.

I will get you married to
a girl more beautiful than her..

..and gift you a big car.


What's wrong?
- Dad?

- Doctor!

Move aside.

Doctor, please see.

What are you doing?

Uncle, relax.
You will be fine. Just relax.

Aunt, calm down. Don't scare him.

Uncle, breathe in.

He will be alright. Aunt, don't worry.

What are you doing?
Do you think he is a normal man?

Why are you discussing
our village disputes with him?

Uncle, don't excite yourself,
or you will be in danger.

Forget all your tensions
and be happy for a few days.

If you think someone makes you happy..

..spend more time with them.

Meghana, take care of him.

Come on, let's go out.
- Dad!

Dear, call up son in
law and ask him to come here.

Why call Anand now? Just relax.

My own nephew betrayed me.

But, though Anand
is not related to us..

..he is so concerned about us.

He brought me here in
the nick of time and saved me.. my own son.

Call him, dear.

Why, dad?

I won't be in peace until
I talk to him for a few minutes.

- Call him, dear.

What are you waiting for, dear?
Call him up.

Or, you go and bring him.

Why do you look so forlorn, Anand?

I expected that something
like this would happen..

..that's why I warned
you right in the beginning.

Look what happened now.

You fell in love,
but you failed miserably.

Anyway, forget that now.

And there are lot
more fish in the pond.

Just say yes to me.

I'll happily sit in your
lap and make her jealous.

I'll smooch you and
make her burn with envy.

Excuse me.

I need to talk to you.

Go ahead.

In private.

Let's go.

Hey, sit down.

I didn't.. Sorry..
I'm not here to sit and chat with you.

Okay. Keep standing then.

I never imagined that
I've to meet you again.

Life is all about
unexpected things. Right?

Don't talk rubbish. I'm upset.

I don't have the patience
to fight with you.

Same here.
It's been a week since I ate food.

I lost 2 kilos. You can check
my fitness watch if you want.

It will show you how much I walked,
how much I slept..

Stop it!

I didn't come here to
gather your health information.

You forgot be formal with me again.
Is that okay?

Whatever! Let me talk!


I didn't tell my dad about you.

That you got down from
the car all of a sudden..

..that you vomited on
the way to the hospital..

..that you are not the
person that you appear to be..

..that you have a dangerous
OCD man inside you..

..I didn't tell dad
any of these things.

- Thanks? For what?

You wouldn't have done
that if you didn't love me.

I love dad, not you.
I'm afraid that his condition..

..will worsen if I tell him about you.


I didn't want him to
feel sad that his daughter..

..chose a wrong man to love,
so I didn't tell him.


- Yes?

What's wrong with you?
Who are you looking at..

..when I'm talking
something serious with you?

His behavior is a bit disturbing.
Just a second.

Okay, alright.

What are you doing? What is this?

Do you realize what you are doing?

Tuck it in. Tuck it in.
- Tuck it?

Tuck it in.
It is so disgusting to look at.

Tuck it in. Tuck it in.

Remain like this.

I will go aside and scratch myself.

Sorry. Don't look at me like that.

You know that if something
is not clean and neat..

Stop your OCD lecture.
I just want to say one thing.

Come and talk to my dad
and get out of our lives forever.

Don't make me meet you
and endure this torture again.

One more thing.

Your mind got disturbed
looking at that man's actions.

My mind gets disturbed
when I look at you. Understood?


What did you understand?

I think you have OCD too.

Oh God!

Uncle is waiting for us.
Let's go. Hurry up.

Dad, Anand is here.

Hi, uncle!
- Oh, you are here.

Is it enough if you bring
me safely and admit here?

Or, is it enough if
you get the surgery done?

What was that sound?


Maybe it was the fan,
or the computer..

..or that AC. Am I right?

Okay. Why didn't you come
to see me after I woke up?

How can you ignore me like this?

I didn't ignore you, uncle.
I came after the surgery..

..but the hospital staff
gave me a scolding and sent me away.

How can they interfere in it?

They can't weaken or break
the bond between us, right?

They don't have that sense, uncle.

Why didn't you inform them, dear..

..that he is your
fiancé and my son in law?

Dad, no use fretting about it now.

Say what you want to
say to him and send him home.

Son, I need to talk to you.

Come on, uncle.
We can sit in the lawn and talk.

He is a patient.

I know. I know that.
- Then?

The air here is polluted.

Uncle, don't you feel
a bit suffocated here?

A bit?

You feel it. You feel it.

Yes, I feel a bit breathless. Let's go.
- Please.

I will feel better
if I unburden my heart..

..while breathing in fresh air.

Go ahead, uncle.
I'll join you in a minute.

Hello! This is a hospital.

You can't apply oil anywhere you want.
Stupid fellow.

You tell me.
I've raised him as my own son.

How can he leave because
I didn't give him my daughter?

Can't I get her married
to the man she loves?

You can do that, uncle.
Who will stop you?

Uncle.. Instead of worrying
about the one who left you..

..embrace the one who
loves you and take him home.

He will bring comfort to you like me.

Hello! Don't act smart.
Just talk about dad.

Yes. I just linked the
topic to us too. Calm down.

Uncle, don't think about
your nephew and be depressed.

First think about winning
that wrestling competition.

You will definitely win it.

Uncle, you know something?

A great man once said
that when you really desire..

..something from the heart..

..the whole universe
will help you to achieve it.

If you follow it, everything
will fall in place. Right, Meghana?

If we really desire
something from the heart.. will happen. Am I right?


Why do you look doubtful, dear?

Anand is right.
He reminded me of the determination..

..I had as a 25 year old man.

That's it. Be positive, uncle.

If you are happy,
your health will improve.

Anand! If you are with me..

..I feel as if I have the
strength of 1,000 elephants.

Will you come to my village with me?

- Dad, he has his office work.

What office work?
Forget the office work.

Is it more important than uncle?

His health is important.

I will take one month leave.

Or I will resign and work
in the fields in our village.

Who can deny my love for you?
- What?

I mean.. My love for uncle,
my love for our family.

I meant that.

Ask them to discharge me soon.

Let's go. Let's get away from..

Hello, Subbarao!
Didn't I tell you? Didn't I? Didn't I?

Didn't I tell you to
run away if someone sneezes?

Important call. One second.

You found me a great man, dear.

Bring him upstairs
after he finishes his call.

Okay, dad.
- Let's introduce him to mom.

Yeah, yeah.

I will tell her. Okay. Okay, bye.

My cousin Kishore.

Don't fool me.
Even though you have OCD..

..I had the impression
that you would never tell lies.

Thanks. For opening up.

Opening up?

You said you have
an impression about me.

That was in the past.
But now I have only hatred for you.

I don't know.
It looks like love to me.

Whatever. Why did you
give false hope to my dad..

..when you know your own character?

Why did you promise him
that you will come to our village?

I really want to come.

Really? Do you think
that is a software office?

It is a village.
A man suffering with OCD like you..

..can't survive there even one day.
Not even one day.

For you. Sorry, for your dad,
I'm ready to walk into hell.

Hey, stop it! There's
no need to become so emotional.

Why do you want to come?
What is he to you?

There is nothing between us now.

There is nothing between us.
But still I will come.

An elderly man said that
he will feel better if I'm with him.

I will come for his happiness,
not for you.

Stick to that.
Once you come there, don't start..

..talking rubbish that
you came for me or for our love.

There's nothing to talk about.
- What?


I have no love for you.

But I still smell something.

Mom! Grandfather is back!
Grandfather is back!

Brother! It was such a close call.

I'm fine, dear.

Wait! Let me ward off
the evil eyes from you.

No, not from me. Ward off
the evil eyes from our son in law.

Son in law?

Oh God!

- Do you want a cloth?

Yes, do you have one?

Idiot! First do what you came to do.

- Dear!

Stand beside him.
I will ward off the evil eyes.

I don't want it. Do it for him.
I cast my evil eyes on him.

- Hello, sis!

He is handsome, isn't he?
- Yes, she did.

You can ward off the evil eyes from us.
- Yeah.

To ward off the evil eyes
of neighbors, acquaintances.. members,
villagers and everybody else.

Why did you spit in your hand?

You will get infections.
Go wash your hands.

Nothing will happen, son.
I do this at least four times a day.

He is funny.

Control. You still have
to see and do a lot of things.

Look, another fresh concept
is on the way. Let's go.

I called up, sis.
- Children.

Yes, please go.

- Anand!

The children want a photo with you.

With me? - Anand! I want to
post it on Facebook. Just one photo.

Wait a minute.
- Please, Anand. Please, Anand.

What is the concept of these fingers?

Style, Anand. Style.


Please pull your tongues in, aunties.

We'll do it after clicking the photo.

Now the servants.

How long will you do that?


One minute.
- Why did you lift your leg?

'Kung Fu Panda' selfie.
It's a latest trend.

What rubbish!

Please cooperate.
- Me too.

Coconut Oil Panda.

You've changed a lot
after coming to this village.

I've changed?


I didn't change.
I feel sick. I've to take bath.

Where is the bathroom?


Where is the bathroom?
- I don't know.

Sticky fellow! Where is the bathroom?

That's only for women.

And for men?

Right there.
- Oh. Right there?

What is happening there?

The soap is enduring
torture on their bodies.

Go ahead, sir.
If you take a bath with them..

..they will scrub
your back and thighs.

What is that? Please tell me.

What nonsense!
- Bathroom!

Why should they touch our thighs?

These are not village thighs
that you massage with oil.

They are classy thighs
that were pampered with..

..imported creams
and air conditioners.

Where is the bathroom?

Where is the bathroom?

Hello, brothers!
Come with me. I'll show you..

..the best bathing place.

A western bathroom?

Western.. Western.. Western..

It looks like a lake.
It might have mud.

This is not a swimming
pool to have cement tiles, bro.

It is a lake.
Luckily it is empty. So hurry up.

Don't expect anything
else in this village.

We will not expect anything else.

Cousin! I'm going.
- Where?

I didn't unload myself since morning.

The lake looks very tempting.

I can unload and clean at one go.
Then I'll be done.

I will kill you if you
are seen in these surroundings.

Walk at least one kilometer,
take a bath with Dettol..

..apply sanitizer and come back. Go.

I won't get those things here.

You are way dirtier than
me because of those selfies.

- Yes, bro?

Let's find a tree and give it some manure.
- Let's go.

"Playing in water and singing songs.."

"It is so wonderful."

"Playing in water..
It is so wonderful."

"Playing in water and singing songs.."

Hey.. Kid.. Go away.

Kid, go home.

You should wash at home, not here.

Hey! Don't you understand? Go home.

I beg of you.
Please. No, no, don't do it.

I will buy lots of chocolates for you.

No, no, I said no. Please..

Kid, listen to me.
Don't do it. Don't do it.

What's up, bro?
I think you loved the lake.

You stayed there until night.

I'll hit you with the
dumbbell and break your jaw.

I'm sparing you because
you are Meghana's cousin..

..or else you would be dead.

You are a cousin, so be like one.

Go inside and play
with your dumbbells.


What happened? Why did you scold him?

What happened?
The whole village took bath with me.

Washing clothes, washing behinds..

..blowing noses, scrubbing animals..

..they did everything there.

It just took five minutes
for them to ruin the water.

You mean this too?

Five people.

Even I can't bear to hear it.

That's why we should
never hate anything so much.

If we hate something,
God will immerse us in it.

But you don't smell dirty at all.

- Yes.

There was a water pump on the way.

I washed myself for three hours.

Maybe that's why I don't smell bad.

That's good.

Where were you since morning?

Aren't you hungry?

Hungry? I'm starving.

Come inside.

Let's go.
- Don't touch me. I'm already irritated.


Why is everyone sitting together?

When we make fresh
mango pickle in the house.. grandmother mixes
food in one plate..

..and feeds everyone.

Another new concept?

They are not giving
me any time to recover too.

Mix it well.

You love the girl.
You came here. Now endure it.

What are you whispering?
Will you eat or no?

Will you eat?


Then I will eat too.
- Huh?

Yes. Just look at them, Kishore.

We do this every year.

I love such dinners with new concepts.

Think about it.
One plate for 20 people.

So one hand will be feeding 20 mouths.

So her five fingers
will touch everyone's lips.

Don't give me so many details,

They are 20 people there.

If we add ourselves,
we will be 24 of us.

- Whatever. Let's go.

Let's go.
You are frustrated. Sit down.

That's okay. Go on.

Don't look at him.

Sticky fellow!

Sticky fellow!
- Yes, sir?

Sir called you.

You apply oil on your head.
Then collect it from down.

Should I concentrate
on food or on your head?

He is disturbing this
interesting dinner, Meghana.

- Yes.

Maybe he is mixing
the oil in the food too.

Is that a joke? I will kill you.
- Sorry.

- Yes, son?

Start the war. Come on.

Go on, take it.

No other way?

Let's take it. No other way.

I told you not to
give such huge morsels.

Why did he throw it back?

She might mix it with
the rest of the food.

Put it aside if it
is too much for you.

How many times did I tell
you not to put it back in the plate?

I feel like crying.

No, it won't look
good if you cry here.

What happened? Won't you eat?

Even if you want to eat..

..the OCD man inside
you won't let you eat.

That's why I asked you to stay away..

..from common people like us,
and our affections.

You can leave right now if you want.

I won't mind.

Grandmother, mix it well.

Mix it. Not a small morsel.
Give me a big morsel.

Mix it.

Wait a minute.

- Yes?

Shall we take a small
morsel or a big morsel?

It doesn't matter since
it has been tasted by everyone.


Uncle, how are you?

Don't you like these concept dinners?

Why call him now? He is a patient..

..and he might have
many more illnesses.

That's right.

No, son. I drink buttermilk at night.

Buttermilk! Let's drink that.
- That's better.

Son! You can do that from tomorrow.

But eat one morsel tonight.

We all want to see you eat one morsel.

Eat, son.
- Eat it, son. Eat it, son. Eat it.

Eat it, bro.

You wanted to escape from one morsel.

Now you will have to
eat all these shared morsels.

You think these are
shared morsels, Kishore?

Aren't they?

This is love. Affection. Care.

I can't bear it.
Such a caring family. So much love.

Live for hundred years.

Stop your drama.

Did I pull it off?
- You are on your own now.

No, wait.

Dear, I think he is hesitating
to eat from our hands.

You feed him.
Maybe he will eat from your hand.

What? Will you really eat?
Should I feed you?

Even if you feed me poison
with your loving hands..

..I'm ready to eat it and die.

I must agree.
You give very good massage.

Bhadram, where is he? Did you see him?

Who do you mean by him?

She means Anand.

Don't call him by name.
Call him brother in law.

Oh. Brother in law
is relaxing in the fields.

Okay, let's go.
- I don't want to come.

Please come.

Madam, I want to come too.
- Why can't you go alone?

Come on.
- Okay, let's go.

You ate one morsel. I'm sure
it is a part of your blood now.

If you try any longer,
you will vomit your intestines.

Come here. Come on, come here.

Come on.

I feel sick when I think
of the morsel that he put inside.

I see. That is called nausea.

Do one thing.
Just smell this once. Lightly.

How will that help?

You have OCD. Men like
you don't have to drink alcohol.

You will get a high
if you just smell alcohol.

Smell it. Take it.
- Really?

Give it to me.

I feel a light buzz already.

Now lick this pickle.

Just because I'm on a high.. doesn't mean
I can't think straight.

The OCD man inside me is alert.

You are a gentleman
and he is your watchman.

You ate the shared morsel
that Meghana fed you.

Imagine that I'm Meghana,
and lick this finger.. will surely feel good.

You are Meghana?
- Yes.

Are you sure?

Don't you think my skin
tone is like Meghana's?

Look! Look at the
brightness of my skin.

Okay, give me one more.

Atta boy.

Give it to me.

Meghana! Why are you so arrogant?

Because I'm fair, Anand.

When I saw your cleanliness
the first time I met you..

..I loved with the hopes
that you'll be a bigger OCD than me.

But you are creating trouble for me.

When I punched a man in
the office for not washing hands.. said he was
wrong and I was right.

But when I got down from
the car after your father..

..vomited blood in it, you left me.
You rejected me.

You liked my OCD character
before you fell in love.. why don't you like
it now after you fell in love?

I want to know the answer.

Answer me.

Who are you?

Are you Meghana's agent?

Why are you hiding there?

Will you eavesdrop on
me and carry the news to her?

- You idiot!

I'm almost done. Almost done.

Almost done? What did we ask you?

What are you talking about? Get up!

Sir, I'm almost done.

Sir's friend, I'm almost done.


Why am I forced to see all
the filth in this world, Kishore?

She rejected me because
of my over cleanliness.

Don't you think she is a fool?
- You are right.

Don't you think she is a fool?

Hey, Meghana!

No. Not Hey Meghana!
Say Foolish Meghana!

That corner bit. That one.

That is to the east.
- I love it.

It is east facing.
- Exactly. Isn't it nice?

We can sell the Manikonda
flat and buy this land easily.

Let's buy it. As you wish.

You don't realize it
but you have a sharp mind.


What's up, Meghana?
Did you all eat shared morsels?

Just shut up, okay?

I thought that perhaps
you've really changed..

..and that I'm misinterpreting you,
so I came to apologize.

But now your secret is out.

You will never change,
and you are worsening.

I never imagined that you'll
drink alcohol which I hate.

No way! I don't drink alcohol,
Meghana. I just smelled it.

Is it? Is that why
you called her foolish?

I already told you that
you are a cousin, so be like one..

..but you never listen to me.

Be like a cousin. As we said.

Trust me, Meghana. I swear.

Remove your hand.
- I didn't drink. I just smelled it..

..and lovingly called
you foolish Meghana.

Enough of your acting.

Don't be one person before
me and another one behind me.

It is better for us
to be away from each other.

Don't expect that I'll
accept your love. Goodbye.

Let's go.

What is done is done.
You need this now. Continue.

That's raw liquor.

Get lost.

Good morning, grandmother.

Will you have some coffee?
- No.

Did you sleep well, son?

Sticky fellow! You are a
good masseuse. You deserve a tip.

I don't want tips.
Just give me your thighs.

I've never done it before.
This will be the first time.

Massage them well with oil.

What is this? Will you become..

I'm changing. Looking at
him being so oily all the time..

..I wanted to experience
that feeling once.

Believe me. It is amazing.

Sticky fellow!
- Yes?

Apply oil to him too.
Remove your t-shirt.

I'm already frustrated.
Don't test my patience.

What is happening?
Why is my head throbbing like this?

Don't you remember
what happened last night?

Last night.. You came to me.

You said some sweet words to me.

After that..
Was it a duet or a montage?

Yes, it was a duet. That's
why I woke up with this feeling..

Hello! That's not true.
See this video. It's funny.

You are a cousin, so be one.
I'll punch you to death.

Do you know what will
happen if he sees that video?

Let him see it. What will happen?

He should remember
his foolish behavior.

You don't know how he is, Meghana.

I can hate myself,
but he is not capable of that quality.

He is a big softie.

Is that so?
He didn't have a problem doing it..

..but he will have
a problem seeing it?

That's too much.

No, Meghana. Listen to me..

Stop fighting. Why will
it be a problem if I see my video?

No, don't do it. Listen to me.
- Give it to me.

No, don't see it. Don't see it.
- Enjoy yourself.

No, don't see it. Don't see it.
- What is this fuss all about?

Hello! Hello! Stop it!

What's wrong?

Master, a small break please.

Go ahead.

Now tell me.

Was that a romantic song?

Hey! Hey, no!
- Oh dear! What happened to him?

What happened? Son!

Move, let him get some air.
- Padma!

Bring some water.

Are you happy?
I told you not to show him that video.

I think he is going to die.

What should I do?

Madam, don't worry.
I will wake him up.

I've seen it in many movies.

What will you do?

What are you going to do?

He will wake up if
I blow into his mouth.

No, wait.
He didn't drown in water. He fainted.

If he finds out that
you blew air into his mouth..

..we can bury his body in the evening.

Go bring some water.

Kishore, dad is coming home.
Do something to wake him.

He will get worried if
he sees him in this condition.

Continue your massage.

Do you know this? There's a tractor..

..that looks like
a pig rolled in the mud.

The tires are coated
with so many layers of mud.

There's also cow dung
stuck between the gaps.

That tractor is coming to our house.

And your Puma shoes from
America are right there.

I'm worried that the tractor
tires that are coated with..

..cow dung are going
to ruin your shoes.

Who will wash it?

I will wash it.
I will wash it. Where's the tractor?

Tractor! I did it!

Oh, it's you.

Great man!
I join my hands before your character.

It is very difficult to come
to terms with all these angles.

Oh God!


Yes, uncle?

A suggestion..

You want to give suggestion
or take suggestion?

Oh. Sorry.

Give your suggestion, uncle.
That's okay.

My nephew Seenu will not refuse me..

..if I personally request him.

They all are suggesting that
I ask him to fight for our village.

But if he doesn't agree to
it after I ask him, it will be..

No, uncle.
I will ask him on your behalf.


You will get upset if he
says something bad in his anger.

And I can't take that
risk with your health.

Oh God!

I will handle it. I will.

You gave me such a good son in law.


Let's go.

I'm so unfortunate.

You look cute.

I wanted to look official
since we are meeting our relatives.

Same here.

Thank you.

You already jumped into the water.. you have to swim.

That's him.

Who are you?

I'm a bus.

Then turn around.
This is a construction site.

Go away.

Bus, my foot.

Watch your step.

Please come.

Seenu! Seenu!
He is Anand, Meghana's future husband.

Hi, sir.
Nice to meet you. How are you?

What do you want?

Uncle wants to meet you.

Who are you to call me?

What happened to the old man?

Is he ashamed to come to talk to me?

You are calling him an old man.

But he still refers to you
as his nephew, his sister's son.

He is very sad that
you are not with him.

He has you now.

Right, but Anand can't be Seenu.

You are his blood relative,
and I'm not.

An elderly man who
raised you from childhood.. not well and
is thinking about you.

You should show him love at this time,
not anger.

If you speak lovingly to him,
he will live an extra 5 years.

I hope that you'll respect
him for his age and meet him.

One more thing.

Actually he wanted
to come and talk to you.

But I told him that if
you are a reasonable man..

..I can persuade you
to come and talk to him.

I said that a man who
grew up in that house..

..will have some humanity at least.

Now I leave the decision to you.

Seenu! The wrestling
match is approaching.

Your uncle sent his
son in law to talk to you..

..because the villagers asked him to.

He didn't it out of love for you.

If it wasn't for that son in law..

..he would've happily married
his cousin and stayed there.

And we would've been
here singing hymns.

So, what is your point?

The problem will be solved
if we kill Ramaraju's son in law.


Yes, murder. Let's give it a try.

Well and good if we succeed
or we'll just forget it.

But if we don't do anything..

..he will lecture this
fellow at every given chance..

..and become a great man
in his father in law's eyes.

Do we need all that now? Do we?

Ramaraju will know his value
only if we kill his son in law.

Where are you going?

I will come back after killing him.

Shut up and sit down.

- Yes, sir?

Shankar! Our name shouldn't come up.

Okay, sir.
- Nobody should connect us to this murder.

Did you understand what sir said?

Sir's name shouldn't be in
A1 and his name shouldn't be in A2.


I will write my name
as the A1 accused.

Dear, vermilion dot.

Vermilion dot.


If you behave like this,
our God will get angry..

..and roll you in the mud. Be careful.

No way. He loves me.

Holy water.

Done. You carry on.

Everybody loves you except me.

I know you well.

Is that so?
- Yes.

We are showing you
honor because you came.. our village.
We love our enemies too.

Sir, God's offerings.


No matter what the concept is..

..the common points are the same,
you know.

Let's go.

Wait, I will kill him.

Buy tickets for the matinee show.

Stop. Step back. Step back.

What is that color?
They mix chemicals in it.

You will lose your eyesight
if it goes into your eyes.

You will have to
beg for alms right here.

Let's go.

He looks funny, right?

Funny, my foot. Let's go.


I went to murder him
but he spoke of my well-being.

Don't go close. He'll lecture you too.
Kill him from here.

What are you doing?

Hey! Don't do that.

You idiot! Where did you aim it? Run!


You will be alright.
Don't worry. Okay?

Where is the oxygen?
- I brought it, sir. I brought it.

Come on, attach it to her.
Hurry up. Is it fresh?

Yes, sir.

Are you okay?

No harm will come to
you as long as I'm here.

Don't be scared. Okay?

She is not scared. You are scared.

Don't be sarcastic. I'll break
your jaw with this kerchief. Go.

Doctor! Doctor!

Where is the doctor?
- There he is.

Call him.


- What is this chaos?

Remove that from your ear.
Throw it. Throw it.

This? It's okay, I will use it later.

What's the problem?

She lost 6 ml blood, doctor.

6 ml?

More than 35 drops blood.

A rusted knife cut her
arm and fell at her feet.

You already bandaged her arm.

I gave her the basic first aid I know.

Take her to the surgery room,
stitch the cut..

..and keep her in
the hospital for a week.

Be careful.

For this small scratch?

You want me to stitch
it up in the surgery room?

That's not a small scratch.
It was a rusted knife.

It can cause infection..

Wait a minute.

Who fixed the oxygen mask?

Me, sir. Did I do it correctly, sir?

You are fired. You can go home.
- Doctor!

Just because we gave
you these cylinders..

..will you fix them
on anyone who comes in?

He fixed it because I asked him to.

Who is the doctor here, you or me?

So shut up.
Get down, dear.

Doctor! If she keeps her leg down..

Don't move.

If she keeps her leg down,
the infection will spread..

..that wound will become bigger..

Shut up. If you say another word..

..I'll resign,
go to my village and do farming.

Farming will suit you,
but I won't give you that chance.

Thanks for understanding.
Bring her in.

Doctor, what will we use..

Catch him! Don't let him come inside!

Bring the patient inside.

Sir, be gentle.
It's an injection, please be gentle.

Does that great man love you, dear?


I got it.
We should love our dear ones..

..but we shouldn't
be crazy about them.

He is crazy about you.
You are so lucky, dear.

That knife was not an accident.

Everyone thinks that it
was an attack on son in law.

Seenu has become haughty
with Bhupathi's support.

Just say the word.
I will put him at your feet.

He left us and is now
raising weapons on us.

He is our enemy.

We will attack him
where it hurts the most.

This is not a time to fight.
It is a time to compete.

Let's prove our power
to him in the wrestling match.

He is so arrogant about
his strength in wrestling.

We'll defeat him in his own game.

I know how to bring victory
to this village and myself.

The wrestling match that
has been eagerly awaited.. the surrounding districts
is going to start now.

Like every year, this year also..

..Ramapuram will
compete with Durgapuram.

On this side is Mr.
Ramaraju, an invincible leader..

..who has been ruling as
the Village Head for 7 years.

And on the other side is Mr.

..who is determined to
be the next Village Head..

..a post which is dangling
in front of him like a sour grape.

They will be competing
with their own teams.

But Mr. Ramaraju's nephew,
wrestling champion Seenu..

..fighting for Durgapuram
for the first time is the highlight.

- This is not a highlight. It is betrayal.

Betrayal! Betrayal!


What do you call your act?

I've been looking at her
as my wife from childhood..

..but you gave her hand to this man.

I thought you will give her
to me at least for this village.

But you brought this fellow home..

..and sent him to me
with a message of compromise.

Just being an elderly
one is not enough.

You've carried her
when she was a baby.

How can you marry her?

Who says I can't marry
her because I've carried her?

Shut up! I viewed you as my own son.

That's why I hoped you
will make me your son in law.

You ungrateful dog!
- Calm down.

You can talk to humans,
not to fools like him.

Let's go. Come on.


Quiet. Why do you scream like that?

If you scream like that,
it will damage your vocal chords..

..and you will lose your voice,
you know.

Hey! - Oh God! He will not change.
- Shut up. You are hurting my ears.

Seenu! Show this anger in the ground.

Your uncle and his daughter
should regret their actions.

Sit down.

Mr. Bhupathi!
Long live! Mr. Bhupathi! Long live!

He is the next Village Head.

He will sit in that
seat after half an hour.

Oh God! Do you see that?

Men on his side are like strong bulls.

Stop it! Our man is losing!

Well done!

Sir, don't worry.
We have Seenu with us.

He is charging like a lion.


Long live Durgapuram!
Long live Durgapuram!

Hey! Is anybody left?

I'm here!

Hey, put it down.
You are a cousin, be like one.

You came here with puffed out chests..

..but you bit the
dust in five minutes.

You didn't value me
when I fought on your side.

Nobody has the guts
to fight with you, Seenu.

They all are useless men.

Useless men!

Give it to me.
- Yes, sir.

Silence! Silence!

Ramaraju, looks like
there is nobody left to fight.

So end the match and decide
who the Village Head is.

Who is he to decide it, sir?

That chair has been
waiting for you for so long.

Well said. Well said.

Meghana, shall we leave?
The match is over.

Let's go.

Look, uncle!
I will give you one last chance.

Give her to me,
I will fight for our village..

..and give that chair back to you.

Every woman needs
a real man in her life.

Not a whimpering idiot.

Think about it.

Hey! I tolerated
it when you insulted me.

I endured it even when
you insulted my daughter.

But now you dared
to insult my son in law..

..I won't spare you.

You speak of manliness
and being a real man..

..if you have courage,
if you are a man that I fed..

..defeat my son in law.

Right now,
before the people of my village..

..I'll give my daughter
to you in marriage..

..wash your feet,
and sprinkle that water on my head.

Son in law!
- Yes?

Get up! Crush that dog
who insulted your future wife!

Show those idiots that
my confidence in you is not vain!

Ramaraju! You spoke rashly.
Now you can't take it back.

Bhupathi! I will take my own life..

..but I won't take my words back.

Anand, get up. Come on.

Come on, get up! Come on! Let's go!

Beat the drums! Come on!

Will he get provoked
if that fellow provokes him?

Did he ask me if I can fight?
No, he took the decision.

How can he link this
match with my wedding?

Which age are we living in?

Try to win the match.
You have courage.

That place is filled with dust.

I get allergies even when
I see dust from a distance.

And her father pushed me into dust.

Try hard.
I'm confident that you'll win.

It is not a bicycle race
that I can win by pedaling hard.. is a wrestling match.
Did you see him?

He is not competing.
He is thrashing them for revenge.

I'm going to die.
Call 108. Make the call.

Hello! Are all the
ambulances free today?

Why are you calling so often?

He is going to fight now.
Give him at least five minutes.

He will come.

- Yes, dad?

I'm going to make Anand
take part in wrestling tomorrow.

Dad, there is something
I've to tell you.

I know it, dear.
Bhadram told me everything.

He got down from the car
on the way to the hospital.

I didn't see anything wrong in it.
That's his nature.

But we can't lose a good
man like him for that reason.

Do you think he would have
endured living in this village..

..for so long if he
didn't love you deeply?

He loves me,
but he won't take part in the fight.

Let's see.
He fought for my bag that day.

Won't he fight for you?

I will prove it to you
that his over cleanliness.. nothing when compared
to his love for you.

Oh God!

Hello! Hello!

Stop! Stop!
- Come on, let's settle this.

I said stop! Just be quiet.

How did you build this body, brother?
Stand still.

Come closer.

Wait a minute. Walk like this.

Walk in a dignified way like me.

Why are you walking around me?
Come on!

Like this.
- Where are you going? Come on! Come on!

Wait, brother. Don't scream.
You will lose your voice.

Oh God!

No, stop! No!

Yes! I won!

You brought in a good warrior.

This is the first time I've
seen a man play children's games.. a wrestling match.

Let me go. Let me go.
Let me go. Step back. Step back.

Hey, stop it!
Stop it! All of you shout his name..

..and he comes charging
like a raging bull.

I'm not from this field.

Come to programming.
I will teach you coding.

Wait here. I will cancel this match.
Let me talk to uncle.

Okay? Wait here.

- Wait there.

He is coming after me again.

This is wrong, uncle.
This is very wrong.

It is a sin to push
a spectator into the arena.

I can't bear to touch him
or to put my feet in that sand.

Look, I have my shoes on.

Does anyone come
to wrestle with shoes?

No, right? Explain that to him.

What is done is done.
Even cricket matches..

..get cancelled when there is rain.

This is just a match
between two small villages.

What is so great about it?

Uncle, we will plan
it better next time..

..and bring in professionals.

I'll convince them not to
take your angry words seriously.

I'll get the match cancelled.

All of you sit in our vehicles
and get ready to leave.

They will surely understand.
We are not professionals.

Dad! Dad!

What happened?

Water. Water.

Bring some water quickly.

Drink some water.

Give him some space. Let him breathe.

Just shut up. Go away. Go.

Come here. Don't you have any sense?

Will you die if you
touch a man or dust?

Why did you come to this village?

Why are you showing
love that doesn't exist?

My love doesn't exist?

Would you come back
if you really loved me?

They told you that they
will give me away if you lose..

..but you simply don't care.

That means you don't love me at all.

You can't love anybody but you.

You always think about
your health and your feelings.

My village, my family's honor,
my dad's life, my wedding..

..there are so many
problems in front of you..

..but you simply don't care.

Can't you see any of these?

Can you only see the sand and dust?

I'm a girl but I'm so
angry I want to kill him.

But you are coolly talking
of requesting them..

..convincing them and
to get the match cancelled.

Look! If anything
unfortunate happens here.. will see me dead.


No, dear!

Let me go.
Will you kill him?

Cousin, I beg of you.
Please let him go. I want him.

You want him?
You want him? You want him?

That's dirt. Keep it away.

This is not dirt.
It is my love. Touch it.

It is dirt.
I won't touch it. You know I won't.

Hello! She brought me mud..

Hey, OCD! This is not mud, my husband!

My husband!

My husband!

My husband!

Ramapuram has won this time as well.

Mr. Ramaraju is the Village Head.

How do you feel, son?

Did he open his eyes?

Yes, doctor.

How are you, Mr. Anand?

Your whole body got infected
after a 15 minute fight.

How can you be so sensitive?

You should always keep
your body close to nature.

That will help to increase
the resistance in your body.. that it can fight
back in such circumstances.

Who is she?

Nature, sir. You asked him
to be close to her. So she came.

So, let the unnatural people
like us move out. Let's go.

Come on, let's go.
Let nature cure him.

Why did you come?

Did you come to see
if I'm alive or dead?

Why do you say that?

What else should I say?
Do you really.. Love me?

If you did,
why did you send me into dust..

..knowing that I have OCD?

If a loved one has a problem,
you should find a solution..

..not push him into that very problem.

I'm fortunate that I opened my eyes.

What if I hadn't? What if I died?

Don't shed so many tears.

Your tears are not going to tempt me.

Prove your love for me
like I proved my love for you.

Use sanitizers,
body lotions or whatever you want.

Prove that you have
bigger OCD than me..

..and win my love.

What? What is that look?

What will you do?

Will kissing prove that you love me?

How else will a girl display her love?

Meghana, listen to me.

The longer you kiss him,
the more love you have for him.

Carry on.


Did you brush?

What? Why ask me when
I've already kissed you?

I will be comfortable if I know.
I'll be more cooperative.


Doctor! His OCD is decreasing.


Stop running.


Why happened to your hand?
Didn't you wash it?

I washed it. Now eat.

How many times?

Will you eat or no?

Go wash your hands,
neatly cut your nails..

..wear gloves and then feed me.
Then I will eat.

Junior OCD! Your dad is
the brand ambassador for OCD.

Even he didn't wear
gloves to eat food.

Do you think you are greater than him?

Hey, come with me.
- Where are you taking him, Anand?

I missed out on mom's
love because of my cleanliness.

But he shouldn't
miss out on your love.

He shouldn't become like me.

I don't know if I have been
a good husband to you or no..

..but I really want
you to have a good son.

I want him to give
my mom all the happiness..

..that she has lost because of me.

Let's go.

Goodness is in the
eyes of the beholder.

The food we eat grows
from the ground too.

If we can cleans our minds..

..every person will be a great person.