Mahalai Tiang Kuen (2016) - full transcript

It's very noisy. Can you not calm down?

Stay together, do not be so selfish.

It's impolite not knowing the rules.

Time to take your medicine.

What medicine?
Why should I take it?

Because its--

Who's phone is ringing?

Who's huh?

It's mine.

What the hell? just--

Fire! Everything is on fire! Fire!

I nearly burned to death!

My clothes are burning,

Do not come near. I beg you!
Do not come near. I beg you!


The test results finally came in.

I got a C.

I got a C.

I got a D.

I got a C+ (´・ω・`)

**We finally passed.

My English grades are not good.

Your English grades are not good?!

There is definitely a problem here.

This matter will be solved if you look into it.

Teacher.. I hate this subject,
so will you help me change my grade.. please?

It's impossible.

There's no way I can change your grade.

It's very important that I graduate this year.

I have to get my diploma, then
I can go to Korea and be an artist.

No way, there's no way I can change your grade.

You could take the exam again..


But what?

First you should take a tutoring
class in the Education Center.

An additional class?
You don't know do you?

Know what?

I have to take this class in order to graduate
what else do I need to know?

They say, students who have not

are gathered in that class..

are dead..

There's a story going around, that students who
have not passed are gathered in that class and the bell keeps ringing at midnight.

And the bell kept ringing.

Everyone can hear it.

That's the sign ghosts in the classroom.

Not every ghost can learn.
You must be serious about learning.

One senior died.
He wanted to take the exam.

There was a girl in the toilet.
Her boyfriend dumped her.

She died by hanging herself.

-Are you sure she took the exam?

I heard she didn't pass the exam.

That's terrible.

-I heard a senior tried to take a picture and there was a room full of ghosts.

Some people say I like to brag
and I talk too much. Bullshit!

It's not me.

Tonight you will see for yourself that I'm brave.

Handcuffs are locked. See? See?!
Here's the key.

The key is just like a girl's heart.
Unable to retrieve it.

Tonight, you will know who I am.
I am King of the Class!

This doesn't look good.

It looks like she hung herself.

She's wearing black underwear, it's hard to believe!

2... 3... they walk together.

Hurry up and go. Bye! Bye! Bye!

Don't go there.

Very white.

God, I can't take it anymore.

Wait! Is someone peeing?

What are you doing?

This is crazy!

I'm going out of my mind. Help me open these cuffs.
I do not need this now.


-You need my help?

Who believes in ghost stories anyway.

It's just to scare small children.

It's time to start the journey of a famous artist.

One year to study Korean language,
then I'm off to Korea.


One year of learning to sing.

One year of learning to dance.

Then create an album.

Next travelling around the world.

What is she saying?

I can not waste any more time.
Let's go.

Are you crazy? Who
wants to go with you?

We just do not want to go, period!

Let's go.

[Education Center]


We're really going in?

Come with me to study here.

Class is full.

Are you sure about this?

Where are the others?

It's nothing. Come on.

Today is the last day of discount sale
at the mall. I'll see you later.

I want to buy an underwear.
I'll go with you.

I'll take you guys

This is for you.
See you.

If anyone comes in and goes with me
into class, I'll give them lipstick.

I will be willing to accompany her.. for 2 weeks.

Hope these guys are cool.



You are in class with me, right?

You are the first one here.

Right? Class one, right?

Let's take a photo.

Let's see the photo.

Hello, you're my classmate, right?

Okay, see you.

Very funny, his name is Wan Hai.

What is your name?

My name is--

Hello, Wan Hai.

What am I wearing?

I'm wearing a white blouse.

What shoes?

High heels and wearing stockings.

I'm coming there now.

Ah. Kun.

I'll be back quickly.
See you.


I'm Aqun-Pai.

I'm a fan of yours.

Let me be in class with you.

I'm willing to do anything.

-Yes, anything.

Find others who wants
to be in class with me?

I knew you would say that.

I've prepared well for you.


The third one is still a student?

It's been 8 years.

This is Kung, Moo and Meuk. Your other classmates.

The others have graduated already,
they are the only ones who did not pass.

You guys really want to be with me?


-Quick answers.

You want money, right?

How much?


We don't want your money.

What then?

What do you want?

We want a party girl.


We want you to be our party girl.


That's a part of being a famous artist.

I accept.

But you have to go to class, you cannot skip a class.

The important thing is that you keep your promise.

There is still one more classmate with you.


You're in my class too?

That's how he says yes.

What are your requirements?





I'll let you take my picture.

There will be no nude photos.

Now that I helped you,
we can be friends now right?


You can be my temporary friend.

Temporary friend?

When you get your wishes,
we'll go on our own separate way.

Can we stay overnight?
-What are you talking about?

I thought we were good friends.

You're not gonna die. It's just temporary.

Let's take a picture.

Good evening.

We will be learning English from 9:00 pm until 11:45 pm.

There shall be no one in class after midnight.

Very important.
Do not touch the shelf behind you.


Let's start.

You should be able to write an essay well.
Find a good topic.

Time's up!
Hurry home quickly.


I'm here, so all the ghosts disappear.


You're wrong.

You guys are lying, you can't see, you can't see the ghost.

How do you know?



That's-- incredible!

I'll go home first, see you tomorrow.

Wait, relax. There's a party tonight.

You have to--
-You have to come.

Here's your dress for tonight.

See you later.

Party tonight!

I have an idea.

This party's going to be great.

It is now 12:05 am.

We are--
-Education Center

Ghosts, come out here if you dare.

Everything is ready, see.

This place is not scary at all.

What was that?

That's nothing.

I saw something.

Shouldn't we leave now?

This place is not scary at all.

Tonight's the best time.

What are you guys doing?

Why are you here?

Sorry teacher.

Here, here, here, here.

You guys sound.. crappy as hell.




Hey! What's wrong with you?

Is it already uploaded?

This could attract more new people.

Party magic.

The Education Center is not scary.

MMK is more powerful.
Tonight's going to be most interesting.

Let's dance together.

MMK will dance for you.


You call that dancing?

It's still so much better than someone
who is not dancing.

Okay, I will dance.

*sorry, no subs for this* T_T

We all want to--
thank you for your help.

It can't be helped.

We are friends.

Temporary friends.

Oh yes, temporary friends.

If I did not help you, you would
not want to be in my class.

This is a special day.

MMK prepared a special drink

representing our friendship.


Try some.

Uh Meuk.

Who would want to drink this?

Very delicious.
-Let me try it.

Give me.

--Give me.
--Give me.

Star, what's wrong?

She's a ghost!

This is bad!

She's dancing!

Very good.
Do not come near me.

He's okay.

He's a ghost too.

Wait for me!

So quick, are you going to give birth?


You're so fast! Where are you?


You fat--

Seems like a nightmare..

there's no end..

Why is it always like this?

Just like--

Here goes--

Hey, wake up!

Wake up!

What test? We still haven't studied.

I've taught you guys

you have to learn by yourself.

You guys have an essay test, now I gotta go.

Star, let's leave. It is almost 12 midnight.

There are no repeats. Today, no more party, okay?

How long have I been asleep?
What time is it?

So noisy..

It is 11:00 pm.

But I think it's 12:00 o'clock. Look.

The ghosts are here?


Hey Meuk. -Huh?
Wake up

You guys calm down.
Let me see.

He saw me, now what?

It's not hard at all, walk 2 steps left. Then 10 steps right,
there is an exit.

I can walk with my eyes closed.

-It will be hard for us to walk if our eyes are closed.
Let's just look up at the ceiling.

Right. Just follow my lead.

I'll count to three.


2 steps left.


1.. 2..

Very good. We go silently.
They certainly will not know.

Oi, why aren't you moving?

I also want to know.
Let me see.

What's wrong?


Let's swap places.

Where do we go?

Straight ahead.

Whose phone is that?

It's mine.

Hello. -Hello it's me.

Who is this?
-I'm your father.

What's wrong Pa? -Can you talk now?

Not right now.

-Not right now? You're out again with your friends at this hour?!

What did you say?
-We'll talk later..

Buy me some hot noodles.

Okay. I'll buy it later.

Don't forget to add some chicken feet.

I'll buy it, can you get here first.

-Hold on..

-I still want something.

I want a.. a.. a..

That pen.. pen-- pend--

pen.. penc.. Pencil!

-Can a pencil be eaten?

Wait let me think about it.

When you remember it, call me back.

Never mind.

I forgot the count.


6 steps to the right.

Is it 6 straight steps to the exit?

-Of course.

Through this way.







Wrong, was it left?


Why'd you stop?

What do you see?

Say something!

What did you say?
-I didn't say anything

Did you say something?

I didn't say anything.

You didn't say anything. You didn't say anything.
I didn't say anything either.

Then, who said that?

Jeez. The sound is getting closer.

We don't need to count anymore, we just run for it!

Where is he?

You guys didn't wait for me.
-Hurry up, come on!

You guys could have waited for me!

There's something behind you.

Something behind me?

Are you guys crazy?!
There's nothing there, stop lying!

Stop! It's literally behind your back.

Stop lying, I can't take it anymore!

Not behind you, it's on your back.

Help me get it off me!

I can't take this anymore!

He's gone.


What this code?

Tonight, we dance together.

Tonight huh?

What dance?

Now, it's review time, time to be serious.

You are just serious about doing nothing.
Seriously, learn.

Where are they?
This is their second chance and they aren't even coming.

How would I know?

Why not invite them to class?

Why would I do that?

Friends, you know friends.

Friends should help each other.
Not only because you are in class.

Anyways, I want to learn.

You will not skip one class, yes.

Don't I come here everyday?

Yes, you do come here everyday.

But now it's time to go home.
It's time to go home, bye.

You want to go to WGT?

So real!

Star, are you going to the dance?
I have your clothes ready.

We can change later in the toilet.

Really pretty, we're wearing the same thing.
I'll go in and change first.




What are you doing?

Kun! You startled me.

You surprised me.
Why are you following me?

No, I'm not following you.

Why would I?

Where are you going?

Want to know?

I don't want to know.

Well then, I'll leave first.

Be careful tonight,
there's a ghost out there somewhere.

Wait for me!

Why come here?\There is nothing here.

This place held activities
for those who have graduated.

Graduation party huh?

You know why it's here?

Close your eyes and imagine.

Close my eyes?

Trust me, close your eyes.

This palce existed before there was a school.

Growing along with every student.

When you want to pass, the trees here are full of light.

That light is the result of the students.

The most beautiful painting.


Why are you smiling?

I was at the graduation party, nothing special.

It's actually very meaningful.

You talk as if you can pass.

I don't think you're serious.

Because I don't understand.

If you're serious, I'm sure you can.

You know what? I believe in you.

You have some motive huh?

Just want you to graduate. We can pass together.

Graduate together?

The WGT code in your notebook, does it mean to pass?

You're smart too!

Stop being so noisy.


What are you doing here?
Why not go in?

Look.. there is a photo of a ghost.

You know this is fake.

You're not.. you're not planning to leave me right?


They said they saw a ghost.
I don't want to go to class again.

What ghost?

I'm going to class.

You coming with me, right?

Yesterday, there were three, and now Otaku.
Who else is next?

Do not forget the reason why you're here.

It's your last chance.

They did not come because
there is a ghost here.

What ghost?
Who said that?

I see a ghost.

Don't say that, is it sitting beside me?

Don't believe it, if you don't see it by yourself.

Today, I will teach you how to write a resume.
Let's get started.

That's it for today..
Tomorrow, don't forget to ask them to come in.

They don't want to come, I can't do anything.

You don't understand.

Why shouldn't there be more than 5 students, I can still teach.

I want you to help each other.

Unity is power.

I hope you know that.

What was the teacher talking about, so boring.

It's 12 o'clock, let's hurry home.

Who is that?


Come on, quickly!

It's you.

Hurry up.

Come with me!

Let's go!

Where are we going?!
Stop and tell me what's going on?!


Kun, will you walk me to my car?


Are there ghosts in the classroom?

You don't know?

I'm a ghost.

We study together and unlike them, they leave me.


I will not leave you.

I will accompany you to the exam.

You must pass.

Graduate together, promise?

I promise.

Who knows the answer?

Very good.


Good, you're ready for tomorrow's exam.

You are better than I imagined.

You can be more diligent again.

Learn like this, I..
I almost can't stand it anymore.

You want to be my teacher?

Pass the exam tomorrow.

Okay. I will study again later.

My book, I forgot and left it in class.

Wait, I'll be right back.


Star! It's almost 12 now!

There it is.

My book.

Kun, help me!

Kun, please help me!



She's finally awake.
What fire?

What am I doing here?

Someone saw you passed out in front of the old building
and called an ambulance and they brought you here.

Where is Kun?

Who is he?

It's okay.

I want you to know..

I'm so sorry.

This happened because I'm so stubborn.

So you know the ghost story.

I put this class together.

So all of this is because of you?

Listen to me first, I put that class together.

The whole story.

Because, I have a reason.

30 years ago.

Kun, this Saturday is my last chance.

Saturday is the day of final exam.

Final exam?

Will you teach me English?

I'll go first.

See you then.

That night--

What happened?

I overslept.

When I woke up, I went straight there.



It's too late.

Since then, I went to England and studied really hard.

Then, I came back to become a teacher.

I heard that someone saw a ghost in that class.

It must have been my friend, so I opened the class again.

But.. the other ghost spirits came also.

I didn't know what to do.

I want my friend to take the exam.

We promised that we would pass together.

Your friend's name, was it Kun?

How could you--
-The one who scared me.. is Kun.


Kun wouldn't do that.

He doesn't scare people, he loves helping people.

He asked us to study hard, in order to pass it along.

Where are you?!

Kun, come out here!

Kun, you come out here now!

If you don't come out here right now, I'll wait here until 12 o'clock.
Wait right here until all the ghosts come out.

I am here.

Sorry, I lied to you.

You're sorry?

I didn't mean to. I just wanted to help.

What do you mean?

One you've graduated.
You're not like me.

I mean..

I've been here almost 30 years.

I can't be reincarnated.

I can't even pass.

Wait a minute.

If you take the exam, you can pass.
If you pass, you can be reincarnated.

You don't know that..

Since that incident,
this class was reopened.

I'll open it again, we can definitely pass.

You still dare to take the exam?

If I'm alone, I will not dare,
but I will dare if there are many people here.

I.. do not.. go

Why.. not.. go?

That class has ghosts.

If the test is done before 12 o'clock, ghosts can't do anything to us.

If you graduate, who is going to throw a party for you?

Do you know why the ghosts gather there so often?

Because they died before they could graduate.

They want to take the exam and pass.

If they pass, we lose the ghosts.

We are friends.

Friends, must help each other.

Go to school together, take the test together, and graduate together!

We'll take the exam together!


Don't deceive us.
Don't be like that ghost.

We are not like you.
We don't need to pass or anything.

Right, if we are not there, you'll still be fine.

Is that so?

Lots of people think..

that we are not the same.

You know, even though we are different,

we can be friends too.

I always thought we were friends.

Next time, do not use my
photos to deceive others.


Let's take a photo together.




Come on, same photo. Hurry up.

The party night must be a very
exciting time for us.

Come on. I have an appointment
with my friend, I'm sorry.

I'll take pictures with my friends first.

Go away.

1..2..3. Nice.
1..2..3. Nice.

Let's go somewhere else.


I'm the prettiest.
-I'm prettier.

Come and take a picture with us.
-Come on.

I didn't graduate.

It's okay we just want to take a picture with you.

-Come, take a picture with us.
Yeah. Bye, bye.

I represent the juniors. Hopefully
the seniors have a better future.

I'm taking the exam.

Teacher, I want to take the exam.

I beg you pardon?
-I want to pass.

Your friend does too.

I'm so glad you guys showed up.

Well, friends should help each other.

I am ready, if you are.

When you are ready, sit in your respective places.

Teacher, Kun is also here to take the exam.

Let who take the exam?

Kun.. the.. ghost!


Start the exam.

Start the exam.

Start the exam.. start the exam..

Don't be afraid. It's not 12 o'clock yet.
The ghosts will not come out.

Teacher.. how?
Come on!

We're gonna take the exam together.

Is that okay?

Pass these exams out quickly.

Jesus Christ.

I told you I'd help you finish the exam.


Let's start the exam.

Alright everyone take your
seats and let's start the exam.


Very good.
Now let's run away while it's not too late.

Ready, let's start.

This is not real.

It's real.

Help me.

Why does he keep coughing?

You're not supposed to ask.

I think he is--
I think he is--

I can't take it anymore.
-Wait, I also want to go.

It won't open.\Move out of the way, let me.

It won't open.
-Hey, what are you guys doing?

Finish the test first.

What test?
Taking test with ghosts.

What are you doing?
-This classoom has ghosts.

-You have to do something.

Don't start vomiting in class!
Stop! Stop! Stop!

He stopped.

What do we do now?

Everything must be finished
We must finish the exam.

We must finish the exam!

We must hurry and finish the exam.
We must pass together.

I don't want to.
I don't want to, no.

Come on, hurry up.

I don't want o.
-Quick, go take your seats.

Moo! Meuk! Kung!

Back to your seats.
Never thought of using your brain?

Everyone wants to pass\then take the exam.

If you want to graduate, go back to your
respective places and take the exam.

I'm also afraid of ghosts.. so hurry up.

Come back here and do good on the exam.


Teacher, I am done.

You wait. -Wait? Wait for what?

Our friend.

Do not touch me.

Go on, don't worry about me.

Quick, turn this in for me.

If you can't write it, I'll help you write it.

"We Graduate Together"

I agree. Go ahead.

Kun, you must pass.

Time is running out.


Quick, the last question.

What now?


The final answer.

You sure?

Hurry up, time is running out!

Star. Turn it in.

We did it!

Teacher, the last question?

The last question was true.

"When you have a problem,
friends are always with you.

Goodbye, my friend.


Finally, these ghosts can
go quietly and be at peace.

Very cool.

Let's take a photo.

Where's Star?

Here, I'm here. Sorry, Lots of people
want to take pictures with me.

Can we start now?

This balloon is for you.

Don't talk so much.
We must share this quickly.

Come on.

This here.


Photo with my English class.