Mahal (1949) - full transcript

Hari Shankar (Ashok Kumar) comes to claim his inheritance - a palatial building known as Shabnam Mahal. He does not see anything out of the normal, until he sees his portrait on the wall. The housekeeper tells him the background of the portrait and the tragic ending of two lovers. Later, Hari Shankar sees a woman singing and swinging in the garden swing, when he approaches, she disappears. Both the housekeeper and his lawyer friend, Shrinath, warn Hari Shankar, and ask him to stay away from this house, he does so, only to be drawn back. No one can help Hari Shankar now as he continues to be drawn deeper and deeper into the dark world of the ghostly apparition. "Ayega.. ayega... aanewala, aayega...." is still popular on radio and tapes/cd.

30 years back,
on a stormy and rainy night

close to Allahabad, 2 miles away
from the railway station

on the banks of Jamuna,
there is a bungalow called Sangam Bhavan

and is lying desolate
and vacant since ages.

It is said that on the nights
of torrentia rainfall

a boat appears from somewhere,
stops near this bungalow

which is situated
on the banks of river Jamuna.

And then someone is heard
crying in the bungalow.

People are scared of this place
and consider it inauspicious.

But in the quarters of
this desolate bungalow,

an old gardener
still lives there

But a strange story narrated
by this old gardener

is very famous about
this mansion

that a very painful love story
had transpired here.

Yes sir, a very woeful love story
took place here.

A 40-45 year old man

would come here through the sea road
to build this mansion

and would return back
the break of dawn.

When the mansion was ready,
a beautiful woman came with him

and started living here.

All day, she would anxiously wait
for the nightfall

and she would sit at the river bank
waiting for her beloved.

Be it a storm or hurricane,
that man would come here at midnight.

And would leave
at the break of dawn.

One night, it was raining
very heavily

there was a storm
in the river Jamuna

the boat of love was rowing
towards it's destination

when it got caught
in a whirpool and drowned

but while drowning,
the last message that was heard was

don't get disheartened."

"Don't let our love fail
with this blow of fate."

"Our love has not failed
and never will."

"I will come back again".

With this assurance,
Kamini started searching

for her peace and love
in the waves of the river

and finally one night,
she got caught

in the whirpool
and drowned herself.

And this beautiful mansion
of their love became desolate.

After 40 years,
you are the first man

who has come
to live here again.

-That's it?
-Yes, that's it.

The story is over.

No, it's not over.

It was left incomplete.

You didn't tell me
who was that couple.

Who they were and
where they came from

is not known,
they died with that secret.

After their death,
nobody came here asking for them.

Since when
have you been here?

I have been here right
from the beginning.

The garden in this mansion
has been grown by me.

You bought this mansion,
you should know their whereabouts.

No, I don't know,
I bought it in an auction.

And in the documents
the owners name is blank.

That is why I could not find
the original owners.

You may not know anything

but don't you even
know the owner's name?

The servants cannot know
the name of their masters.

He never told me
and I never asked.

Nobody mentioned his name

that is why I never knew.

Anyway, don't make
this mistake again

for information, you should know
the name of your new employer.

You never know when
the need may arise.

-My name is Hari Shankar.
-What are you saying?

The whole of Cawnpore
and Allahabad know you.

You are the son
of a famous Judge.

May you flourish in this place.

You must be tired
with the journey

you please rest,
your bedroom is there.

Your bed has been laid out.

Are there any other
orders for me, sir?

There is but you cannot carry
out on this stormy night.

You tell me sir, don't bother
about my inconvenience.

How far is this mansion
from the city?

Around four miles away.

-Then you will have to walk.
-I will go, sir. You tell me.

-Do you know where Georgetown is?
-Which town, sir?

Georgetown, which house
the bungalows of the barristers.

It's close to the High Court.

I know the place, where
do I have to go there?

Go to Barrister
Shivnath's place.

Tell him that his friend
from Cawnpore has come.

Alright, sir.
I will take your leave.

What mystery is this?
Who were you?

Why do you look like me?

Is this your second birth?

♪ Silent is this world

♪ silent are the walls

♪ it is not easy to live

♪ a life without you

♪ I can feel a whiff of wind

♪ blowing in my direction

♪ and my heart is saying

♪ and creating a restlessness
♪ within me

♪ my heart is beating

♪ only with one hope

♪ O ye, my beloved
♪ will come back

♪ o ye, my beloved
♪ will come back

♪ O ye, my beloved
♪ will come back

♪ The lamps are lit
♪ without the flame

♪ The lamps are lit
♪ without the flame

♪ the arrows are let out of
♪ the quiver on their own

♪ the arrows are let out of
♪ the quiver on their own

♪ how long will someone suffer
♪ without being tormented?

♪ how long will someone suffer
♪ without being tormented?

♪ But my heart still
♪ says out to me

♪ o ye, my beloved
♪ will come back

♪ My forgotten youth is searching
♪ for it's destination

♪ the boat without a boatman
♪ is looking for a shore

♪ Wonder when this boat of love
♪ will reach it's shore

♪ but my heart yet says
♪ out to me

♪ o ye, my beloved
♪ will come back

Who is it?

What is the matter?

What is the matter, Shankar?
What happened?

Wait, let me get
back into senses

I want to be silent
for some time.

Why is my portrait here?

Shrinath, did I build this
mansion in my last birth?

And to complete my unfulfilled
love story, I have come here?

This is just a coincidence.

If it's a coincidence then
it's a very dangerous one.

And if that is a coincidence
then what did I see?

Why did I see that ghost?

The environment of this place
has influenced you.

It was nothing but
a hallucination.

No, I am not a hallucination,
I am a reality.

I am not a hallucination,
I am a reality.

Indeed, this place is very
dangerous and inauspicious.

No wonder your father is
repenting buying this place.

You did a very big mistake by
coming here alone in the night.

I came here alone because,
the story which is famous

about this place, I wanted
to experience it myself.

I didn't know this story would
be connected with my last birth.

No, this is not right.

Come with me.

You should not
fall for this so soon.

You are an educated man,

use your intelligence.

It would be better
if you went back to Cawnpore.

You did a very wise thing
by agreeing to go back to Cawnpore.

Here, in Allahabad, you wouldn't
forget that unlucky mansion.

And then there would be
more problems.

You are aware that your father
has ordered me that several times.

The unlucky property
he has bought by mistake,

I should sell it or auction it
as soon as possible.

And even you that going against
your father's wishes

is a very big mistake.

You are right.

Therefore, you should be away
from such things.

Because only your fiancee
has a right over your life and thoughts.

You belong to her.

You're right.
But don't sell that mansion.

Tell father that
it cannot be sold.

I may get a shock if it is sold
and I won't be able to bear.

Okay, I am going now.

Listen, few of my things
are left back there.

Please, get them.

Okay, I will go there.

♪ O ye, my beloved
will come back

♪ The lamps are lit
♪ without the flame

♪ the arrows are let out
♪ of the quiver on their own

♪ how long will anyone ache

You are back?

I was sure that
you would come back.

Why do you look so surprised?

I am not your imagination.

I am not a dream.

Look at me closely.

Don't touch me.

Just look at me, talk to me.

Who are you?

In spite of explaining you,
you have come back here?

I didn't come,
I was called back.

You have been
very unjust to me.

I was seeing
a beautiful dream

and you startled me.

No, you were intoxicated
by that poison

which you consumed thinking
it was a cold drink, let's go.

Slow poiosn often taste sweet.

And deceit is
always beautiful.

And an intelligent man
should know this.

♪ O ye, my beloved
♪ will come back

♪ O ye, my beloved
♪ will come back

♪ O ye, my beloved
♪ will come back

Wait! Have you lost
your senses completely?

Don't you understand your death
is playing tricks on you?

Perhaps you are right.

I am feeling very helpless.

Wrong a human being
has a heart and a mind too.

Even when an animal is about
to be trapped in a snare

he tries to save himself.

And you, being a human being
don't get shocked?

Sir, there is no scope
of arguement in this case of love.

You will never win come here.

Come to me.


it's almost morning,
I am leaving

but I want to tell you that

don't try to come
between him and me

or you shall regret.

-What happened?

-Who is it?
-I am the gardener, sir.

What happened sir,
what was this explosion?

Come inside.

-Yes, sir?
-The story you told me about this mansion

you forgot to tell me the most
important part of the story.

-Which part?
-The lady who was that man's lover

her spirit roams around
in this mansion.

-No, sir.
-But we have seen her many times.

Perhaps you have hallucinated.

I have been here
for the last 40 years.

I would have surely
seen her once.

It's strange! Okay, you go.

Shall I send tea for you?

I am asking you
for the last time

Your tea, master.

Keep it here. Go.

I am asking for the last time,
won't you leave this evil house?


So you have made up your mind
to die here?

If this is my fate then
I have no objection to it.

Then I will have
to sell this mansion.

Never. You cannot sell it.

We will see about it later.

I have come to meet you both
because I need your help.

I am surprised seeing you here.

You never pass this way.
Tell me, what brought you here?

My very close friend has fallen
in the snare of a woman

who is deceiving him
in the form of a spirit.

The matter is getting
very critical.

That very soon, either
he will become insane

or will die.


I want to divert
his attention from her

so that we get enough time
to get him married.

You both are famous for helping men
who have strayed

that is why
I have come to you.

But we are poison and you
want to use us as medicine?

Won't it be reverse?

I know it but
some deadly diseases

are cured with poison.

In pain, morphine injection
is administered before medicine.

Okay, you tell me the rates.

Get the patient, money will be
decided on seeing the sickness.

I will get him here
under some pretext.

But he shouldn't think anything
else after he comes here.

Be careful that the snare
you make should not be weak and loose.

Let him come here.

He will come.

He has come here.

Make him wait until midnight and
see to it that he doesn't leave.

I am sorry but
you will have to wait.

-How long?
-For some time.

Alright, I will wait.

But do inform her that
I am anxious to meet her.

I will convey your message.

Thank you.

Will I have to wait more?

-Are you bored?
-No, but…

Then wait for some more time.

But for how long?
I hope it's not for ages.

I could be for ages but for you,
the wait is for few hours.

The wait differs
from person to person.

Please come, sir.

Please come.

Please, sit.

I am sorry that
you had to wait for so long.

You look quite disturbed.

I received
your notice this evening.

I have come here
to discuss about it.

Tell me.

This notice says that
the mansion called Sangam Bhavan

has been bought by you.

Therefore, I'll have to vacate
that place as soon as possible.

But I cannot leave it.

That is why I have come
here with a request

that you have mercy on me
and sell it back to me.

I will pay the price
you ask for.

And all my life,
I will be indebted by your favor.

Please, tell me.

If you would earnestly ask for us,
we would not refuse you.

I am glad that you didn't
ask for our heart.

We will return that mansion
back to you.

But on one condition.


We've heard that you are
a very good artist.

Tell me.

Make a portrait
of us sisters

in a way that it feels
the magic is one but the chants are two.

I did not understand.

You didn't? One arrow
and two bows.

One view, two eyes.

I still don't understand
the meaning.

Okay wait, let me explain.

Chandni, play the music.

♪ Listen to me, O my dear

♪ where is love in the music?

♪ Look into my eyes
♪ and listen to me

♪ this night will not come again

♪ The youth will pass by

♪ This night is
♪ enveloped in mirth

♪ it gets the hearts fonder
♪ and closer

♪ If it passes away like this

♪ you will regret it
♪ all your life

♪ Even if you wait
♪ for it anxiously

♪ this night will
♪ never come again

♪ My youth is dancing
♪ at the music of my heart beats

♪ hold my hand and take me
♪ wherever you want

♪ Why are you worried when
♪ I belong to you now

♪ I swear by you, this night
♪ will never come again

♪ O ye, my beloved
♪ will come back

I got your prey
right up to you

and you could not even
ensnare him?

You have ruined everything.

Once the bird is out of
the cage, he flies even higher.

Anyway, I will think
of some other way.

Are you very restless for me?


Do you know the consequences
of your restlessness?

My death.

-Have you decided?
-Look at me closely.

Do you need an answer?

Come if you are ready to die.

-Where does this path lead?
-Don't you remember?

You don't remember anything.

A human being forgets
his last birth.

That is why even
you have forgotten

that you were my lover
in the last birth.

This secret passageway leads
to the center of the mansion.

You used to come to meet me
through this way.

But I am not dead. That is why
I remember the past so well.

You loved me
with utmost passion.

You hid me here in this mansion,
away from the eyes of the world.

I anxiously passed the hours
in the day to see you in the night.

And you would come to meet me
every night, at any cost.

And one night, on your way here,
you were enveloped by the river.

And I died a torturous
death thinking about you.

I remember it vividly.

You took another birth and
were free from the woes of last birth

But I have been wandering
around, looking for you

sometimes in the valley of death
and sometimes on the road of life.

And then you came
and I recognized you.

You may not remember me but
my love nestles in your heart.

And that has pulled you here.

My love has compelled you
to die for me

because, this is the only way
we both can unite.

If you die, your physical being
which is a barrier between us

will fall and
our souls will unite.

Come to unite with me,
you will have to jump in that river.


But wait a minute

I am afraid, what if again

you disappear
in the darkness of death?

-I can come back to life.

-Come, let me explain.

If my spirit enters the body
of any such woman

whom you like and can kill

In that case, it is impossible
to get you alive.

You don't have to find
such a woman, I'll tell you about her.

A beautiful woman lives here,
with a veil covering her face

and she serves you everyday.

-Who is she?
-The gardener's daughter.

-The gardener's daughter?.

You lift her veil,
you may perhaps like her.

And we may find
a way of our union.


But before I come
in the form of that woman

I want to be sure that
you won't change seeing me in her body.

Forget her, I am willing to
accept you even as a serpent.

-Then when should I come?
-Right now.

I will vacate that body
for you right away.

No, don't be in such a hurry.

-Then when?
-When she gets tea for you in the morning.

You look at her closely

and then decide.

Now you go

and wait for
the beautiful morning of our union.

-Open the door.
-Who is it?

Master?! What happened?

Yes, master?

Get the tea early
in the morning.

Alright, sir.

-What is the matter, sir?

-Send the tea early.
-Shall I send it at 8 a. M?

No, at 6 a.m.

Asha, wake up.

No, I will not go.

Is he dead?

No, he is alive.

Then take him along.


Shiv, you go inside.

Didn't you listen to me?

Come with me.

Sit down.

Do you want to die running
after a shadow?

Do you want to do injustice
to your fiancee without a reason?

Look at me.

You want to kill living beings
and bring the dead alive?

Don't you want that?

You can go if you want

but only by moving me
from your path.

And it won't be easy to move me
and walk towards your doom.

I hope you know that? And yet,
if you insist on going

then take this.

Come on, take it.

Now move me from your path.

I asked Shiv to go
because, whatever

would transpire between
you and me

there should be
no witness to it.

I have written a suicide note
that I am responsible.

Pick up the gun,
what are you seeing?

Shoot me, I am quite tough.

And your aim is
also not that bad.

Pick up the gun.

Shoot me.

What did you gain by doing this?

That picture signified, even
I was happy once upon a time.

I have ruined that today.

My joys have been killed.

I have yielded to my friends
and well wishers advice.

You have done the right thing.

You will know later
how happy and peaceful you are.

Pain can be created with
an incsion of an operation

which is done
to cure a person.

One day, you will forget
all the pain inflicted upon you.

Yes, I will forget everything.

I will stifle my feelings.

I will forget her.

♪ It is difficult

♪ It is very difficult
♪ to forget love

♪ It is not easy to quench
♪ the fire of love

♪ This is not a game,
♪ it is a matter of feelings

♪ it makes people laugh
♪ and cry at the same time

♪ There are no restrictions
♪ in the life of lovers

♪ you are ecstatic at the victory
♪ and bless at the loss

♪ I am in a dilemma but
♪ I cannot forget you

♪ because, it is not
♪ possible to forget you

A bride hidden in her veil
looks very pretty.

Like a dice in the palm, who can
make you win when it's opened.

Tell me, what are
you going to win?

For whom will you play,
for me or against me?

At this moment,
you are my fate

and my heart is beating
to catch a glimpse of you.

Are you beautiful?

Aren't you beautiful?

Your hands are
beautiful and fair too

it's shapely and fragile too.

Now I would like to lift
your veil and look at my future.

You are feeling shy? Of me?

Oh! You are feeling shy
of the light? Alright.

Now lift up your veil

and let me see
how bright my future shines.

Let me see the glow
of your face.

♪ O ye, my beloved
♪ will come back

Thank you.

I am glad you reminded me that
I am caged too, just like you.

I am helpless.

What happened, Ranjana?

Sister in law, I was humiliated.

He was about to lift my veil

and left it as if he stopped
himself from committing a sin.

He went away outside leaving me
stunned and baffled.

Didn't he come back?

It would be better
if he would not come back.

The fate of my future would
have been decided that time itself.

But he came back
after some time and said

that he would take me far away
and there he would love me.

But I didn't understand
the meaning of his words.

I fear that every night,
at the strike of 2 a.m.

some clock will carry her message
that I shouldn't forget her.

I got her message last night
too and I became restless

that is why I want to go
to some desolate place

where I cannot hear her.

And I can do justice
with my poor wife.

Whose love has to survive
amidst the storm in my life.

-Whose letter is it?
-Your sister's.

Sister in law, it's been
two years but

the veil of the nuptial night
still covers my face

and I feel that this veil
will never be uncovered

because, even I have
made up my mind that

until he doesn't
uncover my veil

I will not show him my face

I still have not understood
what kind of a man he is

but he is cast over my life
like a deadly, deep secret

and I fear him,
since the time we left home.

I want you to know
what I have been going through

Do you realize what a deadly
experience that was?

I can't walk anymore.

Be bold Ranjana, you still
have to travel a lot with me.

-I am very tired.
-Alright, rest for some time.

No sir, it is very dangerous
to stay here in the night.

On that hillock
is a famous rest house.

By nightfall,
we will reach there.

Let's go.

Be alert.

-What happened?
-What is down there?

It looks like a sea of fire.

It's not a sea of fire,
the tribe of this area

are taking a woman
who has sinned

to the temple of their deity,
so that she can be put to trial.

What trial?

To see if her husband's
accusation infidelty are right.

How will they know it?

She will dance in front
of the deity

and in the middle of the dance,
the priest will aim

four knives one by one,
on her

if she is not pierced
by a single knife

then she will be
considered innocent.

It's a strange custom
Can we go there?

No, we will not go there.

Why not, if she doesn't die,
she will be proven innocent.

Men are very suspicious.

Come with me.

I don't know how many more such
incidents I've gone through'

If the paths are so dangerous,
how tough the journey must be.

Falling at every step and
apprehensive about my future.

I wish that I could die.

♪ Leading a life of fear

♪ it would be better if I die

♪ There is nothing left
♪ to look forward in life

♪ it would be better if I die

♪ Let him also see how my heart
♪ has broken in his grief

♪ The tears in my eyes

♪ let them well up

♪ What I have endured

♪ let it pass once and for all

♪ let him see how
♪ he has tormented me

♪ it would be nice
♪ if he knows that

Don't worry, I will
not torment you anymore

I empathize with you,
don't form wrong opinion about me.

Come with me.

What can I do,
I am forming wrong opinions

how would few words help?

Even if I believe these words
then what I am going through,

should I consider that
as a dream?

And even if it is a dream
then it is a nightmare.

It is very scary.

This is the rest house
but it's not very old.

This place is very peaceful.

Will we stay here forever?

Yes, this is the peace
I was looking for.

In this solitude,
I can live peacefully.

Then, I can fall
in love with you.



♪ My heart yearns for you,
♪ O my disloyal beloved come back

♪ I miss you, there is a
♪ restlessness in my heart

♪ The dream which I had seen
♪ was not fulfilled

♪ I have not complains and
♪ grouse against this world

♪ Your love gave me hope
♪ and snatched my peace

♪ Why do I feel
♪ a fire within me?

♪ I fear this fire
♪ may engulf my love too

♪ O dear, don't ridicule
♪ this love



Who is crying?

Madam?! What happened?
Where is the master?

-He is out since yesterday.

-Where has he gone?
-I don't know.

You don't know that's
dangerous, very dangerous.

-How is he related to you?

-The master.
-He is my husband.

Husband?! No.

A husband is not like this.

Then how is he supposed to be?

However he may be but
surely not like you.

You are right.

You left madam alone
and went away?

She was crying. It's very bad.

I am ashamed of my behavior.

But what is the cause
of your this behavior?

I plead to you,
tell me everything.

I feel stifled in this solitude.

I am fed up. If you don't like me
then I can live with it

I will go away from your life.

But please tell me the reason,
I promise, I will go away.

Don't punish me like this by
slowly, torturing me to death.

♪ O ye, my beloved
♪ will come back

So, that's it, the amount of
humiliation a woman can endure

I have endured,
now I cannot bear it anymore.

I will find out the secret
at any cost

that, which is the barrier
that's between him and me

and agaisnt which I have dashed
myself and tried to drop it.

I am sitting at the peak
of a volcanic mountain

and I want to lose myself
in this grief

so that, whatever is going
to happen tomorrow,

will happen today.
That's all I want.

No, Ranjana, don't do that.

She cannot do it,
we will go there and talk to her.

She has gone crazy.
If she lives like this she will die soon.

♪ Once again, the smile stopped
♪ itself from coming on my lips

♪ I am the lamp which could
♪ never give out light

♪ I am the one whose desires
♪ were never fulfilled

♪ The joys have vanished and
♪ sorrows have victimized me

♪ I am the bride who
♪ could never adorn

♪ I am the bride who never
♪ glowed with love

♪ No point trying to douse
♪ the fire within me

♪ why should I prove the betrayer
♪ is my beloved?

♪ This is my life now

♪ The solitude night
♪ is wandering around

♪ but my helpless heart
♪ has nobody around

♪ I am awaiting my death

My foe, I have recognized you.

Today I will surely find out
the mystery behind all this.

When he starts coming closer
to me, you stop him.

You convey some message to him.

Father, the clock has stopped.

What is it? Oh.
The clock stopped?

-How did it happen?
-It's stopped, look there.

It never has stopped,
this is not a good omen.

There is a storm in my mind,
how can you sleep so peacefully?

Traitor, fearing you

I am jumping
in the deep ravine

from where, you will not
even get my dead body.

♪ O who pierced the arrow

♪ straight into my heart?

♪ O my fragile heart

♪ I was injured so badly

♪ that my heart was shattered

♪ O tears, flow out,
♪ tell me how should I live?

♪ There was a fire of love within
♪ me and my heart was engulfed

♪ If love was to be devastated

♪ the aim was perfect

♪ I tried hard but I could
♪ not save my heart

♪ When I made an appeal

♪ did anyone hear me out?

♪ Who has destroyed me

♪ my heart said my eyes and
♪ my eyes said my heart

I have come back, Kamini.

You are back?
Where were you all this time?

I was caught up in
a helpless situation.

But I was very worried
about you.

-I was restless for you.
-I believe you.

Your words and your sighs

prove it that you were
very restless for me.

I have no complains against you.

What have you decided this time?

I want to know.

This time I have come to die

or, to get you.

Then come and get me.

The gardener's daughter is alive,
go kill her

I am within you and
I am confident that you want me.

The girl will come to you
in the morning

you will stick
to your decision

and get me.

Good bye, sister in law.

-I want to give a statement.

Constable, take down
her statement.

-Your name?

Ms. Ranjana Devi
your address?

Okay, tell me more.

He is my husband, he has
been very cruel to me.

He has been unfaithful to me.

And today, for another woman,
he has poisoned me.

What? You've been poisoned?

Abdul, get the doctor, quick.

I will not live long now

Put a thumb impression.

-Tea, master.
-Keep it.

-Are you very beautiful?
-Why do you ask?

I want to see you.
Lift your veil.

-Who is it?

-What do you want?
-You are under arrest.


-You committed this murder?

Yes, you have.
You hated your wife.

And because of this hatred,
you poisoned her.


You surely despised your wife.

You had never seen her face.

-Did you ever see her?

If you have then identify her
amongst these pictures.

Tell me who the woman is
who has spent so many months with you?

Is she your wife?

None of them is your wife.

You surely cannot indentify her.

You yourself said that
you have never seen your wife.

You hated her and commited
atrocities on her.

These are the letters
written by her, you killed her

and the proof is this
testimony of your wife,

which is in the police register
along with her signature.

Ashamalan, daughter of Krishna,
please be present.

She is the vile woman,
that sorceress

because of whom,
this cruel man

poisoned his innocent
and feeble wife.

She is the vicious woman
who instigated him

to commit this heinous offense.

I object this accusation.

The story of the accused
with this woman

on which the public prosecutor
is stressing, is fabricated.

And to prove my claim,
I present this evidence.

This beautiful
and alluring face

is of the woman who
was killed for her sake.

I would like to question
the esteemed jury

can you believe that an
illiterate gardener's daughter

this shabbily dressed woman

could be the reason for
a beautiful woman's murder?

This ugly woman

My real name is Asha.

I am the daughter of Krisha,
the gardener.

The statement which
I am about to make

every word of my statement
is worth pondering.

That is why I request

everyone to please listen
to my testimony carefully.

The love story which is famous
connected with that mansion

I too had heard that story from
my father several times.

When I grew up, a desire
rose in my heart too.

that I should also be loved
in the same manner

but who could love a gardener's
daughter with so much passion?

I could understand
this truth.

That is why I thought of a new plan
to fulfill my desire.

I would stealthily enter
the house at midnight

and pretend to be the woman
who was loved in that palace.

I would pretend to love
the man who built that house.

Gradually, I was obsessed with
the idea that I am the woman.

I fell in love with the picture
of the man who built the house.

And then one night,
when I entered the mansion

I saw him.

First, I got scared and hid

but then I saw his face
clearly, I was stunned.

He looked exactly like
the man in the picture.

He was the one for whom
I waited so long.

He was born again and had
come to the same mansion.

I was hiding and watching him.

He saw his own picture.

He had about me and started
thinking I was his Kamini.

I took advantage of
the situation and decided

that I would trap him
in my love

and to convince him that
I am Kamini's spirit

I took him along the secret
ways of the mansion.

I feared that before my love
progressed, if he would know

who I am then my beautiful
dream would get shattered.

And when I was sure

that even if he would know
I am the gardener's daughter

he would not hate me

I decided to reveal
my true self to him.

I told him that

I could be alive if he would
like to see me her body

then he should kill her so
that I could enter her body.

What I meant was that when
he opens that girl's veil

he would recognize me.

I intentionally played
this dangerous game

I could have even lost my life.

But I was in love with him.

I was even ready to die.

But unfortunately

neither did I die nor
did I get him.

And my beautiful dream
was shattered.

Your honor, members of the jury,
the accused is innocent.

He is not guilty.

I start my defense
with these words.

The claim that for his debase reasons
the accused murdered his wife.

This is an allegation,
there is no evidence to prove it.

Making false accusations
in a serious case of homicide

and fabricating stories is like
committing one more murder.

Loving someone and not being
able to forget that person,

is it written in any book
of law that it is a crime?

The accused tried his best
to forget his love

but the so called innocent girl,
raked his wounds

which wanted to heal and provoked
the fire which wanted to douse.

Even she committed a sin which
is proved by these letters.

She tortured herself to death.

If you want to punish
an innocent man

for the crime of this woman
who is helpless himself

then forget about the law
and order that prevails.

Members of the jury,
look here

Iook into these barren eyes

which carries an image
of a ruined life.

Tell me, can you find
a trace of blood in them?

Tell me, can you see
a spark in them

which can be seen
in the eyes of a murderer?

People who can differentiate
between good and bad

you know that

I have no written answer
to these claims

therefore, please don't decide
on the basis of these letters

don't forget that

Jury, before you decide
the fate of the accused

try to judge and
know very well that

is this murder been an
allegation or committed by him.

Remember my words that

the accused is innocent.

He is innocent!.

But the court and
the jury thinks

that the accused is guilty.

Therefore, with deep regret

we announce a capital
punishment for the accused.

I have called you here
to tell you that

I am going to die tomorrow.

But you don't get
disheartened and feel sad.

We shall meet again.

-In this world.

I will come back.

I will be born again.

I have been born several times
in search of my love

I will endure one more death.

I will be born again.

My love, my thirst, the love
for me in your eyes

will pull me back here.

But you don't die for me.

Because if you die then in
the barren land of death

we will unite but I don't
want to belong to you there.

I want to get you here,
where I have always loved you

I have been unsuccessful
and have gone back

I am going to be hanged

and I want to get you
in this world.

That is why I want
a sacrifice from you.

I want you to be snatched away
from me in this birth

so that you are born again
for my sake

I know it's
a very big sacrifice.

But Kamini, if you want that
we should meet again

then you will have to
pass this trial.

Tell me, what have you decided?

For you and to get you
I will pass any trial.

You are very precious
for me and I want you.

The sacrifice
you have asked for

is far more difficult
than dying thousand deaths.

And for a woman,
it is all the more difficult.

But if I can get you
back at this cost

then it won't be
an expensive deal for me.

I am ready.

-You heard our conversation?
-Yes, I heard.

I want a final favor from you
in return of our friendship.

Before I die, snatch away
my Kamini from me

You get married to her

so that I feel the pain
of this seperation in this very birth.

And I don't have to endure any
other pains in the next birth.

What are you saying?

Don't argue with me.
I don't have more time.

Answer me, yes or no?

Shrinath, you have tried
everything to save me.

Make one more last attempt.

Do it today so that tomorrow,
I can see from the gallows

that you snatched away
my Kamini from me in my interest.

And to get her
in the next birth

I have intimated my fate.

Look at me for some time

I want to look at you
to my heart's content.

We have recieved a letter and
the contents are very dangerous.

-What is it?
-A woman has written that

she is committing suicide and

she holds her husband
responsible for it.

-Where is the letter from?
-The address says Cawnpore.

And it's sent from Allahabad.

The address of the sender
is not known.

We are trying to
locate her husband.

-What is the name of the sender?

“Sister in law,
after a great pain

I have known his secret

I know he is not mine
and can never belong to me

but I did not give up.

If I cannot get him here,
I will get him in another world

and to get him, I am going
towards my death

and I am dying accusing him
of poisoning me

so that he gets
death sentence for killing me

and comes to me.”

This letter proves that
she committed suicide.

And this is the police report
regarding her signatures.

Now you have look at them
closely and decide

that are wrong evidences taking
an innocent man to the gallows?

These are the orders
from the Chief Justice.

Who is it?

I tried to run a lot

but I am glad
that my fate injured me again.

Indeed after this
final sacrifice,

after this,
nothing will be left to achieve.

I am sorry that my last favor
proved to be expensive for you.

My friendship has caused
you a great loss.

But I shall make up
for all the loses.

Don't feel disheartened,
the dilemma in which you are

I have a solution
for that problem.

Look at me.
Don't feel so sad.

A human being should
not feel so sad.

You were in a great hurry.

No man could have
endured so much.

You were in a great haste.

And I was late in my sacrifice.

But you will come back again.

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