Mago (2002) - full transcript


The Age of Red Grapes

Heartless slaughter,
crimson blood of death,

People turned into beasts from greed

Ghastly shrieks of fading ghosts

and this bloody sin-racked world.

I shall draw my curtain.

Block this crazy,
bloody world from my room.

I shall go into a world of my own

I shall concentrate on only one thing

To find my lady

I don't understand

Who are the women I see
when I search for my lady?

Are they hallucinations?

Have my symptoms become worse?

Hallucinations appear and disappear
without trace.

What do they have to do with me?

It was not just in my room
that the women appeared.

When I was ten,

I first rode in an escalator
and on the subway

and crouched with unfamiliar eyes
among silent people.

Even then, the dark silent people
were trying to tell me something.

You poor humans surviving on two bodies.

You are prisoners of your bodies.

Discard your primitive bodies
and move into computer chips.

Nothing is impossible.

Transform your soul into information.

Immortality shall be yours.

May your cells become ripples everywhere;
running, reproducing, and replicating,

May true freedom be yours.

May you all become cyber citizens.

Run, you essence of desire.

Crouching in your capsules of foam.

Rush furiously into the arrogant circuit.

Empty desire of dark shadows,

fragments disintegrating
in impatience and repression,

Delicate nerve networks hang limp.

Crimson whirlwinds of desire

writhing in lust like Medusa's head.

Run and rush. Run and rush.

Dash and soar, rush ahead furiously.

Toward the glamourous ovum up high

Dash and soar, rush ahead furiously.

Toward the glamourous ovum up high

There is only one master of the world.
Only the victor rules the world.

You sperm of desire,
trample on others to ascend.

Toward the glamourous ovum...

Only one of you, the victor
can have his place in your Paradise.

You cyber followers.

You are all chasing after illusions
that will disappear in vapor.

A meaningless illusion...
Futile efforts...

The women appeared everywhere
and tried to show me the cruel world

for I had been trying
to close the curtains on it.

I implore you, departed spirits.

Let me be.

Let me be.

But once again I was led
by the hallucination I named Sky

to hear the moans of another world
filled with pain.

The women in my hallucinations
are always speaking out, crying,

in the midst of all the pain
for the world and myself to hear.

I am weeping behind you.

In the deformed back of polluted fish.

In the heart of a black bird
choking in oil waste.

Please, let us breathe.

Release the wire strangling me.

Gripped by your brutal,
blackish red hands.

We are dying helplessly.


Beneath apartment buildings
filled with deep dark desire,

ghosts are swaying in this crazy city

and only the howls of vengeful spirits
can be heard.

Their mournful cries are heard from afar.

The woman died in the polluted water.

As I witnessed her death,
I thought of the name Water Spirit.

The Water Spirit is dead.
The spirit who guarded the water.

Maybe that is why

I was able to clearly see the world
she was dreaming of.

The crystal clear water of the valley,

the innocent people,

and the world she was dreaming of.

Maybe it was the home of innocence
where they once lived and since forgot.

My old memories
Oh, where have they gone?

I long for the old Mago Castle
and the people of the sun.

The hills and fields where we played,
the Mago River's milky streams.

I miss them all though they be forgotten
in Moon Island where we dreamed of love.

What do I yearn for now?

When have I heard that familiar song?

The Castle of Mago, the people of the sun,
the milky streams, the Moon Island...

It is strange.

I feel all their joys and sorrows.

The hallucinations, the spirits I see.

What do their yearnings
have to do with me?

It is a strange thing.

When I long for my lady
I find myself looking at the spirits.

What face will they show me today?


You take on my mother's form today.

The Age of Mago Castle's Yulryo

Ever since I knew we were victims
of atom bombs,

I suffered from the fear that
a bomb was always about to explode.

I always heard the explosions.

I must have been ten years old

My symptoms got a little better
and I went out for the first time.

Ah! A new world spread before me.

That's when I first saw the spirits.

How can I describe the joy I felt?

A picture is imprinted in my mind.

A picture of a spirit
running toward me over the field.

She held out a red flower
which became a flame in my young heart.

That is why I came to call her
the Fire Spirit.

But the Fire Spirit watched me
with uneasy eyes,

predicting my deep wound.

Mother!! Mother!!


I'm sorry you have to
see me this way.

I will just rot away, but you...

I saw her face for the first time.
Never imagined it would be so horrible.

I was scared

Make a toast for this chilling hazy fete.

Raise your glass filled with death.

Despair ends in flight.

Pour and drink you distorted souls.

The blackish-red wine overflows
and wets the living to the bone.

Who indeed completes our emptiness?

You thoughtless human beings!

Everything you touch
crumbles to destruction.

Do you see your red blood
trying to swallow up all life?

Do you see your reddened tongue?

I can't do this. I just can't.

I can no longer let your flames
play the music of destruction.

The flame of life may go out.

I cannot let human beings
exploit you any longer.

The last flame of light may go out.

Life may be snuffed out.

The Fire Spirit who had been close
ended up...

Maybe because the world
races to destruction.

Sky's dance is even more sincere today.

Where will she take me today?

I feel her guiding me carefully

back through my childhood,
to a past before my birth,

to my previous life far back.

I feel her guiding me carefully

My yearning for the spirits
grows stronger.

I fall deeper into my memory.

I begin to see the spirits.

They are trying to tell me something.

Look at the world first opening its eyes.

How mysterious are the paths I touch.

They turn into rivers and trees.

They all long for you.

If I listen carefully and open my heart

the sound of life is within me.

Now I know. And now I can feel
the world full of you.

It shall reach down with its soft touch.

That is me. I shall make you breathe.

You always shine new light on me.

Until the day longing
becomes a fragrance.

I dream of waiting for you. For my love.

I feel the desperate desire
of the spirits to merge into one.

Maybe it is because of their despair.

If it were not an illusion
I want to return to their world.

That is to be expected.

Would you believe?

You were with us spirits once.

I was with the spirits...

Let us go down... to a past further back.

That man is you.

That was really me?

That woman is the first woman,
the 12 spirits merged in one body.

We call her Mago.

And you were the first man.

We still feel it.

Consummating with you
was an amazing joy.

We cannot forget the trembling moment.

We were one as Mago,
then scattered into the 12 spirits.

Even when we had to live in silence,

you were our strength.

We felt your seed growing
inside us spirits.

When we were released
from the long silence,

we could to see the man we created.

In the grass, the flowers, and all life,

we trembled from endless joy.

We could not see you anywhere,

but we were happy knowing
that you were wherever we were.

The heavenly voice of Yulryo
came out of the sky.

People realized the laws of heaven.

Nourishing oils flowed from the earth.

Slaughter for food was unnecessary.

Plants, animals and humans came together.

Linked to each other, they were as one.

All living things between sky and earth

lived harmoniously together.

The world produced a magnificent opera

to the melody of Heaven's pipes.

It is indeed a beautiful world.

Was I really the first man
who created all that life?

The woman I have been searching for
is Mago,

the first woman, the mother of all life?

When did it happen?

When were the joyful spirits
tainted with bloody pain?

We are not sure exactly when.

Probably from when people
ate the forbidden red grapes.

The people's blood became murky,
blocking the Heavenly voice of Yulryo.

The spirits lost their powers

and the earth gradually dried up.

I remember you raising your tired self
in search of the light of innocence.

We saw the dead Mago people
strewn all over the black rocks.

Yet we could do nothing.

The 12 spirits had to leave, too.

The place I am going to where
even God's work is distorted,

and the vast destiny
cannot be avoided.

I lie as a weary beast

and the dawn light awakens me
in the desert of death.

The spirits dispersed into barren places
unknown to each other.

Ominous secret predictions.

Gods who rule the world
with hands of death.

Everything you bestowed shall be
resurrected in my heart as eternity.

You wandered endlessly.

Only death greeted you.

The precious lives you created
with Mago in love...

You had to wander around fields
laden with death.

The oils stopped flowing and
broke the balance of Yin and Yang.

Only men gained power and brought in
the age of violence and destruction.

And my lady Mago?

She also disappeared.

The twelve spirits lost our powers
and scattered separately

for we could not return to Mago as one.

So you are the incarnations
of my lady Mago.

Yes. Your suffering and bitter tears
came down in black rain,

turning the Castle of Mago
into a desert.


My lady!

Solemn resentment was reflected
in the dark sad eyes of the spirits

and then turned into dust
over and over again for years.

The memory of parting became
a deep wound as deep as time.

A deep and secretive river of sadness
began to flow within our hearts.

Sadness is the seed of existence.

The lifeforms we gave birth to
all developed wombs.

All things gave birth to generations
all yearning without knowing.

But life was short and
turned back into foam.

They were reborn as heartache

and had to caress each other in shame
as they tried to embrace their wounds.

So many lives came and went.

They would lie their weary bodies
in the earth's womb.

The spirits and you were born
having inherited mankind's destiny.

The Age of the Black Spirit

I'm closing the doors. We've got
enough good-looking girls.

Do you know who they are?
The Rain Spirit and the Wind Spirit.

They cry and fall apart
with mankind's rotten world.

I'm buying! Drink up!

Give it to me!

The sky outside the window
fills me with ecstasy.

This hateful world is so strange
I want to bite my tongue.

When the prongs of darkness
flash and fall on me

I see the crazy light of your eyes.

Marijuana takes over
the wasted brain cells.

Gloomy days of intoxication.

Love in a bitter saliva-filled tunnel.
How I miss the odor.

You become the lethal poison.

And the world locks you up in an
enclosed solitary cell of addiction.

Your eyes are blank from intoxication.

Yet I know the world was poison
for your innocent soul.

Therefore, I love you.

Doctor! Doctor! Doctor!


You will never know!

You will never know the confusion
swirling inside you!

You are being sucked into a deathly
swamp, and what do you do?

We can only watch.

Watch and despair.


Tell me one last time.

Pray for us.

You have nothing to say?

My bleeding hand embracing you

falls limp into death.

Like our blood mixing together
on the cold concrete ground.

When we are reborn as innocent spirits
past the horizon of extinction,

our souls shall not be lonely,
knowing that we are together.

How I miss the memories of light.

When light sounded in the distance,

we had joyful light festivals.

When the wind and rain spoke,

the grass swayed in anticipation,

the pipes of Heaven would sing.

The spirits of beautiful life.

Your warm embrace covered me.

The enchanting spring of life.

The spirits ran with me

in each faded memory.

My beloved people of light.

What will you show me now?

I don't want to see the spirits,
the lives we created,

suffering in pain anymore.

Look. Some are happy.

The Tree Spirit, the Shadow Spirit,
and the Cloud Spirit.

Let's drink it

Today I fall at your axe.

I die helplessly, helplessly.

I'll be watching you merciless humans

as a mass of meat in the butcher's.

I will reel out and go homeward

to Mago's native ground.

Dragging my legs with no head

and my torso with no legs.

I will walk into
the foggy streets of Seoul.

You will see us search for Mago.

The red, bare mountain is my bare bosom.

We quiver under the cranes.

Do you not feel it?
Stop the hand of death.

What are they doing
to the Tree Spirit?

That reeling woman is the Earth Spirit?

The earth that was filled with
the joy of life is now so dismal.

I hear the sound of all life
wailing in pain and sadness.

I saw men with blank eyes.

Sperm with sticky glances.
I saw bullets sprout up like cotton.

The mass of desire burning red.
The skulls swelling bigger.

The weak hands trembling
on earth's deathly pale bed.

This diseased world, diseased dreams,

Old children kill themselves.

My hand embracing you divides the air

and your empty hand is mist within me.

Who planted the seed of death in you?

What has awoken within you?

Destruction is light and uncontrollable,

blaming you to the end.

In your breath and in your body,

can you not hear the bird's cry,
the breeze, the black wind,

the clamor of light,
the cries of the plants?

They are all dying.

The Tree Spirit and the Earth Spirit,
are being killed by men and cranes.

The Moon Spirit is carrying a child
whose genes have been engineered.

My women are being trampled on
and I can do nothing,

I can only watch helplessly.

While the whole world is dying...

I watch your blood fall off my hands

and flow into the moment of death.

I am drawn into your eyes
as they gaze at me in death.

Ah! I love them.

Your thin trembling lips.

The trembling sadness burning
in your flesh.

Sensitive nerves crouching in your brain
watch me.

And I go to your soul as you watch me.

You creep into my eyes, my nose,

my rectum, and my pores.

And I... I love you.

The world is shedding tears of blood,

and the men who are leading the world

are becoming slaves of big red desire,

dropping the world into turmoil and pain.

Those red hands,

the essence of desire.

Everywhere they gather,

they contaminate the earth.

Citizens turn their backs,

sneaking away, avoiding.

Drink and pour.

May orgies live on forever.

The conscience of the era.

The ones who will be patriots.

The citizens keep their silence.

Why the hell are you struggling so?

What are you doing here
in this accursed wasteland?

Rotten water, rotten sky.

Don't you hear?

The funeral song of white birds is sad.

It all over. It's the end of the world...

It's the end.

Only the cunning keep silent. Silence...

The whistle of the wind,
the screaming of birds,

the painful outcries of lifeforms,
the moaning of the world.

I hear them in my heart.
I am in pain.

You know I atone for your sins.

But do not think of worshipping me.

There are too many gods in this world.

Why are you climbing up here?

Doesn't it smell? Isn't it cold?

The Moon Spirit is being dragged off

to give birth to an engineered child.

Please, please...

Why are you breeding me?
I am not your guinea pig.

Do you hear the suppressed cries
of the genetically engineered child?

One week past the due date, but it
refuses to come out of the womb.

Don't you see? It doesn't want to be
born as an experimental animal.

Stop it.

Please don't force it out.

It doesn't want to come out.

Let it stay huddled up in my womb.


The Age of Light and Arirang

Can you feel the rage of the spirits?

Their enmity toward mankind
is changing the spirits one by one.

Even the animals and other life

now feel like vengeful spirits.

The vengeful spirits' revenge and their
deathly fallout is falling over the world.

Mago, my spirits.

My women are turning into vengeful
spirits... vengeful spirits...

And I am helpless...

Can I be only helpless?

All raise your hands.

We shall announce our declaration.

All life is one and it is myself.

All things, especially all life

are equal with equal rights.

Be it a microbe, a plant, or human.

Therefore, we judge humans
based upon this declaration.

Judge the humans!

Judge the humans!

These men trampled on us
and savagely killed us!

Vengeful Spirits!

Roast and cook these men
and leave not one bone.

These men contaminated the water
and killed schools of fish.

Drown them in waste water!

Let their flesh rot off their bones
and their polluted bones float around!

Drown them! Drown them!

These men blew away precious lives.

An eye for an eye. Burn them to ashes!

These men wielded their power,
squandered millions a night

and took pleasure in all!

What filth!

Roll them up in straw mats
and beat them up!

These men killed life for their
experiments, manipulated genes,

and produced deformed children.

Use them as live experiments for AIDS,

and exterminate all who have
manipulated or destroyed our lives.

An eye for an eye.

They plowed through the mountains,
destroying the environment,

eating all that they heard was healthy.

Bury them in the waste dump.

Humans and spirits are all
children of our love.

The spirits are all part of Mago.

We are all one family.

What shall I do?

Give me strength.

Drown them! Drown them!

Tell me, Sky.

Is there no salvation for us?

Go back far into your memory.

To the deepest depths.

Your previous life reaches far beyond
your life as a human.

It reaches to the Han People's Paradise
where your father lives...

Guide me, oh, Sky.

I am already going down
into my deep memory.

Who is that woman in bright light?



my poor mother...

You have found your face.

Where am I?

Is this the Han People's Paradise,
my father's country?

Why are you silent?

The woman I covet...

Mother, why are you silent?

Where is Father?

Father, the Han who presides
over the world.

Why did you cast the curse
of the red grapes on us?

What did we do wrong?

What love is my brush confessing?

Mother! I loved my mother...

Mago! Mago was my mother,
I took Father's woman...

That is why I brought on
my Father's rage.

Cursed Mago.

The oils of the earth run dry.

Rain falls once in a thousand years.

Let the Castle of Mago
turn into a desert.

My children born from the seeds of sin.

Dear Han.

I shall reap the seeds I sowed.

I give my everything.

I give even my immortality to you.

Empty, empty, all that is in me.

Looking back, my empty heart is
the wind and the water.

All the lifeforms in the world
feel like they are me.

Everything looks new and I feel love.

Yulryo's world, arirang, arariyo...

Arirang, arariyo, arirang, arariyo