Magic Camp (2020) - full transcript

Andy, at the urging of his former mentor and Magic Camp owner Roy Preston, returns as a counselor to the camp of his youth hoping to reignite his career.

Hey, Theo. It's so dark in here.

- You doin' some magic?
- No.

Yeah, I haven't seen you
do any tricks in a while.

Well, guess I'll forget about
what came in the mail for you.

What came in the mail for me?

You've been invited to attend this place...
The Institute of Magic.

It's up in the mountains.
It's a five-week intensive study where...

I know what the Institute of Magic is.

Dad and I used to talk about it
all the time.

There's a voice inside of you,
and it's the voice that says,

"I want to be a magician."

Hello, Theo.

How did he know my name?

How did I know your name?
It was on your application.

Theo, I'm national treasure Roy Preston,
and I hear voices too.

Shribbity-three-ish years ago,
I founded the Institute of Magic,

a conservatory
for promising young magicians.

Here, world-famous magicians
will teach you the seven types of magic.

Sleight of hand.



Vanish... and appearance.

Solid... through solid.



And you will get to perform

in the world-famous
Roy Preston Prememorial Theater.

And you'll build lasting relationships
with other young magicians.

Even the weird ones.
Because here, we're all the weird ones.

Wow. Cool bird, Randall.

But don't take my word for it.
Come see for yourself this summer.

Magic camp sounds pretty cool?

It's not "magic camp."
It's the Institute of Magic.

It's totally famous.

But I don't know.

I should stay home this summer.

You need me to mow the lawn
and to entertain Cameron.

I'm fine.
And you're not that entertaining.

I thought you might be interested in this,
but if you're not, that's okay.


Dad always said he wanted me to go there.

He must have applied for me
before... you know.

If Dad took the time to apply for me,
I should probably...

You could spend the summer
mowing the lawn,

or you can study magic
with the world's greatest magicians.

- Do you have the tickets?
- Honey.

- No, I don't have the tickets.
- You have the tickets!

"This generation's greatest magician."
Yeah, right.

We're seeing Penn and Teller at the Rio.


- Last night we saw Kris Darkwood.
- Minds blown.

And then Darkwood made the David statue
at Caesars totally disappear.

My head is still exploding.

Kristina Darkwood
has the most mind-blowing show in Vegas.

It's not mind-blowing.
Your head will not explode, I promise you.

Geez. What do you got in this thing?


I'm so sorry.
I swear I had a 20-dollar bill in here.

Where did it go? Maybe it's in here.
I'll look for it.

My. No, it's not here.

Here it is.

- Found it.
! Thank heavens.

Can I have $12 back?

Last time I try to be a nice guy.

"Nice" may be an overstatement.

Roy. Hey. What are you doing here?

Vegas, baby.

Also, can you take me
to 123 Hope Street, please?

So, Andy, how's business?

Living the dream.

I just learned this awesome new trick
called "Uber cuts my paychecks in half."

Well, you are in luck because I have
a counselor opening this summer.

David Blaine dropped out,
and you were the first name I thought of.

- Really?
- Yeah.

David Blaine drops out,
and I'm the second name on the list.

I never said you were
the second name on the list.

I said you were the first person
I thought of.

You were...

You were
pretty far down there on the list.

Well, I appreciate your blunt honesty,
but I don't do magic anymore.

I haven't for a long time.
Ever since Darkwood...

I'm so sorry and I-I don't blame you.

- Really?
- No.

You cannot love magic
with your whole heart

until your heart is whole again.

And there it is... the magic-related
clichés which sound profound

but are actually meaningless.

You know, I'm gonna miss those,
but I'm still not coming back.

Kris is coming back this summer.

- Darkwood?
- Kris Darkwood, yeah.

So she would have her own cabin
and I would have my own cabin?

Both of you will be working very closely
with the, young magicians.

And the Top Hat? You still do that, right?
It's cabin versus cabin, winner takes all?

Yes, I mean, you know
how the Top Hat competition works.

Ooh, World Of Weiners. Nice.
Hope you got a reservation.

Anyway, think about it.

Because I know
you can still make 'em go...


That guy is good.

Forgot my phone. Can you hand me my phone?

Ooh. That would have been
a really cool exit.

You know how many hot dogs I had to buy
so they would let me do that to the sign?

A hundred. And I'm not proud to say
I ate 14 of them.

- Here it is.
- Have fun, Paul.

- Have fun.
- Bye-bye girls. Bye!


These are all world-famous magicians?

- They look like a bunch of ner...
- New friends to make.

Tell me one more time.

Poison ivy has three almond-shaped
leaflets, light green to red in color,

often found near a water source.

Often but not always, Nathan.
Come on, get your head in the game!

Mother, Father,
I've got my EpiPen, my Phenergan,

my bracelet that says "peanut allergy"
in ten languages.

Plus I have my uropathy filter
in case I get stranded somewhere

and have to drink my own pee.

We've done all we can.

Remember, don't be afraid of anything.

Be afraid of everything.

Where are the bunnies?
And what time is the first cuddle?

I love bunnies too.

They're delicious.

Come on, son.

Dad, do I really
have to wear this bow tie?

It's like wearing a "kick me" sign
on my neck.

Without that bow tie,
you are just another magician.

But you're Kornelius Kessler's son...
Magic royalty.

Now remember,
nothing but the Golden Wand will do.

If you need me,
I'll be in Branson, Missouri.

Your father instructed me
to tell you to have a good time.

He also asked that I give you this.

And your mother asked
that I give you this.

One, two.

And, Janelle, as always, I must request,

since I would be the one
who would have to come find you,

please don't run away
like you have at so many other camps.

Maybe you could even try to participate.

I make no promises, Hamilton.

Maybe we can try
and make that attitude disappear.

Andy Duckerman is back, baby!

- Hey, where you going? I'm right here.
- It's Darkwood!

Hi! How are you? Hi. Thank you.

Hi. Hi. Do you guys like magic?


I still have to sign in.

I don't know if I belong here.
I just play with cards in my room.

I know you're scared,

but remember why you came
in the first place.

Honey, I miss him too.

But let me ask you one thing.

Do you love magic?

Can we get outta here
before I get any geek on me?

Don't worry about your room.

I'll never have more than ten friends
in there at one time.

Legend holds that many years ago,

Roy Preston, the world's foremost...
No, check that, five-most

tap dancing magician disappeared
in this very building

and that if you scream very loud,
he might reappear.

Welcome to Roy Preston's
Prememorial Theater.

Can you clap twice for me?

Can you stomp your feet?

Now break it down. Yeah.

How does everyone else know this?

Bravo. Bravo. Very good.

Welcome to the last summer session
of the institute.

This summer you're gonna do your best,

then you're gonna do better
than your best.

And the cabin that does better
than the best of the best of the best

at our final performance

will win the coveted Top Hat award.

And for the young magician who is deemed
to be the most exceptional...


The Golden Wand.

- Whoa.
- Whoo.

I've won three.

Now guiding you on this journey
of self-discovery and magical mastery

are some of the finest magicians
working today.

Leading the Spades cabin, Xerxes!

Welcome to a summer of snow.


And now, leader of the Clubs,
Lena Lambert!

Who dares drink from the goblet of magic?





Our next magician needs no introduction

except she's the leader of the Diamonds,
Kristina Darkwood!

Abracadabra, tiny humans.


It's wires, obviously. Please.

I see you. I know your hopes.

Who do you dream of being?
Tell your neighbor.

Whisper it in his ear.

Was it...

Nick Jonas?

Um, that's wrong.

I dreamed of being Jonas Salk,
not a Jonas brother.

- Who?
- Are you sure?

Nick Jonas is super cute.
You could get lost in those eyes.

Um, yes, he is very handsome.
But I'm sorry, I said Jonas Salk.

Inventor of the polio vaccine.

Godfather of antibiotics.

My Jedi Master.

I'm sorry. This is awkward.

Maybe someone else took your dream.

You! Sir, excuse me!

I think you may have accidentally
taken this young boy's dream.

No. I didn't take a child's dream.

Think we all know there's only
one dream stealer in this room.

Check your pocket.

No way.

Jonas Salk.

Jonas Salk.


No, it's not magic.
It's just statistics. Really.

Eighty-two percent of people
say "Jonas Salk."

It's so cool she's a counselor here.

For our last counselor,
leader of the Hearts...

David Blaine?

- David Blaine? No way, really?
- Hey, hey.

- It's, not David Blaine.
- Aw.

But in his place
is one of the great institute legends,

an incredible talent
whose work can be found

all over the Vegas Strip and
the convention center and local airports,

Mr. Andy Duckerman.

Hey. What's up? I'm Andy.

Would you like to come up on the stage?
Would you like to do some tricks?

I didn't even bring any tricks... to do.

You know what?

I'm not gonna do a trick,
because it's your stage, guys.

It's not mine.

And I don't steal children's dreams,
'cause I don't have to.

I've won the Golden Wand three times.

You know what?
I'm gonna grab these real quick.

Carry on. Great stuff.

- Thank you, Andy.
- Three times!

Okay, so it's time for you
to find your way

out back to your designated cabins.

Um, how do we know where to go?

Ruth, only you hold that answer.

Yes! Diamonds are the best!

Good news. We're in the same bunk.
Wanna share my humidifier?

It was either this
or basketball camp with Steph Curry,

but Mother said I had to have fun
this summer, so of course I chose this.

- Hey, noobs.
- "Noobs"?

Yeah, like "newbie." Like "new to camp,"
like "doesn't know the ropes."

Doesn't have the "moves."

The name's Vic. As in "victory."

Last year's Golden Wand winner.

Hey. Theo.

Let me see you do a trick.
Time to trick the Vic.

Um, okay. Sure.


- Pick a card. Any card.
- Think I've seen this one before.

I haven't even started.

I'm just messing with ya.

Keep going, you're doing great.

I just... Um...

Okay, I'm gonna take
your queen of spades and...

Don't worry. Just noob nerves.
Let me show you how it's done.

So I have an empty cup
and a bottle of water.

I'm gonna pour it in here
just so you see everything's legit.


Check this out.

Empty. Ta-da!

That was cool, Vic.

Wait, but there's one more part
to this trick.

That was uncalled for.

Go run away with Jonas Salk.

Good luck creating a dweeb vaccine!

Magic camp. Even the bullies are nerds.

It's good to be the king.

- You're the best ever!
- Thank you so much.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

I know you see me. I'm right here.

Kristina. I didn't see you there.

- Hi, Andy. It's been too long.
- I love you, Kristina!

I was actually gonna say
it hasn't been long enough.

- Thank you!
- . Well...

I was actually surprised to see you here.
I thought you'd given up magic.

I love you.

Honestly I'm just doing Preston a favor.
Filling in for David Blaine.

Kristina, you're the greatest.

That's funny, 'cause Preston asked me
to step in for David this summer.

Do you think maybe
he's just stroking your ego a little bit?

I'm glad you're here.
It's good to give back.

Mentor kids, train the next generation...

To stab you in the back
when you least expect it.

I really hoped that we were,
you know, past all this.

I am. I'm cool.
I'm doing... I'm doing great, honestly.

Doing private shows around the world
for super-important people.

It's why you haven't seen me around,
why you haven't heard of my shows.

But I assure you, it pays quite well.

And that's why you're using
garbage bags as luggage.

- It's a eco-friendly thing.
- It's actually not.

Whatever. All I know is
that my bunk is gonna beat you

just like I did every summer
when we were kids.

- Fine. You're on.
- Fine. You're on.

No, you're... What am I doing?

We're here for the kids.
This is ridiculous.

You know what's ridiculous?
How bad you're gonna lose.


- Yes.
- Hi, guys!

Welcome, Diamonds! Come on in.

I'm the Vic,
last year's Golden Wand winner.


It's like a cabin
from a horror movie.

- Ew. Gross.
- It's like one giant splinter.

Aw, man. I forgot my tetanus booster.

Hey, where's the kid that got all wet?

It's okay, Theo. Here's a dry shirt.


I can't believe Kristina Darkwood
is a counselor this summer.

I heard when she was our age
she was a total dork,

but then she got really good at magic
and became super famous.

Yeah, I think we're all crossing
our fingers for that narrative.

You guys talking about Dorkwood?

Yeah, that's what we used to call her
when she was a camper here.

Kristina Dorkwood.

She never won the Golden Wand three years
in a row, but you know who did?

- David Blaine?
- No.

Actually, yes, he did. But so did I.

I won, and Kristina lost every time to me.

So, you should consider yourselves lucky
that you ended up with me and not her.

Do you still perform?

Yep. In private shows all over the world.

I've never heard of your solo career,

and I have an encyclopedic knowledge
of magicians both past and present.

And I googled you. Your name only
comes up connected to Kristina Darkwood...

Really? Let me see that.


Cool. How does it reappear?

It doesn't.
Not until the last day of summer.

- Camp rules.
- "No phones."

And we're not here to talk about
my amazing and super-secret career.

We're here to win the Top Hat
and the Golden Wand.

So let me meet the young talent
Preston has gifted me with.

You. What is your name?
What is your specialty?

My name is Ruth Brusselbach,
and my specialty is bunnies.

I don't know what that means.

Technically, I've never worked with one,

but ever since I saw a magician
pull a rabbit out of a hat,

I knew it was my destiny.

- So when does that happen?
- First thing tomorrow.

- Yes.
- What about you? What's your deal?

I'm Judd Kessler.

Any relation to Kornelius Kessler?

My dad.

That's why you're wearing the bow tie!
It's just like your dad's.

it's not my first choice of accessory.

This guy's dad? Living legend.

That must make you a magic thoroughbred.

I'm not sure that's how magic works.

It's more of a recessive gene
like eye color or blood type.

Don't be shy. Show me somethin'.

Look, I'm just trying to tell you
that I don't know how to do mag...

I don't have to worry about you.
You can show me in the morning.


Zyrtec, you got a trick you wanna show me?

That's actually my Zyrtec shirt. Big fan.

Um, I'm Theo.

And, um, not really.

It doesn't need to be a new trick.
Just anything you learned last summer.

This is actually my first year here.

- Yep. Me too.
- Me too.

You're all newbies?



Tina, Zozo, Alex.

Wow. Really committed to this bunny thing.

Bunny love is not a "thing."
It's a way of life.

Like being a samurai...
only with more bunnies.


Hey, I forgot to ask.
What's your specialty?

I'm not sure. Cards, I guess.

What did you put on your application?

I don't know. My dad filled it out.

Gotcha. And thanks again
for letting me take the bottom bunk.

As I mentioned before, I'm a bit
of a night pee-er. And sleepwalker.

Unfortunately, not always in that order.

And sometimes, for no reason, I wake up
in the middle of the night screaming.

Welp, see you at 4:00 a.m.

Okay, guys. Lights out. Big day tomorrow.

You get to prove to me
that I'm not wasting my time here.



I don't think he likes us very much.

He uses trash bags as luggage.
He clearly doesn't even like himself.

Guys? I can hear you. I'm right here.

Pick a card. Memorize it.

Put it back.

Okay. Now, you put your card
in the middle, right?


Then how come it reappeared at the top?

Whoa. How did you do that?

A magician never reveals his secrets.

But if I give these cards to you,
then I can teach you.

Good morning, campers.

Thirty-four days
until the Top Hat competition.

Time to focus on some hocus-pocus.

Lunch will be spaghetti in red sauce.

Escape is a fundamental element
in every true magician's arsenal.

So we're gonna be doing
the most basic of escapes.

Hands tied in front. Very easy.

Look, I just did it. Okay, let's try it.

Okay, rub your hands
on the back of the knot. On the back.

Do not bite it. Do not bite it.

That is not the back.
That is not right at all.

- Back of the ha...
- Somebody help me!

What? Wow, how did you do...

That is very wrong,
but I'm impressed by that.

Can't feel my thigh.

Okay, let's try something simpler.

Close-up magic.

This is called a false transfer.

You think I put it in my left hand.

It's in my right.

Okay? Let's try it.

Bad. Very bad.


Nate, that's pretty good.

It's stuck in my throat.

Wait, are you serious?
Does anyone know the Heimlich?

No? Nurse!

Okay, welcome to manipulation manor.

Obviously, fluffy red balls
are too complicated,

so let's work on
some basic animal handling.

Not even magic-related, just simple
petting-zoo-level interactions.

Ha! That skunk's name is Fred.

That's crazy funny.

Does one person
care for all 56 animals here?

- Is that how many animals there are?
- Yeah.

- Yes.
- How'd you know that?

- It's obvious.
- Guys!

Who cares how many animals there are?

Why are these adorable bunnies next
to those horrifying birds and snakes?

And more importantly,

why aren't the bunnies
in my hands right now?

Yes, Ruth. All right.

All you've talked about
since you got here are bunnies,

so for your first
impossible-to-mess-up exercise,

I want you to simply...
hold the bunny.

Why are you crying?

It's just so... cute.

It actually hurts.

I can't stand it. The cuteness hurts.

Put it back. Put it back!
Don't you dare put it back.

Good morning, campers.

Twenty-eight days
until the Top Hat competition.

Keep at your training.

And today's lunch is a special treat...

Leftover hot dogs,
courtesy of World Of Weiners, Las Vegas.

Great job, guys. Amazing.

Why doesn't Andy teach us like that?

And why does everyone else
get their own cabin T-shirts?

Man, we were this close
to having David Blaine.

Guys, again, right here.

Your first magic trick of the whole camp.


You wanna snap it.

All right, I wanna see you guys.

Make sure you have follow-through
with your wrist. Okay, that's better.

Preston, can...

Can we not do this right now?

I know you're in here, Preston.

Hiding in some trapdoor or hidden corner,

waiting for me to turn around
so you can magically appear and say,

- "I've been right here the whole time."
- the whole time.

Exactly. You're so predictable.

- What's the problem?
- The bunk that you gave me is the problem.

These kids, Preston, they're all newbies.
They have zero skills.

Now, you understand that this is a camp
for children who wanna learn magic,

and you're here to teach them.

Preston, these kids, they're hopeless.

Nathan choked on a sponge ball.

Ruth can't even touch a bunny.
And she loves bunnies.

They can't even pull off
the most basic card trick.

But you see,
a trick that you don't believe is a trick,

that's the best trick of all.

That's the advice you're gonna give me?

Just more generic magical proverbs

that sound meaningful
but are total nonsense?

Andy, the only way
to create more magic in the world

is not by creating more magic.

- Yep. Just like that.
- Andy, let me finish.

- No, I'm done.
- It's...

I'm sorry, Preston, but I'm done.
I'm outta here. Okay?


I was doing perfectly fine.

Well, not great. I was doing good.
Was doing good-ish. Sort of.

I could be mistaken,

but I think I saw a 12-year-old execute
a perfect faro shuffle with one hand.

I was just fooling around.

A faro shuffle is one of the single
most difficult card skills with two hands,

and you just did it with one, I think.

- Do it again.
- I don't want to.

- Why not? You just did it.
- I get scared.

- Scared of what?
- I don't know. People looking at me.

Anyway, it's stupid. Just...

You know what that is?

That is stage fright.

Gets in your head. And that is
a freaky place for a magician to be.

- It's happened to you before?
- No. Don't be ridiculous.

Although, I am an acclaimed professional.

You, on the other hand, are a rank amateur
who can somehow do a perfect faro shuffle.

So let me see it.

- Like I said...
- Pretend I'm not here. Don't look at me.

Keep shuffling.
Keep the cards moving. Okay?

So where you from?

Lancaster, California.

That sounds...

That sounds boring, actually.
I'm not gonna lie to you.

It's okay. Maybe a little boring.

We live near Edwards Air Force Base.
Lot of military families.

Is your dad in the service?

He was.

Um, these were his cards.

Hey! Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I have a little brother named Cameron.
He's the worst.

- Super annoying?
- Yeah, totally.

Dude, you're great. Show me your routine.

Okay. Um, just take a card.

All right.

Now put it on top for me.


And, um...

Hey, relax.

It's just you and me.

Okay, try again.


It's just you and me.

Okay, three of diamonds.

'Kay? Just gonna put that in there.

- Now can you just tuck it in for me?
- Sure.

Is this your card?

My God, Theo!

You are amazing.

Nah, I just know some tricks.

No, you are a magician.

- Thanks.
- I can work with this.

Too bad your bunkmates are so useless.

Nathan is a genius with numbers,
and Judd knows a lot about...

We need to have a little talk with
your bunk right now. Let's go. Come on.

Guys, hey.

What if I told you we have
at least some semblance of a shot

to win the Top Hat competition?

I'd say my blood sugar is really low.

No, I'm serious.
Theo is apparently a secret Cardini,

and he tells me that you guys
don't suck half as bad as I thought.

Which I find hard to believe,
but let's not make a liar out of him.

Are you messing with us
as a punishment for being awful at magic?

I'm serious.
As a three-time Golden Wand winner and...

Wait. You won the Golden Wand?

We've heard. Now can we eat?

- In a second. I'm addressing you.
- Can you address us while we eat?

No, no. I had envisioned
this whole rousing speech thing first.

You don't get to do the whole rousing
speech thing until you teach us stuff.

Okay, fair point. But hear me out.

If we can find the areas
where you don't totally stink,

I can train you
to be sort of decent magicians.

And with Theo's skills, we might
actually be able to beat Darkwood.

I mean, win the Top Hat competition!

Who's with me?

Okay, this is where you guys start going,
"Andy! Andy!"

If we say yes, can we eat?

- Yes!
- Okay.

- Finally.
- Let's fuel up. We got work to do.

Walk towards me.

Not so stiff, okay? Walk naturally.

Hold your hands
as if they're actually empty.

Now they are actually empty.
Come on, guys. This is Palming 101.

Nathan, don't tell me you're allergic
to Tsum Tsums.

No. But I'm allergic to dirt.

Okay, guys, we are taking it
to the next level with straitjackets.

You know, this is nice, actually.
It's kind of like a hug.

- It is, isn't it?
- Hey, Andy, could you reapply for me?

Yeah. Yeah, I got you, bud.

- Thank you.
- Tell me when.

That's good.

- You good?
- Yes.

- This is impossible.
- No, it isn't.

Houdini once said,
"My brain is the key that sets me free."

Was Houdini Irish?

No, he was Hungarian.
That was a bad impression.

Okay, exhale fully, then use that slack
to reach your arm all the way back.


All right! Now you're getting it.
High five.

Of course.

- Ooh.
- That is my bad.


Now do I get to work with the bunnies?

you are nowhere near bunny-ready.

Why are you messing
with my emotions like this?

Well, before you run,
you gotta learn how to crawl.

Which leads me to... the turtles.

Tiny and slow, just like you guys.
Go ahead, grab one.

Bunny pile! I'm ready for my cuddles!

Come to me, my friends!

Get 'em! Quickly!

Ruth! No!

- Drop the turtles.
- Come back!

- No! They're getting out!
- Where are you going?

In the box. Grab a bunny!
Everybody, everybody, just get 'em.

- Where are you going?
- Get the bunnies!

Exhale to create some slack.
Get your arm up over your shoulder.

Keep 'em away from the water!

Over there!

Man down!

Well, that's one cabin we don't have
to worry about for Top Hat.

Vic, what did I tell you?
Be nice.

Stop those bunnies!

- Ew. Gross.
- Get 'em!

- Over there!
- Yeah, I just screamed that.

- Concentrate on your straitjackets.
- They're getting away!

- Where's Janelle?
- Pathetic. Grab the bunny.

Why are you running from me?

I got one!

- Wait. No, I didn't...
- Under the bush!


No, don't go!

I'm just looking for the bunnies
that got away.

- Do I look like a bunny?
- What? No.

Well, maybe a little.
I mean, like, cute like a bunny.

Well, not cute-cute.
Not that you're not cute.

He wouldn't trick the Vic,
so I palmed his phone into a Big Gulp.

How'd you get with the Diamonds anyway?
You seem nice.

My parents probably paid extra
for me to be with Darkwood.

That's pretty cool of them.

They're not trying to be cool.

They just don't want me getting in the way
of their busy work schedule.

- Hey, is that Janelle?
- Yeah.

- She's so weird.
- Um, I gotta bounce.

I saw you get out of that straitjacket.
How did you do that?

I don't know. It's just fun.

Like a puzzle you do with your body,
I guess.

Okay, now I really gotta go.

I'm Janelle, by the way.


Seventeen days until Top Hat.

Lunch will be casserole.

It is unclear what kind.

This is what we call the French drop.
You see?

You got to protect the angle
from the audience.

- Ooh, ooh.
- All right, you guys try.

That was surprisingly not terrible, Ruth.

Thanks, Andy.

Attaboy, Andy.

Seems like you guys have been listening
to my amazing teaching after all.

Magic isn't exactly a cardio workout.

Your parents are insisting we try to get
you some physical activity this summer,

so... look alive.

Okay, workout over! Back to magic!

Vanish... and appearance!

Wow. Good job.

Okay, I think it's time
we take things to the next level.


I said I wanted to work with bunnies,

not those terrifying,
flying poop-machines.

Well, Ruth,
you liberated all of the bunnies,

so this is what we have to work with.

Raise out your finger.

Doves are like flying bunnies.

They're an extension
of a magician's emotions.

If you're confident, it's confident.
If you're nervous...


Then that happens.

And apparently so does that.

Okay, Hearts.

I think you're ready to hear one
of the biggest secrets in all of magic.

Behind every great magician, there is...

An even better tailor.

- Nice.
- That sports coat is amazing.

Judd, am I sensing
an enthusiasm for costumes?

Welcome to the fabulous world
of costume design.

Think I'm gonna spend the rest
of the day here, if that's cool with you.

Ruth, maybe you just need
something bigger.

Now, Ethan, she's not food, okay?


Hawks are my thing now.

Birds love the color green.
It's like... It's like you're a tree.

All right, come with me.

Hey, Dad. I got a new trick.

I-I can't right now, Theo.
I'm late for my flight.

- Do it for your mom.
- Mom's not into magic. Please?

- Yeah. Okay. Okay.
- All right.

Pick a card.

There we go.

All right. Now don't let me see
it's the jack of hearts.


That's pretty good. How'd you know?

'Cause that's me. I'm the jack of hearts.

And... that's you.

- You're the king of hearts.
- How did you do...

That's incredible.
You're incredible, Theo.

Theo. Theo.

Look, everyone's acts are shaping up,
but neither of us have one yet.

So I was thinking we could form
a magical comedy duo

with me doing plucky banter while you
wow everyone with your card magic.

I've read that fart sounds
are quite the crowd-pleaser.

You sneak me even a bit of cheese,
and I will blow the roof off this place.

- Nate, definitely don't fart on the crowd.
- Okay.

Why aren't you guys working?
The show's next week.

I'm still trying to figure out
my specialty.

Yeah, that is a tricky one.

Hey, Nate,
how many seats are in this theater?

273. Why?

Why? Because it's freakish
how quickly you could do that.

You've got something special
that no one else has.

A protruding tailbone is actually
more common than you'd expect.

He's talking about the way
you do your counting stuff.

Yeah, I just count.
I count and group and multiply and...

That's magic.

Your brain is like a big,
weird magic calculator.

You could be a mentalist.

Like Kris Darkwood?

Better than Kris Dorkwood.

- I need to sit down.
- You are.

Very nice.

Looking good, guys. Whoo!

- Andy, come here.
- Okay.



- Good. Yes!
- That looked so good.

Okay, Theo, show us what you got.

- Unbelievable.
- Okay, let's take ten.

You guys,
keep working on your pinky break.

Nathan, give your pinky a break.

- It was an itch, not a pick. I swear.
- Okay, yeah, cool, all right.

Dude, what's going on?
You're still in your head.

You know what? Follow me.
There's something you need to see.

Come on.

Preston's secret library.

He took me here when I was about your age.

He said it was for
only truly exceptional magicians.

Go ahead, check it out.

It's an owl.

Is that you and Darkwood?



- Yeah, that's us.
- The "Abraca-Duo"?

Hey, don't judge.
It was a very catchy name at the time.

So, why do you hate each other now?

Wow. Um...

When we were campers, we were close.

♪ I put a spell on you ♪

I was like the cool...

older superstar of the camp

and she was kinda my protégée.

♪ Because you're mine ♪

After school, we became partners.

At first,
we just did a lot of street magic.

♪ Stop the things you do ♪

But word got around and pretty soon
we were booking real gigs.

Not to brag,
but we were pretty amazing together.

I know it's kinda hard to believe,
but we actually used to be a couple.

It's obvious.

I mean, you can tell
she still has feelings for you.

- I know, right?
- Yeah.

It's like, get over it, you know?

Anyway, we started doing
bigger and bigger theaters,

trying to get our own show in Vegas.

Then she went behind my back.

Took a meeting with a big TV booker
without me.

When I found out,
we got in this huge fight and we broke up.

She did the solo TV gig
and skyrocketed to fame.

I also started to perform solo, but...

It was rough.

One night I did a show
for just one person... Tony.

He worked on my car earlier that day.

Can you imagine just doing magic
for one person?

I can. That's why I did magic.
For my dad.

I'd only perform for him.

But now, he's, um...

- He...
- Hey, it's okay.

We don't have to talk about that now.

Come on, let's get out of here.

- Going somewhere?
- Let me out.

You've been pulling this all summer,
sneaking away before practice.

You know you chose to come here?

Not really.
I've never even done magic before.

- My parents just sent me away.
- I'm sorry.

That's really not fair.

Okay, you get it. So let me out.

Could do that.

But what if you chose to look at
this whole summer as a kind of challenge?

Like that constrictor knot
holding this net.

What do you mean?

Well, you're stuck here at camp,
just like you're stuck in this net.

You didn't choose either situation,
but they happened.

So, you have two options.

You can continue being unhappy and stuck,
or you can do something about it.

Change your situation.

I've seen what you can do
with that straitjacket.

- Whoa!
- Whoa!


Good day, campers.

Just five days
until the Top Hat competition.

But remember, you are not competing
with each other, but yourselves.

And also each other.

Please report any loose bunny sightings
to the maintenance staff.

Lunch will be rabbit.

Kidding. Ham salad.

- Um, what are you guys doing?
- We're waiting here for you.

I've got some great news
and some less-than-great news.

I think I know
how to cure your stage fright.

That's amazing.
What's the less-great news?

It's called the gauntlet.
And it may get messy.

Just show us some cardistry.

You did it for me before.
You can do it again.

I don't think I can.

Don't think, just do it.

And be prepared for anything.

Let's go. Show us.

That's it. Yeah, good job, Theo.

Ruth, Nathan, now.

The distance between two points...

is the square root of X of 200.

Hey, focus up, okay?

Block everything else out.
It's just you and me.

Yes, great job. Now, friffle into cascade.
Right into it.

Judd, Vera, now!

Okay, now charlier into L cuts.


I knew you could do it.


It's on.

Magic fight!

We got him!

- My...
- Wait, where'd he go?

He's like a magic ninja.

Ha ha!

You think you got me
where you want me.

But maybe I got you
right where I want you.


Lucky Charms?

"They're magically delicious." Get it?

We get it.

How'd you even know?

Because I am a magic ninja.

Our clothes are ruined.

I think I got us covered.

Yeah, but at least think about it.

It's only a short flight away, right?
Okay, bye.

Hey, they finally added
a nondairy option to the ice cream bar.

Look, it's one of the broken Hearts.

Where do you think you're going?

I was just gonna get
some No Cream Ice Dream.

You really can't taste the difference.

I don't know. It looks like
you're trying to trick the Vic.

- Trick the Vic. Trick the Vic.
- No, I'm not.

And it's a bit awkward
that you refer to yourself as "the Vic."

Pick a card.

Um, I'd rather not.

Pick... a... card.


Okay, memorize it.

Now, I'm going to deal out the four aces
in order from best to worst.

Diamonds, spades, clubs,

and, last but also least, hearts.

Don't forget your card, okay?

I'll do this slow 'cause I know
you Hearts are, a bit slow.

And... boom!

Your card is gone.
But, wait, where'd it go?

Is that a rhetorical question,
or am I supposed to answer it?

Check the box, dummy.


So, how'd I do it?

I don't know. I-I got nothing.


That's all you and the rest
of the Hearts are... nothing.

Trick the Vic. Trick the Vic.

- Trick the Vic. Trick the Vic.
- Hey, Vic.

I know how you do it.

- I got you, buddy.
- Okay.

If you know how I do it, then you do it.

First off, nice card force
to your duplicate.

But I can't do the trick
exactly how you did it

'cause... I don't have double-stick tape.


Spoiler alert!

Carry on.

Now, if I was gonna do it,

I would've taken one of the aces,
the ace of hearts,

and I would've turned it into your card.

Or I would've done a visual vanish.

Something like this.

- You teach him that?
- I may have helped out a little bit.

Nice, Theo.

And if I was gonna use a duplicate,

I wouldn't make it appear
somewhere obvious like a card box.

I would make it appear
somewhere really impossible

like your left pants pocket.

What? No way.


But that would've required
something you don't have...

A friend.

Sick burn.

Theo! Theo! Theo!

Hey, what are you doing? Give those back.

Chill out, bud.

That was impressive.

So, let me show you one more trick.

Maybe you can tell me how I do this one.


- Aw.
- No.

No, my cards!
How could you do this to my cards!

- Come on!
- Why would you do that?

- Bring 'em back! No! No!
- Not cool, Vic.

You're all in trouble.
Everybody, back to the bunk.

I've got an extra deck of cards
in the bunk.

You know, they have photos
of my Minecraft avatars on them,

but they're yours if you want 'em.

Thanks, but...

those cards were special.


My dad gave 'em to me.

He was the first person
to ever show me magic.

My dad, he... He was...

He... He was... He was great.

He... He died.

And I-I-I just...

I really, really miss him.

You know, everyone expects me
to be this great magician.

But I'm not.

And I don't think I really wanna be.

But I'm afraid to tell my dad that.

I say I have 109 known allergies,

but... it's really only 108.

I'm not actually allergic to gluten.

I just can't stand
my mom's beef stroganoff.

Ruth, is there anything you wanna share?

I used to think I was adorable,
like a bunny.

But now I have this thirst for blood,
like a hawk.

You're making your way up the food chain.

Proud of you.

Vera, was that a compliment I just heard?

What I meant was,
every day, I dislike you a little less.

I don't perform private shows
all over the world.

Or anywhere, actually.

Yeah, we kinda figured that.

When I was your age, I performed
because it was the most fun in the world.

I mean, that's all I wanted,
to have my own show and be the guy.

And then something happened...

Darkwood ended your partnership.

- Broke your heart.
- Made you lose your mojo.

What? No. I wouldn't... I wouldn't... Um...

No. That's not...

Well, the point is, guys,
is that after that,

I stopped having fun on stage.

And the audience
stopped having fun watching me.

And now I drive a taxi.

Man. Not even an Uber?

My car's not nice enough.
It didn't qualify.

What about that sweet Challenger
you came in?

That is a rental.


- Yeah.
- Okay.

I had to borrow money from my dad
in order to rent it. Yeah.


It's not a Golden Wand, but it's a start.

Thanks, Theo.

And for my next trick,

I put a spell on all of us
to quit being sad

and have the best night ever.

- Thank you, thank you.
- Hey, Theo, Janelle's looking at you.


What do you think it's about?
You think she ran out of marshmallows?

She probably ran out of marshmallows.
Hey, Janelle, we have marshmallows!

- Chill out, chill out!
- Why?

Ooh, lady's gonna like you.

- K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
- Theo!

Theo likes Janelle. Theo likes Janelle.

When were you gonna come clean about the
fact that you're a professional magician?

I'm not.

- I saw you with Vic. That was crazy.
- Thanks.

Yeah, you might be onto something
with this whole magic thing.

It's fun, right?

This is fun.

Everyone freeze.

Ruth, what are you doing?

Stay back.

I've been training for this moment
all summer.

Guys, I think that's Fred.
He must've gotten out of his cage.

Thank God.
Fred had his stink glands removed.

But we still need to guide him back.

Don't listen to them.

Don't look at them.

It's just you and me.

Those don't look like Fred's stripes.

No. My mustelid allergy.

Nathan, hold it.
It's not Fred. It's not Fred!

I'm doing this out of love.

Don't worry. I got one for you!


No! Don't touch me.



Good morning, campers.

Two days until Top Hat,

and I am so excited
I may actually eat our lunch today,

which will be meat loaf,
as will be dinner.

In fact, we're just gonna roll
with meat loaf for the rest of the summer.

Andy, help!

They got me too.


Hey, what's going on? Bring those back.

Coming through.

They've checked everything out
for the final performance.

What are you doing with Ethan the hawk?
Ethan Hawk is my whole act.

You snooze, you lose, little one.

Where's everything?
They're messing with my things.

So, what is... My table.

There's nothing.
There's no balls, no cards.

- The Diamonds checked out all the props.
- What?

- I don't believe this.
- What?

- They shrunk our hearts.
- How'd that happen?

They switched the dryer setting
to "heavy duty."

Polyblend athletic wear
is not "heavy duty."

Do you think maybe
you just put it on the wrong setting?

Are you... Are you accusing me
of making a laundry mistake?

I do not make laundry mistakes, sir.
I make laundry miracles.

The Diamonds have ruined our act.

We still have the counting wheel.

They ruined everything!

You were right about Darkwood.
She is cold-blooded.

We'll never get new stuff together
in time for the final performance.

Face it, guys, it's over. They beat us.

It's not like
we ever really had a chance anyway.

That's not true. Remember how horrible
you guys were when you first got here?

You guys suck way less now.

- Thanks a lot.
- Was that supposed to be a compliment?

Seriously, we can't quit.

'Cause when the going gets hard,
the Hearts get going.

That was pretty good.
You just came up with that?

- That was good, wasn't it?
- Yeah. That was awesome.

You know what?
I think I know what we need.

Follow me.

Okay, gang.

And here we are.



How'd you do that? Magnets or wires?

Neither. Just modern technology.

So, what are we doing here?

One night,
I was playing a show in Kansas City,

and the airline put my prop case
on the wrong plane.

Ooh, not good.

I had to improvise with whatever I could
find at the airport convenience store.

And that is exactly what I'm challenging
you guys to do right now.

Who says we need props?

Magicians create the trick,
not the other way around.

Think of it as like
a magical treasure hunt.

Um, typically in a treasure hunt,
the participants are provided

with clues, a map, or a legend...

- Let's go. See you in 30 minutes.
- Are we gonna get clues or a map?

Have fun. Figure it out, all right?

Maybe this one.

This is garbage.
This is just not the shape.


Nathan, Nathan.

Excuse me, everybody.
Can I get your attention?

Today, we're gonna show you some magic.

Take it away, Vera.

So cool.

- Got it?
- Yeah.


Excuse me, how accurate is that scale?

Measures weight
down to a thousandth of a pound.

If he can guess the exact weight,
can we have this candy for free?

Sure. That's impossible.

Is it impossible, or is it 2.173 pounds?

2.173 pounds.

- Yeah!
- That's incredible.

Cool, dude.
We just saved $11.54, tax included.


I'm trying to learn
to hold the ball right.

What's up with
all these weird magic kids?

Bunch of lame-os.

Hey! Those are my friends
you're talking about.

And weird is what makes us awesome.

Attack! Go for their eyes.

Go, go!

Am I ever going to touch a bunny?

One day, I promise you will.

Didn't only a dozen escape?
Now they're everywhere.

How are they multiplying?

You know, I'm gonna let your parents
explain that one.

Okay, way past your curfew.
Get in there and get to bed.

Where are you going?

- I've got a score to settle.
- I promise you he'll show.

Hey, Darkwood!

There he is right now.
All right. I'll talk to you later.

Get off the phone, you monster.

Did you just call me a monster?

It's one thing to sabotage me
and my career, but children?

Were you really cool
with this whole sign-out thing?

Seriously? I already punished my bunk
and made them return all the props.

But what's up with you?

You know, when I first heard
you were coming this summer,

I was excited to see you.

I thought we'd be past
whatever beef we had

and we could just be... friends again.

That is so easy for you to say.

I got nothing and you got everything
when you dropped me.

I dropped you?

- You cheated on me.
- I never cheated on you.

You cheated on our act.

'Kay. Yes, fine, I'll admit it.
I took that TV meeting behind your back.

You were always calling me your protégée.

I wanted to see
if I could do it on my own.

Your treachery is finally revealed.

Yes. They thought I would be
a better solo act on TV.

And they hated the name Abraca-Duo.

It was catchy at the time!

- But I told them no.
- Exactly!


I told them I wasn't a solo act.

I was trying to negotiate a deal
for the both of us,

but you quit before I could explain.

- Why... Why didn't you stop me?
- 'Cause you were flipping out.

You wouldn't return
any of my phone calls or texts.

You were too busy bad-mouthing me
to any magician that would listen.

So I did the act alone.

I was terrified to do it without you.

- That is crazy.
- Why?

You know why that TV booker
picked you in the first place?

Because, I mean, look at you.

You were destined to be a star.

I knew it, he knew it, everyone knew it.

And... evidently
I was destined to drive a cab.

Man. Not even an Uber?

I am pouring my heart out here.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Andy, you are one of the best magicians
I have ever seen.

Yes, that is true.

I learned almost everything I know
from you and Preston.

And watching you work
with your bunk this summer

reminded me how awesome you are.

You're welcome.

Stop being a jerk, or I am not going
to tell you who I was on the phone with.

Why? Who were you on the phone with?

Well, my friend runs Treasure Island,

and he just had a last-minute cancellation
for a matinee performance tomorrow

and asked me if I knew anybody
who was ready to work that stage.

And I recommended you.

I don't know what to... A matinee?
Really? Not even an evening show?

Seriously? Do you want the gig or not?

- Hey.
- Don't speak.

Don't say a word.

Hold on.

They've offered you a show
at Treasure Island.

- Darkwood texted you already?
- About an hour ago.

Congratulations. That is... It's huge.

I know, right?

You don't seem very happy.

Well, if I take the gig,
I'll be back in time for the show,

but I won't be here tomorrow
to help the bunk put their acts together,

and... I mean, trust me,
those screw-ups, they need me.

What do you need?

You've been dreaming about this moment
your whole life, haven't you?

I think so.

I can't tell you what to do,
but I know that deep down,

you already have the answer.

What about the bunk?
I can't leave without saying goodbye.

Let 'em sleep, all right? Go.
I'll explain to them in the morning.

- Go.
- Okay.

Good morning, campers.

Today is the day
we've all been waiting for.

Today your parents will see
all that you've worked on this summer.

Lunch will be lobster thermidor
with a porcini and crème fraîche risotto.

Feel free to mention today's meal
to your parents.

It doesn't look like
he even slept here last night.

- Yeah, and his trash bags are gone.
- It's like he vanished.

And I have appeared.

All right, bunk meeting, five minutes.
Come on.

Get dressed. Let's go.

- What? Seriously?
- Excuse me?

- He went to Vegas?
- Yes, he went to Vegas.

He's been given the chance to perform.
That's what magicians do.

That's what you're gonna be doing tonight.

And he will be back in time
to watch you compete.

How are we supposed to compete?
I mean, we can't do it without him.

He was gonna help us
put our acts together.

- Right.
- But now I'm here.

And I will help you put your act together.
All right?

So, let's just roll up our sleeves

and get to work.

Don't touch Sammy.
He was a little bitey this morning.

Here we go.
This is the card that she will choose.

She's gonna pick this card.
It's a guarantee.

You see that? 'Kay.

Now, I'm gonna tuck it away
for safekeeping.

Put it right there.

Now I'm gonna take a completely
different deck of cards, right here.

And she can choose any one of these cards.


Go ahead and just touch
the back of one, okay?

Are we laughing
because she has so many choices?

Is that what we're laughing about?

- This one.
- That card. Are you sure?

So, this is the card. 'Kay?

And I have a sneaking suspicion
we're not gonna forget this one, okay?

Here's your card. Now, go ahead
and place it towards your chest.

Right there, right on your heart.
Don't look.

All right, now take a little peeksy.

Tell the audience,
is it a red card or a black card?

It's red.

Yeah, not the back of the card.

We're talking about the face of the card.
The actual card.

What color's that?

It's red.

Can I see that?


Yes, that is a red five of diamonds.

And... this is really awkward

for anyone in here
who thought I messed up.

Give it up for Haley, everybody. Haley!

Thank you.

Darkwood was right about you.
She said you'd be a good matinee magician.

She said that?
That is actually a little insulting.

But that you'd be even better
in prime time.

How'd you like a showcase tonight?

Tonight? Tonight-tonight?

tonight is a little complicated.

Let me make this simple for you.

There's a million magicians who would kill
for an eight o'clock show on the strip,

and I'm offering you one.

You do well tonight, this theater
could be your home for a very long time.

What do you say?

Let's do it. Yes.

Excellent. Unpack your things,
make yourself at home.


I have a silkworm that not only
makes silk, she also makes wood!


The name is Kornelius Kessler.
Here's my card.

If you liked what you saw,
review me on Yelp.

My son is performing today.

When you see the velvet bow tie,
you know you're getting a quality act.

- What about the bow tie?
- I've got it right here.

It's so nice to meet you.

Excuse me. Hi. Is this one taken? Thanks.

Okay, Hearts, gather up.
Hey, guys, come here.

All right, um, we have to have
a little heart-to-Hearts.

- What's going on?
- Well, Andy called

and, unfortunately,

he is not going to be able to make it back
in time for the Top Hat after all.

But he wanted me to tell you
how very, very proud he is

of each and every one of you.

And, of course, so am I.

What are we supposed to do?

When the going gets hard,
the Hearts get going.

Let's do this thing.

Let's do this thing. That's the spirit.

Theo, Andy specifically...

Well, where'd... he go?

Preston, you're on.

Okay. Places, all right? Good luck.

Since the dawn of time,
we have marveled at the feats

performed by the select few
who dare peer into the beyond.


Welcome, welcome.

Now, this summer,
every single one of your children

have earned their place
in this mystical order.

But who among them has learned the most?

And which ones are destined
to hold the Top Hat and the Golden Wand?

All right.
Be prepared to be shocked and astounded,

because this year's competition
begins now.

First up, representing
the Hearts cabin, Ruth Brusselbach.

- Touch the bunny!
- You can do it, Ruth!

You can do it. Come on.
Bunny love is real! You're a samurai.

Next up, representing
the Diamond cabin, Vic d'Antonio.

Hey, I'm the Vic, and I apologize
to all you parents in advance

'cause I'm about to win
the Golden Wand, again.

Now pick a card, any card. Just touch it.


Memorize it. Don't forget it.

I'll hand the deck to my assistant.

Her job's easy. Now watch this.

Was this your card?

How'd you know I was in here?

You know there's a magic show
going on right now?

I'm not performing if Andy's not here.

Your family's out there. And your mom.

Don't you want your mom to see
all the magic you've learned this summer?

She doesn't care about magic.
She didn't even know about this place.

She thought it was called Magic Camp.
Can you believe that?

Um, sort of.

Magic was my thing with my dad.

I'm here because he applied for me.

And... now he's gone.
So, what's the point?

Interesting you should say that.

Next up from the Hearts, Vera Costa.

I keep all my applications on file.

And... I remember yours, of course.

Hold on.

'Cause that's me. I'm the jack of hearts.

And that's you. You're the king of hearts.

Wait, who shot this?

That's incredible.
You're incredible, Theo.

Wow. Did you just see that trick?

My son is an amazing magician.

I don't know how he does any of it.

But what you might not see
is how much he has overcome.

How much...

I wish Theo could see everything
that I see in him.

But he keeps it all locked inside,

and magic is the first thing
that's unlocked him.

I guess that's sort of a trick, right?

That's why you'd be crazy
not to take him for your magic camp,

or institute, or whatever.

Well, I may be eccentric,

but, I don't think I've ever been
more persuaded by an application.

Theo, I cannot tell you what to do,

but I know deep down
you already have the answer.

But I can't go up there alone.

Andy said you would say that.

But he told me to tell you
that if you lose your way on stage,

just look to the wings

and you'll find a true magician
to help you.

What does that mean?

Only one way to find out.

Okay, I'll need a little help here.

Young gent,
what is your locker combination at school?

Don't worry, I'm not gonna
steal your homework, or do it for you.

Sixteen, 98, 17.

Great, okay.

Ma'am, type in 1-6-9-8-1-7.

And then hit times.

Okay, um, you, sir, what is your birthday?

October 9.

October 9? 10-9, great.

Ma'am, type in 1-0-9. Then hit times.

Don't say this out loud, but type in the
age you were when you had your first kiss.

Now, hit equals and read the number
aloud to me one digit at a time.

- Seven.
- Seven.

- Four.
- Four.

- Zero.
- Zero.

- Four.
- Four.

- Zero, two.
- Two.

One, two.

One, two.

Sorry for my messy handwriting.

So, 74,040,212.

Okay, so there's no possible way
I could've known any of the information

that you were gonna give me tonight.

Yet, we used your numbers
to create this huge number.

Now, I would like to call your attention
to this envelope of mystery.

Earlier today,
I put my prediction inside this envelope.

And now I am going to reveal it to you.

Elephant. Amazing, right?

I see you're confused. It's upside down.

- Ho!
- "Elephant."


I'm a mathemagician.

And finally, performing for the Diamonds,
Janelle Santos.



One, two...


- My... Wow.
- Whoo!

This is the best year yet.

All right, while the judges
are tabulating the results,

I would like to say thank you
by singing a song.


Excuse me.

Okay. For our final, final performance,
may I present Theo Moses.

- Whoo!
- Whoo!

There are a lot more of you
than I expected.

You know what? Let me just...

Magic is all about perception...

What you're seeing
versus what's really happening.

Like right now.

You don't see a deck of cards in my hands,

but... now you do.

I'm going to need an assistant
for this trick.

Mom, can you please come up here
and help me out?

Wow. He's really owning it out there.

As you knew he would.

Can you just look through these
just to make sure they're all different?

Have the others seen me?

- Looks good to me.
- No, no, they have no idea you're here.

Fifty-two cards in the deck,

but each one
has a different story to tell.

I knew they could do it on their own.
Now they know it too.

You planned everything perfectly.

No, I think you did.


The joker is a bit of a wild card,
just like my little brother, Cameron.

He annoys me sometimes,
but I'd be lost without him.

In fact, Cameron,
why don't you come over here.

On the drive back from Vegas,
I put it together.

This whole summer,
the newbie bunk, Darkwood, Theo.

Feel free to come closer
if you want a better look.

It's one long trick
to help me get my life together.

Well, you know what they say.

The trick you don't believe is a trick
is the best trick of all.

The way to create more magic in the world

is not by creating more magic.

- Exactly.
- Yeah, I still don't get that one.

You didn't let me finish.

It's by creating magicians.

This card is me, the jack of hearts.

You are good, old man.

And this card is my dad...

the king of hearts.

I think about this card every day.

Now, my mom's card is the queen of hearts.

But where is she?

I'll tell you a secret.

Sometimes I forgot
that this card believed in me.

But even when I didn't realize it,

the queen of hearts
was always there for me.

The queen of hearts. So happy I found it.

Out of all the cards in the deck,
these four are closest to my heart.

But there's something extra special
about my mom.

She changes everything she touches.

Mom, can you just touch a card for me?


That's weird.
Um, Mom, can you just touch another?

This is strange.

There's only supposed to be
one queen of hearts in the deck.

Okay, Mom, just hold your hand out for me.

I don't know how she does it,
or why it took me this long to realize it,

but... my mother is magic.


Yes, yes! What a competition.

Beautiful. All right.

And now, the winner of this year's
Top Hat competition is...

Thank you so much for coming.

Come on, get a sense of humor.
Here we go.

All right.

And the winner
for the Top Hat this year...

the Hearts.

We won! We won!

- Andy?
- It's Andy.

I'm so proud of you guys.
I saw the whole thing, buddy.

- Yes!
- Okay. Very good.

And now for the...

Now for the...

The winner of the Golden Wand,

from the Diamonds, Janelle Santos.

Get up here.

Go. Take a bow.

- What?
- Kristina, I did it! I did it!

I am so proud of you.

What are you doing here?
What happened to your big show?

I skipped it.

And, dude, I saw your whole set.

What? I hate to say this phrase
because I hate this phrase,

but my mind was literally blown.

Wait. You put that mirror there.

You know, sometimes it takes somebody else
to help you see yourself.

You just sounded exactly like Preston.

- I did, didn't I?
- Yeah.

Okay, we'll work on that.

Can you clap twice for me?

Can you stomp your feet?

Break it down.


Thank you. Your bunk killed it.

- Thanks so much for everything.
- Bye.

Hey. I am so sorry about ditching
the Treasure Island show.

I didn't get you in too much trouble,
did I?

No, it's fine.

They actually invited you back
next weekend.

- Really?
- No.

They banned you for life.

Andy, that was a really big gig.

Well, luckily,
I landed an even bigger one.

- You did? Where?
- Right here.

You are looking at the new director
of youth talent development.

Preston offered me a year-round gig
scouting for kids.

- That's great.
- This is where I wanna be.

And the craziest part is, is I realized
that when I was on stage in Vegas.

But my friend said that you did great.
The audience loved you.

Yeah. I killed.

I got to live the dream.

It was amazing.

But weird part is,
is it didn't feel as amazing

as helping the kids this summer.


You know, you could stick around
and work here with me.

You do know I headline at Caesars, right?

Yeah. I think I heard about that.
That's cool. That's cool.

But you could come feature
for me sometime.

The world could use a little Abraca-Duo.


- And, wow, that is a really terrible name.
- Yeah.

Hey, Dad.


I don't understand.
Why didn't you perform?

No, I did perform.

All the Hearts' costumes, those are me.

You designed those costumes?
Even the quick-change routine?

All of them.

Look, I know you want me to be a magician,

but... this summer I realized I'm not one.

I just love designing costumes.

I love using fashion
to bring my friends' magic to life.

Then you're mistaken...

because that, son, is magic.

I think I got fur in my nose.
I'm gonna go irrigate.

- Hey! My gosh. Wow.
- Xerxes, hey! I'm gonna miss you.

Look out!

- How'd you do that? You have to tell me.
- You really wanna know?

- Yeah.
- Come to camp with me next year.

- Can I, Mom?
- Nope.

'Cause next summer you're going
to camp with me. Yoga camp.

Say what?

All right, I'll think about it.

- Can you believe it?
- I know.

- Hey.
- Let's go get a snack.


You were, pretty okay out there.

Thanks, Vic.

You should have these back.

I didn't burn them. I just pocketed them.

I know, not cool.

I won't be such a jerk next year,
all right?

But I will battle you for the Golden Wand
and regain my magic camp supremacy.

Till next summer then.




I have to go now.

That's too bad.

- You gonna call me?
- The second I get home.

Just so you don't forget.


She went for it, just... Too aggressive.

You did encourage me
to encourage her to participate...

so this is you guys.

There's a voice in your head.

And that voice is crying out,
"Clean up your room!"

Nope, sorry.
That was the voice of your dad.

The voice in your head is saying,
"I want to be a magician."

Scribbity-four-ish years ago
this guy, Roy Preston,

founded the institute and the world-famous
Roy Preston Prememorial Theater.

Which is sadly now
the Roy Preston Memorial Theater.

Kidding. I'm still here.

I brought in Andy to help me out.

You'll build lasting relationships
with other young magicians.

Even the weird ones.

'Cause here, we're all the weird ones.

- Cool bird, Ruth.
- Thanks, Andy.

And the lunch service
has nondairy options.

But don't take my word for it.

Just ask any of our former campers,

many of whom are now some of the most
successful magicians working today.

Like me, Kristina Darkwood.

Or better yet, come see for yourself at...

Magic camp!

It's the Institute of Magic.

The Institute of Magic!