Magadheera (2009) - full transcript

In 1609 AD, Mitravinda, a princess, and Kala Bhairava, the warrior that she loved, die. 400 years later, the warrior is reincarnated as Harsha, a motorcycle stuntman. He brushes hands with a girl and sparks fly as he begins to recall his past life. Knowing that he is destined to love this young woman, he sets about trying to identify her. Indu does not remember her past life and keeps Harsha at a distance; playing tricks on him until she gets to know him better. However, just as the two begin to fall in love, a sinister force from their shared past returns!

? Ram Charan * Kajal Aggarwal ?



Time's short!

Begin prayers, Guru!

This kingdom is mine now.


Here comes Bhairava!




Tell me the truth, Bhairava!






? 1609 B.C.E. ?

? Aravali Mountains ?

? Bhairavakona ?


In these last moments,
speak the truth.

Reveal the love
you hid inside.

In these dying moments...

confess your love for me.

My breath...
my destination,

my Goddess of Light!

I love you.

More than myself, I love you.


These dark clouds are proud
of taking your life.

They don't know you're the sun
that may have sunk today

but one day, piercing darkness
to claim your love,

you will come back.

You'll return, Bhairava!

- 400 years later -

manly warrior out to win hearts - Warrior~

~One who has come piercing
darkness, great warrior...Warrior~


- Vishakhapatnam -

In 10 minutes, bike jumping will begin.

Many came to compete.

The one with the highest jump
will win.

- Yeah, Rahul, I'm coming.
- Wow! So many girls!

I must borrow a bike
and chat up a couple of girls.

Oh God! She's faster than a bike.

Here comes our event organiser,

- Hi. - Hi.

Hey, hey, hey!


Let's start the bidding.

- Hey. - Hi. - Harsha.

Hi, Harsha. How are you?

Don't drag it out.
What's the bet?

- 1 is to 5. Five times your money.
- 5 to 1?!

- It can get me married.
What height? - 20 ft.

20 ft? Not 20 inches.

We'll drop out.
Any mistake, we lose.

5000. On Sham.

Sham, Sham, Sham...


Well, Harsha?

You still wanna do it?


I knew it.

Not at 5 to 1.
Make it 10 to 1?


Pay up, pal!


If we lose,
we'll be cleaning bikes. Take it.

- Harsha, are you in?
- Yep.

Harsha is joining in!

Joining this event is Harsha!


Hey, Harsha. Excellent performance.

- Wow. - Superb.

Pal, a pulse pounding feat!

Drink this, cool off.

Where's my Golden Hen?

Pal! Our money!

You book the ticket.
I'll pluck the Hen. Follow.

~Up, up. Hands up!
Ba bup. Hands up! Hup hup~

~Golden Hen is here; hey, chick!~

~Golden Hen is here; hey, chick!~

~See the secrets of her orange sari~

~Hey, chick!~

~Up up hands up, check check, knee swing,
dhik dhik dolakutho~

~zip zip zakaap ship ship shake up
step step music kutho~

~Golden Hen is here!~

~Golden Hen is here~

~Hey, chick!~

~changavi cheera gutu chusukondi~

~Hey, chick!~

~sapamapadapa padapa padapa~

~sapamapadapa sapaa mapaa dapaa~


~hands up, chick - sapamapadapa~


~don't go overboard, dear~

~it's in there, tell me, tell me~

~when you look, they swell up! Go, go~

~I'll see your shameless beauty
in between the gaps~

~if you need, I'll come back;
don't steal my beauty completely~

~up up, hands up, check check, knee swing,
dhik dhik dolakutho~

~rightoo zip zip zakaap ship ship
shake up step step music kutho~

~aim at you, Golden Hen!~

~what's inside you, dear?~

~tell us, tell us~

~my beauty is hiding,
intoxicated by your touch; let's go~

~you're caught, my Hen~

~take out what's hidden inside~

~I'm hot and bothered~

~take what you want~

~hey hey, up up hands up, check check,
knee swing, dhik dhik dolakutho~

~ok zip zip check up ship ship
shake up step step music kutho~

~Golden Hen is here!~

~hey, chick!~

~changavi cheera gutu chusukondi~

~hey, chick!~

Boss! A boy's dance shook me.

He's so arrogant
to enter your area!

~ M ~!

~ E ~!

~ G ~!

~ A ~!

~ M-E-G-A - MEGASTAR ! ~
(actor, Chiranjeevi, Ramcharan's dad)

Greetings, Master!

Kid. Wanna weld her just now?

No, Master. Just a little tinkering.

- Tinkering? - Yeah.

What's this tuft?

- Style, Master. - Style?

Face right!

A bit more...

I'll cut it!

- Your tuft! - Oh.

Let's see, kid!

- Now! - I like you!

Dance isn't Bollywood shaking.

Steps must bring the roof down.

Already brought it down, Master.


- Talented! - In my blood, Master.
- Move, Boss.

Can you dance better than Boss?

Can you do it?

Why push me?

- Please, Boss.
- Want me to?

OK then!

(from film 'Gharana Mogodu' 1992)

Killed it!

This kid looks?


- Shattering, Boss.
- Thanks. He needs a week to recover.

Drink Boost and rest, son!

Come, my Golden Hen!

- They won't bother you again.
- Thanks, Boss.

- Chicken! - What?

Killed it!

Oh, son. You shook her up!
Well done.

Boss, your share.

Hey, chick! Never cross my path.

That too?

? Hyderabad ?


You got an auto, not taxi.

- Can we reach the airport?
- Don't worry.

For this traffic and our budget,
auto is better.

If we're not on time,
your hospital budget will bulge.

Where to?

Bangkok for bike racing
and stunts.

Your face isn't a biker's.

Pal, a girl is hailing.
Pick her to ease costs.

I'll hit you, no problem!

Stop, stop, stop.


Pal! Stop the auto!

- What's up? - That girl...

You waved 'no'?

White churidhar girl...
without her...

Pal! I'm coming.

- He has the purse.
- Stay here.

- C'mon! - Sit here!

- See a girl here
in a white churidhar? - No.

Where'd she go? Excuse me.

See a girl in a white churidhar?

Where'd she go?


- Excuse me. - Yes.
- Looking for someone?

Yes, just now a girl in a white churidhar
hailed an auto...

That's me...

Why do you want to see her?

You know her?

Know her? A little...

What's her address?
I'll write it. Please.

Hello! Why are you after her?

- Well, we're close.
- That so? - Yeah.

Don't know her address? Close?

- It's a long story.
- No problem, go on.

A year ago, that girl and I
fell deeply in love.

- But her father is a big bore.
- Bore?

Taking my heart with her,

she left with no trace.

Please, give me *Rani's address.

Her name's not Rani.

See? She changed her name.

- What's she called now?
- He's a crook.

- Indu (Moon). - Indu...

OK, that name's fine. Settled.

Her address, please.

- Come with me. - Super.

Get me an auto?

Sorry, I'll do it now.

A guy chatted me up,
but not for my dress.

- I'll show him how smart I am.
- Please come. Let's go.

Come on. Be careful.

- Pal! - Sit.

If I sit here,
how can you get paid?

See this?


- Auto, stop here!
- Stop here.

Is this Indu's house? Indu? Indu!

You rush too much.

- I couldn't hold my excitement.
- Pay the fare. - Oh. Yeah.

- No change, sir.
- No problem, keep it.

Excuse me...going without her address?

Go straight, turn left;
right side, 4th house.


(Brahmanadam - comedian)


- Please call your daughter?
- Not so; she's my wife.

Marriage made me bald.

- You're mistaken.
- I lost hair.

I mean your daughter, Indu.

Should I birth
a daughter for him?

- What? Love affair?

- Exactly. - You're my son-in-law.
- Oh God!

- How nice you're shy!
- Thank you.

My daughter never mentioned
a hot son-in-law.

Not yet committed.
After committing...

- She's uncommitted? - Yep.
- You're uncommitted?

To commit, you're here
to make me commit.

Go! Staging a scene?

- I have no kids.
- No kids?

- Why send me here?
- Hello. Try my wife.

Give a love letter tomorrow,
scene next day,

next day sell her off
in Bombay.

I'll sing hymns.

Out! Wants a girl!
As if I've 2 wives.

Who knows? Uncles like you
have a mistress.

- What are you saying?
- Go, man!

What did you say?
What are you accusing me of?

A second (mistress)...

What a comfy idea.

Who is she?!

Is she beautiful?

- How long's your affair?
- You suspect me?

He staged a fake show.

That's real!

Would that kid uselessly
discuss your mistress?

- No sound. - Kaala dear.
- No sound.

Where's that family?

Swearing on God?

Which God did you swear on now?

Krishna? So you've 8 lovers?

Lord Rama?

Go get the boy to say
you've no other wife or kids.

Only then I'll let you
in the house.

Or I'll call police on
a domestic violence case

and get you beaten by batons.


Go, I say!

Got beaten?

You gave the wrong address.


Atrocious? What to do,
your character's unknown.

- What if you wave a knife
at her for love? - Me?

- Or rape her? - Rape?
- Rape and kill? - Kill?

Or dump the body?

Oh God! Beautiful,
but a horrible brain.

- What?
- She's my life.

Trust me, I never touched her.

You only saw her today.
How to touch her?

Talk to me?
Nothing happened.

I want to see Indu once. Please.

Her address?

Isn't her dad a big bore?

- He may bite.
- Big mouth!

I'll bring her to
Rock Garden restaurant.

- Really. - Come there.
- Super. So sweet of you.

Thank you.


Why'd you fall in love
with a girl's dress?

I must study you.

Pal, touching a girl gives sparks.

- You'd chase any girl?
- Shut up. - Let's find her.

Don't annoy me.
I'm mad at not finding her.

This time I'll get
full details.

Auto's here.

All the best.


Bouquet? For me. No?

OK. I went too far when
you came to my home?


- I abused you. - Sure did.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm actually sorry.

In bad times, we blabber.

If you don't mind, come with me.

I'm beside you. What's up?

Please see my wife?

Turn this side.

What do I look like?

Pal, beauties are coming.
How to find Indu amongst them?

Are you new to me? Move.

- Hi. Harsha. - Ameesha.
- Hi. Harsha. - Biju.

- Hi. - Hi.


- Hi. - Hi.

Why no Indu?

- She'll be late.
- Heck! - Heck?

'Heck'. For a princess!

Please stop. Come, come,

Come on!

Oh God! They eat like giants.

Their sizes and eating mismatch.

- Pal, one minute. - What?
- I've a doubt.

There's no Indu.
They came for free food.

We'll go bankrupt.
See her face?

- Her cunning looks?
- There, there!

Who is it?

- Aah! - Damn.

- He thinks we're beggars. Get up!
- Please wait, wait...

Oh! Why slap me?

Indu's friends are our friends.

Respect them.

Sit please.

He puts us off food.
He's like stale pastry.

You're modest. He's years
of food rot. Go away.

Want me to leave?

No doubt. They're freeloading.

He can't see it.

- You get it?
- Clearly.

- Tell my pal.
- Why? I'd lose bill money.

Still here?

I'll meet her at Imax. Come.

No, please. By chance,
if Indu finds no-one here,

it's not good.

You go. I'll wait.

Very clear.

In my view, that fort is yours.

Your sister's husband
has no rights.

Though it's ours,
I can do nothing.

I've gone around courts
for 15 years.

You only met me now.

I'll file a Supreme Court case.
You'll get that fort.

? Udaigarh ?

Advocate Priyaranjan!

Damn guy is dangerous.

His taking up this case
is very bad.

We'll lose the fort.

Greetings, lord!
Your son is here!

How'd he know of the lawyer?

Sir, sir. I took this case unaware.

I'll stay out of it.
Let me be. Please, sir.

Forgive me. I've a wife and kids.
Please, sir.

Sir. Please, sir. Please, sir.

Sir, tell him to let me be.

Sir, sir, tell him to leave me.
Please, sir...

Run away!


If I decide something's mine,
then I must get it.

That was a foregone conclusion.

There's still one more.

One more? What?

One more person to go.

The plaintiff should die.

He's your maternal uncle,
Pratap Varma.

- Bye, Dad.
- Where to?

My scapegoat is waiting. Bye.

Kill Indira to end it.

- Sister, flower, please.
- Want a flower?

Take it...Is it good?

- Bye. - Bye.

What is it, son?

Indira (Beauty) has grown so beautiful.

I want her.

OK, finish him.
Have her tonight.

Not one night. I want her,
day and night, all my life.

- I want to marry her.
- Marry?

Are you mad?
He won't agree while I live.

He'll agree if you're dead.

If I decide something's mine,

I must get it, Father.


You should live like a Maharaja.


But my father did you
a great injustice.

He didn't heed me.

He usurped your property.
That sin took his life.

What did you say?

Yes, Uncle. Father is dead.


I have only you, Uncle.

The fort is yours.

I'm lucky if I'm with you.

I want nothing else.

If your dad had your goodness,

our families wouldn't have split.

Thank God we united now.

It's enough, Uncle.
Where's Indu?

Just movie tickets, or
fleece your lover more?

Let me see how much he can take.

Ravishing shape!
Dude! Lovely figure!

- It'll be shattering with her.
- Yes.

- Sexy figure! Baby!
- She's running.

- What a nuisance.
- Get lost.

Why old faces? Where's Indu?

- They made horrible comments.
- Who?

Youth...very common. Indu...?

Know what they said?

They'd say we must...

Forget them.
Focus on our matter.

When will Indu be here? Please.

- Indu will never come.
- Why?

They commented worse on her.


Hey, you're finished...

Why are you leaving?

Hey, crazy...

You dare badmouth Indu?

- Who are you, man?
- Where are you escaping?

Dare pass comments!

~ I like you ~

~ I like you so much ~

He ignored your tears

but he thrashed them
for badmouthing Indu.

Are you in love?

Tell him you're Indu?

He's coming. Go.

Get lost.

They won't tease Indu again.

Tell Indu they're gone
and to come?

- I already phoned. - Thank you.

She'll come to the park.

- Hey. She'll come?
- Yes.

- Sure? - Sure, sure. - OK.

- Hey. She's coming for sure, yep?
- Yeah. - OK.


- Maintain distance.
- Why?

Though not Indu,
you're beautiful.

The moment you're close,
Indu might come.

She might think there's
something between us. Oh God.

- We don't need that. Keep a gap.
- OK, OK.

- Enough? - Super.

What do you do?

- Bike racing. - Oh ho.

- How much do you earn?
- Never ask a man's earnings.

- Have you saved a bank balance?
- I have enough.

I'll marry Indu.

- Actually, before Indu, any love affairs?
- What?


Affairs means...another type.
No love affairs.

- What type?
- The type....

You can't expect details.

- Alright. Your love opinion of me.
- A broker.

- What?! - You misunderstood.

A broker unites lovers.

Why hasn't Indu come?

- Oh shit! - What?

I told her Sanjeevaiah Park.


Why not tell him you're Indu?

- No-one gets this chance.
- What chance?

I see my love yearn for me.

What a chance.

The way he yearns for me
and worries about me.

The way he lies for me.
It's so good.

~ it's good, so good ~

~ when you tug your hair for me,
it's good ~

~ when you go mad about me,
it's good ~

~ when you pull your hair
for me, it's good ~

~ when you go mad about me,
it's good ~

~ when you jump a wall for me,
it's good ~

~ when you look for me biting your nails,
it's good ~

~ I'm crazy about you, it's good ~

~ I'm crazy about you, it's good ~

~ I'm crazy about you, it's good ~

~ I'm crazy about you, it's good ~

~ in KBR Park you go jogging ~

~ I was given reliable information ~

~ on chilly Swiss streets,
speaking in French ~

~ you're eating a burger,
I've information ~

~ you'll sleep on a bed of flowers
in a deep sea, that's my calculation ~

~ I think you are playing hide and seek
with me in public ~

~ I think that hide and seek
with me is your intention ~

~ I'm crazy about you...
it's good ~

~ I'm crazy about you, it's good ~

~ I'm crazy about you, it's good ~

~ I'm crazy about you, it's good ~

- Hey, Indu. - Huh?

- Oh. Oh, sorry, sorry.
- Idiot.

Can you see? Can you see?

~ on seeing a girl,
I thought it was you ~

~ but after knowing it wasn't you,
I left dejected ~

~ Have you ever thought that
she could only be nearby you? ~

~ I think of her, I dream of her,
I want to spend my life with her ~

~ a beauty so near yet so far;
when will I find her? ~

~ I'm crazy about you, it's good ~

~ I'm crazy about you, it's good ~

~ I'm crazy about you, it's good ~

~ I'm crazy about you, it's good ~

Your cousin, Raghuveer.

He came to return our wealth.

Indu, this Hyderabad guest house is big.
Think of our Rajasthan fort.

My dream to see you there
will be fulfilled.

What is it?

I'm not interested in wealth.

But after so long,
I'm seeing my dad so happy.

- Big thanks. - It's OK.

Uncle. Why wait? Go tomorrow.

Tomorrow? Let's go in a week.

- I have work to do.
- What work?

- My exams must finish.
- OK. Yes.


I was mad for her,
but I couldn't touch her.

I felt someone beheading me.
I'm going crazy.

Anger to kill with my own hands.
Unknown vengeance in my heart.

Who's that coming between us?
I need an answer.

Ghora has no questions
without answers.

Love lust?

4 centuries old
unfulfilled desire.

About 400 years ago,

you were Chief Commander
of Udaigarh army.

It's your past life.

Reborn after 400 years?
I can't believe this.


That's Udaigarh's
historical records.

Here's Rani (Princess) Mithravinda's
portrait. Recognise her?

You were Ranadev Billa
who died mad for her.

That desire made you reborn.

That strong lust is making you
do anything for her.

Like you, he was reborn
to get back what he lost.

While he is alive,
you can never touch her.

If you want her to be yours,
you must kill him.

His face is unclear.
Where is he now?

The woman who made you return

will cause you to meet.

As in your previous births,
you two will fight for her.

How to find him?

Nature will sense your enmity
before you two do.

When you two come face to face,
birds will fly away.

The red sun will blacken.

He will come like
an erupting volcano.

He is Bhairava.

- Salim bhai, 2 teas.
- 2 teas.

Pal, see the police horses.

If we rode them,
any girl will fall for us.

Before she falls,
if you fall,

imagine a horse kicking you.

As a kid, I rode horses
like Robin Hood.

You mistook oxen.

Oh! They're not the same?

- Scared of horses? Never rode one?
- No. I can't.

Take a car or bike.
Why a horse or donkey?

Donkey? That means Buffalo.

A Telugu word has many
English meanings.

Madam was seen with
a young guy, Harsha, in this area.

Search every place for anyone
named Harsha. Bring them.

Go find him. Go.

Hello, boss. You can sit here.

- What's your name? - Huh?


Which company?

I asked you.

Which drama company?

Colourful churidhar,
a turban and jewellery.

It ill suits you.

How's his outfit look?

Speak your mind.

Doesn't he look like a valet
waiting for tips?

Boss... She called
this number often.

Yes! Hello. Who is it?

This Aircel number is busy.


- Any answer? - Yes, pal. Let's go.

Don't you get it?

He forgot his phone.

It's displaying your number.

I saw no signs mentioned by Ghora.
Maybe it's not him.

Never mind if it isn't him.
Anyone close to Indu must die.

Stop, Rahi!

How'd it go?

Stop, Rahi!

Stop! Stop!

Rahi, stop! Stop, Rahi!

Indu! Indu...!


Her name isn't Rani.

- What's her name now?
- Indu.

Hey! What are you doing?
Return it to me.

Return my chunni (scarf).

- I'll kill you.
- Go ahead.

- If you fall, you'll break limbs.
- Shall I fall off?

- Are you mad?
- Yes, mad about you.

- How arrogant he was!
- Forget it.

I'll identify him and tell Harsha.
He'll kill him.

Stop. Only exam takers inside.

Hey, hello. You.

Talk of the devil.

Not now. Talk after my exam.
Wait outside.

Fine. Do your exams.
I came to say I found Indu.


- What? You found Indu?
- Yes.

We're finally united.
Thanks for helping.

Find a good boyfriend.
All the best.

- Hey, don't go!
- No exit once the card's swiped.

~ Who can save me now? ~


Hi, Indu.

Your voice is so sweet.

Keep talking.


Feeling bad about last night?

Come on, yeah. These things
now are common, you know.

- Still, you'll feel bad
if I won't marry you. - Marry?

I just saw the broker who
united us to say thanks.

No, no...I've no chemistry
with her, Indu.

Go Golconda?
Oh! To Golcondaka?

I'll be right there.
Huh, again? OK.

~ Who can save you now? ~

~ Who can save me now? ~

Indu, what's this?

You'll waste exam study.

My life's about to be wasted.

- Come on... - I'm tense.
- Come here.



No, my family won't accept.

Crap! What are you doing?

Oh, hi! It's you!
How can I tell you?

I'm kissing my darling,
my sweetheart Indu.

You crap! That's not Indu.

She's so good.
How's she not Indu?

Trust me. Is Indu a big pig?

- See Indu's beauty through
my eyes. - Hands off.

Oh no! I'm Indu.

Darling. Why's she disturbing us?
Send her away.

I'm a disturbance?
You are. Get lost.

Wanna take him away from me?
Your dirty face wants my Harsha?

- Turn around. Look at me...
- Don't pull... - Turn. - Don't...

Oh no! Uh huh.

'Wanna take away my Harsha?'

She's so jealous,
pulling my hair.

She'd have killed me
if I kissed you.

She's caught red handed.

- We did it for fun.
- But I hate it.

- Eh, come on.
- Don't touch me.

~ O candy coated doll! ~

~ don't say not to hold you ~

~ O branch of snow flowers! ~

~ don't say not to touch you ~

~ if you don't let me touch you
or approach you ~

~ what will happen to me? ~

~ I was born to win your love ~

~ if I can't reach you,
my life is worthless ~

~ I was born to win your love ~

~ if I can't reach you,
my life is worthless ~

~ when I touched a flower,
it scolded me ~

~ you're the tender flower
it guided me to ~

~ never pursue me,
this bloom has thorns ~

~ touch me and cry in pain ~

~ when I touched a creeper,
it scolded me ~

~ you're the lightning
it guided me to ~

~ with lightning comes thunder,
then floods will follow to trouble you ~

~ I'll consider floods a boon ~

~ I'll even drown myself
to unite with you ~

~I was born to win your love ~

~ if I can't reach you,
my life is worthless ~

~ breezes touch you,
Mother Earth touches you ~

~ is it wrong I touch you? ~

~ I breathe breezes,
Earth leads my stride ~

~ what's so great about you? ~

~ daylight touches you,
rain drops touch you ~

~ why indifferent to me? ~

~ light shows me the way ~

~ rain drops cleanse me ~

~ how can you compare? ~

~ they'll be with you
while you're alive ~

~ I'll be with you even after you die ~

~ I was born to win your love ~

~ if I can't reach you,
my life is worthless ~

Great place.

If this impresses you,
Udaigarh Fort will be mind blowing.

Let go.

- Dare tease my daughter, rascal?
- Father...

I'll kill you if I see you
with her again.

Indu is mine. Mine.

If you try to part us,
I'll kill you. I'll kill you.

Harsha, let him be. Harsha...

- I'll kill you.
- Harsha!

Indu is mine. I'll kill you.

- Harsha. - Let's go.


Hey, get away.

Forgive my not revealing my love.

Harsha's words had pain,
not vengeance.

But he sincerely loves me.
I want Harsha.

It's your decision.

Forgive me.

I was scared you'd part me
from Indu.

Since childhood, she
asked me for nothing.

But now she wants you.

I must fulfil her only wish.

I'll get you married.

I never thought you'd agree soon.
Thank you.

- Indu's fiance is him?
- Yes.

Don't judge me for the other day...

Nice. Perfect match.

This chunni proves
how good a lover he is.

A good father-in-law,
a good son-in-law.

A good daughter.
So what am I for?



Say something.


Madam, come fast. Madam...

He's killing your father.

Oh, Madam...

- Drag him off.
- Uncle. Uncle, speak.

- Dad! - You dared kill him!

He disapproved our marriage,
so you killed him?

- Listen to me, Indu.
- Crap!

- Indu, don't believe him. Hear me.
- I'll kill you. - No!

- Let's take him to hospital.
- Listen!

How dare you try
to kill my uncle?

Get rolling.

Pilot, start rolling.


Indu! Please, Indu.


Pilot, start engines.

Indu is mine.

What I want, I must get.

Nature will sense your enmity
before you do.

When you two come face to face,
birds will fly away.

The red sun will turn black.

He will come like
an erupting volcano.

Hey, guys! Go and help our boss.

Get up.

Indu. Please listen. Indu!


Listen to me. Indu! Hear me.


Hear me, Indu!

Down, take the chopper down.

- Pilot, go down. - Go down.

Hey, Indu, you misunderstood me.

Listen once.

- Your father agreed to...
- Let me be.

Long live Udaigarh
Maharaja, Vikram Singh.

Hail, His Highness.

O fellows, the judge
of this competition is

Udaigarh's future queen,

Maharaja's only child,
Rani Mithravinda Devi.

The first contender for
future royal son-in-law

is the kingdom's Chief Commander,
Ranadev Billa.

The second contender is
the warrior who crushes our foes...

mightiest of the mighty...

Kala Bhairava!

Kala Bhairava!

Kala Bhairava!

Here comes Bhairava!

Let's return to 400 years ago...

Maharaja, these bad omens
mean calamity.

- Calamity? - Yes.

Eight planets come together
once in 400 years.

The eight planets near Earth

are so bright, they appear
in daylight too.

In three days,
a comet will fall.

Rani's horoscope

tells disaster to her
and us, Maharaja.

Is this blow unavoidable, Guru?

I can't foresee.

Maharajah. I see indications.

Our spies report

a huge army led by Sher Khan
waits on our border to attack.

Sher Khan?

Who is Sher Khan, Maharaja?

He is a barbarian who aspires
to conquer all India.

Every kingdom he eyes must become
his vassal or else gets ravaged in war.

This storm is on us now.

- Shaji. - Yes, Lord!

- Udaigarh! How beautiful!
Usman! - Yes, Lord.

Our flag must fly on that fort
in a week.

No need of a week, Lord.
One day is enough.

No, Usman. You're wrong.

They've been unconquerable.

Know who trains their soldiers?

It's great warrior, Kala Bhairava!

Kala Bhairava? ls he God?

A sword can pierce his heart,
Maan Singh.

You're right, Sher Khan.
But a man must do it.

No man in his clan
lived beyond 30.

To them, death is just play.

Each kills 100 before dying.

Stop that rot!

Take note, Maan Singh.
I will rewrite that legend.

I'll kill Kala Bhairava
in this war.

I'll kill your fear
he'll kill 100 before dying.

I swear on Allah the Great!

Mighty warrior!

One who can kill 100!

Kala Bhairava!

You missed the target.

Not alert?

- Don't be casual. Go.
- Clean up.


Locating a rear enemy
is your first task.

Udaigarh Rani must do that.

Aren't you here?
To find foes?

Our future queen
mustn't rely on others.

If you lose focus,
you may miss the target.

I'm unable to do it. Teach me.

Your eyes must be on the target.

Hail, Rani Mithravinda Devi!


Your job is to protect like a dog,
staying behind women.

You will train the Rani?

- Mithra. - Cousin.

To teach you battle fare,
here's Ranadev Billa.

You don't need fools who brag
of ancestors' prowess.

His Highness, Vikram Singh, is arriving!
Vikram Singh, hail!

- Vikram Singh, live long!
- Victory!

Sher Khan is about to attack us.

Till now, your clan
protected this kingdom.

I trust you, Bhairava.

To keep that trust,
I would give my life.

He's not alone.
I'll wage war with him.

He just taught me
to hit a target.

Want to see?

Very nice. What's its theme?

For his love,
breaking traditions,

a warrior whose love wins,
my Bhairava.

- Mithra. - Stop. - Mithra.

Oh my. What's this?

I said to stop.

This is the harem.
Men aren't allowed.

I'll be her future husband.

Your shyness maddens me.

Your body gleams more
than this fruit.

I want to squeeze its juice.

But one can enjoy the fun
only in little bites.

How dare you dagger attack!

If the fruit is poisoned,
you'd die.

As a bodyguard, I protect you.
It's my duty.

Eat only after I test it.

You can eat now.

Will I eat food tasted by you?

I'll eat it.


If I want something, I must get it.

Remember it, Bhairava!

By tomorrow's contest end,
your door to death opens.

Second contender,
the warrior who crushes our foes,

mightiest of mighty,

Kala Bhairava!

Kala Bhairava!

Here comes Bhairava!


I'm excited along with my subjects
to see who'll win.


There's another thing
people must know beforehand.


Who will rule next?

Moot question.

The one who'll rule next,
as queen, is Rani Mithravinda.

- Order me, Maharaja!
- Stop, Bhairava!

You crossed a line, Ranadev. Why?

I've a reason.

Future queen?!

In danger, she closed her eyes
and covered herself.

She drew no sword.

How can a queen who can't defend
herself rule, Maharaja?

Sher Khan's army is on
our border. The people fear.

This contest occurs in
these circumstances.

Who's best is unknown.

Rani must find a suitor
who will rule on the throne.

Mithravinda must marry the man
who brings back her chunni.

If you feel I'm wrong,
hang me now.

Or accept my challenge.

Do you accept?

People await your decision.

Do you accept?

I accept.

- On one condition.
- What?

The loser will be banished
from the kingdom.

Great! Defeat me, exile me,

so you'll enjoy him?

He won't live.

I'll let him come back alive, Rani.

I want you to see people spit
on his shamed face.

Whoever crosses this line first
with Rani's chunni is the winner.

Bhairava, victory!

People want Bhairava to win.

He'll surely win.

I know who'll win, Prime Minister.

Bhairava! I know your heart
isn't as strong as your body.

What will you do now?

Will you save the horses
or Rani's honour?

What to do?!


Up, Badshah!

Badshah! We must save
Rani's honour.

Or no use saving my life.

Come on.

They're coming!

Mithravinda is mine!

Ranadev has your chunni.

Bhairava will win!

How could you be so sure
Bhairava will win?

Banish him!

Banish him! Banish him!

~ O warrior! My heart
can't wait longer ~

~ approach my alluring beauty,
O great hero! ~

~ your undefeatable valour
robs my sleep ~

~ forsaking rules, win my queenly pleasures,
O warrior ~

~ O warrior! My heart
can wait no more ~

~ approach my alluring beauty,
O great hero! ~

~ you enter battle fields
with ingenious brilliance ~

~ show that spirit in our love ~

~ my duty is as your bodyguard ~

~ shall I possess you like a conqueror? ~

~ love or war, our paths are the same ~

~ I am ready to serve my love or battle ~

~ my life and my soul are yours,
o son of Lord Indra ~

~ O warrior! My heart
can't wait more ~

~ approach my alluring beauty,
O great hero! ~

~ our pair is like
a fierce lion and radiant moon ~

~ a mighty sword swings
with a delicate flower ~

~ if your rich manliness
touches my eternal beauty ~

~ won't every moment be heaven? ~

~ no royal edict on earth
can stop this passion ~

~ this raging desire
can never be imprisoned ~

~ hundreds of rebirths
can't quench my love thirst ~

~ a star has united with me ~

~ my heart resonates in harmony ~

~ I forsake sleep, watching
her enchanting beauty ~

~ I adore you, lie in my arms ~

~ O warrior! O warrior ~

~ O warrior! O warrior ~

She was rushing off!

You were wrong, Maharajah.
Bhairava won.

I knew he would win.

Why be sad?

Rani loves him.

See how happy she is!

You see her happiness

but on her face
I see widowhood.


Every man in Kala Bhairava's clan
sacrificed life for this kingdom.

None lived past 30.

He's fated to die in
Sher Khan's war.

If I accept this marriage,

I may see my daughter
widowed all my life.

The royal priest predicted
this calamity.

You saved Rani's honour.

With you, I've no worry.

It's my duty. I'd die for you.

You'd sacrifice life
for the kingdom.

Can't you sacrifice your love?


Not as Maharaja.

As Mithravinda's father,
I beg you.

To save Mithravinda's honour
and Udaigarh's prestige,

I entered the contest

with no intent to rule.

- I'm just a soldier.
- Hail, Bhairava!

Hail, Bhairava!

We're ready for the outing.
Come, Madam.

- Bhairava! - He hasn't come.

He came!



- Bhairava. - Bhairava's absent,
preparing for war.

Bhairava is here. I know it.


- Is it true, Guru?
- Yes, Maharaja.

Bhairavakona is 80 miles away.

It's sacred to Lord Kalabhai (God).

Puja (prayer) there
can avert disaster.


Puja must end before
the planets conjunct.

I'll go there immediately
to arrange it.

May you live long.



- This is your task.
- As you say.

Rani, be ready...
to take this journey.

Live long!

Puja with 7 colours

will get God's blessings.

- Bhairava. - Guru.

- Beat the drums to please God.
- As you say.


I need no prayers.

Admit your love for me.

I must know, Bhairava,

where I am in your heart.

Tell me. Speak truth, Bhairava.

Time's short.

Begin puja, Guru.

You're sacrificing our love
at the altar of duty?

You're known as
a man of your word

but every letter will be
written with my blood.

Oh God!


Jairam...what happened?

Ranadev turned traitor.

He allied with Sher Khan
and opened the fort gates.


While Bhairava lives,
you won't get Mithra.

Mithravinda is mine.

He killed Maharaja.
He's coming for Rani with an army.


Aim arrows!


Bhairava, save Rani.

Hold fire!

Mithra, the kingdom is mine.

And your place is here.


Mighty warrior clan

where a man kills 100
before dying.

Maan Singh.

I'll prove now you told
a puppet story.

Hey, Bhairava!

I promised him Rani.

Bring her, make her sit on his lap,
fall at my feet.

I'll spare your life.

I also give you a promise, Sher Khan.

Hand me the traitor.

I'll spare you all.

- Great! - No!

You'll spare my life?

I'm God.

If you're a man with guts,

I'll send 100 men.
Stop them.

I'll hand you Rani and kingdom.

- Send men who won't turn tail.
- They'll petrify you.

- More is fine, not one less.
- If one survives, you lose.

Not one by one, Sher Khan.
Send them together.

Mere talking won't do.
Show action.

Satan's Army!

I won't spare him, Rani.

I'll behead him and pray to
Lord Kalabhai with his blood.

The game starts.




Attack him from behind.

29, 30! Hey, swine.

Attack him directly.

Lord, 32.




~ O warrior! Stay alive
and keep on fighting, O warrior ~


~ Let silence be heard
and keep on fighting ~



~ O warrior! ~



Enough, Sher Khan?
Want to send another 100?



I encountered kings who gave up
their kingdoms on hearing my name.

And armies ran away
on seeing my eyes turn red.

Though your heart is bleeding,
you killed your foes.

I'd never met one so brave.

I, an emperor who
terrorised India,

am now a slave to your valour.

I'm lucky to ally with you.

Join hands, my dear.

Dare kick my friend?

You gave your word.

You promised me Rani and kingdom.

Will you honour it, Sher Khan?
Tell me.

Will you?

Forgive me, Bhairava.



Who's the real man?
Him or me?

If I can't have something,
nobody will.

At least accompany me...
in death, Bhairava.

But some day you'll pierce
the darkness to claim your love!

You'll come back, Bhairava!

That's it!

Come on out...come out.

What's so heavy?

Has my good time begun?

- Yesu and Thomas, come on.
- What, Solomon?

Go find out Srikakulam's price.

Srikakulam? Why?

Planning to buy it.

- I caught a treasure.
- Treasure?

Pull the net with strength~

Solomon scored big.

Is Srikakulam enough?
You'll even buy Vizag?

Quit laughing. Help me.

- Clear the bench.
- Alright.


Pull it off.

Oh no no no!

He's too young. Why, God?


Hear me?

Can you see me?

Oh, kid...

Sher Khan.

Not Sher Khan. I'm Solomon.

He passed out.

- Get the cart.
- Uncle, move.

Solomon got a big fish.

- Stop teasing me.
- What happened?

Move away.

Help him, Doc.

Give shots or pills.
Make him OK soon.


- Pal, your sweetheart
is signaling you.- Move.

Dear, I can't buy your shyness
even for Srikakulam's cost.

I fell in love with your smile.

- Give me a kiss. - Oi.

- Give me one. - Mm hmm.

Solomon! The boy won't live.

What's up?

- His pulse is so weak.
- Get lost.

Solomon, what's this?

It's arrack? poison and medicine.


This is Solomon's cure.

Hey, Hamsa is here.

- Oh, Hamsa.
- Little boy.

Leave my chunni.

- What happens if I don't?
- Mom will be mad.


~ Will Mom keep quiet
if my chunni is rumpled? ~

~ Will Grandma keep quiet
if my bindi is erased? ~

~ In that case, Aunty will go mad ~

~ What can I say? ~

~ Don't say it ~

~ Don't say it ~

~ Don't tell any reason,
don't shake your hips ~

~ Don't try to slip
out of my hands ~

~ or else you'll pay dearly ~

~ Don't tell any reason,
don't shake your hips ~

~ We are fated to unite ~

~ We make the best couple ~

~ Wherever a flower blooms, I'm there ~

~ Always after you ~

~ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ~

~ Cut it fast, cut it fast ~

~ Do it always, do it always ~

~ Cut it fast (cut it fast) ~

~ Do it always (do it always) ~

~ Cut it fast ~

~ Do it always ~

~ Today is a bad day,
leave me alone ~

~ I'll follow you like a top,
I'll lay siege to you ~

~ I'll chase shame from you,
show you bliss ~

~ Shabba!~

~ I'll follow you like a top,
I'll lay siege to you ~

~ I'll chase shame from you,
show you bliss ~

~ Even if it rains fire,
I won't stop ~

~ Always after you,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ~

~ I'll jump over fire,
I'll hoist my love flag in your heart ~

~ Cut it fast, cut it fast,
do it always, do it always ~

~ I can fly over stars,
shall I show you the wonder? ~

~ Cut it fast, cut it fast,
do it always, do it always ~

~ Once I have it,
I can't hold on anymore ~

~ Hey, boy! Hey, boy!
Oi, boy. Oi, oi, boy ~

~ in a breeze, under a tree ~

~ in a hut at noon ~

~ on lake and river banks,
in the street, lonely places ~

~ in groves, on farms,
in a grass hut on an onion farm ~

~ O boy...O boy! ~

~ Boy, will you come with me? ~

~ I'll come like an arrow,
I'll write like chalk ~

~ Carry you like a palanquin,
arrive like a festival ~

~ I'll come like an arrow,
I'll write your name like chalk ~

~ I'll carry your youth like a palanquin,
I'll be with you like a festival ~

~ In the rain of thunders,
with life at stake ~

~ will my journey stop?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ~

~ Cut it fast, cut it fast ~

~ do it always, do it always ~

~ cut it fast, cut it fast ~

~ do it always, do it always ~

~ cut it fast, cut it fast ~

~ do it always, do it always ~

~ cut it fast, cut it fast ~

~ do it always, do it always ~

~ cut it fast, cut it fast ~

~ do it always, do it always ~

- Greetings, Raghuveer.
- Greetings, Priest. - Greetings.

Indu. A lamp lit here
lets the dead rest.

Light a candle for your dad.

Pratap Varma.


Your heart is noble.

Though angry with him,

you want his soul to rest in peace.


Why? What is it?

Harsha isn't dead.

What do you mean?

He fell from the helicopter...

No. He's alive.

- Indu. - He's here.

Make sure I don't see him.

I can't stand even his shadow.

Not enough.

You lack courage to kill me.


Come on.

Convert all your energy
to vengeance, Ranadev Billa.

- You also know it.
- Yes.

Now Indu needs to know of it.

The moment she recollects her past,
you'll meet a gruesome death.

Even death would fear
on hearing your cries.

Lord Kalabhai himself must
end this centuries old rivalry.

You've very little time left.

Try your best.

Hail, Lord Shiva!

- Why still pondering, kid?
- Solomon?

Just take your sweetheart away.

Why are you here on your wedding day?

I must've separated lovers
in my previous birth

so I can't get a partner
in this birth.

If I unite you lovers,

all my sins would vanish.

What do you say?

What's up, boss?
I'm confused.

The dead one is alive.
The sky has strange happenings.

That's 8 planets conjuncting.


This is the right time
to make Indu yours completely.

Tell me, Ghora. What now?

Before this event ends,
if Indu can't recollect her past,

she'll never recall it
in this birth.

Ensure he won't meet Indu.

- Then you'll win, Raghuveer.
- I'll surely win.

Indu. I've many things to say.

- You want to tell how
you killed my dad? - Indu!

No time for details.

Your cousin is not a good man.

You're in peril here.
Come away.

How many more lies?
You killed my father.

My own eyes saw it, true?

I'm disgusted I fell in love with you.

Get out. Leave here.

Don't talk too much. Let's go.

Let me be.


You're Bhairava, right?


- How'd you know?
- I know everything.

It's right only you get her.

Come. I'll lead you.



Go this way...

Hey, kid!

Here it comes!

Yeah, that's it.

- You're OK? - Fine.
- Is she OK? - Yes.

Kid, no other way.
I'll jump first.

He'll aim at me.

Before he re-arms,
escape with her.

Not a word more.

I can sacrifice anything
but friendship.

Oh dear!






They wear similar colours.

We can escape by switching them.

Come on.

Jump, kid.

Kid, leave with her.
I'll handle these guys.

What? Where are you taking me?

Hey! A bike isn't a bomb.
Run over it.


Hey, go back! Reverse!

What do you want?

Why'd you bring me here?

- I hate you. Let me be.
- I can't, Indu.

I lost you once by
not expressing my love.

I won't repeat that
past life mistake.

- Past life?
- Yes, Indu.

We fell in love in a past life...

Recollect, Indu. You asked me
in front of Lord Kalabhai.

You demanded I admit my love.

Here, you begged me.

Before I could confess,
you died.

Remember, Indu?

I fell to death here?

If you don't stop
making up love stories,

I'll really jump and die.

Before I die,
admit you love me.

Won't you leave
if I talk suicide?

Accompany me in death, Bhairava.

Indu, get away from him.



Indu, come up here.

~ I was born to win your love ~

~ my life is worthless if I won't reach you ~

~ I was born to win your love ~


Won't you go
if I talk suicide?

Forgive me, Bhairava.




Hoy, Pilot, down, down.

Pilot, bring it down, down.

- Go, go. Slice him up.
- Go get him.

- Eh, get him.
- I'll take him. I'll take him, yeah.

I'm here, kid!

Let me go.

If I can't have something,
nobody will.

Kill him, kid.

You two look so cute.


How to get there?

Solomon will help.
Solomon, get us over.

Beg and I'll consider it.

Kid, why sit on the edge?

- Don't shout. Do your job.
- Get lost.

I don't care about you.
I'm off.

Hear? I'm off.

- Hoy, Solomon.
- Yep, what?

- It's hot. Get me an umbrella?
- Kid, I'll hit you.

~Once upon a time~

~Why didn't one fish brought
by the princes dry?~

~Why did one not dry?~

~It rained before it dried~


~It flooded after rain~


~(Warrior) women adore~

~(Warrior) to steal hearts,
(Warrior) the world salutes~


~get on the feel now move it on the street
say we wanna say something better do what you think~

~now rock every one we're on the run,
keep the floor move move everyone~

~get the grown now dance everyone
rock the show now catch everyone~

~There's a shining lemon
in the grove nearby~

~You must make it balance
on your moustache~

~You must promise the moon,
do impossible things~


~Wanna sing and dance (Warrior),
wanna rock and move it (Warrior)~


~Let all evil eyes cast on you
be warded off~

~With one shot everything must go~

~Break a pumpkin, offer a candle~


~Wanna sing and dance (Warrior),
wanna rock and move it (Warrior) ~

~Dheera (Warrior) ~