Mafia Inc (2019) - full transcript

The Gamache, tailors from father to son, have been dressing the Mafia family Paternò for three generation. Vince works on behalf of Frank the godfather with his eldest son Giaco. Vince seeks to earn his stripes by impressing the godfather.



Let's wait before
we pop the champagne.

Come on!


Up in there.

Everybody in place!

Paul, a little to the left.
Get in there.

You too, Tony!

Your parents are gonna be proud!

As you know,
the stars are aligned.

The government coalition in Italy

is solid.

It's headed by a prime minister

who understands
the importance of business.

And that is very important,

both for our motherland...

For Montreal's Italian community.

And for our family.


I'd like to propose a toast.

To the election of
a new government in Italy.


And now,

my son Patrizio has
some announcements to make.

- Go ahead.
- Thanks, Dad.

First, I'd like to raise a glass to-

Yes, I'm coming.

Do me a favor, take this plate
and get out of my sight.

Please, continue.

I'd like to toast Sofie's success.

She's back from Milan
with a Master's degree

in international banking law.

I'd also like to announce

that Sofie and I got engaged in Italy.

I'm sure...

you'll be the perfect wife

for my son.

Thank you.

There's just one tiny problem.

She's only half Sicilian.

Forget about it!

- It doesn't matter!
- Leave her alone!

My mother was born in Sicily.

In Saleni, near Erice.


After 50,000 trips...

Yes, I've made money, but...

I'm 65 years old.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

They're not poisoned, are they?


You're not asleep?

Patrizio isn't the right boy for you.

Those people always end up in prison
or with a bullet in the head.

It doesn't change
from one generation to the next.

I've been watching them for 30 years.

And you've been doing business with them
for 30 years.

I dress them.
It's not the same.

Pat says his father's going legit
within a few years.

If Pat says so...

Dad! Frank knows
a lot of people in banking.

He has contacts all over the world.

He says he'll help me.

Like he's helping your brother?

If it weren't for Vincent,
I could never have gone to Milan.

Did you know it cost him $60,000?

You have to wonder where he gets it.

Anyway, what I say always goes
in one ear and out the other.

That's not true.

Your opinion matters to me.


It's my life, Dad.


How's it going?

I'd only do this for you.

Jesus, Bill, what are you doing?

This is it, Vince!

Who's he?
You said it was just you and me.

The bags are 25 kg each.
I couldn't do it by myself.

Bill's a friend.

Well, I don't know Bill.

I know your father, though.

We did business together
a couple years ago.

You see? He knows your father!

Calm down.
It's just like I told you.

Help me so we can get out of here.

OK, Vince, here's your cut
from the time you've been gone.

You need to get rid of this, subito.

The dope too.
I can't keep it here.

Give me a couple days, OK?

Tommy Yap-Yap knows someone downtown.
Mad Sal does business with him.

- I hear he's good.
- I've got my own guy.

He just helped me unload it.

I drove 18 hours
to bring back your shit.

Well, that's what unloading is.
What's your problem?

It's the way you say it.
I don't like your tone.

Are you having a hissy fit, Jackie?

That tone.

You scored big. Fine.
You don't have to be a dick about it.

The guy on the boat didn't have to die.

The cops are going to get involved.
You don't want that.

The family too.
We don't want that.

- I didn't trust him.
- Bullshit!

- He tried to steal from me.
- You wanted to shut him up.

You're burning bridges.
You're always on your own.

You don't tell me anything anymore.

My deal, my call.

You think my father
won't ask you questions?

I think he'll just be proud
and happy to fill his pockets.



You've been gone a while.
You've missed some stuff, OK?

I'm bringing the Irish,
the bikers and the gangs together.

You're cute when you're angry!

Great to see you too!


Thanks for everything, man.

- I'm starving!
- A sub from Dino's?

First, I'd like to thank Reg
for hosting us at his club.

And I want to congratulate you all
for agreeing to be here,

despite your differences.

Frank, before we begin,
I mentioned something to Giaco.

I want him to apologize to my brother.

In your dreams, limey.

It's not negotiable.

I didn't touch his brother.

Say that again, asshole!

Listen, Giaco worked very hard
to bring us all together.

It would be a shame if...

You've been warring for years.

And what has come of it?

Deaths, injuries,

widows, orphans.

People are taking to the streets
to march against you.

That was an accident.
Collateral damage.

We offered the kid's mom $2 million.

That's nice.
Did she take it?

We have to stop all this, my friends.

Our territory has become unstable.

Our sales have dropped 22%
over the last two years.

My police contacts think
you're an embarrassment.

We have to be disciplined.

We'll make a lot more money
by working together

than by shooting each other.

So listen to what I have to say,
then we'll-

Anybody have a pen?


Maybe a knife, but not a pen.

I have a pen.

Rusty, Billy, in addition to the port,

I'm giving you Dorval.

The Lebanese have Dorval.

- We'll take care of that prick, Ayoub.
- Consider it a gift.

Reg, I'll supply your gang
and no one else.

300 kg to start.

- Blow?
- Smack, $40 million worth.

That's my secret, cutie pie!

Giaco tells me you've agreed
to a 70-30 split.

OK, fine.

I'll bump you up to 65...


Toussaint, I'm offering you 5% of imports.

All good?

Vince is going to handle
all your business, not Giaco.

You can't do this to me.

I did all the work.

I want serious partners.

Not savages.

Don't fuck this up.

Thank you, everyone.

Frank was pretty fucking generous.

Make the most of it!

Seriously, Vince,
am I missing something?

He's right.

We'll make a lot more money
working together.

He and his men aren't risking much.

They've been here for 30 years.

They have all the suppliers
and the contacts.

That's true.
By the way, I just hired a new waitress.

She's from the Caribbean,
and she's kinky as fuck.

The Sicilian is pretty kinky, too.

There's beer in the fridge.
The hard liquor's over there.

You've got your own?
Come in! Put some music on!

This place is fucking nice, Vince!

Just because we've done this once
doesn't make me yours, OK?

How many times would it take?

You can't afford me.

Is that all you've got, Vincenzo?

Is that it?

I have to know.

How did that son of a whore Vince...

manage to import all that?

I have to know everything.


That's crazy!

Let him talk.

Everything's good.

- You sure?
- Yes.

Unless they snuck them up our asses,
there are no bugs here.


Caleb, it's simple. He just wants to know
if the cash was transferred.

$180 million, yeah.

Caleb, stop jerking me around!

Yes or no? Good!

Hello! Where is Caleb Xenakis' office?

Mr. Xenakis is busy.

It's kind of urgent.

Who can I say is here?

Where is his damn office?

It's there,
but Mr. Xenakis is in the conference room.

- Down that way?
- Yes.

OK, the Greek, the meeting's over!

Everyone else out!
Come on!

- Who are you?
- A $180 million cold call.

We can do this in front of them,
if you want.

Go on. I'll meet you all later.

Get the hell out!
Come on, ma'am! Go!


Go, go, go!

You either transfer the cash now,

or you eat through a straw
for the next six months.

Mr. Xenakis, is everything all right?

Yes, it's fine, Julie.

Should I call security?

Everything's fine, Julie.

Offer everyone coffee.
I'll be with them soon.


Thank you, Julie.

I want you to transfer 120 here,
30 here and another 30 here.

Come on!
It doesn't work that way!

In five seconds, you'll get another.

One, two, three...

I can't. The funds are frozen!

Four, five!

One! Two!

I'm being prevented from liquidating it,
but I'll fix it, I swear!

But I have to go to an exchange office.
I can't do it here.

I'll even take a polygraph
if you don't believe me!

I can't do more than that.
I swear on my mother's head!


Don't you think I'd do it if I could?


I think a man would take
a lot of pain for $180 million.

He wants a coffee.

Mr. Xenakis?

Oh, my God!

Close the fucking door!

My father says he's fucking disappointed.

Of course, 'cause if you'd been with us,

we'd have the money
in a nice, big suitcase, right?

Sof, I'm here.

What's with the moustache?
You're such a gino!

Hey, you're marrying a gino!

It's been too long.

I have something for you.


It's from Milan.

It's to thank you.
For everything.

How about an account in Switzerland
or the islands?

I've got all that.
This is just my little stash.

My piggy bank.

Three turns the other way.

Two turns back.

1,200 ounces.
Same amount in the other two boxes.

This is the address of a Jew

who'll pay cash for the bars,
no paperwork.

Have you ever seen $3.2 million USD?

59, 34, 92.

Remember that.

If anything happens to me, it's all yours.

My little sister will never go hungry.

Mom always thought
I was a good-for-nothing.

She wrote me off when I was just a kid.

She didn't even want to see me
on her deathbed.

You two hadn't spoken in 10 years.

Who do you think paid
for her treatments in the States?

Pops, with his shitty salary? Hell no!

He swallowed his pride and came to me.

No one ever knew.

Especially not Mom.

Our father's a proud, upstanding man,
but he's weak.

Couldn't take care of his wife.

Couldn't help his kids.

He was willing to take you on at the shop.

Say that again without laughing!

Nobody tells me what to do anymore.

I'm respected.

Pat's a good guy.

He's crazy about you.

I know he's part of your plan, but...

My plan?

But Pat's weak, too.

Watch out.

With the Paternos, blood comes first.

Never forget that.

What's going on?

Some people are playing games.

I can't read Giaco lately.

The boy from Laval,

his name is Marco Riolo.

I play scopa with his grandfather.

What is it, Bino?

The chest cavity is empty.

They took out the organs,

as if they wanted to do an autopsy
before embalming him.

Did they do an autopsy?

No. It's not in the report
from the coroner in Caracas.

After they're examined,

the organs are usually

placed in a bag

and put back in the body.

But there was nothing here.
It's not normal.

How many kilos in a body?

Four. Five if you really
shove them in.

Thank you very much.

Do they have any chance
of getting their investment back?


- A good chance?
- An excellent chance.

It moved!

He's nervous. It shows on the test.
That doesn't mean he's lying.

The money's frozen.

- I need time-
- Are you a fucking thief?

No threats.
It skews the results.

Answer me!

No. I'm honest.

You've never stolen from anyone?

Never. I swear on my mother's head.

- What are you doing?
- You can see he's telling the truth!

He's right.

- He even swore on his mother's head.
- Yeah!

Give me a few months,
and there won't be a problem.

I'll sort everything out without any-

Enough screwing around!

We'll see how much you love
your $180 million!

This is what happens
when you lie to me, you fucker!

On his mother's head!

Now where-?

- Vince, if you do this, we lose it all.
- Exactly!

- Are you a fucking thief?
- No. No.

Watch! This will be your face in a minute.

- Are you a fucking thief?
- Yes, yes, yes!

- Did you steal from Frank?
- Yes!

- Are you gonna pay him back?
- OK!


Call your father.
He won't be disappointed this time.

I'll introduce you to Pierre.

Hey, girls, it's a holdup!

This is Manon, my best girl.

Mr. Marois will see you.

Thank you, beautiful!



- A friend and an associate.
- Pleasure.

This is Caleb Xenakis.

Don't worry. He just woke up.

Pierre is a friend.
We have lunch every week.

Vincent is working on big things.

How can I help you?

I'd like to transfer money
to Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

- From?
- Liberia and the Caymans.

How much are we talking about?

$180 million.

OK! Business is good!

- Frank Paterno has big plans.
- Jesus, Tommy!

It's for his deal in Italy.
I bet you're in on it.

I'm not, and you talk too much.

Pierre is like family.
He's been moving money for us since 1990.

There are no secrets here.

It's fine. It's none of my business.


Who do you think you're talking to,
you little brat?

I was running Saint-Léonard
when you were still in diapers.

Yap-Yap's gonna get it.

He's gonna wind up in the river.

The accounts and amounts are all there.

OK. When do you want to do the transfer?


Vinnie, Sal, we have to talk.

Shut your mouth!

I've made this family a fortune.

Shut up, you idiot!

If you want to chat in private,
we have an office next door.

Good move!

It's all right.
We'll go outside.

Are you nuts,
saying all that in front of a stranger?

Pierre isn't a stranger.
He's a friend.

I don't know him!

You're like a son to Frank.
I can't believe you didn't know.

- Know what?
- The deal of the century. Billions.

The Italian government wants to build
a bridge to Sicily.

The Sicilians and the 'Ndrangheta
all have their fingers in the pie.

I talked to my people in Italy.

It's Gerlando Zecco,
Frank's front man in Rome.

The same Zecco who made a killing
off the Olympics in '76.

He's dealing with a guy in London.
I don't know his name.

And an Algerian from Paris.
What the hell is his name?

Salim Mansouri.
His company is Sahara Funds.

Why do you think
he wants his $180 million so fast?

He's trying to get it all
so he can invest in the deal.

Shit! I'd give my paycheck
to have a mic out there.

What do you want me to do?

You're tight with Frank.
You have direct access.

Help me talk to him,
and I'll give you a nice cut.

You're right that I'm like a son to him.

And I'd never go behind his back.

If you wanna keep breathing,
do like me.


Things are happening, Ricardo.
I have a briefing with the RCMP.

- When?
- The 14th.

- Who are they after?
- I don't know.

But if I were you,
I'd tell my people to be very careful.

OK. OK, thanks.

How's the parole amendment coming along?

I saw the minister yesterday.

They'll vote on it just before the break.
It's buried in one giant omnibus bill.

A needle in a haystack!

A sixth of the sentence
for non-violent crimes.

Money laundering is around 8-10 years.

Divided by six, that's 18 months.
That's fine.

Tell the minister he can count on us
in two years.

There's something else.

The police found a body in a dumpster
in New Brunswick.

A smuggler with
a pretty long criminal record.

The problem is that he had
Vincent Gamache's phone number on him.

Since he's connected to the Paternos...

Is that all they have?

Well, they're investigating.

Trust your father. Don't worry.

Where are you going?

Sorry to bother you this late,
but it's important.

I'm listening.

It's Yap-Yap.

We went to see Pierre Marois
for the transfer with Xenakis.

Yap-Yap kept talking about a big deal
that you're doing in Italy.

We told him to shut up,
but he wouldn't stop.

Did he mention my name?

A couple times.

Thank you.

I know I can always count on you.

Good night.

Good night.

Make him disappear.

What do those bastards want?

Busting my balls!

Turn off the engine
and put the keys on the roof.

What's up, amigo?
I thought I was driving below the limit.

Is my taillight out?

My wife is expecting me for dinner.
I'm in a bit of a hurry.

Congratulate me for what?

11:30 is fine.

OK. See you later.

Hello, Cheech.
Everything good?

Yeah, yeah.

Bon appétit!


It's like seeing an old friend again.

Yeah, I was looking too much like a gino.

- Is your father here?
- He's upstairs waiting for you.

I know things have been weird between us
for a while, but...

You deserve everything you get.

Frank isn't here?

Frank's busy tonight.
I'm replacing him.

You can all eat-

First, the cops found the guy you whacked
in New Brunswick.

They found your phone number.


The kids.

The bus. Imagine the shit we'd be in
if that got out?

You're out of the family.
You don't exist.

No authority, no cuts, no privileges.

We never wanna see your face again.

Loss of honor.

You understand?

Brothers for life, to the death.

Go fuck yourself.

Hey! What do you think you're doing?


How does it feel?

Not great.

Their jaws were pretty damn hard.

I'll never forget what you did for me.

You would've done the same, man.

Vincent, come here.


Five against two?

You're no coward.

It's just a sprain.
It's nothing.

- No, sir. I can't.
- Yes, you can.

You saved my boy.

It's fantastic.

- It's for Sunday?
- Yes, Sunday.

Thank you, Monique!
That's wonderful! Thank you!

- Get out!
- Screw you!

- I don't wanna see you anymore!
- Your wife is crazy!

- You, get to school!
- Vincent, wait!

Bags full of dope!
Your son is a criminal!

- But...
- Hello, Paola!

Sofie! Come back here!

I'm sorry.
Monique will be with you.

- I'll be right back.
- No problem.

You're sweet.

They piss me off.
They're always on my back.

Maybe so.
But they're your family.

She threw me out!

It was just a fight.
Everything will work out.

You'll apologize.

I'm not going crawling back!

I've got good contacts.
I'm making $3,000 a week.

That's more than my father makes
with his rags!

Listen to me.

You see this?
Your father made this in the '70s.

I've been wearing it for 10 years.
Look how well-cut it is.

You know why?

Because your father is
a master of his craft.

And you have to respect that.

I want to,
but we don't think the same way.

- Thank you, my love!
- You're welcome, honey!

- Did you add the eggplant?
- Yes! It's taken care of.

I feel more like you guys.
I feel at home here!

I'm asking if I can work for your family.

I'll do anything.

Are you really willing to do anything?

It's time to pop your cherry, kid.

Lino has to do 10 years because of him.

It's loaded and ready.

Come on!
Do it before we start crying.

- Do it.
- Please!

Give me the gun.

Half goes here, the other half there.

- You OK?
- I've been better.

What can I do for you?

Can I go upstairs?

Maybe you don't know,
but your mother's not doing well.

Yeah, I know.
It's metastasized.

Sof filled me in.

I'll be good.

I don't know, Vincent.

We could order in. I'll pay.

She's lost her hair.
She doesn't want to see anyone.

We could grab a burger,
just you and me.

It's been a long time
since we had a good chat.

I just wanna be home with my family.

Given her state, I don't think seeing you
would be good for her.

You understand?

Screw you!

You OK?

You all know my friend.

- Yes!
- Hello!

- What's his name?
- Vince.

Vince! Welcome, Vince!

- You remember his son?
- Yes!

Lucia, bring him something to eat.
Right away.

What happened?

He told me to watch out for the Paternos.

Can you give us a minute?

It'll be all right, OK?

It's me, Dad.

This might seem strange, but...

this could be a blessing in disguise.

It's up to you.

It's never too late to change.

Same for me.

I can change, too.

Dad, did you hear that?

Close to a million a day,
just sitting on our ass!

And another million in our socks!

It's all right, everyone!

You and I have to talk.

You want to talk?

Fine, let's talk.

But not like this.


- Listen...
- No. You listen.

If you ever touch my family again,
I'll kill you, Frank.

Godfather or pope,
a bullet's a bullet!

And believe me, I won't hesitate.

I don't want to see you or your sons.
You're all a bunch of crooks!

Not in my house or in my shop.
You're all dead to me now.

That will be complicated, Henri.

You want to sit down?

- We can discuss.
- There's nothing to discuss!

I just want to hear you say
that you'll leave us alone!

I'll sit down, then.

If you'll allow me.

You watched my sons grow up, Henri,

just as I watched your kids grow up.

My family respects yours,

just as your family
has always respected mine.

Three generations, Henri.
Three generations!

We're connected!

For bad and for good.

Don't try to get my guard down.
It won't work.

You know as well as I do

that I would never let my son
marry just anybody.

And you know better than I do

that the number of candidates is limited.

But Sofie-

Careful. We don't want to hurt ourselves.

She's special.

It would be an honor
to have her join our family.

You're either deaf or very, very slow!

Wait. We'll explain the situation to her.

Then she can decide.

Henri, we don't choose our lives.

Not mine, not yours.

We don't choose to be born in Sicily
rather than here.

We don't choose to have a fine tailor
for a father rather than...

a man of honor.

It's like...

Yes, it's a roll of the dice.

You're not responsible for anything, then?

Vincent just tripped and fell on his face,
is that it?

Ah, sons.
We do everything for them.

- Right?
- Yes.

We guide them. We protect them.
We try to help them.

That's the way it's always been.

But you never know
how it'll turn out in the end.

Most of all...

we don't know who they really are.

What Vincent did in Vene-

Have you read the papers?

Like everyone.

Well, what Vincent did in Venezuela

has nothing to do with you
or with anyone else.

That was his choice.

What do you mean?

Henri, I have something very difficult
to tell you.


Very difficult.

Your gun.

Listen, buddy.

I don't wanna break your heart, but...

your career in organized crime...

is on its last legs.

We're willing to make you an offer.

It might not pay as well
as what you made before,

but we're a lot nicer.

The only thing waiting for you out there
is a bullet in the head.

Antoine! How are you?

Great! You?

- This is Corporal Pierre Marois.
- Pleased to meet you, Deputy Minister.

Thank you for seeing me.

We're doing a trace in Switzerland.

A $5 million transfer from the IMCM
to four bank accounts in Lugano.

The money was held
by the Knightshore Financial Group.

The Greek crook in the newspaper?

Caleb Xenakis, yes.

His accounts are in Liberia
and in the Cayman Islands.

The trace we're following is
a fraction of a $180 million transfer

to some 50 accounts
in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

We're following $5 million out of $180?
Where's the other $175?

Lost in the wind.

The Paterno family has moles everywhere
in the banking world.

But the Swiss are working with us.

Yes, but the Paternos
split up their transfers,

so the money moves fast

and into accounts
that can't be linked to the family,

which is why we have to
act now on our trace.

There's $2 million USD in a branch
of the Swiss Federal Bank,

account GIANFRACA 12809.

that caught my attention.

Yes, yes. I got it.

The Swiss will waive secrecy
for the account.

They'll get us the signatories' names
within 48 hours.

Tell the Justice Minister
and the Prime Minister

that Frank Paterno and his crew
will be behind bars on Wednesday morning.

This Wednesday?

Yes. The day after tomorrow.

Good work!

They'll be very happy to hear that.

Where have you been?
It took you long enough!

Calm down! What's going on?

A $180 million transaction with the
International Monetary Centre of Montreal.

- How'd they find out?
- The IMCM is a police operation.

They've been collecting evidence
against you for years.

They're tracing a Swiss account in Lugano.

Holy shit!

They're waiving secrecy.

They're aiming for the top, Ricardo.
Arrests are coming on Wednesday.

The day after tomorrow.

I'll go to Switzerland and withdraw it.

- It's important.
- Enough!

I'm the only one
who won't attract attention.

What did I say?

I could go, too.

I'm authorized to close the account.

Enough, I said!

If you have another idea, then say so!
Otherwise, I'm going.

The name on the signature card
is Gianfranco Capelli.

I got it, thanks.

According to Matteo Brazzo,
the bank manager,

Capelli opened the account in '88.

There's no address on file?

Brazzo said the building
was torn down in 1990.

The Swiss say they're doing all they-

Does this change our plans for tomorrow?

We'll go ahead.

- And Paterno?
- We'll pick him up with the others.

With what evidence?

Let's hope the Swiss follow through.

NOVEMBER 24, 1994

By 6:00 a.m. this morning,

one of the biggest police raids
in the nation's history was underway.

Operation Corrida aimed
to infiltrate a vast network

of money laundering,
corruption and influence peddling,

the effects of which
extend across the globe.

My lawyers say that Frank and his father
will get 8-10 years.

The others, around 15.

Even if Frank got out tomorrow,
everything's changed.

All his guys are inside.

The Calabrese in Ontario
are already dividing Quebec up.

If we propose something that works
for them, they'll back us for sure.

But if we sit back
and wait for Frank's crew to get out,

they'll start bossing us around again.

Reg controls the port.
Rusty, Dorval.

I'll fill containers.
Toussaint's soldiers handle contracts.

Not much changes in the end.

Except we keep more in our pockets.


Paterno collects plenty
just sitting in his café.

Frank doesn't get his hands dirty.

He subcontracts.

But Vince is with us in the streets.

We all take risks.
We're all working.

And I'm putting two big deals together.

One in Lebanon.
Five tons of hash.

The other down south.
4,000 kg of blow.

I know plenty of people.

And you know I deliver.

If the split is good, I'm in.

That's your pension, limey.

Let me talk to my guys,
and I'll get back to you.

Well, get back to me quick,
because we've got money to make!

- I said I never wanted to see you again.
- Mr. Gamache, listen.

Vince is like a brother to me.

My father always treated him like a son.

She can't keep ignoring my brother.
Vincent is the one responsible.

He gave us no choice.
You know as well as I do.

What's going on?

Is it true?


Venezuela? The kids?

You used their bodies to smuggle dope?

You set up the accident?

Who told you that nonsense?

- Did Giaco tell you that?
- Tell me he's lying.

Of course he is!
He wants to turn everyone against me.

He's messing with your head
to keep you close.

Come on, Sofie!

Frank raised you like a son.
You were making him a fortune.

Why would he have you beaten up?

With everything I've done for you,
I deserve the benefit of the doubt.

That's why I'm here.

So you can explain yourself.

There's nothing to explain.
It's them against me.

It's them against us.

Tell me you didn't do it.

We're the same blood, you and I.

We're on the same side.

Just tell me you didn't do it.

I was like a son to Frank.

Do you know how much it hurts
to be rejected by your father?

It's happened to me twice.

You haven't answered my question, Vincent.

The Paternos took a big hit recently.

Big changes are coming.

You'll have to choose a side, Sofie.

I'm here for you.

I've always been there.

Choose carefully.

You understand?


I understand.

Your Honor, the prosecution's evidence
is so weak it's embarrassing.

My client's arrest was a delaying tactic

designed to help the police
gather evidence against him.

Mr. Paterno is the victim
of police harassment,

which is the basis
for my motion to dismiss.

- I would add that-
- Mr. Paterno.

Yes, that's me.

The file states that you do not have
a credit card or a bank account,

aside from a joint account with your wife.

No vehicle in your name,

despite being regularly seen
driving luxury automobiles.

- Your Honor, this has nothing to do-
- Let me finish, counselor.

You have no known source of employment,

other than claiming to work
at Raffaele Carpets,

a company owned by your cousin,
Raffaele Giacalone.

Italian. The most beautiful language
in the world.

As I was saying...

The company's gross revenue
was $8,034 in 1992

and $22,846 in 1993.

Times are hard, Your Honor.

Mr. Paterno...

what do you say to those who call you
the Godfather of the Canadian mafia?

Your Honor, I must object.

Your Honor,
I am an honest, hard-working citizen.

Believe me.


I'm not even sure I understand
what that word means.

If it's about those who come to see me

because I help them solve
little everyday problems,

then it's true.

I'm always there to help others.


You know, Your Honor,
Italians are like that.

Mr. Paterno, just one question!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Good evening, everyone.

- Where's your fiancé?
- He's playing with his cousin.

I don't understand him sometimes.

Life is too easy for him.
Everything falls into his lap.

The world is our oyster.

I don't drive stick.

Sofie, I'll drive you home.
Come on.

How's your father doing?

It's not easy for him.

Henri's a good guy.
He doesn't deserve all this.

I remember when I was a kid,

my grandfather would pick me up
in the morning

and we'd go to the shop before it opened.

While your father
was taking his measurements,

your mother would make me
hot chocolate with marshmallows.

She'd sit me down on a little stool.

That stool is still there.

It must be a thousand years old.

And she'd give me a wooden train
to play with.

That's still there, too.

I always felt at home there.

We're not eating three times a day
while my grandson eats dirt.

I want justice.

Let's go.

I'll do what I have to.

You're aware of the risks?

I don't see any risk in talking to my son.

He's unpredictable.
You never know.

The people I love are getting
beaten and shot at.

This is my family.

My children.
It has to stop, goddammit!

My men will give you instructions

and explain exactly what information
we're trying to get.

You never should've been with him.
It's my fault.

You couldn't have known.

Come sit down.

It can never work.

You know what this means?

It means that you and I
are going to make a life together.

We're going to have kids.

It means that your family is my family, for better
- Look at me!

It means that your family is my family,

for better or for worse.

We're going to stay together...

and be strong for each other.

You know, I'm in favor of this, too.

I'm ready.

There's a car coming.
I think it's him.

I'm not sure.

Yes, it's him.

It's him.

You want to do this upstairs?

Upstairs, downstairs, whatever.

You want a drink?

I'll have what you're having.

What's so important
that I had to come here?

The police brought me in
to question me about you.

It's not like you had much to tell them.

What kind of questions?

They wanted to know if you had
something to do with Giaco's death.

According to them,
the Paternos kicked you out,

and you wanted revenge.

That's a good way
to end up with cement shoes.

Not if you have people with you.

There are rumors
that you've built an alliance.

They briefed you well, huh?

They want to know why you were beaten up.

I don't really know.

Giaco has always been jealous.

I was moving up fast.
Maybe too fast for him.

What are we doing here?

What do you mean?

Why the hell am I here?

I'm trying to understand.
I want to help you.

Don't you think
you're a couple years too late?

They say you met with Tommy Volpi
at the foreign-exchange place.

He mentioned that Frank
had a deal in Italy.

You went outside at one point.

The police want to know
if he gave you Frank's contacts in Italy.

What did you think?

Betraying me was never a problem for you.

Go fuck your wives.
Show's over.

OK, call 911.
We're out of here.

Frank will want revenge for Giaco's death.

Give them the names.
It could save your life.

- I'm not a fucking rat.
- And I'm not a traitor!

I know what happened in Venezuela.

The kids. I know all about it.

I didn't tell anyone.

What you did is unforgivable, Vincent.

But I've also done things
that can't be forgiven!

I wasn't able to protect you.

Police! Come out!

Show me your hands!

Gerlando Zecco, Salim Mansouri.
Paterno's contacts in Italy.

Say that again.

There's another partner.
I don't know who it is.

They plan to build a bridge in Italy.

Don't worry. We can make a deal.

I know.

It was me!

I'm the one who made peace

between the bikers and the street gangs!

Without me, it'll be war again!

Heads will roll!

You don't understand!
They're animals!

Wait. Wait a minute.

The bridge...

The bridge could have been
a wonder of the world.

You understand? A wonder!

Connecting Sicily to Italy
has always been a dream.

A dream for all Italians.

Let's go. That's enough.

You have to watch out, Vincent.

They'll try to kill you in prison.

Poison your food
or strangle you in the gym.

Thanks for the warning.

Or maybe it'll happen in the shower.

With a knife.

Slit your throat while you sleep.

Or we'll wait until you get out.

And it'll be a hit,
just like with Giaco and me.

Not even married,
and you're already a Paterno.

My father is dead because of you.
I'm going to get revenge.

And money won't be an issue.

Not with the withdrawal I just made.


You told me to make use of it.

You piece of shit!
I'm gonna kill you, Sofie!

- I'm gonna kill you!
- Let's go!

You're dead, you bitch!

I won't be inside for long!
Watch your back! You're dead!

You fucking slut!

- Move!
- All right, OK.

- Are you gonna calm down?
- Yes.

- Let go of me!
- Calm down!


Translation by Joshua Beitel