Maffi Dona (2019) - full transcript

The film holds mirror to the social evil of human trafficking, organ trade and violence happening around us.

Bombay Express Train will leave
from platform no: 1 shortly

Yes, greetings

Me? No need , no need

I have told him that I will
meet him in person tomorrow

Don’t mail me the details

give it to me by hand only

Okay okay

I will call you later

Any one wants to sell Old paper,
plastic,iron scrap, bottles ?

Paper , paper

Maffi Dona

Sir , A family has to see you

Sir, our son has gone
missing since yesterday

Please look for him Sir

He went to recharge his mobile after he came back from his classes

since then he hasn’t come back sir

Hey, come here

He never goes anywhere without telling

I am sure that something has
happened to our baby, Sir

Does your son have friendship
with guys like this?

No sir, my son won’t
have anything like that

Yeh, all parents say the
same thing about their kids

There are many guys of this age..

They go on a bike and
do chain snatching.

They will stoop to
any level to for money

No Sir,
My son won’t do such things

That’s not the way
we brought him up Sir

Don’t cry

I will enquire

give a written complaint and do
keep two available phone numbers


If you get any information about
your kid through some other source

you have inform me

Take a complaint in
writing from them

give them my phone number also

Okay sir

Okay sir

Okay sir

Please do enquire sir


Hey Anu, if you are
going to play like this,

Our school is going to win the cup

That i will see when wee loose,
right now you guys bugger off

We will leave, we are not going to
get anything by watching you guys play

we are in a mess

come here

Dude, she is calling you

Go, go

It just happened,
please don’t blast me

please don’t tell mom

The only activity I have is this
game, even that will stop

Your mom says that you lack aim in

but I don’t think so


Oh you came?


How come so early?

Mom, what’s your problem?

If I come late ,
then you say that I am late

if I come early, then you are like this

Do you love me at all, mom?

I lose all my peace when I hear about
the kind of things happening around

Can you please shut up, Geetha?

Okay, I will shut up

Mom, now what?

What’s your problem, mom?


if me going for work
is a problem for you

I won’t go from tomorrow

if me not getting married is your problem

then you find a
nice groom for me

I will get married

Yes, true? Enough

All i wanted to hear was this

Today itself mom will call
that broker and inform


Why are you lying
to that poor soul?

She is my mom know?

I can live with that

So what’s happening?

Did your Vivek come?

He has left from there,
should be here by night

Sir, Greetings


My dear sir,
please make a decision

it’s been two days since I have slept

If I stay awake for long, one of
my eyes gets closed like this, see

While I was going I saw u sleeping
with both your eyes closed

I was not sleeping sir

I was thinking of how to park
the vehicles coming from outside

My dear sir,
that Jackson and group has gone out

only the Almighty knows, when and in
what shape they are going to return

I am really scared sir

You don’t have to be scared

It’s his own flat

otherwise i would hit him with my knee

I would suggest that you be a bit careful


Do you remember a guy ramming his car in to
a security chap in kannur and killing him?



I am really scared sir

Don’t worry

I am there, I will handle him.

When I was in ladakh

It’s better to get run over by Jackson’s vehicle and get killed


Are you getting what I
have been telling you?

How many times will
you tell all this?

Hi colonel, what about the stage?

That I have told Mathai,
he and his people will come and do it

Colonel, only three
tankers of water has come

I have already
called for the tanker

Just sit here without
doing anything

and be there to
pose for pictures

You please check everything

Hey Security, Open


Open quickly

Hey man

I will show you

Hello sir, that Jackson
and gang has come, yeh

My dear Ramana,
Please walk faster

It’s to talk about
something, not to wrestle

My dear colonel sir, cant we do
the talking tomorrow morning

What has to be said tomorrow
should be said tomorrow

what has to be said today
has to be said today

That’s what we army guys had
learned, Come on

None of them will be in
their senses at this hour

So what? I will lose my
senses if I get angry

Then why is colonel
not going there alone?

That was enough

but it will be good for you
to see how I handle them

It will hold you in good stead

Isn’t this their flat

I will okay it right away

They won’t open,
they are scared

Oh god, I hope they
don’t open the door

Oh no, Greetings.


Oh Jackson, were you here

I thought you won’t be
here but you were here


Tell me colonel

This Sunday is our
association’s anniversary day

we have come to invite
Jackson and friends

Sure, we will be there

The next door neighbours have complained
about a little noise coming from here

please take care of that

Okay, tell the complainants
to go and kill themselves

What? okay

I decide the things here, got it?

Got it

what Jackson said is correct

go take rest


Please go take rest

Unnecessarily I brought you with me

now don’t go and tell
anyone about all this

No no no

Move move move

Come quickly , come
quickly, its already time

It’s not time yet,
he is going to see Anu

I didnt do anything

Look, the bus has
come, Come come

Bye Bro



It’s shameful, we need to
take the colonel to task

What that colonel said
made us feel weaker

Then let’s change it, okay?





If you ever dare to touch any
woman’s body without her permission

Hi Vivek


You remember about the
Sunday’s programme, right?

Your should song should rock

Dear Ancy, I had begged that colonel
sir, to keep me out of it

but he wouldn’t listen

I haven’t done any preparations

We all have high expectations,
don’t abscond

Will see

What? To abscond?


Where is Ancy off to?

To see colonel sir

What’s this? Why I am not
able to write like earlier?

Why is my hand shaking?
Is it because I haven’t taken any alcohol?


Hi, Ancy. Sit down Ancy

See Ancy, the Anniversary is just around the corner

Your support gives me courage


There are many idiots roaming
around here just to find flaws

we need to shock them

We will shock them sir

The dish is ready, you quickly
take a bath and come

I will bath later,

first let me have a peg




Not like that

Not like that , not like that

I had an urgent work

I delivered it and just
came stepped in to the flat

Okay, I stepped out of office

will see you in the evening

I have told you so many times to quit
smoking, but you just won’t listen, right?

I was enjoying the smoke,
you just spoiled it

Do one thing

sit here and continue
smoking, I am leaving


don’t go

Next week a few of my
family members are coming

just tell me what to
tell them and then go

Did they agree

It would be me more right to
say that I made them agree


Who is it?

Why are you being
unfair towards me?

Cut it


Who is it?

Did you beat up those guys?

Which guys?

Jackson and team


Shouldn’t i?

getting beating is not enough for
them, they should be killed

low- lifes

Then shall I go and kill them?

Should I kill them?

Should I kill them?

Don’t bite, Dog


Our today’s guest on “Day with
star” has many peculiarities,

The one and only Saji Chengannoor

Greetings Sir

Greetings, one minute

Son please bring that

Here, here

Shall we take once more

Greetings sir


In this busy life of yours,how
much time do u spare for work outs?

Usually Malayali’s
are chasing money

but I prefer to chase health

Our Mahatmaji had said
“health is wealth”

and I am a follower of him

How much jogging do
you do every day?

Around 10-15
kilometers every day

if I am in a good mood,
it goes to 20-25

Are you coming?

It seems like he is in a good
mood, he is off like a bullet

Cut it man, won’t be
able to get up tomorrow

Show me that visual

give me water

zoom that portion

one minute

Hey, take this also

Take a close shot or else
the chair will be in frame

Please avoid that chair


Give me the phone

Everything is okay, right?

Enough for today, rest tomorrow


some one is after us,

please keep an eye

Tomorrow tomorrow,

give me water

The world is a nest

sing along with me dove from this nest

oh dove

The world is a nest

sing along with me dove from this nest

oh dove

we can run waving the feathers of our small
dreams in this flowery breeze as much as we can

to ride on the rainbow

What do the memories say?

What if we flock togeather?

This is the awaited day

If we demarcate, we would be
unable to see any spindle

If we stay on opposite banks,
we won’t be able to fly together

If every day becomes like Onam,

beautiful memories will
swing the swing and come

Like Rufous tree pie’s

every minute we need
honey pipes to swim

Have a hill of banter together

whenever I don’t see
you, I feel the pain

Will wait to match
the pitch with you

to playfully dance with the wind

Without letting anyone know,
Can you come today, my dream bird?

Every word should
shine like the stars

The never ending downpour of love
should hug each other at the shore

What do the memories say?

What if we flock togeather?

This is the day we waited for

If we demarcate, we would be
unable to see any spindle

If we stay on opposite banks,
we won’t be able to fly together

If we demarcate, we would be
unable to see any spindle

If we stay on opposite banks,
we won’t be able to fly together

Hey babe, wanted to meet you
badly, that’s why I called

Let me pay and come

How much is it?

Twenty rupees

Okay, twenty rupees

Let’s go

Zaheer, no

Let me go

Master, the product is ready

Bloody Looser,
where the heck are you looking from?

Sorry big brother

Get lost

First watch the video

it’s of a different level


All right, Will meet again

Look he came

What happened? Did u get the stuff?

Yes, here

My tension is, how would we watch this?

That’s not an issue,
we will use our usual formula

If we had a phone ,it
wouldn’t have been a problem

Mom has promised me an I phone,
if I score good marks in Plus 2

Buddy, Study well

If i promise, I will deliver

Any old paper, scraps for sale sir?

What’s this? Nobody around?

Any old paper, plastic,
glass bottles, scraps for sale?


Big bro, any scarp for sale?


Big bro, any old paper,
plastic, scraps for sale?

This is a flat; here nobody sells
all these stuff, cant you understand?

It’s for survival ,Big Bro

Don’t finish off my survival, with this over
smartness off yours,

Leave, Leave, go, leave



Shall we go for a movie?

I am not in a mood


What? Did they come?

Please ask them to sit

I will come immediately, got it?


I need to leave immediately
it s a client

I took leave from office because you
told me that the whole day you are free

Where did this client
come from, then?

Babe, I have a lot of hope
riding on this project

It’s the final discussion
on it today

if this gets okayed,
I will rock

You are always busy with
your work and client

Let’s go

come on quick,
there is no time

Feel like eating her up



What did you say?

What? Say it again


You dare not say it again

What is the problem?

They were saying that I am a Dish

No, I don’t think so,
they must have lied

Bugger off


lets meet in the evening

Evening you meet that client only

Mom, it’s been how long since

Oh, was it you kid?



I thought it would be mom

That’s okay

we have been here for a while.
Was waiting for you to come

Come let’s sit there

Yes, sit here

This is his sister , Vidya

I have seen Vidya in photographs

I have seen you too

This is Vivek’s one and
only maternal uncle

You want some water to drink?

I wasn’t pulling your leg.

I was serious,
you must be tired.


I was the one who told Vivek,
not to inform her about your visit

That’s why she looks embarrassed

Where is Vivek, kid?

I am here

Maternal Uncle is suggesting a wedding
in the coming month of August

Where you waiting to tell the fragrant
breeze about your marriage at its ear brim

In the brim of the eye,

looking at this mirror and coquettishly talking,

will you act as a companion

Tomorrow on this
beautiful golden body,

you can gracefully wear
the lunar wedding string

To live with me , to complete your half

Oh my Eden dream, you came on your own

You became the heaven on earth

Inside the casket of a bright star in
the constellation boots golden dream

Did we wake up together to
join the pearls together

While we come togeather
in the small flower bud

Did your sparkling eyes
have an increased shyness?

Every day, with those soft
fragrant finger tips of yours

you sang touching my life softly

The night that was
humming on its own

Again, I am taking its
pouring silent music on my own

Hi Ancy, good morning

Good morning

We don’t get to
see you now a days


I was just saying that,
you are not seen around


Ancy, if you are free,
can I take you out for a coffee?

No need, I have
other things to do

Then, shall I drop you?

I have booked
an online taxi

Oh useless

Vehicle came



Haven’t got any, since
these guys have come

You come, step out quickly

He is not well, he
has loose motions

He is saying
that its paining

Hey kid, should we go
to the hospital?

No need daddy,

it will be cured

I think it’s because
of the breakfast

Okay, then we are leaving

Don’t go to school today

Son we are leaving



They left

Come on in

Rahul, who is it?

I don’t know , let me check

Who is it?

I don’t know

Mummy and daddy is gone

Is your stomach ache,
less now?

Yes, it has decreased now,
I am feeling better

I will make you a
hot rice gruel for you

Your face looks look tired

Your mummy has asked me
to make rice gruel for you

Nice, your friends have come

Friends should be like this, they came
to see you when you are unwell

Will bring you some water to drink

Yes, Since she has come

we are peaceful

Shall we leave?

dude, Don't go

You must be really tired,
have rice gruel and take rest

Yes Maalu

Hey nothing, I am just working

Babe, give me ten minutes. I will call back

No problems, you come down here

I will call you right away.
Just finishing a small job

Go and open the door, dude

For how long the door
bell has been ringing?

I am going

Lethargically sitting there

Is Vivek bro there

Come in Dude

Who is it?

The boys have come to meet you

Oh you guys. What is it?

Vivek bro, we want you
to tell you something

Come, sit

We want to talk
to you personally

Oh, is it that serious?

It seems like boys want to
talk to someone intelligent,

so you sit here and
keep typing in the phone

Go , Go

Rahul, stop crying and tell me

I want to know,
who gave this to you?

I have been asking you peacefully till now,

should i beat you up and question

look here

you go and see who is at the door

Oh vivek

Aunty, is Rahul there?

Yes, whats it?

Can i see him?

Come in

• Uncle you dint go for work today? Or you took an off?

I went and came

The boys were telling me that you
found a pen drive lying around. Did you?


Hope you did not use it


Don’t use it; it might
be full of virus.

Your system will crash.

I had to face an issue like that once

If you have found something
like that, give it to Vivek

Vivek, please dump it


Aunty, if Rahul is free,
can I take him out?

Okay, Go


Old paper, plastic, iron scrap,
bottles for sale?

Hello, Hello, Daughter?

Okay, Okay, we can arrange
a video call tomorrow,

okay sure

Anu, come and have food

Get up and come here

Tomorrow when people come for inspection
at 10, the entire floor should be ready.

Don’t give me any excuse

Here is the plate

Daddy, tomorrow is my final match

Yah, I know

You are the team captain, right?

Play well

Both of you should come to
watch the match tomorrow

Tomorrow dad has auditing,
how can I come?

Tomorrow , I have a video conference
with a client based in the US

It has come to a state where
there is no time for anything

Hey, when you are free, cant you come
and spend some time with my folks?

All that after marriage

Then everything should be
done only after marriage

Don’t say like that

If you want I will come and stay
with you in your flat for a week

No way

Was it you?

Am I bugging you?

No way

Why are looking a bit down?
Did your folks fight even today?

How did you understand?

If you have to come here at this
hour, that has to be the reason


Yes, true

Leave all that, what is
troubling you now?

Tomorrow is my finals.

I wanted Papa and Mummy to watch
my match at least this time around

but they don’t have
time for all that

My friends will have their families
coming down to watch the match.

I am the only one who has nobody

Who told you that
you have no one?

Tomorrow, both of us will be in the
gallery to watch your match, right?

Yes, of course

But there is one condition,

you have to win

will win

We humbly invite Mr. Jagannadhan sir,
the new Inspector,

in charge of town station ,to
hand over the trophy to the Winners

War music, beating tune music

Heart is full of intoxicating music

putting wings and colours,
together we came till here

The excitement is touching
the clouds in the sky

The bird times are waking up

The Play ground gave victory

The hearts are beating like waves

The evening golden sun
is shining like a ball

My dear beautiful little flower petal

its celebrations here today

War music, beating tune music

Heart is full of intoxicating music

A Cracker of a Smile

Light its wick in the eyes

Flow the wine of words

Spin like a Spinning top

Many a minds are
oozing sweetness

Oh Koel,
come singing a beautiful song now

Heard the beautiful
sound of Anklets

The small tailed night
bird is on its way

It’s not just the song,
It’s not just the Dance

But to roam around with
your bunch and come


War music, beating tune music

Heart is full of intoxicating music

War music, beating tune music

Heart is full of intoxicating music

A Cracker of a Smile

Light its wick in the eyes

Flow the wine of words

Spin like a Spinning top

The borders between us
should merge on its own

We will come closer

These are those new days here

Like that river
which filled the town

In which we wandered like a leaf

It’s not just the song,
It’s not just the Dance

But to roam around with
your bunch and come


War music, beating tune music

Heart is full of intoxicating music

\War music, beating tune music

Heart is full of intoxicating music

The excitement is touching
the clouds in the sky

The bird times are waking up

The Play ground gave victory

The hearts are beating like waves

The evening golden sun
is shining like a ball

My dear little beautiful flower petal

its celebrations here today

War music, beating tune music

Heart is full of intoxicating music

War music, beating tune music

Heart is full of intoxicating music

War music, beating tune music

Heart is full of intoxicating music

No Maalu, we can go anywhere

You first step out of the office

Yes, we can go


Maalu, please be on
hold for a minute


Vivek, our daughter is not there for
you to take around as per your wish.

If we come to know again that
you have met her or spoken to her

No Aunty, it’s not like that,
Anu is like my own

See Vivek, we are not interested
in creating an issue unnecessarily

We are dealing this issue
in a very peaceful manner

Don’t get involve urself in
Anu’s issue unnecessarily

Vivek, you have so many
other things to do

Uncle , me

You don’t say anything

If you repeat this

No aunty, you don’t have
to fear about that

Oh my, we have no fear.

We just need to do a phone
call to put you behind the bars

I am holding myself Back only because
Emmanuel told me, otherwise I


Okay, Maalu

Dude, you don’t worry,

both of them are crazy.

They won’t love their own daughter
nor allow others to love her


What babe?

Anu is missing

Hey come

She was with you

Yes she was with me

What? Anu is missing?



Which is the missing girls flat?

8b or c, sir?


C, c sir

Were you on duty when
she went missing?

Me, me, me was it me?


No, it was me who was on duty

What the heck?

I am really scared of Cops, Sir

Move the vehicle

Sir, I am Colonel, Colonel Chacko


My bad


He seems to be a tough nut

Hi I am Ancy, a social worker,
I was the one who informed you

Okay, I want to know
a couple of things

Bharatan, get all her call
details today itself

We only have her

We have lived only for her

Somehow save her Sir


Look, i heard all of you

The police will investigate
this case but before that,

since you are the ones
who know more about Anu,

so try to remember

Like in the last few days,
seeing her with any strangers,

anybody giving her any gifts or presents,

anybody followed her on the way to
her classes or back, anything like that?

My daughter is naive, Sir

We don’t know what happened

Might be. I am saying
this because of that.

In most of the cases like these, the
villains are usually romance and friendship.

So if you have any suspicion on
anyone or anything like that ,

say it right here right now


There is an exclusive

Get up


Oh god

Move, move

Where is my daughter?

What did you do to her?

Why did you?

Sir, I haven’t done anything

It’s not me


Where is she?

I don’t know Sir

You won’t say, right? Say

Say it

Say it


What’s it?

Dysp ‘s call for you sir

You don’t know anything, right?


its Jagannadhan sir

No Sir, we are trying

He is not saying sir

It is that girl’s mom who
expressed a suspicion

No, hasn’t left the town limit sir

We are not leaving any
vehicles without checking Sir

Okay Sir

Hey Man

Old Paper sir

Come here man

Sir, old paper sir

Where are you from?

Selam, Sir

Whats your name?



let him go


Go, go

Okay Sir

Greetings Sir

She is alright


Hey Doctor

No, there is nothing to worry

she is alright

I have given a sedative

Left her sleep

If there are any problems,
let me know

Let me just see my daughter

Okay, come

That kid is extremely scared,

I didn’t tell your
wife about that.

Ask your wife to take
care of her really well

Then don’t let anyone
know about this

Let her be a bit okay,
after that we will see.




it’s been an hour since we have
been sitting here like this

We are ready to sit
for any length of time

but I want to know

what happened to you Anu.

Anu must be thinking

that it has only happened to you


it has happened to
many other people

The parents of those are still unable
to know what happened to their kids

Those parents are living
like the living dead

Tell us kid, what happened?

What darling? Scared? okay

Pure gold

Lets go to my palace,
lets go to my palace

Come ,get up

Oh no, no,
you have been tied down

This is my style

This is my style

You don’t have to worry;

I am there for you darling

I will gulp one down first

I am the king here,

so who are you?

So you are my queen

Why are you moving away?

What is it?


Don’t play around with me?

I will life you and throw you

Hey Muthu? Muthu?

What happened, Muthu?

Where is that girl?



Hey, Zaheer Come


Hey Alex

Oh, they let him off?

it's ok, bye

That Vivek has been let off


I though he will be
behind bars for a bit more

We will get him jailed,
we have enough options

Sir, don’t feel bad about what
we are saying in such a situation

For us her life is
of prime importance

Case, investigation and all
will adversely affect her life

We are ready to do anything,
please relieve her from this case.

I took a case on your complaint

Only on your suspicion
I arrested Vivek

Now your daughter is back

so you don’t have any
complaint. Nice


I will do the necessary
things to withdraw the case

Please don’t keep coming
here regarding this.

See Mr. Emmanuel,

if you like to, you can
withdraw this case

but since Anu is a minor,

the police have all the rights to
voluntarily register a case

On that regard we will
again come here,

but that time, we would be
dealing in a different way.


A fake seer, who sexually
abused a 16 old boy

on the pretext of curing the
boys illness through his prayers,

from Thrikkunnapuzha in Alappuzha
district, today Morning

The Fake seer, Abdul karim, hails
from pathanapuram in Kollam district

He was arrested by the Police
under the POSCO act,

In the morning ,

Abdul karim visited the house of the
victim and enquired about the family

The plus one student’s
mother informed the fake seer

that her son is
suffering from fever

Abdul Karim, on convincing her that

he can cure the boy with his prayers
took him in to a room and abused him

By the time the neighbours rushed to the house,
hearing the mothers loud cry

Welcome Sunita Prabhakar,
Reporter of Sky news

This is an amazing surprise

I have been trying to get through to you
on the phone for the last two months.

Where were you?

Babe, my job is not to walk around
holding a mike, like you do

Nobody can predict when a private
detectives phone might get turned off

Won’t ask you about more things.

What is the idea
behind your arrival?

I am chasing a chase, which can’t be
said to be murder or unnatural death

One Mr. Mohammed from Malappuram

who was working as
sale man in Dubai,

went missing suddenly one day

After three days, his corpse
was brought home

When his body was being bathed,

relatives saw many
surgical marks on the body

They approached
me with this case

After some days,
his family got 25 lakhs

Once they saw the money
they backed out of the case,

but I for some reason,
didn’t feel like leaving this case

I continued my investigation and
found out that, not just Mohammed

but two more Malayali employees
from the same supermarket

had gone missing under
the same circumstances

One Mr. Gopi from Trivandrum
and Juby from Wayanad

You mean, similar operation
marks on their body too?

Yes, it was there.

Even their families
got 25 lakhs,

from Golden hands
charitable trust

I once attempted to do an exclusive
story on this charitable trust


The Binami’s of this
charitable trust owns,

super markets, construction companies
and hospitals in the gulf

dead bodies are supplied to medical
colleges from the old age homes run by them

I received information
from a true source

I did an exclusive story

The channel did not air it

When I enquired about it,

it was the same Golden hands
charitable trust behind it

Hmm yes. Many similar allegations like
this had come up against this trust,

but for this case, i think they are
involved in Donor Mafia


I understood that all three of
them had lost their internal organs

So same people, same company,

Golden hands charitable trust

I feel that there
is some connection


Master I know that you have
started hearing bad news there too

That lady detective
is also missing.

Don’t know what to do

Hire a Contract killer

The police department also is suspicious
about the activities of Golden hands,

but without any strong
evidence, we can’t do anything

I know that.

My idea was to find out

the full details of the trust,
including the pre medical camps they held

whether you can collect for me

Okay, I will try. Anything more?

Hmm, okay

Jagan, you be careful

They are too dangerous

Come in

You guys sit, I will bring
something to drink

Anu, what happened to you?

Why are you not
stepping out at all?

We all really miss you



Anu, why are you
avoiding us like this?

We can’t bear to
see you like this

What happened to you, Anu?

Anu, did you know ,
in our boney’s class

She has been like
this for some days

Don’t worry,

she will become all right

What is t? What happened?

Aunty, I will be back in a bit

What is it? Say what it is?

no aunty, nothing

Where did they go?

Brother Vivek, Brother Vivek,
this has some videos of Anu in it.

What is it?


What is in it?

Check it


Come, Arjun you come with me.
Rahul, you stay here

Brother Vivek, that’s the place

Is this?

Are you sure that,
this is the place?

Yes, this is the place




A total of 740 camps have been conducted
under chengannoor foundation in Kerala.

From 737 camps out of them, nothing
like what we suspected has been reported

From 3 camps,

Nadakkavu in Kozhikode,

Mannuthy in Thrissur

and Perumbavoor in Ernakulam

from these three, one person
each has gone missing.

Though the characteristics of
all three cases are the same,

but we are unable
to find a link.


we need to find out
how to move ahead now.

I don’t think that these missing case
and the blood bank have any connection

In India, no private person
can run a blood bank on his own

That is the rule

Then these many number
of blood donation camps

There is something else
going on behind this

Jagan, tell me one of
the missing persons name

The guy who went missing
from Kozhikode is Ratish

Tell me the other two names

Athira Gagan Gokul,
She is from Assam

Got it. A rare blood group,
Bombay O Positive

All the three people who went
missing have this same blood group

All over India, there are only fewer than
400 people with this rare blood group

Their organs sell for crore’s
in the international market

Can you check and tell whether there
is anyone else with this blood group

There is one more person


Sir, this?


Jagan, do you know this kid?

Can you check the date and tell me
when she took part in this camp?

If we get the details

Yes, Thirteenth of this month

Jagan, what happened?

Yes, on this 15th even
this kid got kidnapped

but the very next day she escaped
from their clutches and came back

I figured out that she was abducted by
a Tamilian and two Hindi speaking guys

Yes Jagan, this is that for sure

That kid would have
seen her kidnappers,

through her we can
reach those guys

I am sure, Jagan.

There is a problem in it

This kid’s family is not
interested in pursuing the case

There is one way for it, let us see

Any old paper, plastic,
iron scrap, bottles for sale?

Any iron scrap, tin,
bottles and things for sale?

Paper, paper

Any iron scrap, tin, bottles
and things for sale?

Paper , Paper


what is it?

Hey, leave me

Sir, sir, tell me the reason sir

leave me, leave




Leave me

Sir , Sir, please

Oh okay. So you are
behind this also

Haven’t you had enough?

You destroyed my life,

finished off my career;

you made it impossible
for me to step out

What more do you want?

Sit Vivek, l want to
tell you something

I don’t want to hear anything.
I want to leave


Your investigation is never
going to reach anywhere

Anu wasn’t kidnapped by a small
gang, like you believe.

It’s a big Mafia

Anu is not their first victim

To reach them,
I need your help

No Vivek, it won’t work out.

I know what i did
to you was wrong

I agree

In that state of mine, things
happened that way

Please forgive me

In the name of this I can’t
send Anu along with you

I don’t know when Emmanuel
is going to be here

Vivek, you leave

No Aunty,

Without Anu I won’t
step out from this flat

All your issues are sorted, but
my situation is not like that

I want to know who and
what is behind all this

All that won’t work out, Vivek

It better work out

I will see to that your daughter is unscathed

You should trust me

No, nothing can be said now.

Will let you know if i get any information

Hope there are no problems
at Anu’s place?

No problems there

Did he say anything?

Till now he hasn’t been asked anything

Why is that?

First beating up and then questions,
that’s his way


say everything

Rana Bhai and Master

In that Rana bhai would probably
be a thread like him,

but master

Sir Maalu

You quickly make her safe

Oh no


what happened?

She is disconnecting the call


Got her location

It says that she is in Gold souk


Who passes on the
information so accurately?

where are you now

Stay right there.

I will come there now

Vivek, don’t go alone

What dude?

What happened?

You thought that some people
would have kidnapped me?

Your programme is done, right?
let’s go

Please get the bill

Yes Vivek,

tell me

Is it?

Drop Malavika back to
her flat and then call me

I will send it

Okay, bye

Malavika is safe,
she is with Vivek

You pass me that
Hindi guy’s phone


Maalu, do you remember
when this photo taken??

Let me see

Yes, this was taken on
our flats Anniversary day

Flat’s Anniversary

See, Sheeba aunty is calling

Hello Aunty

Son Vivek,

Anu, Anu is missing

Aunty when?

I can’t see her any where here

Don’t worry, let me look

What? What happened?

Anu is missing again

Yes Vivek

Anu is missing again




Sir, I will send you a number

Can you track the location
and send it to me

Okay Sir, I will send it right away

Hi Vivek

You remember about Sunday’s
programme, right?

Your should song should rock


I am Ancy, a social worker

I was the one who informed you, Sir

Sky net is today reporting a news,
which will literally shock Kerala

Donor Mafia, an Organ smuggling gang,
was arrested in Ernakulam

For organs they would commit any act
of extreme cruelty without any qualms

The gang was netted by Ernakulam Kasaba
inspector Jagannadan and his team

With this many people who were hiding under
masks of decency where brought to the book



I came to know

Our country,

our laws

I am coming

Hello, someone is after us.
please keep an eye out