Maelstrom (2000) - full transcript

On the surface, twenty-five year old Bibiane Champagne has the perfect life. She is the daughter of the famed Flo Fabert. She co-owns a chain of boutiques in Quebec with her brother, Philippe. But Bibi's life is in shambles. She has just had an abortion. And the boutiques are failing because of her incompetence, which is the result of or has led to her substance abuse. It is also the result of the high expectations on her. Bibi's story is told by a fish awaiting decapitation on a butcher's block, the fish as narrator largely because of the singular and accidental encounter she has with fifty-three year old Norwegian fishmonger, Annstein Karlsen. That encounter leads to a further failed decision by Bibi and a meeting with Annstein's son, Evian Karlsen, who does not know the full extent of Bibi and his father's relationship. Bibi's time with Evian may provide some salvation to her crumbling life.

I have...

little time left.

I would like to take advantage...

of my final breaths...


to tell you...

a story.

A very pretty...


To make love we turned hate around.

Hello. It's me.

Don't worry, I took care of it.


It's an old story...

that begins with someone leaving.

A young woman starts
on a long voyage...

toward reality.

- Hi.
- Hello.

Bibi, this'll make you happy.

We've been robbed another 12 dresses.

It's time we got someone.

Consider it done.

I'm calling the agency.

Hi Claire.

Hi, it's nice of you to come.

It's OK.

I'll take care of you.

The abortionist wears
a bulletproof vest to mow his lawn.

Has he got kids?

A lot.

You've had how many abortions?

Two... three.

No, Bibi.

Don't start feeling guilty.

Guilt is useless,
you have to accept it.

- You know Bjorn Magnussen?
- No.

He is...
he was a great writer back home.

He wrote "All human actions
are manifestations against death. "

It's a very important sentence.

A very dangerous sentence.

It helps me reconcile
myself with human kind.

Bgnar Magnerson,
a name that smells like snow.

Bjorn Magnussen, is snow.

- How did he die?
- Suicide.

- You want to sleep over tonight?
- Yes.

While in the shower, Bibi
becomes more aware of her body.

Paradoxically, she loses touch
with time and the world around her.

Your body still thinks
you're pregnant.

It won't last.

Your song last night was pretty.

It was gentle.

What does it mean?

I learned it from my grandmother.

Forget the meaning,
but you're right, it's gentle.

That song...

is all but...


It's a horrible song...

It's atrocious.

To be continued...

I'm telling you,
it'll be a very beautiful day.


You didn't visit mom last week?


Mom's fine. And you?

I'm fine.

You look tired to me.

No, I'm doing very well.

Anymore problems with Jakarta?

They like the deal.

What's with your supplier in Jakarta.

I just told you,
everything's been taken care of.

There's no more fuck ups.

Call them, you'll see.

I already did.

Mr. Kumsawout is on the line.

Mr. Kumsawout.

Good morning, Mr. Champagne.

Have you made any arrangements
with Mrs. Champagne...

about the next shipment?

As you know, I haven't been able
to reach her for 2 months now.

Thank you, I'll call you later.

A bit humiliating.

We can't go on this way.
It's over.

the carrier's terrible...

the one between Jakarta and Manila,
then there's customs...

Customs. Keep going Bibiane,
tell me all about your problems.

You still don't get it, do you?

Anyway, it's too late now.

I've been had, Philippe.

I lost the money.

I know.

We'll forget you,
and the $200,000 you lost.

I'll pay it all back.

No, don't.

Forget the money, forget us.
Just disappear.

- We'll make the store disappear.
- Where's your boss?

We make investments.

Keep your bullshit
for the social workers.

That's $69.90.

Excuse me.

Sumatra boutique.

It's me. I'm not coming in today.
You'll be OK?

Get some rest.

Sara, I have to leave.
I've got some things to take care of

in Jakarta.

Could you ask Solange
to get me a ticket...

on... the earliest flight possible.

I'll see what I can do.

Interviewing security guards,

Day after? After, after?

After, after, after tomorrow?

After tomorrow, OK?

Your interview...

with Future,
for the young entrepreneur issue.

- They really want you. Tomorrow?
- Yes.

I'm not seeing anyone, today.

Does it take much gas
to immolate yourself?

To where?

To immolate yourself.

To immolate yourself.

You can't say that.

Sure I can.

No. Thirty dollars, please.

To immolate is to sacrifice.

What you want is to suicide,
that's different.


No, don't touch me.
Don't touch me!

- No.
- Come over to my place.

You haven't moved?

Because my car is parked
in front of your place.

He who has killed, will be killed.

I'm not working today.
I don't feel so good.

Someone's here for you.


Marie-Jeanne Sirois from Future.

Can we start, we're late.

- Does the tape recorder bother you?
- No.

Here's the usual question:

Is it a burden being
Florence Faber's daughter?

I mean, genetically wise,
people must expect a lot from you.

Not really.

Being F.F.'s daughter gives
you quite a head start.

No, not really.

The apple doesn't fall
far from the tree.

You're head
of the 3 Sumatra Boutiques.

Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec.
That's extraordinary at 25.

So business... is going well?

Business is great.

According to Boston U.,

business, is an extension of man's
insatiable need to reproduce.

There's a link between
male masturbation

and how most of today's
business deals are made.

The pitch, for example, is a purely
male form of sexual arousal.

Everything is sex related,
we all know that.

What about you, sexually speaking?

We talking ass or business?


I've nothing new to add about ass.

You have your mother's skin.

Some day, I'll have her skin.

I don't know how you feel now,

but I'd like you to do it
as slowly as possible.

I want you to transform...
but slowly.

Very slowly, gently.

Let her come out...

let your mother out.

I want you to become transparent.

Now I don't want to see you anymore.

Being the child of a myth,

transformed her into a mythomaniac.

She was born from such
a strong figure,

that it created a large gap in her.

Hi... it's me.



How are you?

Very, very, very well.

Wait, I'll be right back.

This morning I had
a flash of inspiration.

A revelation, I think I found the key
to my thesis, it's revolutionary.

I don't know where to begin.

What are we doing?

Where are my keys?

No wonder they've kept going
in circles for years, in my field.

First, they can't even agree
on a basic neutral vocabulary.

Second, they work with a totally outdated
epistemological model, it's as if...

You're right...

It stinks of fish.

You'll note, I didn't ask anything.

Are we a better friend when we ask
questions or when we don't?

Here's the key.

- It's new.
- It's clean?

Clean, all over.

- All over?
- All over.

No, I can't, I just can't.

Fuck, it still stinks!

Well it's not the car body.

Hey, relax, OK? Relax.

You don't forget it,
you dedramatize it.

You're going to dedramatize it.
You'll deny it's importance.

It's a slow process.

Believe me,
I've been through it 3 times.

I shouldn't stay alone.

You're putting it on inside out.

Gently... gently...

Was it good?

Did it do you good?

Wasn't good?

You should've waited a week.

I was hoping it would have...

a homeopathic effect on your mood.

Two octopus?

- Like usual.
- Like usual.

The octopus is tough.

Don't eat it!

You'll get nightmares
from eating stale octopus.

Is everything OK?

The octopus is tough.

- Pardon me?
- Taste it yourself.

It won't stay the course.

Let me change it right away.

Times change...

times change.

I'm sorry.

Sorry, I can't let you in.

What's the problem?

Sorry. Boss's orders,
you must leave.

What are you doing here?

I'm sorry.

Please, get out.

- The boss?
- Yes, now, please leave.

Mr. Champagne,
your sister's on line 3.

OK, I'll take it.

Hi Philippe. Philippe...

Never mind.

The Norwegian fishermen
use musical waves...

for a net.

It's by this tune of Grieg's,
that I was caught.

Struck by a car in his kitchen!

Originally from Norway,

the victim was found
sitting at his kitchen table.

Excuse me sir,

what time is it?


Can I ask you a question?

I killed someone by... accident.

Nobody knows, except me.


No, nobody.

So what's the problem?

I didn't hear a thing.

No, what I mean...

In your opinion,

should I turn myself in?

He's dead.

If he's dead, what does it change?
It changes nothing.

An accident's an accident.

Anyway, you too are going to die
one day or another.

If I were you,
I'd keep my mouth shut.

Good night.

Good night.

Life gives her a second chance.

If she survives,

she will give
herself the right to live.

Thank you, my good man.

Now, where was I? Ah, yes!

Did it do you good?

It wasn't good?

You should've waited a week.

I was hoping it would have...

a homeopathic effect on your mood.

Two octopus.

- Like usual.
- Like usual.

The octopus is tough.

Is everything OK?

The octopus is tough.

Pardon me?

Taste it. It won't stay the course.

I'll change it right away.

Belinda, come here.

I don't understand.
What's he saying?

He's very mad.

He says, "What's wrong with
the octopus? It's like cement!"

I have the best quality octopus!

If you're not happy,
go fish them yourself!

Can someone here tell me what's
going on with the damn octopus?

Who went to get them this morning?

I went to get them.

Head usually gets them,

he always chooses them.

- I know.
- He hasn't been in.

I tried calling him a few times.
Nobody answers.

He might be sick.

I'll go and get him.

I don't know, Miguel came
3 or 4 times already...

We're afraid something happened.

Be careful.

Pull on the collar.

OK, we can take the mask off.

Are you OK?

- Is it untied?
- Yes, you can go.

Feels good to get out.

- Everything fine?
- Looks like it.

It's him.

Who decided to cremate him?

Good question.

He wasn't supposed to be cremated.

Oh no?


Our condolences.
Do you need a bag?

You sure you don't want me
to improvise a little ceremony?

I'm sure he'd like it.

No, thank you.

That's very kind of you.

My father only believed
in what he saw.

Well, now he sees God.

Einstein Karsan.

- Could you please speak up?
- Einstein Karsen.

Could you spell it?

A-n-n-s-t-e-i-n, Carson with a C...

Excuse me, it's Annstein Karson.
It's with a K.


Bibiane, Flo Fabert's daughter.

Obituaries, prayers, thank yous.

No, thank you.

That's nice, thank you. But...

my father believed only...

Excuse me, I'd like to see
Annstein Carson, please.

- Who?
- Annstein Carson.

Could you spell that?



It's Annstein Karson with a K.

I'm his neighbour, we'd say hi,
when we'd cross on the street.

I thought he was all alone so...

I came over here...

to say hi one last time.

I didn't know he had a son.
Had I known...

I shouldn't be here.

I didn't know he had a neighbour.

He lived inside his head,
neighbours're rare there.

Know him long?


Not really.

Where can I get a tooth brush?

A tooth brush?

There's a drugstore over there.

Do you know where I can get a coffee?

Right next to the drugstore.

- Do you want to have a coffee with me?
- No...

I can't, I'm sorry.

I understand.

A coffee by yourself is quite boring.

In fact, it's really... very boring.

For my father?

How can I say no?

I don't know anyone here.

How did he die?

You don't know?

He was poisoned.

My father remarried
a somewhat jealous, Haitian lady.

When he left, she put a curse on him.

She was in a voodoo gang.

I could've dug him up,
and he'd be a zombie.

But the idiots cremated him.


Thank you.

No, he got hit by a car.

I thought so.

What do you do?

- I'm a flight attendant.
- Really?

What airline?

It depends, it varies...

Staying long?

No, I'm leaving tomorrow morning.

I've a favour to ask.
It's my father's things...

I'm... I'm already late,
I'm sorry.

Thanks for the coffee.

You're tough.

I have to see my father's co-workers.
It won't take long.

I wish that your father's killer...

dies of a slow and atrocious death.

I wish that the killer dies
in the most cruel solitude.

I wish that he dies disembowelled,

devoured by dogs.

If I catch him, I kill him.

He'll die,

that's all that's written.

That was a stiff drink.

Yeah, quite.

Well that's it.
That represents a whole life.

Now I have to...

sort it all out before the morning.

I can't open them alone.

Don't worry.

It still works.


I'll keep that.

The ring.




For you, to protect you from the cold...

and other stuff like voodoo.

Thank you.

What time's your flight?

I don't know what to do
about my father.

And your mother?

She died when I was 3.

She drowned.

My father never set foot
on a boat again.

He wanted to be buried at sea,
with my mother, but now...

he's only powder, so...

You can still do it.

It's just that...
a sailor is... it's whole.

I can't dust the waves,
it's not like him either.

I'm afraid...
it'll look a little stupid.


You speak Norwegian?

It's been a while.


Yes... it goes...

And then it's...

What does it mean?

Rip their heads off, empty their skulls,
drink from the skulls of our enemies.

Then it talks about
opening up the belly,

eating the liver alive. It's folklore.

- We didn't get much sleep.
- No.

You'll sleep on the plane.

Thank you very much.

You're nice.

I'll think about you a lot.

I know.

I forgot to say...

I wanted to make love with you.

That's my table, my chairs.

That's a picture of my best friend.

That's my fridge, my stove,

my plates, my glasses,

my carpet.

That's my bed, my sheets...

my clothes...

that's a couch, windows...
that's my home.

You're a frogman.

And you're not a flight attendant.

You're not my father's neighbour, either.

I'm not your father's neighbour.

I love you.

Frogmen are quick.

A frogman has to make
very quick decisions.

I love you.

You don't know me.

I know you a lot.

And what I know, I find beautiful.

You're an angel.

Plane crash in Baie-Comeau:
No survivors.

Don't say that.

Don't say that.

Don't say that.

To your health, dad.

What do I do?

I'm in love with the woman
who killed my father.

She wants me to kill her.
She wants to be punished.

Who knows about it?

Nobody else but me.

So what's the problem?

You love her, she wants to die.

Sounds compatible.
Marry her and keep quiet...

especially in a bar.

Thanks for the drink.

Good night.


It's all the same in the end, dad...

It's all the same.

A few weeks later,
off the shores of Lofoten Islands.

All that's left for me to do,
is to reveal to you,

the great secret of your existence.

You are all...

Deux tziganes sans r?pit

Grattent leur guitare

Ranimant du fond des nuits

Toute ma m?moire

Sans savoir que roule en moi

Un flot de d?tresse

Font rena?tre sous leurs doigts

Ma folle jeunesse

Ekh raz yechtcho raz

Yechtcho mnogo mnogo raz

Ekh raz yechtcho raz

Yechtcho mnogo mnogo raz

Jouez tziganes jouez pour moi

Avec plus de flamme

Afin de couvrir la voix

Qui dit ? mon ?me

Ou as-tu mal pourquoi as-tu mal

Ah t'as mal ? la t?te

Mais bois un peu moins aujourd'hui

Tu boiras plus demain
et encore plus apr?s-demain

Ekh raz yechtcho raz

Yechtcho mnogo mnogo raz

Ekh raz yechtcho raz

Yechtcho mnogo mnogo raz

Je veux rire et chanter

Et so?ler ma peine

Pour oublier le pass?

Qu'avec moi je tra?ne

Allez, apportez-moi du vin fort

Car le vin d?livre

Oh, versez versez-m'en encore

Pour que je m'enivre

Ekh raz yechtcho raz

Yechtcho mnogo mnogo raz

Ekh raz yechtcho raz

Yechtcho mnogo mnogo raz

Deux guitares en ma pens?e

Jettent un trouble immense

M'expliquant la vanit?
de notre existence

Que vivons-nous
pourquoi vivons-nous

Quelle est la raison d'?tre

Tu es vivant aujourd'hui
tu seras mort demain

Et encore plus apr?s-demain

Ekh yechtcho yechtcho raz
yechtcho mnogo mnogo raz

Ekh raz yechtcho raz
yechtcho mnogo mnogo raz

Quand je serai ivre mort
faible et lamentable

Et que vous verrez mon corps
rouler sous la table

Alors vous pourrez cesser
vos chants qui r?sonnent

Mais en attendant jouez
jouez je m'abandonne

Ekh raz yechtcho raz
yechtcho mnogo mnogo raz

Ekh raz yechtcho raz
yechtcho mnogo mnogo raz...