Mae Bia (2015) - full transcript

Chanachol, recently returned to Thailand after living overseas, signs up for a tour to get back in touch with Thai culture, and finds himself attracted to the tour guide, Mekhala. There are several problems with the relationship: Chanachol is married, with family, and Mekhala has a mysterious, symbiotic relationship with a deadly cobra, and many of her previous suitors have ended up dead.




Mekhala's speaking.

Good morning, Mae.

Don't recognize my voice?

How could I not recognize
a charming boy like you?

Am I right, Pakbhumi?

Want to have dinner with me tonight?

How about tomorrow night?

I am going to Singapore with my boss
tomorrow and get back on Saturday night.

How about Sunday night?

Definitely not on Sunday, Pakbhumi.

I'm a guide for a cultural trip

in Bang Plama, my hometown.

-That's perfect.
-How so?

My boss, Chanachol, is looking for
a traditional Thai house.

I've been searching many places
but he's still not happy.

If he likes your place,
you might get about...

30 to 40 million Baht. How about that?

Sorry, I will never sell my house
to anyone.

I'm just kidding.
You are the only person I know

who can give him
some good advice on old houses.

Confirm the date with my secretary.
I gotta go now. See you then.

Okay, fine.

I'll take Chanachol on that trip
to your place on Sunday.

Good morning.

Good morning, Pakbhumi.

Good morning.


-Good morning.
-Good morning.


The Oriental Marina project has been
approved by the Australians.

Mr. Johnson will be joining our meeting.

-Good morning, Dad. Hi, Chanachol.

Mr. Johnson will give you
his confirmation

on the date of his arrival to Phuket.

Yes, dad.

Have you found an old Thai house
for him yet?

I think I found it.

Where is it?

In Bang Plama, Suphan Buri.

It's Mae's house.

That's good. Well, I gotta go.

Yes, Uncle Dirake.

The house's owner is gorgeous.

A cage.

We are all prisoners in an invisible cage.

Can we find our freedom?

Nobody knows the answer.

But for me,

being the owner of a traditional,
old Thai house

might be the answer
that I've been looking for.


That's the reason...


...why I'm cruising along the Suphan river

on the day after
my business trip to Singapore,

and despite always feeling nervous
on boats.

Now we're cruising along Ta Chin river.

Locals call it Suphan river.

People make a living by cultivating
fish and shrimp farms in Bang Plama.

The tape-grasses over there are edible.

This cultural trip might be
a new thing for Chanachol.

You have such a pretty name.

Have you ever been drowned?

Please give him a round of applause.
He's a new member of our group.

Are you thinking of your
billion-dollar joint venture?

Nice. You still have some free time
to join our trip.

The traditional Thai house over there
is our destination.

We keep everything just as it was
in the past.

This boat is like a time machine

that will bring you back in time

to a hundred years ago.

Please turn off your mobile phones
when we get off the boat. Thanks.

Just like when the plane
is taking off.

Do you like it?

It's interesting.

Mae is the owner of this house.
It will be easy.

-Welcome, Chanachol.
-Thank you.

We've prepared
some traditional Thai snacks.

These fish dumplings are truly exquisite
examples of Thai cuisine.

My grandmother used to work in the palace.

Bengal quince juice for your refreshment

served as hot or iced tea
for your selection.

Have you ever tried it, Chanachol?




the gorgeous...


Excuse me.

...seduces Ramasun...

the giant god of thunder...

by waving a crystal ball

The crystal ball...

The main hall in the middle
is the original and the oldest one.

That's my great grandfather
in the largest picture frame.

These ladies sitting in line

are my great grandmothers.

This is a photo of my mom

and my dad.

Men in the past
lived privileged lives

Right, Chanachol?

They did.

If you like native plants,

we have a lot of them growing
at the hill in the backyard.

They have been here for ages.


Not today, I guess.

Why not, Uncle Tim?

I saw a snake.

You have no luck today, guys.

I really don't like snakes.

But I'd love to.

Boossaba and Ek will take you all
to see the rest of our garden.

I will take Chanachol
to the hill in the backyard.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

Do you actually
dress like this everyday?

Not everyday.

Just occasionally.

Rumor has it,

people say that

I'm not in my right mind.

I've heard that
you love old houses.

-Do you like this house?
-I do.

What's that flower?

It's called a peep flower.
You probably wouldn't know it.

It smells nice but unusual.

We have lots of different native plants
growing on this hill.

Those are nom maew flowers.

They're used in making desserts.
Those are purple wreath

and sarapi flowers.

Do you know any of them?

I've heard their names
in Thai literature.

Do you read Thai literature?

My mom made me read it
every summer when I was in England.

Perhaps my mom didn't want her son
becoming too westernized.

She loved Thai culture.

I hope that

I can learn about Thai culture

from you.

Everyone is ready to leave.

I say goodbye to you right here.

What if I want to contact you?

You can do it with Pakbhumi.

-I will give you a call.

Nice to meet you,


Until we meet again.


Are you here?

Why are you here?


How did you know that I'm home?

Your voice on the boat was so loud.
Anyone could hear you.

Mae, I bought this for you
from Ayutthaya.


Let's talk outside, Phot.

What are you doing?

Sexually assaulting me?

Take off your clothes.

You want to do it

or should I?

I love it when you do it for me.

The snake!

The snake!

The snake!

The snake!

What type of snake, Uncle Tim?

A cobra.

Why are you so obsessed
with that snake, Mae?


I'm going to Bangkok.

Can you give me a ride?



Back in the cage again.

Am I a prisoner in my own house?

Do you like Mae's house?


-Let's see Kaew.

Daddy's home with Uncle Bhumi.

-Hi, Petch.
-How's my little girl?

-Hello, Uncle Bhumi.
-Why aren't you in bed?

-I'm about to.
-Good girl. Let me kiss you.

-Go to bed.
-Good night, Daddy and Uncle Bhumi.

-Good night.
-Good night, sleep tight.


Hi, Kaew.

-You're back.
-What about you?

I went to Frank's diamond showcase.

Want a drink, Pakbhumi?

No, thanks.

I just wanted to say hi to you
and then call it a day.

Do you have plans?

I'm going to a party in Thonglor.

So I gotta go.

Good night, bro.

Good night, Kaew.


How's the old house in Suphan Buri?

Do you like it?

I do.

But the owner will say no.

Did you negotiate with the owner?

Not yet.


What's that flower?

It smells so nice.

It's called a peep flower.




That stupid snake...

Can I send my guys to kill it?

I'm so sick of it.

Leave her alone.

I'm begging you.

12 AM

You had a nightmare again?


1.30 PM

I give up, Pakbhumi.
I could hardly sleep last night.

I had a blast last night.

What are you thinking about the house?
Should I invite Mae for dinner?

You're free tonight and tomorrow night.

John arrives in Phuket
the day after tomorrow.

We'll have a long meeting on Sunday.

Our customers want a cultural trip
to England in December.

They want to visit museums
in London during the day,

and go to West End theaters at night.

This is what you specialize in.

Of course. I will do everything I can
to make this the perfect trip.

I need a break, guys.

Hello. Good morning, Mae.

What's up, my lovely boy?

Chanachol'd like to invite you
to have dinner with him tonight.

What if I'm not available?

You should be. A millionaire
wants to treat you to dinner.

Chanachol lets you pick the place
you'd like to have dinner at.

I should be the one
who buys your boss dinner.

I don't want anyone's charity.

At my place. Just tell your boss

Mekhala would like to invite him
to have dinner.

I'm the chef.

If he can bring a couple of bottles
of expensive wine,

I would be grateful.

Is that all right?

Okay, see you.


Is Mekhala married?

She probably never will be.

Why not?

You'll know why when you know her.

7 PM

After you.

These are for you.

Thank you.

Please come in, Chanachol.

No need to say that to Pakbhumi.
He visits this place quite often.

I'll put the wine in your pantry.

Fine. Make yourself at home,

A single girl's place is a mess.

Please take a seat.

What would you like to drink?

Chanachol always prefers
whisky on the rocks.

A man after my own heart.

You like whisky too?

Are you surprised?

Mae could finish that whole bottle.


If you saw how my friends and I
used to drink in college,

you would be shocked.

Pakbhumi, can you get me
a glass of wine, please.

Yes, ma'am.

Were they getting wasted?

-Of course they were.
-It depends...

on your definition of "wasted".

If they're still conscious
and can see things around them,

they're not totally wasted, right?

You have a point.


You're not getting a drink,

I already have plans tonight.
I just brought my boss here.

Where are you going, Pakbhumi?

I have a meeting at 8 PM.



Please take care of my boss.

I'm leaving now.

Good night.

Good night, bro.

Then there were two of us...

Does that frighten you?

Why would I be frightened?

Me, of course.

I should be scared of myself.

How so?

I don't always know what to do

when I'm with a stranger.

I can now reveal that...


...for the upcoming election,

my son, Phot,

has confirmed his intention to run
as candidate for the Chu Thai Party.




I would prefer to be by a river

than the sea,

the mountains

or a creek in the woods.


I love the repetitive movement

of a river.

Makes me feel warm and cozy.

I think

that rivers are alive.

They have spirits.

That's quite a strange belief to hold.

“Strange” like me, right?


Excuse me.



Can I see you tonight?

How about tomorrow night?

I have a guest tonight.

Who's that? A woman or a man?

That's a secret.

See you tomorrow night, Phot.

Right, tomorrow night it is.


You go to Mekhala's house
and kill that snake.

People says it's a mystical serpent.

Nobody dares to go to that house
at night, young master.

There's no such thing, you idiot.


You kill it tonight.

Yes, young master.

Did you make a reservation
in Phuket for John?

-I'll be there tonight.
-Thanks a lot.

10.15 PM


follow me
to the president's office.

Yes, Pakbhumi.

About buying an old Thai house,

have you made up your mind yet?

There are some old Thai houses

located on the riverside
near my place.

I can take you
to meet the houses' owners.

Do you want to try that?

You might find one you like.

Fine, if it's not too much bother.

How about tomorrow?
I have no plans.

Where's that stupid snake?

I think it's here.

It's a girl.

You're right.

I see what you see.

Be careful.

Is that a girl or a ghost?

How could a ghost
have such lovely boobs?

I can't stand it.

I really can't stand it.

No need to hide, girl.


You go ahead.


Where is she?

Go away!

Help me!

I'm so clumsy tonight.

-Let me help you.
-No, don't. Ouch!

Can I see it?

It's just a small cut. It's all right.

Your phone is ringing,


Yes, dear.

Petch has a fever
and she's been throwing up.

I called Doctor Krit.

-He's here. Hi, Doctor.
-Good evening.

-This way.

-What are her symptoms?
-She keeps vomiting.

I have no idea
what's wrong with her, doctor.

You should hurry.

I'm on my way right now.


I really have to go.

What's wrong?

My daughter is sick.

You should leave.

Don't worry.

I'm so sorry.

We all have duties to carry out.

I understand.

This is my business card.

I'll give you a call then.


-Phot, I'm free tonight.
-Okay, I'll be there right away.

Hi, my little tiger.

You're not going to bed?

I wanted to see you, Dad.

Good. Now you can stay up late.
We'll be able to go clubbing soon.

Not a good idea.

I'm going back to Bangkok tonight.
Where are you staying for the night?

We better stay here.
I don't want to travel tonight.

-Yes, mom.
-Let's go.

Let's go.

Let's go.

11 PM

She's sleeping.

What have I done?

Become an adulterer?

That's crazy.

I'll stay with her tonight.

Me too.


That's a relief.

She just had food poisoning.

Let her rest for a day

and she'll be back to normal by tomorrow.

-Thank you, Krit.
-That's all right, bro.

She's getting better.

I'm leaving now.

Why do I want to see her so badly?

I want her,

or do I want her house?

10 AM


How's your daughter, Chanachol?

She had food poisoning,
but she's getting better.

Did you forget about our appointment?

How could I forget that?

Can I pick you up at your place?

Let's meet in Bang Plama.

I'll send a boat to pick you up
at the pier.

You remember the route?

I do.

Let's meet around 11. See you.

See you.



Damn it.

He was ordained?

Right. Okay.

Fine. I'll be there.

Want some coffee, Phot?

No, I'm going to my office
and then to Bang Plama.

I gotta go.


I won't be in my office today.
Petch is sick.

You can attend the meeting for me.

Call me if you need anything.

Okay, boss.

About your dinner last night,

how was it?

Petch was sick so I had to leave.

You poor thing.

Don't worry about the meeting.
I'll take care of it.

Hope your daughter gets well soon.

All right.


Chanachol isn't coming?

He can't make it, dad.

-Where is he?
-His daughter is sick.

I see.

Good for you.

I know, Dad.


Come to the president's office.

11 AM

What's going on, Uncle Tim?

Phot's men...

They were killed by snakebites

and fell into the water.

They just found their bodies.


You're so afraid of that snake

you had to hide away here?

It's really a ghost serpent.

Ghosts are not real.

Are you sure that you're not drunk?

I saw you were pretty tipsy at the party.

-You're lucky to be alive.

I guess I'll have to kill
that fucking snake myself.

Watch your language, sir.

No need to say the "F" word.

See? She's coming.




You killed them?

Why did you kill them?

12 AM

What's in your cigarette?
It smells wonderful.

It's made from dried peep flowers.

They can be used as tobacco?


Please take a seat.

Thank you.

Have we met before?

Make yourself at home.
Mekhala will be here in a minute.


Welcome back, Chanachol.

I wish I could be a local here.


Like home is where the heart is?

It's not like that.

I think this place is so peaceful.

I've never felt like this.

When I'm in Bangkok,

the city makes me stressed.

It's different for me.

I'm lively

and active when I'm in Bangkok.

This place is indeed peaceful.

I love them both, I really do.

Lucky you.

Chanachol, watch out!

The water is not that deep.
You can stand up.

You're not drowning. Don't be scared.

Are you all right?

It's okay. We're all right.

Do you like wearing a sarong?

I like it.

It's oddly comfortable.

You'll get used to it.


all my cigarettes are soaked.

Can I try one of yours?


Thank you.

So you have to use
Uncle Tim's cigarettes.

Do you want a new packet?

I could get someone
to pick one up for you.

Don't bother.

I like these cigarettes.

They smell really nice.

I can't believe

that you can't swim.

Your name means "defeating the water".

My dad told me that

when I was young,

I was about two or three years old,

I almost drowned.

So my parents changed my name
from Pinit to Chanachol

for good luck.


we couldn't see
any old Thai houses.

We can do it in the evening.

I don't think so.

Why not? Scared of a boat ride?

No, I'm not.

I just now feel like

I don't want to buy any Thai houses.

When I came here,

you might think that I'm crazy but

I've always wanted to be here.

I want to sit right here

as long as I can.

It's so peaceful.

You know,

I want to lie down right here.

-I couldn't sleep last night.
-Please do.

Make yourself at home.

-Get a good sleep.

I will imagine

that this house belongs to me.

I want to see daddy!

I want to see daddy!
I'm going to meet him.

It's all right, my baby.
Daddy is working.

I want to see daddy.
I want to see daddy.

I believe that we will
be able to make profits

of more than a billion Baht
within this quarter.

Excuse me.
It's from the president.


May I speak to Chanachol?

What? He's not with...

He's in the restroom right now.
He said he has an upset stomach.

I'll tell him to call you back
right away.

How's Petch?

She's getting much better.
She had food poisoning.

She wants to talk to her daddy.

I'll tell him to call you back
as soon as possible.

Maybe in the evening
because right now

we're in the middle of the meeting.

Is that all right, Kaew?

all right.

What's up, my lovely bro?

Hi, Boos.

Is Mae in your office?

She's not in the office.

She might be in Bang Plama
this afternoon.

Do you need anything?

That's all right. Fine.

I'll give her a call later.

Miss you.


Right. Bye.

Chanachol called you?

No, it's Kaew.
He's not with her right now.

Where is he?

He's probably in Suphan Buri

at Mae's place.

He has had an awakening, dad.


5.45 PM

The river is calling.

The river is calling me.

How can I go to her?

I can't swim.

Hello, my lovely Shaba.


Is my boss with Mae?

8.05 PM

I miss you so badly.
I'm on my way to see you now.

Come and pick me up at the pier.

See you in an hour.

Okay. I'll be there.


Hi, Kaew.

Pakbhumi, it's me.

Now, we're heading to Pattaya.

John's arrived early

so he has to go to Pattaya right now.


He's in John's car.

His phone's battery must be dead.

When we arrive Pattaya,

I'll tell him to call you back right way.

Is that all right, Kaew?

I think the party is over.

I don't want to leave.

I want to stay over

then go back in the morning.

Is that a good idea?

What do you mean?

You have a wife.

It doesn't matter.

It does. Trust me.


Just one night. I promise.

If it's okay with you,

I can stay on the veranda.

That's not a good idea.

Why not?

You're not familiar with the countryside.

At nighttime

there will be insects

and nocturnal animals.

You'll be bothered by them.

That's nothing to me.

When I was in England,

I used to go camping in the woods.

It was great.

9.20 PM

Sorry to make you wait.

I can wait for you.

Where's my boss?

He's staying over for the night.


A lantern.

I'll put it right here

so the light won't disturb you.

When you go to bed,

tuck the net in properly.


How can I

tuck the net in?

Like this.


I see.

Daddy's been bitten. A snake bit him.




Hello, Pakbhumi.

Is that you, Kaew?

He's in the exclusive lounge with John.

Can you pack some clothes for him?

He has to stay in Phuket
for two days.

He will get them
at your place in the morning.


11 PM

Who's that child?

Who's that guy

and those three women?

I need to find the answer.


You're here.

Why are you here?

Don't worry about me.

I promise you

I will be a good girl.

Go away!

Go away!

No! Don't!

Go away!

Get out of here.

How can you keep a huge snake?

It's dangerous.

No, she's not my pet.

Not your pet?

Then why don't you kill it
or let someone catch it?

I think you should go back.

Go change your clothes.

I'll ask Uncle Tim
to take you to the pier.

I'm not going anywhere

until I know about you
and that bloody snake.

Please go back. I'm begging you.

You don't belong here.

That's not true.

This place

belongs to me.

I think that you

should take that snake
somewhere else or...

give it to a zoo.

She's not gonna hurt me.

Snakes are wild animals.

It could cost you your life someday.

That will never happen.

What makes you so confident?

Because she's not an animal.

If it's not an animal,
what is it then?

I have no idea what she is.

I just know that

my mom

called her "You".

The first time I met You

I was around six or seven years old.

That night,

my dad brought a girl home

and had sex with her
while my mom was in the house.


-He kept doing that.

Don't be scared, my baby.

She'll take care of you for me.

Please call her "You".

Hello to You.

Since then, I've met her quite often

in our house

or at the hill.

Back then I still thought

You was my mom's pet snake.

When my mom

took me to a boarding school
in Bangkok,

that was the first time

that I didn't see You

for a long period of time.

When my mom and dad
died in a mysterious accident,

I was in high school.

I came back for my parents' funeral.

I thought I'd have a chance
to see You.

But You

had gone

without a trace.

I can remember the day
that You came back.

It was the summer break

of my first year

in college.

That was the first time

I experienced

sexual intercourse.

That evening,

I went home

like I always did at every summer break.

I was so proud

and happy

to be a real woman.

Even though we hadn't met for ten years,

I knew right away

that it was You.

The way You looked at me

is like a guardian

who has been waiting for me

who misbehaved,

so she can condemn

and reprove me

with her love

and kindness.

Now you know my secret.

You can call me a weirdo

like everyone else.

Don't you know

that I'm a weirdo too.

Just like you.

Actually, I have no idea

who I really am.

I was an orphan,

adopted by my new parents.

They didn't have a kid.

I still hold on to the hope

that one day

I will be able to meet

my real parents,

my dad and my mom...

Just once.


you will meet them.

I believe that you will.


One more time, okay?

No, I can't.

You've already had two.

Come on. I'll do the work.



The meeting in Phuket is cancelled.

Mr. John is sick
so he will set it for another date.



6.30 AM

Good morning, Uncle.

If you take a walk in this area,

beware of snakes.

I met her last night.

I'll take it as a good sign

for encountering You.

You are so lucky.

Take this sword.

Carry it when you're in this area.

You'll be safe.

You make it sound like
a magic sword in a superhero movie.

You could say so.

Hold it.

I have found my answer. This is it.

The place I've always searched for,

it's here in Bang Plama

with Mekhala.

Those are sai yud flowers.

Their sweet scent

is so strong early in the morning.

The scent is fleeting

but it still smells nice.


right now I don't really know

the way you feel about me.

I just want you to know that

my feeling for you is real.

I love you.

No! Don't!

No! Don't!

You need to get of here right now,
Uncle Tim.

Please take him to the pier.

-Let's go.
-She's hurt.

-She's gonna make it.
-Nonsense, Mae.

You have to trust me.

If she wanted to kill you,

you would be dead by now.

You attacked her.

She'll be after you.

Have you ever heard
about a mad cobra's grudge?


You can't go back there.

I will.

Your magic sword saved my life once.

Don't underestimate her.

you came here to pick me up?

I have good news.
The meeting in Phuket is cancelled.

John is sick.

How about you?
Have fun last night?

Your daughter is perfectly well.

Thanks a lot, bro.

10 AM

How are you, my baby?

-Daddy is back.
-Are you well?

She's getting much better.
She can go to school tomorrow.

-I had a bad dream last night.

Tell me about it.
What was your nightmare?

You were bitten by a giant snake
in my dream. I cried a lot.


Don't worry. Don't you know

that I have a magic sword
to fight off snakes with?

Daddy, you're the best.

Daddy has to go now
or he'll miss his flight.

I packed your suitcase.


Where are you going this time?

I have a meeting
with some foreign businessmen in Phuket.

Do you want anything?

I want a magic sword
to fight a snake with.

Okay, I'll get one for you.

Are you all right?
You must be exhausted after last night.

Even Pakbhumi sounded like
he was out of breath.

John made me drink a lot
so I passed out.

Your phone's battery was dead too?


Are there peep flowers in Pattaya?

What is this?

Smells so nice.

It's called sai yud.

What's this stain on your pants?

I might have fallen when I was drunk.

I told Sman

to drive you to the airport.

No. I'll drive to the airport

so I can get home early
after the meeting is done.

I'm leaving.

You forgot your suitcase.


Good morning.

Where have you been all night?

I stayed over in Bang Plama.

I've been waiting for you since 1 AM.

I missed you so badly.

No, Phot. I have to go work.

You should do the same thing.

Fuck work.

You and me,

we are both owners of companies.

Who would dare to say a word

if we were late for work?

Get out of my house.

You tell me to go away?

Get out of my house now.


Are you seeing someone else?

Yes, I am.

What's the big deal!

I have always had someone else

since we've been in a relationship.

We both know that, Phot.

And you

already have a wife and a kid.


you have no right to claim me.

Please remember that.

If you have someone else,

-I will kill you.
-You can't kill me, Phot.

Just like your men

can't kill that snake at my place.

You'll see

that I

can kill that stupid snake.

If I can do it, you'll be next.

1 PM

Hi, Dad.

Chanachol is not coming today?

Yes, dad.

Is he with that girl, Mekhala?


Mai Kaew needs to know about this.


It's time they got divorced.

Is that a good idea?

It must be.

Can you tell me that you love me,

Chanachol, you act like a teenage boy.

You're not going to Phuket?

It's definitely because of me.

No, it's not.

They cancelled the meeting.

That's why I'm here.

I want to hang out with you.

Make yourself at home.

There's no snake to bother you here.

2 PM



Pakbhumi, is that you?

How's the business in Phuket?

Is Chanachol busy right now?

It's me, Kaew.

Chanachol is not in Phuket.

John is sick.
He's still in Australia right now.

We didn't go to Pattaya yesterday.

Chanachol made Pakbhumi
tell you that.

If he didn't order it,

no one would dare to lie to you.

Pakbhumi is with me now.

Right, See you.

Thanks, Dad.

You fucking snake!

Where are you?

Come out!


let him go.

He's dead.

Mae, you have a guest.

Sorry, I'm quite late.

No. I'm so late.

I'm Mekhala.

Can I help you?

I'm Chanachol's wife.

You had sex with him, didn't you?

I did.

You're such a whore.

Having an affair with my man.

Leave him alone.

Gold digger.


Uncle Tim called and told me
that Phot has died from snakebites.

3 PM

I warned him many times

but he never listened to me.

You are the only woman

that Phot loved.

He must be happy
that you have come to see him.

Thank you very much.

Please cleanse his body.

Who are you?

I'm his friend.

Your dad was my best friend.

That woman is gorgeous and smart.

But she is such a whore,

always messing with married men.

She has ruined so many couples.

I think that

you should think it over.

I've made my mind up, Uncle.

I want a divorce.

You should talk to him first.

Where can I meet him, Uncle?


do you know where Chanachol is?

I think I do.

I am a true sinner, Boos.

I must be sent to hell when I die.

That's not true, Mae.

Where's our group tour
going tomorrow?

To China, Xi'an airport.

I'll be in charge of that group.

5 PM



Are you crazy?

-Let me go!

What's wrong with you?

Cherd, let me go.

Get out of my house.

All of you, go away!


6 PM

Keep in mind, Pakbhumi,

that everything I've done,

it's all for you.

I know, Dad.

Excuse me,

-can you take me to Mekhala's?

You shouldn't be here.

She's not home.

I'm not here for Mae.

I'm here for you.

Thirty years ago...

7.30 PM this house

was there a little boy
who lived here?

Why do you ask?

I had a dream about that boy.

I saw his parents.

I saw Mae's parents

and I saw you.

What was that dream?

It's really weird.

I saw that boy's mother

was having an affair
with Mae's father.

So that boy's family
had to leave this house.


the boat sank.

That boy...


That boy's mom was named Tome.

She was my only sister.

My nephew's name was Daeng.

He was so adorable.

He shouldn't have died.


I believe that boy, Daeng,
your nephew,

is not dead.

How do you know?

They haven't found his body yet.

That's because I--


you shouldn't be here.

Uncle Tim, please take him
back to the pier.

-Mae, calm down and hear me out.

You have to leave.

Did Uncle Tim tell you
that my friend

was bitten to death
by You this afternoon.

You must leave, trust me.

Calm down, Mae.

I know what calls me to this house.

I know who am I, Mae.

I think I'm Daeng,
Uncle Tim's nephew who drowned.

What are you talking about?

I've never hear anything about that.

I saw it in my dream.

It's just a dream,

you can't take it seriously.

You saw the pictures
of my dad and my mom.

You see this house,
you see Uncle Tim.

You've made up a story in your head.

I can't believe it,

you're obsessed.

Are you calling me crazy?

I think you...

have an overactive imagination.

-Just like you and that snake.
-You need to leave.

I've made up my mind.

About what?

No! Don't!


I'm begging you.

Please don't take his life.

I love him.

Like you love me.

If you want to kill him,

please kill me as well.


please forgive me.

10.30 PM

TW 4070

I will rent a boat
and take you to her house.

No need for that.

Are you sure?

You know what, Pakbhumi?

He hasn't had sex with me

for six months.

That woman,

she's really gorgeous.

You are gorgeous too.



If so,

kiss me.

Is that a good idea?

My life...

will never be happy.

It will.

It definitely will.


4.30 AM

Sweet music.

Isn't it sad?

Sweet music...

always makes you sad.


No goodbye.

I'm sure we will meet again.


you need to go now.

I've got to go.

Please keep in mind,

you're my first love

and my only love.


I will.

I'm leaving.

I feel like my heart
has been ripped out.

She might not come back to me ever again.

I can believe it.

7.30 AM

-The kid is safe.
-What about his parents?

They drowned.

Take the kid to a hospital.

Oh, he's so cute.

There's no way you can
make that kid your heir!

Sending him to study in England
is already more than enough.

I've made up my mind, Direk.

9 AM


I'm pretty sure

I'm Daeng,

your nephew
who drowned in the river.

I want to give you my respect

as a member of my real family.

This house is cursed.

It's a house of sinners.

You should stay away from this place.

Please call me Daeng, Uncle.


Daeng, my boy.

My mom and my dad,

they were killed

by You, weren't they?

She held a grudge against anyone

who hurt Kosum.

What about Kosum?

How did she die?

Please take care of Mekhala for me,
Uncle Tim.

Yes, ma'am.

I'm ready to go with You.

Please take care of Mekhala for me.

I can't believe

that everything that happened here

is true.

If you believe that it's true,

then it is.

If you don't believe that it's true

then it's not.

I believe that it's true.

If you think so,

don't come back.

Please go.

I'll take you to the pier.

That's okay, Uncle.

I'll take a boat.

Can you do that?

I'm Daeng,

your nephew, aren't I?

I feel like I'm finally
free from everything.

My body feels so light,

like it's weightless.

The world seems to move slower.

I think this is it,

the freedom

that I've always wanted.


I'm ready to leave.

Please take me away
from this crazy world.

Right now,

I need some peace.

9.30 AM


3 PM

This boat is a time machine
that will bring you back in time

to a hundred years ago.

Please turn off your mobile phone
when we get off the boat. Thanks.

Just like when the plane is taking off.

What's up?

Hi, Mae.

The president has come
a long way to visit my house.

Mae, this is Ekkabhop.
He's my new business partner.

Ekkabhop, this is Mae,
the owner of this house.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.


Subtitle translation by
Chutarat Banthakit