Madre (2017) - full transcript

While at home in her apartment with her own mother in Spain, a woman gets a phone call from her six-year-old son, who's on holiday in France with his father. Every parent's nightmare ensues.

- For you, 2:00 is 1:50.
- Yes, but we're going to be late.

- Give me 10 minutes, I'll change...
- 10 minutes? All right.

Otherwise, everywhere will be full.

Can't you close the door, love?

I'm in my own home, mom.

Is there any cold water?

No, there isn't.

- Have you a dinner tonight?
- Yes.

Who with?

With Lucía and Vero.

Well, and other people
but I don't think you know them.


Yes, men.

- Give me some water.
- Friends?

- Mom, yes, friends.
- OK.

Tell me who.

- I don't know.
- Don't I know them?

I must have mentioned them.

Nacho. Remember a guy
we ran into at the theater?

- Yes, I do. He's very handsome.
- Yes, he is.

And very tall.

So, there's nothing with Nacho?

- We're friends.
- Don't you like him?

He's Lucía's boyfriend.

What do men see in Lucía?

- What were you saying?
- Nothing.

Lots of men like Lucía,
Nacho, for example.

I didn't say anything, love.

How's it going with that girl,

- You never said anything.
- Very well.

She's very nice, easy to live with.
She gets on great with Iván.

- What's her name?
- Isabella.

Che bella, Isabella.

Gli ricordi, amore mio...
Your phone's ringing.

- Mine?
- Yes.


- Great.
- Yes?

- Mom?
- Iván, sweetheart!

How are you?
How are you getting on, love?

- Fine.
- Where are you? What are you up to?

- At the beach.
- At the beach. It isn't raining?

- No.
- Pass him to me after.

Your dad can teach you to surf.

Don't go out too far.
And tell him to wrap you up well.


Are you going to use
the little board he gave you?

The one you liked?


Iván, tell me something.
Are you going for lunch?

- I don't know.
- You'll have to eat, won't you?

- And your father?
- I don't know.

- What do you mean?
- I don't know where he is.

- You don't know where he is?
- He's gone.

Gone where?

He said he'd come back,
but he hasn't.

Did you go there with friends?
Are you with anyone?


Are you on your own at the beach?


When did he go?
Was it long ago?

- I don't know, a while.
- Ten minutes ago, or more?

I don't know, maybe.

- Iván, where did your father go?
- To the caravan.

But the caravan must be close.
Do you remember where you parked?

In a forest.
We walked a long way.

Why did he go to the caravan?

Because I'd forgotten my dolls.

- And he went to get them?
- Yes.

And he left you alone...

Why hasn't he come back?

Don't worry,
he'll be there any minute.

Listen, are there
many people on the beach?

Tell me who's near you.

There's no one.

- You don't see anyone?
- No.

- Iván, is the beach empty?
- Yes.

Is he on his own?

- What beach are you on?
- I don't know, a beach.

Mom, call Dani. Dani Ceballos.
He's a friend of Ramón.

- Don't you remember the name?
- No.

Love, give me his number.

Tell me, do you remember
if you're in France?

Or are you still in Spain?

In France, I think.

That's great.

- Do you remember any town?
- No.

Or any beach that you've passed?

- Irun!
- Yes, love,

but Irun is in Spain.
Didn't you say you're in France?


Look carefully, Iván.

Look around you.
Don't you see anyone?

No, I don't.

Let's play "I spy", OK?
Remember that? You start.

Come on, you start.
I spy...

- I spy...
- What do you spy?

- A thing.
- And what's the thing?

A thing that begins with "wa".

With "wa"? Is it the water?
Listen, don't go too close.

Promise me you won't go there
till dad arrives.

- OK.
- Yes?

I'm with grandma.

She's dying to talk to you,
here she is.

Don't hang up and don't go
in the water. I love you.

No answer.

Hello, love! How are you?

- Yes?
- Natalia, this is Marta, Ramón's ex.

Natalia? Hello?

- Yes, go on.
- I'm sorry to call, but it's urgent.

Are you with Ramón and Iván?

- No.
- Do you know where they are now?

- They were going to...
- Yes, the Basque Country and France.

You're not with them?
It's important, it's about Ivan.

- It's not...
- He wants to talk to you.

Are you seeing them soon?
Do you know where I can find them?

We haven't spoken for days.

Could he have gone with Dani
or some friend?

I don't think so.
Is anything wrong?

Iván can't find his father.

If you think of a way
to contact him, tell me, OK?

Yes, of course.
If he calls, I'll tell you.

Yes, love, I'll put you on to mom.

Hang on.

- Who was that?
- Mom, call the police.

It was a friend of Ramón's.

- Hello, love.
- Mom?

Don't worry, I'm here.

We'll talk until dad gets there.
He won't be long, don't worry.

- OK.
- I'm sending you a message.

Tell me if you get it or not.
It's very important.

Another thing, this morning,

when you went
from the caravan to the beach,

were there more cars
in the parking lot?

Were there more people around?

Did you see other families?

I don't remember.

Is your battery getting low?

Can you see the little bars at the top?
How many are left?

- Wait.
- My grandson is six.

There's one.

Did you get the message?


Here's grandma again.
Don't worry.

- Love you. His battery's low.
- What?

Hello? Hello?

Hello. Who am I speaking to?

My son is alone
on a beach in France.

I don't know where.

It could be around Hendaye
or St.-Jean-de-Luz, I'm not sure.

He doesn't know
what beach he's on?

My son is six.
He's on a trip with his father.

Yesterday they slept in Hendaye.

But he says he can't see his father.
He called from his cell phone.

His battery's running low.
I think he's in France.

I understand.

- Just a second.
- Can you trace the call?

First of all, his father
didn't tell you where they were?

I told you I don't know.
That's why I'm calling.

- What phone is your son using?
- You want his father's number?

One second.
Yes, give me the number.

6, 9, 6...

- One second.
- 68...

- 68...
- 68, 10, 15.

Can you trace the call?

Just a moment, ma'am,
don't hang up.

- What is it, mom?
- He was cut off.

Hello? Hello?

- Hello?
- Yes, I'm back with you.

My son's phone has been cut off.

Can you send a car here,
or something?

In any case, you should come
and file a report.

- I have to go and report it?
- Yes.

- Maybe I didn't explain myself...
- You can go...

Just a minute...

My son is alone on a beach.
He's six years old.

OK? I think he's in France.

And his father isn't there.
Maybe something's happened to him.

It's winter, it'll be dark soon.
Can't you trace the call?

- I gave you the number.
- Yes. Ma'am...

Can't you trace the call?

We can't trace the call...

I'll go and file a report
but in the meantime...

Yesterday they slept in Hendaye.
So they must be close, they must...

We could call the police there.

They could start looking.
He's terrified.

He's all alone.

That's not how things are done.
You have to file a report here.

So the only way is
for me to go and file a report.

- That's all you can suggest?
- Please calm down.

You're such a great help, really!

- Are you calling him?
- Yes.

- Why was he cut off?
- I don't know. What did they say?

- You have to go...
- No, mom, they didn't say anything.

You have to file a report.

- Fuck!
- What can we do?

Where are the car keys?

I'm going to look for him.

You're going? But, love...

To France?

You stay here,
Iván knows this number.

Listen, love,
you don't know where he is.

I'm not staying here!

You should be informed
about these things, it's just...

I'm not informed about these things!
Be quiet!

The phone...

- Iván? Iván?
- Mom!

Love, are you all right?
What happened?

- I don't know!
- Don't worry, it's all right.

Mom's here, take a deep breath.
If you cry I can't understand you.

It's very important
that you don't hang up, you hear?

Tell me how the battery is.

Why isn't dad coming?

He won't be long.
Be patient, you're doing very well.

I need you to tell me
exactly what that beach is like.

From where you are,
can you see the end of the beach?

- No.
- And if you look both ways?

Remember when we talked about
from right to left?

- Yes.
- Yes? OK, to the left.

What do you see?
Do you see trees? What do you see?

- There are rocks.
- Very good, and to the right?


And if you walk along the sand,
what will you find?

- A bar.
- Is there a bar, or a house?

Anything like that?

This morning, when you went with dad
from the caravan to the beach,

did you pass a house or a bar?

- No.
- No, what?

There's nothing.
There's nothing!

Sweetheart, calm down.

It's all right. You know what?
You're going to walk.

Walk to the right.

Towards the sand,
in the same direction, it's very..

He should stay where he is.
Believe me.

He has to find someone.
The battery's low.

- Mom!
- Yes, darling, yes.

Yes, darling.

There's a man.

- A man, where?
- There.

- What's the man like?
- I don't know.

- Is he alone or with someone?
- He's alone.

What's he doing?

He's having a piss.

- Has he seen you, Iván?
- Yes. He's looking at me.

He's telling me to come closer.

Mom, I don't want to go.

Stay where you are, love.
He's a stranger. Stay calm.

It's all right.
You're talking to mom.

He's coming toward me,
he's telling me to come closer.

- What do I do?
- Run.

Iván, run!

- Why?
- You're a great runner!

- You have to run as fast as you can.
- Why?

When you're sure
the man can't see you, hide.

All right?
Are you running?

Sweetheart, run!
Run! Are you running?

What's happening?

Iván, say something, please.

Iván, tell me you're all right.



Iván, say something...

- Darling...
- Mom.

- I'm hiding.
- Where are you hiding?

- Under a tree trunk.
- And the man?

- He's looking for me.
- Don't make a sound.

Don't make a sound.

- Listen to me.
- The battery's running out.

If he finds you...

If he finds you, tell him
that mom and dad are close by, OK?

And we'll be there in one minute, you hear?

- It's very important to say that.
- The battery...

Do you hear?

- The man's here.
- Tell him what I told you.

- OK?
- He's seen me.

Iván, tell him what I told you!

Is the line dead?

What happened?
What did he say?

Mom, don't touch me!