Madrasapattinam (2010) - full transcript

After the death of her husband, Amy Smith, an elderly English woman, decides to return to India to search for her long lost lover and to return a necklace she was given. Through memory flashbacks we see how Amy as a young girl first arrived in Madrasapattinam, India in 1945 to join her father who was the governor of the city. Through some events of fate she meets Paritihi, a young Indian boy. Amy, feeling drawn towards Paritihi and intrigued by Indian culture, asks him to be her guide around the town and to show him the ways of his country. Soon a tender romance develops between them. However, Amy is too be married to officer Robert Ellis, a cruel man appointed by her father, forcing Amy and Paritihi to fight for their love.

What is the problem?
What has happened?

She wants to go to Madras!

She does not know Madras
has been changed to Chennai.

She doesn't know whom
she has to meet there.

Why does she want to go
to India at this age?

Will you allow me
only if I know all this?

Why should I know about the place..

..where I lived once?

Why do you take the vehicle?

She takes my vehicle whenever
she come here from America. Go man

You take care of those who are
from America. She is from London.


Go man!

She is calling you.

She looks like rat..
and she is a bandicoot!

Both make fun of me.

They don't know that we are
smart in earning money.

June 18, 1945 -Madharasapattinam

-Our land.

-Get out.

-Get out.

-Our land.

Go man.

Car is going!

You should have come with
your group.

Keep it inside.

-Sir! I have unloaded the luggage.

Ladies and gentlemen, those
who came here on governor's invitation..

I invite you all on behalf of
the Governor's bungalow.

On this wonderful day
in this Madras city...

in our Madras city as the new...

Move man...

I'll hit you.

Do they need a large ground
to play goli (Marbles)?

It is not goli but golf.

-It means?
-They will hit a goli with a stick.

-Parithi wins 1 anna bet.
-Ranga wins 1 anna.


Parithi wins 1 anna,
Kabir wins 1 anna.



Kabir gets defeated.

-Parithi wins 1 anna.
-I won't make the bet.

You come off man.

-Parithi wins 1 anna.
-Karna wins 1 anna.



I will stab you.

-Parithi wins 1 anna...
-Ayyakannu wins 1 anna.

Sir, don't leave him.

Sir, don't leave him.


What? Are you giving up for me?

Rain is coming!

Brother, come.
It will rain.

Clouds! Oh, Clouds!

Don't rain now!

At dusk
we will call you again!

Don't go away.

Oh! Clouds! Don't rain now.

At dusk
we will call you again!

Don't go away.

The Buckingham canal
is our temple..

We wash clothes
for our living!

Go man... go away man.

We will do our work before the sun set!

Oh! Clouds! Don't rain now.

At dusk
we will call you again!

Don't go away.

When the sun shines,
we will dye the clothes.

We will take off
if it rains.

Come.. Only 1. It is 6
Come.. only 1. 6 again

Come.. Only 1.
It is 3

Like the donkey carrying
a lot of clothes..

..we have enough burden in the life.

The life of launderer is similar to God.

We too carry your bundle of sins

Though we live with dirt
our minds are clean.

They are pure like the sky.

Go man... go away man.

We will do our work before the sun set!

Come man.

We have neither money
nor deceit in our minds.

We don't show off.

So there are no loss or anguish

Greetings sir!

Your shirt is stained.

Where are you from?

l give him a slap.

We have never gone to the school.

We learned by our experience.

Hence, we have no worries.

-One cent is cent.
-One cent is cent.

2 cents are half quarter.

2 cents are half quarter.

3 cents are three fourth.

4 cents are quarter.

Where are you running?

-They are dropping bombs!

-They are dropping bombs!

They did not drop bombs.

All can come out.

They did not drop bombs.
All can come out.

We will come as bomb sometime.

We are not afraid of any hit by lurching.

Even if we bow down our heads..

..our prestige will not get lost.

We will live as the moist soil.

Go man...go away man.

We will do our work before the sun set!

Come man... come man.

Rain is coming!

Oh, Clouds! Let us drench in the rain.

At dusk,
we showed our joy to you.

-This area..

-What is it? -You have come
with the Britishers! What is the news?

What difference will it make?
Go away from here.

You have come to our place.
...and asking us to go out.

-Is it your place?

A golf course is been
proposed to come here.

Governor has agreed to it.
Try to vacate this place.

Sir! This place belongs to us.

God! I hope our place will be safe.

You know well that many
depend on this place.

Can all be little calm?

We wash the clothes of the
governor's community... we live in the Buckingham canal side.
-Nothing will happen to our place.

-Mom said me!

We live here as a community.

We came to know that
our colony is going to be vacated.

If it happens so,
we will be homeless and..

..-we have to go to the road for a living.

Do you want us to beg for a living?

We can't do any thing blindly.

We believe in the river for our survival.

Being the land where Nethaji has born
why do we have to be fearful?

He talks about a dead man.

-Do you know that he is no more?

We don't come for a fight
or rowdiness with you.

-Whom are you calling as rowdy?
-Are you calling us as rowdies?

-Stop it.
-Stop. He is talking big

We have to be patient as many
families depend on this profession.

We should handle this softly.

We are going to give application
to the governor.

If you want you can come,
or can sit idle.

Oh my god!

Mind your work!

54.. 55... 56..

57.. 58.. 59.. 60.

Run for your life.

-Tell me the name.

He is the one you told.

But there is no one like him.

You are right.
This was taken 60 years ago.

Is there anyone
called Selvi, Parithi here?

Is there anyone
called Selvi, Parithi here?

I don't think there is.

We don't know.

Catch it!

Look! This is the washer man's colony.

We were busy washing clothes once.

Now we suffer without any work.

Is this the only place in Madras?

There are 6 places like this in Madras.

If you need any more information
you have to ask the chief.

Is he the one you told us now?

Yes he is the one!

-Which TV channel you belong to?
-F TV.

I knew it when I saw her.

There is no one here called
Parithi as far as I know.

Where are those who were
on the opposite side?

Hit you..! They vacated this place
and went to Saidapet and Adayar.

-They said this place have become dirty.

Are there anyone who has
migrated from here?

Is it Rajam?
It is me here.

-What's the name?

His sister's name is Selvi.

Is there any one called Parithi, Selvi?

-How old is he?
-About 85 years.

..about 85. Please look for it.

Is it?

There is no one called Parithi there.

There is an old woman
called Selvi. You want her?

The house is closed.

This is the address.
Ask someone nearby.

-What is it sir?

Do you know this guy?

There is no one like that.

There is no one like that.

You are asking a small girl.

Do you have any brain? Go.

Is it you?

Police would have come
in search of brother.

24.. 25..

-Come here.
-What sir?

-Where is this man now?
-He is our man.

Nice photograph!

-Where is his house?
-4th street and 3rd house!


What happened?
What are you doing there?

-Did he say in Telugu?
-Did he?

No donkey is seen in this place?
There is one.

Ouch! Kalyani!


Take care. Be careful!


Is it your donkey?

Look brother!
Kalyani is walking!

I were not aware of that.

Whites have enough brain.

No washer man seems
to vacate that place.

Why are you doing atrocious?
Leave me

Is it the wages for us
for working for you lifelong?

Don't shout!

Had you gone your selves they
wouldn't have demolished the building.

Will we vacate if demolished?

We won't allow to build
your golf course.

It is our commissioner's instruction.

-If you don't follow it..
-Will you kill us?

How dare you?

We shouldn't beat..

We should punish only
who motivate them.

Will you leave if it is a girl?

Did they watch for the human beings?

They have totally ruined us!

-We have to..
-So what?

You mean to attack the
police for hitting the girl?

Isn't there any difference
between us and them?

There is.

They are ruling people,
and we are slaves!

They don't have a woman.

Even the child in the
womb is our enemy.

Come, man.

They don't know about hard work.

There is nothing wrong that what he say.

22.. 23..

24.. 25..

They haven't done anything.
Leave them sir.

Then.. Did you do that murder?
This is murder case.

They won't leave you.

You were adamant that you
wouldn't vacate the place.

Inform your relations.

I don't understand anything.

Let them take the land.

We have to go 6 miles
to do the washing.

It is hard.

We can go and
fall on the commissioner's feet.


Fall on his feet.

They will ask for our houses.
Give it and fall in the river.

We have to fight for our problem.

We should have the guts..

You can keep your guts for yourself.

You have no children...

And after the wrestling always.
You're spoiling the boys lives meantime.

Will you give the life to the dead?

Put the signature in the document he gave.

Greetings madam.

You managed to delude this time.

But not next time.

Tell him that I told it.

Damn people..
have tortured him.

Drink the toddy!
Have it!

-You will be alright.
-Oh god!

If you've yelled there..
you could save the beatings.

What is the use coming and cry here?

It is painful man.

Don't you feel painful?

Where do you get the pain?

Hadn't she come to the station
they would have killed us.

Did she come to the station?

We didn't thank her.

It is painful.

I should say thanks to her.

Is that all?

I will tell her.

What is he doing?

How can we go there?

Go man.

They won't allow me to sleep peacefully.

-What do you want?

-You wore the whites dress
and have come. -Who is it?

-Our boys.

I will be back.

What? At this awful time?

-We want a hello from you.
-What help?

We want to tell thanks!

Why should you tell all that?

You are the boys of this place.

It is my duty to hello you.
Don't take it serious!

-Damn help!
-Go to bed.


-What is it?
-You have to help us.

-We have to say 'Thank you.'

..and in English!

Wait! Who are you all?


Not brandy.. whiskey.
Without ice.

-4 people came in and..
-Is it? -I mean 4!

Wearing suit and without chappals.

Where? In his house?

Are you Hindi?

Somewhere here.
They will get caught by me.

I will see to them..!

-Come please.
-Sir, Parithi..

Ok Thank you!

She is calling you sir.

It is the whites calling and
you stand on their side.

Day light robbery.

-Are you Selvi?
-Yes she is the one you are looking for.

Were you in Washermanpet?

Yes! We have recently
vacated the place and came.

Is Parithi her brother?

Yes. Her brother's name is also Parithi.

Will you keep quiet?

You have to believe when I say this far.

She is Selvi! Here is the ID card.

-Do you know her?
-Of course

Grandma should have forgotten!

Will you keep quiet for a moment?

I am Selvi. Not the one
you are looking for.

She really is mad.

I've no brother named Parithi.

I am kept here that I will get a lot..

..of money from these rich people.

Or else, they will fight
with me after you leave.

83,515 people are there
in the name Parithi.

6,800 people are there
who are 80 years and above.

4,15,813 people are in Selvi's name.

15,815 people are there
who are 75 years and above.

If you start to search from today.. could find her in 3 years!

Parithi is very easy.

Only an year.

Do you think it is fun?

Really? It is you creating fun!

You lost him when the
population was 35 crores.

..and are looking for him in 110 crores.

That too with the help of a photograph
taken 60 years ago.

Nothing can be done.

You have to find
with the help of the name.

Don't you have any notion?

What if we bring a photo taken recently?

With that we can match
with the voters ID list.

We can find out in 1½ an hour.

-There is no chance then.
-Why sir?

In the voters ID list you give,
no photo in that looks like us!

I don't draw any pictures
to any one generally.

Murali sir has come and asked me..

..and I couldn't deny.

How much will it cost?

I don't ask any money as
God has given me this art.

Still, it will cost 70 rupees
for the paint and brush.

-You can pay me for that.
-70 rupees.

I don't ask any money extra.

You wait for 1½ an hour.




-Thank god! She has gone.
-Thank god we have escaped.

We want to thank her.

They are thanking you.

We only thank you.

If you don't come..

If you didn't save me..

We don't know how what to say..

-Both are the same.
-Is it(auna)? -Auna??

That damn guys..

They are going to out bomb.

They are going to out bomb.

No what(duck)!
It is the bomb.


It is really funny. Will anyone drop
bombs from a passenger flight?

Who cheated you like this?

Catch him.

Don't leave, catch.

They are not offering
any food, get away.

She wants to sightsee the city.
Will you take her?

Welcome madam of Britain.

This is the Bay of Bengal.

He is singing!

Welcome madam of Britain.

This is the Bay of Bengal.

We welcome people by saying 'Greeting'!

-That's it

We travel in the bullock cart.

We travel in the tram too!

We travel in the canal boat.
Shall we go?

There is snake dance to watch!

There is blessing by an elephant's trunk!

There are many wonders here,!

Welcome madam of Britain.

This is the Bay of Bengal.

We welcome people by saying 'Greeting'!

Doll dance.. puppetry and
art in the temple statues!

We draw designs on
the floor with rice powder..

..which is the food
for the birds and ants.

Even if there are
millions of religions here..

..we live like brothers.

We build our houses with lanai

For the travelers
to take rest on their way

We consider mother as God!

Welcome madam of Britain.

This is the Bay of Bengal.

We welcome people by saying 'Greeting'!

Our Tamil language has
a million year old heritage!

Kamban and Valluvan told in their life..

..which is our ethics!

Will she understand what I say?

You can go anywhere you like.

You will get love only from here.

Thank God!

Brave kings had been living here madam.

Can you justify the atrocity
of making us slaves?

Be quiet. Don't spoil my living.

-The mountain is trapped.

Welcome madam of Britain.

This is the Bay of Bengal.

We welcome people by saying 'Greeting'!

We travel in the bullock cart.

We travel in the tram too!

We travel in the canal boat.
Shall we go?

There is snake dance to watch!

There is blessing by an elephant's trunk!

There are many wonders here,!

She likes your country.

She likes your donkey.

What are you doing here?

It is our city, isn't it?

I asked you why you
are here at this time?

I heard the news in the radio!

I wanted to send 2 letters to Nethaji.

How will it reach him
as he is not anywhere?

Do you know it?

I will post the letters!
Give them to me.

You start from here.

You can out it!
But I want to hear the news.

Listen to me sir. Sir!

Hail freedom!

Long live Bagath Singh!

Long Live Rajaji!

Victory for Motherland

I warn the British empire that
rules our Mother India!

In a month, you have to
remove your constructions..

..from our land and
go back to your country.

If not, post office, railway station
and other public places..

..will be demolished with the bombs!

I swear it on the Mother India !

It is not life that falls but seeds.

Hail freedom!

Victory to Mother India!

Victory to Mother India!

Your son has gone to jail
to achieve independence!

Be proud to be his father.

What independence?
Will it offer us food?

I was happy that my son
will look after us!

My daughter-in-law
has died delivering a child.

My son has gone to jail now.

How can I do the washing now
by coming that far carrying her?

It is food that is very important.
Land and independence can be later.

-Not me!
-What is it dear?

You told me that you have fever.
But your body is not hot.

It is not my body..
they will shoot me if I go there.

Don't blabber!
Go to the governor's house!

If I go now there,
you will have to see me as dead.

Ouch! What happened to you?

That girl is close to that boy
without knowing to the governor.

It will be dangerous if came
to know that I went with them.

What are you looking at?

Something is drawn in the cloth.

-Isn't this the white's cloth?

Kabir brother!

Greetings sir.

-Who is it?
-It's nothing, I'll come now.

Is it in the day?

-What do you want?
-A hello.

Why do you bother me?

Go and come in the evening.

Please come sir.

Brave man.. me at 4 pm.

-What does it mean?
-It is some Brahmin...

..wants to meet in the
evening at 4 at the river side.

This is not for you.
This is for someone.

Go and mind your work.


You are teaching as your wish.
What is the meaning of all these?

It is like the Tamil alphabets.

Tell it!


-Whom are you trying to cheat?

-You told that is like Tamil alphabets.

-What is it after A?
-What is it? -Aaaa

-After B?

-What is after C?
-Ceee! -Understand?

I understood.

Now teach them well..
or else you won't go home.

-Whom they are trying to cheat.
-They are trying to bother me much.

Tell me!

You can't understand anything

You would better do broker business
instead of this work.

Leave it. They got it from us
and we're now getting it back.

Are you Kattabomman's son?

Beat him.

If you are a woman,
come out

Come to me
face to face

Who gave him money to drink?

-Don't abuse him!
-Don't blabber.

I can't stand him as he gets drunk!

It is you who bothers me.

It is my brush and paint.

-I can do what I want to. -Is it
with that money you did all this havoc?

-Wait! I will come.

Look! She's fleeing as she got scared.

What is this Ravi?
All are watching you.

-We all..

We are wife and husband..
don't interfere into us.

What are you doing inside?

-Sir, she is calling you.
-Come out!

Don't show me..

You got 70 rupees for the paint
and brush. Where is the painting?

Take it.

-What? -Your paintings!
-Oh my god!

Beat him well.

Damn it! Take this.

Why do you beat him
instead of beating me?

It was me..!

-My grandpa!
-He was doing fine!

He has seen the good
and bad in his life.

-Who is he sir?
-Be quiet.

-He is laughing sir.
-Cut it man.

-It was him who was laughing.

-I don't want it that way.
-Let's use the photograph.

You get up.
Bring the camera here.

-Come. -Touch up, come here.
-Keep grandpa's photo here.

Bring the tea.

Who are you sir?
What do you want?

Those are ours

How did you get them?

How did you get them?

Why? It was she
who took the photos!

What is it man? We need an old man's
photograph for the next shot.

-What sir? -Open the shelf
and give the photo to them.

Come on!

These were taken in
auction in my dad's time.

She asks who has
let these in auction.

Brother! This is a site
for film shooting.

If you wish you can give
your phone number.

I'll call you later after
I take it from the old ledger.

Each copy is Rs.2500.
Is it ok for you?

These are your grandoa's
collections, isn't it?

Why did you lie to them?

Someone comes and
say she took those photos.

Later they'll ask for royalty.

Then, am I mad to save this?

Come make up.
Go quickly.

Leave it dear. Don't cry.

-He was living well.
-He has seen many good things.

We can't see a man like him.

Where has he gone?

I know only four words in English.
I said those words only.

But you don't come.

Have you forgotten?

The moment when the flowers blossomed

..and nobody has seen that.

The moment it was dawn..

..and nobody seems to have enjoyed it.

Until yesterday l was idle!

When l am with you
the time is not enough.

l didn't talk anything to you..

..and l did not have anything
to say now. Why so?

The night is not dawned yet.

..and the day has not come to an end.

Words are not needed as long we are alive!

We can convey our feelings
through our eyes!

We don't need yesterday or tomorrow!

The moment now today is good enough.

His garden blooms without
plants and shower

He has won my heart
without bloodshed.

The hesitation in my heart..

Don't know when this will end

Where will I get a clarification?
Tell me if you find out.

The rain has come as
a surprise to drench us.

Though I don't understand
this relation I enjoy it.

I didn't know him and his name..

..and a relation was born among us.

My mind disobeys me and
trails wherever he goes

The path has come to an end..

..but the journey is not
yet over in this world.

Even if the birds
vanish in the sky..

..the dance that started
doesn't stop. Why so?


You are nice.

Mom told me.

She died when I was born.

This is her sacred thread.

This is our treasure.

He has saved it
for his fiancee.

The moment when
the flowers blossomed

..and nobody has seen that.

The moment it was dawn..

..and nobody seems
to have enjoyed it.

Until yesterday I was idle!

When I am with you
the time is not enough.

I didn't talk anything to you..

..and I did not have anything
to say now. Why so?

The night is not dawned yet.

..and the day has not come
to an end. Why so?

I'll graze many donkeys.

What is your ambition?

I'll become a big
launderer like my dad.

-And you? -I'll become a
wrestler like Iyya kannu

What is your ambition?

I'll become a Governor
like my father.

What will you do
if you become a governor?

If I become a Governor
I'll build big schools.

I'll build hospitals for poor people.

I'll build big colleges for you.

Why should we need that?

Will you return us our place?

-What is the problem?
-This place belongs to government.

We've got orders to
clear them from here.

Already you took everything.

Now, why do you ask this too?

-I'll talk to him.
-Governor only has issued this.

Are you crazy?
Show your anger to Parithi only.

Don't show your power to poor people.

I have that guts.

If he has guts
ask him to come.

What if he wins..

I'll give the whole place to them.

What if I win..

I won't come here.

Sit down buddy.

You said it is wresting
but you are boxing.

No rules while fighting.

Who is the winner,
that is only important.

-Hit me.

-Hit me, leave me.
-Come sir.

There is a rule for fighting.

-He is creating new Law.
Leave me. -Please come!

See, what I'll do to him.
I'll beat you. Leave me.

We are hitting them after 400 years.

1.. 2..

3.. 4..

If you want to win
you have to hit him.

-Hit him like that.
-Hit him well

1.. 2..

3.. 4.. 5..



Victory to mother India!

Victory to mother India.

Victory to mother India!

-Hey, leave me.
-Leave me.

Where do you..?

May I come in?

It's confirmed that they'll go out.

They swore that they'll give
freedom if we win in world war.


Come all of you.



Tell me sir.
When will we get?

What we will do
if you tell like this.

Tell me.
When will we get freedom?

Economical downfall in Britain.

They talk as if
they're voluntarily freeing us.

We're waiting for long.
Tell us the exact date.

When will you give?

We were silent when
we didn't understand the language..

What is the meaning of this silence?

I don't know.

Because of me.

How can you say like that?

They've given you
the rights to give the freedom.

You're saying this
for the last one year.

Tell the correct date.

You change the sari.
I will..

Tell the correct date.

Victory to mother India!
Hail Mahatma Gandhiji!

What is there in India?

You are rich people.

You may give whatever you want.

But we don't have anything to give.

No, you have this sacred thread.

Will you give me?

You chatterbox.
Go and sit in the car

Keep quiet.
Always you are going after money..

You give only receipts for
getting paid instead of ideas

You're wasting time
when you have sources

If we search a person like this
after so many years, we can't find him

Then, how should we find him?

Let us give an Ad for him
in all dailies of Tamil Nadu

Won't we get a single friend or
relative among 60 million people?

Lord Mountbatten has
declared Freedom for India

Hot news.
Buy Swadesa Mitran

Lord Mountbatten has
declared Freedom for India

Hail Mother India!

Freedom for India on August 15..

Mountbatten declared

Foreigners are quitting the country

Long live Mahatma Gandhi

Long live Kamarajar

Victory for Mother India.

Long live Kamarajar

They gathered here to receive Kamarajar

Who are you to give us permission?

My darling! My darling!

l am living in your thoughts of love.

lf you are not there,
l am nowhere.

l will die before you go.

My soul! lt is your soul in me.

l close my eyes and crying
and l melt down.

l am losing myself.

My darling! My darling!

l am living in your thoughts of love.

l will come to you even
if l go far from you.

Even if you are lost,
your face is in my heart.

Will I mingle with breeze
and join your breath?

I will not come out
with your breath.

I will live in you.

My soul! lt is your soul in me.

I am crying thinking of you
and I melt down.

I am losing myself.

My darling! My darling!

I am living in your thoughts of love.

I think of you even if I am killed.

A love epic will end up in tears.

I'll live in your thoughts
I want to lean on your shoulders.

By holding your fingers
and being in love..

..I'll forget the time.

Soul, my soul!
We two are one.

I cry thinking about us.

I sacrifice my life.

I won't go

I've given it.
It is for you only

None of them can
take you from here

Let it be life or death
It'll happen here only.


What do you want?

We don't know about your custom

But we have a custom

That's why we've come formally
with a marriage proposal

How dare you come here with
a marriage proposal? Go away!

Why do you yell?

You ruled our country around 200 years

Do you get annoyed when
we come with a proposal?

What are you saying?

Are you threatening the
Governor and Commissioner?

Their portfolios are only till today.

Tomorrow even our
cattle won't respect them.

Shoot at us.

Leave me.

Sir, you are educated
and you have ruled our country.

Understand your girl's mind.

It will be good.

Why should we have to beg
to them? What will they do?

When that girl came to us
ignoring all of them..

..she became a girl
of our family.

No one can take her away from us.

Something written in that madam's cloth.

Look what is written in that.


Who are you?

How did you get this much guts?

You got guts because
you're going to get freedom.

You wouldn't see that.

-Who has come with Emy Smith?
-One minute. -Come!

One minute.
My grandpa is in 7th bed.

Will you tie this in his hand?

They're not allowing me.

Sign here.


Where is Parithi?

I want to meet Parithi

I don't know who Parithi is.

I lost my parents in my childhood.

My grandpa only brought me up.

What happened doctor?

What happened doctor?


Though you know
the Tamil language to speak.. didn't speak
with us all these days.

Who are you?

Who is Parithi?

What relationship is
between you and him?

Oh God!


Victory for Motherland!

Victory for Motherland!

About Parithi?

Aacharya will come in night train.

We will give the information
after he arrived about their posting.

Till then, you should be patient.

Victory for Motherland!

Victory for Motherland!

Governor sent her to Delhi
because we will create problem if she is here.

They will bring her to London
after she get down there.

Brother, I feel scared.

Nothing will happen.

Mom told me.

Victory of Motherland!

Has vehicle come?

Vehicle have come 20 minutes late.

Is Kamarajar coming in this vehicle?

Kamarajar has not come in this vehicle.

Sathya Moorthy and Aacharya
have come in this vehicle.

Victory for Motherland!

Which platform is the train to Delhi?

Which platform is the train to Delhi?

Who are these?


Who are you all?
Why are you running?

Sir, Delhi train..

Why are you running for this?

It has gone before 4 hours.

Next train?

Is this our village tram?

You can't go to Delhi at any time.

Vehicle has gone.

You will get the train day after tomorrow.

When will it reach?

It will take 4 days to reach.

Start from here.
You shouldn't stand here.



Long live Sathya Moorthy!

-Long live Sathya Moorthy!

-Victory for Motherland!

-Victory for Motherland!

-Long live Sathya Moorthy!

Victory for Motherland!

-Stop man!

Victory for Motherland.

Careful! Parithi.

Victory for Motherland.

Victory for Motherland!

Victory for Motherland!

Victory for Motherland!

Victory for Motherland.

Hail to Mahatma Gandhiji.

Victory for Motherland.

Long live Rajaji!

Rajaji is coming. Move aside.

Hail to Mahatma Gandhiji.

Long live Rajaji!

-Long live Sathya Moorthy.
-Mahatma Gandhi..

Victory for Motherland.

Victory for Motherland.

Rajaji is coming, move.
Long live Rajaji!

Long live Aacharya!

Long live Aacharya!

Long live Aacharya!

Hail to Motherland!

Long live Aacharya!

Parithi, you go from here.

Parith, you go.

Victory for Motherland!

Victory for Motherland!

Victory for Motherland!

Victory for Motherland!

Kamarajar's vehicle has come.
Long live Kamarajar.

Long live Kamarajar!

Even a thousand weapons
can't fight against love

Darkness will vanish.
Brightness at dawn in the east.

Even when ghosts and foxes chase..

Even if the path is full of obstructions

A flower blooms in the
war field amidst chaos

A new dawn everywhere

Dampness in the breeze increases..

Tears in the eyes joins the breeze..

We were two..

now have become one

Ours is an affectionate bond

We've joined hands at the cost of tears

Even a thousand weapons
can't fight against love

Darkness will vanish.
Brightness at dawn in the east.

Even when ghosts and foxes chase..

Even if the path is full of obstructions

A flower blooms in the
war field amidst chaos

We tried well
but couldn't catch him!

We will catch them before dawn.

Don't catch them.
Kill them.

Sir, that is..

There is no one here.

Tell me.

Where have you hidden
the Governor's daughter?

Sir, we came with the proposal formally.

We have no necessity to hide them.

If so, where are governor's
daughter and Parithi?

We too are waiting for them.

Now, you too wait for them.

Sit down, all of you.

Victory to Mother India!

Running water can be
stopped by a dam

no way to restrict the clouds

Present is before the eyes,
future is a dream

Destiny cannot be predicted

night and day, summer and
winter are made for each other

Will our union happen?

This is the moment where dawn awaits..

Will it dawn for us?

Even when ghosts and foxes chase..

Even if the path is full of obstructions

A flower blooms in the
war field amidst chaos

Hail Mother India

One sky is not enough

Wish for many skies to flee

Dream for a long life
Let us hold our hands

And stay united forever

War throughout day and nights
A cuckoo sings faraway

Hearts feel elated at hearing it

Though at opponent sides

But nothing stops us
from falling in love

Even a thousand weapons
can't fight against love

Darkness will vanish.
Brightness at dawn in the east.

Even when ghosts and foxes chase..

Even if the path is full of obstructions

A flower blooms in the
war field amidst chaos

Dampness in the breeze increases..

Tears in the eyes joins the breeze..

We were two..

now have become one

Ours is an affectionate bond

We've joined hands at the cost of tears

Don't kill him.

I want to speak with him.

Shoot at sight is announced
when you were seen.

Government is to be changed
when it is dawn.

If you stay here till then,
I could offer protection for you.

This is not the time
to examine your heart.

You should see how intelligent
you are in running your life!

Listen what I say.

Sir! This is Railway area.
I'm telling it time and again. Leave this place.

You won't be admitted.

I'm inquiring him
if anybody has come here.

Sir! Nobody can
come here at once.

Even you are not allowed.
Start now.

Key is in the head office.

This is clock room's door.

Nobody can go without permission.

It is time for me.
I have to close the main gate.

You start now.

No way here!


-In this situation..
-I am alright. Come.

As SP said let us move
from here after dawn.

Leave me!

Ask him to leave me.

He says that he is dumb.

Ask him to leave him.

He is a dumb.
Tell him to leave.

-Leave him.
-Tell him.

Leave him.

What happened to you?
Tell me!

What happened?

Now, you tell me.
Where are they?

It's paining.

The time is five.

Don't know where they are

Whether they will be found..

They will get caught.

At 12 am..

.. they've escaped from the central
and taken the Wall Tax road.

There had been a fight with
Daniel team at 1 am in Ordinance line!

By escaping from there,
they've taken Mint street..

Around 2 am, they hit Alex and
Samuels near Salt Cotaurs

Again escaping in Calcutta mail,
they've come to Central station

They've have not
come out of Central!


What is that noise?
Someone has jumped!

Someone pushed him.

-Parithi! What happened to you?


Bhagat Singh, hail!

Hail Sugavel.

Hail Bhagat Singh and Sugavel!

Hail Rajaguru.

Where are they?

Go away!
I don't need you. Go!

Didn't you return to India after that?



After so long..

You don't even know
whether he is dead or alive.

Why're you searching for him now?

It is for this

This belongs to Parithi..

..and his wife now

I should give it to its rightful owner

-You had given an Ad in the newspaper.
-Yes, who is this?

-How do you know Parithi sir?
-I don't but..

You don't know but
why're you searching him?

Do you know him?

I don't know who you are.
Please come in person.

Please give your address.

No.4, Apparsamy Koil Street,
Mylapore, Chennai -4.

I will come

Our London lady.

Where is your grand daughter
and luggage?

They said they'll if I enquire
with the telephone exchange

That number only.

Please give that number at least

I'll call you back

-What happened sir?
-Here is the impression of what I wrote

What is the address?

4, Apparsamy Koil Street,

4, Apparsamy..
The address we went earlier

Come fast!

Do you have the taxi fare at least?

Where is Duraiammal trust?

You're talking in Tamil

Do you know that place?

What're you saying?
I grew up there only

Go to that trust

Do you want to donate?

Even if you had asked a kid on the day
you came you could've gone there

If you had come in my taxi that day.. would've finished your work
and gone back home by now

The old lady who came with us is Duraiamma

All these days we were
searching for Parithi sir only

All these are run by that trust only

It was started as
a small school in 1967

It got expanded to
many schools and colleges

Our sir is not educated
but he speaks English nicely.

Everything is sponsored
by Duraiammal Trust

You can donate confidently

This is Duraiammal Trust Road

Our sir fought with the
authorities to name the road as such

Look there. That is
Duraiammal Charity Hospital.

Here there is no difference
between the rich and the poor

All are treated equally.

You can donate confidently

This is Duraiammal Engineering College

Fee is cheaper than Government rates.

But our sir sponsors
for half of the students

Look there. Duraiammal Old age home.

After this was instituted
old people refuse to go home..

..because of the facilities they get here

You can stay here for two days
and then give the donation.

Here we are.
This is our sir's office.

Come madam.

She is Duraiammal.
Our God.

She only aspired to build all these.

Or else can kids of parents
like me go to school?

lf l become a Governor
l'll build big schools.

l'll build hospitals for poor people.

l'll build big colleges for you.

Her fate.
She died when she was young.

Our sir didn't marry after that.

Velu, how come you are here?

Sir, this madam is from London.
I think she has come to donate.

Donating is not so simple.
There are some formalities.

I'll bring the relevant forms.

-Until then, make her sit
in sir's cabin. -Ok sir.

This is our sir's cabin.

No one is allowed inside.

But I am like his son.

Please come.

Please go in and sit.

Wondering what is all this?

Those are our sir's pictures.
Doesn't he look like a hero?

If a moviemaker sees him
they'll grab him

Where is your sir?

Come. This is trust the office.

He is the one.

He has worked a lot.
So he is taking rest.

Born: 19-4-1920 Died:24-10-1998

l've given it.
lt is for you only

none of them can
take you from here

Let it be life or death
lt'll happen here only.


Born: 19-4-1920 Died:24-10-1998

what happened?

Lift her.

Bring the stretcher.

This is ICU.
You can't go in.

What are you saying?

Was it Duraiamma who came in my car?

What happened, doctor?
Please tell me.

She died 20 minutes ago.