Madox-01 (1987) - full transcript

Koji Kondo is a young mechanic who finds the Madox-01. He gets stuck inside the machine before he finishes reading the manual. He must now evade the government and find his girlfriend before she disappears forever.

What a sorry sight.

You have just witnessed the obliteration
of an elite U.S. Army tank force...

...only three minutes after being engaged... the Slave Trooper 01.

Also known as the MADOX-01, it's localized
combat capability is overwhelming.

The device is also more resistant to NBC
weaponry than a main battle tank.
(NBC: Nuclear Biological Chemical)

Furthermore, it can be deployed from
a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter.

It's utility for anti-terrorist and anti-
guerrilla operations is self-evident.

Now, allow me to introduce the driver of
the MADOX, who just performed this...

...dangerous exercise with these remote
simulator tanks... Miss Kusumoto.

Miss Kusumoto is also in charge of soft-
ware development for this "Tankbuster."

In order to demonstrate the
versatility of the MADOX...

...she personally volunteered to be the
driver today, despite being a woman.

Unit #1 goes to Ichigaya tonight. We're
in a hurry, so deliver it as-is.

Unit #2 needs to be overhauled.
Get started quickly.

And then...

Miss Kusumoto... humiliated me
brilliantly today.

Lt. Kilgore, you fought admirably
in today's action...

...but you just can't beat the
MADOX in street warfare.

I didn't come to talk about that. I
have only one thing to tell you.

I'll get even for today.
I swear it.

Not with you... with
that wind-up toy.

Remember this... next time, it won't
be a remote-control game.

Hey! This is terrible!


Over there!

Holy crap!

Hey, that's an E-2C Hawkeye!

It's flying pretty low...

Kouji... Sorry to bother you, but...

Have you got something

Daydreaming again, aren't you? Must
be nice to work part-time.

Never mind that!
What is it?

What's this?

I have no idea. All of the sudden,
it was here in the truck.

It wasn't here when
I loaded up.

Say, what do you
think it is?

Kouji... aren't you an
engineering major?

Okawasaki Heavy lndustry...
U.S. Army...

Onose, I'll take charge of this!

Huh? But... Well, then, what is it?

It has "MADOX" written
on it, right?

It's just a piece of junk
someone threw away.

-I'm telling you, don't worry about it.
-Uh, but...

I treat you to ramen all the time, don't I?


Sign: "Onose Motors"

This is absolutely unthinkable!

How could an SDF transport...
(SDF: Self-Defense Force; Japan's military)

...lose top-secret cargo in a
simple traffic accident?

Er... The report said that
it was an unavoidable...

You're being naive. It was
terrorism, of course.

You people don't know the
Eastern Bloc's methods.

Hey, if the Eastern Bloc
does get hold of it...

...we'll expect you to repay us for the
huge development expenses we've incurred... per our contract...

Mr. Okawasaki! You, too, should
watch what you say!

Another viewpoint is that this accident
was one of your publicity stunts!

Wh...What are you saying?
We're the victims here!

In any case, this couldn't
have come at a worse time.

We were just about to go into
field-testing. This is terrible.

Really, they're missing the point!

It's been fourteen hours
since the accident...

...and yet, the top brass
are still in a panic.

The actual loss aside, I'm to blame for
leaving it in scramble mode
while it was being moved.

I'll bring it down if it
starts operating.

The Army's already trying to recover it.
It's best that you leave it to us.

Besides, MADOX-02 is being
overhauled right now.

Any new developments?

No. There's still nothing from
the SDF search troops.

We're having trouble tracking down
vehicles that were at the scene.

And we can't very well ask the Police
for assistance, now, can we?

We're preparing for the worst,
and forming a recovery unit.

-Did you say "a recovery unit?"
-That's me.

-Lt. Kilgore?

But after all, I'm the only one who's
fought against the MADOX...

That's too dangerous.

There's nothing to worry about.
Our objective is recovery.

I won't break it.

You still don't get it, do you?
It's you I'm worrying about!

Awfully sure of yourself,
aren't you...

Well, fine.
I've got a trump card too.

Lt. Kilgore is a dangerous man, but he's
the best tank driver in the Army.

He was born into the
wrong era, I fear.

Say, will this be all right? It won't
drop through the floor, will it?

Well, this apartment was built a long time ago...

Don't scare me like that!

It looks alright now...

Hey, what's this photo, Kouji? Didn't
you say you broke up with Shiori?

Hey, you, cut that out!
Give that back!

Man... Shiori is too
pretty for words.

When she goes off to
study in England...

...every guy in Japan is
going to be miserable!

How do you know about that?

Eh? Oh, didn't I tell you?

She called this morning and asked
me to give you a message.

Why didn't you tell
me sooner?

Now you're crying over spilled milk!
Didn't you break up with her?

Just tell me what
she said!

She said, "I'll be waiting on
the observation floor..."

"...of the NSR Building in West
Shinjuku, at 8.:00 tonight."

Say, Kouji, you've been saying
that you were breaking up...

...but isn't it ultimately
up to you?

Shiori thinks...

Uh, never mind... Sorry... Well,
I still have work to do...

...but tell me if you find anything
interesting in there, okay?

Well, see ya!

Now, then...

A manual...

"The Slave Trooper MADOX-01."
What is this?

I see...

This is awesome!

To get inside... the Open Switch.

This is so cool! I'm getting
excited just looking at it.

I'm amazed that something
like this even exists.

Ah... The joints get locked when
the power unit is turned off.

I wonder if it has an eject
function of some kind...

Maybe I can even
make it move!

I don't get this...

Oh... okay! It can adjust
to your body size.

Let's see...

About this much?

Feels just like wearing
ski boots!

What now? How do l
get out of this thing?

Wh...Wh...What the...?!
Stop! Hold it, stupid!

I...I'm not ready yet!


What's happening?

-We've got the MADOX's activation signal.

Tokyo! Nakano district!

So, it's moved.

It's heading toward

This is a disaster.

It won't stop!

W...Where's the
brake?! Here!

L...Looks like I've stopped.

Uh... Excuse me...?

Huh? Ah, yes! I'll
take this, please!

Can you warm it up
in the microwave?

Damn it! Come on, shrimp!
That's it... a little... more!

Honestly, this is like feeding myself
with someone else's hands!

Still, this is really

This thing just sucks me in, and l
can't figure out how to get out!

The NSR Building at
8:00, wasn't it?


Foreign-exchange study?

In England. For three years.

What are we gonna
do for three years?

That's why I want to
talk to you about it.

Talk? What's there
to talk about?

My father is making
me go.

So that's how it is, huh?
It's not hard to figure it out.

I'm just a poor student who has
to work for a living, after all...

So, when are you leaving?

This Sunday.

That's only four days
from now...

In other words,
we're finished!

Shiori, what do
you want?

Heck, seeing as how
I'm all dressed up...

...I might as well
go and find out.

What's with the Marines?

They're going up the Tama River?
They'll miss the show!

Self-Defense Forces?

The Self-Defense Forces, let me
see... have them direct traffic!

Lt. Kilgore! What the hell do
you think you're doing?

Well, well. If it isn't
Miss Kusumoto.

Do you intend to
start a war?

Taking off in a prototype
airborne tank...

Please don't turn Tokyo
into another Vietnam!

Tokyo or Vietnam, it's all the
same battlefield to me.

It's the perfect jungle in which to
blow away your pretty MADOX.

It'll be a catastrophe.

Hey, don't worry.

I'll knock it out and keep this
affair from escalating.

Let's go! Scramble
and take off!

Lt. Kilgore has taken off on the
MADOX recovery mission...

...with a high-mobility airborne tank
and anti-tank helicopters!

What did you say? That's
going too far!

As it stands, the heart of the
city will be in a huge panic.

It may be that nobody will be able
to stop Kilgore and the MADOX.

Is there anything we can do?

The MADOX's goal is as yet unknown.

We simply can't read
the driver's actions.

But... if I can reach him before Lt. Kilgore
does, I think we'll have a chance.

But, the MADOX is...

I'll take Unit #0, from the
motive-power test bed.

Is there any chance of success?

I don't know... but we have no choice!

Come on, you heard me! I want
diesel! Fill 'er up! Fill 'er up!

All right!

I'm coming, Shiori.
Wait for me!

Yeah! What a ride!

Hey, what're you doing? I don't put
up with weirdos hogging the road!

Get out of the way,
you jerk!

Watch this!

You're really hot, man!

It was easy! Huh...?

Stop it! Stop!

I still got 30 more loan payments
to make! Oh, my top!

All right! It's a
Cabriolet now!

So long, suckers!

Oh yeah, cars are not allowed in some
areas of Shinjuku on Saturdays.

What's with these guys...?
Uh oh!

Yes, we're certain. Shinjuku 5-Chome
intersection. Request back-up.

I can't get away
in this crowd!

They've come to take
this thing back!

This is getting serious! This "MADOX"
must really be important.

Huh? What is that? It's weird. Is this a TV
show? I hope it's not a Yakuza war!

But what am I supposed to do when
I can't even get out of it?

Get out of my way, blockheads! I just
want to go to the NSR Building!

You got that?

Jackal 3 to Spider 1. We've
located the MADOX.

Spider 1 to Jackal 3.
Attack! Fire at will!

It's still moving!

The right arm's moving
on it's own... Stop!

It wasn't me! It did
that on it's own!

I'm telling you, it wasn't me!

One of the Apaches
was shot down.

The unit has authorization
to destroy the MADOX!

That's just what Kilgore wants.
What about the MADOX?

It's heading to the skyscrapers,
Apaches in pursuit.

Evacuate the civilians, quickly!

I'm going in!

They're ganging up on me!

Oh! Over there!

Look out below!

Shiori... it looks like I've gotten
mixed up in something terrible.

Now then...

Which way to the
NSR Building?

Now this is convenient!

By going straight here, I should
come out at the West Entrance.

When I do, it'll be right
in front of me!

Another lunatic's
popped up!

Back off!

Sign: No Smoking in the Subway!

I've found the West Entrance.
That's the building!

Oh crap!

Okay! Move it, MADOX!

You should be able to hear
this. Answer me!

I can hear you. And you're
giving me a headache!

What the hell are you trying
to accomplish... causing all
this uproar?

You're the ones who are causing
an uproar! I'm just...

"Just..." what?

None of your business.

Anyway, give up. You
can't escape now.

That's something I won't
know if I don't try!


Damn it!

That does it! I'm taking
you with me!

The NSR Building?

You're sure that's
what he said?

All right, Captain! We've
got our drop site.

Put me down in front
of the NSR Building!

Make it smooth. I'll buy everyone
a drink after this.

It's the perfect ring
for a return match.

Sign: "NSR Building Parking Area -- Exit Elevator"

All right! Shiori's up there!

D-Damn! Persistent,
aren't you?

I won't let you go
any further!

Damn it!

I don't want anything
to do with you anymore!

I thought you were
an amateur...

...but it looks like I won't
have to hold back now!

Get back!

Out of ammo...?!

I've had enough of this.

It's time we stopped
playing around.

Why, you!

Why won't you
give up already?

I can't move!

I...I'm dead for sure!

It can't be! He's
just a boy!

Who are you? What were you
hoping to accomplish?

I'm Sugimoto Kouji, a sophomore at
Kanto lnstitute of Technology.

I just want to meet a girl who's waiting
for me atop the NSR Building.

What's that got to
do with anything?

Listen to me. This thing is what's
causing all the commotion!

It swallowed me up, and then it shot
up a helicopter, all on it's own!

I understand. Your carelessness
is not inconsequential...

...but I'm also largely to blame, for letting
it be transported in scramble mode.

Miss Kusumoto, this is
Spider 1, Kilgore here.

Too bad. You won't
get your chance.

Yeah, thanks for the show.
As always, you fought well.

Come up here, on the double.
I'll make the pickup.

Thank you, but I won't be
turning him over to you.

I'll settle this personally with
Yokota Base Headquarters.

Okay, fine. Do what you like.

Hey, where are the civilians
in this building?

They're only on the
top floor, sir.

Say, do you suppose you could take
me up to the 50th floor for a bit?

Is it that important?

Now that you mention it, why
am I getting so frantic?

"...isn't it ultimately
up to you?"

First floor.

Wha...What the...?

It's a trap!


As you ordered, sir, we've taken
care of the bigger one!

But... are you sure that was
the right thing to do?

It's fine.

Are you all right? What
the hell is going on?

That was naive of me.

He's going to see this
through to the end.

His target is the MADOX. He'll come
after you until he destroys it.

If you want to stay alive, you'll have
to beat Kilgore... With the MADOX.

Th...That's impossible!
There's no way I can beat him.

I barely know how to walk
and move the hands!

You haven't got a choice!

Either the MADOX gets destroyed,
or you crush Kilgore!

There's no other way.

What about you?

They wrecked my legs.
I can't move at all.

Who is this Kilgore guy?

You'll see.

You think I can take him?

With the MADOX, you
should be able to.

You were excellent
in our fight.

Have you read the
entire manual?

No, there wasn't enough time.

I see... Well, then, I'll give
you a few pointers.

Welcome, MADOX. The
opening act is over.

That's him!

Let the main event begin!

You bastard!

Come on, try and kill me!
You're pathetic!

What's wrong? Done
for already?

Can't you let me enjoy this
a little bit longer?!


Take this!

Serves you right!
Flipped over like a turtle!

Hurry it up!

-"Weight overload. If you are by..."
-Oh no!

"...the door, please exit the elevator..."

N...Not this again!

That's great. If you can't
even do that much...'ll ruin the name,

That trick won't
work on me!

No good! What do we do, MADOX?
This is death by slow torture!

What floor am I on? I should
be pretty high up.

I hope I've got a lead on
that guy with the tank.


Shiori! You've been
waiting for me!



Run, run! You've got nowhere
to go, MADOX!


It's the final round!

Come on, MADOX, show
me what you've got!

Where are you, Kilgore?!

Found you!

You've got guts!

Take this!

The smells, the sounds, the
vibrations! I love it!

I'm not running away anymore!

Die, damn you!

This is the end!

He got me!

You're strung up
in a clever trap!

W...Why you!

I don't mind falling
if you come with me, MADOX!


Both you and MADOX are
out of your minds!

Eat this!


Are you all right?
Are you hurt?

Yeah. I'm really
beaten up.

Sorry to have kept you
waiting so long.

But, I've got something I want
to tell you after all, Shiori.