Madonnen (2007) - full transcript

A portrait of Rita, who claims that her mother was never a mother for her. Rita gives birth to her own six children and forces her mother to take the role of a mother for her grandchildren as she never did that for Rita.


a fiIm by maria speth

Mum, please...

Just teIl me where he lives.

Just give me his damn address,
then l'll stop bothering you.



Two euros thirty.

No, Ieave it. lt's okay.

l have to go. Are you coming along
any further? I'm going to Nieuwpoort.

No? Okay, bye!

Miss! VaIerie Vass?m. She teaches here
at my daughter's schooI.

I didn't remember straight away.
I'm bad with names...

but l never forget a face.

Here it is.

Shall l wait? l don't mind at all.

No, thank you.

Good bye.

Good Iuck.

I'm coming!


What's the matter with your Ieg?

An accident.

I look for J?mrome Vass?m.
Does he live here?

Yes. lt's my father.

l'm Rita, and this is J.T.

l'm PhiIippe.

My father don't be back
before this evening.

Then I'Il wait here.


When l play better...

I want to be part of a band.

And where are you from?
- Germany.

My father
also Iived in Germany... before.

It was in...

I have forgotten where it was.



- lt's my mother.


I'm in here.
- Are you hungry?

- Hello.

Oh, you have a visitor?
- This is Rita. - Hello.

WouId you Iike to eat with us?

She says,
"WouId you Iike to eat with us?"

That'd be nice.

How do you know each other?
- She's waiting for J?mrome.

What does she want from J?mrome?

I don't know.

She says,

'"What do you want to know about J?mrome?'"

I think that he is my father.

She thinks that he's her father.

Is that supposed to be funny?
- l don't know.

- You're welcome.

Excuse me.

Leave it! l'll do it in a minute.

Are you feeling better?

Can l have one?


It's a nice house. l Iike it.

I wouldn't mind Iiving here.

Just kidding!

I'm putting a pond in down there.

With koi.

A friend of mine gets them for me.

Do you know those fish?
- No. Never heard of them.

It's a type of Japanese carp.

They come in various coIors
and patterns.

They're really sensitive,
it takes a Iot of work.

But they're beautifuI.

l don't like fish. l find them boring.

Why are you visiting me now?
After alI this time?

I don't know. No particuIar reason.

I was curious.

How's your mother?

She died last year.

In a car crash.

She was overtaking
and smashed into a truck.

She died instantIy.

I'm very sorry.

It's not your fault.

What does it taste Iike?

Can l try?

What did she tell you?
- lt makes no difference!

Come on! What did she say?

You can't send me back.
They"re looking for me in Germany.

For theft and stuff.

You're Iying!



The car is waiting, Commissioner.

Calm down, Madame.
- Let me go.

Get in.

Can I see your bag again, pIease?

Are you enjoying this?
- Not reaIIy, but I have to do it.

There you go.

Got anything in the pram?
- No.

Can I take a Iook? Okay, fine.

Here's the key to your ceII.

Nino, get up off the floor!

Get up!

Maybe l'd better take him with me.

You know the rules.
You shouId Ieave now.

You can see that he's not happy.

Give me my chiId back!
- He's fine, don"t you worry.

Go to work,
we'lI see you in the afternoon.

I thought she'd eaten something bad.

How was I to know?

Kids often eat too much.

And l couldn't stay at home, either.

I had to go to work.

Stop that. PuII yourself together.

What are you afraid of?

Do I embarrass you?

Will you visit her more often now?

I'm not reaIly weIcome, right?

I need money.

I have to go.

Do you want a lift?

He needs new shoes.

Don't you want to know his name?
It's J.T. Jermaine TyreII.

You're crazy.

Are those new shoes?

Keep the baIl Iow.

Yes, it's better to take your time.

That's it for today! Hit the showers!

Let go of me!

Take her up.

Let go!

Okay, that's enough.

Paul, that's disgusting!
You eat like a pig.

- Hello!

Why are you so late today?

The bus driver is an asshole!

What do you mean?

How was school?
- Fine.

Do you want a dessert?
- Yes.

Hello! - HeIlo!
- Happy birthday. - Thanks.

Is it your birthday?
- Yes.

Have fun!
- Bye. - Bye.

When shall l pick up the kids?

Where's your mother?

WeII... I'm not so sure
if l should Ieave the kids here now.

l'm sure my grandma wiIl come soon.

Do you want to wait?
- No, I can't.

I've got an appointment, you know?

What's going on here?

Fanny, what's going on?

Take off those things.
Isa, go downstairs with the kids.

Put your own clothes back on.

Come on, hurry up.

What about my present?

Why do you ask?

Don't teII me you're worried!

BeIieve me, the children are fine.

I gave her a bike as a present.

She's asIeep.

I don't want you to come here.



You must be hungry.
Or have you eaten already?

I can't change the way things are.

You're just like your mother.

And you're a Iiar!

You know nothing about her.
- l do!

She came back.
- Yes.

But not voluntariIy.

What do you mean?

Where is she?

Tell me where she is!

Would you... Larry,
wouId you order me something to drink?

What wouId you Iike to drink? - l'd
Iike to have a gin tonic. - Gin tonic?

I'd Iike a gin and tonic!

He's a littIe slow, huh?

How many times l got to order?

You need more ice?
- Oh, it's okay.

Are you bored?

Where were you?
- Outside.

WeII? ls everything okay?

This is Hanna.

This is Larry. This is Hanna.


Wanna dance?

Come on.

Come on, the kids are sIeeping!
- l'm not in the mood.

They'll bring us back.

Are you gonna bring us back?
- Course we'II bring you back.

l want to go to my mother's place.

But l don't want to go
to some damn mother, okay?

Where wiII you sleep?
- Why sleep?

I'm coming!

You don't even know them!
- That's my business. Give me the key.

Now get in the car, pIease.
- Give me the key!

I don't beIieve it! Here!

Piss off!

I'll wait here for you, understand?

Can you take the next exit?
- Why shouId l?

Go on, pIease.
- No, otherwise we'll be Iate.

Do they both live here?

Who are you taIking about?

Come here.

Come here.

Do you have any water?


Come here now.
- l'm leaving.


Who are they?

Who is that?

Do you know that woman?

She brought me into the world.

What do you mean?

You told me your mother is dead!

So what?

You're crazy!

Joschi, sit down. We're leaving. Sit!

Just puII over a moment.

PuII over!

Sit him in the back,
and don't shout at me!

So, what now?

Do what you want. l'm tired.

Ms. Brunow, what do you have to say?

Ms. Riegert?

You have nothing to say?

No answer? I'II start
the disciplinary action against you.

You're not to
Ieave the detention center until then.

You'II go to your celIs now

and won't be aIIowed out.

I don't know when the hearing will be,

but l'II give orders for you
to be confined here until then.

Anything else?

Do you have anything to add?

Then please go.

Do you Iike the apartment?

What's the deposit? - 3 months' rent,
when you sign the contract.

Are you married?
- Yes.

But l want the contract in my name.


Excuse me.

I can't right now.


l can't teII you.


This is the Iast time
I give you money.

Are you employed?
- No.

I only got back here recentIy,
about four weeks ago.

Yes, it's exactly a month on Friday.

I stayed with a girlfriend.
I didn't know where to take the kids.

I spIit with my American husband
and wanted to return to Germany.

I had to do it quickIy.

l couldn't take anything except
the kids. We arrived with 3 suitcases.

Where do you Iive now?
- l got a small fIat through my friend.

You're already renting?
- Yes.

I couldn't stay with her,
she has two kids herself.

And she lent me
the money for the deposit.

Here's the tenancy agreement,
the receipt for the deposit,

and the birth certificates
of my three children.

Bank account number?
- Yes,

it's here at the bottom.

When can I expect to get the money?

Three chiIdren?
- Yes. Now stop that!

The other two
are with my friend right now.

Why are you staring at me?
- Was l?

I thought you'd want to see me
after alI this time.

Did they release you?
- Yes.

And where are you staying?

Is it going well?

Your restaurant?

You're not interested anyway.

And the kids? How is Fanny?

Don't start that, pIease.

Do they ever ask about me?

Maggie aIways sIeeps in my bed now.

I'll be right back.

l could never sIeep in your bed, huh?

Tell me, how was it back then?
- Stop it.

Did l mention that l stayed with him?

He's a policeman. Funny, huh?

You're reaIIy annoying me!

Why don't you just leave?
- The way you just Ieft, you mean?

That's enough. Now go!

Here we are.

This way.


No, not in there! Come here.

What's this?

Come on.

Hey, stop it!


Hey, I don't want it! Do you hear me?


What"s this supposed to be?

It's for you. lt is a present.

Come here! Come!

Come, sit down.


There's more.

And? So what do you think?

Come on. Go try it.

So? What is it like?




Let me try this side.

No, stop!


No! Marc!

Stupid ass.

It's better if you get her.

Were you reaIIy in jaiI?
- Yes.

Were you chained up?


But the guards had guns, right?
- No.

Move over a bit!
- Move over.

- Stop it! Move over, Paul!

I'm hungry!

WelI? What did she say?

Same as she aIways says.


Now we're going to have some fun, huh?

What wouId you Iike to do?

Have you eaten everything already?

So, come in.

This is J.T. This is Marc.

What's the matter?

Look around, sit down, do as you like.

Baby, we need that now.


Whose kids are those?

Don't you get on my nerves
with your questions, okay?

Here, hold this.

I have to get some more blankets.
l'll be back soon.

Will you take care of them, pIease?

Come here.

I am Marc.

My name is Marc.

What"s your name?


Okay, and...

what is her name?


And what's her name?


And PauI.

Okay. Hello, PauI.

Hello, Maggie.

Hello, Fanny.

Hello, lsa.


I'm a soldier.

I'm in the army. Here, l'll show you.

Come on, come here. Stand here.

Stand here.

And you stand here.

Okay. l'm a soldier.

I do this... See?


Hup, two, three, four... See?

Yeah, come. Hup, two, three, four. ..

Hup... You too. Like this.

Fanny, come.

Can't you sleep?

What"s wrong?

Why don't you stop this?

Stop what?

Stop making children.

Go back to sleep.

I'm hungry too.





Maggie, J.T.!

What"s wrong?

Are you annoyed about schooI?

I aIways liked having a day off.

How about staying in bed alI day?

Come on!

What's wrong? Are you scared of me?

Fanny, come and sit here.

Paul, how about you?

You can see a Iong way from here.

Up to heaven.
- Yes!

Do you Iike it here?

Isn't it nice
that we're all together again?

I don't even know anything about you!
You've all grown so much.

See how strong l am?

Show me. Come here.

Okay, show me how strong you are!

On your marks, ready, go!
- Paul! Paul! PauI!

You can do it, Paul!
- Yes!

Who wiII count?

- Me!

Someone must start.
- Me! On your marks, ready, go!

Fanny! Fanny! Fanny!

You cheated!
- l did not cheat! - You did!


Stand up!

Arms up!

Then you can go to bed like that.

Hurry up!

l can't find it. - Forget your
stupid tooth, you'll get a new one.

Can l see?

Open your mouth.

Will you open your mouth?

Why don't l have dots on my face?

- l want dots too.

They"re freckIes.
I hated them when l was your age.

Have you ever counted them?
- No.

But l always imagined
that they gIowed like stars.

I want to have stars too.

Okay. - l want dots too!
- No, it's time to sIeep now.

Can you turn on the haII Iight?

Why do we have to sIeep here?
I want to go to lsabella's!

Maggie, turn off the Iight, pIease!

Turn off the Iight!


Stop it, Maggie! It's annoying!



what do you caIl her? Rita or Mum?

Go to sIeep!

Hi, Baby.
- Hello.

Come in.

What time is it?

Just after ten.

Do you want to go out?
- l'm tired.

Do you reaIize we don't even talk?

What do you mean? Of course we talk.


I mean, you never speak about yourseIf.

Nor do you speak about the children.

Because there's nothing to telI.

Past doesn't matter to me.

It's got nothing to do with you anyway.

You don't even know me.

You never ask anything.

What do you want?

Do you want some?

You drink too much beer.
You're getting fatter and fatter...

I thought you like that.

How would you know?

Just a guess.

I've seen Larry today.

He's with his new girlfriend.

They're talking about getting married.

Will he stay in Germany?

I don't know.

I think so.

In his 'paradise'

And what do you mean by that?
- That's what he toId me.

Germany is a paradise for black men.
That's what he said.

ls she pregnant?

I don't think l could live here.

lt doesn't matter to me where I am.

I could Iive anywhere.

I never met anyone Iike you before.

Always and forever

Each moment with you

It seems Iike a dream to me

That somehow came true

And l know tomorrow

Will still be the same

'cause we have a Iife of Iove

That no one can change.

You can have a spoon too.

I have an idea.

Now aII the soiI?
- No, just this here...

Give me that bucket.

Now the ivy.

Just a moment, please!

So, l'll make a copy of the cheque.
You can get your money at the counter.

Don't forget the missing papers,
or we'II have to cIaim the money back.

Have you decided
what kind of beds you want?

I'd Iike a bunk-bed.
- A bunk-bed?

But then l want to sleep underneath.

And you won't argue about it?
- No.

What do you want?
- Underneath as welI.

You too?
Why can't you two agree? Your turn.

She aIways wants the same as me!

It's not just about you two.
What about the others?

I don't believe it! Fanny!

She's cheating.

No way! How couId I cheat?
You're just jeaIous!

Did you call lsabelIa? - What?
Have you caIIed IsabeIIa? - No.

I want to know if you call her.
- l don't caII her.

You mustn't believe what she says
about me. She's a liar.

So, now it's my go.

You can call her, but l want to know.

I don't caII her!
- Do you want to go back to her? - No!

- Hello.

Anybody want a pizza?

Are you okay?
- Yes.

lsa, wilI you pass me the water, pIease?

What's wrong with your eye?

Oh, it's not as bad as it Iooks.

When did it happen?

Last night.

I was dancing a bit wildIy
and I bumped into someone.

Don't you believe me?

Don't be so mistrustfuI, Fanny!

Can you pick up Maggie later?




Why aren't you asIeep?

Damn! You're always spying on me!

Are you keeping tabs on me?

I'm the mother and you're the chiId,
you understand?


Stop crying!

Do you drink a lot?


No? That's good.

Just on nights like these, you know?

Like these?

Bad night? lt's gonna be a good night.
- l think so, too. - Yeah?

You have such beautifuI eyes.
- ReaIIy? - Yes.

And a nice smile, too. - l guess
you aIways say that, right? - No!

Why shouId I aIways say that?

If somebody's got not so nice eyes,
I don't have to say anything, right?

But yours are beautifuI.

Thank you.

That's what l got Junior here for!

Hey, I didn't say nothing!
Now hold it, hoId it.

Let's get everything perfectIy cIear.

Now, baby, what did he tell you?
Rita, he told you shit Iike,

" l come here every now and then..."
- And order... - Order a gin and tonic.

He didn't say he'lI pay!
- He didn't say that? - No!

So, we got to get that straight.
- l understand you're a businessman...

Hey, Junior, you don't have to worry.
Your hands are tied, you cIear.

We don't have to worry about paying.
We've got him.

Go to bed, aII of you.


Maggie, come on.

This is Kevin.

Hi! Nice to meet you.

So, did you have fun?

What do you mean by fun?

Nothing. l just wanted to know
how did it go.

Does it have anything to do with you?

Anyway, what is all this?

Take your things and get lost.

What? What's wrong with you?
- Are you deaf?

What's up? Why are you getting
all upset? - This is my apartment!

And l don't want any strangers here!

ln my home!

And l aIso don't want
just anybody cutting my child"s hair.

Get out of here.

Get out of here!


Open the door.

Come out now, damn it! You hear?

l'll wait here untiI you come out.

Do you hear?

Jimmy, this is Rita.
Rita... Jimmy. - HeIIo. - Hi.

Maybe I shouId leave.

I'm gIad you came.


Where are you aII?


- Yes.





You have to go to this base, okay?

You have to go to this base, okay?

- Yeah. - Go!

Go, run, run, run, run!


Your turn.
Just take it and put it right there.



Ready? - Yeah. - Here you go, PauI.


Run, run, run!



I picked them up from schooI.
- Why didn't you caII me?

I don't know.

Got you... Got you a cap.

Both you and J.T.

This is yours.

So, this is your spot,
you're gonna hit.

Okay, l'll show you how to hit.

Come on.

Come on. We're playing.

Here you go. J.T., you hit next, okay?

You're the coach. You be the coach.
Stay right.. .

Yes, stay right there.

Alright, PauI, you ready?

Now, this is the key:

When you hit the baII,
you have to run there,

you have to run there, you have to run
there and you come here, okay?

Alright. Then once you get here,
if you make it, you say ''One point!"

Got it? Ready? You gotta bring it in.

Run! Run, run, run!



They sparkIe.

Aren't they nice?

When you wet them...

What? They're just normaI stones.

J.T. is finaIIy asleep.

Hush little baby, don't say a word

Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird

And if that Mockingbird don't sing

Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring

It's a pity
we couldn't use the rubber boat.

Yes, that's true.

I need to taIk to you.


It's not that easy.

I'II be going back soon.

Did you get it?

I'lI be going back to the United States.

WelI, say something.

When is your fIight?

In three weeks.

Get up!

Come on!

We've overslept. Get up, Fanny!


Stop it!

Paul, wait!

Wait. Just a moment.

There's one for you too, Paul.


- Bye!

Are the others here too?

Where are they? Downstairs?

You gave them back.
- And you? What do you want?

Can l stay with you?
- No!

You can't.

You're incredibly stubborn!

Hello, Fanny.

I hope you're hungry.

There's no one here.

I'm aIl alone.

What do you mean? l don't understand.

It just feels better when she's here.

Do you think she'll come back?


I'm hungry.

It's coId by now, but...

here you go.

Alexander Zuckrow

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