Madness in Bloom (2002) - full transcript

Always talk about revolution.

Eliminate all politicians, that is revolution.

They are excellent.

Japanese drums are so good.

I'd like to travel abroad.

Let's go to Okinawa some day, okay?

It's still painful.
The collar scrapes the flesh.

It's much better than before.



Whether left or right, all they want is money.

What the hell is parliament?

Burn it down.

Did I show you the pictures last time?

Pictures of that sexy girl?

What else?

I'd like to meet her.

I am very busy. Not as free as you.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Where is Yamaguchi?

Eh, sorry.

Your toilet...

Something's wrong with it.

Do you know to whom you're talking?

How much do you make each month, huh?

That's a lot of money.

Stop that.

We are the new soldiers.

Don't play games with me.

Listen, you are brainwashed.

We liberate you.

Release him.
Release him quickly.

Why are you holding him?

Don't scream.

We will destroy all bad Japanese.

We are 'New Generation'.

That hurts, doesn't it?

Japanese guy, fight!

I will give you shit.

Don't run away.

Today's Japan is totally rotten.

- Where do you come from?
- Saitama.

Then you should free Saitama from Babylon.


Get back home.

What shall we eat later?

I want to eat meat.

Meat, meat.

I agree.

What are they doing?

It's so cold.
Let's go back.

What do you want?

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at?

It hurts.


Go to hell, traitor.

Traitor, traitor.

What are you doing here?

We're on patrol.

See you tomorrow.

Morning, your paper.

Did you change your hairstyle?

You noticed?

Thanks, see you tomorrow.
A bald head looks best.

I talked with Kosugi.

What did he say?

Asked us to go to their office.

Why do I have to go?

Kosugi and I can't go alone.

The other side is sub-master of Aoosamu.

Isn't that Hyoudou?
I can't stand that guy.

Master Aota wants to give us a car.

Give us a car?

Why do we need a car?
We don't drive.

Take it, we don't have a car.

Ichikawa, how can we take a car from the yakuza?

Yamaguchi, what are you upset for?

Your problem is you think too much.

And your brain is empty.

Kosugi said we'll go at 3:00.

What is he doing now?

Who knows?
Probably doing exercise.

We can't let Kosugi go alone.
He is so stupid.

We are 'New Generation'.

If we take a car from the yakuza,

we become their subordinates.

You think too much.

We won't acknowledge subordination to anybody.

We won't be under anybody's command.

I mean it.

We have never joined your organization.

We cannot take your car.


What do you mean, "Joined our organization"?
We are not a gang.

We are a political party. Understand?

We won't let Japan fall into the hand of the Red Army.
This is our mission.

The USSR has disintegrated.
No need to be scared of the Red Army anymore.

What did you say?

I don't care about 'New Generation'.

I think you're nothing but gangsters.

You also blackmail and fight for your own good.

We are different.

What we do is 'Recapturing'


and 'Excreting'

You bastard, don't fool around.

We like action more than talking.

But our action fits the time principle.

We follow and change with the time.

If the 20 and 30-year-olds don't change their thinking,
they cannot follow the time.

Don't argue with me.

Sorry, whenever Yamaguchi talks about this topic,
it becomes a long speech.

Don't give us a lesson.

Don't look down on the right wing.

We are not the right wing.

What are you then?

We are nationalists.

Same as we are.

Not the same.

That's not true.


How are you?

Sorry for disturbing.
How are you?

Thank you for that delicious curry.

Please explain clearly to this bald-head.

We are a brother-society of Sunrise Alliance of New Japan.


And what is my position?

You are sub-master.

"You are nothing but gangsters."

Do we greet upright people like that?

Don't they have a leader called 'Action Captain'?

There are some guests inside.
The master is also here.

We stand for morality and justice.

Morality and justice...

That's right.

Because we all are nationalists,

you will excuse the unfriendly welcome, I hope.

Follow me.

The air in Japan is so dry.

Who is the killer?

The killer.

This is a freelance killer, Saburou-san.

I hate the word 'free'.

We get blocked everywhere.
We don't have any freedom.

Whenever I talk like this, Hyoudou corrects me.

Am I not right?
Please stick to the point, Master.

He did it again.

He can't drop the bad habit for so many years.

Alway tries to correct people.

Nowadays, killers do not only kill people.

They destroy all evidence

and disappear without a trace.


What is your name?


You know many things.

He's smart.

We can't copy him.

I am not an artist, don't ask me to give you a signature.

But we could also kill people for money.

The average party animal doesn't understand this business.

Are you calling us party animals?

You scared me.

You wear a combat uniform.

I thought that 'Okinawa Silver Fly' walks the streets.


You should talk politely to adults.

To adults?

I was just joking.

Do you want to fight with me?

I'll win.

Let's see.


You're not yet an adult,

even if you want to appear as one.

I give up.

Don't mind about it.

Young people have many weaknesses.

You get a new car for free.

I want to give it you. Take it.

Yamaguchi, you still have to learn.

Are you talking about the car?

About ideology.

It is our car now.
It's good to have a car.

Where do you want to go?
I have to show off.

There is a Music-Disk.
Do you hear me?

Draw a bigger sign.
How about a silver one?

It is too noisy.


That's it.

I didn't know there's a profession like 'killer'.

How many people he might have killed?

I've never seen someone beat Yamaguchi that easily.

Right, I had no chance at all.

When he was staring at us,
Kosugi and I didn't dare to move.

Why are so many people here?

Drive faster.

Want me to bump it?

Don't worry.

It's our regular patrol.

I've got you.
I've got you, Yamaguchi.

I have been searching you for so long, bastard.

Bastard, I hate people who call me bastard.


You didn't get me yet.

What are you talking about?
I don't understand.

I have got Yamaguchi.

Don't run.

Don't run.
Stop, do you hear?

Go down, go down.

You won't like it.


I'll bring it back.

Who has caught whom now?

What did you say?
I don't understand.

It hurts.

Don't destroy Japan.

This country was so good once.

But you bastards do not understand.


Do you want it?


Thank you.

I don't know a 'superhero'.

Television only makes you dumb.

Watch television all day and you'll become a fool like him.

Do you understand?

You understand, right?

Justice wins!



What's the matter?

My racket.

Are you talking about this?

On your mouth too.

That is chocolate.

What is it used for?


What? Lacu...


It is in fashion.

You adapt yourself to the trend.

Anyway, thanks for saving me.

Please wait.

Why do you run when I call you?

I take you home.

It's so warm.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

We'll meet again.

Are you chasing me?

I won't do that.

It has nothing to do with chasing you.

Hm, that is strange.

That is my city.

Shibuya is mine.

Ichikawa, have you eaten?

Alright, I'll be there.

That's good.

No, don't do it!

You dare to challenge us?

Even if you run to hell, I will get you.

I wait for you in the shop.
Get him quickly.

You look so funny.

Are you looking for my mother?

Yes, hasn't she come back?

Her results did not meet the standard.

It is difficult to work in insurance.

We never get new customers by a single phone call.

Let's leave it here.

Yamaguchi, were you born in Shibuya?


It has changed a lot.


Nowadays, Japan looks like America.

Like America?

You are right.

Globalization, standardization and such...

When there is no more hungry child in the world
then we are qualified to say that.

I agree.

America is just like that.

It is so nice at the beginning.

They promote democracy.

Then they will think of many ways to confuse you.

Like jazz, Hollywood movies,


milk candy, cigarettes,

butter, chocolate, ice-cream.

You are bribed by America.

But the food is delicious.

Where's your ideology?

But it is delicious.

Delicious is delicious.


What about black-crab meat for lunch?


At that corner,

there are your favorite books.

You are interested in Neo-Nazi, right?

Ideological questions.

I wanted to keep this shop for you.

You want to close it?

Look, without belonging to a bookseller-chain...


you can't keep it running.

That's not true!

I never thought Shibuya would become like this.

Take whatever you like.

Stuffed dumplings in the soup, very tasty.

Sometimes I take too many.

Did I tell you I met a strange guy in Shibuya?

You told me.
Didn't you say he is a bad guy?

You said he is violent.

Are you all right?

I am fine.

Please offer your seat to this lady.

I am fine.

Did you hear me?

I am fine.

Some Japanese are hopeless.


I am hungry.
Sorry for letting you wait.

Come in everybody.

It's coming.

It looks delicious.

It looks delicious.

Tasty, right?


Wanna taste?

Let me be!

It looks delicious.

It's splashing onto my third eye.

Come and try it.

Hamburger will be alright.

What is Hamburger made of?


Do you want to do it if you haven't met
each other for so long?

Did you do it?

Listen, we have an amazing record.

We do it a hundred times on a roll.


Where did you go last time?

Where did you park the car?

I don't remember.

What shall we do now?

I'll watch X-Files on TV.
I have to be home at nine.

That can't be true.

What do you wanna say?
Is X-Files good?

I bet it's terrible.

How can you know?.

Yamaguchi, don't act like that.

I think Shibuya is finished.
Let's go to Nippori.

Everybody is penniless because of the depression.

How about Touyoumati or Aoyama?

Is there money?

Do we do it only for money?

Of course not.

But it is not bad to relax a little bit.

To relax? Shouldn't it be to 'sink down'?

Yes, you are right.

It would mean to sink down.

Yes, but who knows what will happen then.

What, you don't serve Seidai here.

I want to eat that now.

What a lame shop.

Is it your restaurant?

You're too noisy.

I don't want to hear your nonsense.

I just want to eat salad quietly.


There is something happening.

You bastards are supercilious towards everybody.

I wouldn't insult people intentionally.

Just like that bullshit American government.

Did you hear me? Answer me.

Answer me!

Answer me, asshole.

You can go home.
That's enough for today.

Good evening.

I told you to go home, did you hear?

Good evening!

What are you doing here?

Every time I see you, you are beating people.

Because there are too many stupid people.

You are right, but it is not necessary to beat them.

Keiko, we are going.

I'm coming.


Who is she?
So pretty.


Is it ok?

Just fine.

Want to eat?

It's very difficult.

About 10 people are opposing us.


Would you like to kill them?

Master, do you plan fighting
the Konishi gang?


Shall we take 500 millions from the rejuvenation funds?

With this money and these young guys,
our situation won't be so bad.

Do you agree, Saburou-chan?


Master, a first class beef is waiting.

The beef is delicious.

First class beef.

Thank you.
This is first class.

Is it your first time to see it?

Say hello to it.

Thank you.

Yamaguchi, you should eat meat.


You are not an insect.

He doesn't dare to eat beef
since he heard about Mad-Cow-Desease.

He fears to eat poison from Europe, right, Yamaguchi?

I didn't know you are so timid.

Am I wrong?

No, it is good to be careful in everything.

Yamaguchi, there is nothing wrong with this meat.

This meat is from East Asia.

I know, Aota-san.

You have to call him Master.

Kosugi, didn't I tell you before?

Don't be so formal, drink as you like.


Act as you do everyday.

Is that so?
Then I will drink it up!

One more.

Strong, isn't he.
Kosugi's conduct is bad if he's drunk.

If we don't love our country, there is no future.

Too bad, it's too bad.

I have to go.

I have to save Gandhi.

I lost my teeth.

I lost my teeth.

Shut up!


Come and drink with me.

Thank you.

No, I should say thank you.

Don't joke with me.

Please sit down.

Saburou-san, when did you come in?

Killers not only kill people, they can also kill the sound.

Do you nationalists like to be alone?

No, I just don't like to be tidied up.
You're cool.

I do whatever I like to do.

I can see what kind of person you are.

I am the same.

What's up?

Take your time, I go inside.

The killer will destroy all the food
he has just eaten.


I lied, in fact, I have constipation.

Saburou-san, you are someone.

In the beginning, I looked down on gangsters.

I saw myself as a soldier.

I soon realised I was wrong.

Did you?

I killed people during my career.

This negative, and dark,

and somber side

is part of my character.

But you are not that kind of person.

Your name is more famous in Shibuya than ours.

No, we are not famous.

Life is quite hard.

If you want money and pretty girls,

nice clothes and expensive cars,

join my organization.

You will become godfather of Shibuya.

Godfather. Sounds good.

You are strong.

Be it sake or willpower.

How did you become like that?

I had no special training.

Since my mom and dad divorced,
I am living in the house of my mother's family.

I live with my uncle,
my mother's younger brother.

He inherited a cigarette shop,
and you better not tease him.

Is he a gang-member?

No, he is hot-tempered.

When he is in bad mood,
he walks around the house with a knife.

I'm living with him since I am in middle school.

Why didn't you run away?

Because I like my uncle.



Since I was a baby,

no matter if awake or asleep,
I was always beaten up.

Was your home in America?

Yes, therefore I love Japan.
I see.


Come visit me again.

Want to play together?

You are beautiful.
Really beautiful.

Where do you come from?

Do you want me to find a job for you?

Have you been on television?

Have people said that to you often?

You are beautiful.

I bet you hear that often?

Do you want to be a model?

Wait. Are you alone?

It is dangerous to be alone here.

It is dangerous for a pretty girl.

I give you a ride.
All right?

It is dangerous to be alone here at night.

I won't be in around if anything happens.

Beware of kidnapping.

Is it all right?

Hyoudou-san is really great.

He will run for parliament.

He joined Aoosamu because Master Aota asked him.

I admire Saburou-san.

Money, money, money. You'll kill for money someday.

What do you mean?

I'd like to fuck some girl now.

We are New Generation.
We don't fool around with girls.

People who think sex is dirty cannot understand.

The guy who gave us the hint about this shop.
Is he one of Hyoudou's men?

No, he has nothing to do with him.

New Generation knows where the drugs come from.
We can't look the other way.

You better not get in trouble with Aota-san.

Aoosamu won't care since they don't touch drugs.

How can we know who the drug dealer is?

That is the guy.

That transvestite on the sofa.

That is a woman.

It's a guy.

No, a woman with a strong body.

Look at the eyebrows to the forehead

It's very flat.

A woman has a forehead with a radian.

You see it so clearly?
Bloody abnormal.

OK, let's give him a lesson.

No problem.

What do you want?

I have a knife.

I will stab you.

I will stab you with the knife.

What do you want?

I have a knife.

I will stab you.

I will stab you with the knife.

You should speak Japanese in Japan, you bastard.

Yamaguchi, help me!

What are you doing here?

Get in the car!

Come on!


Go back, go back, what are you doing here?

Be quiet.
Calm down.

Yamaguchi, are you scared?

Shut up.
Go back quickly.

You are bleeding.

It hurts.

Hold still.

Don't order me.
Who the hell do you think you are?

What do you want?

You are driving me nuts.

Leave me alone.

Why did you go mad with me?

Don't play dumb.
What is this woman doing here so suddenly?

That's none of your business.

I can go home myself.

Don't talk, don't mind it.

You used to hate women, but you treat her so nicely.

You disdained to make love,
now you're a slave of sex

What are you talking about?

Do you want to challenge me?
Just suits me.

Have you been in bed with her?


I know. Do as you like.

Yamaguchi, that's enough

Yamaguchi, stop it

Yamaguchi, stop it.


Why can't I win against you?

Because I am more perfidious than you.

The purpose of fighting is to win.


This is what I have picked up first.

Why is luck always on your side?

How do I know?

I quit.


I don't want to work with you anymore.

You better go.


Go quickly!

Kosugi, I will call you.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Yamaguchi, I'm leaving here.

Take care of her.

Come, get off.

Good luck.

Bye, Keiko-chan.


Remember to call Kosugi.

It must be painful.
It's alright.

Don't move.
I said it's alright.

Don't make a fuss.

When I saw you at the parking lot,

I thought you were mad.

When you fought those guys, you seemed unfeeling.

But, when you beat Kosugi, you felt pain.

I think that violence is justice.


There is no moral without history.

So we New Generation use violence
to make people remember history.

If they forget, the country is finished.

I see what you mean.
As long as you remember, Japan will live.

If you forget, there won't be no flowering anymore.

I really like Japan.

But I hate the Japanese lately.

But now I like one person.


What does 'Huh' mean?

You are a strange girl.

Where are you going?

I take you home, of course.

That's useless.


Because the lock out time has passed.

How should I know?
What shall we do now?

What shall we do?

How do I know?

Are you afraid of this mood?

Take me home.


I'm going home.

Damned, can't you decide on what you want.


Hyoudou-san is calling.
He said there is something urgent.

Honey, are you all right?

Did you make the trouble in 'GRINGO'?

That shop is territory of the Konishi gang.

A simple excuse won't do.

Hyoudou-san, we are sorry.

Sorry, we didn't know that it was the Konishi gang's place.

Sorry to disturb you, Master.

I have never seen you so nervous.

Nothing to be nervous, calm down.


The Konishi gang will learn sooner or later
the relationship between you and us.

We have no relationship at all.

I'll go and explain to the Konishi gang at once.

Shut up.

Everyone will think that we ordered you to do that.


We will be attacked anyway.
Why don't we take the initiative?

That's what you think?

To attack is better than waiting for being attacked.

Our damage will be less.

Don't you have other ideas?

Please make a decision.

Do as you wish.

Yes, Master.


Bring this to Saburou.

Where is he?

That's his address in Nakano.

Sounds interesting.

Kosugi, you?


No car followed us.

Kosugi is reliable.
I have recruited him for the organization.

Recruited him for the organization?
Your organization? Or my organization?

You don't respect me recently.

Don't go too far.

Can you get along with these idiots?

You can't even chat with them.

You are right.

Why do you dress like this?

I am no kid anymore.
I can't do whatever I like.

Should be opposite.

Grown-ups should follow their own ideas.

I have decided to work for them.

Are you sure?

Just wait five years.
I will achieve something.

You will see me with new eyes.

Are we

being used?

Don't you think it's strange?

If Aoosamu doesn't touch drugs,

only Konishi's shop has been damaged.
No need to be nervous.

But Ichikawa was sent to Saburou's place,
so they must be scared.

It is not right to kill people for money.

I guess not everybody sees this like you.

Please have it.

Seems delicious.

Aoosamu is sinking low.

I heard they are selling crack.

Crack? Is that cocaine?

Not exactly.

But it seems to be a hot item in Shibuya.

That's bad.

Yamaguchi will get mad if he hears that.

Aota-san, how can you allow that?

Shibuya will sink lower.

That is the decision of Hyoudou.

I can't stop it.

Doesn't he plan to fight with Konishi?

No, he said he will buy drugs from them.

I don't know what he has in mind.

Is that alright?

It is alright!

It is alright.



Come with me.

Saburou-san, how can I become a killer?


You go to the office of a gang

and say, "I am a killer".
That's all.

Don't kid me.

It is difficult to explain.

There is no license, no one gives lessons in class.

One simply offers one's service.

Then I do have a chance to be a killer?

Of course.


We seem to have the same hobby.
Please give it to me.

I heard your dad earns hundreds of millions a year,
but doesn't give you a penny.

How do you know that?

Something I should say in advance.

You have to live a regular life.

Killers control life.
Only mature people can do that.

Seems Yamaguchi is more suitable.

He's fighting for justice, that's not suitable.

Without being cynical,
he won't live long.

I have the same feeling sometimes.


Come here.

Ichikawa, you stay here tonight.

I can tell you some stories you'll like to hear.

There is this manager of a loan shark company.
He blew a fortune in a hostess club.

I had half year to kill him.


Let's drink.

I want to hear more.

I want to ask you something personally.

Although there is no need to fight with Konishi,

they probably will try to kill me.

I hope you can stay with me for the time being.

Of course, I won't force you to join us.

How about Aoosamu?

They are not reliable.

They are all under Hyoudou's control.

Konishi-san, you better act smarter.


You've become a big guy in Shibuya.

But it seems that you still don't understand business.

Are you talking about ethics?

Aota-san, don't keep silent.

We have both been in Shibuya for so long.

Hey? Are you listening?

Master, are you feeling sick?

What are you saying?


Let's get back to the topic.


About our drug business.

We can't accept Hyoudou-san's offer.

For the start, the price should be five times as high.

If we continue our business,

we will talk about the price again.

Is that ok?
5 times the price for the start.

But, that's only the initial price.

You better keep that in mind,

Aota-san and Hyoudou-san too.

Are you listening?


Master, I think we'd better go back

and reconsider the plan.

Who are you?

I am Yamaguchi.

Ahh, it's you.

The plan we talked about...

There's no time to waste.

It's urgent, so do it immediately.

Time to go, hurry up.

I'm graduated from high school.
I have nothing to do now.

Tell me,

do you put on perfume?


The smell of those people is awful.

They don't consider the feelings of other people.


I think

it's important that people do not forget the feeling of being in love.

If one cannot love others,

be it in Shibuya or elsewhere in Japan,

the world will be finished even without war.

I will remember it.

Look, Ichikawa is coming.

What is he doing here?

Long time no see.

Why do you wear sunglasses?

When I woke up in a hotel this morning,
my eyes were black.

And my hand...

What happened?

I don't know.

It's so itchy.

Why did you stay in a hotel?

I have been with Saburou-san.

First, we were staying at Saburou-san's place.
Then we went to a hotel.

These sunglasses are from him.

You're living with him and take his things.
Is that ok for a killer?

He is quite ordinary.

He's drinking coffee right over there.

I know.

If he is pressing the button, you come.

You almost got it.

A little bit more.

Great, you got it.


What do you want from Ichikawa?

What can I want from him?

Ichikawa-san said he wanted to become a killer.

New Generation members are free.

If Ichikawa wants to do that, we don't stop him.

action is more important than theory.

Isn't that the motto of New Generation?

I am the same.

If something happens to Ichikawa,

I will take action.


I got it.

Ichikawa, time to go.

Are you Keiko-san?

A present for you.
Thank you.

Yamaguchi, see you.

Where are we going next?

Why does that man know my name?

Yamaguchi-kun, I don't want you to die.

You stay here and keep watching.

I will be back in an hour.

Come in.

Move it.

Move it!

How old are you?

You're 21, aren't you?

You can live at least another forty years.

You have two ways to go.

One is to confess this crime.
You will be compensated when you are released from jail.

The other way is to have trouble
with the organization for life.

That life is hell.

Think about these two ways.

Which one do you wanna go?

And make up your mind immediately!

Ichikawa, now you understand what a killer is.

Take good care of yourself in jail.

Take good care of yourself in jail.



You didn't kill these people, right?

Don't confess if you didn't do it.

I know he didn't kill.

Ichikawa, Ichikawa.

He really didn't kill anyone.

Ichikawa ...

Leave me!



Go and kill Yamaguchi.

This guy is a hindrance.


I can't do it.

Ok, here's another job.

You go to the 'GRINGO'.

I have talked with the Konishi gang.

You only say sorry to the foreign people,
put down the money and leave.

Don't fight with them.

Why don't you answer?

And what about Ichikawa?


Why don't you answer my calls?
Where are you now?

Hello, Grandma.

I will be late tonight.

Remember to lock the door and windows.

And switch off the gas.

Good night.

So it was Hyoudou's doing.

It was a critical moment for Hyoudou.

He didn't have time to devise a better plan,
but had to make a decision very quickly.

For no other reason, Ichikawa was sacrificed.

What is it?

What are you doing?

Aota-san, I can't protect you anymore.

I understand.

However, it's troublesome.

The doctor told me with a calm tone,
"You have got melancholia".

In the past, even when I was stabbed,
I didn't mind.

Now, I am scared of this melancholia.

I didn't notice anything.

In this business, you won't live long if you show your weak points.

Please get better.

Saying, "Get better"
is no use with melancholia.

Is it so difficult?
It is.

Well, only a difficult life is meaningful.

Somebody said there's a big hole in the
unterground of Tokyo.

I feel as if such a big hole were in my heart.

Is it so terrible?


if you follow my path for some time,

you will understand for sure.

You only have to live a life like mine.

When the telephone rings at night,
or somebody knocks the door suddenly,

you will tremble with terror.

You will be sweating and feeling helpless.

Don't worry.

I try my best to find my ideology.

Stop thinking about revenge.

I want to give you something.

This sword is called 'Nakasone'.

It's truly antique.

It resembles you.

Take it.

I take it.

You better go now.

Good bye.



I regard you as my father.

You're late.

Get down!

I am not a New Generation member.

I represent Aoosamu.

I've come to apologize.

Where is Saeko?

Did you kill her?

No, she's drugged and sleeping soundly.


You worry too much.

That is not good for melancholia.

You and your whole generation

went through the war.

Because of too much pressure

many of you became depressive.

Shut up.

How much did Hyoudou pay for my life?

The installment alone is more than enough.

Will you give us a receipt this time?

Yes, but...


I want you to commit suicide.

You tried that two years ago.

But your wife found you and took you to hospital in time.

This is not the plan of Hyoudou-san.

It is my request.



you know him, right?


What should I do?

Why can't I move my legs?


why don't I feel my legs?


I am truly sorry.

This is our world.

You don't belong here.

The Master gave me

in exchange for Hyoudou's life

this sword.

It seems to be handy.

Why don't you kill me?

I don't get paid for killing you.

Your life isn't worth a penny.

I'll kill you for free.


I don't give a damn.

You'd better do not cross my path.

Do you understand?