Madness - Gli occhi della luna (1971) - full transcript

Three men flee at night from an asylum. One is taken back, another accidentally falls under a car and dies, but the third manages to lose track and takes refuge in a country house. The next...

"My tears are like drops
in the ocean. "

‘The Eyes of the Moon'

I just got a call from Milan and I have
to leave immediately on business.

I'll call you as soon as I get back.

I don't give a fuck about
your business.

To hell with it!

Go, you and your dirty business!

You're a vulgar woman, I'm going
and I hope I never see you again,


If we don't want to stay here
and rot, we've got to do it.

We'll never do it.
It's too difficult.

- You just do what you have to do.
- And you stay calm!

Can't you see you're
scaring him?

Don't worry, Arnaldo,
it's all going to work out okay.

Chin up.

Quick, open up!
Arnaldo's dying!

I heard, calm down, you'll
wake up the entire hospital.

- What happened?
-I don't know.

Come here.


My name's Valerio, and you?

I'm leaving.

Let's go, Monica.
Valerio, are you staying?

No, I'm coming.
I'll walk with you.

Four aces!

- You're so lucky.
- Listen, I know how to play.

- Here I am, is everyone here?
- As of now, we were waiting for you.

Don't you think you're spending
too much time at the gym?

- He can't do anything else.
- You can talk.

My reflexes are always ready,
as you can see, my dear Adele.

Leave her alone, can't you
see she doesn't like you?

- What is there to eat?
- There's just some fruit left.

It's in the basket.
Help yourself.

Who's she?

She's a foreigner.
I picked her up in a nightclub.

- She doesn't speak a word of Italian.
- Is she coming as well?

I don't know, you'll have
to ask Valerio.

Look, I'm still not sure
if I'm coming.

Do what you want,
but if you're coming...

You've got to play along
if you're coming.

No second thoughts.


I can'tgo on.

There it is.

Help me move it.

- Hold on to the glass.
-l can't reach.

Quit complaining all the time.

I can't go on, my leg hurts,

Let's try to pull this thing up.

You see?
This is our ticket home.

Quick, round the back,

I'll go first.

Don't be afraid.
You can't fall.

Let's go.

Wait for me.

Okay, we're on our way,

Two fives and three eights, full house.

This is the press office.
Franco Piacentini speaking.


It's the police.

I'm listening.


Three lunatics have escaped?

Yes, I've got it.
Thanks, marshal.

Three lunatics loose in the city.
What a story.

Well at least it gives us
something to do.

I'll inform the newspaper, you go
upstairs and see what you can find out.



I can't go on anymore.
Besides, Vincenzo's still back there.

- We can't just leave him.
- To hell with Vincenzo.

- I need to take care of myself.
- You want to leave us?

We'll all go our own way.
It's the only way we'll make it.

You go that way
and I'll go this way.

Listen, you've got to do it.

Come on, do what I said.


Paolo, come back!

I managed to get them
straight away.

This is one's a paranoid schizophrenic.

He tried to kill someone
and they had him locked up.

His name's Vincenzo Morgia.
He's 47.

This other one is the oldest
of the three, he's 55.

His name's Arnaldo Catani.

A former bank employee.

I also managed to get
some more information.

His wife died in an accident.

Seems some maniac ran her over.

It triggered a classic
case of depression...

which made him try to commit
suicide more than once.

He probably considers himself guilty.

Poor guy.

Unfortunately there are
no photos of the third fugitive.

He was in a Swiss clinic
until a few weeks ago.

His family must be
reasonably well off,

Then why did they bring
him back here?

They couldn't tell me
at the asylum.

And not just that.

They know his name and age;
Paolo Lupi, young, athletic.

But the information we have
doesn't add up.

Think of the headline.

‘The mystery of the lunatic'
It's going to be a sensational article.

1 don't think so.

By tomorrow morning.
No, by tonight...

They'll have caught him,

Meanwhile he's going
around undisturbed.

Don't think about it.
He'll have found civilian clothes...

but they won't help him.
He won't get far,

You can count on it.

Okay, don't worry,
I've got money.

Damn, you're in a hurry!

Let go of me.

Stop it.

God, that was frightening.

1 know his type.

Do you suffer from insomnia as well?

Right, I couldn't sleep.

So I came out looking
for cigarettes.

If that's all you want.

I couldn't find any,

I'm sure.

But we can fix that,
we have mine.

- That's very kind but...
- Take them.

Go on, take them.

Thanks very much,
you're really very kind.

You'd have to travel miles to
find cigarettes at this hour.

It's a splendid night,
and I couldn't stay at home.

I needed some fresh air.

Yes, I understand, but it's
a shame walking around alone,

- Do you live nearby?
- Yes, down there.

In that house at the end,
near the park,

Where do you live?
You haven't been here long.

Yes, not long.

You know you have beautiful hair.

Seeing as you suffer
from insomnia...

why don't you come to
my place for a drink?

No, I can't.
I have to go, I can't.

Come on, what are you afraid of?
I'm not going to eat you.

There's nobody home,

The time it takes for a drink.

I'm here.

It's so hot tonight.

I want you!
I want you now,

Let's go next door.

Not like that.

I don't like it.

Let go of me!

Call headquarters.

Okay, fine, now put
me through to the chief.

Arnaldo Catani is dead.

He was run over.

Are we still in time for
the front page?

Yes, okay.

I'll speak to you soon then.
See you around.

He didn't last long.

So now it's just the other two left.

- Listen, where could they be?
- 1 don't know what to say.

Can I help?

Sure, I just can't do it.
It won't budge.

- Nothing.
- Shall I try?

You have go.
See if you can do it.

Let's hope so.

It's a good thing I met you
or I'd still be there like an idiot.

I don't know a damned
thing about cars.

And this heap of junk.

If it wasn't for my job.

I use it to transport goods.
I've got a greengrocer's...

and I have to say it's doing well.

Obviously my wife gives
me a hand as well.

Otherwise how would I manage?

I can see the look on her face when
she's me coming back at this hour.

She's always saying she can't leave
me alone or I'll get into trouble.

She says I'm crazy.

When the car breaks down I don't tell
her that I don't know how to fix it.

But this time I got real lucky.

I got lucky as well
because that was a long walk.

Right, it isn't easy getting
aride on these roads.

It's always a nuisance,

I don't usually pick up
anyone myself, but you...

I trusted you straight away.
I can see you're a good person.

You need to be careful nowadays.

There are lots of strange
people around.

Stefano, did you tell the girls we'd
be round to pick them up at ten?


I hope you didn't forget
the foreigner,

If she doesn't come
nothing happens.

Are you kidding?
Valerio would never back down.

I want see how he gets on
with Francesca.

It's him.

Come on, calm down.
Come with us.

- We've arrived.
- About time.

The keys.

- Now you'll see the quiet life.
- Judging by the gate...

Park the cars where you like,

What a place!

I was expecting worse.

Do you like it?

Yes, that's right,
it's just how I like it.

It really is beautiful.

How old do you think
this place is, Carlo?

Look, guys, what do you
think that writing means?

Just think, I've been coming here
every summer since I was two...

but I've never managed
to figure out what it means.

Perhaps it's the story of
your ancestors.

You're such an idiot.

- Does this radio work?
- That's just for decoration,

It's been broken for years.

Come on, let's put the
supplies in the kitchen,

It must have been the wind.

Do you make love as
well as you dance?

Eveline, he wants to know
how well you make love.


- Get the guys to help you.
- Okay.

She can't stop making out.

That's all you think of, Valerio.

You could help her put the
supplies in the fridge.

In this heat.

You're always so lazy.

But you've got the
energy to play the fool.

Don't be so jealous.

If she gets upset the
valkyrie will leave us dry.

I'll take it.

We're going to sunbathe,
are you coming?

We'll catch up with you.

Come and have a look,
the trees are full of fruit.

- You come as well.
- We'd rather stay here,

You go for us as well.

Just don't go undressing
all the trees.

Aren't you bitter.


- Why didn't Tony come?
- Maybe because Giulia's jealous.

You say she's jealous?
I really don't think so.

- Stop it.
- Why? Are you ticklish?

In this heat?

Girls, here comes the mute.

What does she want?

Are you always eating?

What do you expect us to think?

- Let me have a sip.
- Just go easy.


Give me one.

Come on, why don't you go inside
and get us something to drink.

- You go.
- Move it.

Okay, troublemakers,

- You frightened me.
- Frightened you?

- Yes.
- Really?

It wasn't my intention,
quite the opposite.

- What?
- I'll show you.

What are you doing?

Let go of me!

You're a bastard!
A sadist!

Elena told me what
you did to her.

Don't try it with me.
I'll send you to jail.

Why don't you just go then?

- Do you want to ruin the party?
- Don't worry, we're leaving.

Me and Carlo have had
enough of your parties!

- Well, Valerio?
- 1 wanted to see him with this freak.

Don't be jealous.

Don't leave me.

Francesca, don't leave me all alone.
Please, Francesca!

What's wrong?

Come, I'll take you outside.

- She isn't well.
- It's nothing.

It's nothing.
It's gone,

She's been killed.
Eveline's dead!

It's impossible.

-l can't believe it.
- I want to go away from here.

- Yes, we're going.
- No, nobody's leaving.

I don't want any part of this.

We can't let the panic get to us.

- What are you talking about?
- This has nothing to do with us.

- We'd better get out of here.
- No, I said nobody's leaving.

It's obvious one of
us killed her.

We'll settle this amongst
ourselves and then we'll be free.

- Never to look each other in the face.
- Whatever you say.

But first we need to
get rid of the body.

Get rid of it? How?
I don't understand.

Think about it, no one except us
knows that Eveline was here.

So what?
What are you suggesting?

She was a foreigner
and she lived alone.

Right, it's true.

So no one will notice her missing.

We can bury her in the garden,

- Don't you think?
- It's impossible.

There's nothing else we can do.
You've got to see sense.

But that takes courage.
It's terrible.

Don't you worry,
us men will take care of it.

My god, enough!

What have I done with
these hands?

This is everything we've
got on Paolo Lupi.

- Did you find his doctor?
- Sure, how else would I get it?

- Paolo Lupi, 35.
- We already knew that,

Wait till you hear the rest.

He's the only male...

He has an unmarried sister...

he studied philosophy
but he never graduated.

Listen to this; a sex maniac,
bothers women on the street...

- one count of attempted rape.
- It all adds up.

That woman reported him because
he had tried to strangle her.

But his family was able
to keep it quiet...

sending him to a clinic
in Switzerland to recover.

What are you thinking?

I was just thinking about...

What was her name?

Linda Crespi.

Yes, the one they found
stabbed in her home.

- She was naked.
«It's true!

I can't believe we didn't
think about it before.

It could have been him.


No, Angelo.

You're not coming with us.

- I'm staying.

- What are you doing?
- You heard, I'm staying here.

- What the hell are you thinking?
- A girl's been killed, strangled.

Here, in my home.

And by one of us,
That's right.

And it's too easy; forgetting.

Pretend nothing's happened,
and to see each other again,

And go on meeting up,
all together, having fun.

Okay, but what's the point
in staying here?

I don't know.
I want to think.

Maybe I can...

- I have to find something.
- Some kind of proof?

- You want to play detective?
- Why not? The killer has to pay.

Itisn't fair that they're free.

Okay, do what you want.

I'm taking Angelo to Rome.

Then I'll come back for you,
if you've changed your mind.

But I honestly don't understand you,

Francesca has her suspicions,
she wants to look for proof,

You're not saying anything.


It's always broken.
Have you got a light?

Can't you find the lighter?
Have you lost it?

No, I've got it.

- What have you done to your arm?
- It happened when we buried her.

Francesca suspects Valerio,

Did you see how upset he was
when she decided to stay?

Valerio liked Eveline.
He brought her along.

You're right, it's true.

Did you notice Eveline's necklace?

Yes, sure.

The pendant has disappeared.

What's going on?
Did I fall asleep?

I can believe it, with this rubbish.

He's still loose in the city
presumably armed with a knife.

He's already killed a woman,

If you're just tuning in we'll repeat
the description of this lunatic...

He's around 1 metre, 90" tall,
Thin, aged 38.

Straight brown hair.

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