Madman (1981) - full transcript

At a summer camp for youths, cockey pre-teen calls out the name of mass serial killer "Madman Marz". Suddenly, counselors are being maimed and slaughtered in various ways by the backwoodsman who has returned when his name was called.

♪ Long long ago

♪ The fifth wind blew

♪ Stole the man's mind

♪ Left him blood mad

♪ He hid amongst the trees

♪ Appeared with the breeze

♪ He killed them

♪ And dragged off their bodies

♪ A chill in the air

♪ The scent of death crawling

♪ Full moon's a witness

♪ As one by one, they
trespassed his ground

♪ And chose to take chances

♪ Dragged into the black

♪ Arose in the ground

♪ Dragged into the night

♪ Their bodies never found

♪ On the night of the fifth wind

♪ Nothing could
save them, there was

♪ No protection from the
darkness and the doom

♪ The wind held his mind

a' And a man turned to murder

♪ Black gusts in the night

♪ Damp with their blood

♪ Death's breath in the night

♪ Dripping their blood

♪ Dripping their blood

♪ Dripping their blood

Now it's time for my story.

My story deals with a man who

used to live in that
old dilapidated house

behind those trees.

We're not supposed to
be this close to it

because many strange things

happen around here.

He was a farmer with his family,

wife and two children.

He was an evil man.

Ugly and mean.

He'd beat his wife.

Brutally punish his children.

He'd drink at the tavern and...

Fight all the time.

He once had a piece of his nose

bitten off in a brawl
and didn't feel a thing.

It was a night like tonight.

Many many years ago.

Wait a minute, now
that I think about it,

it was the same
night as tonight.

The woods, quiet and dark.

The farmer, for no
apparent reason,

went stark raving mad.

He walked into his bedroom

with an axe in his hand and

chopped his sleeping
wife into little pieces.

Then with his
bloodlust awakened,

he walked down the
hall to his son's room

and took an axe to him,

but he still wasn't finished.

He walked across the hall
to his daughter's room.

And without so much as a word,

he chopped her into
little pieces too.

Then he calmly walked
into the tavern,

lifted the bloody
axe onto the bar,

and ordered himself a beer.

Well it wasn't long before

the town found
out what happened,

and when it did, it was all over

for the mad farmer,
or so they thought.

Ten men jumped him and dragged

him screaming to
the nearest tree,

where they quickly
looped a thick

rope around his neck and hoisted

him high into the air.

One of them grabbed
the bloody axe

and swung it at the
farmer's head leaving

a deep, bloody gash at
the side of his face.

They left him there
hanging for dead.

Next morning, when they

went to cut him
down, he was gone.

It was then they noticed the

bodies of his wife and
children were missing.

And their bodies have
never been found.

Oh Max, come on, how could

their bodies never be found?!

I mean where could they be?

I don't know, Richie.

All I do know is that
on certain nights,

when the moon is full, he's out

there stalking in the woods.

Searching for people so he

can chop their heads
off with an axe.

Or hang them from a tree.

You trying to be
funny or something?

What's this farmer's
name anyway?

Richie, I have a good reason

I haven't told you his name.

A very good reason.

You see, it is said also that

if you say his name above
a whisper in the woods,

he will hear you because he can

be anywhere anytime.

And if he hears
you call his name,

he'll come for you.

And if he comes for
you, he'll get you.

One by one, you'll start

to fall before night's over.

"Ru get you all."

His name is Madman Marz.

What'd he
say, I couldn't hear him.

His name is Marz.

Madman Marz.

Hey Marz, Madman Marz,

here we are, come
and get us, Madman!

Madman Marz!

Oh Richie, now you've done it!

Don't you realize you're fooling

with things beyond
your control?!

The Madman Marz doesn't

understand anymore!

Madman Marz thinks
you're making fun of him.

He didn't mean it, Marz!

He's young and foolish and

doesn't know what he's doing!

Stay where you are,
we mean you no harm!

Let's hope that
stopped him in time.

If not, no one is safe
in the woods tonight.

Anyone alone in the woods.

You can't hear him,
you can't see him.

You smell his odor of death,

and you turn
around, and suddenly

this horribly mutilated
face stares down at you.

It's the last thing
you see before zap!

Off goes your head.

I hope you enjoyed
my little story.

It's my way of saying goodbye

and good luck to you children.

Tomorrow, your
parents will be up

to spend the last weekend
before Thanksgiving,

and my winter
vacation down South.

I enjoyed your company-

Okay, when we break,
TP and the boys

will have the responsibility
of killing the fire.

Everybody else will get
ready for the walk back

and remember, don't walk in
the woods alone 'cause...

The Madman Marz will get you!

That's right.

Betsy, what's a Madman Marz?

It's nothing, honey,
it's just a figment

of Max's imagination, something

he made up to scare
you, that's all.

Oh, he sure did that all right,

I was so scared I
couldn't open my eyes.

And it's all right,
nobody's gonna

come and get me and
chop off my head?

Don't worry, honey, nobody's

gonna hurt you, I'll
make sure of that, okay?

Now you join the other girls

and don't worry
about a thing, huh?

Tonight, same time?

Well if it isn't
the big brave man

who scares little
girls to tears.

Proud of yourself?

What's the matter?

You scared half those kids

to death, that's
what's the matter.

Come on, Betsy, it's all
in fun, they enjoyed it.

Now what about tonight?

Same time?

No, TP, I don't think
so, not tonight, okay?

We don't have many nights left.

Yes we do, we
have the rest of our lives.

Come on, Betsy, you know you're

not gonna wanna see me once

we get back to the city.

I'm sorry, TP let's just say

I hate saying
goodbye, that's all.

Hey, you two, you're making

this public knowledge,
save it for later?

You never give up, do you?

What's that supposed to mean?

Give her room to
make up her own mind.

If you really love her, the

biggest test is letting
go, not holding on.

Come on, you guys, let's go,

we don't have all night.

Jimmy, grab some dirt over

there and get that end.

Tommy, kick the stones
a little closer.

Richie, come on,
Richie, come on,

move it, move it,
move it, Richie!

I'm moving, I'm moving!

What'd you say?

I didn't say anything,
I was talking to the fire.

He didn't say
nothing, I heard him.

Yeah, he lies and
you swear to it.

Okay, that looks good.

Let's line up.

All right, get ready for
a little double time.

I wanna catch them before

they reach the bungalows.

Double time in place, go!

One, two, one, two,
one, two, one, two,

one, two, one, two,
move out, let's go!

All right, you guys,
you're released.

Finish packing, clean
up's in a half hour.

Who is it?

It's me, Stacy.

Come on in!

What's up?


You feeling okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I always get quiet when
it's over for the season.

He never lets go, does he?

No, he doesn't.

He wants it to go
on and on and on.

Are you gonna see him in town?

I don't know, maybe.

I need some breathing room.

Well I'm happy to hear that you

recognize the signs
of a possessive male.

They should having a
big red warning light

screwed into their
foreheads flashing

beware, beware!

That would make it
easier, wouldn't it,

you could see them a mile away.

Beep-hoop, beep-hoop, beep-boom!

And yet there are things
that I like about him.

When we're alone,
he's soft and tender.

I don't know, it's so confusing.

Tell me about it.

They chase you 'til
you're half dead,

get you, then try
to get rid of you.

Personally, I don't care
which way they want it,

only make up your mind.

You've had an
interesting life, Stacy.

Boring Betsy.

I'm looking forward
to finding me one man,

and I'm gonna stay put.

Anybody special in mind?

A couple.

I didn't say I wanted
to stay put that fast.

But my past is no secret to you.

Listen, Stacy, I
want to thank you

for having an ear to
listen and a shoulder

to cry on, there were
times I needed it.

Okay, enough
hearts and flowers.

I'm glad you're feeling better.

I just wanted to
check and make sure.

Thanks, I feel better.

You know Betsy,
I don't have many

women friends, and I
think you're one of them.

Well I am.

Hey, give me your
number in the city, huh?

Yeah, tomorrow.

Better hurry, we got clean
up in a couple of minutes.

See you later.

' - Bye bye. - ' Bye.

Hey Max, is your
offer of 100 bucks

to anyone who can pull this

axe out of here still good?

Yeah, it's still good!

Come on, Max, give me a hand,

let's get this axe outta here!

Come on, Dippy, give us a hand!

Oh, let it go, TP.

We lost, there'll
be another time.

Maybe, but I don't like losing.

Losing, winning,
what's the difference?

Play the game with a fair heart

and you'll always be able

to look yourself in the mirror.

Play too hard to win, and you

might not like what you become.

You become a winner.

That's what you become.

Dippy, it's empty-

- I don't see Richie anywhere.

He must have stayed
back at the campfire.

What are we gonna do?

Make up his bed
like he's sleeping.

We got to give him
more time to get back.

Richie knows what he's doing.

I'll make this short and sweet.

Thanks, now I'll never stop.

I think you all
contributed something

to the growth of the
people as individuals

and the kids in
general that will

stay with them the
rest of their lives.

Yeah, they'll never go
out in the woods alone.

Ever again.

Max, I'd like to say
something about the campfire.

Sure, Betsy.

I know how you
enjoy telling stories

around a fire, and I
don't wanna ruin it,

but I'm concerned
with the effect

it has on the
younger ones, they're

in tears by the time it's over,

I don't think it's
good for them.

That's a good point,
I never thought of that.

I don't have any objections to

excluding the younger
kids from the campfire.

Next year, I'll
scare the hell out

of only the older
ones, okay, Betsy?

I like to keep my staff happy.

Within reason of course.

All right, I'm
going into town to

pick up the shutters
from Sunny's

and play some cards,
anybody need anything?

Yeah, but you ain't
gonna find it at Sunny's.

Down, girl.

You'll be back in the
big city in a day or two.

You can get anything
you want there.

Hold it, I'm getting a bit

too old for this kind of talk.

I'm leaving.

Bye, Max.

Oh, before I
forget, that beer you

got hidden in the bottom of the

refrigerator against orders...

Save me one.

I'll be back in a
couple of hours.

Keep a sharp eye on the kids.

TP, you're in charge!

I'd like to get into
something a bit more personal.

Tonight, you all
witnessed a scene

between Betsy and me
up at the campfire

that should have never happened.

I'd like to publicly
apologize to Betsy

and to the rest of
you for subjecting

you to my petty and
selfish attitude.

That's it, folks.

I propose a toast.

- Yeah.
- Well the man wants

a toast, so be it.

To friends and friendship.

To love, and lovers.

May you always have
more than you need.

♪ If you're gonna ask

♪ Why is this Why is that

♪ It's up to you

♪ And if you wanna know

♪ Just why the flowers grow

♪ That's okay too

♪ But if you're gonna ask me why

♪ I love you like I do

♪ I don't think I can explain

♪ Got no words to say it

♪ Really rather
play it out with you

♪ Only know the feelings

♪ Chemistry revealing
this simple truth

♪ Should you feel it too

♪ Please let your
feeling through

♪ Love, get a grip on us too

♪ Don't need words to know

♪ Don't need words to know

♪ How I feel about you

♪ Don't need words

♪ Magician does his magic

♪ Thrills you with a slick trick

♪ You never know

♪ Just how he makes it happen

♪ Find yourself just
clapping and feeling good

♪ Should the magic get you high

♪ No need to wonder why

♪ Come with me, together

♪ Let's count all
the stars in the sky

♪ Don't need words to know

♪ How I feel about you

♪ Don't need words

♪ Don't need words

I was right in the middle,

you didn't let me finish.


You men are all alike!

Where am I?


Okay, girl, let's go.

You can do it.

Up, I said go, yes!



Great fire, Bill.


I love to feel the
flames devour the wood.

Who says there's no
beauty in destruction?

I don't think there's beauty
in any kind of destruction.

For any reason.

I'd say that
depends on the reason.

For as long as our
reason stays reasonable.

That's the most frightening
thing about us humans.

You never really know what's

in my mind at any given time.

You never know if I'm thinking

rationally, or if I've

created some other reality.

That seems to fit, that
seems to be normal.

But you never really know
what normal is to me.

You never really know.

Dave, are you okay?

Of course, Ellie.

I'm letting my emotions
overcome my intellect.

See what happens?

See how easy it is to
question another human mind?

I can judge by
your faces there's

a question about me.

A touch of fear in your eyes.

Who is this man, where
does he come from?

I could take your
bodies, one at a time,

and hide them so no one
would ever find them.

I could...

Chop off your heads!

Jimmy, can you, can
you tell me anything

about where Richie
the wise guy is?

Okay, get back to sleep.

Nobody leaves this cabin.

That's an order.

I'm gonna try and find him.

Why don't you get.

Bill and Dave to help?

I lost him, it's my
responsibility to find him.

So dark out there, more

people looking the better.

Don't worry, I'm just gonna

take a quick look,
if I don't find

them I'll be back in
awhile to get the others.

You wait in the
office and stay awake.

Yes, sir!


Be careful.


Nothing, it's okay, be careful.

Were you serious about

what you said this afternoon?

Did it shock you that much?

No, I only want you to be sure

of leaving school and me.

I told you, I love you.

I wanna be with you.

Anymore doubts?


No more doubts.

Great moon tonight,
eh, Billy boy?

Yeah, great moon tonight.


Let's go for a swim.

I have a better idea.





That you, Richie?

Come on, Richie.

Come on out, I know
you're in there, Richie.

Come on out, Richie!

Smells like death...

He loves me not.

He loves me.

He loves me not.

He loves me.

As if I didn't know.

Oh TP, where are you?

Then he said he'd be
back in 10 minutes

and left, it's been close to 45

and that's not like TP,
you know that, Dave.

Yeah, I know.

This happens at
least twice a year.

Last year it took
us about three hours

to track down a kid who made a

left instead of
a right and wound

up in the North fork.

That was in broad daylight.

Betsy, I'm surprised at you.

I didn't know you
were such a worrier.

Why the strange
look in your eyes?

Well you two are
gonna laugh, but...

As TP was leaving,
I saw something

by the side of the house.

It was big, I couldn't make out

any features because
of the shadows...

Okay, Betsy, I get your point,

I'll go looking for him.

No need to make
up anymore stories

for the dramatic effect.

I'm not making up any stories.

What happened to this shadow?

Well the next
time I looked up...

It was gone.

Okay, I'm leaving, look,
see how fast I'm moving?

Dave, don't make
fun of me please.

Okay, I'm sorry.

Don't worry so much.

I'll find him one two three.

Keep her company until
we get back, okay?

I saw something out there.

I did.

At least I think I did.


You out there?!






TP, where are you?!



Betsy, I think we
should go in the office.


Tommy, what's up?


I don't think.

Betsy, wait here.

I'm gonna go find Bill and Ellie

and then take a ride to
the end of the trail.

I think we should
both stay here.

Well Betsy, that's
the difference

between you and me.

You're content to sit
behind and I'm not.

I like to know what's going on.

I'll see you in a little while.


Stacy, don't you ever knock?

Sorry, I don't usually
bust in like this,

but we need you both
up in the office.

What's the matter?

I don't know.

Richie's been missing
since the campfire

and TP went to find him and then.

Dave went to find them and

nobody's returned
yet, so I figured

it would be better if we're

all available for duty.

Soto speak.

How long have they been gone?

I don't know for sure.

Too long as far
as I'm concerned.

I gotta get back.

Sorry again, you two.

Don't rush, but hurry
if you know what I mean.

We're coming.

Be right there.

Why isn't there
another flashlight?

I don't like it.

I wish Max would get back,

he always knows what to do

in an emergency.

Easy, Ellie, this isn't exactly

an emergency, Max would
do what we're doing.

We gotta search for a lost kid.

Only TP should have called

the whole group together instead

of going off on his
own, the more people

you have searching,
the better it is.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna catch up with Stacy.

What about you?

Well if it's
better to have more

people looking, then
I'll go with you.

You okay here alone?


I've got five kids to
look after, who's alone?

Only get back as
soon as you can, huh?

I don't want Max to
find everybody gone.

He's funny that way.

We'll gather the group
and come right back.

Good, that's what I wanna hear.








Where are you?!

Dave, are you hurt?

" Stacy?!


There's the pickup.

Yeah, I see it.

She's in the woods already.

Look, the campfire
area's that way.

If you move close to the trail

and I go this way we'll
make a complete circle.

Be careful.

You too.

Are you ready?

Ready as I'll ever be.


What is it, baby, what's wrong?

Oh Bill, I saw
something horrible!

It was big and huge and dark.

I don't know.
I'm gonna go see for myself,

you wanna wait here
or come with me?

Why can't we go
back to the office?

What good is that?

Let's find out for
sure what you saw,

if anything at all, okay?

Okay, but don't
let go of my hand.

I don't see anything, Ellie.


Yeah, let's go back now.

Okay, let's go.

Oh God!

What is it, Bill?

Nothing, stay in the truck!


Holy shit.

" Betsy!

Betsy, where are you?!





Are you here?!

Where's Betsy?




Max, get me Max.

Max, it's Betsy!

You gotta come back!

There's blood all
over the place!

Hold on, Betsy, what
are you talking about?

I don't know, I don't
know, I don't know,

it's just blood all
over the fireplace

you gotta come back now!

I'll be right there!


Please hurry.


Wake everybody up!

Okay, let's go, there's
no time to change,

come on, get your
coats on, let's go.

Bart, leave everything and

get to the bus right now!

Come on, let's go, come on!

Come on.

Get into the bus.

Leave us alone!

Stop it!

GO away!

Leave us alone!


GO away!


I've got to find the others,

gotta see if anybody's alive.

Drive directly to
the police station,

don't stop for anything.

All right.

Oh Betsy, don't leave us.

I'm sorry, honey.

I love you.

Just get moving!

Help me!


Richie, Richie!

Are you all right?


Madman Marz.

He's real!

♪ Roar of the campfire

♪ Telling of his horror

♪ Lost in the woods

♪ With the madman and the stars

♪ Don't laugh at the tales

♪ Heed if you call him

♪ The legend is
beware the Madman Marz

♪ The legend is beware
the Madman Marz