Madhuram (2021) - full transcript

Kartik is a regular guy who has a regular life. Madhu, the girl he has instantly attracted breaks the monotony of his life when she unexpectedly becomes his colleague. The story unfolds further into the beautiful journey of friendship and love, life takes Kartik on.

'Happy Birthda...'

Happy Birthday!

What is this?

I made this in the evening.

Special Biriyani.

Your favourite Biriyani.

How's it?

Did anyone see you coming here?

What's wrong if anyone sees me?

What's wrong if anyone sees me?
I've come to meet my girl, right?

My brother is upstairs.


I work on a ship.

I haven't been
scared of the sea!

Why would I be scared
of your brother?

Come on!

Before someone comes,

let's celebrate your birthday,
having this Biriyani.

So you are scared!

That's not the reason.

There won't be anything
left to give them.

Come on!

We're celebrating this birthday,
in the dark.

Next time,

we'll invite everyone and
celebrate in light!

Blow the candle.

Oh no!
Go! Go!

[Hi dear. Make some awesome
Idli and Sambar for breakfast]


The morning came flying by,
singing 'Rum Pum Pum' in my ears

Sprinkling happiness
as a tune on my lips

Eyes sang a verse to each other
The sky sought a verse from the earth

Sunrays covered the sky up above
A thousand doves fluttered below


Antony Joseph's by-stander should
reach the nursing station immediately.

Radha Chechi...

It's Chitra's birthday.

How is it?


- Baiju Chetta!

Hey Sabu!
- It's Chitra's birthday today.

I made this myself.
- That's awesome.


[Keep Silence]

Sister, it's Chitra's birthday.

Happy Birthday!
- Thanks!

Come on!

[Dr. Suresh, you scoundrel!]

The morning came flying by,
singing 'Rum Pum Pum' in my ears

Please give me five minutes.
I'll get ready quickly.

Sprinkling happiness
as a tune on my lips

Eyes sang a verse to each other
The sky sought a verse from the earth

Sunrays covered the sky up above
A thousand doves fluttered below


[phone ringing]

One second, Dad.
Let me pull over.


Where are you?

I'm on my way to the
hospital with the food.

Well, what's the
status of your leave?

I've applied for it.

It's difficult to get it.

Try to come somehow, Dad.

I can't handle it
all alone here.

We'll see.
What did the doctor say?

They're just dragging it in the
name of check-ups and scanning.

They said they'll let me know
the surgery date in two days,

and now there's
no news from them.

Didn't I tell you earlier itself,
that we'll go to a private hospital?

Do you know something?

Don't you remember
Sunny Chettan's case?

When everyone else abandoned him,
only this doctor came to his rescue.

And since it is a
Government hospital,

the by-standers may
face some difficulties.

Just bear with it.

My dear dad, that's
not a problem for me.

I just hope the disease
is cured somehow.

Don't worry.

The surgery will happen on time.

Isn't Cherry with you?


Don't forget about her in
between all this running around.


I don't have any time left after
my site visits and hospital duty.

So don't bring that matter now.

You know your mom, right?

She takes a long time to
get along with people.

Take my case, for instance.

She made me chase her so much!

Haven't you seen my old photos?
I was so slim.

That's because she
made me chase her.

They will get along gradually.

We'll talk about all this,
after the surgery.

Dad, I'm in the middle of traffic.
I'll call you later.



Ask the by-stander of the patient
on bed number 4 to go the OT.


When I checked the temperature
in the morning, it was normal.

I'll check in the evening
again and let you know.

Roychetta, just go!

Don't waste time!

The patient has been
taking insulin shots.

No. There are no variations in the ECG.
- Sister...

Just a minute.
Yes, Chechi.

I've informed the by-stander.

After cross-checking the reports,
we'll let you know about shifting.


I'm on the phone!

Sorry. I was asked to
come here and fill a form.

I'll call you later.

Tell me the name and address.

Thajuddheen Valiyaparambu.


Say 'Thaju'.

Or you can write it as 'Thaju'.

Is that the name on the ID card?

ID card?

He hasn't brought the ID card.

Don't you know that you should bring
an ID when you come to a hospital?

Shall I fill it then?

Why don't you sit here then?

I mean, I can fill
it if you are busy.


Vishnuetta, ask her
where my room is.

Ask her where my room is!

Just sign here.
- Roychettan is coming there.

Well, where is his room?

The big room you see there?
That's the one.


Here's the form.

Your pen.

What's the relationship?

Tell her that I don't want
any relation with her.

He's saying that he doesn't
want any relation with you.

What's his relationship
with the patient?

It's his father!

Whose father?
- His father.

I'll call you.

Go ahead.


Imagine the condition of
the people in the ward!


Come here.
- What is it?

This is your big room.

This one?
- This is the room!

Just come with me.

What's over here?

Thaju, come here.

You won't feel the pain of
loneliness here for sure.


There are so many
people here, right?

I'll tell you something!

I can't stay here!

Let's go.

Thaju, just look at her.

That lady must be as
old as your Kulsumma.

Yeah, right!

And he looks just like
your Uncle Moideen!

And there are people here, who are
like Gafoorkka and Najumatha, right?


You should consider
them your family.


Forget about me.

If this is the situation here,

what will be my dad's situation?

I'm worried about that.

Dad was always a miser.

Can't he spend some
money for himself?

He's a miser only when
it comes to himself.

You do something.
There's an AC over there.

Go and sit where
it's really cold.

AC? Here?

You'll get a cold breeze near that window.
Go and sit there.

I'll go and buy a
mattress for you.

Okay. Come back soon.
- Yeah.

Announcement : The medicines for
the patients with KASP insurance,

are being distributed at
counter number 4.

Pay attention!

The medicines for the
patients with KASP insurance,

are being distributed at
counter number 4.


Come here.


Sit here.
- Here?


Let's sit here and have a chat.

Peace be unto you, Uncle.
- And unto you be peace.


Hi Uncle.
- Hi.

I didn't know...

You didn't quite like
the set-up here, right?


If you won't feel bad,
I'll tell you something.

What? - These are the maximum
facilities you'll get here.

It's alright.
It will be sorted in two days.

The facilities?
- No.

Your mind.

It's always like that, right?

Who is admitted here?
- My father.

Where are you from?
- Malappuram.

You came so far from there?

Dad wanted to consult
this particular doctor.

That's why we came here.

That's good.

Where do you stay in Malappuram?

In an area called Edayur..
- Edayur?

Which is your post office in Edayur?

Edayur P.O.

The post-master in Edayur
is Mr. Gopi, right?

I don't know.
- It's Gopi.

He's from Kunhamkulam.

I know him.


Is the pharmacy crowded?

Yes, sister.
It's quite crowded today.

That's right.
It's a holiday, right?

People come running to the hospital,
even for the silliest reasons.

Why didn't you eat anything?

She won't eat all of this.

I'll have to finish it.

Hold this.

Bring the stretcher!
- Don't cry! I am okay!

He is fine, Chechi.
- You shut up!

Are you his son?

No. My bike hit him.
- He was over-speeding, brother.

Oh no! Gently!

Give me a hand.

Oh no!

Sister, please don't cry.

It's not such a big problem.

You know, Dr. Jayaraj
is an ortho-specialist.

He will be fine.
Go and sit there.

He will be alright.
Go and sit there.


Will he...
Will he die?

What nonsense!

Will someone die if his bone
breaks in a bike accident?

So it won't be a
police case, right?

I have a helmet!


If they file a complaint,
it will be a police case.


Don't worry.

But when you ride a bike,

it's good to understand that people
on the road have families too.

Yes, brother.
- Saw her crying?

Be with her, pay the
bills and make her happy.



Oh no!

Here you go.

Please wait there.
He's fine. You can sit there.

Sister, this is nothing.

These are just blood stains.
Go and sit there.

The doctor hasn't come?
- Yes. He is inside.

Sabu Chetta...
Shall we go?


Go and sit there.

Go and sit there!

Nothing is a problem
for kids these days.

But everything is a problem!

He lost a lot of blood, right?
- He had a fracture, right?

There will be some blood loss.


I came to return this lunchbox.
- Oops. I forgot about it.

Your fare?
- No. I don't need money.

Okay then. Bye.

I'll go give this to Chitra.

- See you there.


Do you want a
juice or something?


Has the doctor left?
- Of course!

He finished his rounds
and left long back.

Then it's fine.

Why are you just sitting here?

I have a pass!

Why don't lie inside in
the AC room for some time?

- Yes.

Get lost!

You're all ready, right?

I'm going to ask the question.

10 legs to walk.

6 eyes on the face.

3 noses and 4 tongues.

You have only ten seconds.
You know, right?

Tick tick 10!

Tick tick 9!

Tick tick 8!

Tick tick 7!

Tick tick 6!
- Raviyetta!

You're quite old, right?
Say it!

He didn't ask for my age, right?
- Tick tick 5!

Oops. Sorry.

Do you know it, Kevin Chetta?

Yeah, it's simple.

Think and you'll get it.
- Chandretta!

The nurse is calling
you downstairs.

Your pharmacy list is ready.

I forgot about that.
Let me go buy the medicines.

I hope he remembers the answer
to the question he asked us.

Chandretta, tell us
the answer and go!

A small break!
I'll be right back!

What's his name?


His mom has a surgery.
- Sabu!

He's a famous quiz-master.

But he keeps forgetting the
most important things.

Come on!

Sabu Chetta.
- All are here, huh?

Who's this new admission?

This is my best friend
Suhail's younger brother.


I'll tell you something
if you won't feel bad.

Now he's my best friend as well.

Peace be unto you.

And unto you be peace.

Seems like he's
from my community.

How is Chitra doing?

We were just having a chat.

Poor girl.
- What happened to her?

She had a slipped disc.

She fell down in the kitchen.

She's getting better.

What about you?

Did you get the date?

They said they'll let me know,
but no news after that.

That's what they
told me as well.

So I'll have to stay here
for some more days, huh?

Why are you staying here,
facing so much difficulty?

You can go home and send someone else..
Your mom or...

... sister..
- It's not that, brother.

This is a chance I've got
to prove my worth in life.

- Your father's by-pass surgery?

No, I didn't mean that.

Staying here, taking care of my dad..
A son's duty!

A son's duty?
- Yes.

My dear dutiful son!

Why do you have to worry?

There's a TV in our hall, right?

You can chill there, watching
the shows you like, right?

Then it's fine!

playing on TV]

I have trophies for being the boxing
champion for 5 years, at home.

So awesome, right?
- Want to see it?

Hey! That's enough.
Give us the remote control.

Let him finish saying it.

Our TV soap is about to start.

Go on, say it!

You have only ten seconds!

Tick tick ten!

Tick tick nine!

Tick tick eight!

Tick tick seven!
- Here you go.

Watch your soap and
shed your tears!

Please sit.

[Movie continues playing]

[TV Soap plays]

Shall I plug in my
charger, brother?

Oh no! It's only 82% charged.

82%? Mine is switched off.
Can I please plug it in?

Just ten minutes. It will be
fully charged now. I'll move.

10 minutes?

I'll move now.

Hold your hand like this.

Like this.

Not like that.
- Then?

Hold it like this.

Like this?

Can I charge my phone?

- Huh?

Mine is only 86% charged.

86% is a great number.

- What?

Call me when you're done!

- Like this?
- It's easy!

Easy? This?

Come here!


That's her name.

She isn't married yet.
That's her sister's daughter.


- Well...

When I was standing here...

and when you came here,
I was just...

Hey Thajudheen from Malappuram!

I said that because you needn't
waste time, enquiring about her.

It's not about time, brother.

This atmosphere is not so
favourable for that, right?

Oh! Like that?


Heard what he said? This is not
an atmosphere to romance, it seems.

My dear Sabu Chetta...

He was about to go back home,
the day he landed here.

He's staying back only
because that girl is here.

Please don't say that.
- Then what should I say?

I'm sure that he'll take her to a
beach or park if he gets a chance.

You little devil!

He's kidding!
- Look at him blushing!

What's wrong with this place?

This hospital is not
like what you think.

You can do anything...

... and everything here.

You can see people rushing through
these verandahs from early morning,

without taking a moment to talk to
or even smile at each other.

At the O.P.

At the canteen.

Please don't cry, dear.

Hello bro!

People will be crowding even in
front of the operation theatre.

By afternoon, the rush slowly subsides.

And then, by evening,

that veranda, which was
thronging with people earlier?

It becomes vacant...

and transforms into
a romantic ambiance.

Like the veranda at Payyannur college...
[from the movie 'Thattathin Marayathu']

This is the best
place to romance!

There's a nice shade
under the tree to flirt.

If you want to have a coffee
together, you have the canteen.

If she has brothers,

there's an ICU to be admitted in,
after getting beaten up.

You're cooking
Mackerel here today? - Yes.

Do you want one?
- No.

Just because you
tested your blood once,

you needn't stop having tea
with sugar immediately.


You don't want me
to live long, huh?

What happened?

Oh! I just checked
my sugar level.

Now I've lost my peace of mind.

Sabu Chetta...

- Dr. Radha is looking for you.
- Okay.

- Doctor is at the O.P.
- I'll meet her.

This is not so bad.

Didn't they give you medicines?

Yes, they've given a long list.

- If you have it for one month..
It's for one month, right? - Yes.

If you have those medicines,
and exercise a bit,

it will be cured easily.

Next time, don't waste time
waiting for an O.P. ticket.

Come here and meet this Sir.

You're a doctor?

What's your name, sir?

If I was a doctor, I could
have taken a better name.

But now, it's Sabu!

Dr. Sabu!
Hey Sabu!

If you keep a board with
the name 'Dr. Sabu' on it,

will any loser come to see you?

- Dr. Sabu is a better name than
Dr. Baby anyday. - Yeah, right!

Dear... Make some
'Rava-Kesari' (Dessert) today.

I've impressed her
quite a bit with that.


Dad, do you have
anything against me?

I'm hearing the word
'Kesari' for the first time!

I'll try preparing it anyway.

If it works out,
I'll send a photo.

Okay, bye!

Rava... Kesari...


I was making Rava
Kesari for your mom.

The Rava is fried properly now
with a great aroma.

Kevin, give me five minutes.
I'll get ready quickly.

Please don't mind.

I know that you won't stop.
That's why.

Unlike what we think,

preparing desserts is tougher
than cooking rice and curry.

I've managed something,
referring to YouTube.

It looks nice.

But since I haven't eaten this dish so far,
I don't know how it should taste.

And yeah... the bag you
wanted to take for your mom?

It was full of Sarees.

It will be difficult to
wear them in the hospital.

I have kept some night-dresses,
instead of them.

I didn't think about that.

You used to dance earlier, Kevin?

I used to do many such things,
back when I was happy.


I have to buy something.
I'll be right back.

Here you go.

Hey! I had bought two
extra syringes yesterday.

If I return them, will there
be any change in the bill?

The difference will
only be 6 Rupees.

That's okay.
Give it.


Sugar, Pressure, Cholesterol....

All these are quite high for me.
- So?

I was saying that you should
give me a discount in the bill.

I'll try.

Or else, I'll get a stroke!

I don't have anyone else
to be a by-stander for me.

Give it to me, sister.

Have a look.

Is it fine now?

Will you get a stroke?

It's still quite high.

But it's alright, dear.

- Here you go.
- Okay.

- Sister, may I come inside?
- Okay.



- Where are you looking?
- Vishnuetta...

- Look at me!
- What is it?

For the past few days, I haven't
been able to stand properly,

or walk properly...

I can't sit..
I mean, I can sit.

I have no appetite.

What do I do with
this food then?

No, let it be there.
I'll eat it when I'm hungry.

I can't handle this, Vishnuetta.

Do you need treatment?

- This is not that!
- Then what is it?

I like her!

She's nice, right?

Has she fallen for you?

- No?
- I'm unable to find a topic...

... to start a
conversation with her.

You're unable to find a
topic to talk to a girl?

Are you kidding me?

I'll call you later.

- Thaju...
- Yes.

- Go and ask her for a charger.
- Charger?

Go and ask her for
the charger, dude!

What is this, then?

I have a charger, right?

What are you doing?

Now you don't have
a charger, right?

- Go and ask her.
- I'll go ask?

Go and ask, man!

Vishnuetta, if you
weren't there for me?

I'm here for you, right?

Go and ask!

Hey! She's coming here.

- She's coming. - Don't go.
- You do one thing.

Sort this out.

- She's your girl, man!
- Is she? - Yes!

Hey! Do you have a charger?

I think both of us
have c-type phones.

I forgot my charger at home.

Neethu, I had one.

Do you have a sellotape?
I'll repair it right away!

- Neethu!

Do you want a charger?

No, this one...

- Is yours a c-type charger?
- Yes.

I'll plug it in.
Give it to me.

Thank you.


Your phone must be fully
charged now, right?

No. It's just 15%.

But I thought it will
be a help for that girl.

You bloody transformer!


We're lucky to do all this,
during such times.

I'm paying back now.

She washed my clothes
for a long time, right?

I like doing all this.

I've had this good fortune
ever since I got married.

You really love your wife, right?

Of course!

We've been together for
40 years now, right?

40 years!

Don't you love your wife?

I can't live without her, Chetta!

Sabu Chetta..
- Did you get the date for the surgery?

No. They said they will
let me know after a week.

Sigh! So many days
are going by, right?

Will you get leave for so
many days from your office?

I'm running on an
adjustment now.

Must be a delivery, right?


Isn't this Kesari?

No, no!
I mean, my name is Cherry.

I am Kevin's wife.

You rascal!
Why aren't you introducing us?

Cherry, my wife.

Isn't that what she said now?

- Namaste.
- Hi.

People usually bring sweets here when
they get discharged or deliver a baby.

We thought you were staying here.

- Who made this?
- Me.

- It's really nice.
- Thank you.

Isn't it nice?


Why are you unsure
about that 'yes'?

It might not be
nice on other days.

Sorry, dear.

- We were just kidding.
- That's alright.

Have it, kiddo.


- Sit down.
- Please give it to everyone.

- You must be getting great
food daily, right? - No way!

It's not like that, brother.
I make all this referring YouTube.

YouTube won't make it for us, right?

- We should make it ourselves, right?
- I just tried it out.

Shall I leave then?

I've taken half-day
leave from the bank.

See you.

If you try anything else
like this, please bring it.

We'll have it.

Is that really necessary?

- Nice girl.
- She's really smart.

Must be a love marriage, right?

No, brother.
It was an arranged marriage.

Lucky fellow!

We had to find our
partners ourselves.


We're not on good terms.

That will be all right.
You've just started, right?

It will be sorted gradually and become
great. She's a nice girl, right?

But this is quite serious.

She picks fights
with my mom daily.

I have to take a
decision regarding this

after getting my mom
discharged from this hospital.

What decision?



Brother... She's not getting
along with my mother.

If she can't get along with your mom,
divorce her! - SHUT UP!


Forget about your mom.
What's your decision?

Brother, I...

I'm not able to take a decision.

Kevin, it's your life.
You should be taking a decision!

If not you,
will others take decisions for you?

What is this?

Is this child's play?


Divorce for such silly reasons?

Son, Kevin...

Don't ever take such a decision.

You should learn from me.

40 years!

'Ravi weds Sulekha'

I met her when I was 18 years old,

fell in love with her,
and got married to her.

After that, this
is the first time,

that she's downstairs,

and I am upstairs,
away from her!

Until then, we were together!

And we'll continue to be
together, even after this.

['Aniyathipravu' (Movie) playing on TV]

We're leaving.

You didn't even
speak to my daughter.

After you leave,

I don't want to see
her breaking down.

Kevin Chetta, look at them.

They are crying.

Look at your Neethu.

They are better than her.

Well, she is crying thinking
about her sister's surgery.

Just her?

- Yeah, right!
- What should I say to bless her?

How should I bless her?

Brother, can I plug
this in, please?

- Give her to me. I'll look after her.
- Brother... - Just a minute.

You've seen this so many times,
right? Please...

Take her!

Take her with you!

- Take it!
- Thanks!

Why are you laughing,
Sabu Chetta?

My story was also like this!

After a long time,
her family brought her to me.

And I took her with me!

Our story was also like that!

- Our story was also like that!
- Sabu Chetta!

We can listen to your story
any number of times.

But this bragging
about '40 years'?

No way!

Why are you like this?

I've reached here,
after going through your age.

Don't think that we didn't
have any emotions at your age,

and nothing happened for us!

Cheers to that!

40 years!
Ravi weds Sulekha!

Drink some water.

That's Raviyettan coughing, right?

He might have to be shifted to the
patient's room soon, if it's like this.

And he came to be a
by-stander for his wife.

If there are any corrections, do it
and WhatsApp it to me.

I'm not able to concentrate on
anything, because of this situation.


Check it and call me.

I'll call you later.

Sabu Chetta!

You got the result?

What did the doctor say?

- What did the doctor say?
- It's all okay.

Her condition has
improved considerably.

We may even get discharged
before you guys.

Where are you going?

I'm fed up, Sabu Chetta.

Because of all the work stress
and this hospital issue.

You know how long it's been
since I had any proper food?

What do you feel
like eating now?

Rice and fish fry!

Along with that,

some really nice
coconut chutney,

one Pappadam,

some pickle,

and some great fish curry with
mangoes, made in coconut milk.

- How does that sound?
- Sounds awesome!

- Come, let's go!
- Come on!

It smells really good.

It's the masala.

When we mix it,

if we add a little coconut milk,

it will be awesome.

Stop tempting me and
just fry it, Sabu Chetta.

What's all these?

Those are Chitra's.

She had bought all that.

We have to fill it
once she's back.

You should come here with everyone,
once your mother's surgery is done.

We'll meet up here.

Chitra will also be here.

You seem to be a family
man, Sabu Chetta.

Of course!

I can't live a lonely life.

Once we start
living as a family,

I really like it.

Haven't you seen unmarried people,

and people who live a
lonely life after a divorce?

No one remembers them
once they're dead.

No one knows anything.

I can't be like that!

Can you get me that plate?

Don't pour it there.

Over there!


Talking about divorce...

... is easy.

But going through it...

.. will be extremely difficult.

Simpletons like you
cannot handle it.

I don't know, Sabu Chetta.

This issue started immediately
after we got married,

for silly reasons.

Mom is quite old-fashioned.

So her ways are
also old-fashioned.

Whatever it is, she
says it on the face!

Even me and my dad
have got that a lot.

But it was my mom who raised me and
took care of the house, all alone.

I also want everyone in
my life, Sabu Chetta.

But... everything's
gone out of my hand now.

I had tried a lot, initially.

Now I don't even
feel like going home.

Mom is really innocent.

She is also innocent.


So both of them are innocent.

Are you the troublemaker then?


Everything's gone
out of control.

I'm so stressed!

How can you be
stressed like this?

How come you have so much stress?

It's alright, kiddo!

Hold this.

Let's have food.


Coconut Chutney...


Fish curry.

And now, what you asked for.

Fish fry!

It tastes really nice!

Are you saying
that to flatter me?

No, I'm serious!
It's really nice!

Have you done a cooking
course somewhere?


Which college?

It's a great college.

Kunjikka's college.

I met Chitra for the first time
over there.

Sabu Chetta!
You're back?

I reached in the morning.

- Is your dad keeping well?
- Yes!

- See you.
- Okay.


- When did you reach?
- Last night.

I had to give a lot of
stuff to different people.

Got late by the time I gave all that.
You look weak!

If I keep working in this smoke and fire,
how else will I look?

- Raise your hand.
- What's that?

- What's that?
- Raise your hand.

It's the same one, right?

You made me lose
that Biriyani smell.

What's that now?

This is for your
wife and children.

Give it to them.
- Why did you have to...

Let them be happy.
It's got everything they asked for.

My wife will be thrilled today.

Let her be thrilled.

Let me go meet everyone.

Sabu Chetta, nothing for us?

Of course! Whom else
will I give this to?

Here you go.
Give it to everyone.

- Okay. I'll do that.
- Bye.

That's quite a lot.

Sabu Chetta, where's our treat?

I've given it over there.


- Sabu Chetta!
- Here you go.

The perfume you asked for.

This is the one, right?


- Have you cleared your failed exams?
- I've written the exam.

I might pass.

Might pass?

Try to pass somehow,
even if you have to copy.

Don't you need at least a certificate,
when you get married? - Yes.

Tell me.

That's a girl from the
Gujarati street here.

She can't eat all this
over there, right?

Didn't you get me?

They are all pure vegetarians.

So she comes here, hiding
from everyone else.

We've always served Biriyanis
for people who love it, right?

So I've given her a seat at the
corner of the kitchen, to sit and eat.

- How's that?
- That's great.

She's a really nice girl.

- Kunjikka!
- There she is!

You needn't pay money, dear.

You needn't pay money.

Look! Keep this 20 Rupees, and pay
Rs. 100 at home, for the Pappadams.

Then I'll bring Pappadams instead
of money, tomorrow onwards.

Such a nice girl!


What's with all this excitement?

I was saying that
she's such a nice girl!

Hey! Don't look so far,
and break your neck.

She comes here daily.

This guy!

I'll be right back!

You held a tiny flame
at the edge of your eye

I melted in half a second

You became the spice, taste
and the sweetness within me

As we search within the shelves of
our hearts, looking at each other

Getting to know each other
in this limited time

Several looks enter the
chambers of my heart

Let's get to know each other
in this limited time

Let's stay the same, forever

Several looks enter the
chambers of my heart

An ocean of emotions
fill my heart

- Pickle.
- Huh?


- What was that sound you made?
- What?

What was that sound you made?

It was okay when
I did it earlier.

Now it's not coming
out properly.

It's really nice.

Do you need anything else?


- Tell me if you need anything.
- Huh?

Tell me if you need anything.

Okay then.


How do you know her so well?

They are a renowned family
of this Gujarati street.

A family of simpletons.

They have a business of
making and selling Pappadams.

What about her mother?

Her mother is a simple lady.

She doesn't make Pappadams alone.

She makes sweets
and desserts too.

Jilebis, Laddus, Mysore Paks, Pedas...

.. and stuff like that.

She has an innocent smile.

Then there is her father, sister's
husband, elder sister, younger sister,

and her elder sister's son who
looks like a Laddu, Tuttudu.

No one else?

She also has an elder brother.

He must be a
simpleton too, right?

I don't know that.

I don't know if it's for
mixing dough for the Pappadams...

He goes to the gym daily!

His arms, legs and chest
are so huge and muscular!

This is their family of simpletons.

Kunjikka, I have given the Pappadoms.

Sheesh! You don't
have to pay money!

No way!
I have to pay money!

- I don't have change.
Shall I give you a candy?

Don't need money?

My dear Ikka...

Money will come and go.


Money will come and go.

Then it will be gone altogether.
It won't come after that.

Hey Sabu!

Let me buy some rice
for the Biriyani.

Look at you!

In between all this...

- Hey Majeed!
- Yes, Ikka.

Mix it nicely!

What all should I see now?

I don't have any idea, Kunjikka.

What idea?
Just put it here.

Put it.

- It's not that.
- Then?

Is that girl coming
here daily to see me?

No. She comes to have Biriyani.

You know how much she
loves the Biriyani here?

So, once you're done
with the work here,

go fry that chicken.

Him and his doubts!
Hey Hussain!

- Did you take the money?
- Yes.

Sudhi, my dear...

Go, give this to her.

This is your brother's life!

- Okay.
- Remember what I said?


Chitra Chechi!

Here's the Biriyani.

How come it looks different?

Try it.

The smell is also different.

How is it?

- Is it good?
- The taste is also different.

We changed the cook.

We brought a new
cook from a ship.

Who's that?

- Sabu Chetta!
- Yes!

How is it?

The taste is different.

Is it bad?

It's nice!

How did you make it?

It's a magic trick!

Is it a magic trick
which you can share?

Of course!

Can you tell me the recipe then?


You know our local masala?

Ginger, garlic, curry leaves, onions...

Mix a little salt and
turmeric powder to it..

And then the coconut
oil we make at home?

By coconut oil, I mean the coconut
oil which has a great smell.

Add some local nettle
to that coconut oil...

By nettle I mean,
from the toddy...

The toddy that we get from coconut trees?

Yes, yes.

After brewing that,

we prepare nettle.

When we mix this nettle, coconut
oil and the local masala,

we'll get an awesome taste.

Then we'll mix the meat with it.

After mixing the meat, we
should pour some coconut milk.

And when it boils,

there will be some water in it.

In that water,

we should add cloves, cinnamon,
star anise, cumin seeds,

and then mix the rice with it.

What happened?

It's nothing.

And once that rice boils,

we should sprinkle mint leaves,
coriander leaves and pinapple.

And then if you
keep it in a 'Dum',

this magic will happen.

Is that all?

That's all.
No, no!


The main point is that...

Food should be made
with a lot of love.

It will have...

.. a special taste then.

Kunjikka taught this to me.

I have plenty to give!

Hey Sudhi!

What's that burnt smell?

Kunjikka, that's the smell of
some magic which got burnt there.

- Oops.
- What happened?

I was asked to fry the chicken.
It must have gotten burnt.


Can you set the burnt magic
straight by giving some love?

Let me see.

I've known that family,
since his childhood.

A family of simpletons.

But now, he's all alone.

But he always hangs around here.

Later, he got a job in a ship.

Once he goes for that job,
he'll be in the ship for 8 months!

And when he comes on leave,
he'll be here for 4 months.

And when he's on leave,

he won't stay idle.

He will be here with me,
helping me out.

He's an innocent fellow, dear.

What more do you want to know?

I'll tell you more!
Hey Pappadam!

What's the reason
for all this love?

What's the reason
for all this love?


Not that!

What's the reason for
your love for Biriyani?

Well, during my childhood,

what used to be made at my house by
the name Biriyani, was veg Biriyani.

Only when I came here and had
this Biriyani, I realized...

that what we used
to have was Pulao,

and this is the actual Biriyani!

And... after eating that,

there's this
'Neend' that we get.

- 'Neend'?


There's this sleep
that we get after that.

That's really superb.

Your Pappadoms are fabulous.

So you're the chef in the ship, huh?

I'm not a chef.

I'm an assistant who helps the chef.

Oh! So you're an assistant?

So the Biriyani in the
ship is also like this?


We don't serve this
Biriyani in the ship.

It's not just Malayalis
in the ship, right?

We have many other cuisines there.


Then we have.... Italian, Turkish...

and many other cuisines.

So you know how
to cook all that?

Yes, the chef knows
how to cook all that.

And when I am with the chef,
when the chef tells me...


I know a little bit.

Shall I?


I am leaving.

See you tomorrow.

It's not that.

I'm going back for
my job tomorrow.

So, you'll be gone for
eight months, right?

See you after eight months!

If you keep eating Biriyani,

will your family lock you up?

Here you go.
- Your business is flourishing, huh?

Give it back then.
- Hey! Hey!

Is this tea or froth?

Froth tea!

What did the doctor say?

She has improved a lot.

I didn't ask for your opinion.

I asked what the
doctor told you.

Everything will be alright, Kunjikka.


Sabu Chetta!
- Come!

Why didn't you call
us when you came here?

I was with Ikka..

- This is Kunjikka!
- Huh?

- Our Kunjikka?
- Yes!



So you made my Biriyani
famous here, huh?

Not just the Biriyani.

Even the stories at the woodshed in
the Biriyani shop are famous here!

So you narrated the entire
Gujarat riot over here, huh?

- Those are happy memories, right?
- Yes.

Like he said, everybody
should be happy.

Do you know why?

When those who are admitted here
are cured and when they come out,

you people shouldn't eat something,
fall ill and get admitted here.

All of us should be happy!

Right, kiddo?

- Did you see my charger?
- Huh?

- Did you see my charger?
- It should be there somewhere.

No. I checked.
I couldn't find it anywhere.

Only 56% charge is remaning.

You are crazy, man!

I'm not crazy!

My charger is missing.

I hid it.

You little devil!

- Who's that nutcase?
- He's addicted to his charger.

A naive fellow!

Poor guy!

Let him also be happy,
once he gets his charger.

What's all that?
Pineapple, watermelon, strawberry...

All fruits are there, huh?

It's a fruit salad!

Come on up, flying high

It's time to seek the
rhythm of life's BGM

Don't keep spinning
like a top in sorrow

The happiness you're
seeking is within you

Let's sing and dance
Let the whole world watch

Good times will be
here soon, it's okay

There will be a thousand
memories to cherish

Everything is gonna be okay

If you guys won't feel bad,
I'll say something.



First set, second set...

Shall I say something if you
won't feel bad, Raviyetta?

It's wrong!
Write Rs. 100 on his tab!

100 Rupees from Ravi!

Here you go!
Keep it!

- Rummy!


Come on up, flying high

It's time to see this town,
like a kite on the loose

Don't ignite your heart's fire
for anything and everything

The happiness you're
seeking is within you

Open your heart
This life is to laugh out loud

Don't search anywhere else, Heaven is
right in front of you, on this Earth

Let's sing and dance
Let the whole world watch

Good times will be here soon,
it's okay

There will be a thousand
memories to cherish

Everything is gonna be okay

Tick tick five!

Let's travel far away distances,
like the flowing river and the racing wind

Prepare a path, and
walk when you feel low

Don't search anywhere else, Heaven is
right in front of you, on this Earth

Let's sing and dance
Let the whole world watch

Good times will be
here soon, it's okay

There will be a thousand
memories to cherish

Everything is gonna be okay

Once again!

Let's sing and dance
Let the whole world watch

Good times will be
here soon, it's okay

There will be a thousand
memories to cherish

Everything is gonna be okay

Oh my God!

Hello? That answer I
told you, was wrong.

I've found the right answer.

It got switched off.

Kevin, give me five minutes.

I need to talk to you.

What is it?

Actually, what's the problem?

Is it because of
what your mom said,

or do you have any
problem with me, Kevin?

I'm going crazy thinking
about all these.

I didn't ask this,

because I didn't want to trouble you
in between all this running around.

Shall we talk about this
after mom's surgery?

You keep saying this
all the time, Kevin.

Once your mom gets discharged, and
asks you to give me a divorce,

you will do it, right?

You don't have to worry.

At least one of us should
talk about this, right?

That's why I asked.


Yes, brother.

This is the house.

Shall I leave, Kevin?

My Uber is here.

You've been here much
longer than me, right? - Yes.

It's been one and a half months.

Then why haven't they given you
a date for your sister's surgery?

My sister's surgery
can happen anytime.

There are quite a
lot of complications.

Since she has
pressure variations,

there are chances that the baby
might be born pre-maturely.

Neethu, all this isn't a big deal.

Why did I come here?

To give company for my dad.

And... are you giving
company for your dad?

You're always roaming
around here, right?

Don't say that, Neethu.

I am taking care
of my dad promptly.

After that,

I find time to do
things which I like.

What's that?

I've told my dad about that.

I say everything to my dad.

We both get along really well.

The subscriber you're trying to
reach is out of coverage area.

Once I was expelled from there,
I went to another college.

And over there,

Oops. Kevin Chettan!

Come behind me.
I'll go first.

Hi Kevin Chetta.

Why are you here?

Neethu, please go inside.

Where is your phone?

- It was on silent mode.
- I've been trying to call you for a while.

I was at the terrace.

- Vishnu Chettan is here.
- Is it?

What is it, Kevin Chetta?


What is it, Raviyetta?


Why are you packing?

Go downstairs.

The doctor has asked your
mother and sister to come.

Are we shifting to a different hospital?

Your father's gone!

- He's gone!

Dad? What happened to him?


What is this?

- Joker.
- And this?


- And this?
- We'll check that later.


What is it?

The call is not
getting connected.

I can't reach my dad.

I'm really stressed.

What's the matter?

I had told my dad
a hundred times,

that we'll go to a
private hospital,

instead of a
Government hospital.

But he said the
doctor here is good,

and the treatment
is good, as well.

And then what happened
to Thaju's father?

Can we say that it's their fault?

It didn't happen during
the surgery, right?

It was a panic attack
that happened before that.

If it's a private hospital...

X-Ray, Scanning,

ICU... They will say all
this and give us a huge bill.

The rate is much lower here, right?

And there are doctors
who are considerate.

Wherever it is,
we should trust the doctors.

That's all we can do.

No one is going
to sleep or what?

Not sleeping?
What's the matter?

Sabu Chetta, I was stressed...

You are crazy, Kevin!

Don't you believe in yourself?

Why are you stressed
for no reason?

Go to sleep, Kevin.

Go to sleep.

Hey Kevin!

Do you know the difference between a
private hospital and a Government hospital?

- Huh?
- Raviyetta! - Yes.

- Will you feel bad if I say something?
- No.

You better go to sleep now.

- Huh?
- I'll tell you tomorrow.

Anilettan has been here even before
I took charge in this hospital.

He's much more
experienced than me.

Since we are
Government employees,

we must retire at a certain age.
- Raviyetta!

I can guarantee one thing.

The experiences and memories
he gained from here...

will be the most precious
asset in his life.

I can't reach Kevin's phone.
Where is he?

He must have gone
to the pharmacy.

Let's go there and talk to him.


There he is.

He has been alone since morning.

He didn't come when I
called him to have tea.

Why are you sitting here,
all alone?

Kevin, if you get so stressed,
you will fall ill.

If it's about Thaju's father,
forget it.

He had a 95% blockage
in his heart.

On top of that, he
had a panic attack.

You know which doctor treated him?

He did his MRCP in the U.K.

He's a doctor with
a 100% success rate.

This was a rare case.

Don't think too much
and get stressed.

It's not a big deal.

Will I admit my wife here,
without any reason?

Did you enquire
about my Sulekha?

There you go! My dear Raviyetta,
now you don't get stressed!

Knee-cap replacement
is a minor surgery.


Once that's done,

she'll run out from here,
faster than you.

We have nothing to worry.

It's time for me to
give food to Chitra.

Let me go there.


Don't be so stressed, my dear.

Got it?

Everything will be all right.
- Won't you come back quickly?


Okay. I'll tell him.



- How is Chitra now?
- She's okay now.

She's getting better.

Shall I say something?

Your pending amount
is quite high.

You needn't worry.

I just mentioned it.

I'll bring the money tomorrow.


And yeah, I wish to see you
and Chitra leaving this place,

after having a tea
from here together.

Memories turn to wine within us,
as time passes

As I quench my thirst closing my eyes,
I think only of you

The moment we meet each other after a
long time, is as sweet as a gooseberry

I whistled without words
while your looks are as sweet as honey

Let's get to know each other
in this limited time

Let's stay the same forever

Several looks enter the
chambers of my heart

When did you reach?

Where were you?

Tell me when you reached.

I reached in the morning.

How was your journey?

The ship journey?

Yes, it was nice.

- Then..
- It was to Europe, right?

Yes, it was to Europe.

- Then...
- Were there a lot of people?

Will anyone sail an
empty ship on the sea?

The ship was full of people.

- By the way..
- Was the cuisine Turkish...

or Italian this time?

Turkish, Italian...

We had everything there.

Everyone had a great
journey in the ship.

Everything was okay.
Shall I ask you something now?

Did Kunjikka say anything?

He talks to me everyday.

Not that.
Tell me.

Did Kunjikka tell you anything?

Oops, I'm late.

I have to give Pappadoms. Bye.
- This watch is faulty. Wait!

Tell me.

Did Kunjikka tell you anything?

He talks everyday, right?

Is it?


Are you sure?

I'll give you 2 Rupees tomorrow.
- Fine.

What did you say?



What did you say, Kunjikka?

But you didn't ask me anything!

Not that.
What did that girl say?

- Which girl?
- That girl.

Even if she said something,
why should I say that to you?

You used to be so
different earlier!

You'll come,
spray the perfume all over me...

tell me stories,
ask for gossip...

- Here you go. Hold this.
- I don't want anything from you.

Now both of you just rush inside, without
even bothering that I'm sitting here.

If this goes on,
I'll stop buying Pappadoms.

This shop might not have
Pappadoms from tomorrow.

- Tell me.
- What?

What did she say?


Didn't you ask me to tell her,

that you love her,

and wish to marry her?

Like that, she came back and
told me something in Hindi.

'Mera Jeevan Sakta Hai'.

I think she meant that
she loves you too.

I swear!

What are you going to do?

She said it!

She said it!
Don't kiss me!

Oh God!

O song, you have given me
endless joy

The joy that showers
in my soul as raindrops

I waited for the blessed moment
in which we become united

O song, you have
given me endless joy

You kept flowing as a feeling,
through the shores of memories

I kept you in my heart,
never allowing your fragrance to fade

You're shining bright like
a ravishing lamp in the dark

Your dance was too good.

Pappadom making is
not my only skill.

Why have you applied sandalwood
paste on your forehead?

When I come for such a function,

I thought it will be good.

- For Navratri?
- Yes.

Who applies sandalwood
paste for Navratri?

- Nobody does it?
- No.


O moonlight, which my lonely nights
have been searching for, please come

Give me a song that will make
these painful days vanish

Lend my heart a solace of dreams,
with your life's grace

O song, you have
given me endless joy

I waited for the blessed moment
in which we become united

Did your parents find out?


What about your brother?

Everyone knows!

What should we do now?

You're asking me?

We had decided to face this, right?

We knew that this
will happen, right?

Don't joke around.

I won't be allowed out of my house,
like earlier.

Don't you have a phone?

If they catch that too?

Everything will be over then.

Don't be so worried.

I'm here, right?

You're here now.

But you'll leave
for your work again.

And you'll come back only
after so many months, right?

If I have some problem
in between that,

who'll be there for me here?

You should face it by yourself!

Kunjikka is here, right?
Nothing will happen.

Will Kunjikka suffice?

What if I get married
in between?

You won't even know it.

Kevin, your dad has been
calling for so long!

He must be worried.

Pick up your phone.


I am really stressed.

I don't know what to tell him,
after answering his call.

Ever since mom fell ill,

I'm all...

This is the first time I'm
facing such a situation.

Because my father has been in the
middle east since my childhood,

my mother took care
of everything for me.


when she got hospitalized,

I was shattered.

Even our relationship became
like this, because of me.

I know...

... that I'm the one
who should stay strong.

But I'm not able to handle this.

After hearing about
Thaju's father...

I'm unable do anything.

It's like,

I'm completely frozen.



I really love you.

But I haven't been able
to express that to you.


- Hi dear.
- Hi dad.

Has the surgery begun?

Yes, dad.

Isn't Kevin with you?


Please take care of him, dear.

Poor guy must be really stressed.

He hasn't been in a hospital
in such a situation earlier.

Kevin is not stressed, Dad.

He's all cool.

Please ask him to call me.

Or leave it.
I'll call him.

Shall I go?

I'm not going again.


8 months there, 4 months here..
I'm stopping that.

I'm not going on
the ship hereafter.

Someone else can marry you,
only if I leave from here, right?

Will I allow that to happen?

I'm not going anywhere.

You know how much I love you?


You know how much I love you?


[in Gujarati]
Don't go away, leaving me here.

[in Gujarati]
Don't go away, leaving me here.

I don't understand all that.

But I won't go anywhere
leaving you behind.

- Isn't that enough?
- Yes.


Where are you, Kevin?

I've been trying to
reach you for so long.

I was really stressed, Dad.

I felt relieved only when the
doctor said that she's okay.

Now all your worries
are over, right?

Did the doctor say anything
about the discharge?

He said we can go
after one week.

- It's all good.
- Isn't Cherry with you?

Cherry was here.

She didn't sleep
at all last night.

I'm just back after dropping her
home so that she can take rest.

Okay then.

I'll call you later.

Hey! Don't hang up, Dad!

What is it?

Didn't you say that you'll talk
about something after the surgery?


About Cherry...

Oh, that?

First you become free
from your busy schedules.

You're really busy with the site
visits and hospital duty, right?

I'm not busy now.
I'm totally calm.

But I am not so calm.

My dear Dad, please calm down.

Mom will listen only to you.

I'm in the middle of traffic.
I'll call you later.

It's like you're
getting back at me.


I don't have any
problems with her now.

We're just getting along now.

I really love her.

Is it?

I really love you too!

That's why I'm asking you.
Please sort this out, Dad.

I'll talk to her.

Will you?
- Yes.

Love you, Dad!

Which colour do you want?


- This one.

- Love.
- Love?

Look, Chandran.
It's love!

40 years! Ravi weds Sulekha!
- Let's go! Let's go!

I'm off!

Chandretta, your quiz
is better than this.

Uncle, are you upset?

No one likes true love these days.


- Raviyetta...

See you later.


Shall we go there, aunt?
- Sit here.

We'll go in some time.

You look really pleasant.

All my worries are
over, Raviyetta.

Then why are you feeling shy?

Shy? Me?

Yes, you are feeling shy.

I can understand what this is!

40 years!

Or let it be!

Everything is okay, right?

Everything is getting okay.

Before you leave from here,
everything should become okay.

You go and talk to him!

How many times
have you done this?

You're doing this
for the third time!

Isn't it?

On this medical prescription,

if you write a discharge letter, should
I go with a person who's still not cured?

- Should I go?
- Don't create a scene here.

There's no point shouting at us.

What else should I do?

Whom should I shout at?

Is this how they are with you?

Or is it just with me?

Am I not paying you money?

- Am I not?
- Sabu Chetta...

Did I do anything else to you?

What's the point
saying this here?

Go and say this to the doctor.

I don't have to meet the doctor,
to understand what's written here.

I can understand when I read it.

Why isn't he trying to understand?

You bloody...

- Who didn't understand?
- Sabu Chetta, stop it!

What should I understand?

Let go of him, Sabu.
- Sabu Chetta, please.


I can't understand, huh?

I'm out of my mind!

- What is it?
- I don't know.


Sit down.


We've come to talk
about Sabu Chettan.

He must have sent you, right?

Yet, he can't come
and meet me, right?

He's really stressed.

What's the point in getting
stressed when there's a problem?

He should face it, right?

What's the actual problem, Doctor?


So he hasn't told you anything,
despite being with you for so long?

Well, Sabu Chettan had told us that...

his wife fell down in the
kitchen and had a slipped disc...


It's been nine months since
she stood on her feet.

She can't walk even one step.

What miracle is going to happen
if I continue to keep her here?

He is treating his wife, by
borrowing money from so many people.

For how long?

I had discharged her at
least four times already.

I've told him everything.

But... ever since that,

he has been hiding from me,
as if he has borrowed money from me.

What can I do?

He's not a trouble-maker, Doctor.

This is the first time that
we're seeing him getting angry.

I know.

He is an ordinary man.

He is expecting some
grand miracle to happen.

Poor guy.

May that happen.

I can also wish for it.


as a doctor,

I can only talk
about the reality.

You are educated, right?

Try to make him understand
the situation somehow.


Is there any hope
in his wife's case?

I lost my control.


when they spoke about discharge,
I just...

... lost my balance.


We had met the Doctor.


It's been a long time, right?


There are other types of
treatments as well, right?

If we try something else like
Ayurveda or something, we might...

We might?

She might be cured?

They might not have hope.

But I can't be like that.

She just slipped and
fell near the kitchen.

She came here, walking with me.

Even for the scanning,

and other tests,
we went walking together.

After some time, the doctor comes
and says that she won't walk again..

or talk again...

We were in love for so long,

but lived together
only for three days.


We can understand
what you are saying.

I can understand your grief too.

But we should accept what
the doctor is saying.

You should have the
heart to listen to it.

Please don't talk
like them, Raviyetta.

Let me hold on somehow.

Everything will be alright.

I'll make her walk back
through that veranda.

It will be alright.

Let me go see her.

Why, why, why should this story continue,
when you're away from my sight?

Why, why, why should I smile in vain,
when you won't be coming back?

Will your playful words and
obscure looks blossom once again?

Will you bring colour into my life
affectionately, all over again?

This guy is smart, huh?

- Yes.
- Shall I change the name 'Sabu'?

What about Ajith or Madhavan?

Or Rahul?

Or Rohith?

Chitra Rahul.
How does that sound?

Rahul, right?

- It will be great.
- No?

This Chitra is happy
with this Sabu.

Why, why, why should this story continue,
when you're away from my sight?

Why, why, why should I smile in vain,
when you won't be coming back?

Hey Vishnu!

Come, sit down.

How're you doing, Raviyetta?

- When did you come?
- Sometime back.

Is Thaju okay now?

He's getting better.

What about you?

Do you want some water?

I can't reach there, even
after walking for so long.

It's like her bed is so
far away from me.

I have walked a lot,
back in the day...

... to see her.

Back when her father went to the
Middle East for the first time...

Due to the initial excitement,

he used to send
letters every week.

I was working in Chirayankeezhu
Post Office back then.

It was when I went
to give this letter,

that I saw her for the first time.

As soon as she got
the letter from me,

she ran inside the house,
jumping in joy.

Later on, she started asking
how I was doing and all that.

After his initial days in the Middle East,
her father's letters...

started coming once a month,
instead of once a week,

and then, once in six months.

That too, very rarely.

Though her father wasn't interested
in knowing how she was doing,

I couldn't be like that.

So I started writing
letters to her.

When the letters which used to
come once a week or once a month,

started coming daily,

her family found out.

I wasn't like this back then.

I was as thin as a needle.

Not just her family,

no one would like me.

No one will agree to it.


she left everything behind,

and came with me!


Do you know something?

I know!

Ravi weds Sulekha!

40 years!

I'll tell you something
if you won't feel bad.

I can't bear it when
she's not near me, man!

The pain of the
disease is alright.

I can't bear the pain
of being away from her.

We live on this earth
only for a short while, right?

I understand, Raviyetta.

I understand!

Every moment when sorrow embraces me,
you are beside me as memories

When my cheeks are wet with tears,
your face shines a light upon them

It's dark out here
Please don't disappear

Will you carress my heart?

We're searching for the same sunshine
through this dark path

We're searching for the sea of dreams
to break free from this wave of sorrow

Don't give up, don't go away
Mornings are on their way



I'll tell you something
if you won't feel bad.

You needn't say it.

I will feel bad.

You sit here.

Don't come.

That won't be right.

Will your playful words and
obscure looks blossom once again?

Will you bring colour into my life
affectionately, all over again?

'Ravi weds Sulekha'

Shall I say something?

Can't you move this hair?

It's always falling
on to your face.

What happened?

Don't you like it?

Move it.

Is this how you want it?

Like this?


Is it nice?

When will this be over?

Mom saw us!

Why, why, why should this story continue,
when you're away from my sight?

What is this, Sabu?

You can settle my account.

Sabu, I just casually
mentioned it to you that day.

You can pay it to me whenever
your problems are over.

I have to pay it someday,
right Baby Chetta?

Settle it.
Take it.

Sabu, please don't mind.

Do you need anything now?

I want a black coffee.

Get a black coffee for Sabu!

I didn't see Kevin.
Isn't he here?

He has gone to his office.

He was on leave for
so many days, right?

His mom will be discharged
day after tomorrow, right?


What's he saying?

He is okay now, Chetta.

When it's an arranged marriage,

it will take some time
to understand each other.

You guys should consider
this as that time period.

If that's the case, I think
this will take some more time.

Kevin had come home with a lot of
vessels and dishes the other day.

He's under the impression
that cooking is my passion.

I can't blame him either.

I am always in the kitchen, cooking
something or the other, right?

To be frank, I'm doing all
that to impress his mother.

Kevin hasn't realized that.

And like you said,

it might take some more time
to understand each other.

This can be solved if you talk
to his mother openly, right?

Everyone likes you a lot, Cherry.

That's what I also thought.

But it's not happening.

There are a hundred rules here.

We need a pass to go inside.

Even if we go inside,
we can only talk for five minutes.

There are people all around too.

We can't even talk freely.

How long has it been since you
could talk to your wife properly?

Well, Kevin had told me everything.

Why don't you take
your wife back home?

I mean, no one likes lying
in a hospital for so long.

How long will she lie there,
looking up at the fan and light?

They can't even talk to anyone, right?

I think...

... she would be interested
in spending time with you!

Then you can also see her
and talk to her all the time.

- Right?
- The parcel is ready!

Shall I leave then?

Mom is alone over there.

Hey! The coffee!

Let me make the coffee.

Do you want the coffee or me?

Do you want coffee now?


Once the ship is docked at Italy,
we get down at the port.

Some of them don't get down.

Some of us go out to have
coffee daily in the morning.

There's a girl
called Sonia there.

She's so beautiful!

And her coffee is
also just like her!

Amazing coffee!

What about me then?

My girl is stunning, right?

What about my coffee?

Your coffee is awesome!


I knew that...

when you sail on the
ship for 8 or 10 months,

you'll have coffee and tea made by
random Sonias, before you come back.


That wasn't Sonia.

I got confused.

That was Sonykkuttan.

Sonykkuttan's coffee!

coffee is brilliant.

- Sony...
- Sony?

- Sonykkuttan!
- Kuttan?

- Nice!
- Don't you feel like travelling?

We need to travel a lot!

I love travelling!

Shouldn't we go?

Yes, we should.

I also have such wishes.


I want to go to many places...
Just the two of us.

Places which are really cold...

I've seen many
such places on TV.

You do one thing.

If you tell me when you're free,

we can go via Aluva- Kalamassery -
Mattancherry- Fort Kochi-Kannamaly,

to the palace at Thrippunithura,

and do a full round trip!

Don't leave that
desire unfulfilled.

What say?


- Shouldn't we go?
- Have your coffee.

Jokes aside.
Tell me seriously.

Where do you want to go?

Shall I say it?

Rio Nova!


Rio Nova!
- Where's that?

In Venice.
- Where?



- In Italy?
- Yes, Italy.

There's a special lobster pasta
which you get there, in pink sauce.

That's superb, apparently.

We needn't go there to eat that.
I'll make it for lunch.

This is not that.

That's in Venice.

There's a method to prepare it.

- What's that?
- That's special.

- What's that method?
- That's a magic trick.

What magic trick?

There's a special kind of toddy,
tapped from coconut trees in Venice.

Toddy in Venice?

Yes. A special kind of toddy tapped
from coconut trees in Venice.

Along with that,

the garlic which you
get there is crushed...

There's an aroma which you get
when that garlic is crushed...

A sauce which is made by mixing
that garlic paste and that toddy,

along with cheese and butter.

The taste of that sauce...

- It's superb!
- Sauce alone won't be enough, right?

Food should be cooked, right?

- How's the food prepared?
- There's another magic trick as well.

- Shall I say it?
- What's that magic trick?



You have that in plenty...

... right?

You were mocking me, right?

Just a little bit.

I'll take you everywhere.


I don't want to go anywhere, Sabu.

I just want to be here.

I'll sit there.

You'll be here.

You should cook for me
three times a day...

It will be fun, right?

Should I wash clothes?

- Should I wash the clothes?
- Yes, of course.

You have to clean the house too.

So, altogether,

I should do all the house chores,
and be here, taking care of you.

- Correct!
- Right? - Yes.

Got it.

But this Sabu will do it.

Sabu likes it.

That's Sabu!

So does this Sabu
need breakfast?

Sabu doesn't need breakfast.

But I need breakfast.

- Is it?
- Yes.

[Chitra screams]


What is it, Sabu?
Have you come here to create a scene?

Or have you come to check
my degree certificates?

Let's do one thing.

I'll bring all that
from home tomorrow.


But I won't be able
to see you, right?

You're always hiding from me!

If I try to send
someone to call you,

you will shout at them.

What is this, man?

I've come to get the
discharge letter, sir.

Sit down, Sabu.


I'm not saying this to
hurt you in any way.

Try to understand what
I'm saying, clearly.

What should I understand, sir?

That she won't be normal again?

- Sabu, we...
- That I am...

imagining that she's
smiling and talking to me?

I come here everyday...

... in the hope that I can
make her walk back from here.

I am living in that hope.

Everything will change,
as you're hoping.

We used to feed her through
Ryles tube so far.

And that has changed, right?

Like that, everything will change.

But it will take time.

Maybe, even years.

Until then,

why do you want her to lie here?

If someone falls ill,

they go back from the hospital,
only after they are cured, right?

If you say that you can't
do anything more..

what can people like me do, sir?


I don't know if a doctor
should be saying this.

You should take her back home.

Unlike what everyone thinks,

life is not just all about laughter and
fun, and living without any worries.

This is also a part of life.

Live your life, man!


you can understand...

when she's smiling and
communicating to you, right?


it will be like that.

It's not her who should change.

It's you.

You can write the
discharge letter, sir.

I'll take her home.

Shall I go, sir?

She finished the porridge, huh?

Yes, she did.
Sabu Chetta...

Please go back soon.
Don't put me in trouble like yesterday.

You finished the porridge, huh?

Good girl!

I was running
around a lot today.

I didn't get time for anything.

I had gone to meet the doctor.

Doctor and Raviyettan told me...

... to take you
back home from here.

They're saying that I'm being
stubborn by keeping you here.

They don't believe
me when I say that...

you smile at me and talk to me.

They're saying that I am crazy.

I have had enough!

I am feeling so lonely...

And I need to get a pass
to come and see you.

I have to stand in a queue.

I can't stay for more
than five minutes.

Didn't you hear
what she said now?

This is enough.
Let's go!

I'll take care of you.


Shall we get into the car?

I'll carry you.

Are you okay?

- Shall I leave, Kevin?
- Okay.

Everything is okay now.

We can see each other
all the time now.

We're going to romance,
all over again.


Just chill, Kevin.
Everything will be alright.

We can do only so much.

You should come home
with Cherry, okay?

- We will come, Chetta.
- Okay.

Let's go.


Just like the coffee which
a girl in Spain makes.

The same taste!

That was a rebuke, right?

Thank you.

Now it's like what
you wished for, right?

Three meals a day.

Washing your clothes...

House chores...

All the time,

I'm here with you, right?

Aren't you happy?


What's this new thing?

Are you thinking
that I'll leave you?


Will I ever leave you?