Made (1972) - full transcript

The story of the relationship between a young single mother and an insecure rock star.




Ah, do you want a push, Val?

- Joe, you could push faster.
- Faster!


Oh, I'm getting dizzy!

- Fast enough?
- No!

"Who am I?"

"Who am I?"

"The spirit of those
who were not here"...

..."and never knew it"

"Who left this prayer to elope"

"The lovers journey though it."

"So, children, leave your
windows open"

"Across the sea"

"And join your hands across
the many lands"

"You and me"

"Never grown old"

"Seeing without ever being told"

"Something to say"

"Shut away"

"Blackboard so grey"


"I'm dreaming"

"Out along the back row"

"Out the window"

"Cast away"





- I'm really sorry about me mum.
Oh, don't worry.

- But she really is very ill.
- No, I'm used to it.

It's all in a day's work.

Have you got rid of him, Val?

I'll see you out.


- I wonder if I could have a word?
- Oh.

Just a quick word.

Urn, I just wondered, erm...

...what exactly is wrong
with your mother?

Well, she's got multiple sclerosis.

- She's had if for a long time.
- Well, that can't be easy for you.

Oh, I've got used to it now.

Tell you what, why don't you
drop in and see me sometime.

Next couple of days. I might be
able to arrange a home help.

- Do you think you could?
- Yes, I don't see why not.

Look, erm--- I'm organising a trip to
Brighton. Why don't you come, too?

- Oh, I don't know.
- Bring the baby, do him good.

And I could use
some adult help.

- Well, I'll see.
- Fine.

Well, think about it and
I'll see you next week.

- Hello.
- He's dishy!

- Shush!
- You turnin'?

- [TUTS] Oh, honestly.
- When you gonna go to Sunday school?

I was wondering if you'd
like to join me for a drink?

It's just around the corner here.

I'm sorry, I've gotta
go straight home.

I feel I've got so much
to talk to you about.

Yeah, but I've really
gotta go now.

Well, will you have dinner
with me one night, then?

I don't think I can.

- Don't you like me?
- Oh, I didn't mean that.

Well, why not, then?

Well, it's--- it's the baby, I
can't leave him at night.

Well, do bring him along,
just for a while.

I mean, every evening,
say, er, Monday night?

- Well, my mum, she's---
- Well, Tuesday night?

It really is a bit difficult.

All right, then, Wednesday.
Surely that's all right?

Say you'll come, Valerie.

I'll see.


7:30, yes, sir.



Oh, ooh, Arthur.

Oh, you know you get
better every time, June.


Bet you don't get a trunk call like
that every day. [JUNE GIGGLES]

Here, put your tights on.
Don't wanna catch a cold.

You've got a bloody nerve.

It's been three months.

Husband's got his rights,
ain't he?

Yeah. Don't waste
much time, do you?



Did you enjoy that?

Yeah, it was very good.

Why don't you sit down
over here?

It's much more comfortable.

Oh! I, I feel quite dizzy.

I've, er, got the coffee on.

In India I read all your
best poets.


William Shakespeare, John Betjeman,
John Masefield.

- A host of others.
- Oh.

- You're educated, aren't you?
- How could you tell?

Oh, I think you can always tell.

Our teacher at school said you can
always tell an educated man.

How? Do tell me how.
How does it show?

I don't know, it's, erm,
it's sort of gentle.

The man of the Orient
is naturally gentle.

Yet passionate, too.

He is both a tranquil stream,
and a raging torrent.

That's good. I like that.


Well, I think I'd
better be going now.

Oh...? Valerie, um---

We have so much in
common, you and I.

- We are both in need.
- In need?

May I tell you, I---
find you beautiful?

- Not really.
- Don't my eyes speak for me?

Aren't they eloquent?

Look into my eyes.
Go on, look.

What do you see?

Oh, your pupils, they're, er,
they're a bit big.

They are dark pools.

They reflect your beauty.


Please don't laugh.
There's something funny?

Oh, I'm, I'm, I'm sorry.

European women don't know
how to accept compliments.

Oh, I didn't mean to be rude.

It's all right. I understand.

Oh, I haven't offended you,
have l?

Oh, go on.

You've, er, made it
difficult for me.

- Oh.
- May I...

...hold your hand?

I'm so happy we met.

I feel I've made a friend at last.

- Yeah, well, I think I er---
- May I kiss you?

- No!
- Please?

- No! No!
- Please, yes!

Why don't you get your
bloody hands off me!

My friend.

My friend!

Friend?! Well, get off, then.
Arrgh! Oh!

- Wait--- wait a minute.


Oh, my God, Valerie! Look---

Valerie! Valerie, I can explain.

I think you've done
enough explaining... dirty sod!
- Let---





- Argh, you sod!
- You wanker!


- Argh!
- Get off me!

Waaay! Oil!

Ah, look, 'e's got 'is bloody scarf!

The kids in our area
are just being ignored.

They're wastage.
As for the authorities...

...they just don't give a damn.

Do you know how many full-time
social workers we have in our area?

- No...?
- Four.

Four full-time social workers.

Incredible, isn't it? And they
talk about the welfare state.

Welfare for whom?

It'd be funny if it weren't
so tragic.

You know, in my parish alone, there
are several hundred teenagers.

Tough kids, some of them.

Kids who think of school as prison
and the police as their mortal enemies.

Just talk to them about the welfare
state, they'd laugh in your face.

- Open this bloody door, you sod!
- See you in Brighton!

Shut the door, quick.
Oh, come on you sod.

Get out of here.

Ah, you sod.

You sod!

Ah, let go, let go!


Hey, come on, behave yourselves.
Go on, get back in your seat.


What a tosser.

Someone's got to get
through to them, somehow.

Someone who's understanding.

Janet, turn that down
a bit. No, come on.

I'm very keen on
pop music, actually.

- Are you?
- Yes.

I think it's the only form of art most
people understand nowadays.

What d'you mean?

Well... it's about them,
and their lives.

I suppose that's the
immediate appeal of it.

No wankin' in there.

Stop wanking, yer dirty bastard.

Shut up!


- Is he all right?
Yeah, he's asleep.

- Feeding time at the zoo. Buck'?
- Sir?

Pass these along.

---anagram of u r n.

Oh, yes, I see.
Could be "Ed."

- There we go.
- Erm---

"What the bank has to say of
your financial affairs"...

- ...nine letters beginning with---
- Oi!!!

- Listen, you----
Oi! Get yer 'ands off!

- It was you outside that door, wasn't it?
- Take yer bloody 'ands off, will yer?!

Listen, I don't like little yobs
screwing me, you understand that?

- What's wrong with you?
I said I don't like little yobs...

...screwing me, you understand?

- Oh, look, get that guard on them---
- Get the guard?!

Go on, then!

- Get out of it!
- [GIRL] Smash 'is face in, Barry!

- Go and get the bloody guard, then.
- Sit down.


- Break it up!
- Listen...

...are these filthy-minded
little buggers with you?

- Calm down.

- Yes, they are.
- Look, would you kindly keep your kids...

...under control?

They've got as much right
as anybody else---

- Don't tell me about rights!
- I'm not telling you anything.

I'm asking you to be reasonable.
Come on.

"Be reasonable"?!

I ain't gonna be reasonable
with little erks like him!

- And this filthy-minded little bugger!
- Harry, leave them alone.

Don't worry, girl, it's all right.

This filthy-minded little bugger
ought to be locked up!

- Oh? Why?
- Well, it's about time they learned a little...

- ...consideration for other people.
- So let's punish them?

Lock them up because they
disturb other people's equanimity.

Now, don't talk to me
about equanimity.

I've been a socialist all me life...

...but when I wanna pee,
I'll pee in peace!

Hear, hear!


You stupid git.

- You loud-mouthed 'erbert!
- Shh.

Shut up.

Cause the time we're talking about..., really, is the time when you
were basically pretty well unknown.

MIKE: Yeah.

MIKE: I mean, what, er, I used---
Well, I was into poetry to jazz...

- ...before I left school, you know.
- Mmm.

MIKE: And, er, I sort of---
Well, I was writing...

...poems at night and playing
blues stuff in the street.

MIKE: You know, Leadbelly and
that sort of stuff, you know?

MIKE: Now, it wasn't until much later
I put the two together, really.

MIKE: And, it wasn't until much later
that I was, that I was known.

BOB: Have your audiences
changed during this time?

MIKE: Oh, vastly. They're into
velvet now - y'know?

MIKE: And Rolls Royces.

BOB: And what were they into before?

MIKE: Well, with CND, well, CND
was just dying, I s'pose.

MIKE: And we were... er,
very much like them, you know?

MIKE: There was a genuine
sort of atmosphere.

MIKE: The only difference
was that...

...we could sing and---



Are you enjoying yourself, Scott?

Yes, you are!

Why did you call him "Scott"?

- After the Antarctic? Ha, ha.
- No! After Scott Carpenter.

After the first spaceman.
Trevor was really keen on space.

- Who's Trevor?
- Oh, that's his father.

He used to say that one day we'd all
be traveling from planet to planet.

Like we use buses today.

Do you know, he even
built himself a spacesuit?

- It's a sort of hobby of his.
- Where's Trevor now?

- I don't know.
- You never hear from him?

- No.
- I see.

Scott - here, look.

Ooh! Come and have a
look at the fishermen.

Ooh, look, he's caught a big fish.

What does it feel like when
someone does that to you?


Well, when something that seemed innocent...

...pleasant, perhaps -
turns out like that?

- Like what?
- Well, when you knew for certain...

...that you were pregnant,
what did you feel?

- I felt very sick.
- Sick at the thought of it, you mean?

No, just sick.

And there it is: a real,
live human being.

What do you mean?

- He's perfectly all right.
- I understand how you feel.

But don't keep it to yourself.
There's nothing to be ashamed of.

I'm not ashamed.


- Ah, come to Mummy, love.
- It's a bit hard sometimes when...

...there's no one to turn to, and
people just don't seem to care.

That's what I'm a priest for, Valerie,
that's what the Church is all about.

If I thought I couldn't help someone
like you I'd chuck this job tomorrow.

- Hey, Vic!
- What is it?

- We're clearin' off.
Clearing off?

- Yeah, we're pissed off with this.
- There ain't nothin' to do 'ere.

- We wanna go into the town or somethin'.
- Yeah.

Well, er, we'll come with
you, we'll be along.


- Coming?
- No, you go - he's tired.

Yes, well er, I'd better go
and keep an eye on them.

- I'll see you at the station.
- Mmm.

We'll get the five o'clock.



- Oh, look! Ha ha!
- Look at them.

- Hey, look! Skinheads!
- Ha, ha!

What a dopey-looking lot.

Hare hare hare rama.

Hare Krishna. May I interest
you in our magazine?

What goin' on, then?
What're you sellin'?

We're just selling a magazine
called Back to Godhead...

...which will tell you more about
the Hare Krishna movement.

What do you mean "Harry Krishna",
you're, you're a Buddhist.

No, we're not Buddhists,
we're non-sectarian.

Well, you're still a Buddhist,
though, aren't yer?

No, there is a difference from our
teaching and the Buddhist teachings.

- We're teaching that God is a person.
-l see,yeah.

- Well, what about Jesus Christ?
- Well, this magazine will explain that...

- ...Jesus is part of the love of Krishna.
- Ah, it's like the Church, then.

BOB: Mike, now you're a singer with
an increasingly large following.

Your ideas are projected through
the mass media and therefore...

...get to be heard by an enormous
number of people.

What is it exactly that you're
trying to say?

Well, I don't think my ideas
carry very far as such.

I don't really believe that.

I think you'd be overestimating
both the audience...

...and me if you
thought they did.

You know, sometime the audience
are much faster than I am to the joke.

I mean, neither of us are faster than...

...each other.
There's a complete interchange.

You know, they feel
things, I feel things.

And we do it together.

It's not a process of---
It's, it's life.

So there's a very strong
relationship, then?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

It's better than--- it's a different
relationship than it used to be...

- ...within music.
- Yeah.

What practical changes, though,
would you like to help to bring about?

Well, I'll have to change me
underpants sometime this month.


Yeah. But apart from that,
and the weather...

...I think actually, the way
we live with each other...

...could change; can change.
Can't change, actually.

It can't, no. I'd like to see it
change a lot faster than it can.

- In what way, though?
- Well, we're bogged down by so much.

You know, there's so much---
so many restrictions, and...

...customs - you know? - that... see, by the
time we've sometimes got to..., you know, there's a million
dead before the disaster has really...

...been notified, you know, has really
sort of, reached news level.

- Hmm.
- And there's another four or five million...

...dead before, you know, food can
be got through to--- through the red tape.

You know, we ought to be
able to care more.

Mmm. So how, Mike, now do you
feel about the role of religion today?


Well, I don't, actually.
I think it's just...'s like it presupposes that
we're all guilty...

...and very dirty with it.

- Dirty with what?
- Guilt. There's nothing like...

...a new-born child is a relatively clean
thing that gets very quickly dirtied by...

...religion. Can I say that?
Will you allow me to say that?

- Mmm.
- Thank you.

You got any more questions?

Pop singers are generally
regarded, aren't they... singing about young love?

Now, you sing about love, but in terms
of sort of communication between people.

That's just how I feel, anyway.
Now, do you agree with that?

Yeah, I think that, er, love is something
that we've managed to rescue.

The race, that is.

Above and beyond all the disasters
we've had, and we're still having.

I think love's a great triumph over
Christianity. It's a great victory for us.

Really, it's something
that we've got...

...against all the trash that's---
that we've got as well.

What about marriage, now, Mike?
Do you feel it's an outdated convention?

Yeah, well, I suppose,
you know, I've got to...

...I suppose I've probably had
about ten wives.

And if they've all had, er, ten males.
That's a hundred of us joined.

- What, you mean ten ladies?
- Into the sky.

- Ladies?
- Yeah, as opposed to---

There's one on the corner.
You don't mean that one...?


But you haven't been married
ten times, have you?

It's just...'ve had a
relationship with ladies.

Oh, yes, yeah. lt just carries on,
eternally, doesn't it?

- Mmm.
- I mean, I think that's the way it's gotta be.

Mmm. Can I bring some other
people in now Mike? 'Cause---

- Well, there's--- they're in already.
- Yeah but I---

- What about God?
- What about God?

[GULL SHRIEKS] I think, er---
There you go. Huh.

I think actually that
we've all been...

...believing in that sort of rubbish
for too long.

And that we've really gotta believe
in ourselves for a change. And...

...try and, you know, see things
as they really are.

So, you---

Instead of trying to
whitewash the whole thing...

- ...and, you know---
- So you are your own god, then?

- Yeah. We're our own worst god.
- How you can stand this?

Very well - when you face it.

You don't need a leaning post.

Come on!

Come on, keep the ball moving.

Come on!



Hi. How are you?

- I'm all right.
- Enjoying it?

Yeah, I am.

I like what you said.
Well, some of it, anyway.

- You were up there, then?
- Yeah.


Yeah, well, they ask you
these kind of questions, if you're...

...if you're that public, you know?

- You're famous, then?
- No, no.



You know, I really did like
what you said.

Except the bit about marriage.

- Oh, what did I say?
- About people getting married lots of times.

Oh, that. Yeah.
Very controversial, yeah.

- You don't agree then?
- No.

'Cause I think if you love someone -
I mean, really love them...

...then once is enough,
you don't want anybody else.

- You might be right.
- I'm sure I am.

- Hope?
- Huh.

Huh. Yeah.
You're in love, then?

- No.
- What about his old man?

Yeah, well, that's what I said
that about marriage for, you know?

I think those who can't make it
ought to be able to...

...share each other.
You know?

How can you share each other?
How can you love lots of people?

- Well, I do, in a way.
- Huh, I wish I could.

But I don't think you're right.

I don't, don't think people
are that lovable, really.

Well, it seems to work for me.

Oi! Hey, Mike. Come on up,
they're ready for you now.

- Yeah. Peace.
- What peace?


I gotta give one of these
spontaneous performances now.

- Do you wanna come up and see it?
- Can I?

- Yeah, sure.
- I'd like that.

- Yeah, let's go.
- All right.

- Hey, come on, Scott.
- The tide's coming in.

"I once held the lantern of love"

"In my hands.
She was all I could see"

"Kicking the brown leaves,
of childhood around us"

"We danced the deep sea"

"That welled from the spring
of the boy that I was"

"Held in her flame."

"Feeling her learning,
Watching her burning"

"To see the first man I became."

"Little lady"

"Who made me"

"Was it you or my own unforgiveness"

"That I can't forget?"

"I was her war child,
and she was my wildcat"

"We lived in a dream"

"Broke up the summer
unfolding a secret"

"And woke up downstream"

"Facing the current, that said
that we couldn't go home."

"Cutting the seed up with
sharp tongues and no doubt"

"Before it was born."

"Little lady"

"Who made me"

"Was it you or my own unforgiveness"

"That I can't forget?"

"That I can't forget?"

Cut it.

There's a boob in the
last verse somewhere.

Never mind, we'll do
another one tomorrow.


MIKE: We normally go
round that way.


Down here'll do.

- Yeah.
- Do you like it?

Yeah, it's all right.

- No more football!
- No more football?

No, certainly not.

Huh! Cheeky.


Come on!


Do you like that?
Ha, ha! You like that, don't you?

Yes, you do, you're splashing
Mummy. Come on.

Get you out now.

Ooh, you're getting
so heavy. Huh. There.

Give mummy a smile. Come on.
Give mummy a smile. Yes.


Ooh, now a big kiss.

He liked it in that big bath.
Didn't you, Scott?

- Dirty little mongrel.
- Ha. You're always on the move.

You must get sick and tired of it,
wandering from place to place.

I'm well used to it now.
It's the same old cell everywhere.

You know.
It's not bad, this one...

- ...just bloody terrible.
- Ha.

How long do you think
you're gonna stay here?

'Til the Drug Squad arrive.

- No, well, tomorrow, I s'pose.
- Here are the strings you wanted, Mike.

- Thanks, man.
- Anything else you need?

- No, nothing.
- Anything for the baby?

- Do you want a drink?
- No, thanks.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, positive.

Still got a hell of a lot to do.

- See you in the morning. All right?
- Yeah, bye bye.

Thanks for letting me use your
room. It's very nice of you.

It's nice to talk to you.
But a lot of guys would.

Hmm. Not just to talk to, though.

Can you blame them?
Male instinct.

Mmm. It's a bit of a pity, though.

How happy are you?

I don't know.

What about the little
old man there, I mean you...'re making a bit of the
future there, aren't you?

- Oh, he's all right.
- Huh.

He might be, you know.
But I think...

...a lot of his happiness
depends on yours.

I mean, you said that... weren't in love.

Have you ever been in love?

No. Have you?

I thought I was three
times, yeah, but...

...two of those were broken up by
parents and the other split of her own... will, so I s'pose
I'll never really know.

- Do you ever think about them?
- Sometimes.

Not often though, you
know, I think I've been so...

...frustrated by the way
the world is, I just...

...tend to to make love
to the guitar now. Ha.

- You're not doing so badly.
- Yeah.

That's an ageless picture.

But do you know what I mean? About
it not being easy to find someone?

Yeah. Sometimes I've thought straight
away, you know, this is the one.

And been wrong.

And sometimes someone's grown
on me over a long period of time.

- Maybe eventually someone'll stay.
- Do you think so?

It's possible.

But I never, I never close the door on
any of me relationships, you know... that I'll probably
always have one going.

You know, more than
one going at once.

I mean, it's not really
that easy for a girl.

- I wish I could change my life a bit.
- Well, you can.

You must, I think, if you
don't like the way it is.

You know?

I think if you go around with a...

- [BOTH] ...long face---
- It's gonna stay that way.

- Anyway, I think you're very attractive.
- Anyway what?


Have you got a clean nappy?
It's getting a bit high in here.

He's crafty, he just wants to get
in bed with us, that's what it is.


There, that's better.

- There we are.
- Hello, mate.



Do you think a girl should go to bed
with a feller if he doesn't love her?

- No. Unless it's me.
- Oh!


- I'll be like that when I'm fifty.
- Might be before. [LAUGHS]

Yeah, it probably will
the rate I'm going on.

How d'ya do?

I'm afraid you'll have
to have him on that side.

He likes it in the middle.
He like the hairs on your chest.

Oh, does he?

Don't you?

No comment.

VAL: Mmm.

MIKE: Do you want some kip?

Can I whisper you something?

No pissing on me, mate.




Mike, are you awake?
Come on, it's half six.


Ah, isn't that a lovely picture?

Fuck off.

Now, come on, we're due
on location at seven.

" Get Up!
- Urgh!


He's heading for an
all-in freakout.


I'm just not free these days.

Just not free.
I don't know.

I don't know.


You can see the
horizon this morning - look.

Yeah, it's lovely isn't it?


- It was nice to---
- It was, wasn't it?


I'll write.




Oh, I can't stop!

- Hello.
- Hello.

- You're looking very happy.
- Oh, am I?


How exactly did this
happen, Mrs Marshall?

Oh, well, I, er... I fell, er, in
the kitchen - I fell down.

- Fell hard, did you?
- Well, I sort of twisted myself.

You are looking happy.

I can look happy, can't I?
I'm just happy, that's all.

But you don't want
to talk to me about it?

Not particularly.

She'll have to go to
hospital for a few weeks.

- Can I go with her?
- Certainly you can.

- Is it a secret?
- No.

It's not a secret but
you won't tell me?

- Why not?
- It's personal.

I was wondering if it was anything to
do with that chap you met at Brighton?

All right, all right, it's him.

- I thought as much.
- Any objections?

Certainly not! God forbid
I should resent anybody.

Valerie, you understand
why I'm interested?

It's because I care about you.

I've told you everything,

Yes, but why do you
resent telling me?

Cause you're just like my
bloody mum sometimes.



Want a ?it, damn"? Ha, ha'.!


- Oh, there you are! At last.
- I came up as soon as I got the message.

- Thought you were never coming.
- They said you were bad.

You look all right.

Well, I wouldn't be in here
if I was all right, would I?

Oh, Mum, I thought you'd
got worse.

Well, at least you're here.

You know I would have
come up tonight as usual.


Well, I was feeling so depressed,
Val, I had to make sure you'd come.

You know what I mean.
It's this place, it's getting me down.

Been lying here thinking.

Do you remember Mrs True,
when she was in hospital?

Her daughter never
left her side.

But I come up
every night, don't I?

Now I can tell you, Valerie...

...there'll come a time when
you'll be sorry I'm not here.

When you'll wish you could
hear my voice.

Only I won't be here then.
There'll just be silence.

You'll be sorry for some of the
things you've said when I'm gone.

I know when my mum died...

...there was this... awful silence.

Nurse! Nurse!

You'll be all right, darling.




- Oh! Hello, Ray.
- Hello, June.

- Bit late, aren't yer?
- What for?

- The match, it's almost over.
- Nah, I gotta work love, 'aven't I?

- Lucky feller.
- What's all this caper, then?

- Oh.
- It's not yours, is it?

- How is Val these days?
- Fine.

- Her mum's in hospital, though.
- Oh, that's tough, I didn't know that.

Yeah. That's why I'm
looking after her baby.

Keep yer out of mischief,
won't it? Ha, ha, ha!

- That's what they all say.
- Still good friends, then?


- Yeah?
- We don't have that much in common.

- I can understand that.
- Well, she won't get out an' about.

- You know?
- Yeah.

- She's not sociable like me.
- Yeah.

- You sociable?
- Yeah.

And I'm, uh, I'm going this way.

- Oh, I'll come with you.
- Oh, that's great.

Yeah, my 'usband's just
come back. All right, innit?

- I thought all that was finished?
- 'Ere, match is comin' out.

Yeah, looks like it.
I wonder how they got on.

They don't look very excited.
I 'ate football, you know?

- Nah, it's a great game, love.
- I just don't know what people see in it.

It's how they get their kicks, innit?

- You really are a comedian, ain't yer?
- Do me best, don't I?

'Ere, why don't you
get down the Victoria?

- Well, I don't really like it very much.
- You come down one evening.

I'll look after yer.

- All right.
- Great.

- See you then.
- Yeah.


Oi, get out of it, will yer!




Let the bastards 'ave it.

- Hey, you want a riot!
- Come on!


Hey, get down. Stop it!

What yer doin'?

Go on, Peter, run!

Outta the way, you bastards.
Go on, fuck off!






What are we gonna do?

Now, you just come along with me,
and don't worry.

- But the ba-ba-bab--?
- That'll be all right, you just get in there.

- Wha--?
- There we go, climb up there.






- All right, Danny, I'll see to this.
- Eh?

I know her.

- Look--- may I come inside?
- What for?

It's very important.
I could tell you inside.

All right.

- What is it, then?
- Um...

...can we sit down? Look, I'm sorry
it has to me who has to tell you this.

Tell me what?

I've some--- about the little
kiddie, I'm afraid.

What about?

What about him?

I understand that a lady friend of yours
took him for a walk in the pram.

They went along by the
football ground...

...just as the...

...crowds were coming out, and...

...a fight started and, er...

...the pram was pushed
down some steps.


And the little baby was killed.



I want my baby.

What is it, Val'?

- What is it?
- Oh, Mum.

It's Scott.

He, he's---

Dead. Dead.

No. No, he---
No. He can't be.

Yes. Yes.


No, he can't---
I mean---

He's gone.

- No, love, no, love, no. Oh, no.
- Oh--- Oh--- Oh, Mum.

- All right, all right, all right, all right, all right, love.

All right. It's all right,
love, all right.

All right, my baby, now,
that's it, that's it.

That's it, that's all right, you cry.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

- Come on, come on.
- Oh, Mum!

That's all right, baby.

- You--- There, there, sssh.
- What am I gonna do?

All right, all right.




- Roast beef or cottage pie, dear?
- Er, cottage pie, please.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

I'll see you upstairs.

Excuse me?

Excuse me, I hope I'm not
disturbing you. May I sit down?

I was hoping to
speak with you.

I have something
for you. Urn... see, I heard about your most
unfortunate event from the papers.

"When a mother loses her child"...

- ..."there is heaviness in her heart."
- Well, I said if you want to get a new...

...driver, you go ahead.
- Ah-ha.

Get a new driver. Nothing to do with me.
I'm not gonna lose any sleep.

- "Her heart is like stone."
- "It's your soddin' loss", I said.

Not mine. After all, I'm not gonna
lose a wink 0' sleep over it.

"Her heart is like stone."

I feel it deeply.

I was moved, when
I read of your tragedy.

Nothing can bring him back.

But I have done a little something
which may be of comfort to you.

You may care to look at
it now and again. It's a poem.

An elegy, to be precise.

"Elegy for Scott Marshall".

"Little Scott, the tiny tot."

"Hardly a summer's swallow
flew o'er his sleepy head."

"He scarcely knew
a tulip from a daisy."

"But now, he walks the
chambers of the dead."

"The fools who slew him
must have been half crazy."

Hey, Val.


Hi, how are you?
I've been working up the road.

- What's the matter?

- Oh, Mike.
- What's happened?

Come on, we'd better
go inside.

Sometimes I think I would've
done myself in if it wasn't for you.

All I ever wanted was
to be happy.

To be in love.

Not asking much, is it?

And now I've met you.

- But nothing goes right.
- Oh, come on.

It's just not fair, is it?

It'll change. It'll change.

I've been down a few times.


Friend of mine woke up on
the waterfront one day... a hotel.
Near San Francisco.

And he ordered twenty-four
pounds of steak for breakfast.

They threw half of it in the water... a fishing rod out, and
they were pulling sharks in all day.

- Don't believe you.
- True, they filled the bath.


They're having a go at each
other in the bath... All morning.

- Who was?
- The sharks.


And then, then they
fill the wardrobe.

- What, the sharks did?
- Yeah.

And then they got thrown out.
[LAUGHING] Everyone.

Even the law-abiding citizens.

Yeah. Anyway.


Hey, there's a note
here for you.

It's from June.

Mum's feeling worse again,
she wants me to go to the 'ospital.

- Bad, is she?
- No more than usual, I expect.

It's that place,
it's getting her down.

Well, you go and see her.
I'll be all right here.

- Have you got a towel?
- Yeah.

Can you turn the fire on?
- Yeah.

Oh, Christ!

Can you help me here?

- Bloody thing.
- What's up, has it shrunk?

Fuckin' 'ell!

Kneel down, kneel down on the floor.

I think your 'ead's got bigger!

- Don't laugh! Agh!
- I'm sorry, I am pulling.


Hey, wait a minute,
fuckin' 'ell!

Here, let's get it off.

Ha! You should see yourself.


Hello. I'm here to see Mrs Marshall.

- Oh, yes. Are you Father Dyson?
Yes, I am.

- I'll take you along to the ward.
- Thank you.

Did you manage to
contact the daughter?

No, I'm afraid not, but I
left a message with her friend.

Oh, good.



- Do you want this?
- Yeah, come in.

- Not shy, are yer?
- No!

Well, come in, then.

- You got any shampoo?
- Yeah.

- Here.

No! No! Argh! [LAUGHS]


Stop it!

' Ha!
" Ch!

You rotten thing!


Come here, give us
that towel! Agh!


Oh, I'm drowned.



Hey, look at this.


The Kaiser as Butch Cassidy.

You look like the
dog's dinner.

I am.

I feel like it, anyway.

Would you like a cup of tea?






We've been trying to
contact you all day.

Yeah, well, I've been out.

- Hello, man.
- Hello.

Valerie. It's your mother,
I'm afraid.

She died about
twenty minutes ago.

- What?
- Yes. I'm sorry.

- She's been like that for ages.
- Not like this.

- I can't believe it.
- I phoned June.

- Didn't you get the message?
- Yeah, but, I didn't realise that---

I'm sorry.

You must feel terrible.


Urm, just a minute. I wonder
if I could have a word.

It won't take long.

Look, I know it's none of my
business but I just want to ask you...

...what your plans are
with regard to Valerie.

Can you stay with her
for the next few weeks?

That's impossible,
I've got concerts.

- Where?
- All over the place.

America. The world.

I see.

You know,
Val needs help.

Right. I've been
trying to help her.


Well I've given her a bit
of happiness haven't I?

Are you doing anything?

At least I have a sense
of responsibility towards her.

I've heard that before.

That's the word you lot use
to get people...

...wrapped up and tied in knots.

That's just the sort of attitude
I'd expect from you.

Oh, look. Have you ever laid
out under the sky all night...

...and thought about how
big you really are?

- Yes.
- How can you talk about...

...responsibility underneath that?

- I see.
- Let it do its own work.

We have no control over it. All we can
really do is live it as it comes.

Naturally. You know,
just live, and love...

- ...and be kind.
- What you really mean... come and go and never
mind the consequences.

That's the sort of idle, selfish attitude
that's caused more unhappiness...

and poverty than anything el---
- And where would the Church be...

...without unhappiness
and poverty?

You need unhappiness
and poverty to survive.

You've been running society like that
for the last two thousand years.

And whose is the bigger
congregation now?

- Is it yours or ours?
- Perhaps bigger, but is it any better?

Drugs and promiscuity,
is that better?

[MIKE] We'd be a lot better off
without your warped ideas...

...about responsibility and guilt.

- Look what you've done to her.
- I have?!

If you think I'm gonna let
you get away with that...

-'re very much mistaken.
- Oh, piss off, Your Holiness!

That doesn't cut any ice with me.

I've met your type before.

I only wish I could stay,
you know. But I can't.

They'll be missing me already.

- Yeah.
- I'm late, for the session.

And after that it's the airport.

You'll be back again?

- Not soon, but---
- Yeah, sure. I don't know when... know, but I'll
see you later.

I'll come the airport with you.

No, that's not a good idea.
You know how plastic that is.

Chaos. We'd never get a
chance to speak even.


I'll think of you.
That's a promise.

Remember what I've been
trying to tell you though, you know.

Try not to be too idealistic about
the "eternal love" bit, you know.

I think you are. It's not working
out that way too well, nowadays.

You know, hang loose a bit and try
to take people on their own terms.

We've all got to make it
together these days.

There's too much isolation
going on.

There's too many people cut off.

You know, don't cling
to obsolete ideals.

It's not gonna work, love.


"Growing skylines"

"Spreading street signs"

"All in straight lines"

"More every day"

"Lonely faces"

"Empty spaces"

"Hiding places"

"Nowhere to be"

"But it's all the
same the world over"

"Twentieth century"

"Stuck in the red in
the bank of the dead"

"Holy societies"

"La la la la la,
La la la la"

"La la la la la, la la la la,
La la la la la, la la la la"

"La la la la,
do do do do"

It means reducing the first
half of it to a poem, you know?

- But that's okay, it's er ---
- But, I mean, we have to revise---

- Can we have a picture, please?
- Sure.

[SINGING] "White as snow, are you
washed in the blood of the lamb?"

"Have you been to Jesus
for his cleaning pow'r?"

"Are you washed in
the blood of the lamb?"

"Are you fully trusting
in His grace this hour?"

"Are you washed in the blood, in
the soul-cleansing blood of the lamb?"

"Are your garments spotless?
Are they white as snow?"

"Lay aside the garments
that are stained with sin"

"And be washed in
the blood of the lamb."

"There's a fountain flowing
for the soul unseen"

"Oh, be washed in
the blood of the lamb."

"Are you washed in the blood, in the
soul-cleansing blood of the lamb?"

"Are your garments spotless?
Are they white as snow?"

"Are you washed in
the blood of the lamb?"

Are you washed in the blood, in the
soul-cleansing blood of the lamb?"

"Are your garments spotless?
Are they white as snow?"

- Hallelujah!
- Hallelujah! Praise!

"Jesus freakers"

"Strange believers"

"Too many speakers"

"All in the way"

"With religion"

"By confession"

"Made for praying
on her fears and guilt"

"But it's all the same
the world over"

"Twentieth century"

"Stuck in the red in
the bank of the dead"

"Holy societies"


Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Is that enough, sir?

Oh, yes, thank you.

It's not the same when
I'm wearing my dog collar.

I like it here, do you?

Yeah, it's nice.

I used to come here a lot.

Are you winning?

Never mind, just cut it.

Hey, look at that dog! Ha, ha.

Val, you know, I'm certain things
are going to go well for you again.

After all, you're a
very attractive girl.

I don't see why you
shouldn't meet someone.

Someone like you.
With your own ideas.

I'm sure you'll meet
someone and fall in love.

I've already met someone.

Oh. Yes, I know.

I'm sure he was fun
to be with...

...but he wasn't fundamentally
your kind of man.

He lives a different kind of life.

His values can't apply to you.

I don't think you should
make him the centre of things.

I don't see why I can't.

You live in different worlds.

He's always on the move.
I expect he---

He must have met a lot
of girls like you.

He didn't say I was
anything special.

He didn't say he loved me.
He was sincere.

He said it didn't matter what you
do as long as you were happy.

- And I was happy.
- Yes, that's all very well...

...but it doesn't always
have happy results, does it?

You say you wanna help, but
you seem to make things worse.

I don't understand you, there must
be something wrong with you.

Why don't you just go
away and leave me alone!

- Val, I'm sorry.
- Leave me alone!

Bloody well go away and
leave me alone!

You see, I am not your idea
of a conventional Christian.

I am not a shoulder
for you to cry on.

I am not here to help
you on your way.

I am not "Mr Sympathetic".

There's no turning the
other cheek with me.

That is not the kind
of Christian I am.

Don't come to me for
incense and Evensong... won't find me kneeling
at the altar all day long.

If people won't come to me here,
in the church, with their problems...

...then I must go out to them.

And that is what we
all have got to do.

We have to do it together.
We have to deal with the problems...

...that concern everybody.

We cannot confine
ourselves to the Church.

We have got to go out
and bring about...

...a greater understanding between people.

Between generations. We have
got to re-establish our community.

And fight against this self-
obsessed, self-satisfied society.


- Valerie.
- Hello.




So nice to see you.

Nice to see you.

Er, I was feeling lonely,
I felt like some company.

So easy to be lonely.

It's a problem in society.

Mass media seems to
be the only communication.

I think you should love
who you can.

Make the most of it
and hope it works.

Oh, yes!

You don't have to be afraid
'cause I'm white or anything.

Oh, believe me, that doesn't
deter me in the slightest.

- I merely thought---
- Look, let the past be the the past.

Let's forget it, shall we?






That was beautiful. The most
beautiful moment of my life.


I feel divine!

I could fly!

Yeah, well, I'll see you
around, I expect.

- You're not going!
- Yeah, 'course I am.

But you can't.
I won't let you.

- Why not?
- We're in love, that's why not!

- What?
- In love!


Come back one moment,
my darling sweetheart.

I want you for me wi---
Excuse me.

Wait a moment. Valerie.

- Valerie, look, please, come back inside.
- Get off!

Valerie, look, please,
what have I done?

- What do you want?
- Well, come back inside!

- We'll talk about it.
- I don't wanna come back inside.

I've got nothing to talk about.
Yeah, and you're showing me up.

- Would you let me go home?
- Valerie, please, come in.

Valerie, please.

You're hurting me, get off!

Stop that!
What's up with you?!

I don't wanna go inside.

- Valerie.
- Please let me go home.

- I don't care about---
- You'll be cold out here.

- I wanna go home.
- Valerie, please!

- Oh, get off.
- Come on, hands off.

- Constable, look---
- Shut up.

- Did he interfere with you?
- No, I did not!

- Did he expose himself?
- How dare you!

- When I want your opinion I'll ask for it.
- No, look, he's a friend of mine.

Huh, huh, "friend",
she calls me "friend"!

- Okay, then, buzz off, you.
- I demand my rights.

- Go home son, go home.
- But you don't understand, she's my wife.

- You what?
- My wife.

- Is he your husband.
- No!

- Valerie!
- Oh, shut up, you stupid black bastard!

Got somewhere to go?

Home, I s'pose.

We'll take you.

Okay, Charlie.

- Oh, look at me.
- Oh, you look all right.

I'm a mess.

Life's not always good,
is it? Oh.

If it wasn't for blokes
there'd be nothing else.

You've got to have
relationships. Mmm.

That's what your Mike was
always on about, wasn't he?

- Have you heard from him?
- No. Don't expect I will, though.

- He's always on the move.
- Oh, I wouldn't like that.

- Why not?
- Oh, it's 'orrible.

Well, we had a good time
together. We enjoyed it.

I think about him.

I hope he thinks
about me sometimes.

I've gotta get off at
the next stop.

Oh, I thought you were
coming back with me?

No, love, I can't,
I've got a headache.

Oh, you should've said.
Look, I'll come with you.

No, really, I'm all right, honest.

- I'll see you later.
- You sure? Okay.

' BYE bye.
- Bye.



RADIO DJ: And now here's
something from a fine new album.

It's been a fantastic
hit in the States, and...

...this particular track is about
to be released as a single.

It could, I think, be
quite a smash over here.

Anyway, see what you think.

Here is "The Social Casualty"... Mike Preston.

"Lonely faces"

"Empty spaces"

"Hiding places"

"Nowhere to be"

"Growing skylines"

"Spreading street signs"

"All in straight lines"

"More everyday."

"But it's all the
same the world over"

"Twentieth century"

"Stuck in the red in
the bank of the dead"

"Social casualty"

"For Valerie's teachers"

"Keeping her blind.
Valerie's preachers"

"Poison mankind.
Valerie's future"

"Left her behind"

"Valerie's child's dead"

"With his poor head"

"Kicked and battered"

"The city looks on"

"Then her mum died"

"And by my side"

"She wants to hide"

"Now everyone's gone"

"Narrow streets wind"

"Through a priest's mind"

"But he won't find"

"The way she felt"

"With religion"

"By confession"

"Made for preying on her
fears and guilt"

"But it's all the same
the world over"

"Social casualties"

"Stuck in the red in the
bank of the dead"

"Holy society"

"Valerie's teachers
Keeping her blind"

"Valerie's preachers"
"Poison her mind"

"Valerie's future
Left her behind"

Yeah. There's another stop
at the bottom, I think.

...when it doesn't work
with what I'm playing.


"Maybe you'll catch us,
But you won't reach us"

"Trying to teach us
how to be good"

"With civilization"

"BY population"

"Moral castration"

"Taming the flood"

"Making sure of survivors"

"To keep money spiders"

"And moon-rocket riders"

"Rolling in blood"

"And it's all the
same the world over"

"Twentieth century"

"Stuck in the red in
the bank of the dead"

"Holy societies"

"But Valerie's teachers,
Keeping her blind"

"Valerie's Preachers,
Poison her mind"

"Valerie's future
Left her behind"



"Is it too late"

"To create a world"

"Made with care?"

"Is it there"

"Or fleeting?"

"Here today and gone
tomorrow's child"

"Looking so wild and free"

"Are we a choice with no voice?"

"Can it be?"

"Great hearts, mean streak
Spare part, speed freak"

"Go your way now, do your damage
Don't mind us, we're gonna manage"

"Great hearts, mean streak
Spare part, speed freak"