Madame Mills, une voisine si parfaite (2018) - full transcript

A workaholic obsessed with books has a new neighbor: a crook dressed up as an eccentric American woman.

Mr. Ming-Pei.
Paulikevitch wrote this work

seven years
before Calder's "Circus."

I'm telling you, this is gonna be
turn art history upside down!

This sculpture consists of three
independently moving parts,

that are a perfect match.

Two of them are mine,
and this is what they look like.

And the third part
I will receive shortly.

Mr. Rosenberg,
if I understand correctly,

show me two parts here

a sculpture of a
unknown Russian artist.

And you don't have the third piece.

And these three parts shall together

the history of art
of the 20th century?

That's right, they will.

We can prove,
that Paulikevitch the inventor

of three-dimensional art,
and not Calder!

And this,
that's worth a lot of money.

And you come
to that third part?

No kidding?

Trust me.

- And?
- It's rented!

Too bad, I'm all alone.
I really liked it up there.

Don't worry, this time
the owners made right.

The new tenant should be very quiet.

A lonely old lady.
No kids, no dogs, no problems.

- Bonsoir!
- Monsieur Cottin, a package for you!

- Have you seen her yet?
- Have you seen her yet? You're gonna love her!

I think she's a foreigner.
Wait a minute!

- How is that pronounced?
- Missus.

- Again.
- Missus.

- Miss Mill, now.
- Millssss. With a "sssss"!

- That's a lot of "sss".
- Nobody's perfect.

Just call her "madam."
I gotta get that! See you!

Hello Edouard, what's up?