Madame Death (1969) - full transcript

A mad scientist teams with an evil, disfigured woman to kidnap and operate on young women to make her look beautiful again.

Madame Death.

You heard right.

This is the suggestive title of
the film you are about to watch.

I am John Carradine and it is
my pleasure to speak to you.

I wanted to say that in this film
I play the role of an unhinged man.

This is a story of love and death,

and of a scientist who through
his misunderstood science,

which consists of creating eternal life,

manages to create a bridge
between life and death,

and in order to reach his goals

he doesn't hesitate to sacrifice human life,

the lives of several women

who must die in order that Dr. Favel

accomplishes his dark desires

and brings the dead back to life.

This story begins with a beautiful woman

who under Dr. Favel's influence

kills cruelly to save her own life
and that of the man she loves

never thinking that by doing so

she was only satisfying the perverse
desires of the malefic Dr. Favel,

a man that dares fate,

going against every
human and divine principle.

It all began one night

when love spoke on behalf of destiny.

Madame Death

How lovely you are,

and how I love you.

As much as I love you.

An eternity wouldn't suffice
to show you how much.


the spectre of death...

Don't say that.

I must resign myself to the inevitable.

If I were to die-

Please Andres,

don't keep torturing yourself

with those absurd ideas about
things that exist only in your mind.

No, it's true Marlene.

You know well that-

I only know that I love you,

that you love me,

and that you've made me the happiest wife.

I've also found happiness at your side...

but if I were to die...

I would die with you Andres.

You know that I couldn't live without you.

No Marlene, no.

If the destiny that brought
us together seperated

us through death you should accept it.

My love,

rid your mind of these fears

and just think that

our happiness will be unending.

You know Andres, I've been thinking,


Andres! What's wrong Andres?

Master Favel, please, call him!

No, not Favel!

That man was expelled from the medical academy.

Call him please, he's the
only one that can help me!

Yes my love, calm down.

Hello? Dr. Favel's office.

I wasn't mistaken.

My analysis indicates a degenerative cancer.

He'll die soon, I have no reason to lie to him.

There must be some way to save him!


yes there is...

but he must accept my treatment.

Do what you must,

do what you have to, but save him!

Very well madame,

we'll proceed with the treatment.

Laor, the power.

Power up the freezer.

Your husband is in suspended animation,

it was just in time, he's at the
bridge that seperates life and death.

The first step is to remove the
illness that resides in his blood.

With my apparatus we'll give
him healthy red blood cells,

that way he'll return to life totally cured.

And now that new blood flow's through his veins

a jolt of energy!

Connect the power.

Cut the power.

Cut the power!

He's dead.

He's dead!

I don't understand what happened,
I couldn't have failed,

I had calculated it all so perfectly!

You killed him!


Yes, but I know how to bring him back to life.

It depends on the blood you bring me.

It must be young blood.

Yours, for instance.

I'd give every last drop

to save the man I love.


If you agree then I'll prepare everything.
I'll be waiting tomorrow at midnight.

Will you save him?


and at the same time it will prove
my theory beyond the shadow of a doubt.

I will blaze a new trail in science,

my science!


Hello Lisa,

I didn't expect to find you here so early.

Preparing the invitations of
the next exhibition takes time,

and this is the hour when I can
do it without interruptions.


yes, of course.

Are you feeling ill maam?

No, no,

it's just that I couldn't
get any sleep last night.

Can I help you in some way?

No, thanks Lisa.

Go on with the invitations,
I have much to do as well.

Pardon me maam.

Why is Mrs. Marlene here at this
hour? Did something happen?

I don't know.

She was very nervous,

said she'd had a bad night.

But let's focus on us.

We have so few opportunities to be alone.

When can we love one another
without having to hide from anyone?

We have to be patient.

Some day.

Good evening madame.

You can't fail again.

You must save my husband,

you promised.

I told you the blood of a young
woman would be preferable,

but this time we won't fail.

I worked arduously to prepare the
blood to have the necessary consistency.

Let's begin.

Laor, prepare the machinery.



radioactive intensity at 75.

More radioactive intensity Laor!

More intensity, more!

Cut it, cut the power!

I'm a monster, a monster!

Calm down and listen!

Your blood couldn't take the treatment.

The plasma has partially
degenerated the cells in your body.

Cover me up, cover me up,

I can't stay this way!

I'll do anything, I'll pay anything you want!

Very well,

I'll cure you,

but the price is blood, young blood!

All the blood in a human body!

But how? Where?

From young women.


To survive you must kill!

You will give me the key to the unknown.

You will save yourself

and you will save your beloved husband.


Accept or you will perish
in the full bloom of youth,

ageing like an elderly woman

and Andres will perish forever.


your beauty and the man you love

or that horrible ageing with no love.


I'll do

whatever you say.

It's for the best dear.

Laor, prepare the injection.


To survive you must kill!

You will give me the key to the unknown.

You will save yourself

and you will save your beloved husband.

You must leave her.

Patricia won't grant me the divorce.

She'll never give it to me.

I'm going mad with envy.

I can't resist any longer.

Stay calm Lisa, we'll soon find a solution.

She must suspect,

she can't be so blind she doesn't realize.

If Patricia finds out about us

all would be lost and I'd be ruined.

Then leave,

we wouldn't want her getting
home and not finding you.

We still have time, it'll be a while
before she's done with her act.

Afterwards a long jog through
the park, she needs exercise.

The doctor says she needs exercise.

- Did you hear?
- Yes.


I didn't realize you liked working late Tony.

- Well I-
- Maam I-

Lisa came to help me.

I'm preparing the new designs to
be modeled at the exhibition.

I don't understand why you need Lisa.

The female perspective is very
important maam, I thought that she'd-

I understand. However,

it'd be a good idea to stop working for today,

it's late.

That's just what I was about to do.

Have a pleasant evening maam.


Tomorrow in the afternoon you'll have
the designs for your approval maam.


To survive you must kill!

You will give me the key to the unknown.

You will save yourself

and you will save your beloved husband.

Kill, kill, kill!

You've chosen a very out of the
way place for your stroll Patricia

especially for this time of night.

Peace and quiet is the best
medicine for the nerves,

besides I'm only a few steps from home.

See you tomorrow boys, and thank you.

- Your welcome.
- See you tomorrow.

Help! Help!

Yes Lieutenant, a watchman
found her in the park.

It's incredible.

She doesn't have a single drop of blood.

Do you have some explanation doctor?

None for now.

Perhaps an autopsy...

- Go with the the ambulance.
- Yes Lieutenant.

I don't understand...

evidently death was caused
by direct strangulation.

Agreed, but the blood?

That's what bothers me.

Everything makes me suspect that

they drained her dry immediately
after strangling her.

Dear god, it's horrible!

Maybe the killer is trying
to throw us off the trail.

Enough speculation, I'm leaving.

I'll see you after the autopsy.


Do you have an idea who...

You knew her. Do you know
if she had any enemies?


she had a clean life,

she was happy with her husband.

Alright, calm down.

Soon or later we'll catch the murderer,

the important thing now is
to start the investigation.

I'm telling you, that's the whole truth!

I saw her yesterday
before she left for work.

After that I didn't hear from her until...

until you came and told me she was dead.

Any enemies?


What I'm asking is did your wife
have difficulties with anyone.

No, not that I know of.

I see...and were you two happy?

What are you insinuating?

Of course, we were very happy!

Why didn't you accompany her after her show?

I've told you this already,

it was because I was working late.

Anyway, those walks through the
park were a frequent thing with her,

her nerves were shot and
the doctor recommended it.

It never ocurred to you that
those walks could be dangerous?


that place, I never thought-

They were so dangerous that
they caused her death!


And I advise you
not to leave the city.

I may need you.

Then in your opinion

it was the work of a maniac.

In any case it wasn't a robbery.

All the victim's belongings are
in their place, money, jewels.


I really don't know what to think.


it could be an act of vengeance.

No, the act of draining that much blood

casts many doubts on your hypothesis doctor.

Then we're dealing with a maniac.

It's possible the murderer will strike again.


what drives him?

Why that horrible method of murder?

For now only

only he knows.


Good afternoon maam.

Good afternoon Julie.

Did you fill my order?

Just as you said maam.

I talked to Mrs. Simpson,

if the designs are ready today we
won't have any problems on Friday.


Our new designs will cause a sensation,

don't you think so Tony?


Oh yes,

certainly madame.

If you like I'll take the designs myself maam.

I have to go to the city center,

I need to pick up my wife's body.


Excuse me.

I feel so bad for him,

he's in shock over his wife's death.


it's natural.

And what are you going to do now?

I don't know.

I feel responsible for Patricia's death.

Why responsible?

You had nothing to do with that atrocity.

You couldn't do anything to st-

I know I didn't do anything to make it happen

but I also didn't do anything
to prevent it from happening.

What could you have done Tony?

I understand what it feels
like to lose a loved one,

you did love your wife, didn't you?


I also love my husband,

I'd do anything to preserve his life.

If I were ever to lose him

I would never be consoled.

I say this

to let you know that no one
understands your pain better than I do.

No one.

You wouldn't understand Lisa

because you're not in love.

Well, at least that's what I suppose.

Yes, that's true.

Let me tell you again Tony

that I feel your pain.

It seems like she knows
more than she lets on.

It's possible.

That ironic tone she used...

But what does this all matter?

When can I see you alone?

When things calm down and are forgotten.


It's important that you come immediately,

I need you to supervise the exhibition.

Thank you.

This covers the bikini.

Calling Ms. Julie to Mrs. Marlene's office.

I'll be right back.

Come closer.

Julie, I don't feel well, I
have to go to the doctors.

Take charge of things in my absence.

As you say maam.

Do you need anything else?

Yes, tell Lisa to come please.

Yes maam.


To survive you must kill!

You wanted to see me?

Come in Lisa.

I have a message for you.

Tony called,

he wanted you to go to his studio immediately.


Is everything ready?

Whenever you are miss.

Good, get ready girls, come on, move!

I understand, and thank you maam.

I have to go, I need to see Tony.

The madame already gave me
permission, I'll be back soon.

What are you doing here?

Lisa went to your house to look for you.

Lisa? But she knew I was coming here.

And Marlene?

She went out. It looked like
she wasn't feeling well.

She left in the middle of the exhibition?

How strange.

Tony, are you there?

Tony, are you there?

What's keeping you from calling the professor?

Let me go! Let me go!

Leave me alone!


Enough, enough!

This is an unfortunate setback.

It was very valuable to me.

The exhibition was a great success.

Mrs. Marlene will have no reason to complain.

It's no surprise with such a lovely partner.

Please Henry.

Let's go, Mrs. Marlene should
be here at any moment.

Mrs. Marlene.

Good evening Julie.

Everything was perfect we managed to-

You can tell me the details tomorrow.

You can go.

Is something the matter?

No, I don't think so.

Let's go, I think Marlene is indisposed.

Can't you understand?

I must bring him back to life,

even if I have to continue
staining my hands with blood.

But why?

Why did it have to be this way?


Why did I have to lose him
when I loved him most?

Look at yourself,

look at yourself head on.

You're destroying yourself bit by bit.

The more you struggle to save him

the further from him you grow., no, no!

I have to do it,

it's the only way he'll live.

Life is an unending struggle.

I have to kill to live,

and to live is to love.

Don't give up, not now,

if you fail everything will have been




Take the rest of the measurements,

I'm going to the storeroom for some patterns.


What are you doing here?

How did you get in?

Through the window?

Why did you come?


But who's blood is it?


No, no Laor,

your blood's no good.

It has to be fresh blood, from a young woman.

That's what Dr. Favel demanded.

No, we can't fool the doctor,

it'd be the end of my husband.

Don't you understand?

It'd also mean my destruction.

Go, return,

and don't say anything to Dr. Favel.

Take care that no one sees you,

it could be very dangerous for everyone.

Go, go.

First Patricia and then Lisa,

and they were both involved with the same man.

Are you sure you're willing
to speak before a tribunal?

Yes, Tony and Lisa were lovers.

Could you prove it?

Of course.

I caught them together the
night of the first crime.

Tony was saying that his wife didn't
want to grant him a divorce.

I'm grateful for the information maam.

With this it'll be easier
to catch the murderer.

It wasn't me!

You have to believe me!

You have to believe me!

I didn't kill her, I swear I didn't kill her!


especially with that bloodstain on the floor.

Take him away!

No no, you're mistaken.

Let me go! I didn't kill her
Lieutenant, I didn't kill her!


I found this in one of the back rooms.

I'll put it with the other pieces
of evidence to be analyzed.

Right, now we'll be able
to work more slowly.

I believe we have the murderer.

A haunted house?

That's the business they've set up?

I can imagine what the future will hold.

Well, if you didn't know it's a business
that is quite profitable right now.

And besides, we've found an ideal site

right next to Central Park.

Well, we'll give it a try, isn't that so?

If everything goes as planned

we'll get married sooner than we had expected.

I suppose you'll take me to
see that place of yours, no?

Of course, but it's not finished yet.

Luis is waiting for me there

so we can finish the outfits
for the wax figures.

- Do you want to come along?
- No thanks.

These horror things aren't my style.

What? Aren't you up for it?

I've already told you I'm
allergic to haunted houses.

Well just in case, it's on 27 Park St.

We'll be there most of the night.


To survive you must kill!

Luis, is that you?

It's useless to run,

I'm going to kill you.

I'm going to kill you.


This is him.

Yes, I'll hold.

Doctor, Lieutenant Henry on the phone.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.


Yes Henry, it's the same story.

They drained her blood then decapitated her.

And the owner of the house was killed as well.

It's inconceivable that a person

could kill with so much cruelty.

Get me the autopsy report as soon as you can.

Yes, thank you for letting me know Doctor.

Bring me the detainee Anthony Winter.

Yes Lieutenant.

What do you want from me now Lieutenant?

I'm sorry for the bad night we put
you through, but it saved you.

What did you say?

That you're free.

Last night there were two more victims.

Have you found the killer?

Not yet.

That's why I want you to work
with us in this business.

And how could I help you Lieutenant?

By answering my questions frankly.

Sit down.


Take it.

For now,

tell me about the people that
work in the fashion studio.


Mrs. Marlene?

What's happening?

Yes maam, I'll be there then.

Who else knew of your wife's
walks through the park?

Well, her colleagues at
the theater, our doctor,

and lastly Lisa.

I told her the same night my wife was killed.

I was with her in the design room

a bit before Marlene arrived.


How much do you know about her?

Almost nothing.

She was married to an eminent
doctor or still is, I don't know.

The thing is that one day

her husband disappeared leaving no trace.

Julie, wait for me here.


...and when I arrived

there was Lisa's body.

I was afraid,

I took it out

and you know the rest.

Why did you leave your apartment that night?

Marlene called me,

she needed me at the exhibition, she
was sick and needed to see a doctor.

Marlene again.

I think it's a very important
piece in this puzzle,

don't you think?

Are you insinuating...?

It's possible.

Come with me, let's go to the design studio.

Julie, what happened?



She wanted to kill me,

her face was horrible!

Take care of her, I'm going
to the design studio.

Mrs. Marlene!

There's no one in the house.

That isn't possible, I saw her
there, she wanted to kill me!

Wait, now I remember,

there's a hidden exit in her office.

Relax, even if that's so she won't get far.

Master Favel, help me, I'm dying!

Calm down, relax.

The disease has advanced
quickly over the last few hours,

I need to live!

Of course dear, of course.

Come, lie down.

You're problem isn't serious,

I'll have to kill you.

It's necessary.

I've prepared this for a long time.

Now you're ready for my projects.

It was I that provoked the degenerative
disease that afflicts your face.

You're dying madame,

but that's how it must be

so he can live again.

I'll tell him myself that you
gave your life to save him.

She's dead Laor,

she's dead.

Dispose of the body.

This night the world will
know who Dr. Favel is.

Now I'll turn on the power,

the world will be at my feet!

The policeman in this area found
him an hour ago crying over the body.

I know him, he was the
assistant of the scientist

that died in the explosion today at dawn.

Favel was his name.

This makes me think there's some connection
between the explosion and Marlene's death.

Perhaps you're right.

Marlene died like all her victims,

without a drop of blood in her body.

We'll never know the
true motive of her crimes.

Marlene was probably the
instrument of a criminal mind.

No one knows,

only her

and death.