Madame De Pompadour: The King's Favourite (2006) - full transcript

Jeanne Poisson, the headstrong, ambitious, witty and erudite, catches the eye and heart of French King Louis XV at a costumed ball. She masters the art of seduction well enough to become accepted even by the Queen, corpulent mother of ten. As a sensibly chosen Royal 'favorite' mistress she is soon ennobled Marquise of Pompadour to facilitate her introduction at court. The immature dauphin (crown prince) proves a bitter and unrelenting enemy, joined by his imposed Saxon bride, and his sister at her deathbed. Although friends at court help Pompadour return, her health gives way.


Who is that curious creature?

Sire, that's ...


That's Madame d'Etiolles, Sire.

Mr. de Choiseul, you didn't tell
me there are angels in this forest.

Come on, Marville.
Come on, let me dream.

She is extremely beautiful.
- I already knew that. Tell me more.

She is not of nobility.
- You don't bring dreams.

She had a perfect education.
Worthy of a princess.

But be careful.
She belongs to the bankers.

They can use it to gain power.

What now?
I ask you to talk about her eyes.

Watch my words, Sire.

Take care.

Her mother, Madame Poisson,
wants to accommodate her.

She is only invited to the salons
because she is so charming.

She deserves politeness.
- Now you finally get to the point.

Tell me more about the girl.
Her father is banished and bankrupt.

But behind that beautiful,
sophisticated woman ...

... with harmonious shapes that are so
regular you want to bite into them ...

... lurks Mr Charles Le
Normand de Tournehem.

A rich tax leaseholder.
He raised her while her father was away.

Mr de Tournehem is proud of his work.
She is very successful.

Now you are finally talking about her.
- Yes, Sire. I'm talking about her now.

She is married and has a child and
is friends with Marivaux, Fontenelle.

And in the words of Mr Voltaire:

She is well-behaved, wise, charming,
possessing grace and talent.

You have seen her up close.
Tell me about her eyes.

Her eyes are beautiful
rather than large.

But it burns a fire and passion ...

... a sparkle that I have
never seen in a woman before.

I want her.

Who do I have the honor with?

The king's courier. I have an
invitation to Madame d'Etiolles.

I am Mr Tournehem,
the guardian of Madame d'Etiolles.

What is the nature of that invitation?

The king will be attending the
ball in the Petit-Ecu tonight.

His Highness is counting
on your presence.


This is perhaps, my value,
the beginning ...

No, the fulfillment of our deepest wish.

Calm down. The road ahead
is difficult to negotiate.

The path slopes and the distance between
the capital and the gallows is small.

Alexandrine, my dear.
Something wonderful happened to me.

Yes, the king wants to meet me.
Me. Imagine.

He invited me to the prom.
And very soon ...

... he will love me.

I'm afraid, Jeanne.
- Come on, Elisabeth. Take heart.

This is an adventure.
Freedom. Do you see the king?

Come on.

Madame de Chevreuse, what a pleasure.


Tell me, have you seen Diderot
since our last meeting?

No, Madame.

Are you looking for someone?
- No, it is not.

Tell Diderot that his last
essay will lead him to court.

I have the support of the king who ...


What is it? It seems like
something is bothering you.

You know,
I was waiting for someone to ...

... which has not come.
- My poor child.

And who is that person?
- Someone who is not there now.

Like the king, for example?

How did you know that?
- You danced with him all night.

I? With the king?

Are you sure?
- He stayed by your side.


You recognized me.

It turns out.


I wanted to tell you, Madame ...
Your face.

Your mouth.
- That is out of the question.

You push the king of France away?

I don't give myself to
the first one the best.

Am I the first one the best?

You are merciless, madame.

And you are a bit cruel.

During the ball.
- Forgive a poor king.

You shouldn't think about that.

You shiver, madame. Do you allow me?

Your wishes ...
- It's my command. Hurry up a bit.

To get off.

I am your servant.

Do you know who you just chided?
- Probably a pretentious fool.

That was the king.

A kiss? A little kiss?
That is unbelievable.

Is that all?
- Yes, that's all.

Hand over my dress.
- Did he say anything about your appearance?

Why didn't he invite you to Versailles?

And you didn't ask him for anything?

Who should you introduce to the court?
- I don't care. My dress.

Doctor, you are not allowed to enter.

I may be a doctor,
but I won't wait a minute longer.

Would you like to ride with me or not?
- I'm coming.

My friends.

I asked you to come here
for an experiment ...

... which proves the existence
of a mysterious phenomenon.

It's called electricity.

We must first generate
an electrostatic current.

We rub the cat skin
against that glass ball.

I am now looking for a courageous
volunteer for the experiment.

Who dares take it?

Madame d'Etiolles. You know her:
she is always curious and passionate.

Give me your hand.
Hold the other over the jar.

That is unbelievable.
The electricity goes through you.

One day, this current may well
pass through the entire empire.

Then we generate lightning bolts.

Leave me alone.

Keep that smoke with you. I am not sick.

Jeanne, you fumigation.

Mama, I haven't heard from the king yet.

Now stop it.

You should have seen how he looked at me.
- Take it easy, girl.

I need to see him again.

Mr de Tournehem and I do what we can.

Auntie, say she comes back to her
senses. You're not noble, cousin.

But I will still be.
I can let him discover everything.

Love, passion, lightness,
science, dancing.

I want it, I want it and I'll get it.

Mr de Maurepas, do I have to
wait for Marshal de Noailles ...

... to know if we lose?

Or should we lose again before I
finally get news from the Noailles?

What time is it?

But, Sire ... It's eleven o'clock.

May I have your attention for
the reorganization of your army?

It will take place in May.

The troops in Canada are
attacking the state budget.

Are you sure that clock works perfectly?

Monsieur de Saissac?
- Yes.

Do you know what time it is?
- Yes.

It is two past eleven.
- It's two past eleven, Sire.


Excuse me, I have to do something.

Lebel. My clothes. My cloak.

Mr. Voltaire,
you are pissed for no reason.

Madame, despite all the
respect I have for you ...

By 'old, tragic and melancholic'
I mean that Crebillon is a rascal.

His ideas are outdated. Read Mahomet .

I've already read that.
- And?

It's fantastic.

Monsieur, did you have me called?

Madame, I'm free to back off now,
and ...

As for divine justice,
let me say just one thing about that:

The priests are paid by the
king and praised by God.

The king is not a despot.
He wants the best for his people.

Come on. He is surrounded by corruption.

He raises high taxes and
imprisons defaulters.

That is not true.
That is the fault of his ministers.

Someone will probably change it.

I wish that person
courage and persuasion.

Voltaire is a respectable enemy.

And you are a king
who is a little crazy.

So be it. I'm going to kidnap you now.

Where are you taking me?

Sire, let yourself be guided.

Lead, madame? Lead?
That sounds wonderful.

I have never received such orders.

I'll be your servant.
- My servant?

Never. You become my king.

Excuse me, Sire. I said "you".

You're the first to teach me.
You have such a beautiful mouth.

Read this, Madame.

This depends on all of Paris.
- Take it easy, my son.

The king,
a man for whom no virgin is safe ...

... now has a mistress's
daughter as a mistress.

A fishwife's daughter.

Father has a new mistress and
all of Paris is talking about it.

Don't be so moody.
Mistresses never last long.

She is not a companion,
but someone from the middle class.

Someone from the bourgeoisie?
Then she disappears quickly.

She is never received at court.

You're wrong, dear sister.
Madame d'Etiolles is very dangerous.

She talks to philosophers and
criticizes us in the salons. On us.

And that's not all: she is an atheist.

We need to put things in order.
- Do you think he listens to the Queen?

He is guided by debauchery.
- Enough. He is the king.

And my husband.

You should be his most loyal subject.
I expect penance.

I want to see you again.
- Yes please.

Why are you in such a hurry?

Finally. I can't calm Alexandrine.

My baby. My darling.

Do you see? You can achieve
everything with a soft hand.

Did the king promise you something?
Did he promise you something?

You came back so late that I was hoping ...
- Then what were you hoping for?

Leave me alone with my daughter.
- Don't play the innocent.

You know how much effort we put
into putting you in with him.

Lodging me? Nobody houses me.

Little fool. Do you think you achieved
this thanks to the Holy Spirit?

Do you think your beautiful
eyes and legs lead you to court?

You have drawn attention to that.

And have you thought of your husband?
- Please leave him out of this.

Only the love of the king still counts.
- What do you know about love?

Then you should have taught me that.
- Love?


It doesn't exist, girl.

And I can know.

All that matters is the title
you will hopefully get soon.

If you end up in the king's bed,
if only for one night ...

... then make sure you are
well paid for your services.

Your greed, mother, is a horror to me.

If you don't ask anything of him,
you will go back the way you came.

With no more than a cloak.

All of you, dear people. Come closer.

Come closer.
All of Paris is talking about it.

The mistress of the king,
Madame de Chateauroux, died suddenly.

She has transferred her place to that
ugly bastard, Madame d'Etiolles.

The king has a weak spot,
he is a real woman madness.

Come on in.

Father, we were going for a walk.
- I had forgotten that.

A queen doesn't behave like that.
You will be one day.

From which country?
- Let me see.

Transpatagonia. Is that what?

No, I prefer Laituvia.
- Isn't that lettuce?

Then I am the queen of lettuce.

That is beautiful.

Is that for mom?
- It is of no use to such a box.

You're smart enough to know
that I respect the Queen ...

... but without emotions.
- You have ten children together.

I am grateful to her for that.

But I need physical love.
- Please be quiet.

Your sins offend God.
- You know I fear hell.

That's why I beg you:
Give up that woman.

I can't do that, my daughter.

I love her.

Look. Do you see those
little flowers in the middle?

That is beautiful. What a fabric.

Chinese vases. The king.

Come with me.
Follow me, gentlemen. Follow me.

Just put it there.

Say we have enough silk.
It is beautiful but not helpful.

Just put that there. There.

Son, I don't understand your anger.
Your father has always been like this.

This adventure is
different from the others.

He was king during the day
and enjoyed himself at night.

Now he no longer distinguishes
between day and night.

France is boring him.
Only Poisson can still captivate him.

Have patience. Time will settle this.

The future king cannot wait.

If I get a free hand,
time will go faster.

A moment. I have something to tell you.
- So it is true.

You use my wife for your plans.

Your wife is not cheating on you. The king
wants your wife. Nothing can be done about that.

And Jeanne is very
attracted to the king.

You must therefore accept a divorce.
That goes without saying.

You have made me the most
famous French cuckold.

I have always treated you with honesty.

The marriage contract didn't
say I should love you.

You only love yourself and you
only married me before d'Etiolles.

Do you know what they call you
in the city? Madame de Snol.

You have defiled my name.
You are the king's whore.

Let's drink.

That deer never escapes
us a second time.


Save me. My husband wants to lock me
up and take my daughter away from me.

It shows a lack of dignity ...

... to express your personal grievances
in the presence of my people.

He wants to lock me up because I'm
looking for you. Please intervene.

I would like to ask you not to inform
me further. And I can tell you ...

... that you have an honest man who
cares about you and shows his goodness.

We go.

Do not be afraid.
Your husband is gone and ...

Father, look how beautiful he is.

He sails away. I lost him.

Dear father, you look depressed.

I have a girlfriend who doesn't want
to talk to me anymore. She is angry.

Then make sure she is no longer angry.
- Do you think that's possible?

Hell yes. With a smile, Your Majesty.

Thank the king.

The king invites me.
He wants me to live in Versailles.

The key to Versailles?
- No.

The key to his heart.

Is this really Versailles?
- Hell yes. This is the little courtyard.

We are in Versailles. In Versailles.

Good day, Madame.
I am Toinette, your chambermaid.

This is Alexandrine.
- She's cute.

Monsieur Lebel for Madame d'Etiolles.
- I'm just giving her to you.

I am Mr. Lebel, Madame.
The servant of His Royal Highness.

You now live in the old rooms
of Madame de Chateauroux.

Welcome, I am very grateful
that you care about me.

But it's too cold here and would
you like to have a broth come?

I am not concerned with pleasures.

Get my suitcase as soon as possible.
I can't show up like this tonight.

Madame d'Etiolles, you have been
misinformed. You never appear in Versailles.

Not tonight and never not.
You do not exist here without a title.

I don't need a title to exist
in the heart of the king.

Certainly, but you should know that
this is the first time His Highness ...

... invites an acquaintance to the
castle. It will be a dithyrambic scandal.

Did you mean colossal or huge?

Dithyrambisch means praise.

The king will have
dinner with you tonight.

His Royal Highness.

I missed you, Jeanne.
- Never again.

I never want to live without you again.

My little daughter.

There is not a single child in Versailles.
Even my children were raised elsewhere.

I told you,
there are no children in Versailles.

- No I can not.

Hold her. She does not bite.
- I have never...

This is the first time
I see a baby up close.

And what do you think of it?

This child is very lucky.
Because she looks like you.

I love my wife very much.

Love and sorrow are not
part of a marriage contract.

To avoid a scandal,
Madame requests a divorce.

Custody of Alexandrine
lies with Mr de Tournehem.

Don't forget that Mr
d'Etiolles beat his wife.

He is no longer allowed to see
his daughter until further notice.

You should move your cousin elsewhere,
where he can stay far from his wife.

That is the king's wish. You can go now.

Do not be sad. I will take care of
her as I have taken care of you.

You will see your
daughter in Paris again.

Madame, here you devote
yourself exclusively to me.

What at first seemed
dubious is now a fact.

The king loves Madame
d'Etiolles and that is mutual.

Call her d'Etiolles de Snol.
A bitch that ravages the king.

He will introduce her to court.
- Never, Maurepas. Never.

But I suspect he's going
to elevate her to peerage.

Nobody will accept her.
- Dear sister.

Not everyone is as honest as you are.
- She intrigues at the palace.

This is not a question of love,
or do you think it is?

What can we do?
- I'm just waiting for my time.

The king will fight in Flanders.
- Yes, let's go to war too.

What do you think, Henriette?
- I think mother is suffering from it.

And she's brave enough to hide it.

Monsieur Lebel.

The king expects you
in his private rooms.

Down? Are you sure?
- Absolutely, Madame.

Venerable, Mme d'Etiolles should
not be humiliated in my absence.

I put her residence and her
education at court in your hands.

Is a clergyman the right
person for this task?

I have made a decision that
will cause a commotion.

Mme d'Etiolles is
elevated to the peerage.

I am honored to be your friend
because you will not have much left.

Does she have a court mother?
No one will want to support her.

That's right. I have not found anyone. But
in case of setback you have to be cunning.

Some nobles have gambling debts.
- That's very clever of you.

The largest debtor is
called Madame de Conti.

You pay her debts when she
becomes a court mother?

That is completely immoral.
- But very clever.


As a servant of Madame the
marquise de Pompadour ...

... you also serve your king.

Madame the marquise de Pompadour?
- Pompadour.

That rhymes with: that was quite a tour.

I want them to hide you while I'm gone.

I will think of you every moment.

Don't you think it's quiet too?
- Without the king, the court has been abandoned.

Does the king write?
- Every day.

The troops have arrived in Fontenoy.

The table is set.

I am starving.
- Me too.

The list of the entourage
of His Royal Highness.

In addition to ministers
and state secretaries ...

... you should especially learn the
names of the nobles from the outside.

What boring. Me too?

I will tell you more about Orleans
and the rivalries next time.

I forgot something else: these are
the courtiers you may receive ...

... after your introduction to court.
- Almost only women.

And old men. Is the king jealous?
- Would you like to get up now, please?

As for the smile,
always without expression.

Let me see.

No, you are smiling too much.
You must smile without smiling.

So. Very well.

When you are introduced ... Imitate me.

Etiquette does not feed us.
We don't get food.

Where are your servants?
- They left.

And there is no firewood at all.

It is indeed cold here.

I'll be right back.
Monsieur Lebel is beaten.

Please tell us again.
- Maurepas fell into the horse shit.

Bernis, I have a letter from the king.
- That is comforting.

But we have to move on.
- He's in Fontenoy. The battle begins.

Please answer me.
"I'm small and redheaded.

I'm from Lorraine's oldest family
and married to a banker's daughter.

Who am I?'
- Etienne-Fran├žois Count de Stainville.

I am the bishop of Strasbourg.
- The Cardinal of Rouen.

The Cardinal of Rohan.
- It's pretty much the same.

One more time, Bernis.
- All right then. Court etiquette.

You don't say "gift" but ...
- Present.

You don't say Louis d'Or.
- Louis and Or, of course.

You don't say "champagne," but ...
- Vin de Champagne.

How terrible.

Who dares this?
- Think about it, Madame.

You are the most envious woman here.
- What an honor.

I am offended, starved,
robbed and envied. Let's go.

No way. Your teacher is waiting for you.

I can not anymore.
- Don't let the court have that fun.

Help me.


You made me wait.

What kind of smell is that?
- A fragrance that pleases the king.



Give up.

Versailles used to be full of good
taste. Now the scum is in the works.

I am that scum.

The court becomes like an ocean
in which the fish go swimming.

Someone is having fun at my expense.

You will be thrilled when
you are introduced to court.

Please don't move.

Sensation is not necessary.
Acceptance is sufficient.

I can't work like that. The baby
cries and you keep moving. Please.

Please cooperate and remain still.

I'm going to work for another court.
- Master Venantino.

The neckline is not deep enough.
- Of course it is.

Not at all.
How do you want to please the king?

That is no longer necessary.
- He has to go deeper.

I can't work like that.

Monsieur Lebel wants to see you.

Madame, the king has returned
victorious from the war.

Long live Lodewijk de Welbeminde.

Where are we?
- That is a surprise, Madame.

The victor of Fontenoy.
- Do you remember your lover?

I want you.

Four months without a wife.
- I hope so.

You are sublime.
- You like me too.

When are you going to eat me?

Wear this when you are
officially presented to court.

The marquise de Pompadour.

Madame de Saussey spoke highly of you.
I am sure we will become friends.

I hope your presence means that
you will visit us more often.

It is my greatest wish to please you.

Is she the king's whore?
- The daughter of a merchant.

She will suffer here.
- Too much beauty kills.

This is an insult.

Did you really have to be so kind?
You said you would support us.

Music, mama?
- Gladly.

She is an infidel. A civilian.

A married woman who visits
philosophical sects.

She trains with our enemies.
- We also have enemies at court.

I don't call her Marquise.

She seemed gentle to me.


Gontaut, are you going to the baptism
of Duke de Fontan's daughter tomorrow?

He is the only one who does not see that the
child has brown hair and that he is blond.

What do you think about this?

The Duchess de La Vayssieres
wants to become the godmother.

I thought the level would be higher.

The protocol does not allow
political conversations.

Then only gossip remains?
- The Duke de Fontan is her lover.

Mr de Maurepas, would you like to deprive
Mme de Pompadour of all pleasure now?

Entertain us without speaking badly.
- Without speaking badly? He cannot do that.

Mme d'Etiolles can
entertain us with her skills.

You are said to be the
muse of poets and painters.

I wouldn't please you. My friends
paint a France you don't know.

You mean like Monsieur Chardin?

Who became famous with
the portrait of a fish.

Chardin paints all subjects that
please His Highness. Also fishing.

We don't dine with
artisans in this country.

We will see who makes France great.
You or the craftsmen.

Let's drink coffee in the salon.

I am here for the marquise de Pompadour.
I am her brother.

Wait a minute.
- I'm her brother.

I am her brother. Excuse me.

I am her brother.
- In a line.

Thank you, Madame. I am very grateful.

My dear brother. Come into my arms.

Who are all those people?
- My friends.

Suddenly I have so many new friends.

You are lucky.
- Don't be naive.

You don't want that kind of friends.
And you will have enough soon.

How so?

Monsieur Abel Poisson, Lord of
Vandieres and Montreuil aux Lions.

You are now the Marquis de Marigny.
- Thanks to you?

No, the king did that. Not me.

But you owe it to our
friends the bankers Paris.

The king has no money himself.

Sorry. I know you don't like
these walks, but it's tradition.

I now know other courtiers.

Maybe we can go for a
walk while hunting? Naked.

I have to go.

How do you dare?
- Apologies. My mother is dying.

Madame de Pompadour, have you already
forgotten? You do not have a private life here.

I am here of my own free will.
I am free to go whenever I want.

I hope she is held up.

And shut up.

If Mom was dying,
I'd push you into the water.

We left each other with a fight.

Bernis is right. We have to do
something. There is famine in Languedoc.

- It's the Protestants.

I would send troops.
- Can't we send better bread?

Very well. Send bread.
- Are you serious?

Hell yes. I understand why
they call you Louis de Beloved.

Bernis, you learned to flatter well.

Gentlemen, it's time for my bath.

Maurepas, how many times have
you been to the Bastille?

Only once.

Find the writers of those notes
that hang everywhere here ...

... and slander the marquise.

He is great. Such enthusiasm.
Pompadour changed it.

Monsieur de Saissac, how many times
have you been in the Bastille?


It is for Gontaut.

For d'Argenson.

You're looking radiant.

- He is my friend.

Why Diderot?
- Come with me.

I came up with something.

Come on, Madame.
- My apologies, Sire.

It's the first time you've
given me a present ...

... that has nothing to
do with the children.

You have known me since the
birth of Madame the Last ...

... denied access to your rooms.

Aren't you the one who complains
and exclaims everywhere:

Always sleeping, always pregnant,
always giving birth.

I thank God for giving
ten children to France.

Perfect, madame.

Thank Madame de Pompadour on
behalf of me for the gesture.

Thank you for choosing an intelligent
woman who respects my position.

Is the king there?
- He has company.

Another one, Mr. Voltaire.

One day, in a valley,
a snake bit Jean Freron.

And what do you think happened?

The snake crept.

I don't want them sitting there and us here.
- There is no other way.

But that's Voltaire.
- He's coming to drink coffee.

Let's go.

I want to entertain you during
a more intimate conversation.

Why: no?

Not so. Not now.
- You regularly refuse me now.

Your passion knows no bounds.
- The queen said that too.

I miss my daughter.
You don't have to offend me.

Then go to your daughter if you miss
her so much. Nobody will stop you.

Fine. I'll hold you there.

A young man wants to
speak to you urgently.

Is the crown prince's wife giving birth?

Sire, the consort is dead.

My wife said goodbye before she left.

Unfortunately you were not around.
- I'm baffled.

Accept my sincere condolences.
We will arrange a dignified funeral.

She earned it.
- A tribute?

Or maybe you want a parade? Then you
can show your subjects your sorrow.

Then you make yourself even more loved.

You didn't even ask about the child.

I know she's a healthy girl.

Come on, my son.
Your grief confuses you.

You are a bad father.

And also a bad king.

If I were dying, would you let
me down for that whore too?

You must return to Versailles.
You've been gone for two weeks.

The king hurt me.

I take my daughter to Versailles.
- Pride.

Love. You don't know what that is.

Marion, take Alexandrine for a moment.

My absence makes some happy.
- It hurts you.

The crown prince cheers. He thinks
his wife's death chased you away.

Poor woman. Die at the age of 20.
- I'm not here because of her.

Come back, Jeanne.
The situation is sensitive.

And the friendship I feel for you ...
- Speak up.

The king has already cheated on you with
the daughter of the La Rochefoucaulds.

Finally accepted here.

The whole court has swarmed
around you since your return.

I am very happy, Madame de Brancas.

The presence of Madame
Two and Three pleases me.

Madame de Pompadour,
have you seen those beautiful carp?

I'm already rushing there, Madame Three.

She is like a fish in the water.

Venus gets out of the water.

Bravo, my daughter.

I fell myself.
- Yes, the wind pushed you.

Adelaide can't stand
seeing me with other women.

I think my son despises me.
- No, he despises us.

We have nothing in common. He does
not like hunting or beautiful women.

Someone has to take care of him. Find
a woman for him, one who is tolerant.

A woman who opens his eyes to this era.
An ally.

And allow him to consult with you.
- Yes, he likes politics.

He likes conflict. Of boring things.

As for that woman,
it's all so terribly boring.

Help me find the ideal woman.
- That is political.

Then you do politics.
You're the only one I trust.

The Hanover Treaty ...
- Can't we pass ...

... to something more interesting?

Try this chocolate.

Anne-Louise of Parma.
- Her brother and Madame One are enough.

Marie-Therese of Savoie?
- Later, Toinette.

You said she looks like a flatfish.
- Yes, but she is very religious.

Hello, Jeanne. How is the search going?

Elisabeth, leave us alone. Mr. Bernis
and I discuss important matters.

Maybe I can help?
- This is about the future of France.

I thought ...
- You can go.

Sophie von Mecklenburg?
- A protestant?

Do you want a religious war?

The ideal candidate should
be beautiful and tender.

Smart enough for the court, but she must
be able to endear herself to the people.

And the crown prince, perhaps?
- Obviously.

Why is there a family gathering?
Will there be a surprise now?

Son, I am happy to announce your
marriage to Maria Josepha of Saxony.

I disagree,
but state considerations prevail.

State considerations?

A year ago I was very happy,
now I cry about my accident.

And tomorrow should I hire a new woman?

You ignore my grief period.

You are my only heir. It is
important that the line is continued.

The princess is a young and beautiful ...
- Virgo, I suppose?

The way you like them.

Do I find my worst
enemy in my own house?

Father, do you not understand
our brother's grief?

Why don't you wait a few months?

The monarchy does not wait.
A son is needed.

We got married when we were 15.

You are the fruits of
an involuntary marriage.

And when you chose my wife,
you must have listened to your mistress.

Monsieur, we will leave it at that.
You do what I tell you to do.

France is ruled by a whore.

She will pay for that.

You shouldn't talk to your son like that.
- He's not my son, but my enemy.

He is shocked by your relationship.

If Mme de Pompadour picked his wife ...

She gives me advice and sometimes I agree with
her, but she doesn't rule. I will do that.

You are like a child in certain areas.

Unbelievable. You just keep winning.

What I want to say to you is heavy
on me. I have tolerated you so far.

But you have gone too far.

By choosing the new queen,
you took over my role.

I have curbed my children's hatred,
but now you are on your own.

The new queen is enchanting.
Why is the Crown Prince against you?

Do you want to know? I am the
king's girlfriend. He listens to me.

I am powerful. I make and break people.

As proof I appoint you as director ...

... and master the gardens,
buildings, academies and factories.

Jeanne, that's great.
There is the princess.

Madame de Pompadour,
what a wonderful day.

His Highness is not only a great king,
but also a good hunter.

Are you not driving?
- State affairs bother me too much.

But if you consider me worthy,
I'd like to be your girlfriend at court.

That would be great luck, but ...
- The crown prince should not.

Let's try to reunite father and son
and make your wedding a success.

I am at the service of my future husband
and unfortunately cannot invite you.

Take care, dear and naive sister.
You are not as powerful as you think.

You are mistaken.
You don't know the power of love.

I only think of the
king and he only has me.

Would you like some fruit, Sire?

Who is that charming young lady?
Our daughter's daughter.

At your service, Sire.

Very tasty.

Doctor, I'm afraid I'm sick.

I can no longer give myself to the king.

Do you have pain in intimate places?

I can cry.
- What are the symptoms?

It burns day and night.
I can not anymore.

You suffer from a venereal disease.


That is impossible.

That is only possible ...

The king cheated on me.

on behalf of the marquise de Pompadour.

That was disgraceful. And in front
of my ministers. You're crazy.

Crazy? Yeah I'm crazy.
I am crazy that I love you.

I'm crazy to think you're faithful
to me, crazy to believe you. Coward.

I am sick because of you.
Sick, can you hear me?

I don't know which slut you picked
up on, and you call me disgraceful?

Forgive me, Jeanne.
- Why? What did I do then?

Do not you love me?
- I can't say no.

Let me go.
- I'm being attacked by women.

I love you and still desire
you as on the first day.

You lied to me and cheated on me.

Do not Cry.

I'm afraid. Please.

It is bad for your
eyes to work this late.

It's for the king.

What is that?

It's a pamphlet about ...



About your intimate illness.

I'll find him. I am committed to
finding the author of that pamphlet.

When will you pick up the
authors of this pamphlet?

If I find them, I will inform the king.

You do little for the
mistresses of the king.

On the contrary. I respect them all.
Regardless of their background.

You talk too much or not enough.

You wanted to speak to me privately?
This room does not bode well.

The day you became my minister ...

... I had to promise you that
you could resign yourself ...

... instead of getting fired.

That day has arrived.

You withdraw to your estate and you
are not allowed to come to court.

You may know that your shame
already weighs heavily on me.

France is losing one
of its best ministers.

No minister will please you ...

... as long as the marquise
undoes the daytime work at night.

Losing a minister because of a pamphlet.

You may not tax the nobility.
It serves the king. That's a shame.

Most of them only criticize
and do not serve the king.

The king, but not the monarchy.

How should we tell the
priests to pay more this year?

While you are not going to
receive communion and live in sin?

This is separate from me. It is about
my people who deserve equality of tax.

The treasury suffered from the
colonial wars, as you can see.

Where can my little daughter be?
Alexandrine, where are you?

The king.
- Fast, honey.

Your nude drawings are everywhere.
Do you know what you have done?

Those layers were hidden in my secretary.
They have been stolen. You have to intervene.

No, now you were wrong and I
gave you too much free rein.

I told you to watch out and now
you've sparked my son's hatred.


They want you to leave.

Then your family has succeeded.

And you? What do you want?
- I do not know anymore.

Our love becomes impossible.

I was not expecting you.

I know that you, the church and the
nobility are out to work against me.

I have decided to end
the debate on the clergy.

But don't think I will drop it
without asking for anything in return.

I want you and your leftover to
let me live the way I want to.

So that is the reason for the cover.

The marquise de Pompadour remains in
my life and is no longer humiliated.

Should I call the council or
do I have your support in this?

See what that woman does to you. You are
dealing with France as a market trader.

Go play again. On your instrument.

Sire, I apologize,
but you must come to Madame Henriette.

She has a fever and the first
blisters have appeared. We fear ...

- Good heavens. No.

Do not go there.

Go, father. You have not been
vaccinated. You should not risk this.

My girl.

My beloved father. I'm going to die.

Father, listen to me.

My girl.

Help me die without fear of God.

Father, if you love me ...

... then let me go in peace.
Promise me you will be a good king.

Give up your sinful
life with that woman.

Swear to me.

I beg you.

I swear I'll do that.

How's Mme Henriette doing?
- She is in the kingdom of God.

Her death was not meaningless.
The king vowed to live no more in sin.

You have one hour to leave Versailles.

You will be cast out.


We have a child.
- A child? Do I have a son?

She returns to Versailles
as a parent and friend.

This is your home.
- He just wants to sarcast us.

I am no longer your mistress.
- I love you.

She destroys the king.