Madam Scandal: 10-byo shinasete (1982) - full transcript

Madam Scandal:
Let Me Die For 10 Seconds

Midori Satsuki

Yuki Kazamatsuri

Ken Nishida
Shinsho Nakamaru

Hosei Komatsu

Produced by Yutaka Okada
and Yoshihisa Nakagawa

Screenplay by Susumu Saji

Director of Photography:
Yoshihiro Yamazaki

Original Music by
Leon McLee

Directed by
Shogoro Nishimura


Father-in-law, Ken
is still in Little Creek.

Didn't you say on the phone
that a helicopter had been sent out?

The men are saying that it's
impossible in this weather.

This is the itinerary
that Ken left behind.

Ahh, you're so cold.
Like ice.

Ken's campsite...

was hit by a massive avalanche.
There wasn't a trace of it left.

We tried landing when
the winds subsided...

...but the avalanche was still ongoing,
and there was fog.

We had no choice but to give up.

I strongly believe
that Ken is still alive.

But there's no choice but to wait until tomorrow
before we go there again.

I'll warm you with my body.

Are your parents in Japan
in good health?

My father and mother
both died when I was a child.

So what made you
come to America?


Thank you.
That's enough.

I'm warm now.

I have to go
and search for Ken now.



Ken, where are you now?

Oh, is that you, Dad?

I evacuated to Truckee yesterday.

Some people got injured
and it was a real mess.

I didn't have the time to contact you.

Ah, could you tell Akiko?
She must be worried.

Hang on.

Ken?! Is that you, Ken?

I see, I'm glad...

I'm so glad...

Motto, please.

Tom, the poultry has
to be dissected... come in to the restaurant
an hour earlier tomorrow.

I got stuff to do.

Didn't we agree that I could
set your working hours?

you have to cut your fingernails.

- Okay.
- You must be hygienic for our customers.

Got it, Mama.

Good evening!
Make yourself at home!

Oh, it's sukiyaki?
You have some too, before you go.

May I?

It's been so long.

Sergio. Here.


70 dollars, right?


80 dollars.

- Gimme 10, please.
- No.

Wow, Youko!
So much in one night?

What a great wife you are.

I want to own a shop like this,
just like Mama.

Tom, you have to work harder too
or I'll break up with you!

Hey, no!
But I'm working really hard at this, right?

- Dummy!
- A Japanese wife is really the best!


- Hi, Ken.
- Hi, Sergio.

- Hey, Tom.
- Mama, we'll be going home now.


- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

Why did you have to
make me so worried?

I'm sorry.

I've always kept my reason
for coming to America a secret...

...but maybe I should tell you...

The past isn't important...

I love you.

You wait at Mirabelle.
I'll be there in a bit.

Ann from UCLA asked
me to do her a favour.

Will you sell me some marijuana?


It's your father's car.

You get out first.
I'll park the car over there.

Hey. Sit down.

Hello, Dad.
Sorry for making you worry.

How are the farms?

Good, oranges are good this year.

I'll be buying another
2000 acres in Newhall.

Wow, that's amazing.

Actually, Ken, I came today
to talk to you two about something.


Actually, a friend of mine...

...ran a club on Wilshire Boulevard...

...but I took on his debts, so I'll be
taking over his business as well.

That club near MacArthur Park?

Yes. It seems to be a pretty
famous club in Los Angeles.

So I was thinking of entrusting
the two of you with its management.

Once you've taken over the place,
I won't interfere at all.

You'll be free to manage
the place as you please.


I said that I was entrusting
this place to the two of you...

...but I want to entrust it to you, Akiko.
Not Ken.

I'm planning to have you registered
as the owner of the club.

There's nothing but junk.

Ah, that's right.

Some good paintings
just arrived from Japan.

I'll go to the airport
and take care of them.

- You'd do that for me?
- Yeah.

- Here's the claim ticket.
- I'll be going then.


- Akiko.
- Father-in-law, please stop!

What if Ken comes?

Akiko, I'm going crazy.

Come on, Akiko.

Father-in-law, please...

Please, stop!


Ah... No!


Come on, Akiko.

Everyone, thank you for taking the time...

...out of your busy schedules
to gather here in such numbers.

I'm really very grateful.

I'm Akiko, and I'm very fortunate...

to have been given the chance
to open this club, 'Rainbow'.

I will do my utmost to
provide good service to all of you... that this club
becomes worthy of your patronage.

I hope for your continued support.

Thanks for inviting me, Akiko.

This is a great place you've got here...

You're really something, Akiko.

I think you're going to
steal my customers!

Of course not! Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Congratulations.
This is a great success for you.

Hey, Akiko.

You've done a pretty good job today.

Everyone's become so eager
to support you within such a short span of time.

I hope for your continued support.

- I hope for your continued support.
- This is Mr. Mukougawa.

Hey, you did well.

Everything went great.
It was a success.

It's all thanks to you, Father-in-law.


- Father-in-law...
- Hmm?

Tom ran off!

He got a job at a Japanese factory
in Nevada!

He said he's dumping me and
getting married to a black girl!

What a horrible man!

And he ran off with the money!

- He took all of it?
- No, just the cash.

But it's 300 dollars!
He ran off with 300 dollars!

It's so annoying!

The money in your bank account is untouched, right?
Isn't it all right then?

But it's thanks to me that his
luck changed for the better!

I'm so angry! Seriously!

Isn't it also true that he managed to get that job
at that factory in Nevada because...

...he learned Japanese
from living with me?

That's why he managed to get hired!

Yoko, come on,
get a hold of yourself already.

I'm leaving you in charge of this restaurant.
So pull yourself together.

How can I leave this place in your care, without
worrying, when you're acting like this? Come on!

No! Help!

Are you all right?


It's you... Akiko.

Mr. Harukawa...

I didn't know
you were in Los Angeles.

Hey, Mama...

Yoko, what's wrong?

You animal! Damn you!
You're mocking me, aren't you?

Huh? You Mexican bastard!

How dare you flaunt your independence...


Orange Market Crash. I wonder what's
going to happen to Dad's farms?

It says here that orange prices
have suffered a devastating shock.

Japan has refused
to step in, too.

Hey, hold me.


I don't feel like it right now.

I probably won't be able to
repay your efforts.

It's all right.

Sorry, but would you give me
just 200 dollars?

Marijuana again?

200 dollars is enough.

It's fine. It's troublesome if you don't
have enough money, right?

But don't do too much of it, even
though it doesn't harm your body, okay?

Mama, there's a call from your

It's a huge mess.
I think I'm going to be bankrupt.

The banks absolutely refuse
to lend me money.

I'm going to try to talk to them again...

...but I'm feeling really uneasy about
being alone.

It looks like it's all going to collapse. Or maybe
I should say it can't keep going much longer.

Please come to my house right away.
I'm begging you, Akiko.

I can't help in any way
even if I come over there.

Father-in-law, please understand.
I'm Ken's wife.

I know. But at this rate,
I'm going to lose it...

Your father-in-law seems to be
in a tough situation.

He bit off more than he could chew?

It seems that American financiers are pretty
cold-hearted towards debtors, aren't they?

Akiko, I'm so glad that you really came.

Father-in-law, you said that your orange
business was in great trouble?

I'm feeling all right now,
because you came.

Honestly, until just now,
I was in a really bad shape.

Thank you, Akiko.

Akiko... Akiko...

Miyamoto's let go of all his properties other than
his house. Looks like he's buried in debt.

What's going to happen to
that club, 'Rainbow'?

Its ownership was transferred to his

Huh. Your research
is as good as always.

Hey, take out those
fake stock certificates for me?


Gonna do your usual scam
with these, huh?

The lady boss of 'Rainbow'
is in love with me.

It'll be a snap.

It's been a while since I last had the
chance to bet big in Las Vegas.

Well, I'm counting on you.


I want to help you.

For your sake, I'll do anything.
I want to help you.


Akiko knows that guy?

10 years ago...

...he vanished after embezzling money
from a Japanese company.

There are rumours that even today
he's still involved in shady dealings.

It's quite likely
that I'm the one who killed Ken.

Father-in-law, let's go inside.

No, let me stay here
just a little longer.

Because this might be my last
chance to gaze upon these fields.


You're young.

You don't have to worry about me any longer.
I'm as good as dead anyway.

It's truly fortunate that I transferred ownership
of that club to you.

Regardless, my creditors will probably
still try to seize it.

It's hard for me to say this...

...when your husband has passed
away only recently...

...but my feelings for you are exactly
the same as they were 10 years ago.

This time, I want to marry you at last.

I know I've got no right to say that
after I abandoned you, my fiancée...

...and vanished to America, but...

I seriously thought of taking
my own life back then.

But I wanted to see you again... I came to America five years ago.

New York, Boston...

I searched all the places
I thought you might be.

But America is really so big.

In the end, I gave up and settled down
here in Los Angeles, three years ago.

But I'm grateful for how time flows...

...because it allowed me to forget
so many things.

I'm thinking of going back to Japan.

I want to make a fresh start...

...and it so happens that I've got
a friend in Japan, a close friend.

He's starting a new company,
and he's asking me to help him out.

10 years ago I was separated
from my lover in Japan...

...but I've met him again,
here in Los Angeles.

Well, that's really romantic,
isn't it?

So searching for your lover was the reason
you came to America in the first place?

But he's going to return to Japan
to set up a company.

Which means I...

Has he proposed to you?


Listen, Akiko...

I met the woman I loved 30 years ago,
here in Los Angeles.

And that was you.

What wonderful memories...

I'm not thinking that this will make
up for what I've done to you...

...but this is something from me.

There's a hundred thousand dollars here.

Forget the past, and find happiness.

Mama, Mike is a big fraud!

His scam is passing off fake stock certificates as the
real thing, to cheat people of large sums of money!

He's a conman!

They say he's involved in dealing drugs too!

Mama, you mustn't
meet with a guy like that!

I'm going to meet him,
no matter what you say.

You've got money in this, don't you?
At the very least, don't bring money with you.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Hey. I'll be leaving for Japan on
the first flight out tomorrow morning.

I see.

I've reserved a room...

- You can stay until morning, right?
- Yes.

You got the money?

I'll inform you once I've found a place
to stay after going back to Japan.

I'll buy furniture so that you'll be able
to come over any time.

Right, thanks.

Here are the stock certificates.

What, you're not going to look at them?

I wouldn't understand them anyway.

You haven't changed at all.

You're just the same as you
were 10 years ago.

10 years ago,
you made a promise to me.

Yes, I remember.

It was when the two of us
went to Karuizawa together.

"I'd like to build a house here
and live here together."

You said that, didn't you?

I'm so happy...

Let's go to Karuizawa again
when you're back in Japan.

Yes. Okay?


...what should we do for our wedding?

How many friends should we invite?

What will you wear?


Oh, these are
valuable stock certificates... if would be better if
you held on to them tightly.

I've heard all sorts of things
about you.

Heard things?

What things?

Nothing, really...


- Actually, I...
- Don't say anything.

You're going to go back to Japan
and starting afresh, right?

I'll be waiting for you.

I love you.

Contact me as soon as you've
arrived in Japan. I'll be waiting.


Take care.


The End