Mad to Be Normal (2017) - full transcript

During the 1960s, a renegade Scottish psychiatrist courts controversy within his profession for his approach to the field, and for the unique community he creates for his patients to inhabit.

["Season of the
Witch" by Donovan]

* When I look out my window

* Many sights to see

* And when I look
inside my window

* So many different people to be

* That it's strange

* It sure is strange

* You've gotta pick
up every stitch

* Oh, oh, oh, oh

* Must be the
season of the witch

* Must be the
season of the witch

* Must be the
season of the witch

["You Really Got
Me" by The Kinks]


* Girl, you really got me going

- Hi.
- Hi.

* You got me so I don't
know what I'm doin' now

Hello, I'm Jim.

- Hi, Angie.
- Jim Roberts.

- So nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

Are you a doctor yourself?

- Well, kind of.
- Yeah.

I have an academic interest--

Oh wow.

- In the field, yes.
- I can tell.


I can, I can introduce
you to him if you'd like.


- Yeah.
- Oh wow. [laughs]


* You really got me.

* You really got me.

Let me tell you about Julie.

Ah, by the time I'd met her,

she'd been in a,

a mental hospital or
a bin for nine years.

She was mostly mute.

She was labeled a
chronic schizophrenic.

When she did speak,

she spoke in what's
called schizophrenise

which is a language which is

apparently nonsensical,

but if anyone does
actually look,

care to look, it does
actually make sense.

Anyway, she had
a very difficult

relationship with her mother,

who only responded positively
when Julie behaved perfectly,

so Julie never had
any difficulties

with eating or
sleeping or teething,

potty training,

walking or talking.

She was like an automaton.

But she felt that her true
self was being murdered.

"I wasn't mothered,
I was smothered.

"She wasn't a mother,
she was killing me,

"she was cutting out my tongue."

Because her mother

didn't let her develop,
to become independent,

Julie saw her as a
destructive black sun

blocking out all life.

[siren wailing]

- Freak!

[indistinct shouting]

- Give me the knife.

Put it down.

Raymond, put it down.

Raymond put it,

drop it!

[knife clanking]

[Raymond sobbing]

Come on.


You alright?

Yeah? Shall we go for dinner?

Shall we?

Come on, good man, let's go.

That's it.

Well we're all here
to support each other,

so that, you know, but
that also means you can,

you can decide to engage or
not engage as you see fit.

Everyone has their own space
which they can retreat to.

You have your
own private space

that you can get away?

Everyone does, everyone
here has their own space.

Mm, that's nice.

I think that's important,

to give that sense of security.

We're very much
one community, one,

one group of people
living together

as best we can.

But sometimes you need to,

you need to be able
to be by yourself.

I think that's important.

Why did you say mothers

make their
children schizophrenic?

I get angry when
people misquote me.

I never said all mothers
make their children

schizophrenic, I never
said all families are bad,

despite what those fuckers say.

Which fuckers?

Those fuckers out to get me.

Raymond is enjoying
some role play.

He's Jesus, I'm Pontius Pilate.

He thinks I am going to
wash my hands of him,

which I won't do.

What's wrong with him?

Ask him.

There are many
people like Raymond

claiming to be the messiah

and they are
incarcerated, electrocuted,

drugged, restrained,
imprisoned against their will.

Why was he in prison?

Nah, it's not prison
it's a hospital.


It's meant to be a
cure not a punishment.

I had no idea.

Is it true you don't
prescribe any drugs?

[Ronnie] No tranquilizers,
no, no sedatives of any kind

designed to deaden the mind.

And her?

She does have a name you know.


Maria, do you want to come
talk to our friend here?

Maria gave birth to a wee boy,

and what should have
been a happy time

became something very unhappy

and she descended into darkness

and she was diagnosed

with what we call
postpartum depression.

[Maria] Bless you my child.

Maria is a high priestess.

What do you do with
someone like Raymond?

What would you like me to do?

Well, he frightens me.

So he should be locked
up because you're afraid?

[Raymond chanting to crucifix]

He's banishing your demons.

You need to come visit us again.

[Jane] Oh, I'd like that.

It was very interesting.

Is that good interesting
or bad interesting?

Interesting's a very
interesting word.

I found it quite humbling.

Truth be told.

Well that's alright.

Come on then.

[patient whimpering]

[soft guitar music]

[phone ringing]


- Hi, Dr. Laing?
- Yeah.

[Angie] Is this Dr. Laing?


[Angie] Hi, erm, my
name is Angie Wood.

Mm hmm.

[Angie] Jim Roberts
gave me your number.

Does Jim think you
need to come see me?

[Angie] No, I was at
your lecture actually.

Will you be coming to
any more of my lectures?

[Angie] Erm, I, I don't know.

I, I was so impressed
by, by what you said.

I'm a postgraduate student
of psychology at Columbia.

- Mm hmm.
- In New York.

I know where it is, yeah.

[Angie] Of course you do,
[mumbles] it's in New York.

[laughs] I'm so stupid.

No not at all,
you sound charming,

you sound like someone I should
probably be having lunch with.

[Angie] [laughs] Yeah,
Jim said you'd say that too.

You know Lexington Street?

[Angie] Yeah, sure.

* So tired, tired of waiting

* Tired of waiting for you

You must be Angie.

Hi. Oh. [laughs]

What, are you made
of electricity?

You want me to answer
that as a scientist

or a psychiatrist?

Sorry, I'm just
a little nervous.

[Waiter] Something to drink?

- Just some Chianti.
- Very good.

So why are we here?

Well I was so
impressed and just amazed

at your lecture, and Jim said
you'd meet me if I asked, so.

I guess you already
know that part.

[Waiter] Would
you like to try?

I'm sure that's fine.

First of the day.

How well do you know Jim?

Oh, he's the first and
only time I've met him

was at your lecture.

My PHD is on gestalt therapy
and that kind of thing.

And I've just, I've read
so much about your work

and your books.

But not actually
read any of 'em?

[laughs] Well, I've
been meaning to, I just...

Well at least you were
impressed, amazed at my lecture.

You're not taking me
very seriously are you?

We won't be eating.

[man moaning]

[both breathing heavily]

- Where do you actually live?
- Here.

Here, here?

Aye, this is home.

I thought you
just worked here.

Well, that too.

A little girl of 17
in a mental hospital

told me she was terrified
because the atom bomb

was inside her.

That is a delusion.

The statesmen of the world
who boast and threaten

that they have doomsday
weapons are far more dangerous

and far more estranged from
reality than many of the people

on whom they label
psychotic is affixed.

Not wrong though am I?

Normal fucking man
has killed 100 million

of his fellow normal man
in the last 50 years.

Whatever happened to her?

[Ronnie] Long time ago.

I don't know, she
might still be there.

Couldn't she come here?

I mean, maybe she could
get some help here?

Hang around, you'll find out.

Oh I bet you say
that to all the girls.

[Ronnie] Aye, I do.


Sorry, I'm already late.

[Angie] Patient?

No, my kids are
down from Glasgow.


I didn't, I didn't
realize you were married.

You didn't ask.

So your wife...

If it makes you feel any
better we're gettin' divorced.

No, doesn't.

What, you'd rather sleep
with a happily married man?

Please don't twist my words.

So, why are you
getting divorced?

Because we don't
love each other

or even like each other anymore.

And the children?

Do you, do you not love
or even like them anymore?

I love my children.

If you loved them you'd stay.

What the fuck do you know?

I've read about the effects
of divorce on children.

Well then you'll
know that growing up

in a so-called fucking happy
family can destroy some people.

I've seen what families
do to each other

and I'm not puttin' my
children through that.

A coward walks away.

No, a brave man walks away.

I'm sorry.

[somber piano music]




[moving to soft guitar
and drums music]

[electricity crackling]

[man moaning]

[man moaning]

Mrs. Holding, I, I
know it looks dreadful,

but let me assure you.

You can't even
tell me how it works.


No, you're right, I can't.

That's because we don't
know exactly why it works.

But believe me, it does work.

And it will work for John,
if he's allowed to stay.

Well, think of it a little

like mending a broken
radio by giving it

a firm slap on the hand.

But Johns not a radio.

He's my son.

It hurts him, and
he isn't better.

What are you thinking?

[Woman] A visit to
a mental institution,

book signing, you
know, that kinda thing.

What a week, two weeks, what?

[Woman] Yeah
something like that.

Is that okay?
- Yeah.

[Woman] You know, radio, TV.

I'm going to have to call
you back about all this.

- Oh, okay.
- Yeah.

[Woman] Yeah, if you could
call me back, that'd be great.

[Ronnie] Yeah, we'll speak
soon, we'll speak soon.

[Woman] Okay, cool.

Okay, bye.
- Bye bye.

So I was thinking I could

maybe make this place
more kinda homey.

You still here?

What did you have in mind?

Well, would you like
it to be more homey?

I have to forgive you first.

That's true.

Oh, I see.

I don't want you
moving anything.

Don't fucking move anything.

I won't touch a thing.

Everything is in a
very particular place.

[laughing] Is it?

You'll note my
filing system here.

It's very...

It's very unique.

Worked out to a micron.



[Raymond whimpering]


Raymond, Raymond.

Follow your breathing,

follow your breath, yeah?

[Raymond exhaling deeply]

That's it.

That's it.

[Raymond whimpering]

[girl moaning]


Mr. And Mrs. Holding.


Do you want to come through?

Hello, Raymond.

This way.


Mr. and Mrs. Holding.

I'm Dr. Laing.

I believe you've
already met Dr. Zemmell.

He hears voices.

Or at least we think he does.

I think Dr. Meredith
means well but I--

So why are we here?

I'll be honest.

I have great concerns
about leaving John here.

We saw somebody eating
what looked like cat food.

Some people say

you are experimenting
on your patients.

But I want John to be safe,
not in a mental hospital.

I know I can't help him at home.

According to Dr. Meredith,

you're a
catatonic schizophrenic.

John, could you at least
tell me what you want?

I want my own room.

And what will you do in there?

John, we will be able
to give you a room,

although here we
call them cells.

Erm, from the Latin cellar,
sort of a small room where a,

like where a nun
or a monk sleeps.

We'll take it from there,
does that sound okay?


So how will you treat him?

We'll give him what he
wants, we'll give him a cell.

And if he wants to
talk, we'll listen.

And that's it?


[gentle guitar music]

Come on.

Mama was struggling.

She held onto him, kept
saying please don't,

please don't please,
please don't.


I was just a little
boy of seven.

I saw it all.


I can't get rid
of the smell of...

Sydney, I'll try and
help you let go of this.

I can't promise it will be easy.

Thank you.

[upbeat rock music]


You remember Jim?

Jim, of course,
good to see you again.

Something I said?

Jim's a wee bit down,

so he's gonna come back and
spend some time with us again.

And Aristotle, you know,
for whom I have great time

by the way, he
maintains that the brain

is mostly composed of water,

and if the moon can
affect the tides,

what, what can it do
to the human brain?

Won't be long now.

Won't be long for what?

The moon.

The moon.

The moon, stupid bitch.

Hey, didn't your mother
teach you any manners?

Don't you talk about my mum.

There's a sculpture in
Ireland that's 5,000 years old

that's a depiction of the moon.

Yeah, me mother was Irish.

A lot of people say
there are more suicides,

murders, and admissions
to mental hospitals

during a full moon.

[RD and Jim howling]

[upbeat rock music]

[Angie laughing]


[Bartender] Hey, hey!

[glass shattering]

[indistinct shouting]

Get out! Get out!

I'll fucking kill you.

That's enough, let's go home.

It's alright, it's all good.



John, it's Paul.

I'm extremely concerned.

As are we.

Then use chlorpromazine,

or a feeding tube.

Give him ECT.

At Kingsley Hall we
take the Hippocratic Oath

very seriously, and the
promise not to do harm.

If I was to tie John down

and administer
electricity to his brain

or fill him so full of
drugs he couldn't speak,

would I be doing him good or
would I be doing him harm?




What do you suggest
I tell his parents?

They're not my concern.


[upbeat music]

[indistinct singing]

So hard to get away
from the noise, Frank.

You'd imagine at this time
of day they'd be quiet.

That's all you want really,

is a bit of peace and quiet.


How have you been today, Frank?

A little bit down are you?


Do you know what I think, Frank?

Will we have a,

will we have a
little bedtime poem?

Yeah, why don't we do that.

Let's take up from where
we left last night.

Ah yeah.

But if my heart must
break for your sake

it will break in music I know.

Poets' hearts break so,

but strange I was not told
that the brain could hold

in a tiny ivory cell,

God's heaven and hell.

So true that, isn't it, Frank?

You're so soft.

Oh, that makes me calm.

[soft piano music]

[John muttering indistinctly]



John, I think it's time you
and I had a little chat.

[John muttering]

What the fuck is all this about?

[objects rattling in jar]


You know you can talk to us.

John, when you're ready,

just come and find us.

[clock ticking]

[Angie exhaling deeply]

- Raymond!
- You must see Maria.

You must see Maria.

- Shit!
- You must, you must!

Raymond this had better
be fucking important.

[Angie] I'll be waiting.

Alright, alright, give
me that, give me that.

Take that. Alright, here.

[Maria whimpering]


[Raymond blowing]

Would you like me to get in
touch with Isaac's father?

No. He didn't want Isaac.

He was only interested
when I started going mad.

Then he took him away.

But he was right, I
can't look after a child.

None of this is your fault.

I can't.

Some tribes believe
that there is a,

a spirit in the placenta,

the amniotic fluid,

and that if that
spirit gets unhappy

for whatever reason,

then that causes the mother
to experience frequent crying,

and loss of appetite,
difficulty sleepin',

and that is exactly
what we would call

postnatal depression.

How did they cure her?

Well they would
summon a Shaman

to perform a seance to
make the spirit leave.

Do it.

Do it. Do it, please, do it.

Do it.

- Do it.
- No, I'm not, I'm not,

I'm not a shaman, Maria.
- Yes, yes you are.

Do it, do it please, do it.

Please do it. [crying]

We must hold hands.

You do it, you do it.

Yes, yes.

Please, please, please!

Can I say something, Angie?

[Angie] Uh huh.

If you, please
don't be offended.

[Angie laughs]

I really like you.

Yeah, you've got a
beautiful quality about you.

[Angie] Oh wow. [laughing]

And you're very,
very compassionate.

Lovely compassionate
quality, like Ronnie has.

He has that same quality.

I can see why you two, you know,

gravitated towards each other.


You've got a lovely smile.


Yeah, it comes from
somewhere deep, you can tell.

Now you're fibbing. [laughing]

Yeah, it's the
truth, it's the truth.

I like you too Jim.

Well, thank you.

So I'll get back to me...

Thanks for talking to me Angie.

[Angie] Thank you.

Angela, Angelis.

[both laughing]

Boing, boing.

Do you remember that when
you were kid, the angelus?

Don't you find that time is
completely different in here?

Like outside it's
like, whurrrrrrr.

In here it's calm, calm.

Except sometimes when
I hear these voices

and they start telling me
to do things, you know,

like, they start in a whisper

and then they get louder
and louder and then,

like my head is going to explode

and I say fuck it, fuck
it, fuck it, alright!

I'll do it!

[Angie] What do they
tell you to do, Jim?

Oh, you don't want to know
what they tell me to do.

[blows through lips]

Sometimes they have a
bit of a laugh with you,

sometimes they say
like obscene things.

Other times they're
telling you to do things

that you just know,
you're just like fuck no,

don't want to do that.

And they're always
laughing afterwards.

Yeah, you see we made
you fucking do it.


Anyway, today is a good
day, it's a good day.

[Angie] No voices today?

No voices today, no
writing on the walls.


[Angie laughing]

Anyway, thanks for
listening to me Angie.

Erm, if,

if Ronnie went away, I
don't know what I'd do.

I know.

[Jim] Because, like,

sometimes you know
this thing in my head

tells me that if
you take him away,

I don't mean you to
take this personally

but that if you take him away,

then they're kinda telling me

that I'd have to take you away.

Loonies, loonies!


Loonies, loonies!



[bottle shattering]


[girl whimpering]

I'm 73, I've never
ever taken drugs,

and, well, I've heard
LSD sends you mad.

You're among friends.

What have you to lose?

But, I don't want to go mad.

LSD is controversial,

but it can have a
profoundly valuable

and therapeutic effect

if you take it in a
controlled environment.

It might help you deal
with your memories.

It might just unblock them.

People who've revisited
memories like you,

sometimes it just, they
can find an inner peace,

they can face up to it.

What do you think,
do you trust me?

I do trust you, yes.

Want to try it?


but, I will.



That's it, a couple drops.

There you go.

Just try and relax.

How long does it take?

Could be 10 minutes,
could be a couple hours.

See what happens.

- Nothing yet.
- No.

[whimsical music]

I think I'm seven.


I can smell something.

[woman crying]

I can't, I can't. [crying]

[woman screaming]

[item clanking]

[orchestral music]


Please, please, please, please.



[knife blade slicing]

Please, please, please!

- No!
- I'm sittin' with you.

It's me, Sydney.

You're alright, you're safe.

It's me and Ronnie.

[mystical music]


Some terrible things
happen in the name of love.

Well I love you Ronnie.

Do you love me?

Love's a terrible burden
to inflict on someone.

What's the matter?

You know Syd's mother died

'cause she loved him so much?

I don't think my mother
would've died to save me.

She didn't even want anyone
to know she was pregnant.

Maybe she didn't want me.

Certainly don't remember
her ever kissing me,

or holding me or puttin'
her arms around me.

Our house was not
a place of love.

Where was your dad?

Doctors said it was overwork,

nowadays they'd call
it a nervous breakdown.

So you were alone
with your mother?

I've been holding one
hand or another ever since.

[father breathing rapidly

I've spent my life
listening to people

that no one else
gives a fuck about.

You sound angry.

I'm not angry, I'm just
tired, I just need sleep.

I need to go away to
Glasgow to see Suzie.

She's still under the weather.

I'll come with you.

Nah, I don't think
that's a good idea,

she's really not herself.


Oh, for fuck's sake,
it's not a family outin'.

My daughter's ill.

She just needs to spend
a bit of time with me.

I didn't tell
you to leave them.

[somber piano music]

How are you?

I'm okay, Dad.

I don't want to talk about it.


You seen your granny lately?

Last week.

Didn't we, Suzie?

Tell Dad what happened.

Tell me what?

Granny showed us a
little doll she made.

It's got real hair and
is dressed like you.

She's called it Ronald
and sticks pins in it.

She says she wants to
give you a heart attack.

She won't though, will she Dad?


However hard she tries.


[Ronnie coughing and groaning]

[clock ticking]

I'm pleased you haven't
brought that slut with you.

[Ronnie throat clearing]

Susan, elbows please, you're
not at your mothers now.

Right, which slut
would that be, Mother?

Don't talk with your mouth full.

Don't behave like a
savage, use your knife.

Suzie tells me that you, um,

you made a wee doll.

Says you call it Ronald
and stick pins in it,

trying to give me
a heart attack.

Susan you're spilling your tea.

Tell me about the wee doll.

I think it's time
to go, come on.

[Sydney] I don't
quite know how to do it.

It's at midnight.

[Jim] But that's
alright, you know.

- It's this way.
- Yeah.

You see, you know
what, you know I think?

- Yeah.
- Anxiety.

That's not good.

Nah, anxiety is
no good for you.

I know, well thank you.

No, no, I know
what that feels like.

Yeah, yeah I'm
feeling anxious now,

but I just don't know how,

how to tell him that
this doesn't work.

- Well, look.
- What would you say?

What would you?

- Well, you did your best.
- I tried.

You spent a lot
of hours on this.

I've spent three
hours today doing this.

Three hours.

No, none of these
things fit that.

I don't understand them.

I used to, but my
memory's gone a bit.

I thought you could help,
I thought you would help,

but never mind.

The only thing
I know how to do

is read the front
of it, you know.

When you think about
it, really, you know,

when we've got
watches and clocks,

do you know what
the first clock was?

- No.
- Ever?

The Moon,

was the first clock.

Is that a clock?

Yeah, well that's how
With the dial on it?

Yeah, that's right.

Well, no.

People used to
look up at the moon

and they'd say, oh
it's night, it's day.

That was the first
kind of clock.

And then we
developed these things.

So it never had an
instrument going round

on the moon?

- No, no.
- It was all in the...


[Raymond whimpering]

What's wrong with
you, old sport?

You don't have to be afraid.

Hey, what's wrong with you?

Get away from me.

Get away.

Silence is golden.

Hey what's the
matter with you?

What's wrong with me?

Yeah, let's give
him some space.

He's got space.

Well let's give him some

You leave him alone.

Let's give him
some more, come on.

I am the alpha,
I am the omega,

I'm the beginning and the end.

Do you understand
what I'm saying?

- I understand.
- Alright.

But come on, let's, let'

Unhand me, sir.

[upbeat music]








Jim, let's go have a smoke.

Jim. Come on,
let's go have a smoke.

[Angie] Jim, let go.

Let go.

- Jim!
- Let go!

Let her go, let's
go have a drink.

[dramatic piano music]


[busy street sounds]

[siren wailing]

- Thank you very much.
- Cheers.

[Woman] Thank you so much.

- It's all worth it.
- Three hours?

That's not as far as me.


[crowd laughing]

You come again.

You're a cult figure
here in the USA, Dr. Laing.

Are you surprised
at your success?

Should I be surprised?

I'm told that at your
Kingsley Hall Mental Institution

you advocate treatment
for schizophrenics

without any kind of medication?

Kingsley Hall is not
a mental institution.

It's a small household of people

in different states of mind

who are trying to live together

in the absence of
power relations.

So no distinction between
doctors and patients?

Well there are doctors
and there are patients

but we're all living
together as people.

Sometimes doctors
need to be helped,

and sometimes those that we
call patients can offer comfort.

And how successful are you?

Well there's been no murders.

[audience chuckling]

You sell thousands of
books on student campuses.

They call you the Acid Marxist.

Well I don't.

It's said your books are
on every student's bookshelf,

somewhere between
Castinada and Marx.

You're appearing
at the same concert

as The Grateful Dead.

You've even been called the
white Martin Luther King.

In the 10 seconds
we've got left,

have you a message for America?

Psychiatry is the
only branch of medicine

that treats people in
the absence of symptoms

and signs of illness.

It's the only branch of
medicine that treats people

against their will
and imprisons them,

and the madness of our patients

is a result of the destruction
wreaked upon them by us,

by them and themselves.

But madness need
not be a breakdown.

It could be a breakthrough.

Can be potentially liberating.

[Man] But people
need tranquilizers.

prevent communication.

How can you have a
dialogue with the mad man

if he's dead in the brain?

Sarah really hasn't
spoken for 18 months.

We tried to engage with her.

She doesn't eat so
we force feed her

and of course she's violent.

That's why she's here.

I'd like to see her.

Of course.

It would be interesting
to hear your assessment.

[door banging]


Mind if I sit with you?

Do you mind if I, can I?

A little cooler.

I'm Dr. Laing.

You can call me Ronnie.

Do you want one?

I'll just leave one
there, if you, if you...

Sorry, do you mind?

[Ronnie deeply exhaling]

It's quite comforting, isn't it?


Kind of like that rhythm.

Shall we have a wee chat?

It's difficult in
here, isn't it?

Does it give you a headache?

[Sarah mumbling]

I, a chap I know in London is a,

he's a Indian
Acupuncturist, you know.

And all these points, we have
all these points everywhere.

There's just,
there's two in there,

if you can get them, it just,

it just..

This would give me
a headache in here.

Might just help.

Do you want, do you mind if I?

Do you mind?

Just here.

Just there.

This can be quite
nice, you can just,

just clears your
head a wee bit maybe.

Just like that.

Just like that.

Do you mind if I just?

If I can just get right, no?

I find it just does,
all these points,

there's a lot in your feet.

Do you mind if I, if I just,

just take your,

and just...

He tells me there's
a point in the foot

that is related to
every other bit of you.

Everywhere, if you
just find the right...

I mean, I'm not an expert.

But it used to be
quite relaxing.

I mean, you're stuck
in here all day.

How long have you been in here?

A long time?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Are you hungry?

I'm quite hungry.

Should we send out
for some pizza?


Hello, could you
get us some pizza?

Not too much cheese on mine,

I don't want to risk a migraine.

Sarah will, erm,
what do you want?




Sarah will have
pepperoni, thank you.

[door banging]

[mellow rock music]

Thank you.


Thank you.

What you did was
most unconventional

and highly unprofessional.

Professor, it's your job

to understand what
she's trying to say.

It's not her job to
try and understand

why you're filling her
full of tranquilizing shit

and locking her away.

Without this
tranquilizing shit,

as you call it,
most of our patients

would get no peace whatsoever
from their illness.

Is that right?

See, I just wonder who's
gettin' more peace.

Is it them or you?

- Sarah's condition--
- I'm not fucking finished.

I think you are.

[plane humming]

[Ronnie] Here you are
mate, keep the change.

[Driver] Oh cheers,
gov, very kind.

Did you miss me?

What is it?

[Paul crying]


It's just too much.

You do look awfully tired.

Why don't you just, just
lie down and have a wee nap.

Go on.


That's good, huh? [laughs]

And the demon waited
at the mouth of the cave

for the baby to be born

so that he could eat it.

You need some fucking help.


It'll eat your baby in all.

I don't have a baby.

[soft piano music]

What you lookin' at?


[glass shattering]





I, erm, I don't think I
can stay here much longer.

Before I help you with that,

if I can help you with that,

erm, you have to help me.

As far as I can see, in the
night you broke that vase.

But, I've been asleep.

You must have got
up for a piss then.

Angie loves that vase, she's
going to be really upset.

I don't...

I know how you like Angie.

What're we gonna do?

[Paul] Well it looks
completely fucked.

[Ronnie] Aye, it is Paul.

We can, erm, try and fix it?

Try and fix it, aye.


[easygoing rock music]

[Ronnie inhaling sharply]


If I put enough
glue on it, [laughs].

Yeah, it'll be fine.

Everyone wants a piece of you.

Don't you get tired of it all?

- In there.
- In there?

Right here?

Oh god, it's everywhere.

[Ronnie] Ohhh.

And what do we think of that?

[Ronnie] That is beautiful.

[Paul] That is just the ticket.

[Ronnie] Very, very lovely.

And Humpty's back
together again.


Do you think people
might notice?

I'll dim the lights.

I feel a little better.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Thank you.

[crowd chattering]

Everyone! [clapping]

Would anybody like
to sing a song?

No? You.

You look like you
can sing, come on.

One song.

Okay, I'll do it.

[Ronnie] Aww, Angie.


Do you know, After You've Gone?

- In C?
- Yes please, thank you.

Do you know this one? [laughs]

[lighthearted piano music]


* After you've gone,
and left me crying

* After you've gone,
there's no denying

* You'll feel blue,
you'll feel sad

* You'll miss the dearest
pal you've ever had

* There'll come a time

* Now don't forget it

* There'll come a time

* When you'll regret it

* Someday when you feel lonely

* Your heart will
break like mine

* And you'll want me only

* After you've gone,
after you've gone away



Very lovely.

[Angie laughing]

I didn't know you could sing.

- No, I can't!
- You kept that a secret.

[laughing] It's a big secret.

[soft piano music]
[crowd chattering]

I hate sharing you.

I want you all to myself.

You want to own me?


But I do want more of you.

You can have as
much as you like,

as much as I can give you.

Can we talk?

Is that not what we're doin'?

If I were to have a baby

- You're pregnant?
- No.

But, if I were?

Oh Christ, Angie.

I already got five children,

and don't see much of them.

Well that's your choice.

It was the mother
that I left, not them.

But if I were to have a baby,

our baby.

I can't stop you having a baby.

But would you, would you
like me to have a baby?

Would you like me to
like you having a baby?

See it's okay for you.

You have a family and
your, and your work

and the famous Dr. Laing.

What do I have?

A half finished PHD
and a tiny bit of you

If you want a baby, have a baby.

What's wrong with you?

You wouldn't have spoken to
me like this six months ago.

Well you didn't want
a baby six months ago.

Well I haven't
said I want one now.


Okay, let's have a baby.


[gentle piano music]

Hello, Baby.

We have to find a way of
engaging in a truthful dialogue

in a language without
knots and entanglements

and the wee, the
wee barbs of hatred

and spite and
revenge and jealousy

and malice and envy that,

that creep into our mouths
and hide in our words.

Ronnie's working on
threesomes right now.


Yes well, we know how hard it is

to keep a marriage
alive, don't we?

How true that is.

Are you speaking from
personal experience?

Unfortunately yes.


Is a sexually
transmitted disease,

[group laughing]

and the mortality rate
is 100 fucking percent.

Listen I'm serious.

Bedrooms are the most
dangerous places on the earth.

What will you call him?

I don't know.

I was thinking,

I was thinking maybe Shadow.



Because that's where
he'll spend his life,

in Ronnie's shadow.

If he doesn't burn
to cinders first.

Don't. Don't.

You are not, you are not
crazy, like the rest of us.

But sometimes I wish I was.

[Maria] No.

But I'm not.

I'm nothing special.

I'm just ordinary.

Ronnie, he's like this,

this hot bright sun, isn't he?

He could have any
woman he wants.

He picked me,

and when he focuses
his attention on you,

you can just, you
can just burn up.

He makes me feel extraordinary.

Well, he used to.

The only thing he loves
as much as his patients

are his children.

I thought we could be a family.


what if I've made
a terrible mistake?


Don't be sad.

- Okay?
- Okay.

[somber piano music]

I'm hungry.

What's for breakfast?

This is a nice surprise.

John, this might sound
like a dumb question

but are you actually
going to eat that?

- Yeah.
- Okay, well

it's been quite a while
since you've had any food

and that might be a
little bit aggressive.

Let me get you something else.

Nice to have you with us.

[Paul] Porridge.

In Scotland, we
use salt not sugar.

How are you?


[Ronnie] Are you able to
tell us what's been going on?

I don't think
you'd understand.

[Ronnie] Maybe I will.

Anyway, it doesn't
matter now, it's over.

[Ronnie] What's over?

The mission.

[Jim laughs]

I had to count to a
million, one by one,

then back to zero
without stopping.

[Ronnie] Why?

It's the only way
to silence the voice.

Whose voices?

One of my voices.

The one that frightened me.

John, have you been
counting this entire time?

Five years.

Oh for fuck's sake.

Electric shock stopped me.

It really hurt my head
and I forgot where I was.

Sometimes the voices made me

deliberately lose track
of where I got to.

Why didn't you talk to us?

The voice wouldn't let me.

[Ronnie] It's okay, it's okay.

Can I see my parents?

Of course you can,
yeah, we'll call them.

[Jim chanting]


[Jim chanting softly]

What was it you wanted, Jim?

And she was delivered
of a manchild,

and when he came
forth from her womb,

the dragon was waiting at the
mouth of the cave to eat him.

You're misquoting
Revelations again now Jim.

I'm so worried about
the birth of this,

of this child, Ronnie.

I'm tormented by it.

Jim, the child is not yet born.

Yeah, but when it is
born, it won't be me.

- Go away!
- Alright, just

- Get out!
- Alright, right, just,

alright, just, good.

[Angie moaning]

Here we go, here
we go, here we go.

[Angie wailing]

Angie, how are you
feeling right now?

Are you doing okay?

- For fuck's sake!
- Alright, alright, alright.

Give her some space.

It's coming.

The head's coming.

- Visualize, Angie!
- Here we go, here we go.

[Angie screaming]

- Visualize, Angie.
- This is my first time, yes.

It's coming.

[baby crying]

It's a boy.

- It's a boy?
- It's a boy.


Dr. Laing, Dr. Laing, could
you say something for us?

Could you say something for us?

Not now.

[baby crying]

It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay.


[low vocalizing]

Okay, how do you
guys feel right now,

can you just,
talk to the camera?

Anything you want to say?

- Not now.
- Not now.

Okay, let's just,
just keep on them.

Hello, Gabriel.



I think we got this.

Should we keep rolling,
you wanna keep rolling?

Are we good?

Keep rolling, keep rolling.

He's perfect.

- You alright?
- He is perfect.

Guys, sorry, have you
got a name for the boy?

Fuck off.

Alright, keep rolling.

[Ronnie] Hello little baby.

Raymond, could you, could
you just look at the camera?

Could we have a
quiet word with you?


Can we get any close ups?

Can we get close ups?

[Jim humming]
[Raymond whimpering]

Come on Barabus, open up.

Open up.


There you go.


Can't believe it,
forgot the hammer.

[Raymond whimpering]

Did you know he stole
and ate the placenta?

Yeah, anything goes, but
we have a duty to protect

Well who protects Jim?

He came here for sanctuary.

Ronnie, he might kill someone.

Do you really wanna
take that risk?

Why didn't you
tell me about Jim?

Well I didn't care when
he threatened to hurt me,

but he's talking
about stealing Gabe.

I had to tell someone.

Why didn't you tell me?

I'm telling you now.

So what are you
gonna do about it?

I'm dealing with it.

I failed him.

You failed him?

Ronnie, he's
threatened to kill me.

You know I'd never
let that happen.

There's someone with
him, all the time,

round the clock.

He's still here?

I can't just throw him out.

If I did that every time
someone had a problem

there'd be nobody here.

I will live anywhere you want,

you know that, but
you have to tell me

that we are going to be safe.

The call men, Angie.

Save one soul save the world.

Well let that one
soul be our baby.

He didn't choose to live
in this fucking mad house.

But do we actually know how

Electro convulsive
Therapy works?


Of course we don't know
precisely how ECT works,

we never claimed we do.

We simply know it does work.

What he fails to mention
is that after receiving ECT

some people lose their memory,

not to mention
their personality.

Dr. Laing must agree
that this procedure

is the most effective
treatment for severe depression.

No, I don't agree
with anything you say.

After less than five
minutes from first

laying eyes on a stranger,

and without this stranger
even having moved

or uttered a word, he
can have them taken away,

drugged, electrocuted, or have
bits of their brain removed.

That's not entirely true.
You know, the Nazis executed

50,000 psychiatric patients

to prevent them from breeding.

That's hardly relevant.

Well it was fucking
relevant to them.

Dr. Laing, language please.

Dr. Meredith, I
can only apologize.

I've heard far worse.

[mellow rock music]


- Hello.
- Dr. Laing.

How is she?

The test results have
confirmed her initial diagnosis.

I'm sorry.

What we can offer now
is palliative care.

How long?

It's impossible to say.
Every case is different.

Oh come on, spare me.
What are we talking?

Days, weeks, months, years?


She knows she's very
ill so there's no point

in telling her anymore than
is absolutely necessary.

Well don't you think
she's got the right to know

that she's not gonna
wake up one day soon?

Her mother doesn't
want her told.


Alright, thanks.


Hi, Dad.

[Ronnie] How you feeling?


Dad, I want the truth.

We've always known
that there was no cure.

So I'm going to die?




Dad, I'm scared.

Shhhh, it's okay.


Can I ask you something?


Do you believe in
life after death?

Whoa. [blowing through lips]

That's a big question, that is.

That's a belief in God.

I was going to ask that too.



Well we could sit here all day

debating questions like that.

I've got time.


the Buddha was asked

about the creation of
the world and he said

that he only ever tried
to answer questions

that could potentially
be answered.

Go about.
[both laugh]

For what it's worth, yeah,
I think there's more to life

than being trapped in a body.

It's alright.
[Suzie crying]


I helped you into this world,
I'll help you leave it.

[melancholy piano music]

It's okay.

I'm here.

[train rumbling]

* Wherever we may turn

* This lesson we must learn

* A boy's best
friend is his mother

Ronnie stop it, we're trying
to get to sleep, please.

I'm singing him a wee song

so he knows about his mother's
sweet and gentle love.

You've just come back,

you haven't even
said hello to us.

* So cherish her with care

* And smooth her silvery hair

* When gone you
will never get an

I said stop it, I mean it.

But I like that song.

Talk to me, please.

About what?

Anything, just,

just talk to me.

You have time for
everybody but us.

We live here in this

mad house, just to be with you.

Give the fucking
martyrdom a rest.

[piano pounding]

I deal in human fucking
misery every day.

Up to my neck in
people's emotional shit.

Who takes care of me?

[Ronnie laughs]

I'm supposed to heal.

I can't do that if I
can't even help myself.

You have to stop
drinking, okay?


Timothy Leary
said that he would,

ah, he would distribute
300,000 trips of acid for free.

He was telling me, he says,

"Ronnie, Britain's your patch."

He wanted me to do it!
[crowd laughing]

I said, fuck you.

Imagine getting fucked by
somebody else's fantasy.

[crowd laughing]

[crowd chattering]

[crowd cheering]

Let's see who's the stronger!

[crowd shouting]

Come on, Ronnie.

That's it.

Take him out.
[crowd chattering]

[crowd cheering]

[Man] Come on,
come on, get off!

I suppose I just
feel taken for granted.

Everyone else's
problems seem so,

so fucking important.

There never seems to
be any time for mine.

I will always find
time to listen to you.

Am I interrupting?

No we were, we
I was talking to her.

Please, Ronnie.

What's your game?

What game would that be?

You're drunk.

And you're a fucking slut,

but in the morning
I'll be sober.

I doubt that.

[Crowd] Ooh!

[crowd shouting]
[women shrieking]

[gentle piano music]

You disgust me.

You fucking disgust me!

And your fucking disgusts me.

Paul is our friend.

He was trying to be nice to me.

I can't do this anymore.

What has happened
to you, Ronnie?

I don't even
recognize you anymore.

Do you have any respect for me?

You think I'm sleeping
with everyone?

No, no, no.

Just the odd one or two.

I'm not!

You're becoming as
deluded and paranoid

as the rest of them.

What the fuck do you know
about delusion and paranoia?

You live a charmed life.

All I've got is misery.

You know fuck all
about misery either.

You should hear
the things I hear.

You've no idea what some
of those poor bastards

go through everyday.

Oh yes, and only the great
Dr. Laing can help them.

Every other single psychiatrist

in the entire world is wrong.

Only Dr. Laing can cure them

in his famous fucking mad house.

You love all this!


you're all I've got.

If I lose you, I got,
I've got nothing.

I can't feel your love.

I can't feel yours.

[crowd shouting]
[baby crying]

[glass shattering]
[rock thudding]

[patients whimpering]

You alright?


Don't worry everyone, keep calm.

I'm going to sort this out.

You small minded fucking
hypocritical bastards.

Come on then, come on then!

Take all this!

[crowd shouting]

- You know everybody, of course?
- Yes.

Hello John.

- Gentlemen.
- Gentlemen.


Now, Dr. Laing has
taken over the care

of a former patient of mine,

an extremely
vulnerable young man.

He was responding well to
chlorpromazine and ECT.

Laing has since
withdrawn all treatment.

So what is he doing?

Well Dr. Laing
is a great advocate

of allowing nature
to take its course.


He, he lets people go mad,

believing eventually they
will heal themselves,

or God will.

And your patient?

I wasn't allowed to see him.

Laing said he wanted to be alone

and that they
respected his wishes.

And this boy is being allowed
to starve himself to death,

locked in a room without
vital medication.

And remind us what
the police found.

A small amount
of LSD, on license.

I suggest we make
a formal inspection,

then move for a
recommendation for closure.

[Ronnie wailing]

[somber piano music]

[Paul] I'm so sorry


What's happened? Ronnie?

Ronnie, what's wrong?

- What's wrong?
- Suzie died.

[Ronnie sobbing.]

It's okay, it's okay.

[patients shrieking]

And she shall burn,

and the kings of the earth

who have fornicated
deliciously with her

shall weep and lament at
the smoke of her burning.

Where's that bastard
you've spawned?

Go on.

Jim. Jim.


Satan who was
cast out of heaven,

and all his angels

- Get out! Go on!
- And all his angels

delivereth from the world

- Enough!
- No.

[Jim groaning]

[Paul] Ronnie, Ronnie!

They shall know who you are,

they will cast you
out, cast him out.

What you think about me?

I know what's happening.

What's that whore of
Babylon been saying to you?

- Right.
- No!

[men grunting]

Mind his head.

- You're in a lot of pain.
- I'm not in pain.

You're either gonna hurt
yourself or someone else.

I can help you.

- I'll be good!
- I'm not gonna hurt you.

- You have to trust me.
- I'll be good!

No, no!

You said no drugs!



[Jim groaning]

You're a traitor.

You're a fucking hypocrite.

[baby cooing]

Jim's been sectioned.

Well done.

What the fuck do you want?

You don't want him here, you
don't want him hospitalized.

You don't want him
to hurt people,

you don't want him tranquilized.

I did not want him sectioned.

What did you think would happen

when we turned our back?

Well guess what,
they've come for John too.

[ominous music]

[all speaking simultaneously]

We're obliged
for his own safety

to section John Holding.

Are you kidding me?
For his own safety?

What's wrong with him?

[John shouting]

[Man] John!

[patient crying]

[upbeat music]

There's Daddy.

Alright, I won't be a minute.

You alright, Jim?

Still snowing.

Don't have to go
to school today.


Remember when we made
the snowman last year

and the rain just
washed it away?

Do you remember that, Dad?



Do you want to go
on a wee adventure?

Come on.

[door creaking]

For fuck's sake.

Excuse me sir, can you drive on?

We'll go up to the
main road and phone.

Give me him, it'll be quicker.

[Ronnie grunting]

["Moondance" by Van Morrison]


* Well, it's a marvelous
night for a moondance

* With the stars up
above in your eyes

* A fantabulous
night to make romance

* 'Neath the cover
of October skies

[Ronnie] We're just
at the top of hill

on the bend of the
road by the hospital.

* To the sound of the
breezes that blow

* Yeah and I'm trying
to please to the calling

* Of your heartstrings
that play soft and low


John's very fortunate
to have your support.

And friendship.


you're among friends, Sam.

You speak, I'll stay silent.

It doesn't matter.


$ And all the night's magic

Here we go.

* seems to whisper and hush.


$ And all the soft moonlight

He's been at a
fancy dress party,

he's a bit drunk,
just gettin' him home.

* Can I just have one more
moondance with you, my love


["House of the Rising
Sun" instrumental]