Mad World (2018) - full transcript

It is the year 2037. Our world is dying, slowly, from a virus that has rendered mankind infertile. Not a single child has been born in 25 years. Governments are now powerless puppets for ...

Subtitles by explosiveskull

In the year
2037, our world is dying.

Mankind has been struck by
an infertility pandemic.

Those who suffer
childbirth are awarded

with a mere 15 seconds
of their babies' lives.

Before the virus takes them.

Anyone who tries this once,

never attempts it again.

The pain is just too much.

While humanity is
united in our pain,

we are sill divided.

The political elite
and corporations

are now indistinguishable.

One company, Biocorp, now
rules with an iron fist.

Those not connected with
or working for Biocorp

live in the public sectors.

Ghettos where we
eke out our lives,

waiting for extinction
while Biocorp

and their employees
enjoy the final luxuries

life has to offer.

Trapped in the border walls,

and determined to
find a way to escape

our dystopian country,
my friend Thomas and I

used our scientific knowledge

to build a prototype
teleportation device.

Only we soon discovered
it didn't send matter

to another point in space,

but another point in time.

20 years into the
past, we soon realized

that we could travel
back in time to 2017.

When Biocorp was
still in its infancy.

And stop them from launching
their biometric chip

that led to the
infertility pandemic

that has doomed our species.

But Biocorp realized this, too.

And sent their
troops back after us.

And our loved ones.

My wife Jenny managed
to make it back

to warn us, but, my sister,
Thomas' one true love,

was executed by them.

One of their soldiers
has made it back too,

and is determined to kill
us by any means necessary.

Now trapped in 2017, we
are running out of time

until Biocorp discovers
how to replicate

our time machines and
send more troops back.

Grief-stricken, Thomas
will now stop at nothing

to destroy the company.

Even if it means
killing innocent people.

I won't abandon my humanity,

'cause I believe doing so

will make us as evil as
those we seek to stop.

One way or another,
we will stop them.

The only question now, is:

how many people will
die to make this happen?

What are you typing?

I'm taking notes on
her brain activity,

her heart rate, her temperature
and her blood pressure.

Just to make sure there's
no significant changes.

I trust all you gentlemen are

paying attention here, please.

We're getting
it all down, sir.

So, if this all works, I
decided not to execute you.

And instead have you
work for Biocorp, but,

I wouldn't be doing
this if it weren't.

You could think about it,
but it's easy, really.

Live, and work for
Biocorp, or die.

The deal we had...

Deal's changed, keep up.

What are you
planning to do with it?

You could destroy everything
by meddling with the past.

I didn't create it.

Those were your
meddlesome friends.

You think they
had lofty motives?

I'm sure they're
creating havoc already.

No, they, stumbled
on it by accident.

Oh, yes!

This is clearly all an accident.

No, it's true, they didn't
want any of this to happen.

Well, be that as it may,

I will use it to go back and
change things for the better.

Tampering with the past could
threaten our very existence.

Look, I will do
everything you want,

but she has to live.

Why would you risk
your life for her?

'Cause that's just what
friends do for one another.


The word friend has
no true meaning here.

We are creatures
of want and need.

Those you call friends
merely satisfy you.

Think you're confused.

Just put the gun
down and we can talk.

Tell me about Biocorp.

I don't know
anything about that.

You're lying!

It's all your fault!

You're probably one of her,

you started the whole
thing, didn't you?

You tried it on your
child, didn't you?

You're crazy, you're crazy!

Do you think you're
better than us?

I am crazy, but you're
a genocidal stain!

You're a genocidal stain!

Listen to me, listen to me.

If you even come close
to making Biocorp

succeed or support them,
I swear I'll kill you.

Do you understand?

Say you understand!

I understand.

All right, enough
time, do it now.

No, it's not time.

Do it now!

Look at her brain activity!

I don't care!

Do what I say.

Her brainwave patterns
say she's not asleep yet,

if you wake her up
now, it'll kill her.

I think you two
are up to something.

You told me to run
the machine properly!

To do that, she has
to be in stasis.

And now I'm telling you

to bring her back!

What is the point of
knowing how it works

if you won't let me
show you how it works?

That's insane!

Do it now.

I will not kill her.

You're not looking to kill,

you're buying time.

Step aside, we're finished.

What do you want
me to do with him?

Kill him.

I won't have people
barking orders at me

like I'm one of their pets.

How will you figure the exact
way to bring someone back?

Try on our own.


I missed you.

It's done.

What's happened to you?

Jenny, my god!

Is Lauren with you?

No, she.

happened, Jenny?

They shot her.

- They shot her!
- Who...

Who do you think, Biocorp!

The Speaker.

What the
hell happened to her?

I can't explain, now.

Biocorp is at the apartment,

and they're gonna pull
me back in six minutes.

Sir, I think we should let him

finish showing the scientists,

he may be the only one left
who really knows the machine.

He and that girl are
plotting against us

right now in the past.

They had no time to plan that.

You and I, commander,
were alive in 2017.

She could be hovering
over our young bodies,

planning to kill
us in our sleep.

I hope she is.

You see?

You're all the same.

Power-hungry men without
a brain among you.

you're all the same.

So fierce in your convictions.

As though they might save you.

With all due respect, sir,

I think we should let
the brain activity

go to stasis like he says.

Very well.

Nico, look, I love
you and I miss you,

but you have to let me go.

I'm not gonna, I'm
not gonna lose you!

I don't wanna go, either,

but you have to knock me out.

No, but, I don't know
what you're talking about.

They're gonna wake
me in five minutes.

No, no, David's
not gonna do that

unless it's safe...

David has a gun to his head

- before I left
- I'm not gonna

- lose you again!
- We have no other choice!

Please, you have to let me go.

Just put me under.

Prepare the
adrenaline syringe.

Let's get this process going.

You, you can't kill her!

I told you, you're finished.


If you let her live,
I will help you!

I will tell you everything
about the machine,

I will work for Biocorp
like you wanted.

With my help, you
could use this device

to take over the world.

There are secrets
about this machine

that I will tell you
only if you let her live.


All right.

Except, you will tell
us these secrets now.

Or I guarantee you,

I will let her die.

Why can't I just
stay here with you?

No, no, no, no, no,
you can't, you can't.


You can't, because.

'Cause if you're
asleep there and,

you might die!

I don't care!

I wanna be with you.

I wanna be with the
man that I love.

I love you.

I'm so sorry about Lauren.

It's not your fault,
it's not your fault.

It's okay, it's.

David, he risked
his life for her.

It's not your fault.

They just, they killed
her in cold blood.

It's okay, just
stay here with me.

Stay with me, okay?

Just be with me.

I am.

I am.

Please, just, just
let her fall asleep,

you know this'll kill her.

What are these secrets?

Wake her up properly, first.

We know
the machine works.

We have enough
information to carry on

without you, or without her.

What are the secrets?

You do this, I'll never tell.

You've got nothing.

The adrenaline.


Tell me the secrets.

I will when you,

wait, wait, wait!

Without me, you will fail!

Back, back!

Back, back!

Get back!

Go farther!

Shots fired!

Move, move, move!

No, no, no!

No, no!

She'll live.

In a better future.

No, no!

How could you let this happen!

You all right?

I remember this
headache, it's okay.

Are, are they
trying to wake me?

They disconnected you, honey.


Must've had no choice.

You're here now.

Can't go back.

I don't care, I just
wanna be here with you.

I know, I know.

It's okay.

We need to
find Thomas, babe.

She loved him, you
know that, don't you?

She loved you.

Move in, now,
check your corners!

Oh, thank heavens!

Like usual, you're just in time!

Get me a new team, and
get rid of these bodies!

Yes, sir.

What now?

What now?

I don't know!

But thanks to you, we do
know how to go one way!


Hello, is
this Mrs. Kyla Torres?

Yes, speaking.

Mrs. Torres, this
is Dr. Raymond Prentice

at the New Jersey
Fertility Center.

Yes, hello Doctor,
how you doing?

Very well,
thank you for asking.

I'm calling in regards
to the recent tests

that you've undergone
here at the hospital.

Yes, yes, Doctor.

How'd they come out?

Well, Mrs. Torres,

I'm sorry to have
to tell you this.

There's really no easy
way of saying it, but,

all of the tests have come back

and they're fairly conclusive.

In fact, they are
100% conclusive.

I'm afraid you are
completely infertile.

Beyond adoption or surrogacy,

I'm afraid you will
never have children.

Torres, are you there?

Mrs. Torres?

You and our future
share something in common.


Oh my god.

He was right.

He was right!

Hey, Thomas.


You crazy?

Put the gun down!

We're committed here, Nico.


We came here with a job to do,

and now we have to finish it.

Right, but, put the gun down.

What, did you lose your mind?

Where's Jenny?

She's uh.

She's in the motel.

How is she still here?

David, is uh, he
did what he had to do.

She's here with us now.

Lucky me.

Always the third wheel.

It's gonna be okay, bud.

I feel so alone, Nico.

In a way I thought
I'd never feel.

We're in this together.

I know.

We're gonna find a way home.

What are we going home to?

The future.

The future, buddy.

We've got the future.

The future.

The future!

You have your future!

You have Jenny, you
have everything!

Lauren is gone!

The future without Lauren?

For me?

There is nothing left to see.

- I understand, but...
- No!

No, no you don't.

No you don't!

I get that you loved her.

I get that she's your sister.

I really do, Nico, I really do.

But you did not
love her like I did.

That is not my fault!

- That is not my fault!
- Yes it is!

Because you allowed
this to happen.

We left them when
we shouldn't have.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean it.

- I'm so sorry.
- Okay.

It's all right.

I'm not blaming you.

I know exactly, exactly
where the blame lies.

We need to get our
heads straight, okay?

We're in danger.

What danger are we in?

Jenny told me everything.

They got the machine,
they're sending people back.

They're gonna be quick,
they're gonna be brutal.

It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter, Nico.

Here, Biocorp aren't the bully.

Here, we're the killers.

Biocorp, they're just babies.

We're not killers.

We're not killers!

Yes we are, Nico.

We've killed.

How many people have we killed?

So many I don't even remember.

And we need to kill a few more.

We need to, we need to
kill just a few more.

We need to kill every employee,

every colleague, every
investor, every friend,

every mother, every child of
anything to do with Biocorp.

We have to leave
nobody standing.

We didn't move here
to kill children.


If we leave Biocorp
standing, Nico,

that's exactly what we do.

The global biological
clock is ticking against us.

At this time.

Almost as if I'd
wrote it myself.

I can't believe
everyone thinks

that's the real John Williams.

Well I'm not interested
in being famous,

I just wanna fix
this big mess here.


You again!

Me again.

I just want you to know,

I haven't done anything.

I haven't done anything wrong!


I'm not here about that today.

Okay, well, I took your
warning very seriously,

and it's been all
I can think about,

- and I even went to...
- Kyla, Kyla!


I'm here to ask for a favor.


I need you to
help me with access

to the Biocorp internal network.

No, I
can't do it, I've

oh my god.

Shut up.

Shut up, Kyla.

- Calm down.
- Stop talking.

I need the names and addresses

of every Biocorp employee.


Why do you need that?

Stop talking and
start listening!

Okay, okay.

Because the more you
talk, the angrier I get.

The angrier I get,
the more I remember.

You killed a whole
load of my friends!

And then I just wanna
blow your brains out.

Okay, okay, okay.

We can access it from my house.


We can do that.

We can do that at my house.


- Okay?
- Is this your car?

Yes, yes it's
right here, yeah.

Then let's go.


After you.

You know, you really
don't need that.

Actually, I do.

Because I don't trust
anybody or anything.

I told you that
you can trust me.

After seeing what you've
become in the future.

Right, I'll pass.

So what?

No faith that humans can
change for the better?

Not really.

What happened to you?

What made you so
goddamn cynical?

Oh nothing big.

Just all my friends
and all my family died.

Everybody I've ever
known is gonna die.

And the woman I
love, I left to die.

I saw society tear
itself apart for an idea.

It was supposed to save us.

All from your company.

But that's not my fault!

Actually it is.

But you can change that.

Put all the information on this.

Whatever you want.


This is everything.


Well done, Kyla.

What you're doing
is saving lives.

Starting with your own.

Don't forget what I said.

Don't do anything stupid.

I promise.

We'll see.

God, give me the
serenity to accept

the things I cannot change

and the courage to
change the things I can

and the wisdom to
know the difference.

Oh my god!

- Commander.
- Sir.


We've completed
repairs on the machine,

and after reviewing
David's notes,

I think we're ready to successfully
send back a volunteer.

Well done.



You may proceed.

I'll inform the President.

Yes, sir.

Hey, you okay?

Yeah, I'll be okay.

She died trying
to save your life.

She never gave up.

Not until the end.

So stubborn.

She kinda reminds me of someone.

I know he loved her.

My father loved her
so much more than me.

I was pretty much
invisible to him.

Think that's why I hated her.

Growing up.

Well that, and she
used to steal my toys.

Well you got over
that eventually, right?


Yeah I did.

You know, for the
longest time, she was,

she was my only friend.

And you
meant the world to her.

God, it's my fault!

No, it's not!

I shouldn't have left, Jenny.

You had to!

No, I had a choice!

We should go.

No, no, no, just.

Look, I knew they were
gonna raid the apartment.

I felt it in my gut,
and you know what,

I still took the chance on it.

And I left you guys alone.

Her and, I don't.

We went on this stupid mission
to save the world, and,

it just made everything worse.

No, you did what
you had to do.

A lot of people
have had to die.

A lot.

Babe, you are a good man.

You've always been a good man.

How do you know?

Because I am married to you,

and I see it day in and day out.

And, if what I say isn't enough

to convince you, just know that,

the doctor told me
that you are too.

He made it?


It was in our time.

He helped us.

I didn't think he'd
remember after all this time.

How could he forget, you
saved his father's life.

That was Thomas.

No, it was both of you.

He hadn't seen you in 20 years,

and he still gave his
last moments to you.

Doesn't that speak volumes?

Yeah, but.

You know just, it's
just been hard.

A lot of people have had to
die so we can save lives.

I know.

It's been hard for all of us.

- And Thomas, he's...
- Thomas.

He doesn't have anyone.

He never really did.

I don't know
what he's gonna do.

It's Thomas we're
talking about.



What is it that you have, there?

It's my ladybug.

Oh, it's a big one.

It's the biggest
I've ever seen.

It's pretty.

I'm gonna take
it home as a pet.

that's nice of you.

My brother's gonna hate it!

He doesn't like
creepy crawly things.

Your brother?

I bet he's nice to you.

Not when he's sleepy.

Do you wanna hold it?

Who, me?

Yes, you, silly!



She's pretty like you.

Can I have it back now?

Yeah, sure.

I have to go feed him.

You know lettuce
is good for ladybugs.

How do you know?

How do I know?

I used to have a
ladybug as a pet.



My sister used to
bring them home to me

when I was a little boy.

That's what I do!


Time to go!

I have to go now.


Okay, bye-bye.

What's for dinner?

Oh my god, okay.

So are you trying to
give me a heart attack?


What do you want now?


I can see why you're
a childless skellum.

Why because I can't cook?

No because you
don't deserve one.



Wait did something happen?

Oh yes.

Things have changed Kyla.

I gave you
everything you wanted.

- I gave it to you all,
- Not quite.

I gave it to you.

Not quite.

You left out a vital
piece of information.

And I'm not sure why.

I don't know what
you're talking, okay.

I asked you for a list of
every single Biocorp employee.

Okay, okay.

And what did you give me?

Everybody in the US.

Wait, I'm...

Why would you do that?

Because I just wasn't
thinking clearly,

and you're always
holding a gun to my head

and you didn't ask me
exactly what you wanted!

Okay, okay, okay.

Well I need everybody.

Okay, we'll.

So do you understand
what I want?

Okay, yes, yes!

Then get it for me, Kyla.

Okay, I can do that.

Okay, okay.



Did I ever tell you, Kyla,

that you really remind me
of somebody I once knew?

She had beautiful
eyes just like you.

Smile that could
light up a room.

But she's not here anymore.

Because of you people.




How long, Kyla?

Okay, it's coming.

It's coming right now.

Okay, just give me
one, just give me.

Okay, okay.

It's coming out, okay.



These are all of the Biocorp
employees in the world.

Tokyo, London, and Paris,
you have everything now,

it's in your hands.

That's it, I gave you
everything you wanted.

That's it.

There's nobody
missing from this list?

No, I promise, this is it.

I promise.

I believe you.

You wouldn't lie
to me, would you?

No, no, no!

I told you, I told you!

I told you, you can trust me!

I'm sorry, Kyla, I just
can't take the risk anymore.


Our volunteer's
ready to go, sir.

There's a change of plans.


The President demanded
that we no longer waste time.

He instructed me to
send my best soldier

to hunt down and kill
these three traitors

if they are still alive.

I'll complete this mission
for Biocorp personally, sir.

Commander, I am
counting on it.

dismissed, get out.

So I believe he shot that girl

because he knew she
would be disconnected

and safe in 2017.

I agree.

I think they must
all still be alive.

You must find them.

And then?

Yes, sir.

Son, is it ready?

Yes, sir.

Well give it to him!

Thank you.

What's this?

Assuming they did what
they're supposed to do,

this will allow you to locate

every member of
the Biocorp family.

Chip locator.

Let's see.

perfectly, sir.

Working perfectly, sir.

Commander, we are pulling
you back in 24 hours.

If you don't accomplish
your mission by then,

don't bother to put
yourself to sleep.



Good luck.

Let's start this
process, please?



Please call me back, 'kay?

We've been calling
you for hours.

All right, please, call me.

I hope he's okay.

Maybe he just needs time alone,

you know, after
everything that happened.

Well I didn't go run and hide.

Son of a bitch.


Everyone mourns differently.

Yeah, but he could've
at least called me.

Where the hell have you been?

I've been taking
care of things.

That need to be taken care of.

And I got a little
drunk on the way.

Where did you go?

I killed Kyla.


An infertile Biocorp employee.

- Thomas, you can't just...
- Why not?

She had information we needed.

Now I have it.

Yeah, but she understood.

What about second chances?

There's no second
chances anymore, Nico.

What's this, huh?

That's the name,
address, and next-of-kin

of every Biocorp employee
in the whole wide world.

How many people
are on this list?

- 1,980.
- Dear god.

Thomas, there's no way
we're gonna convince

that many people of anything.

I'm not trying to talk
anybody into anything anymore.

What do you mean?

What he means, Jenny,
he's talking about

killing all these people.


What are you, a
mass murderer, now?

Is that it?

You know what?

I haven't been here long enough

to hear you two guys' plan.

But if it's any better
than mine, I'm all ears.

Well you know,
any plan is better

than killing 2,000
people, Thomas!

Those people on that list,

they deserve to die.

They don't deserve to be.

Are you kidding me?

Have you forgotten
what they did to us?

What they will do.


They haven't done
anything yet, Thomas.

But they will!

So what, you're
the judge, the jury,

and the executioner, now?

Is that what you are?

- Judging me, again?
- Yeah.

Talking down to
me, because I've got

slightly more blood on
my hands than you do?

No, I've never quite been able

to get up to that Nico
standard as usual,

- no.
- I have never.

- I have never...
- No, no, I won't

let you down, I'm not
good enough for you,

I've never been
good enough for you.

- I have never done that!
- And I've never been

good enough for
your sister, either!

You keep her out of this.

What a surprise.

We're not gonna talk about her.

Both of you just stop!

Listen, Thomas, we
don't have the time

or the resources to reach out

to all these people
in the globe.

Then we wait for a time
when everyone on that list

is in the same place
at the same time,

which isn't as hard
as you might think.

Don't you worry, buddy,
I got it covered.

You need to stop drinking.

Give me that drink, it's enough.

I have had not
nearly enough to drink!

And that is still a good plan!

What about this
butterfly effect

you always talk about, huh?

That's 2,000 people.

I don't know.
That's a lot bigger than

- what you're talking about!
- I don't know!

But isn't it worth trying?

Just think about it, guys.

Please, for a minute,
think about it.

If everybody on that list
goes, Biocorp is gone.

It doesn't exist.

Our home is safe, we can go home

and we can toast to a world

without genocidal
criminals on our doorsteps!

You're calling them genocidal?


Then what does that make you?

A goddamn hero.

Goddamn hero.

The names on this
list, all the information

is enough to save
the whole world,

all we have to do is execute it.

That's it.


Look, I am not killing
2,000 people, Thomas!

But it will save six billion

so what does it matter?

What is there to think about?

What is there,
it's a no-brainer!

It's a coward's solution!

It's simple statistics, Nico!

You need to sober up.

It'll save Lauren.

It would save Lauren,
do you get that!

Did you hear the
professor said?

We cannot change the past!

I'm not trying
to change the past,

I'm trying to fix our future!

That's this future, Thomas!

What we experienced
was the future, okay?

What happened, happened.

No, no, 'cause we're here,

we're changing
things all the time!

- Yes, but...
- Every minute!

I know we're changing things,

we're changing the
future, not the past!

You don't know
for sure, do you?

You don't know that.

You won't even try?

And you?

Then I'll do it alone.

I'll save her.

- I'll save us all.
- So smart.

- Don't worry, I won't need
- You're really smart.

- Any of your help.
- You know that, Thomas?

- Thomas!
- You're so smart!


We all lost her.

All of us.

Yeah, but you know what?

We've got a chance to save her.

And he chooses not to.

Look at him standing there,

staring at me, looking at
me like I'm the coward.

- Huh, what?
- Stop, stop!

Stop it!

She wouldn't want
you to do this!

Get away from me!

Stop it, you're
both best friends!

Did you forget about that?

Yeah, I forgot.

You know what else, Jen?

Doesn't really matter what
Lauren would've wanted.

She's not here anymore.

Is she?

It's gonna be okay.

He needs to sober up, right?

I don't know, I don't know.

We're losing him.

I think we already lost him.

You know what, babe?

You know what the sad thing is?

I, I can't even say he's wrong.

Maybe we can't save the world.

Maybe it's not a possibility.

We just have to save
as many as we can.

I already lost my sister.

And now this.

No, no.

He's the one that
we have to save.

Don't give up on him.

He's talking out of love.

They told me you
were still here.

Where else would I be?

What is it?

What's wrong, is it the rebels?

I was thinking about Jack.

- Jack?
- Yeah.

You know it's been like 20
years now, you realize that?

I know he meant a lot to you.

And yet you never
talk about him.

I think about him a lot
more often than you realize.

Well you think
these men, these ones

who traveled from the past,

you think they killed him?

I think it makes
perfect sense.

I've seen that look
in your eye before.

Think before you act.

You know somethin'?

The last thing in the
world I need right now

is a lecture from you about
how I'm supposed to act,

and what I'm supposed to do.

Because I already did
everything I could,

they way you wanted.

What I want?

I see you don't want a child.

You want us to die out.

I abused my power.

I trifled with my power.

I did everything I
could in my power

to get what you wanted.

You're right.

I'm just, I'm just
trying to help you

do what's best for all of us,

and part of that is what's
best for you and me.

I'm trying.

We did this once before.

You almost died.

Forgot about that.

Let's not.

I wanna have a child.

Of course I do.

I just don't wanna lose
you in the process.




This'll be the easiest
hunt of my life.

Today, Nobel Peace
Prize-winning Biocorp

made history by administering
the cure for cancer

available to the entire
world's population

in exchange for their
voluntary enrollment,

compulsory enrollment
in the ID chip program.

Which allows for increased
populations, security.

Biocorp's CEO stated,
"In time, we understand

"that the only thing worth
fighting for is family,

"and today is a day when
we must decide to fight

"for what's right, or
roll over and die."

That's all for tonight.

We're all clear.

Thank you.

Come here, babe.

Was it a good news day?

I don't know, baby.

We're gonna have to
wait and find out.

What's going to happen now?

I don't know.

But things are going to change.

- Mrs. Adams.
- Yes?

I'm David Johnson
from Biocorp.

Both of you come with me.


Okay, come on.

Yeah, babe.

See, Thomas has the list,

so we can't warn
everyone ahead of time.

He's not gonna go
through the entire list.

Plus, the police would
catch him here in this time.

What's that?

Why is this going off?

Is that your tracker?

Yeah, David
programmed it for me.


Well we can use
this to find Thomas!

No, someone else is here.

Babe, that's
Thomas right there.

No, there's a fourth signal.

Maybe it's David.

No, you and I know
that's unlikely.

Well if it's not
David, it's not friendly.

And whoever it is,
they are moving fast.

We need to get
outta here, then.

Wherever we go,
they're gonna track us.

All right, let me think, okay?

All right, so, Thomas
said that everyone

on that list, that they're
from all over the globe.

So uh...

So you think he's
gonna fly everywhere?

No, it's too slow.

I know!


If you don't have a
way to go to everyone.

You bring everyone to you.

Exactly, he's trying to attack
everyone at the same time.

I have an idea.


David, he put an
AI on my tracker.

Good boy, David!

We can have the
AI, it'll link over

to the computer
system, maybe we can

have internet in this time.

Okay, moment of truth.

Computer, do you
have internet access?

Yes, of course.

What would you like to see?

Adam, pull the database for
any upcoming Biocorp events.

I have access to a
public calendar for Biocorp.

There is a staff
gala this Friday,

would you like the details?



There it is,
everybody on the list.

We gotta move.

You know it's a good thing
I went back and you stayed.

I never could have
built that thing.

You're very versatile,
you know that?

Having doubts?

Hey, I get it.

I mean, of course you are,

you're not some
kind of psychopath.

If you weren't having doubts,

then I'd be worried about ya.

This is a serious
move, my friend.

I mean, not like what you've

already been doing
isn't, but this?

This is the next step.

This is where you've
been heading all along.

And it's been a dark
road the whole way.

Have you thought
about how many people

are gonna be there tonight?

I mean, really thought about it?

People with families,
with children.

2,000 people with
hopes and dreams,

and you're gonna turn
them all into corpses

in the span of a second.

You know what 2,000
people is Thomas?

- Shut up.
- Do you?

It's 0.0022% of how many
are gonna get killed

in the riots of 2021.

It's 0.000029% of the
population of this world,

all of whose futures are
being determined here.


By you.

So you push that button
and don't even pretend

you've gotta think about it.

I mean, hey, let's
not kid ourselves.

What you're doin' is

a horrible thing.

You're already a
murderer, buddy, but this?

This makes you a butcher.

What you do tonight,

will haunt your dreams.

For the rest of your life.


So really at this point,

there's only one thing
you gotta ask yourself:

how much is your
sleep really worth?

One horrifying act,

for the future of all mankind.

And for her.

I guess if he's
talking from your head,

that makes me your heart.

You can't escape your fate.

Maybe it's our time to bow out.

Everything and
everyone has it's time.

The only tragedy is,

we missed ours.

I'm going to see
you again, my love.

And when I do,

I wanna recognize your face.

Don't save me and lose yourself.

Yeah, yeah I'm on my way
from work right now, actually.

- Yeah I know...
- Excuse me, officer.

Uh, hey, yeah man,
what's going on?

Could you tell me
where Collie Avenue is?

- Collie Avenue?
- Yeah.

Yeah, actually
if you head over...

these old antiques.

- I need you to hear me out.
- What?

We need to stop Thomas?

I, I, I know that.

No, no, no, we need
to do whatever it takes.

What do you
mean, whatever it takes?

We can't let him
kill all those people!

I know, but I'm not
gonna kill Thomas!

Okay, I'm not playing this
kill or be killed game.

So what, you're gonna try to
talk him down off the ledge?

I mean have you seen him?

Yeah, I saw him, baby.

Just, just, you know
what, just stop.

Let me just talk
to him first, okay.

Talk to him, Nico,
you are not the one

he wants to talk to.

All right, you're right.

All right.

Last chance to
change your mind.

I don't wanna change my mind.


Well, I guess we're
really gonna do this thing.

Yeah, it looks that way.

Is he going to work?


Workin' hard for his family.

Reminds me of someone I know.

Still never fixed it.

Sorry, sis.

Who the hell are you!

- Where are you
- No, listen!

Taking my baby!

Mom, mom, mom, listen!

- Help!
- Mom!

- Somebody help me!
- Mom!

Mom, mom, look, okay!

Look, I'm your son!

I know it's hard to
believe, it's me, Nico!

Look I broke my
arm in the basement

working with Jimmy Finkle, okay?

I used to eat ice cream in
a special bowl with bananas,

do you remember, when
I was four, okay?

We don't have much time.


Listen, I'm gonna let you go.

Mom, but you cannot
scream, you understand?

Do you promise?


Who are you people?

You look so much like, uh...

I know, I need
you to focus, okay?

Okay, look, I'm your son.

I'm all grown up,
this, this is my wife.

Jenny, we're from the future.


We're here to save Lauren.


Something horrible happened
to her in the future.

Okay, we have a
chance to save her.

If you let her come with me.

It's not possible!

Yes, listen, you
have to believe me.

Listen, she deserves to
live a good, full life.

What, what happened to her?

If you help us, she'll grow up

to be a beautiful woman.

Marry the man of her
dreams, have kids,

have a family, but if you don't,

she's gonna die!

I don't understand!

You are at school, and
now you are so old!

It's been a long time.

My son?

My son?

Even if I believe
you, how can I let you

take my little girl?

We're here to save Lauren.

We're here to save Lauren, okay?

Nico, we have to go.

Okay, listen mom, Lauren's
gonna be safe, okay?

I need you to cherish your life

with your husband and your son.

What do you do to her?

Do you drug her?

Listen, mom, I gave
her something to sleep.

Okay, I just gave her
something to sleep.

I can't let her go, no!

Listen to me.

She is my best
friend in our time.

She looks just like you,
your eyes and everything.


All right, look, okay,
you gotta promise me

you can't tell dad.

He will not understand
if you tell him.

This is too much,
this is not happening.

This is a lot of information.

I cannot even process
all what's happening now.

Don't you feel it,
that he's your son?

I know this is real.

And I can feel that
you are my son, but.

Yes, take care of her.

I will.

Nico, we have to go!

I know, but babe,
just give me a minute.

Please hurry.

I will, I promise.

Take her to the car.

Take care of her.

You grow up to be
a fine-looking man.

And your wife,
she's so beautiful.

Yeah, she is beautiful.

I was wrong, I was wrong.

Mom, I have to
tell you something.

Where I'm from, you're
not in the future with me.

But I'm here
now, I'm with you.

I'll always be with you.

I'm your mother!

Listen, you really
were the best mother

in the entire world.

The best mother!

You always say that to me.

Guess you really were
always more beautiful.

Mom, you can come with me.

You can take care
of Lauren with me.

Wait, who will be your
mother, here and now?

Who's gonna take care of you,

who's gonna be
there when you fall?

I cannot be there.

I can't leave him!

I have to stay here with
you and your father.

I heard that there
are women outside the city

who are still fertile.

They have a natural
immunity to the virus

that those inside
the city don't.

I have to go now.


No, mom, no!

No, mom!

Are you hit?

No, my mom, she's...

Nico, you have to leave her!

Stand up, you have
to run, leave her!

I don't normally
do house calls,

but who's first?

She is, doc.

How close?

We have time.

Doc, can you do this fast?

I have no choice, let me see.

All right, this will
numb the area, okay?

Yeah, okay, that
sounds like a good idea.

It'll be fine.


Don't look, don't look, babe.

All right, it's okay,
babe, it's okay.

Okay, all right.

It's okay, babe.

All right, don't look,
don't look, don't look.

You're fine, you're just fine.

Well come on, come on!

Let's go, let's go!

Never seen it.

It looks so ordinary.

We don't have time
for sightseeing, doc.

Yes, of course.

All right.

It worked!

Wait, he's getting closer.

Stitch up quick,
then, stitch up quick.

Here's a bandage, okay.

Your turn.

Forget about it, doc,
just forget about it!

If you flinch, I could
sever a blood vessel

or a tendon!

Look, I'm not gonna
flinch, just do it!

Okay, hold him still.

Come on, let's go!

Do not move!

Nico, don't move.

Son of a

Almost there.

And he's almost here!

Where is the chip?

It's in really deep.

Baby, go!

Go check on Lauren in the car!


Go in the car, check
on Lauren, do it!

Son of a bitch!

Almost there,
okay, almost there.

Come on, doc, come on, doc!

I got it, got it.

I need to patch you up!

No time!

You okay?


You were just having a dream.

- What?
- A dream.


I had a nightmare.

What, about the kid?

Sort of.

What do you mean, sort of?

Well it
started off that way,

and then Thomas showed up,

and the kid, he...

And it ended the
way it always does.


Maybe he wants to hurt her.

No, he doesn't.

Yes he, does.

- He doesn't, he doesn't.
- He wants to hurt her.

And we gotta get
her somewhere safe.

She is safe, it
was just a nightmare.

We gotta protect her.

We will.

From Thomas.

Thomas would never do
anything to hurt her.

You know that.

I'm afraid I don't, babe.


Still got you.


Still alive?

Yeah, still ticking.


And who is this little
person at my door?

What's your name, young lady?

My name's Lauren, do you
have any apple juice, please?

Come on in, we'll see
what we can do for you.

Thank you!

Come on, I'll take you.


Still sore?

Yeah, it's sore.

Got you set up.


Well you managed

not to wreck your
arm completely.

Not that he didn't try.

So who is your little friend?

That's my sister.

If you don't mind me
asking, where are you?

My younger self,

I'm at home with my father.

What about your mother?

Things are getting more
and more complicated.

Yeah, you have no idea.

What, what's the big secret?

In the future,
where I come from,

you saved my life.

His, too.

It's true.

How'd I do that?

We reconnect.

But, I shouldn't
tell you too much

about your own life.

Well I'm glad to know
I'm still around, then.

Anyway, I just
wanted to thank you.

You are one of the bravest
people that I ever meet.

It's the least I
could do for the man

who saved my father's life.


Oh, come here, son!

We have some guests.

You never told
me you had a son.

I mean why else do I
have all these juice boxes?

This is Travis, Travis
these are my friends.

Hello, Travis.

I'm Nicholai, you
can call me Nico.

Go and play with Lauren, okay?


She's staying
here for the day.

Go ahead.

His mother passed away two
years ago in an accident.

He's all that I
have left of her.

Thanks to you, we
have more time.

Years, perhaps.

And for that, I
am ever grateful.

So he's doing well?

He's healthy.

And he has a positive
outlook on life.

And knowing that
I have 30 years,

he'll probably still outlive me.

And poor Travis' step-brother.

It's a good thing, though.

Spending time with
family is important.

Yes it is.

And Travis is a full-time job.

Something wrong?


Sure, babe?

Mhm, yeah.

Thomas has one of these
trackers, too, as I recall.

So where is he?

He's, he's changed.

We think that he's
planning something.

Something terrible.

Something like what?

Can't tell you right now.

Well whatever it is,
let me know if I can help.

Actually, I do
need your help, doc.


I need you to
watch her for me.

Of course!

See, something, something bad

happens to her in the future.

And we're trying
to prevent that.

Is that what changes Thomas?


He spoke of
Lauren in his time.

Yeah, I guess.

Look, I'll watch over her
like she's one of my own.

Are you sure?

We don't wanna
inconvenience you.

Baby, it's just for now.

I don't wanna pile
anything extra on him,

we should just take her, and.

Look, I understand.

If you don't stop Thomas
from whatever it is,

it'll only make matters worse.

That's just it.

Gotta get going.

Is that Thomas?

It's hard to say.

There's two signals and they're

getting closer to each other,

we have to go now.

Wait, wait, Nico.

Good luck, okay?

And don't worry about
her, she's in good hands.

Thanks, doc.

Let's go, babe.

Hey, what was that about?


You looked like
you saw a ghost.

He gave his life for you.

I wasn't sure if I
should say anything.

No, but.

His son Travis.

He doesn't turn
out quite so well.

It's nothing.

Hey, hey, you sure?


Just caught off guard.

Let's go.

All right.

Wish I could go back and
destroy that machine.

Babe, none of
this is your fault.

You know that, right?

I wouldn't have
built the machine,

none of this would've happened.

You gave people
a fighting chance,

it's something that
they never had before.

They're gonna keep sending
people back after us.

Don't you get it?

What are you saying?

So what I'm
saying is we need to

get home now, more than ever.

Gotta rebuild the machine.

Then you'll rebuild it.

I can't do it without Thomas.

Then we'll convince Thomas.

After we stop him
from killing everyone.

All right.

Wait, wait, stop.

We can't, we can't, no, babe!

Okay, okay, everything's
gonna be okay.

Nico, call an ambulance!

My baby!

What's your name,
what's your name?

- Carmen.
- Carmen, okay.

I need you to breathe,
Carmen, okay, stay with me.

I'm not gonna leave you.

You're not gonna be
alone, just, relax, okay?

Okay, the ambulance is coming.

Babe, you know we can't stay.

Nico, I'm not
leaving her, I can't.

You know why.

I know, but we have to go.

No, you need to go.

Just go without me.

I'll be fine, Thomas.

I'll be right behind you.

I promise.

I'm meant to be here.

- Okay, okay.
- I love you.

Okay, okay, Carmen, I
need you to breathe, okay?

What's your baby's name?

- Cadence.
- Cadence,

baby Cadence, right?

You know how lucky you are?

Do, do you have any
children of your own?

Not yet.

One day.

One day.

One day.

Hey, how you doing?

Good, and you?

Good, good, you going to
the Biocorp ball tonight?

Yeah, of course.

You got an invite?

I got it right here.

Okay, so I need
that and your clothes.

Good one, Arnie.

Get out of the car.

Give me the invite.

Come on.

Take your jacket off.

You work for Biocorp?


You really shouldn't.

Come on, come on, come on.

We didn't
find any downside.

From all the research
that we've done, sir,

we have had absolutely
nothing going wrong,

but what I'm talking about
is we need to make extra sure

before we go in front of the FDA

or any other approval board...

Senator, so
sorry to interrupt.

I just wanted to
shake your hand.



And Robert.

I didn't expect to
see you again so soon.

What a bonus that you're here.

Yeah, it's good
to see you, too.

Enjoy the party.

There's a possible intruder
in the maintenance area.

Sir, this area is off limits!

I'm sorry?

I said sir, this
area is off limits.

Okay, I'm sorry.

I'm not from here.

I was just looking for a
place for a cheeky cigarette.

Sir, you're gonna
have to come with me.

Yes, of course, please.

Sir, this area is off limits.

Oh, yes, I'm sorry, gentlemen,

I was looking for the bathroom.

It's just off the main
entrance, it's this way.

It is?

Why don't we just
go straight there?

We'll escort you.

Please, lead the way.

Can I see your
invitation, please?

Yes, of course.

I put it right here.

Can I help you, sir?


I'm here for the Biocorp event.

Sir, the main entrance
is around to the front.

Oh, I'm with a special
group within the company

that's here to put on a
special surprise tonight.

Well do you have a
regular invitation, sir?


Then I'm afraid I
can't let you in at all.

Well I'm afraid
that I outrank you

in every conceivable way.

And I am coming in.

Sir, please leave the
premises immediately.

Or what?

Or I'll have you
arrested for trespassing.

Well I guess you
better arrest me.

Give me one big
push, all right?

I can't do it, I can't do it!

You're doing good, okay?

Look at me, you're
doing a great job.

- I can't!
- One big push, okay?

It's there, I see it.

Come on, there you go.

Nice and big one,
come on, let's go.

There, yeah, there
you go, there you go.

There you go, there
you go, that's it.

- Congratulations.
- Baby girl!

- Congratulations!
- Beautiful baby girl.

She's beautiful.

She's beautiful.

Trust me, I got the
better end of this deal.

I have to go, good luck, okay?

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

I missed you.

What are you doing, baby?

I did what I have to.

I came here to save you.



I'm trying to save you.


This isn't the way.

Let me do this.

Otherwise I lose you.

Do you trust me?


Do you love me?


I love you.

I've always loved you.

Trust me, my love.

We'll see each other again.

Do not.

We warned you.

Ladies and gentlemen, we
have a special guest tonight.

It's my pleasure to
introduce to you,

Senator Jim Williams.

Thank you.

Thank you all.

We're uh, not quite sure
where Bob Tinker is right now,

but if it's all right with
you, I'll do the honors.

You have had a wonderful
and successful year

here at Biocorp.

Your hard work has
made the company

as powerful and
proficient as it is today.

But now, I have had
the honor of being

one of the prime architects

in the establishment

of a new government
contract with Biocorp.

The goal is the new Biocorp

will rid the entire
world of crime

within the next 10 years.

Thomas, where are you?

Thomas, Thomas, Thomas!

Oh Thomas, thank god, it's you.

What are you doing?

What am I doing?

We're here to stop you from
doing something horrible.

How do you know about that?


We're not idiots,
we figured it out!

You probably figured out

you can't stop it either, Nico!

Nothing can stop it now.

In the name of god, Nico,

why would you
wanna stop it, huh?

Look at these people!

They're murderers,
mass murderers,

every single one of them!

No, no, they're innocent.

Lauren was innocent!

Look, Lauren wouldn't
want you to be doing this!

Yes she would, Nico!

She'd want me to kill a
few to save a billion,

you know she would!

Do you want that
on your conscience?

Do you?

It's bigger than us.

I know it's bigger
than me and you.

Okay, so just, just go.

Let me do this, go!


And what are
you gonna do, huh?

It's a bomb, isn't it.

It doesn't matter what it is!

It's a bomb, isn't it!


Oh my god.

Thomas, I've got Lauren.

- No, stop, stop.
- We can fix this!

Thomas look at me, look at me!

She's with a doctor,
we can fix this!

No, as a baby, right?

You went and got her as a baby!

Nico, it's not the same!

Nothing is gonna change my mind.

- Please come.
- No.

You gotta go.

For me, please, go.

Okay, all right.

If you kill these people,
then you kill me, too.

I'm not leaving without you.

Then I'm gonna kill
Jenny, too, right?

She's in the building
somewhere, Nico, right?

She's here, right?


You're gonna take that
risk with her life?

Don't waste your
time following me.

You'll never find
that bomb, mate.

You haven't got the time.



Oh my god, what do I do?

- Was that Thomas?
- Yes, that was Thomas.

Oh my god, he has
a bomb in here.

We need to find it!

It could be anywhere!

The danger, too.

What was it, honey?

Baby girl.

- It was?
- She's okay.

Okay, that's good,
that's real good.

Okay, we need to
get everyone out.


Everyone, everyone listen up!

- Listen to me!
- Listen!

There's a bomb
in the building!

We have to leave!

Everyone listen to me!

There's a bomb!

Get outta here!

Get outta here!

There's a bomb!

There's a bomb, get out!

Come on, we gotta go!

Move, move, move!

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Police, don't move!

Whoa, whoa, okay, we're okay.



What have you done?

Are you crazy?

What have you done!

We had to stop you.

Stop me?

You didn't stop me,
you ruined everything!

- Thomas!
- Nico!

There's still time,
Nico, to fix this.

Tell me what you
did with the bomb.

You let her go!

I swear to god, I'm
gonna kill you, man!

You killed everything
you love, Nico.

You killed me, you killed
Jenny, you killed Lauren,

you killed every single
person we ever loved!

And for what?

For these people?

Look, look, look, I'll
figure something out,

- just let her go.
- No!

Nico, this is kill or be killed.

Time to man up!

Give me the bomb!

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
wait, wait, wait,

there's a guy with
a gun in there,

he's just shot two officers.

He's going crazy, he's
shootin' everybody!

Sir, something's wrong.

What do you mean?

What's wrong?

His brain activity
is all wrong.

What do you mean, wrong?

His heart rate's slowing too!

Can't anyone here
do anything right?

babe, hang in there!

No, no, no, no!

You should go.


You know they're gonna send
more people back, Thomas.

You know he's not the end!

I need your help.

To do what?

To fix it?

I was trying to fix it, Nico!

That's what I was doing!

Not that way.

Not in that way!

We can rebuild the machine.

Okay, I just need your help!

I need your help, I need you.

You can find the cause of
the virus before it spreads!

The cause of the
virus was in that room,

and you let them get away!

We, we can...

We can what?

We can wait?

For Biocorp to send back
another guy to kill us?

Or send back a guy to kill our
families before we're born!

What are we waiting for?

We're waiting for nothing, Nico.

And don't you worry.

I'm gonna fix it, my friend.

And I'm gonna ask you
for just one more thing.

And then we never have
to see each other.

When I fix it,

don't get in my way.

There's the one little thing.

- No, no, no, no!
- We have to stop him, Nico!

- No, we can't!
- Won't get another chance!

Let him go.

His brain activity
is inactive.

His heart rate's flat.

Is there any chance that
he is still alive in 2017?

No, sir.

He's uh, he's dead.

Prepare the clean
sweep protocol.

Do we have the authorization?

Prep the machines!

Yes, sir.

This whole thing has
spun out of control!

How many can we send in?

The Speaker says
that by hour's end,

they will have completed
enough chambers

to send 50 at a time.


Yes, Mr. President.

All right, tell him
to send four waves,

as soon as possible.

Four, sir?

Are you aware of the
concern many have?

I'm very well
aware of the dangers.

I may be causing our
own annihilation.

But to do nothing, would
mean the same thing.

How do you feel?

Still alive.


So now what?

Build a time machine,
head back home.

I still think we
need to stop him.

He's way beyond
our reach, babe.

He'll kill too many people

before we can assemble a
machine or fix anything.

We need to stop him, Nico.

- Dammit!
- What is it?

Oh my god.

Are there any new waves today?

Are they close?

No, thank god.

Wait, why is it doing
this, is it broken?

I hope so.

Because if it isn't,

they just sent a
shitload of people back.

Think I'm going
to like it here.

Subtitles by explosiveskull