Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) - full transcript

A man who loves to travel, travels to an island where a mad doctor is creating zombies.

(dramatic music)

- [Narrator] The Green
Blood potion has been known

to passionately affect some
people after drinking it.

Others experience a feeling of

supernatural conscious
entering their beings.

Get your samples of the
Green Blood potion ready

and recite the oath of
Dr. Lorca aloud with me.

Before drinking of the Green Blood,

I, a living, breathing creature
of the the cosmic entity,

am now ready to enter
the realm of those chosen

to be allowed to drink of the

Mystic Emerald fluids herein offered.

I join the order of Green
Blood with an open mind

and through this liquid's
powers am now prepared to

safely view the unnatural
green-blooded ones

without fear of contamination.

(dramatic music)

Now drink your sample of Green
Blood and it is guaranteed

that you can never turn into
a green-blooded monster.

(dramatic music)

- About an hour longer.

They don't have any dock
there so we'll probably

have to go ashore in
some native fishing boat.

- I just can't understand what my father

would be doing in a place like this.

He did work for a trading
firm, but I really don't know

what he's been doing the past three years.

- Well, you'll know soon enough.

Don't worry, it's probably
not as bad as you think.

- I really don't care,
as long as he's alright.

- Course he's your father, but...

- But what?

- That's really not any of my business.

- That's alright, go on.

- You mentioned that you hadn't
seen him since you were 12,

when he and your mother were divorced.

- That's right.

- So you really don't know him do you?

- Maybe not.

My mother died about three years ago.

He's all the family I have now.

(speaks in foreign language)

- surely you've seen my mother

during one of your trips out here.

- No, I haven't been on
this route very long.

I don't think that I've set foot on

that village more than a couple times.

You've come here to get
her off the island, huh?

- If I can persuade her, yeah.

- Well if I were you I'd do it.

And if necessary I'd drag her aboard.

- Why?

- Because the island's
a pest hole, a jinx.

People from the other islands
say there's a curse on it.

- Surely that's nonsense.

- Is it?

About six months ago we
found a native drifting on

a bamboo raft about three
miles inland from here.

When we finally got him
aboard he was half conscious,

so we tried to revive him.

He turned into a raving lunatic.

He killed one of my men before I finally

got a bullet into him.

- What happened to him?

- He jumped overboard.

It was right after sunset

and we couldn't find a trace of him.

But before he jumped
he bled a lot on deck.

His blood was green.

- Green?

- I know what you're thinking,
but I scraped a sample

off and I took it to the
government on the mainland,

and they've sent a man
here to investigate.

(tense music)

- Is that it?

- Yeah, your old hometown, Blood Island.

(tense music)

You people better start
getting your gear together,

we're going ashore in about 10 minutes!

- Mr. Willard?

Mr. Willard?

- What?

- The boat, the boat is here.

- What about it?

- Your daughter, your
daughter's on the boat.

- How would you know?

- My brother is there as a carrier,

Mr. Willard, and he can read.

- That's nice.

(tense music)

- Razak, do you remember me?

Where's my mother?

Why isn't she in, is she ill?

- Captain.

Ramu, this is Dr. Foster from the mainland.

- Hello.

- You wish to go to the Government House?

- Yes, but first.

- Is Willard still on the island?

(tense music)

- Dad?

- Oh, the night that covers me.

Black as the pit from pole to pole.

- We'll take him to the Government House.

(soft music)

- Carlos, Carlos.
- I am.

I wasn't sure you'd be pleased to see me.

I mean, your letters, you seemed so

disturbed to learn that I was coming.

- Well, I am pleased to see you.

You've become a man, my son.

- A man determined to take you away

from this wretched island for good.

The handsome prince come to
free the captive princess.

- I wish it were as simple as that.

- Why should it not be?

- Razak?!


- Doctor, I'm sure you remember my...

- Excuse me.


- Doctor, I believe you remember my son.

- Of course.

- And nice to see you again, Dr. Lorca.

- I hope you will forgive my
rudeness, but a small crisis,

I fear I have misplaced one of my patients.

- What?

- I'll find him, this is a small island.

Do not concern yourself too much, senora.

Enjoy your reunion.

- What is it mother?

What do you have to do
with the doctors patients?

- Oh, it's nothing to do with that.

It's just that I haven't been well lately.

- All the more reason to
leave this place for good.

- Well, there's plenty of time
to talk about that later.

First we'll take you up to your room.

You've had a tiring journey.

- He doesn't look tired.

Would you like to go up to
the falls for a swim, Carlos?

- Marla?

- Ah, you do remember.

- How could I forget?

You brought so much joy,

so much adventure into my childhood here.

- Perhaps now into your manhood also.

- Nice of you to come and meet me.

- Oh, I live here, from
time to time anyway.

Your mother is most hospitable.

- [Carlos] oh, wonderful, then
I'll be seeing a lot of you.

- As much as you like
little Carlos, if not more.

And now I'll show you to your room.

- Mother?

- You go ahead.

I'll see you later.

(engine revs)

- [sheila] wait, don't try to get up.

- You're sheila, huh?

Oh, great.

- I wrote you several times,
but when I didn't hear

from you I got in touch
with the American consulate

on the mainland and he said...

- I got your letters.

I guess you know why I didn't answer.

- Dad, there's just so many
things I don't understand.

- Yeah, I'll bet.

- I think your father
could use some soup, sheila.

- Who are you?

- [Bill] My name's Foster, Bill Foster.

- He came over with me on the boat.

- What brings you here, Bill?

You're not some kind of salesman, are you?

- [Bill] No, no, I'm a doctor, sort of.

- You work for that Public Health

Department on the mainland?

- No, it's another government office,

you probably haven't heard of it.

- You staying for long?

- I really don't know, Mr. Willard,

it depends on a lot of things.

You might be able to
help me if you want to.

- Yeah, it's a great thought.

You wouldn't happen to have a
drink in the house, would you?

- [Bill] As a matter of fact, I would.

- Bill, you can't.

- I'm sure if your father
wants a drink badly enough

he'll manage to find one
around here someplace.

I don't really know him well enough

to try and save him for his own sake.

- No, I guess you don't.

And I guess I'm stupid for believing you

were going to try to help me.

- Oh, he's trying to help alright,

only he's had more
experience handling winos.

He's a shrewd judge of character, too.

I hate him already.

I'm going back to bed now.

(intense music)



- [Bill] what's wrong?

- Something!


(intense music)

- Hello, Mr. Willard.
- Dad.

Did you get a good night's sleep.

- Yeah.

What's all this?

- Just some of my gear.

- Yeah, you said you were
some kind of doctor.

- [Bill] I'm a pathologist.

- That figures.

We don't even have a
public health officer here.

Hey chief, we've got us a five
pole witch doctor with us.

How about that, huh!

- Mr. Willard, last night
I was talking about,

well, your helping maybe if you wanted to.

- Yeah, well, I've got to go out.

- Dad, you haven't even had breakfast yet.

I fixed you up all kinds of...

- I'm not hungry.

Look, sheila, it's kind
of late in the day for...

- Remembering old obligations?

- I've got to go.

I'll see you around, I guess.

(soft music)

(intense music)


(intense music)

- sheila, could you?


- [chief] The girl followed
her father to the jungle.

- Alone?

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)


- sheila?!

- Miss Willard?!

- Sheila?!

- [chief] Miss Willard?!

- [Bill] sheila?!

- Miss Willard?!

Miss Willard?!

- Bill?!

What happened?

Where's sheila?

- Well, don't you know?

She followed you when you left the house.

- My God, she could have lost
me at any of a dozen places.

(shouts in foreign language)

(dramatic music)


(shouts in foreign language)

- Miss Willard is there, come!


- sheila.

- Oh, Dad!

(soft music)

- Miss Willard?

It was very kind of you to come

despite what happened to you today.

- No, I wanted to come tonight.

Especially after what happened,

but then, maybe it wasn't
such a good idea after all.

- Oh yes, Miss Willard, I understand you

ran into some kind of monster today.

- Oh no, Doc, you've got it all wrong.

She imagined the whole thing,

including the man who got slaughtered.

- [sheila] Dad, please.

- Please don't be offended, Mr. Willard.

I'm not questioning your
daughter's veracity.

I'm just curious.

From your description of
the creature who chased

you through the woods and
killed that poor hunter,

it could have very well been a man.

But a very rare kind
of man if I may say so.

- What's your own impression, doctor?

- Me?

I wasn't there.

Speculating on matters of this kind

is really quite fruitless.

- Not even over something
so deadly, so close to home?

- No.

Not even then.

- The doctor is not afraid of death.

Death is on his payroll.

- You see how devoted we are
to each other in this house.

- You're quite right, senora.

We're boring our guests, I
propose a change of scene.

Do you hear the drums?

- Yes, I was just about
to ask someone about it.

- The islanders are having
a ceremony to drive away

the evil spirits, it's
not very far from here.

- Sounds interesting.

- I'm sure you'd find it so.

Please don't let me detain you.

I myself have to retire.

(tribal music)


- The garage is over there.

Razak will take you home.

(eerie music)


(eerie music)

- Base, base, this is Government
House, do you read me?

Repeat, do you read me, over.

- What's the matter,
can't you get through?

- No, there's some kind of
interference or something.

I can't imagine what it is.

(eerie music)

stay here.

(eerie music)

- we all thought that he perished in

the storm five years ago.

- He's coming to.

(speaks in foreign language)

- That is the patient, I take it.

I'm flattered doctor,
that you should think

of calling me in for a consultation.

- Matter of fact Dr.
Lorca, I haven't treated

a patient since I was an intern.

I've been too involved in research.


He seems to be afraid of you.

- He remembers me.

I once cauterized the
wound he had suffered.


You have no objection if
I give him a sedative?

- [Bill] Right now?

Aren't you going to examine him first?

- Oh, I know what ails him.

The symptoms are rather apparent.

Chlorophyll poisoning.

- Chlorophyll?

- The sedative acts very fast.

- You think chlorophyll
accounts for the pigmentation?

That's a little unusual, isn't it?

- Yes doctor, my paper mentions

several instances of this kind.

The sedative's working now,

he'll have to stay here for a while.

- Sure.

- When he comes to, just
give him some hot soup.

And no green vegetables, of course.

I'll be back tomorrow.

You're looking very well today, Mr. Willard.

- Yeah, I kicked the vegetable habit.

- Now I can't understand why you choose

to remain on this island, mother.

- Perhaps to be near him.

Or perhaps simply because I've lost the

courage to begin again somewhere else.

- But your life isn't over yet.

You're far from too old to begin again.

You've got a home, a family and friends

who are missing you on the mainland.

- I don't know what
friendship is like anymore.

Or love.

Or joy.

They're like some old dolls
discovered in some musty attic.

Rotting travesties of innocence,
long strangled by life.

- Oh mother, it needn't be like that.

- No.



It must not happen to you, my son.

You're a man now, but life
hasn't marked you yet.

- Mother, what's wrong?

What's happening here?

- Nothing.


Only death.

On this island we struggle desperately

and have found our own
separate ways to nothing.

- What a scare you gave me.

But then you are a kind of
ghost yourself, aren't you?

- What sensitivity.

- Well, would you like
me better if I had none?

- On the other hand, perhaps it is

better that you have feelings.

- Better for me, for you?

- For me.

Maybe not so good for you.

- Which means you think
you're very strong and

invulnerable, and could do me
great harm if it pleases you.

- Don't try to charm me, little Carlos.

It only confuses me.

I'm much more satisfactory with a man

if I do not think about him.

- You also brag like a man.

- I hear what you say, but also
I see where your eyes are.

- You would, of course.

- You know these things,
but it changes nothing.

- This is not very graceful, is it?

- As to that doctor you could probably

use some lessons in etiquette yourself.

- I don't doubt that.

I'm afraid living alone turns a man into a

boar all too quickly, you must forgive me.

As well as Marla.

- She had done nothing to offend me.

- Not from want of
trying, I can assure you.

Or should I say, I warn you.

- I am not your ward, doctor.

I'm not even one of your patients.

- Your father was, and everybody knows

how tenderly dear Dr. Lorca cared for him.

- You give me too much credit, dear Marla.

You must also consider that his beloved

wife was constantly at his side.

At least all to the end,
when he could no longer

roam the forests that he loved so well.

We must have a talk about your father's

last days here on the island, soon.

I'm sure there's much you
would like to know about.

- So am I doctor.

Excuse me.

- You enjoy taking great risks, don't you?

Especially with other people's lives.

- How well we understand each other.

- Better than you think, doctor.

Tell me, was she worth
killing her husband for?

- You mean sexually?

- Yes.

- I don't know really, if
I ever killed anyone in

cold blood I'd probably do it for profit.

I'm sure that disgusts you.

After all, you became a whore for love.

- Yes, I was 14 when he took me.

No man has ever been more to me.

No man, not before, not since.

- Don Ramon's been dead for seven years.

- You are quite mad.

- Then you should be very careful, doctor.

Both of you.

Mad people can be quite unpredictable.

- No one is predictable, not totally.

- Be happy in your work, murderer,

until your own time comes.

- You poor deluded fool.

If I had a sentiment
to spare, I'd pity you.

(intense music)

- Government House to base,
Government House to base.

Do you read me, repeat,
do you read me, over.

(intense music)

- what would you say this
substance was, doctor?

Blood possibly?

- Green blood, doctor?

- There's no question about
it, it's blood alright.

- Curse, they offended the evil one.

- Oh, come on chief, you don't believe

in any of that crap yourself.

- I believe, as my father did.

And his father.

- Well, this didn't come from
the girl that was killed

or the guy that was with her, either.

- Then it's the blood of the evil one.

It has come back, as we
all feared he would.

Someone has become a
servant of the evil one,

the blood of the evil one
runs through his body.

- What?

- It is plain to see, that is why Dr. Lorca

cannot awaken him from the spell.

Only the evil one.

(soft music)

- Marla?

What are you thinking?

What's the matter?

- Nothing.

I'm finished, aren't you?

- I don't understand.

- You don't have to understand.

- Will we?

Will I see you again?

- Who knows?

If I need you, you will.

(intense music)

- That letter was written by my father,

I have no doubt of it Dr. Foster.

- And it's dated three months
after your father died?

Or was supposed to have died?

- That's what I can't understand.

- Do you ever ask your mother about it?

- No.

I thought of it, can't.

- Carlos, do you... well, do you suspect your

father didn't die the
way he was supposed to?

- That's a terrible idea, Mr. Willard.

- Why can't you ask your
mother about the letter, then?

- They're gone, they're not in the house.

- I thought you said there
was no other way out.

- There isn't.

An hour ago I saw Dr. Lorca go
into his clinic with Razak.

They're not there now, I
don't see how they got out.

- What do we do now?

We can't go stumbling to the jungle

to look for them at this time of night.

- No.

Is your mother asleep?

- I think so, why?

- Carlos, would you have any objection

to opening your father's grave?

- What are you trying
to say, doctor?

- I don't know anything for
sure, but if he is in there

then we can rule out the
possibility that he's still alive.

- Alive?

- But why would anybody?

- There are some tools in the store room.

(dramatic music)

- stop it!


- Be quiet, Marla, be quiet.

Look, we got to do this.

- It's unbelievable.

What does it mean?

- It's out of our hands now.

This is something for
the mainland authorities.

- I thought they killed him.

I was wrong.

He's alive, they're keeping him somewhere.

- Why?

- He's alive, he's alive!

- I'll try to get a message
through to the mainland.

You better stay here.

Let's go, Mr. Willard.

(static interference)

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)


(shouts in foreign language)

- what's this all about, chief?

- Gamu's dead, hacked to death
like a snake in your house.

You ran away!

- Dead, well what about
sheila, is she alright?

- We waste time talking.

You are to be brought before the council.

(shouts in foreign language)

(intense music)

(shouts in foreign language)

(intense music)

- Bill, here!

(intense music)

- Look, I want to thank you for helping.

- I want your help.

Please help me find him.

- Well, there's no real evidence

that Don Ramon's still alive.

- You knew it even before tonight.

That's why you opened his grave.

- If I'm right, Marla, he's
not the man you knew.

He's not even a man anymore.

- He listened to me.

Believe he will, in spite
of what they've done to him.

We could take him to the mainland,

to a good hospital
where he could be cured.

- If Lorca couldn't do it, I
doubt that anybody can.

- Lorca tried to destroy
him, it was her doing.

She was mad with jealousy.

Will you help me?

- If you'll trust me to
do what I think is best.

- You want to destroy him, too.

- No Marla, you don't understand,

I've just got to get Lorca to tell me.




(soft music)

- Did you see the man who killed her?

- It was a monster.

A beast.

Walks like a man.

- It was a man, alright.

Or someone that once was a man.

Your father.

- [Carlos] You're insane.

- Perhaps.

After all these years,
it wouldn't surprise me.

You were only a boy of 10 or 11

when your father brought you here.

He was dying of leukemia.

He didn't have a chance in
a million until he found me.

I was doing research on the
medical uses of chlorophyll.

On this island I found a rare plant.

It yielded a peculiar strain
of chlorophyll, capable of

being absorbed into the
composition of the human blood.

With remarkable effects.

One of these effects was
the ability to insulate

the red blood corpuscles against
the corrosion of leukemia.

At least for a while.

It was a terrifying gamble,
but his only chance.

He took that chance.

I was ambitious, perhaps recklessly so.

But he gave me an opportunity.

An opportunity I could not resist.

Come with me.

Razak, see if you can
reactivate the oscillator.

I built this lab and clinic
here in the basement.

At first your father responded
to the treatment very well.

He gained his health quickly,

and for a time even went beyond that.

He seemed to be regaining his youth.

Not only in terms of appearance,

but physical vitality as well.

Even his emotional attitudes
underwent a remarkable change.

He fell in love with a maiden
from the village, Marla.

But that did not last long.

He began to show alarming side effects.

Strange eruptions of the skin.

Nausea, fits of melancholy, violence.

His complexion took on
a distinct green color.

In less than a year he
was certifiably insane.

This is when your mother and
I decided to declare him dead.

We sent you off to the mainland
to live among her relatives.

And I moved my clinic.

(dramatic music)

- Bill, where's dad?

- Nevermind, we got to
get out of here, come on.

(dramatic music)

(shouts in foreign language)

(dramatic music)


- I knew I would find you here.

I knew it was me you were waiting for.

Get up, you cannot rest,
there's still much to do.

Get up!

(dramatic music)

- oh Bill, what is going to happen to us?

What are they going to do to dad?

- Don't think about that now.

We're gonna come out of this
thing alright, I promise you.

Just trust me, sheila, huh.

I've got a plan I think I can work out,

but I can't do it without you.

- I trust you.

(romantic music)

- I wonder if we can find
another way out of here.


(intense music)

sheila, I want you to go back
to the village and get help.

- But they're looking for us.

- They won't do anything to you,

and we can't go on from here on our own.

Talk to the village head man,
tell him what we've seen here.

He'll have to listen to us now.

- Well, what are you gonna do?

- Nevermind, just go on.

(dramatic music)

- Doctor, help me!

I never expected to see you.

- [Bill] where's the key?

- I think Razak has it.


- Perhaps it's just as well that

you've stumbled into this doctor.

If only to understand the extent

of my dedication to science.

- And these people that
you've caged and mutilated?

I suppose that they're proof of this, huh?

- They're helping me to
continue my experiments.

They are helping me to save a most

distinguished and important patient.

And more they're
contributing to the advent

of a new era in internal
medicine and geriatrics.

- You're just killing 'em.

Like you killed that poor native

at Government House last night.

- My dear, Dr. Foster.

You talk like a lovesick shop girl.

We all rot away in the end, but
not all of us for a purpose.

All those lives that you
think have been wasted

in the cause of this experiment,
actually have brought

us closer to that lifelong
dream of longevity.

Eternal youth, doctor.

I will not give up the work of a lifetime

simply because you think I'm mad.

Much as I regret what I must do.

You and Carlos would be
missed if I detained you,

so I shall not try to.

(intense music)

- watch out, Doc!

(intense music)

- come on, lets go, the lab's
on fire, lets get out of here!

(intense music)

- Marla!

Marla, stop it!

Stop it!

Stop it, I say!

(intense music)

- Kill him, Ramon, kill him!

(intense music)

Kill him!

Kill him!

(intense music)

- Bill!

- Now listen, this whole place
is gonna blow up any minute.

We got to get out of here!

Come on!

(shouts in foreign language)

(intense music)

(explosion booms)

(dramatic music)

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