Mackintosh and T.J. (1975) - full transcript

The wandering old ranch hand Mackintosh takes care on a fatherly way for the young and homeless T.J. and he helps him to remain straight. Both find a job on the ranch of Jim Webster. Mackintosh proves his skills as a horse tamer and he wins the sympathy of Webster. Webster asks Mackintosh to hunt coyotes, as the area is unsafe because of them. When a murder takes place, Mackintosh is framed. This leads to dramatic events.

J just a broken down cowboy
all down on his luck &

j been through the best
of his friends j&

j on a long, lonesome highway
in an old pickup truck j

jcrossed Texas
like a hot, dusty windj'

j he was all-around cowboy
back in '49 j

jfrom the top, it's been
a long way downj'

j since the long years
of hard luck &

j started winning his time j

j they rode him high and hard
to the ground j

j he remembers the thrill
of being a winner j

j in the days
of his first rodeo j

jbut there's something
about winningd

j that don't last forever j

jmaybe tomorrow
things will get betters

j if the devil lets loose
of his soul j

j he'll be
the all-around cowboy again

fill er up with regular.


Anybody around here doing any
hiring that you know of?

Nope. The young bucks hereabouts

gets what work there is.

Leak, leak, leak.

Fill this up for me, will ya?

- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.

Hey, wait a minute,
where's my breakfast?

Come on, son. You're
gonna get outta town right now.

It's my right
to get some breakfast.

We're not feeding ya, I said.
You're gettin' outta town,

or you're goin' back up there
in that jailhouse.

That's the way it is, son.

You're gonna leave this town
right now.

Well, it suits me
it if suits you.

See if you can find three more
just like it.

And, uh, fetch a box
of those crackers.

I'll get the coffee
and the rest.

Oh! How do?

We need us a few supplies.

Got a list here someplace.

Huh. Must've lost it.

Let's see,
there was coffee, peaches,

and a few cans of beans.

I'll take these out to the
truck while you pay the man.

You know, them apples
cost me 18 cents apiece?

Worth the price.

You're just bound to get caught taking
something ain't yours, aren't ya?

That what you figure?

That store man was set to get
on you like stink on a skunk.

I'm quicker'n what he is.

Besides, you didn't have
to get mixed in it.

I guess I didn't.

And I can take care of myself.

Says you,
with my apple in your hand.

So you figure that's twice?

I'll let you keep the tally.

Gettin' found short of money
in that place,

sheriff calls being vagrant.

Sheriff'll arrest you
for being vagrant.

He gave me three days
of pickin' trash

from one end of town
to the other.

Town feeds a prisoner, but the
sheriff wouldn't give me nothing,

so I stole this apple.

Your four are still in the bag.

Where you headin'?

I always had a mind to
someday see the pacific ocean

it's a ways off.

I ain't in no hurry.

You have no strings?

Not a one, mister.

Name's mackintosh.

I go by t.J.

Where're you headed?

Oh, next job.

Where's that?


That's about where
I was thinkin' to get off,

if it suits you.

Well, I plan to turn north
if I don't tie into something

by the time I reach haskell.

You can drop me off
anytime you have a mind.

You're welcome to the ride.

I ain't lookin'
for nothin' else.

What's that?

That's the rest of my breakfast.

You can add it to your things.

The town back there
don't owe me anything.

I'm just payin' my way.

Well, I always have.

Man, that sure is a whole
lot of nothin' to look at.

I look with my eyes.

Then for sure, that's all
you're gonna see with.

You seen a lot, have ya?

My share.

That's what I figure to do.

Have you ever seen the
pacific ocean, mackintosh?

Fair piece of it once.
During the war.

What war?

The one with Japan.

Never heard of it.

Would've thought
it'd been mentioned

in some of your books at school.

Book that we was on when I quit
was about a feller named dick

chasin' a girl named Jane

and they had a dog named spot.

I always wondered
if dick ever caught er.

I knew an old boy
that was in a war once.

In Korea. You know that one?


He lived with us for a time.

Man, he was a squirrelly one.

People said it was the war
that did it to him.

Ma finally threw him out.

Boy, she sure could pick 'em.

I like not knowing what's
around the next corner.

Not many corners
in this country.

That's a fact.

There was a time
I felt like you do,

but I've got to say,
it's kinda worn thin.

That's what time does.


Waters down the bite
in your vinegar.

Did ya ever think to find
a place and settle down?

Once or twice it crossed my
mind when I wasn't lookin'.

Why don't ya?

Ain't all that much
room left, boy.

Looks like a helluva lot
of room to me.

That wasn't exactly my meaning.

I know.
Like my old man used to say:

"Don't want for much, then what you
get'll never be a disappointment.”

Something like that.

There's somethin'
I'm gonna do somethin' about.

What's that?

Gettin' passed by.

We all get to where we're goin'.

Some quicker'n others.

What happens when
the quick ones get there is,

they usually have to wait.

Damnit all!

How much longer is it gonna be?

Hard to say.

Like a steer, I can try.

Not a whole lot
gets to you, does it?

Not if I can help it.

We can sit here
the rest of the day!

Or you can start walkin'.

My pants are all sticky
from the peach juice.

The next water tank we come to,
you can wash 'em out.

You could dunk yourself, too.

What's that mean?

What's what mean?

"I could dunk myself, too"?

Are you sayin' I stink?

You're sayin' I stink!

Well, downwind you aren't
exactly cinnamon and sugar.

Boy, howdy!

Now, don't get ringy.

Half the day we've been
ridin' together,

and I just now found out
I've been stinkin' ya

outta your own junk heap!

No, you haven't.
The windows were open.

I'm gonna start walkin'.

Aw, get off the huff.

I can't help it if it's hot
and the bugs are after you.

It's just as hot
and buggy for me!

Sit over here in the shade, and
I'll get it done as fast as I can.

- Howdy!
- How do?

- Trouble?
- Some.

- Need any help?
- Nah,

I just about got 'er
tied and cut.

I could send some help
out to ya.

No need to.

Mister, are we close
to anything?

Matador's about 60 miles on.

- That where you goin'?
- Goin' to El Paso.

Got room for one?


I don't know how far that place
is that you're turnin' north,

but if you don't
tie into some work...

- Haskell.
- Yeah, haskell.

It's only about
a hundred miles or so.

But you go ahead.
El Paso's a good distance

on your way
to the pacific ocean.

I'd be real obliged for aride.

Come ahead!

Are you sure you don't want us
to send some help back?

No need.

Well, thanks for the ride.

Take care now, boy.

Fill er up with regular.

J you can't go
home if you're goin' by the mill &

j bridge washed out
at the bottom of the hill j

j big creek's up,
little creek's level &

j plow my corn
with a double shovel j

jstay all night,
stay a little longer

j dance all night,
dance a little longer j&

j pull off your coat,
throw it in the corner &

j don't see why you don't
stay a little longer j

j you oughta see
my blue-eyed Sally &

j she lives way down
on shinbone alley j

j and the number on the gate,
the number on the door j

j next house over
is the grocery store j

j you gotta stay all night,
stay a little longer j

j dance all night,
dance a little longer j&

j pull of your coat,
throw it in the corner &

j don't see why you don't
stay a little longer j

What would you like?

Cup of coffee and a steak.

Well done.


Hey, Shirley Mae. Yeah?

You and me gonna have
a dance, soon as...

Soon as they bring us
some more beers.

J well, the honky Tonks
in Texas j

j were my natural
second home... j

gimme a couple more back there.

I'm sure they made up for it
in other ways, darlin'.

Oh, stop!

J don't matter who's in Austin,
Bob wills is still the king j

j well, if you ain't never
been there j

j then I guess
you ain't been told j!

J that you just can't live
in Texas j,

junless you got a lot of soul j

j it's the home
of Willie Nelson j

j the home of western swing... j

- hey, you made it!
- Sure did.

I figured you'd drive
right on through.

What happened
to your El Paso ride?

That guy was a funny one.

What do you mean, funny?

Well, you know, funny.
Like funny funny?

Oh. "Funny, funny," huh?

Nothin'd make me run
faster, quicker, farther.

Well, I see you've quit
stealin' apples for a livin'.

Trash pickin', too.

I'm makin' 15 bucks washin' a
pile of dishes higher'n your hat.

Where's my money?

- What money?
- I left some money layin'

right here on this table,
and it's gone.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

The kid took it.

That came by for dishes.

Oh, that kid
didn't take your money.

Hey you, kid.

- Young buck, you stole my money.
- What're you talkin' about?

I'm talkin' about the money you
took off that table back there.

Yeah, boy. There was a ten,
two fives, and some singles.

- I didn't take nothin'!
- It'll come out of your hide

if it don't come
outta your pockets.

I ain't got it!

Wait just a minute.

Let the boy explain.

You just keep shut, mister.

Bite-size? You better
turn out them pockets, now.

To hell I will!
I said I ain't got it!

Hold on, cowboy.

Stand away, old man. This
ain't no concern of yours.

T.j., if you don't
have the man's money...

- I don't!
- Then show him!

I'll show 'im nothin'!
I said I ain't got it.

I don't have to prove it!

All right.

Wait a minute!
I didn't take your money!

I ain't got it. Honest! Look!


Look! It was under the table!

It must be Cal's!

I've always felt

the man without pride
just ain't worth beans.

Course, it's been said,

there's a time and a place
for it.

But not for any man
I'd want to know.

- Mornin'.
- Mornin'.

How far's the main house?

Half mile, straight on.


What can I do for you?

Lookin' for work.

Well, Jim Webster's the manager.

He does all the hiring
when it's needed.

Any needed, that you know of?

Jim'll be at breakfast.

You can catch him
at the chuckhouse.

I'm much obliged.

Let's go, Maggie!

I'll get this, ma'am.

Well, let's see what's to see.

I ain't tyin' into nothin'
for no long time.

I wouldn't worry
about that happenin'.

Whoo! Yah-hoo!

Yah! Yah! Yah!

Get it, get it!


I'm gonna get you again, too!

Morning, Maggie. Luke.

Mornin', Jim.

Here's them snaps.

Looks like it's
gonna be a good day.

Boys are in good spirits.


Jim wants to move 60 head or so

up on sugar flats tomorrow.

Can you have that
windmill fixed in time?

Doolen, old boy, I'll
have enough water flowin'

60 head'll be able
to take a bath.

But I ain't all that
sure about the "or so."

They may only get the splashes.

- Howdy.
- Hi.

- I'm lookin' for Mr. Webster.
- Why, that won't be hard.

Just look for the biggest
belly you can find,

and he'll be standing
right behind it.


We'll ship those hundred head
from the east pen

as soon as the trucks get here.

Well, you want me to, Jim, I'll go
on out there now and wait on 'em.

Maggie can catch a ride soon
as she gets the supplies.

No, there's plenty of time.
You can take her back home.

Dan and I'll meet you there.

That's the one
I was tellin' you about.

What with Andy Colson
bustin' his leg,

I didn't know,
you might need him.

He may be too long in the tooth.




Mornin'. How do?

- Mr. Webster?
- Jim Webster.

Mackintosh. This is t.J.

We're lookin' for work.

What kind of work do you do?

Anything anybody else
is too proud to do.

Whatever there is to be done.

You handle horses?

I have all my life.

Well, we have a full roster,

but there is a couple days' work
you could do.

It's done.

Now, hold on.

Some of the boys
were gonna take a hand in it,

and I had a man coming by
to break these horses,

but he stove up his leg.

Well, I understand.

- I mean...
- I'll take it.

20 dollars a head,
and there's eight of 'em.

Find yourself some room
in the bunkhouse.


- Cotton!
- Yes, Jim?

You and the boys
can forget those broncs.

I got a man.

Make your own time.

Might as well get started.

Andy! Get 'em over
to the breaking corral.

It's taken.

Let's try this one.


That's good.


And broken. Not for long.

There it is.

You're too old by 20 years.

Just make this real tight.

So you keep your insides
from tearin' loose.

What's gonna keep your
bones from gettin' busted?



Come on. Come on.


Get over!

Come on, now.


Come on, you old paint!

Get in, get in! Hi-yah!

J I put snow on the mountain j

j hell on the hill &

j I locked horns
with the devil himself j

j been arodeo bum


J and a hobo
with stars in his crown j

j ride me down easy, lord,
ride me on down j

j leave word in the dust
where I lay &

j say I'm easy come j

j easygo rs

j and easy to love when I stay j

J he remembers the thrill &

j of being a winner j

j the days of the old rodeo

j but the one thing
about winning

- ride him now! Ride him now!
- J' it don't last forever j

j maybe tomorrow j

j things'll get better j

j when the devil
lets loose of his soul &

j he'll be the
all-around cowboy again j

All right, everybody
back to work.

Dent? You and big Tom get ready
to help him on the next one.

Hey, the cook puts out
some mighty fine food here.

Be a shame if you get
done with this too quick.

Come in, coley, come in.

J some do it for money &

j some do it for fame j

j to some old boys
it's just another game j

come in, coley, come in.

J but me, hee-yah! J

j I'm livin' for Irene j

j Irene, my blue-eyed queens

come in, coley, come in.

J I'm rough and I rambled

j I traveled the worlds


J so restless
I just can't sit still &

jbut me, yah!

J I'm stayin' for Irene j

j Irene, my blue-eyed queen j

jwell, I'd like
to make a bundle... &

coley, this is Dan. Come in.

J like to make a bundle &

j like to make a mint j

j want to chart
my own course... I

aah. This is coley.

Whaddya have, pard? Over.

Where are ya, happy man?

At sugar flats, gettin' ready
for a cows swimmin' party.

A what?

I dunno, that's
what doolen wants.

I think he's nutty.

Well, one of ya is.

And I'm not sure which.

Boogie, boogie, boogie!

Listen. If you're not too busy

Jim would like
to have you come over

and take a look at the blades

on the windmill
at the east pens.

What's wrong with "em now?

He's gonna order some
other things this afternoon

from the supplier, and if anything
need replacing soon, he wants to know.

Well, you tell the big daddy of
us all that I'll be right over.

- Hey, coley?
- Yeah?

How do you get away with callin' him that?
And to his face?

Oh, it's just one of those
understandings between men, Sonny.


That was three awful fine rides.
How do ya feel?

Well, I've felt better.

It was dumb.

60 dollars isn't dumb.

And neither is that 100
dollars yet to go.

That last one nearly kicked your
head off when he throwed ya.

He's gonna make a fine mount.

Do you want me to leave
this water running for ya?

What for?

Thought I'd just ask.

You're sayin' it again,
aren't ya?

Uh, get my shaving gear for me.

- You're sayin' it again!
- Sayin' what again?

You know what! You're gettin'
mighty darn personal,

that's all I can say.

I guarantee ya,
that isn't my purpose.

You may be pullin' me along
for a free ride,

but you ain't my old man.

- Hello, there.
- Hi, there.

You must be the one
that saved the fellas

from gettin' their tailbones
drove up between their ears.

Name's coley phipps.


Good to know you,
Mr. mackintosh.

- T.j.
- Real pleasure, boy.

You must be a proud "un.

Old cotton tells me
your pa here done...

He ain't my pa.

Sorry. Cotton said
it was a fair country ride

you gave that first bronc.

I wish I'd been there to see it.

He was a good horse.

Yeah, but how'd
the rest treat ya?

Mmm, nothin's broken.

But them, uh, hinges and
bolts are some loose, huh?

- Some.
- Well, I'll tell you what.

About 20 minutes,
down at the chuckhouse?

The cookk'll lay on
a table-load of food

that'll go a long way to

tighten 'em all up real good.

I'll see ya down there.

Well? What'd I tell ya, Mr.

It was the undyin' truth.

I'm packed tighter
than a miser's purse.

Yeah, cook's tryin' to
turn us all into big daddies

like this old boy. Whoo-haw!

Jim? Do you
suppose we could spring

for a couple o' bucks
to put this lad to work

for a day or two?

You got a job for him?

We was talkin' at supper.

That barn could sure use
some cleanin' out.

You can say that again.

Hop to it.

Purdy time o' day.

Peaceful time, Mr. Webster.

Big Tom told me those two
other broncs you broke

didn't have a Mark on em.

That's the way it's done.

By a top hand, that's
the way it's done.

Is that what you've
got me down for?


There was a time.


King ranch. Back in the '50s.

Place like that, you had a home.

Time came to move on.

Evenin', donkin.

What happened to your hand?

Oh, a coyote
I-1 shot the other day.

He had a bite left in him,
so he gave it to me.

Listen, is the supply house
open down there?

Yeah, well,
Dan'll open it for ya.

I ain't drawed
last month's stores, yet.

Yeah, well, I'll send Dan
with the key.

You go ahead.

Oh, uh, listen. Uh,
ask 'im to pick me up

a couple extra cans of cyanide.

I used all I had
on a bunch of coyotes

I run up to
in the flats the other day.

Did you clean "em out?

No, not yet.

Well, we got some cattle
grazin' down there.

Well, I'll get to 'em before
they become a bother.

But we got some
cows in that bunch

ready to calve.

Well, I wouldn't...
I wouldn't fret too much, boss.

Good trapper, is he?

Well, if he wasn't,
I wouldn't keep him around.

See ya tomorrow.

Hey! What're you doing
back so soon?

I was a grandmother long enough.

I wanted to be a wife again.


I'll meet you in the house,
soon as I talk to Dan.

Thank the good lord
for the strong west wind.

I tell ya, without that, that donkin
stink would've hung around here

for a week and ten days.

I dunno what stinks
worse, him or them coyote pelts

he collects.

But he gets a fair
bounty price on them, don't he?

Well, it don't
make me no nevermind

but I'd just soon
clean privies for a living

as be a trapper.

I'll say amen to that,
and I'll bet 25 cents.

Hey there, boy, don't let them
pictures give you no ideas.

Nothin' I couldn't have
if one 0' them purdies

stepped forward
and said "howdy."

Haw haw haw.

Did you hear that?

Some of it.

You'd think I never saw
a nekkid woman before.


- What is?
- Those pictures.

Maybe a time comes when a man
gets old that that's so,

but I've got a long ways
to go before then.

I'm not talkin'
about naked women, boy.

I'm talkin' about pictures
of naked women.

At least, like ones that coley
fella's got hangin' on his walls.

Well, they ain't dumb to me.


To me, they make women things.

Now, a thing
you use and throw away.

But a woman you hold and keep.

At least a woman amanwants.


Yeah, I got a real snorty
one to start today with.

Yeah, he looks like he ate
barbed wire for supper.

Could be I'm gonna
be his breakfast.

You wouldn't mind putting
this ride off for a time?

Time isn't gonna gentle
that ol' boy down.

No, but I need big Tom and
Ben to move some stock.

I got somethin' else
for you to do,

if you're willing.
You're the boss.

One of the married hands needs
some help with busted fencing,

and I can't spare but one man.

You could make it two.

Shouldn't take more'n a day.

We could figure the wages
easy enough.

You do the figurin',
and we'll fix the fence.

Cotton's waitin' for ya
at the garage.

I'll get right over there.

It binds some.

Hey there, Luke.

This here's mackintosh.

Jim sent 'im over
to give us a hand.

Luke Jenkins.

Heard you rode a horse or two.

And I've been
rode by three or four.

Ain't that the truth?
Gimme a hand with this.

- Okay.
- Mornin', Maggie!

Mornin', cotton. How are ya?

Oh, I can't complain.

Unless it's for not having one
of your meals in a long while.

It's not going to be today,
I'm-I'm-i"m afraid.

Oh, I was bragging on your
cookin' all the way down here.

I-I'm havin' lunch today,
in town with Jenny Fraser.

One 0' these days.

Yall follow me
through that gate there.

Hey, Luke!

We gonna be able
to tear you away

from that t.V. Set
of yours tonight?


I think I'll just let
you young pups

have the town to yourselves.

You're gettin' in a rut,
ol' man.

My daddy used to say, "a rut's
just a never-ending grave."

That's what your daddy said,
did he?

"Trouble was," he used to say,

"most times you can't tell
for lookin' that you're in it."

I just learned somethin' awful,
absolutely awful.

What's the matter, boy?

Well, that no matter
how hard we try

that bartender ain't gonna run
outta this wonderful stuff!

I mean, we can't drink it all!

Put that down, honey,
and dance with me!

Dance? I shouldn't
even be walkin'!

Come on, Molly,
I'll dance with ya!

I wanna dance, too!

Honey, you just sit there
and act right pretty.

Now, if coley was here,
he'd dance with me.

Amy Jane, coley is
not your type.

Oh, I know he's not,
but he'd dance with me.

Well, come on, honey,
I'll dance with you too!


Well, just goes to prove my
timing ain't all that bad, huh?

Oh, looky, here's ol' lover
boy, goin' home early.

But he didn't have as much
fun as we did!

You get tired of hitchhikin'
home at four in the morning?

No, he just didn't
want to keep us...

As a matter of fact,
I have cut my evening short

to ask you boys
a very important question.

- Uh-huh.
- Oh, yeah!

No, no, just, just hold on
and listen.

What would you boys say of a man

who tells his wife he's goin'
on a four-day business trip

and then cuts it to three days
without even lettin' her know?

I'd say he's a man
that can't be trusted.

No siree, he can't!

And a man can't be trusted,
deserves what he gets!

Like a quick buryin'.

Oh, mine'll be with a smile

of pure contentment,
schuster, ol' boy.

I'm sorry, but
I don't think that's very funny.

What's the matter, cotton?

Well, she's a married lady!

Married, she is...

But lady, she ain't.

Amy Jane was lookin' for
a dance with you, coley.

Oh, you know I save the real
choice pickin's for you.

Yeah, yeah.

If I'd have got my hands on him,

I'd have blowed his head off.

Why, he scared
poor Ellie to death!

Sick. By damn, sick.

Peekin' in on people.

He'd have been cured
if I'd have caught im.

I'll guarantee ya.

Cured so he'd never do it again.

Movin' on, boy?

'Nother day closer
to seein' the pacific ocean.

Well, I do envy you that.
I reckon I'll never see it.

Did a fine job for me, t.J.

Thank you for sayin' it.

- Mr. Webster?
- Comeonin.

We're about to head out.

Well, I got your money
all ready.

Say, I'm real pleased
with those horses.


And I would've liked to have made
your stay a little while longer

just to see if you'd ever get
around to calling me Jim.

Much obliged for the work,
uh, Jim.

And I appreciate you makin'
a place for the boy.

Speakin' of him,
you check your money,

and you'll find that
four sixes paid his wages.

Now, when I asked for a job,
I didn't expect you to...

Ah, shut up and get
the hell outta here.

If you ever get by this
way again, stop in.

Who knows? Things
changin' all the time.

And I like workin'
with a top hand.

Take care now.

Take care of yourself.

Jim, it's donkin!

What happened?

Look at his hand!

Where'd you find him?

We was checkin' on
Cal down there in the flats

and we heard him, screamin'
like a banshee up to his cabin.

He nearly took all three of us
apart when we went to get 'im.

It was that coyote that bit him.

Well, get him to the hospital.

I've seen rabies wipe out
a whole herd, Jim.

That coyote's
got to be dead by now.

The question is, how many
others did he infect?

It's a helluva poor
job to offer a top hand.

It's a job, and it needs doin'.

I'm just sorry
I had to get it this way.

Well, it's yours
as long as you want

or until I can offer you
somethin' better.

T.j.? D'you mind putting off seeing
the pacific ocean for a while?

I said I was in no hurry.

I can wait and see
how all this works out.

It's workin' out mighty fine,
so far.

Well, I gotta warn ya,
donkin's no great shakes

at keepin' up a cabin.

It looks okay to me.

You gonna ready up
the place, are you, boy?

Might as well start
right off earnin' my keep.

Yeah, you heard 'him, Jim.

What's that smell?

It's been a time
since I was down here.

I can understand why.

How long do you think it'll take
you to get it in shape, t.J.?

Why don't we just
bury it and start all over?

You go about it
any way you like.

I've got some coyotes to find.

Jim? Might as well get a look
at what there is to see.

Yeah, well, you can keep
these horses to use here.

And I'll ride along with you

and show you the areas
I was talkin' about.

T.j.! Little Tom's comin'
to ride me back to the ranch.

- You tell him I said wait, huh?
- Yessir.

There's cattle all up
through those flats there...

And down into those
arroyos there.

Hell, all around.
The four sixes land,

it spreads 30 miles thataway
and almost 20 this.



Never want for much, you said, and
you'll never be disappointed.


Who helped ya?

Friends of the ones who
helped you get those coyotes.

Nice people.

The nicest.

You know, we got us
a fair amount

of bounty money in those hides.

I can't rightly figure
what to do with mine.

Hey, how'd you like
to sleep inside tonight?


It's fresher than
a cow's breath in there.

Come on, I'll show ya.

I'm never callin' you boy again.

Seein' that you got more gear,
I figure that chest for you.

Then after we go buyin' me
some things,

maybe I could use
the bottom drawer.

That's great.

Take a look.

Hey, you can see through it!

Go see what's to see!

Well, I'll be fried.

Them stains wouldn't come out,
but it's clean.

You got first dibs tonight, but
from then on we match for it.

I'll go fetch some water.

I'll get this.


You know how long it's been
since I had what I just ate?

If it's longer'n 14 years,
you beat me.

- Is that how old you are?
- Yep.

And you never had one
in your whole life?

Nope. And if I live to be 111,
I'll never have one.

Root beer float with
pistachio ice cream? Yuck!

That's nice.
Call me when it comes in

and I'll come by and pick it up.

Be about a week
or 10 days, Maggie.

Okay. Thank you. Oh!

I"m sorry! Oh, Mr. mackintosh!

Mrs. Jenkins.

I-1-i-1 should've watched
where I was goin'.

It was my doing.

Uh, I-I sure hope
nothin's broke.

Luckily, t.J. Was
carrying the dishes.

He seems to have stayed
outta the line of fire.

He's smart.

Bought us a few things
for the cabin.

I-, um, I heard that
you'd hired on.

Little over a week ago.

I'm glad for you.

Thank you.

Uh, the four sixes is a...
Is a good place for work.

Luke, uh, Luke has been there
almost five years.

The owners have given, uh,
Mr. Webster a free hand,

and, uh, he's a, he's a good
and generous man.

Hey, cotton, you're past it.

What are you lookin' at?

Maggie Jenkins.

Is that mackintosh with her?


Well, we better get
those supplies for Jim.

Man, I used to hate this job.

Something about it changed,
has it?

Something's changed.

Well, it's not
the pacific ocean.

Ah, pacific ocean ain't
goin' nowhere.

For a time, neither am I.

You know, a big place
I worked in west Texas once

had a hand who started there
about your age.

As a chicken wrangler.

Couple years out for war

and he came back,
ended up as a straw boss.

Somethin' to shoot at.

Well, what you get in life
depends on a couple breaks

and how hard you're
willing to work for it.

Tyin' on to this ranch
was a good break.

That chicken wrangler.

Did he grow up to be a man called
mackintosh, by any chance?

How come you left
a job like that?

Probably the same
reason you left home.

Well, my pa died and my ma,

she went lookin' for him, and
lord knows how many others.

There just wasn't
nothin' left for me.

When there's nothin' left,
you move on.

That lady in the picture died?

Killed in a car accident.
With our son.

You know, if you think on it,
life would be a lot easier

if you didn't get yourself
tied too close to other people.

Well, I don't know
about easier, t.J.

For sure, it'd be a lot emptier.

Are you gonna read again?

How 'bout a game o' checkers?

Throw a few knives in the wall?

Play catch with some cow flops?

Can I take a look
at one 0' your books?

Help yourself.

How long's it been there?

Little over a week.


Hope you enjoy it.

Want some help
with them supplies?

I can manage.

Give me some extra
cans of peaches.

Maggie. How you doin'?

Just fine.

Oh, the supply house is open.

Thank you.

Howdy, Mrs. Webster.

Oh, hello, Maggie.

You got time
for a cup o' coffee?

I wanna talk to ya
about Jim's birthday party.

I'll stop by when I'm through.


Good afternoon.

Mr. mackintosh.

I wasn't expectin' anybody.

I didn't mean to startle ya.

Not at all.

Shoppin' day at the four sixes.


Spaghetti on your side?

Yes, there's some right here.


- Here y'are.
- Thank you.

People are still talking about
how fast you broke them horses.

Yeah, a couple of 'em
nearly broke me.

Never liked the way
they break horses.

Well, me neither, ma'am,
but I'm sure, Mrs. Jenkins,

that if we had a little
more time

we could figure out
a way to do it better.

Uh. Well, that about
does it for me.

- See you later.
- Bye.

- See ya at the birthday party.
- The what?

A week from Saturday.
Mr. Webster's birthday?

Oh, I-l hadn't heard about it.

Well, you will.
Next to the fourth of July,

it's the biggest celebration
of the year at the four sixes.

Well, everybody's invited.
People come from all over.

It's always a real good...

Party. You-you should,
uh, try to come to it.

Give you a hand, Maggie?

Do what?

Uh, with your supplies.

Oh, I-I'm not through yet.

Well, that's about it for me.

- Anything wrong?
- Uh, what?

Well, he wasn't
botherin' you, was he?

Oh, schuster.

For heaven sakes.

What d'ya say, Luke?

Uh, how's it goin'?

One at a time.

I got another one for ya.

Yeah, I bet you do.

The mill over to glory meadows,

it needs greasin'
somethin' fierce.

Well, 'cause I like you
so much, I'll put you

right at the head of my list.

I'll get to it
as soon as I finish here.

It's just a-whining like a cow
fit to breech-birth twins.

- How you doin', there, Luke?
- Hey, cotton.

- Where you been keepin' yourself?
- Same place as always.

Well, I hadn't seen you
around last couple days.

Miss me, did ya?

Somethin' fierce, yeah.

Luke... you got me down
as a friend?

Now, what the hell's
that supposed to mean?

Well, I've always
figured you for one.

We been workin' together
now for nearly five years.

Why, is somethin' wrong?

Yeah, I think there is.

Well, what is it?

Well, it's personal. It's...

Well, if there's anything I can
do, boy, you just name it.

No, it's somethin' I gotta do.

I gotta do it, 'cause you're
a friend of mine, and...

'Cause a couple of us
have seen it

and talked about it.

You're blind to it.

And because... l gotta stop
it right where it's at.

Wherever that is.

Well, you sure danced
around it, whatever it is.

You wanna get to it now?

It's about mackintosh.

Well, what about him?

Hey, cotton, what the
hell was that all about?

J di-so-do... j

Ah, you've done it again, ma.

They get more fun
every year, don't they?

Not more work?

- Never.
- Ahh.

Happy birthday.

See you round.

All right. Two sloe ginners
for two fast sinners.

- Coley phipps.
- There was a time, honey.

And my luck had me
born too late, huh?

Oh, no.

Hey, now, the lady
who done it all.

An awful lot of help.

Now don't forget, you
promised me a dance.

- I won't forget.
- Okay.

Whoo! Here we go.

Thank you.

Evenin', everybody.

Hi! Isn't this a grand
birthday party?

Well, it's the first one
I've ever been to,

but, well, I've heard
about 'em for years.

It's truly grand.

For ol' cotton, here, and me and
my wife, it's the fifth'un.

Really? My.


To Jim, everybody!

A lot more parties,
a lot more birthdays,

so pretty little things
like you can come to 'em.

I'll drink to that.

Let's go find the birthday man.

Come and get it!

It's pretty good, huh?

When you were at the king ranch,

did you ever have any
dealings with the x.I.T.?

Pretty hard not to.

You talk about
two old-time ranches.

Them, the matador,
and a few more.

They go way back.

You'll notice the end of the year
is marked by Jim's birthday,

not new year's Eve.

Seemed that way to me for years.

Maggie? I haven't
talked to you all night.

- Come and sit down.
- We're just leavin'.

Well, you'll just have
to wait a little while.

Go on over there, and talk
to Jim and the others.

Let us have some women talk.

You 'bout ready
to pack it in, t.J.?

- Anytime you are.
- Let's do it.

We'll say our thanks
and head on home.

I'd call this a birthday party
worth gettin' born for.

It sure is.

The secret to givin'
a party like this

is to have a few like Maggie
here to do all the work.

Well, it's not true, but
it's good of you to say so.

Not true? Just let me tell ya
what this sweet child did.

Mrs. Webster?
I'm sorry to interrupt you,

but t.J. And I are about
to head back to the cabin.

We just wanted to say
our thanks.

Ma'am, I've never
in my whole entire life

been to nothin' what
I've been to tonight.

Well! Theres gonna be
another one next year,

the good lord willin',

and I hope you're plannin' to
be here so you can come to it.

The hereford strain
that started this place

is as pure today as it was
when we first came here.

You know that.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you. Ladies.


Come on, let him go!

Hold it, hold it, hold it.

My god!

I was beginning to think
this party was a bust here!

And you know what
that's for, mackintosh.

Stay away from my wife.

Luke, stop it!

Just stay away from her.

I'll chalk up what you just said

and what you just did to drink.

And I'll forget it.

But if you ever
raise a hand to me again

I'll beat you within
an inch of your life.

And that's a promise.




He's dead.

What happened?

Luke is dead.

Maggie. You said on the
phone there was a fight.

Yeah, I heard them.

They were... they were fighting.

I heard them fighting.

Come, Maggie. Come inside.


Come on.


- He's deader'n hell.
- Cotton?

Whole side of his
head's mashed in.

Well, did he fall?

Like hell, he did.

Cory, call the sheriff.

My god.

Must have been
one terrific struggle.

Drunk as he was, he must've
put up a heck of a fight.

Yeah. It ain't hard
to figure who with.

You don't know that.

Let's ask Maggie.

Any askin' to be done will
be done by sheriff conley.

"Til sheriff conley gets here,
then, we'll do some checkin'

well, if it was mackintosh,
he's long gone by now.

Let's find out.

Cotton. Hold on.

Just hold on.

Sorry, boss.

That ol' boy was
a friend o' mine.

Well, if you find him,
bring him back to me!



- What're you doin'?
- Where"s mackintosh?

- What're you doin' here?
- Answer me, boy!

- What's wrong?
- Where is he?!

Well, he went off by himself.
He wanted to be alone.

Well, why?! Where?!

You gotta ask why?
You were there.

Jim sent us to fetch him.
It's about what happened.

He wants to see himnow?
He sent the four of ya?

Look, boy, when you've
been here long enough

you'll learn that when the
boss says do, you do it.

Now, where is he?

He's down someplace
by the river.

Tryin' to sort things out.

Yeah, that's dead certain.

Things are gonna get sorted out.


Wood smoke.

Over there.

That's close enough.

Not by a damn sight.

That pretty well
shows the answer.

Answer to what?

You shoulda cut
and run, mackintosh!

You couldn't have
figured to bluff it out.

Bluff what out?

You kept your word.

Or didn't you know he was dead?!

I guess you figured
you just cold-cocked him.

Stay right where you are.

Or I'll brain the first
one that steps in.

Like you brained Luke?

Well then swing on
and be damned!

You can't take us all!

- Crazy fools!
- He killed Luke!

- Like hell he did!
- I say he did!

It was coley phipps!

You know, he wrote it all down.

We found it in the pocket
of his coat, and, well...

Couple of you boys, give a hand.

You know, my wife
had a talk with Maggie...

Where Luke got
that crazy idea he had?

Well, it-it was wrong.

Is she gonna be all right?

She'll be all right.

It's just gonna take
a little time.

Are you figurin'
to turn north at 'askell?


You said if you didn't
tie into somethin'

that you was gonna turn north.

I said that, but...

You know, it's been
over 30 years

since I saw the pacific ocean.


We could look
for work along the way

and take our time gettin' there.

I said all along,
I was in no hurry.

J he was all-around cowboy
back in '49 j

j from the top it's been
a long way down j

j since the long years j

j of hard luck &

j started winning this time j

j they rode him high
and hard to the ground

j he remembers the thrill &

jof being a winner?

J in the days of
his first rodeo j

j there's something
about winning j&

j that don't last forever &

jmaybe tomorrow?

J things'll get better j

j if the devil lets loose j

j of his soul j

j he'll be the all-around
cowboy again j