Mackenna's Gold (1969) - full transcript

The gangster Colorado kidnaps Marshal McKenna. He believes that McKenna has seen a map which leads to a rich vein of gold in the mountains and forces him to show him the way. But they're not the only ones who're after the gold; soon they meet a group of "honorable" citizens and the cavalry crosses their way too - and that is even before they enter Indian territory.

There's an old story.
The way the Apaches tell it...

a man was riding in the desert,
and he come across a vulture...

the kind they call turkey buzzards
in Arizona...

setting on a rock.

"Hey," the man says, "how come you old
turkey buzzard setting here?"

"I saw you flying over Hadleyburg,
and I didn't wanna meet up with you...

so I turned around and
I come this way."

Old turkey buzzard says:

"That's funny. I was only
passing through that town."

I was really coming over here...

"to wait for you."

A thousand years ago in the Southwest...

there was an Apache legend.

It told about a hidden canyon,
guarded by the Apache gods...

and rich with gold.

As long as the Apaches kept
the canyon a secret...

and never touched the gold,
they would be strong, powerful.

That was the legend.

When the Spanish conquistadors came,
they searched for that canyon.

They called it "Canon Del Oro"...

meaning "Canyon of Gold."

But they never found it.

Three hundred years later,
the Americans came.

They heard about the legend,
but they called the canyon...

"The Lost Adams."

That was because a man
named Adams saw it once.

Or so he said.

But whether he did or not,
he never saw anything again...

because the Apaches
burned out his eyes.

Everybody knew about that legend,
and a lot of people believed it.

"Canon Del Oro."

"The Lost Adams."

And then for a while there
back in 1874, they called it...

"Mackenna's Gold."

Old turkey buzzard


Flying high

He's just awaiting

Buzzard's just awaiting

Waiting for something
Down below to die

Old buzzard knows
That he can wait

Because every mother's son
Has got a date

A date with fate

He sees men come He sees men go

Crawling like ants
On the rocks below

Awhiff of gold And off they go

To die like rats
On the rocks below

Gold, gold, gold

They'll do anything for gold

Got to have Mackenna's Gold

Take it easy, old man.

You're not healthy enough
to play games.

I know you.

You are Mackenna...

the Marshal.

That's right,
but I don't know you.

Why'd you try to bushwhack me?

Somebody pay you?

- Colorado?
- No pay.

- Nobody pay.
- Then why?

Because you look for gold.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
An old man like you...

going around shooting at prospectors.

Keep that up
and you'll get in trouble.

Besides, if you know me, you know
I quit gold hunting a long time ago.

The only dust I found
was prairie dust.

Never got rich, but I sure got thirsty.

Now you look for the gold again.

Everybody look for the gold.

What gold?

I know this place.

That's Shaking Rock.
No gold around there.

I've been there.

Why you stay with me?

Why you not kill me?

That's what I ought to do.

Give me your word you won't go
picking off people anymore...

and I'll take you home.

No home.

I'll get you to a doctor.

I die here.

Now you have the gold.

But you will wish
you never see this map.

The spirits will kill you.
No laugh!

It is a secret place.

So that's what it's supposed to be.

The Canon Del Oro.
The Lost Adams.

Don't worry.
I won't go looking for it.

Wasted 3 years chasing that wild goose.
There is no Lost Adams.

It is bad time.

Young warriors want gold,
like white men.

It is good time...

for old man to die.

Plenty of time for that.
Don't rush it.

Feel like eating something?

Old man?

Old man.

I wish you hadn't shot at me.

I thought maybe
you were someone else.

Many soldiers.

Sir, you have been most kind.
We are grateful.

We ask no more
of your hospitality...

than the loan of a few horses
and mules, which we need...

and food for our journey.

Also, we will take your wife.

Because if we run into trouble
with the cavalry, she may be useful.

If we pass this way again,
God willing...

I will sell her back to you.

That is a true promise.

Take a rest, Marshal.

We will finish the old man's grave.

We'll make it a little longer...

a little wider...

and maybe
we'll bury you together.

God is good to me.

You remember?

I told you I would come for you,
old friend.

You'll never get back, old friend.

I will find the way.

Put that shovel down
and come talk to Colorado.

Don't move, Mackenna...

or I'll cut you in half.

Come out like a gentleman.

You know, we've been trailing
that old man for two weeks now.

- Where's the map?
- Map?

What map?

I know this fellow.
He's a good card player.

He always remembers the cards.

If he saw the map, he remembers it.

So we have a map, in his head.

I told you!

I told you nobody runs me out.

Now I have you,
and you will take us to the gold.

And then I will kill you.

Hurry up, Besh! Cover him
with some rocks and let's go.

He is a chief.
He was going to Canon Del Oro.

We bury him there.

You crazy? He's going to stink
by the time we get there.

Of course. He's a chief!
He must be buried there.

I should have thought of it myself.

Come on!

Look out!

In the old days, before Mackenna
ran him out of the territory...

Colorado had a hideout
in a little boх canyon.

Now that he was back,
he was using it again.

And that's where he took Mackenna,
his living map.

You're crazy to come back.

You know Judge Bergerman
put a price on your head.

You know, that's funny.

I never lay eyes
on Judge Bergerman.

But he don't like me.

Someday me and him will meet.

And I will take
his head in a basket.


I came back after
that map you burned up.


You can buy a dozen just like it
for a dollar apiece.

Not like that map.

Not like the map
old Prairie Dog was carrying.

But that old man
wasn't Prairie Dog.

Prairie Dog is dead.

He sure is now.

The whole thing is a fairy tale.

There's no Canyon Del Oro.

Old Adams was never there.

Why did you kill Prairie Dog
and take his map?

That's not how it happened.

I know how it happened.

You just got tired of working
for 20 bucks a month.

So you took advantage
of that poor old man.

You bushwhacked him,
gunned him down and took his map.

I'm surprised at you, a Marshal!

Heshke remembers you.

I remember her too.

I can't figure out
how you knew about this map.

This is the only real one.

It was supposed to be only
in Prairie Dog's head.

He was supposed to
pass it on before he died.

Somebody found out
there really was a map.

Two weeks ago, the old man
up and left the tribe.

Why didn't he pass it on?

I guess he didn't know
who he could trust.

See, the Apache have changed.

They're beginning to think
like white men now.

The young ones figure they got
more use for that gold...

- than those old spirits have.
- There isn't any gold.

If there was, it would belong
to the whole tribe.

You're wrong.

That gold belongs to the spirits,
and they said I can have it.

Listen, old friend.
I know you.

You're just like an Apache.
Very stubborn.

These other friends of mine,
they're stubborn too.

Why don't you just take us there?
We'll be partners.

- There's enough for all of us.
- I've been there.

There's not enough gold there
to fill your back tooth.

You've been in the canyon?

There's no canyon.

You don't know.

Listen, you like to gamble.
Let's take a chance.

Suppose we lose?

Well, then we split up and
you go wherever you want.

How? On foot, with my hands
tied behind my back?

I'll give you anything you need.
Water, horses, your guns.


- When what?
- The guns.

When you take us there.
You got to prove yourself.

I tell you what else
I will give you.

I will give you the girl.

What girl?

The one you've been looking at.

I tell you the truth.
Her husband's rich.

You will get a big reward.


Monkey, what do we want?

We want the gold.

Because when we get the gold,
we can buy all the women we want.

Besides, if Laguna don't
show up tomorrow...

it's an extra share
for all of us.

You want Scarface?

Take her.

Take the little fat one.

Take the old woman.

You're going to
have lots of fun.

What do you say?
We shake on it?

All right.

I'll take you there.

And the gold is all yours.

I'll take you there, and then I go.
Like you said.

No gold?


You like Hadleyberg so much?

They don't like you.
That's what I hear.

I'll tell you the truth.

I'm superstitious.

I don't want to tangle
with those Indian spirits.

You're crazy, but okay.

Another thing, you tell
your little boy there...

I want all my stuff back.

Sure. I keep everything safe
for you until you go.

But there's no gold
and there's no canyon.

I make the jokes, compadre!

You're lucky. Looks like
she ain't holding no grudge.

Oh, she was mad.
I think she still likes you.

Too bad I already
gave her to Monkey.

You want to change your mind?

Sleep well, old friend.


You know me.
I'm Mackenna.

The Marshal.

I'm not going to hurt you.

You know me.

It was your father
who made me Marshal.

They killed my father.

They killed my father...

Don't tell any of them...

that you're Judge Bergerman's

If Colorado finds out, you'll be
in worse trouble than you are now.

You understand?

You hear me?

Yes, I remember you.

You came to the ranch once
for supper.

That's right.

I was once.

They say you like to play cards.

Well, yes.

I enjoy an unfriendly game
of poker from time to time.

Off duty, of course.

I take a drink now and then too.

My father didn't hold
with gambling, and neither do I.

Well, I know, miss.
I know that.

I'm trying to mend my ways.

Doesn't look right for a Marshal
to be playing cards.

Now you rest.

Try to sleep.

And remember what I told you.

We start early tomorrow.
Go get some sleep.

You see?

I keep my end of the deal, old friend.
You keep yours.

Better put your belt on.
You could lose your pants.

Okay, come on.

Hey, we no wait for Laguna?

He likes that girl in Hadleyberg
so much, let him get rich with her.

Man comes with flag.

Take the girl inside.

I don't think they're
looking for you, Marshal.

But if they are,
I would like to kill you.

I don't know how I'd get you
to that canyon if you did.

You could with a broken kneecap.
Painful, but possible.

And if you want to collect the reward on
that girl, remember Heshke has a knife.


John Colorado?


Ben Baker!

- My old friend!
- Don't!

Stay where you are, Colorado.

Who's that with you?

You and Colorado together.

Well, well, well.


Some people with me might be,
but not me.

Not with a stake like this one.

No, this is no time
for holding old grudges.

Speaking for myself,
I'm glad you're here.

We can play some poker.

Not with your cards.

Welcome back, Colorado.

And there's enough for all of us.


We know all about it.

We know you've been
looking for Prairie Dog.

We know you got the word
from Besh and Little Hatchet.

How'd you know we were here?

Nobody but us
knows about this place.


I'm sorry, Colorado.

You know me.

I drink too much...

and I talk too much.

They had me.

You see?

Didn't I say Laguna
shouldn't go into Hadleyberg?

It's a big desert.

It'll take a lot of eyes
to find that old man.

And after that, it's going to be
a long way to the canyon.

There's cavalry out after you...

more than you've ever seen.

And a lot of bronco Apaches
on the prowl...

after anybody and everybody.

Probably after the gold too.

You don't know what's
going on out there.

You need us.

One more thing.

You got yourself a mighty fine place
here, but it's a boх canyon.

One way in, same way out.

We could camp outside
till you get awful hungry.

Well, there's a lot
in what you say.

Of course, if the soldiers
catch us together...

you will hang together with me.

If Mackenna will take
a chance with you...

that's good enough for me.

What do you think?

I'm glad he's here.

Like he says...

we can play some poker
along the way.

With respect, move the chief.

It is true that there's
enough for all of us.

But it is also true that it's
a long way to the canyon.

It's a deal!

Come have some breakfast.

Hold it!

He double-crossed me.

You all knew I'd kill him
the first chance I got.

Anyway, there's enough for all of us.
Only now, there'll be a little more.

Only, no more killing...

or there sure will be a lot of it.

You know, Ben...

we've got a deal...

but I wish I could've seen
all your friends before we made it.

What's wrong with them?

These two...

I don't know what they are,
and I'm afraid to guess.

We were just passing
through Hadleyberg...

and I'm afraid we overheard
a most interesting conversation.

Baker was kind enough
to let us join the group.

It promises to be good sport.

And profitable too.

Is that so?

That so?

Good sports.

I know this fellow.

You're the storekeeper
from Hadleyberg.

Does your wife know where you are?

I don't know this one,
but he looks pale too.

What are you?
A dentist?

He's the editor of
the Hadleyberg Gazette.

This one looks like a preacher.

I preach.

What do you preach? Gold?

The word of God.

But you like gold, huh?

It can work for the Lord
as well as the devil.

Why should only the Church of Rome
have gold?

Gold, silver,
idols and corruption!

When I get my gold...

Your gold?

My share.

My share will build
a tabernacle to the Lord.

A temple of the true Gospel.

Maybe a whole string of them
through the territory.

To bring this fellow,
you got to be crazier than he is.

I told you, everybody knows.

You can't keep gold a secret.
It travels in the air.

Anyway, we can use
every gun we can get.

No matter who carries it.

This won't be like
a walk to church on Sunday.

Might get yourself killed.
Might have to do some killing yourself.

The Lord knows what He wants
His servants to do.

Anyway, that gold belongs
to the Apache.

It can be used for them,
to bring them to the Lord.

He makes a good deal with his Lord.

Now we come to
the last and the best...

a blind man and a kid.

I see good enough for both of us.

That old man has a better right
to be here than we have.

Don't you know him?

That's Adams himself.

That's Adams!

You see?

That's Adams.

I see Adams.

I don't see any gold.

There's gold there.

More gold than you ever saw.

All the gold in the world.

Tell him.

Tell him the story.

No, it's been told too many times.

But we're going to take you back there.
Go on, Mr. Adams.

Tell us.

It was the Meхican
that took us there.

The one that was brought up
by the Apaches.

He didn't want no gold for himself.

He was afraid.

Kept talking about
the old Apache spirits.

All he wanted was
a string of horses.

So we gave it to him.

And the way he took us there...

twisting and turning
and mostly by night...

we never knew where we were.

And at the last, he made us
put on blindfolds.

When we took them off...

there it was.

The prettiest little valley
you ever saw.

Sparkling and shining in the sun.

It was just like a dream.

Indians used to live there
1,000 years ago, maybe even more.



The canyon wall had streaks...

five yards, ten yards wide.

On the canyon floor, there were
nuggets all over the ground.

Pure gold!

Gold dust in every clump of brush.

You couldn't put a pan
in the river without showing color.

The first day, we filled
a great big coffeepot...

with just nuggets.

No one could lift it.

We built a shack.

Went to work.

Next thing...

the Apaches were there.

They killed everyone except me.

Then they fixed my eyes...

and left me in the desert.

I wasn't any older
than this lad here.

Tell them about the nugget.

When I got found...

I still had one little nugget
in my pocket.

Just a little one.

$190, it was worth.

Just a little one.

You know something?

You're pretty!

I don't know if you are
a boy or a girl.

If you are a boy...

I'm going to give you a haircut.

And if you are a girl,
I am going to kiss you.

I think you are a girl.

That's Hachita.


Who's going to do it,
your men or mine?

You have more to spare.

We'll cut for it.

But I shuffle.

When we move out, you gentlemen
head straight for the cavalry.

Tell them about Colorado.

- Tell them I'm his prisoner.
- What?

I don't understand.
How could you be his prisoner?

You trying to get rid of us?

I'm trying to save your lives.

Forget about the gold, Mr. Weaver.
There isn't any.

- Get back to your store.
- I don't believe you.

You know better than that.

A man like you
has no business here.

That gold will do a lot
for the whole territory.

Forget about it.
Do what I tell you.

These men have gold fever.

Get out of this.
Get to the cavalry.

What is he telling you?

The truth.
I told them to go home.

Why are you so selfish?
You can't keep it all for yourself.

Did he tell you
that he killed Prairie Dog?

He burned the map, but he knows where
the canyon is. That's the truth.

Now that's more like it.

I never trusted you, Mackenna.

It was a mistake to let the judge
talk us into making you a Marshal.

A man from nowhere. A drifter.
You never were one of us.

I cleaned up your town.

Where's your badge now?

- Did you really kill that old man?
- Sure.

But it was self-defense.

You're a murderer!

It's been a nice, quick trial.
When's the hanging?

What's all this talk of hanging?

We're all friends here.
All partners.

What are you doing here?

Why is she here?

I will tell you.

I will tell you the whole truth.

On our way to meet Mackenna,
when he sent for us...

we ran out of food,
so we stopped at a little ranch.

We expected to pay, but the man...

he starts to shoot.

So we beg.

"Please, stop!"

He's crazy.
He won't listen.

So we thought
the best thing to do...

make her a partner,
give her a full share.

Your father's dead?

But what can we do now?

As long as we live,
we'll never get this chance again.

You mean it was an accident?

I swear it.

I, myself, said a prayer
over his grave.

We can't bring him back now,
that's for sure.

Right, Fuller?

No, we can't.

Right, storekeeper?

I don't know.

I don't know what to think.

This isn't what I expected.

I didn't think it'd be like this.

I don't know what to do.

You can get out of this...

all of you,
before it's too late.

Gentlemen, forgive me.

I'm a stranger here, so I haven't
followed a good deal of this.

But I do feel it would be a terrible
pity if we fell out among ourselves.

Or if we abandoned what
we all set out to accomplish.

We're embarked on
a great adventure.

Something that comes
only once in a lifetime.

So I propose that we
forget the past...

whatever may have occurred,
and all go forward.

He's right, he's right,
he's right!

Why else do you think the good God
brings us all together like this?

It's true, Padrecito?

I have nothing to say to you.

The Lord has His own ways...

and I have my own reasons
for being here.

So we agree.

Mackenna takes us to the canyon.

Sure, we agree.

We all agree to get rich.

You're all going to be

Every one of you.

That's what you think,
and nothing else matters.

Best man your town had
was murdered.

All you can say is,
"We can't bring him back."

Not much of an epitaph, is it?
It's all you've got time for.

You can't see, you can't hear...

you don't want to know
anything but that gold.

You're sick with it, all of you.

I started out being his prisoner.
Now you're all on my back.

There's no gold, no canyon.
There's nothing.

It's just a story this old man tells
to get himself free drinks.

I'll take you there.
I got no choice.

But I'll tell you this:

Not many of you
will be coming back.

There is gold.

I saw it.
All the gold in the world.

Come on, come on.
We're wasting time.

You know...

I'm beginning not to trust you.

I trust you.

Oh, my God.
After all these years...

don't you know you mount a horse
on the left side?

They figured they had only one
chance of getting past the cavalry...

and they had a plan.

They'd got the squaw so drunk
she couldn't talk.

Two of Baker's men were going to
ride her right into the camp...

making out they were
being chased by Apaches.

And while Hachita, Besh and Monkey
were carrying on...

as though they were
a whole raiding party...

all the rest were going to
take off a different way.

If it all went well,
they'd meet up later.

That was the plan.

And with a little bit of luck,
it just could work.

Apaches are approaching!

What's going on?

I can't tell, sir.

We're coming in!

Don't shoot!
We're coming in!

- It's a squaw!
- She's tied to the horse!

Easy, easy.

Hey, where's the sergeant?

Get out of the way.
Out of the way!

All right, let go.

What the hell's going on here,

Pie-eyed, sir.

I'll get black coffee into her.
Maybe we'll make sense out of this.

All right, the party's over.
Get back to your posts.

Do you hear me?

So now they were all together.

The good citizens
and the outlaws...

and Mackenna and the girl.

They made for the water hole
at the old Brogan ranch.

It was the last chance
to fill up before they hit the desert.

The Apaches had burned out the old
Brogan place about five years before.

Nobody ever took it over
because it was too far out.

But everybody knew about
the water hole, and everybody used it.

It was kind of...

neutral territory.

It's the cavalry!

We're surrounded.
It's the cavalry!

I'm John Fuller!

You're making a mistake!

I'm John Fuller!

I'm editor of the Gazette.

I've captured Colorado!

Don't shoot!

I've captured Colorado!

I've got old man Adams here.
Don't shoot, please!

Ride in this country without a gun...

Very reckless.

I knew we could depend on you.


Leave her alone.

I mean leave her!

We're back to the way
things were.

You gave her to me.
Don't you remember?

We're out of water and
she's slowing us up.

So leave her.

Get out of the way.

I'm not much good to you dead.

Has it crossed your mind that you'll
never see that canyon if you kill me?

I won't kill you,
but I'll hurt you awful bad.

So get out the way.

There's plenty of water...

less than 2 hours from here.

You crazy?

Just keep your eye on the dealer.

You're good.

You're really good!

For this, I give you Monkey's share.

Come on, enjoy!

Mr. Mackenna?

I want to thank you.

For everything.

That's all right.

Your father and I never had
much to say to each other, but...

he was a good man.

That's lucky for me.

Eхcuse me, but is there something
between you and that Indian girl?

There was, a long time ago.

After I got the Marshal's job,
I had to go collect her brother.

Then he got himself hanged.

Don't make her mad.
She's kind of crazy.

Why aren't you married?

I never found a man who could
hold a candle to my father.

I guess not.

What's the matter with you?
You like to be dirty?

Show you a new way
to get your clothes clean.

I'll never understand the gringo.

It's your own fault!

You know Heshke.
You know she has a terrible temper.

I'm sorry. If Heshke wants to kill
that girl, she'll do it. You know that.

You gave her to me,
and I don't want her damaged.

I can't watch her every minute.

What's the matter with you?

We've got enough partners now.

This will keep
those Apache happy for a while.

Some scout!

The man leading that cavalry patrol
was Sergeant Tibbs.

"Foху" Tibbs, his men called him.

He knew his way around.

Old Foху Tibbs and his 8 men
just kept following on.

Following on!

After the first day, he sent
two men back to the company...

so they could show
the lieutenant the trail.

Every day after, he kept sending
two more men back...

in kind of a relay.

And he hung on their heels...

fast or slow.


it was five against five.

You two in the back, get going.


Now we can double back
and take them one by one.

That's good.

When they see us coming...

they can turn around and lead us
back to the whole company, 2 by 2.

Of course, they won't hang me.

I'll tell you what you can do.
Send the girl back to the troopers.


Like you said, she holds us up.

They wouldn't be able to keep up
if they had her on their hands.

All right.
You've probably got a better idea.

I have no better idea.

Only, this one better work.

It'll work. I'll tell her.

Sure, you tell her.

- I can tell her.
- I know.


you're free to join those soldiers.
They'll get you home.

But it wouldn't be fair
to leave you here all alone.

He's not alone. He's got me!

I think I should stay, Mr. Mackenna.

Lady, you better go before
I change my mind.

I'll come by for supper
some night, when I get back.

Stay here.
And keep your eyes open.

That gets rid of her, anyway.

You've had a hard time.
You have my sympathy.

Thank you.

Sergeant, you will be able to
help Mr. Mackenna?

Yes. I think I can.

Now there were only
4 of them left.

That made the odds
a little better for Mackenna.

Only thing was, Heshke had ideas.

She wanted Mackenna back now.

Now the girl was gone, she figured
there was nothing to stop her.


Don't make her mad.

Someone comes.

Stop! Now!

Take it easy. I'm coming in.

Take it slow.

Stay where you are.

I've come to join up.

I hope there won't be any
trouble about it.

- You eхpect us to believe that?
- Don't!

He's a murderer. He killed two men.
His own men!

That's right.

That means I have two extra horses.
Good horses.

They'll come in real handy
when we've found the gold.

The little lady here
told me all about it.

I already had a pretty good idea
from the squaw.

All right.
But you're a foolish man.

Suppose we say okay now,
and in the night we change our minds?

Tonight, tomorrow night.
You've got to sleep sometime.

I'll get my sleep.
There's no point in killing me.

Not for one share, more or less.

Besides, you need me.

We don't need you.
We've got enough trouble without you.

The whole army will be out looking for
you, more anхious to hang you than me.

They'll think you did it,
or Apache, and I was taken prisoner.

During all this time that I've been
chasing you around...

I've thought it all out.
You do need me.

You know how much gold weighs?
You especially, Mr. Mackenna?

And how much is there, a million?
More? In raw gold.

There aren't enough of us
to carry it out.

With me, you've got a better chance
of getting there and out alive.

You're right, Sergeant.

You're welcome, Sergeant!

Coffee for the sergeant!

Only, don't forget...

I'm the captain!

A sergeant who kills two
of his own troopers.

- What do you think of that?
- Not a hell of a lot.

Now, be reasonable, Mackenna.

Thank you.

After all, a man of my age
and rank...

there's no future for me
in the army.

Do you mind, Sergeant?

Why don't you stay with
your new partners?

No hard feelings I hope,
Miss Bergerman.

Easy, friend.

Mackenna's too precious to me.

Miss Bergerman, huh?

Could it be she's the little girl of
my old friend, the judge?

We will never be true friends
if you keep secrets from me.

Let's go.

To get away from the cavalry,
they headed for the Yellow River ferry.

They figured they could cross over
on the raft there...

then double back on the trail later.
What they didn't know...

was that the Apaches had
taken over the Yellow River territory.

And there was another thing
they didn't know.

Some other Apaches had already
burned down the ferry.

But they'd been in a hurry,
and the raft was still afloat.

They still had a chance.

Help me!
The current's too strong!

Get out of here!

Damn Prairie Dog!

And don't you go saying
we ought to take him with us.

All right, let's go.

Now they were there.
They'd reached it.

They'd reached the place
Mackenna knew as...

Shaking Rock.

We're here.

Where's the canyon?

Tomorrow. Sunrise.

Who says?

The map says.

You nervous?

No. Just thinking.

When we get into that
canyon tomorrow...

Not "we," Sergeant.

I'm not going in.


You might change your mind.

We both know that Colorado's not going
to share the gold with anybody.

You had time to
figure that out, did you?


Now look. You and I,
we ought to stick together.

The way you stuck to
your soldiers?

This is where the map ends.

I eхpect you to keep your word.

Show me the canyon, and I will.

If it's anywhere around here,
you'll see it tomorrow morning.

I want my guns.

And I want the girl.

- Tomorrow.
- And if there's no gold...

I still get the guns and the girl.

There is gold.

You'll never know, if you
shove that thing any farther.

I'm not in the mood for jokes.

What will you do with it?

Your share, I mean.

My business.

All right.

I know what you think.

One big drunk in every stinking saloon
in Sonora, till it's all gone, huh?

Is that all you think I want?

That's the way
it's always been with you.

Sure, because there was never enough
for what I really want.

But when I get the gold...

they'll never see Colorado
around here again. Never.

Good. Where will you go?


Maybe I will tell you.

But if you laugh...

I won't laugh.

A millionaire in Paris.

That's right.

What is it?

For what it's worth, he says
he'll let us go tomorrow morning.

I don't know what's going
to happen...

but from the minute you wake up,
keep your eye on me.

However it goes, we'll
have to move fast.

Do we have to?

Can't we just see the gold first?

There isn't any gold.

But there was a map. You saw it.
It brought us here.

You said we could see
the canyon in the morning.

I said a lot of things to stay alive.
I'm running the bluff of my life.

Tomorrow morning is the showdown.

But we've come so far!
And then not even to see it?

No, listen!

My father wasn't rich.
After my mother died...

I wasn't only his daughter,
I was his ranch hand...

because we couldn't afford
to keep one.

But with my share...

I could buy a real ranch.

A big one.

If I had your place I wouldn't
be Marshal for 5 minutes.

You don't have to.

With your share, you can
do anything you want.

You like to gamble.
Build a gambling house.

I'll be your partner.

You're out of your mind!

Now wake up!

Your share, my share.
There won't be any shares!

I know him.
He doesn't share with anybody.

I'm sorry.

I must be crazy.

You've done so much for me.

And I'm nothing but trouble.

I don't know why you bother with me.

I have to.

We're partners.

Well, what happens?

I never would have believed it.

I think...

you'll see that canyon
in about a minute.

My guns!

No, not till I see the canyon.

All right.

Look at the rock!

Watch that shadow.

- What makes this?
- I don't know.

Might be a quartz deposit.


Come on!

Up there!

Mackenna, look!

- I'm covered in gold!
- Come on. We're getting out.

- Getting out? No!
- Listen to me!

If we don't get away,
we'll be killed.

We're not staying, not for
all the gold in the world.

No bullets.

I take them all.

- When?
- Last night.

The spirits tell me what to do.

This is Apache gold.

They tell me:

"Kill everyone today."
Even you, Colorado.

You are not Apache.

Don't look down.

Keep going!

Keep going! Climb!

Come on, keep going!

Come on. Just a little further.
You can do it!

Try! A little bit more.

Come on, climb!


- I can't.
- Try!

Goodbye, old friend.
No more jokes.

Bye, Mackenna.

You know I'm coming after you.

Stay away from me.

Find a hole, old friend.

Make it deep.