Machuca (2004) - full transcript

Santiago, capital of Chile during the Marxist government of elected, highly controversial president Salvador Allende. Father McEnroe supports his leftist views by introducing a program at the prestigious "collegio" (Catholic prep school) St. Patrick to allow free admission of some proletarian kids. One of them is Pedro Machuca, slum-raised son of the cleaning lady in Gonzalo Infante's liberal-bourgeois home. Yet the new classmates become buddies, paradoxically protesting together as Gonzalo gets adopted by Pedro's slum family and gang. But the adults spoil that too, not in the least when general Pinochet's coup ousts Allende, and supporters such as McEnroe.

Two lollies.

Thank you.

Hey, give it here.

Hey, give it here.

Hey, Machuca.
Come and get it.

Forget it.
I'll buy you another.

Listen to your girlfriend.
Women know best.

They're in love!
They're in love!

Peter, you want it?

Come and suck it.

Let go of him!

You disappoint me.

You all disappoint me.

What kind of arrogance

has gotten into you?

Look at yourselves.



You insist on acting like

an animal.

It's all about you

and only you.

And the others?

Don't they count?

Hasn't this school
taught you anything?

And you.


You think you can gain their respect
with you fists?

Tell me.

What will you do
after you hit your classmate?

Will you strangle him
until he can't breathe?

Until he's dead?

And then what?

Will you eat him?

And you.
What's so funny?

That's enough.

- Your glass.
- Not the kids, Patricio.

Why not?
They need to learn.

Otherwise they lose control.

That's enough.

When I was a baby,
they'd dip my pacifier in wine.

That kept me quiet.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Dad, will you be traveling
more often?

A bit more often.

Especially to Rome.
The FAO office is there.

- What language do they speak there?
- Italian, dummy.


He wants the Lone Ranger.


- And you want a Neil Diamond record.
- Yeah, please, Dad.

- It's...
- So you want me to turn smuggler.

- It has a blue cover and...
- I could use a pair of new shoes.

- Really?
- Really.

Let's all move to Italy.


Let's move to Rome.

I could easily get a transfer.

Considering the situation here...

It's not all that bad, but...

We'd be better off there.
I'd be making dollars.

Socialism may be best for Chile,
but not for us.

Well, not yet.

- I mean it, let's move!
- Yeah, Mama. It would be fun.

You don't even speak Italian.

Who cares?

- What do you say?
- Come on, Mama!

Mama! Mama!

What is it?

- What?
- There are people outside.

They're hunting dogs
and killing them!

Calm down! It's all right.
There's no danger.

Go watch TV.

Go on.

Your mama'll be right out.


Gonzalo, I hope you have money
for the movies.

I won't pay for you.

- Of course I do.
- When I have money,

I won't spend it
on stupid things.

I'll open a shop.
I'm sick of selling

- in the street.
- I want to be a priest.

Like Father McEnroe.

A priest? What for?

To help people.
Especially the poor.

You mean to help yourself.
For the cash.

What about you, Gonzalo?

I don't know.
Maybe a priest, also.

See? That's two of us.

Are you crazy?
You two don't even go to church.

So? What does that matter?

It doesn't?
You know who a priest marries?

Priests don't marry.
- Yes they do.

God. And forget about sex.
You guys are too horny for that.

Look who's talking!
You're the horny one!

Come on, run!

I want to show you
something wonderful!

What a boring movie!

Gonzalo, look.


Look over here, man.

Stop reading that.
It's bullshit.

And you can't even dance.

White men and Indians
are never friends.

Sure they are.
It's possible.

- What do you want?
- Where's the money?

- There's none left.
- Where's the rest?

Hold it, stay there.

Hold it, stay there.

Come here.

- Give me that!
- Let go!

Let go! Let go!

Shame on you!
Pushing me around like that!

Who's that?


Afriend, right.

Some friends you have.

Know where your friend will be
in 5 years?

Starting college.

And you'll be cleaning toilets.

In ten years,
your friend here

will be working
at his daddy's company.

And you'll still be
cleaning toilets.

In 15 years, your friend will own
his daddy's company.

And you? Take a guess.

You'll still be cleaning toilets.

Some friend.

He won't even remember
your name by then.

- Your friend.
- I think you better leave.

- Your friend.
- At this rate,

you'll just get
drunker and drunker

and in two years you'll be dead.

Don't you dare touch her!

Let go of her!


Go find some booze.

Your friend better go home.

Go on, kiddo.
Go home.

You, go find your father.


Go on, do as I say.
Be a good boy.

Kids and drunks don't lie,
do they?

Sometimes they do.

We praise you, oh, Lord.

Dear parents,

I'd like to take a break
from the Gospel

to discuss

what is happening

here at the school.

Father, I'd like to say something.

The recent violent behavior
at the school

is unacceptable. My son gets in fights
every day. The new kids

are constantly

provoking our children.

Father. To a certain extent, we're all
responsible for what's happening.

Silence, please.
In my opinion,

the blame rests with you,


You're trying to brainwash
our children by mixing them

with people
they don't need to know.

You're manipulating them,
and we won't stand for it.

All parents were informed
in advance

about the measures
the school intended to take.

Those who don't like the school
can leave the school.

Why don't you leave,
you communist priest!

Hold on, wait a second.

The father represents the sentiment
of a considerable group here.

Those of us who want
equal opportunity

and a democratic education
for our children.

Go on, clap.
Father, this madness

will bankrupt the school.

We'll soon have returns
from the farm

managed by the students.

That will cover the small deficit
we're operating under.

Father, you know I donated
30 pigs to your farm.

Pigs I brought from my own farm, which
the communists want to steal from me.

I heard the pigs are dying because
they're not receiving vaccinations!

These things happen.

It's part of the process

your children are going through.

Excuse me, Father,
for turning my back on you...

Look, I don't think
this is a good thing.

This sort of paternalism,

because people don't want

to receive things...

for free, without having done
something to deserve them.

- We've earned everything we have!
- They're hard-working people!

Paternalism is what you're doing,
speaking for others as if they couldn't!

I speak on behalf of

a great majority of people.

Father, what's the whole idea
of mixing pears and apples?

I'd like to know why it is
you try so hard...

Let me finish.
Why mix pears and apples?

I'm not saying we're better or worse,
just different.

When I was a child...

When I was a child...

I lived on a farm

next to San Nicolas.

My father took care of the cattle.

If something happened
to an animal,

it was docked from our food
at the end of the month.

The reason didn't matter.

My father was always to blame.

I came here to Santiago

when I was 15...

because I didn't want my children
to be blamed for everything.

But I can see things here
are the same.

Everything is always our fault.

That's just how it is.

No one will blame you for
not changing.

Sometimes I ask myself,

when will things change?

When will we dare
to do things differently?

That's my opinion.

Save your bitterness!
Get the hell out of here!

Get these Marxists out of here!

- Present!

National Front,
freedom and country!

- Present!

National Front,
freedom and country!

- Present!

National Front,
freedom and country!

National Party flags!

Chilean flags!




Communists, bastards!

Living off the state!

Communists, bastards!

Living off the state!

Maria Luisa.

- Why come if you're not protesting?
- Come on, make some noise.

Okay, that's why I came.

Living off the state!

Communists, bastards!

Living off the state!


Hey, you have to pay!

Pay me, you asshole!

Pay me, you shithead!

Who do you think you are?

Up yours, motherfucker!

Pablo, hi.

What are you doing here?
What if Patricio saw you?

I'm married, not retarded.

You didn't bring my daughter,
I hope.

No, of course not.
See you.

Who do you think you are?

What was that?

She spat on your car.

Hey, you little bitch!
Clean it up!

What's your problem,
you fucking snob?

Look what you did, you scumbag!

Fuck you, snob!

Calm down.
She's just a kid.

She's just a kid!


You fucking little bitch!

Fuck you, snob!

I was sticking up for you,
you little shit!

Go back to your shantytown!

Go back to your shantytown!

You're all fucking snobs!

Go home, you scumbag!

You fucking lowlife!

Your mama didn't look happy.

That was your mama?

Was that your mama?

Answer me.

Your mama is a real shitbag.

The whore.

Fucking snob.




Whore, whore,

Where were you?
Let's get out of here!

What are you doing?

Are you crazy?

They're all dead, Father.

They were sick.

- Pack some sweaters, please.
- Which ones?

All of them.

- Why? It's summer in Europe.
- End of summer.

All of them.

Don't, give me that.
A little girl smoking...

Let her smoke,
she's old enough.

- Just one.
- Fine.

- Your ties?
- Yes.

What are you looking for?

The camera.

Are you taking it with you?

Of course, it's a trip.
Rome, Italy, the Vatican...

I won't be working
the whole time.

4th drawer,
you put it there yourself.

You mean the 2nd.

The 4th, in back.

- Shall I close it?
- Yes.

Careful, careful...

Not so hard, asshole!

- What?
- You bit me, man!

I didn't mean it.
- Yeah, sure.

A kiss of mine'll make it better.

Better my ass, you jerk!

- Get off me!
- You ruined it for both of us!

You shithead! Why'd you go

and bite her?

What have you got in your mouth?
A razor blade?

Learn how to kiss,
carrot head.

Don't tease the snob,
he might start crying.

Give me my bike back.

Don't be stupid.

Give it back!
Give it back!

- Thanks for the bike!
- No, give it back, shit!

Give it back!
Come on, give it back!

Give it back!

Give it back!

Fucking rabble!
Sons of bitches!

What did you say?

What did you say?

My mother isn't a bitch.

Go on, hit me.
Hit me.

My little boy.

Stop seeing that old fucker.

...bravely risking his own life,
the second person to enter the room

as shots rang
from inside the palace,

stray bullets flying everywhere.

Apparently the gun was

a gift given by Fidel Castro
directly to the President.

It is the gun he used
to kill himself.

The inscription, "To Salvador, from
your brother in arms, Fidel Castro."

Where exactly did you find it?

It was in Mr. Allende's hand
when we entered his office.

Hello, Mama? Yes.

When will you be back?

But Mama...


The armed forces
have restored order,

with unanimous support,
after having endured three years of

the Marxist cancer.

Eat your sandwich
and drink your milk

No, thanks.

- Was Mama all right?
- Looks like it.

Both moral and social,

which could no longer
be tolerated.

The armed forces
and order itself

today have responded,

driven purely by
patriotic duty and nothing else,

to save the country
from the unyielding chaos

of Salvador Allende's
Marxist government.

Move on, faster.

Hurry up.

Go on, keep moving.



Faster, keep moving.

You, over there.


Let go of me!

You, inside.

You, inside.

You, smart-ass!

What are you doing
to the children?

This is not a barracks!

This is humiliating!

Go on, keep moving.

Army bastards! Go back

to the barracks!

- You okay?
- What do you care?

Good morning, boys.

- Good morning.

Mrs. Gilda,

you left this
in the Teacher's Lounge.

Thank you very much.


I'm Colonel Sotomayor,

the new Principal
of the school

As you all know,

strange things have been
going on here at the school.

Inappropriate things.

We're here to fix that.

To put everything in order.

So that once and for all, you can
devote yourselves to your studies

and nothing else.

As far as the students
who don't pay,

they should be advised

that we don't want
lazy people here,

nor criminals of any kind.

So we're gonna do
a little house cleaning.

As you can see,
the priests are gone.

And they should be forgotten.

Which means if rumors about them
continue to circulate,

I'll assume you're the source.

Is that clear?



Hang this in back
for everyone to see.

The following students...


Kucevic, Orellana,


and Parraguez,

gather your things
and go to the office.

Right now?

Yes, darling. Right now.

- Where are they going?
- They're expelled, stupid.

Remember, Lord, your Church
spread across the land,

Pope John Paul,

and especially our honorable
government the Junta.

Let your light guide them
as they rebuild

this torn country.

This place is not sacred anymore.

The Lord

is no longer here.

Teachers, have the students
return to their classrooms.



Come in.

How was school?

Fine. Where's Mama?

She went out.
She'll be back later.

And my sister?

She isn't back yet.

Go get changed.

I don't want the laundry
to pile up.

I'll make you a snack.

Get out here,
you fucking communist!

Fucking military!

No, Juana!
Stay out of this!

- Stay back!
- Shut up!

Can't you see I have a baby?

You like flags, asshole?
Go on, eat them!

Hold this bitch!

Leave her alone,
you fucking bastards!


Shut up!

Everyone to the truck!
To the truck!

Turn around, you piece of shit!

Eat it, you fucker!

Shut up, bitch!

Turn around, you scumbag!

Get down, you fuck!
Hold it right there!

All the women in the truck!

Turn the fuck around!

Turn around, dammit!

Where do you think you're going?

No! I don't live here.
I have nothing to do with it.

- I live across the river.
- Don't lie to me.

Get moving!
- I don't live here!

Look at me!

Go on, scram.

You're supposed to die!

- Hi, Lucy.
- Hi, Gonzalo.

...with a friend. We were eating fries
and everything spilled.

On the table.
And they snubbed us...

No, don't step on the carpet!

Over there, please.

Through that door.

Hi, sweetie.

You okay?

Are you happy?

I'll be right back.



In memory of
Father Gerardo Whelan,

In memory of
Father Gerardo Whelan,

Principal of Saint George's School
in Santiago from 1969 to 1973.