Macho Macho Man (2019) - full transcript

[Engines revving]

[Urban noises]


♪ Smooth background music ♪

♪ Triumphant background music ♪


♪ Triumphant background music ♪

♪ Smooth background music ♪

[Commentator on TV]
He's challenged by Everton...

Nunes positioned on the right wing.
Lico is on the left wing!

Slide tackle away the ball...


sets up Tita...

slipped past marking...

[Angelo] Go, Zico!
There comes the goal... Look!

Damn! He missed it?!
Holy Mother! My God!

What a sitter!

Can't you mark him?!
Foul him!

[Carlos snoring]

What a goalkeeper!

- Ouch!
- Stop whining, you crybaby!

- I was watching the match!
- Get out of my way, son...

Hey Amelia! Come and get
the kids out of here!

Stop fighting! Come, Carlitos!
Come with mommy...

- He's hit me!
- It's over, come.

Go on keeping him tied to your
apron strings, and you'll see...

what this kid will become: a fairy!

Angelo! Ignore him, my son,
pay it no heed.

Come here, come here...


I'm going to explain something
very serious to you now.

Pay attention!

A man is a very important
thing in the world.

Thus, he must command respect!


a boy who looks like a girl...

will never be respected,
did you get it?!

What is a boy
who looks like a girl, huh?

Tell me.

He's a freak!


He has a birth defect!
Do you understand?! That's it!

Do you get it?
That's it! Birth defect...

Look! They're showing
the highlights!

[Shouting in the distance]

Go on! Go, for fuck's sake!

Damn! Here, look!

Pass the ball.
Shit! What a team of nancies!

It's yours!

- Come, come!
- Here, here, shit!

[Carlos] Camilo, fuck,
pass the ball, goddamn!

Sergio! Oy!

There was nobody here!

[Carlos] Hey Camilo...
Do something, bollocks!

Holy shit!

Fuck, dude!

[Carlos far-off]
Pass the ball!

♪ Dramatic background music ♪



[Resonant thud]

[Carlos' voice echoing]

[Whistle is blown]


[Argument echoing]

[Hubbub echoing]

[Whistle echoing]

[Cheers echoing]

[Thud echoing]

[Cheers continue]

Come on! Keeper!


It's ours, eh?!

♪ Suspense ♪


Go, go, damn!

♪ Suspense increases ♪



Yeah! Fuck!

♪ Triumphant background music ♪

A toast to Grajau's greatest artist!


Hey, look... the best striker!
Respect, damn!

I was born wearing boots, bro!

I was supposed to be playing
for Flamengo,

earning the same amount
of money those guys do!

Only if you were the toilet cleaner!

- Oh come on?!
- Ball boy!

Ow... I'm sorry, right?!

Gee... Look! Hang on...
let's make something clear.

Alright, I know I have
this seductive macho smell...

but don't feel me up because
I'm in the pussy business!

Fuck, this guy is a freak!

I should've studied Veterinary,
I'd be working with real beasts

[Carlos] Gee,
he's now given to comebacks, is he?!

Look: there aren't any beasts here,
but there's a fairy, huh?!

[Everybody laughing]

[Camilo] Come on, dude,
why did you say that? You've hurt her!

She's crazy about Carlos!

[Guga] Argh! I'm going to spill
a bottle of beer over them!

- Don't!
- Then I'll spit inside it!

Or... I'll stick the bottleneck...

You won't stick anything!
They might enjoy it!

Do me a favour: warm a chicken
drumstick up, I'm hungry!

A-ha! I've caught you red-handed!
Sure thing, Mr Salles!

No chicken drumstick for you!
Your cholesterol is very high!

You're going to have a heart
attack one of these days.

Ah, my friend, I'm glad you arrived.
They're really acting up today!

Buddy, go do some stocktaking,
I'll take care of them!

[Mobile ringing]

What's up, Zeca?

- Shh!
- Yes?

[Sweet voice]
Ow, my love...

I'll buy it! The blue one...
with wings...

Yeah, I know.


Only $20?!

My sweetheart...

I'm off too.
Tomorrow is a workday!

Here you are... Give your blessing
to your next boss!

You're overconfident, eh?!

No overconfidence!
I can recognize a Chevette 78,

from 3 blocks away,
by the engine roar of that shit!

- Thanks, thanks!
- My Uber is here!


Carlos, I'm off too.

Damn, no! No, no!
Camilo, not you!

- What do you mean?
- You're not leaving!!

Look: tomorrow is my turn to
take the kids...

to school early!

Ah, no! No, man!

Are you being controlled
by your ex?!

- No, no... never!
- Are you mad?

Sit the fuck down!

Gloria, babe,
one for the road, darling!

One for the road!

Hey... just one correction:

Glorinha is not a babe...

Gloria is royalty
in this neighbourhood.

Gloria is a princess!

- Princess!
- Prin-cess!

Now, on the red carpet,
the princess...

our Lady Di from Grajau!

Give me a naughty smile!

Give us a smile, Gloria!

You know I'm not obliged to,
don't you?

Look into my eyes...
with all due respect...

How long have we know each other?
Since we were kids!

Tell me...
open your heart:

when you're close
to a hot male like me...

don't you feel like giving
a naughty smile, eh?

I feel like puking!


Oh, little princess
puke over me!

Little princess' puke!

Let me tell you:
Glorinha will be mine!

Yours?! Do you want to bet?

Do you? Do you?

- It's a bet!
- It's a bet!

The winner takes Gloria!
And the loser?

The loser has to French kiss...

the queen, Guga!

Come on, man, the fag?!
No, no!

It's a bet! Chill out!
I'll win!

Kiss the fag, are you mad?!
No, no, I'll be the winner!


♪ Cheerful background music ♪

[Loudspeaker in the distance]
♪ Smooth music ♪

[Male recorded voice in the distance]
Cooking gas on sale here!

[Loudspeaker in the distance]
♪ Smooth music ♪

[Male recorded voice in the distance]
Cooking gas on sale here!

Aww... ah!

[Loudspeaker in the distance]
♪ Smooth music ♪


[Thud and snap]


Holy shit!

Look at his tiny hand!

- Very gay!
- He's queer, isn't he?!


So fresh, eh!

- Bullshit!
- What's that?!


Let me smell it! Shit!
This shit's got a smell of bollocks!

Morning! Morning!

You must be Scheila, right?

- That's right! May I help you?
- Yes, thank you!

[Edney] Look,
Sheila's playing the helpful employee!

[Camilo] Yep! How attentive, eh?!
She's never played that with me!

Jeez! Rolling sleeves up...

[Laughs and chatter]

Excuse me, is there any problem?

No... everything alright!

Dude... Hi! How are you doing?
Question: are you from the head office?

Yes, I am.

My name is Marcos Fontana

and I am the new manager
of this branch, ok?!

Actually, I manage crisis...

like the one left
by your old manager.

I think it's important to tell you
about my experience.

I've worked in the branches
of Catete, Inhauma, Glória...

- Are you the new manager?
- So far, yes!

He's just said so, bro!
Get off it!

I think it's important to tell
you about it,

because your branch is right now
the lowest placed...

among all dealerships
in Rio de Janeiro!

I don't understand...

But with he new management,

I'm going to bring you
from the bottom...

to a higher position!

[Carlos] Greedy!
I want to see if he can bear it!

[Laughs and chatter]

She's hungry!
The new manager is ravenous!

Look: I can handle three of you...

before having breakfast...

every day!

[Holding laugh]

And I want a word with you
in private after the meeting!

Listen, Carlos, I think it's important
to get to know each one of you

because I believe
the success of a team...

depends heavily on having good rapport.

And you... look...

I feel some kind
of animosity here!

There's no "naminosity”
here, boss!

Look, I understand that you are
one of the best salesmen...

and that you understand
more about cars...

than all the others...

Yeah... that's right...

But I also understand the problem
which is you as a manager!

What is the problem, damn?
There is no problem!

That's it! It's your language, Carlos!

I think you can improve
a little regarding it...

What's the matter?
Are you alright?

Ys, I'm ok... I mean, I'm admiring
your Flamengo jersey!

- Is that Zico's autograph?!
- It is Zico's autograph!

Wow! I've got a similar one,
also with Zico's autograph.

Is that so?!

But mine is red and black!
Yours is...

The Club World Cup final in 81!
Zico personally gave it to me!

I've played in Flamengo's under-18 team!

My gosh!


- You're passionate about football?!
- I am!

You've played in Flamengo's under-18...

Man, I thought you were gay.

Can you believe it?!

Can you...?!

Er... I am!

♪ Cheerful background music ♪

[Commentator on TV] We're watching
the match between Flamengo and

Go, go, go... fuck, no!!!

Look... easy!


Go, go, go...

[Man] What's that, my friend?
How come...

Now! Now do it!

- For fuck's sake!!!
- Shit!

Come on, Wandersson...

I want to talk to you, son!

This one doesn't know
how to play!

He's in a world of his own,
looking at he players things. What a fairy.

And earning money, he is!

When are you getting
a decent girl...

to take care of you, my son?

- Mother! Now?!
- Laura's daughter...

- What about the nail polisher, Leonardo?
- That's “black forest", dad!

Why did you paint your nails?

Er… Dessert, anyone?

That's just for the our performance!

Performance, is that it?!

Since when do you have...

to paint your nails to play
in this band of yours?

That's because our band plays...

Doesn't anyone want dessert?

We play in drag.

We play in drag!

♪ Suspense ♪

Drag! Drag! Drag!

[Muffled buzz]

We play in drag!

[Angelo snorting]


[Amelia embarrassed] Er... uhm...
Does drag mean dressed as a woman, my son?

More or less, grandma.
Drag is a man

who dresses as a woman,
but only to perform,

or something like that.
Do you understand?

That's different
from a transexual,

a person who has been
defined as belonging to a gender,

but who identifies themself
with the other gender.

That's not my case.
I am cisgender.

- What is cisgender?
- Cisgender is another thing.

This will pass, father.
It's just a phase!

The thing is, Leo is engaged, ok?

I can see his engagement!

I want to know
what weird talk is that.

To build myself as drag is just
a political act, do you understand?

The performance is a comment
on binary genders.

I'm a cisgender man, but I
transform myself like that...

in any woman I want!

[Angelo] This is a fag
thing in my opinion. I...

Leave the boy alone, sir!
He's creative,

engaged, that's the way it is!

At least he's doing something
good for the world!

Since when is it necessary to be
a transvestite to change the world?


I knew you would not understand!

I'm not allowing the patriarchy
tell me what I have to do!

Shut up! You're grounded and
you're not going to play in the band!

What? Dad, I've just booked
my first professional gig!

- You can't do that!
- Shut up!

And you, you please help me!
You are to blame for this mess!


- Please help me!
- You don't have to do this!


[Hubbub on TV]

[Commentator on TV]
There comes Atletico...

He dominates the midfield...

This one, look, I get this thing
of being a liberal and all the shit!

But allowing your son
to do this gay thing?!


Leo... I'll tell you what...

Listen to your uncle...

I know... that inside you...
there's a guy,

there's a man here,
a great man...

who's locked...

and you need to free him...
Did you get it?

Your uncle's going to help you!

Your uncle is going to take you...
on a wicked night out!

- Aaah!
- You're going to enjoy it!

An exciting night out! Shit,
you know which one, don't you?

- Of course!
- You know it!

Look... He's gonna forget
this thing of transvestite,

of.. of… of faggot,
the whole fucking thing!

When he smells the scent of...

the flower scent...

the wet scent of the flower!
The pollen, eh?

It's a deal! You're going on this
night out with your uncle,

and later you can have
you little gig.

In case you still want it!

What is it?

Now can we watch the fucking
game in peace?


[Commentator on TV]


♪ Smooth background music ♪

[In the distance]
♪ Smooth music ♪

Don't you have a life, Carlos?

Sunday is my day off
from your little group.

I live to admire you, princess!

- Blergh!
- Aw!

Look! Tell this mate of yours

that I'd tell him to go fuck himself!

But I know he's going
to enjoy it, right?

So I'll just forget about him.

- What's that for?
- What?

That! Why do you
treat Guga like that?

Oh, Gloria, shit!
Look... I'll tell you something,

this is getting on my nerves!

We can't make fun of people anymore,
they are offended...

You can make fun,
but you can't be homophobic!

Homophobic, me? Come on!

There are some fairies
I find hilarious, shit!

There's... er... Paulo Gustavo!

Best funny faggot!
And you call me homophobic?

I just don't like when they
get too close to me.

- You don't realize, do you?
- What?

Carlos... the room for old-fashioned,

chauvinist people like you...
is getting smaller by the day!

[Salles choking]

Dad? Dad? Dad!
Oh my God!

Mr Salles is having a heart attack!

[Gloria] A heart attack!
Somebody help!

This is not a heart attack.
It's a stroke.

Neah, he's receiving a spirit!

Wait! That's no heart attack!
Easy! Excuse me!

Excuse me!
Mr Salles...

He choked!
Come on!!!

- With me! Come on!
- Huuum!

Breath! Breath, Mr Salles!

With me, Mr Salles! Come on!

Huuuum! Huuum!



- Dad!
- What a relief!

Are you alright?

[Applause and laughs]

Are you alright?

- Ah... I'm fine!
- Oh, thank God!

[Salles gasping]

What a strong grip!

Yes, it has to be like that,
or else it doesn't work.

- Weird!
- Yup, but it was good.


[Buzz in the distance]

- Good, eh?
- Yep!

Very good! Aah...

♪ Cheerful background music ♪

Daddy's love!

[Blast and shouts]

Holy shit!

Fucking! Shit!

This broken fucking thing, shit!


♪ Suspenseful background music ♪

[Hubbub in the distance]

Hello. Can I help you, sir?

[Carlos] Hi, bro!
Tell me, have you got a wardrobe?

- Would that be only or you?
- Yes!

[Carlos reading]

What's this tattoo about?
Your son?

- No.
- Your... your father?

My husband!

[Carlos whispering] Ah... Fucking
pain in the arse, they are everywhere!

- What?
- Nothing!

I think I have
the perfect wardrobe

for your needs.
What about this one?

[Carlos] What's the matter, man?
Are you kidding me?

How can you suggest this
wardrobe full of flowers?

[Clink in the distance]

- Is this one of sale?
- It is, sir.

$150, deal?

- I can make it.
- Credit card in 10 installments?

Leave it to me, I'm going
to have it sent to you,

just the way you need it!


There's no need for that.

Of course there is!
I'm the one who knows my needs!

- Are you sure?
- Absolutely!

I must try and let go of this joint!

Sweetie, has he had
all the exams?

I'm fine!
Better than you!

But I don't want to die
inside this place,

to spend all my life
serving cavemen!

As for you, my daughter...
you can get this joint!

It's all yours! Do with
it whatever you want to!

- And you, where are you going?
- Where am I going?

[Salles laughing]

- Where am I going, Guga?
- Where to?

I'm going to Bahia!

- Bahia!
- You nailed it!

- Have a nice journey, Mr Salles!
- Come on, Guga!

Let's go, dad! Goodbye,
darling. See you tomorrow.

Take care!

What the fuck is this?!

[Door creaking]


What's going on here?

[Laughters echoing]

♪ Suspenseful background music ♪


- Stop, you fag!
- Huh?

What are you doing
in my house, bro?

What are you doing here, eh?

Get out, man!




[Carlos coughing]


[Still coughing]









[Wind blowing]


[Wind blowing]

[Steps approaching]

[Glass breaking in the distance]

[Dogs barking in the distance]

[Loudspeaker in the distance]
♪ Smooth music ♪

[Man in loudspeaker]
Cooking gas is here!


Shit! What a jerk!
Holy fuck!

Ah... Aaaah!

[Loudspeaker in the distance]
♪ Smooth music ♪

[Male recorded voice in the distance]
Cooking gas on sale here!

What the fuck is this?

What the fuck is this?


No! Ah... No!

No! God damn it! Fuck!

No! No!

No! No!

No... No!


- Did you hook up with the girl, Zeca?
- I did!

Damn, it was one hell of a night!

But then, I banged her so much
that she was dead beat!

Do you know that little woman
from yesterday? I have to tell you!

Of course it's safe, bro!


- I'm telling you, brother!
- The short one is dangerous, man!

- I'm gonna do her!
- She's hot!



What the hell is this?

You have glitter
on your ear, dude!

What's so funny?
What a douchebag!

Bunch of childish pricks!

Old men acting like children!

What? Stop looking,
for fuck's sake!

This isn't funny, bro!

Ah, look!


Did you see his ass?

Up yours!

Fuck off!


Yo, bro! You're
so weird, Carlos!

♪ Cheerful background music ♪

[Carlos] Drop the ball, faggot!
You asshole!

C'mon, damn it!
Go, Edney! Fuck!

Shit! Fuck!

Here, damn it! Do I have to go
get the fucking ball?

C'mon, guys!

Aaah... Ouch!

[High pitched voice]
Oooh... oooh...

- Hey!
- Damn, Carlos!

Damn, how did you miss
a goal like that? Fuck!

The guy didn't even touch you, bro.
Did you fall on your own?

- Stop being a faggot, Carlos!
- Faggot my ass!

[Electrical disturbance]

[High pitched voice]
That shines!


[Chatter and laughs]


I'm joking! I'm joking!

I'm joking, guys!
I hurt myself!

Yeah, I'd better quit!
I'm done.

See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow, guys!

Thanks! Shit, was that necessary?

- We're a player short, eh!
- Let's go! Just us!

Let's beat them!

♪ Suspenseful background music ♪

[Electrical disturbance]

Oh God... What's happening?

[High pitched scream]


[High pitched voice]
Relax, fairy!

[Low voice]
Stop that! Fuck!

Stop it! Ah... Aaaah! Ah...

[High pitched voice] I've never seen such
a beautiful soul in such a hideous body!

Aaaah... aaah! Aaaah!

Ah, I can't control it!
Ah... Aaah!

Ah! Aaaaah!

[Electrical disturbance]


[High pitched voice]
Ah, help!


Huuum! Have mercy on me!

He's stinky on top of that!

♪ Smooth background music ♪



I didn't notice his
house was like this.

My God!
Being straight is one thing...

being a pig is another!

[Deep sigh]

My saint Gretchen...

I'm gonna need you now.

[Finger snap]

♪ "Freak Le Boom Boom" ♪


♪ Ah! Ah! Ah! ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Aaah! ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Aaah! Aaee ♪

♪ Only you, you better all ♪

♪ I shake it up,
cause awh! ♪

♪ I need a man
And my body ♪

♪ Is for you
Oh! Yeah! ♪

♪ Oh why
I love you, baby ♪

♪ All the time ♪

♪ I want you, baby
In my mind ♪

♪ I need you
Te quiero ♪

♪ Oh! Je t'aime ♪

♪ Aaah! Boom boom! ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

I hope he really is!!!

♪ Aaah! Boom boom! ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Aaah! Aaah!
Boom boom! ♪

[Message beep]

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪


♪ Only you, you better all ♪

♪ I shake it up ♪

♪ 'Cause awh!
I need a man ♪

♪ And my body is for you ♪

♪ Oh! Yes! ♪

♪ Why I love you, baby
All the time ♪

♪ I want you, baby
In my mind ♪

♪ I need you
Te quiero ♪

♪ Oooh! Je t'aime ♪

♪ Aaah! Boom boom ♪

♪ Oooh! Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Oooh! Aaah! ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

[Message beep]

♪ Boom boom ♪

[Beeps and clicks]

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

[Beeps on mobile]

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Aaai! Aaah! ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

Mwah! Bye!

♪ Boom boom!
Ah! Ah! Ah! ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Tch tch tch tch! ♪


Gloria, aaah! Tell me,
how's your father?

He's alright! He keeps sending
selfies from Bahia.

Gosh, what a scare I had that day!
I almost fainted.

I want to thank you.
If it weren't for you...

No! There's no reason
to thank me. Come off it!

Carlos, I'm sorry, but...
what kink is this?!

What's happening?

You, lady, are getting
better by the day!

- Each day a new look.
- What's up, love?

- Do you like it?
- You're gorgeous. Kicking ass!

Hey, Gloria,
I'm sorry I'm late.

I was rehearsing my new number,
and lost track of time.

C'mon. Come on in!
Come on in, Carlitos.

- Yes, yes!
- What's happening?

Aaah, so much tittle-tattle.

Well, then tell me everything,
‘cause I'm lost here!

Yesterday, when I saw
Carlos at the nightclub

wearing a Flamengo's shirt,
holding sway and powerful,

dancing like crazy, I said:
"That's not Carlos. It can't be him!"

I was like Gloria Pires:
"I don't have an opinion on that."

And also Sandra Annenberg:
"How inelegant!

Are you not talking to me?"
He wasn't talking to me!

When I saw Carlos coming towards me,
I said: "He's going to punch me."

- But then he complimented my look!
- Carlos?!

You were gorgeous!
And we had a hell of a time.

- Yeah, absolutely!
- A hell of a time!

But tell me, Gloria,
what's gonna happen to this joint?

- With all due respect, right?
- It's ok! I agree!

I've always thought this place
is badly frequented.

Mainly because some second class
folks who sit around there.

- Yeah!
- Look, er...

Gloria, I wanna tell you that
I agree with you, ok?

Those friends of mine
are all so mean.

Low class, awful mood,
low category. Horrible!

- Guys, what happened?
- He's gone bananas! Completely nuts!

- Are you alright, Carlos?
- I'm great!

Er... Do you have any
ideas for this place?

I don't know! I've always had
dreams for this place,

I'm thinking of getting rid
of some stuff,

giving the walls a new coat of paint...
I don't know...

♪ Gong ♪

Hold on, I think I've just had
a vision. Follow me...

Come and view
something with me. This way!

A panel here...

Gee, the fag is a medium!

♪ Cheerful background music ♪


[Loud speaker in the distance]
♪ Smooth music ♪

Aaah, shit!

Holy fuck!

[Message beep]

[Deep sigh]


[Reading] "It was good to
get to know you better.

We should go out more,
Take care, Gloria."


Aaah, Gloria!
How about that, Carlos?!

You're no joke, man!



You're the man!

You're the man...

A small breakfast...

Aaah, Gloria!

- Guga?!
- What's with the empty fridge?!

Like the beyond!
Just light and mist, honey!

I had to spend the means
to prepare this.

Wait. Fuck, what the...

Eeehh! You woke up moody,
did you?

Hey, dude! Wait...
wait! Wait!

I don't know what's
going on, but...

I... I don't like that
kind of stuff, Guga.

Oh, my Lord! Why do I always
like the ones still in the closet?!

In the closet, my dick!

Your dick was definitely not in
the closet last night, handsome!

Just kidding, it didn't even get hard!

Fuck... Wait, wait, wait!

Did yours... get hard?

I'm kidding you, Carlitos!


I only brought you here because you
blacked out in the middle of the night.

Don't joke about this!
Fuck, thank the good God!

Look, I'm just going back there
to fix my face. I'll be right back, ok?

- The hottie of the night!
- Bugger off!

♪ Cheerful background music ♪

What the fuck is this?!

What the fuck is that, bro?!



[Reading] "Mary during the day,
John at night. Better yet, the opposite.

See you after 7 p.m.
xx, Carlitos."


What happened last night?

[Guga laughing]
Oh, my God!

Have I told you that you are
one of the most severe cases

of closet homosexuality
I have ever seen in my life?

- Go fuck your self!
- Kisses, cutie!

[Ney Matogrosso]
♪ "Man with a capital M" ♪

♪ I've never seen a snake's trail
or the leather of a werewolf ♪

♪ Damned if you do
Damned if you don't ♪

♪ Because I am a real man
Because I am a real man ♪

♪ Boy, I am a real man
Boy, I am a real man ♪

[Phone beep]

♪ Before I was born ♪

♪ From time to time I heard ♪

♪ I heard my mother say ♪

♪ Oh, my God, how I wish ♪

♪ this kid were a man ♪

♪ A real macho man ♪

♪ Hi, mommy, here I am
Mommy, here I am ♪

♪ I'm a man with capital M
I really am! ♪

Hey! Wasn't this
a wardrobe shop?

Wardrobe shop?!

Yes, that's what I said!
A wardrobe shop, damn it!

I came here the other day.
I bought a wardrobe, damn it!

That fucking wardrobe full of shit!

I bought it from you, buddy!

That tattoo there,
isn't it your man's name?

Are you crazy?
This is the name of my son, damn it!

What's the matter, huh?!

Fuck, what's the matter?
I want to know what the matter is!

Bro, you're getting on my nerves!

Look, just undo that thing
you did to me!

You put a hoodoo on the wardrobe,
a jinx on that shit!

- I'll fucking punch you!
- Who's punching who?

- Sucker!
- Who's having a fat lip?!

Huh?! Who's the fag?!

Who's the fag, you fairy?!
Tell me! Who's the fairy?!

Scram, go!!!

Yeah, I think... I've got it wrong.

Get lost, dickhead!

Well, I...

have received and reviewed...

your personal reports.

And I have to say...
that I was definitely not satisfied.

As a result, I am forced to

take drastic measures.

The intention is, obviously...

to improve the operation of this branch.

[Marcos clears throat]


What's up? Have you borrowed
your boyfriend's clothes?

- Shut up!
- You look nice, man!

Is there any problem over there?

- No, nothing.
- You sure?

Everything's alright, Marcos!
Go on!

- Can I go on?
- Yes, yes!

I think we can use
our colleague, Carlos,

as our inspiration.

- What?!
- Yeah!

What's this dealership in need of?

It needs an improvement!
It needs an upgrade,

just as our colleague, Carlos,
upgraded his look!

- Upgraded, eh?
- Aaah, scallywag!

And the first step
for this dealership...

the creation of our
“Round the Clock Roma Car”

"Marcos, what's this “Round the
Clock Roma Car”?

“Round the Clock Roma Car”
is a nightly fair

mixed with a party!

We'll call our best clients

and sell them as many cars
as possible.

Excuse me, sir, I don't mean to
be a bother, but I have a question.

- Absolutely, Zeca. Go on.
- This night party...

Couldn't it be a day party?
Must it be at night?

[Edney] The thing is, his wife
doesn't allow him to go out at night.


[Marcos] It's alright!
Let me explain.

Dear Zeca, it must be at night

because at night we can fill
our clients up...

with a secret ingredient,

which is, by the way,
the best seller in the world!

- Champagne!
- Gee!


We offer tasty appetizers,
some glasses of champagne...

and the car is basically sold!

As a matter of fact, I think that
drinking one glass won't do any harm.

No harm!

Carlos, do you want a glass?

♪ Suspenseful background music ♪

[Carlos] Hey, Marcos!
Dude, here's the thing,

I'll go straight to the point.

This thing of...
about the nightly fair...

Shit, at night, man...
It's going to be tough for me.

Aaah, Carlos! Fend for yourself!

The thing is I... I take care
of my elderly mother, right?

It's complicated to find someone
to stay with her...

Look... Irineu mother is also
elderly and he'll be here.

I'll have a real talk with you.

The thing is...

I have a disease
that strikes, like,

around 7 p.m.,
after dark...

Wait, Carlos, everybody has
got this disease.

The name is “closing time"!

- No, it's not like that...
- What is it then?!

Do you become a werewolf
after dark?

Not exactly a werewolf...

Look, pay attention!

I know it's boring to work overtime.
It's boring!

But this collective effort
is absolutely necessary.

The end of this semester must
be better than its beginning.

Look, I won't be able
to help you out.

Is that it, then?

Thanks, Marcos!

[Chatter in the distance]

[Message beep]

[Marcos sighing]


♪ Cheerful background music ♪

Look at her!


[Engine starting in the distance]

[Zeca] Hey, are you coming with
us for some beer before the fair?

Nah, I'm not. I need to sort
something out. I can't go.

Why? Little boss didn't solve
your problems?

Shit, you're fucking annoying!

- A pain in the neck! Piss off!
- Carlitos!

- Hi!
- What's up??

- Hi, Gloria!
- Gloria!

Sorry, I came in uninvited! I came here
as agreed last night, do you remember?

- Umh!
- Hi!

- Hi!
- Hello! What's up?

Yes... sure! I do remember!
How could I forget it?

I've brought everything you asked!
Fabric, sequin...

- Show
- Look at this, it was very cheap!

- Show them to me later.
- Ok. Bye!

Let's drink something?

- Gee!
- Aaah... ah!

Carlitos, I get very excited
just thinking about it!

It was really great!
It'll be a unique place!

It'll blow up, for sure!

I spent the night reviewing everything!
Let me show you what I bought.

- Check if it's alright.
- Ok, show me what we did.

What?! You killed it!
It was brilliant!

- Was it?
- Where's it?!


What's the matter?

Oh, I see...

You shouldn't hide from them!

Go and open yourself up!

If they are your friends,
they won't mind.

[Carlos] They don't have to mind about
anything! They are dying of envy!

Then go! Tell them
and get it over with!

Fuck, so I...

I should tell them that
you and I...

Carlitos, go and tell
them that you're gay!

Oh, boy! That's a tough one!


Gloria, show me... er...
show me what...

what you bought!

All in good time.

Let me see!

Look at this one!

Wait! Not this one, no!
We'd better put it here!

Aw, this fabric is so cool!

I bought it to cover that wall!
What do you think of it?

Don't open it up!
It's going to get dirty!

You know, a car place,
it's full of grease!

- What do you think of it?
- We'd better put it away.

No, not that one!
For God's sake!

Gloria, show me this stuff later.

I'm kind of busy now.
The shop is full, right?

Let's arrange
to meet another time...

- Ok.
- Ok!

- Alright, I understand.
- Do you?

- Let's meet in a place more...
- That's it!

friendly to you!

It's a deal! Cheers! I'm off!

Come out of the closet!



Gee, Leo! Wow!

Dude, I completely forgot about you.
It's not going to happen!

It's ok for me, don't worry.
But dad is a problem

He's all fired up.
I've never seen him like that!

Holy shit, man!

Let's go, Leo! Come on in!


Go away!

Let's go!

Come on in, Leo!

- Uncle, is everything alright?
- Yes!

[Door bell]

- Hello! What's up, honey?
- Hi! Are you ok?

- You're late, eh?
- Ah, Carlos! Just a bit!

- Aren't you happy to see me?
- I am!

You look down in the dumps!
Is that your nephew?

This is Leo. He's the one
in need of a real talk

to become a man.

Well, you've been introduced.
I'm leaving...

No, no! Wait, uncle!
Is this the real talk?

Ah, come on, cutie!
Your uncle is nervous...

No, no! Wait!
I'll be right back?

Look, uncle... I'm not going to
do anything with her.

I believe in personal freedom,

I respect the oldest profession
in the world,

but it needs respect
and and regulation!

Especially because,
in the perverse capitalist logic,

the female body has the
role of reinforcing

men's power over women.

Ok, ok, alright!

Having said that, I'm not doing
anything with her.

I'm going to stall, so my father
gets off my back and it's over!

Leo, man, do whatever you want!

If you want to play hopscotch,
to knit,

making yourselves up,
it's alright! Ok?

Now, I can't stay here.

I'm leaving, and then you...

Shit, Pedro!

It's just to tell my son I'm
standing by. Everything ok?

- When your grandfather...
- Stop right there! Thank you!

Man, knock it off!
Stop being inconvenient, man!

Let them feel at ease!

Everybody's feeling embarrassed!


What's the matter, Carlos?
Are you alright?

[High-pitched voice]

[Electrical disturbance]

[Deep voice]

More or less, I...

Look, I need to go to the loo.

Stay there!


Now I'm going to lock you here,
you sly fag!


[Using all strength]

[High-pitched voice]
Fag, fight, my love!


Just you wait!


[Stroke and groans]

[Using all strength]

[Stroke and groans]


[Deep voice]
Do not do it!

[High-pitched voice]
My creams! My cosmetics!

[Deep voice]
Fuck! Don't do that!

[Stroke and groans]


Aaah... aaah...

[Curtain hooks snaping]


You've just mentioned the most
debated item on the minutes

of our meeting
at the Union of Sex Workers!

- Really?!
- I swear!

- Wait! Are you a member of the USX?
- Regional director, sweetie!

[Carlos groaning]

[Strokes and groans]

Awesome, dude!

My field of study is precisely
union formation process.

No kidding...

[Muffled screams]

[Screams go on]

Shouldn't we check what's
happening there?

- He's acting weird today!
- He is!

Let's go!

[Thin voice] I'm ready, darlings!
Now we can talk!

[Clicking tongue]

Ah, Carlitos, I love it!

I also love seeing you!

You're gorgeous! You're glowing,
inspirational! Lovely!

Really? You've made me so happy!

I'm an expert in bringing people
out of the closet!

- I can imagine!
- No, you don't understand!

It's what I said!
Your Aquarius is in the 8th house!

Absolutely! My Saturn is all out!

- It's evolution, you know?
- It's left no stone unturned!

It's in the age of singularity!

- Take care of yourself, darling.
- You too, ok?

Leo! Wait!

Bye! You take care, too!

I'll be back, ok?
How cute! Thank you!

Don't forget the wheat
germ bath!

Don't worry!
I'll call to tell you about it!

Fortune... in a jiff!

- Lots of love!
- Love you! Bye!

Aaah, Leo! I'm tired!


Miami in trouble?

- Uh?
- The colour of your nail polish.

I don't know anything about
nail polish, but I love their names!

Hey, uncle...

are you gay?!

- It's complicated!
- Bi?

Ah! You don't follow
the binary concept, do you?

- Neither do I!
- Binary what?

Like, I don't believe in labels,
do you get it?

I think each one should live their
lives, do what they want, that's it.

Ah, look, it was much easier
when it was about gays,

dykes, heteros!

At least now,
you make some sense.


Look, here's the deal:
you help me out,

and I do the same for you.

Hmm! Fire away!

Like, you tell my father...

that I'm learning with you.

That it's happened...
and I don't tell...

you know... this!

You snake!

Are you blackmailing me?

Where have you learned this, boy?
Watching soap operas?

I adore it!

Wow, I'm proud of you!



[Glasses clinking]



- Woo-hoo!
- Woo!


What's up, love?

I'm dying to show
you what has arrived!

- Stop press! Is it here?
- Yes!

- My God! Can I debut it?
- Of course! It was your idea!

[Mobile ringing]

- Hi!
- Carlos, this is Zeca. Where are you?

I popped by Mr. Salles' bar.

Popped what? Forget it!

Do you want to be fired?
You're late for the Gay's Fair!

What? Gay's Fair? Taxi!

Guys, where's this diva going?

♪ Smooth music ♪

[Buzz in the distance]

Fuck, Carlos!

Marcos! What's going on?
This party is crap!

Look, I told you
to be here on time!

Shh! I need to work
this out. Now!

It looks like an office
happy hour!

What happy hour?!
We need to worry about selling!

That's the thing: let's sell!

Yeah, Edney...
As I always say:

"Don't call me to sew feathers
on a carnival costume,

don't invite a gay to teach me
how to sell a car."


♪ Suspense ♪

Is that it?!

♪ Smooth music ♪

Look, let's do do what
we agreed, ok?

[Music stops]


Good evening!

Good evening, ladies!
Good evening, gentlemen!

My name is Carlitos,
and I want to invite you...

to a wonderful evening!

Have fun, dive right in,
dance, jump!

And, most importantly,

let's open the wallets!

Because I am here to sell cars,

and I'm not dead, alright?

[Sheila shouting]

Woo! Sheila!
My beautiful colleague!

- Sheila, control yourself!
- Ah, relax!

Beautiful! You rock!

See? She found a way
to show off!


Guys, that's it! Let's dance!
Let's buy cars!

Rock the house!

♪ Let's open the circle ♪

♪ Enlarge it ♪

♪ Let's open the circle ♪

♪ Enlarge it ♪

♪ It's getting tight ♪

♪ Please, open the circle, please ♪

Oh my...

♪ Please, open the circle ♪

♪ Let's open the circle ♪

♪ Enlarge it ♪

[Everybody singing]
♪ Let's open the circle ♪

♪ Enlarge it ♪

♪ It's getting tight ♪

♪ Please, open the circle ♪

♪ Please, open the circle ♪

♪ Please, open the circle ♪

I've got the right car
for your requirements!

It has a 2.4 engine and
multipoint injection system.

It's a well balanced car!

♪ You know how to find me
The desire to see you ♪

Who needs hair when you
have a car like this one, eh?

Imagine his face,

when you drive by looking
like a rich woman!

Big sunglasses, lipstick,

Look at this!
Leather upholstered seats!

Much better to stroke than a man
who doesn't value you!

♪ Let's open the circle ♪

♪ Enlarge it ♪

♪ Let's open the circle ♪

♪ Enlarge it ♪

♪ It's getting tight ♪

♪ Please,
open the circle ♪

♪ Please,
open the circle ♪

♪ Please,
open the circle ♪

I think there are
no more doubts about...

who's going to be
the next manager...

when this purging is over.
Wow! 14 salles in one night!

Well, I know the tricks
of the trade, Marcos!

You tricked me!

Let it be noted that
my gaydar hardly ever fails!

- Hardly ever!
- Tutututu!

Yep! Dudududududu!


Mmm! CrossFit!

Mmm! I used to be a firewoman!
What are you thinking?

Hmm! I'll be on fire, eh?

[Laughs echoing]


[Loud speaker in the distance]
♪ Smooth music ♪

[Male recorded voice in the distance]
Cooking gas on sale here!

"We slayed it last night.
Good morning. Love."

Holy shit! When will
this fuck end?


Don't be late, babe!

[Door opening and closing
in the distance]

Hi, Camilo!

Hi, Carlos! Come here.
I need to talk to you.

What's up?

Look, bro, having fun, kidding,
is one thing, right?

It's quite another to...

Fuck, Carlos, yesterday you
crossed all the lines, brother!

C'mon, Camilo!
I'm lost.

Tell me, you're gay,
aren't you?

I thought we were friends.


- Carlitos!
- What's the matter?

You killed it yesterday!

I'm dying for the next Car Fair!
Look at this!

♪ Let's open the circle ♪

♪ Enlarge it ♪

♪ Let's open the circle ♪

♪ Enlarge it ♪

It has been shared 57 times
since yesterday!

Everybody loves it, Carlitos!

I mean, almost everybody. What
matters is that it's going viral!

Gee, I just realized I didn't tag
you in the video. How silly!

♪ Suspenseful background music ♪

[Continuous shout]




[Still shouting]


What's the matter, Carlos?

- Are you alright?
- Yes, I'm good...

You were great...

[On the mobile]
♪ Please, open the circle ♪

Ah, wonderful!

[Urban noises]

[Cutlery clinking]

[On the mobile] ♪ Let's open the
circle, enlarge it ♪

♪ Let's open the circle,
enlarge it ♪

[Angelo] This song is
forbidden in this house!

Give it to me!

♪ Open the circle, please! ♪

You're a constant nuisance!

Do you know why?

[Deep sigh]

He wasn't beaten up enough!


Father, I've already told you
I'm not gay.

You are a problem!

How could you do it?!

Why you, my son...

Such an aberration?!

Grandad, I think you should
review your concepts.

Are you talking with me?

Do you know that there are
studies showing that...

the more homophobic one is,

more tendency one has to be
an actual gay?

Are you calling your
grandfather gay?

If he were gay,
he would be happier

and would cause
less damage in the world!

- I'm going to beat...
- Do what with my son?!


[Pedro] Shut up, I said!
Look, you, please...

Your tomography doesn't show
anything wrong.

- Are you sure, doctor?
- Mm-hum!

Because I've heard that,

behaviour change, er...

is caused by
a brain tumor or a worm.

Because there are belly worms

and brain worms.

What are exactly these
behaviour changes?

I feel that...

in the evenings, like...
always, every night,

I've been feeling, like...



Doctor, since I came out
of that closet,

I've been acting...
kind of...

♪ Suspense increases ♪

gay, doctor!


That's what happens when you
come out of the closet, Carlos.

♪ Suspense ♪

Undo it, undo it, undo it...


Undo it!

♪ Cheerful background music ♪

[Wind blowing]

[Loud speaker in the distance]
♪ Smooth music ♪

[Male recorded voice in the distance]
Cooking gas on sale here!

Argh! Argh!
Geez, fuck!



Argh, motherfuck closet!

[Bangs and shouts]


♪ Suspenseful background music ♪

[Fire crackling]

[In the distance]
♪ Cheerful music ♪

Holy shit, there's no end to this!

Enough, enough, enough...


Delicious, eh?

Seriously, man.
Look... hottie.

- Isn't he that gay?
- That's him!

Here, look!

♪ Let's open the circle,
enlarge it ♪

♪ It's getting tight,
please ♪

Hey, little queen!

Little queen...


- Are you afraid, little queen?
- She's going to cry!

Are you going to cry, little queen?
You want to die, do you?

- What nonsense is this?
- Are you crazy?

Are you brave with
a piece of wood in your hand?

Do you feel strong holding
a piece of wood?

I'm a faggot, yes!
Bring it! Bring it!

Just because we're gay, do you
think you can just fuck with us?

- Go fuck yourself!
- Fuck off, you jerk!

Ah, fuck you, faggot!

We're not gonna be statistics here,
loser! Asshole!

Are you alright?

Dude, it's like that!

Sometimes, they call you a faggot,

or they throw milkshake at you,
or they...

Dude, relax!

Let's go to Gloria's
to help her.

Shit, like this?
How can I go there like this?

Take a shower, clean off
this strawberry topping!

- Straighten your face.
- No, I don't think so.

Well, it's your call, man!


Thank you!

♪ Sad background music ♪

♪ Happy background music ♪

- Hi, you devils!
- Hi!

What, faggy?
Have you changed your mind?

I've brought some snacks,
something to drink…

for my gladiator...

- You rock!
- My BFF...

So, how's it going here,
is everything ok?

All good...

Are you guys up to go
down to Lapa later,

to see my nephew's gig
with his band?

They play all dressed up,
it's gorgeous!

You should have
asked me earlier.

I have a date with a boy,
he's like 200 metres away!

I won't miss this for anything,
I'm feverish!

I'll go! I'll just finish here,
put on some make up and we're off.

And how can I help?

- Help me unroll this.
- You go ahead.

- Cheeky fag!
- Guga, open up a beer for us!

I'm on manual labor, honey!

[Carlitos] Three boobed fag, look!
Three boobed fag!

♪ Rock music ♪

♪ Dick, cock ♪

♪ Schlong ♪

♪ Penis, prick, johnson ♪

♪ Beaver, muff, pussy ♪

♪ Fearless, coveted,
targeted ♪

Hail the Brazilian people!

[Applause and ovation]


You're wonderful!

Our family's blood is powerful!

Suck it, society!

[Gloria] It's so nice
to live this with you!

- Aw, I love you, girlfriend!
- Aw, boyfriend!


[Doorbell ringing]

- Come in, Leo.
- What's up?

So... my father,
has he calmed down?

No, he still wants to kill you.

Good for me, eh?
They got off my back for good.

Yeah... I see!

Here, grandma sent this for you.
Tupperware with warm food.


Yeah, mom is great!

Is everything alright, uncle?

[Sighing] Dude...
everything's so wrong, right?

How come?

I've been in
the wrong all this time.

Shit, what does it matter who
you go to bed with,

with who you go out with,

who you date, or kiss?

Each one should take care
of their own life!

Each one has their
own thing going.

[Deep sigh]

Finally you understood
that prejudice

is reinforced by the acceptance
of the status quo, that puts you...

Leo, no, no, no...
damn, help me out!

[Deep sigh]

Yeah... it's serious!

But my father is like that,

he only talks about
Vasco da Gama and beer.

He rarely speaks about
anything else.

It's that thing:
men can't do this or that.

- Oh my, I'm tired of this.
- Does he pick on you ‘cause you're a fag?

C'mon! He cheers for Vasco da
Gama and nobody says anything?!

That'd be something to
be ashamed of.

[Zeca from afar]
The faggotry is about to start...

That's all I need...

Look, Carlos, we learn to be
tough skinned

to survive, ok?

And I'll tell you something,
listen carefully:

you should only like
people who like you.

[Chattering in the distance]

[Zeca] Beat the shit out
of a faggot like that.

[Marcos] You guys know that this car
must be ready by 6 o'clock, right?!

Hurry up!

Let's go, let's go!


- Hurry, faggot!
- Pass it to me!

Camilo, here, damn it!

Pass it to Carlos, fuck!

Here, damn it, here!

Close on him, bro!

Here, for fuck's sake!


- Damn it, Camilo!
- What was that, your honour?

- Hey, cut it out!
- Holy fuck! Shit!

Fuck, dude!

Jeez, I was here...

[Chattering in the distance]

Just a light sprain, man!
Let's drink a cold one to cure it.

[Antunes] Rub some arnica,
before the finals you'll be good as new.

[Carlos] That looks ugly!
That's gonna leave a mark.

He's being a pussy!
Keep it to yourself, Carlos!

Pussy, my ass!
This is hurting like hell!

So we'll have to replace you,
is that it?

Let's call Vladimir
from finance.

The guy has a pacemaker.

It's dangerous,
he could die on the field.

Why don't we call Marcos?

- Fuck, in my place?
- What? Is there a problem?

- He played for Flamengo for some time.
- What's the matter, Carlos?

Are you feeling lonely
as the only girl on the team?

Soccer is for men, brother!

Queers play volleyball!

Guys, seriously!

It doesn't make sense to mock
about guys any longer;

And you, Camilo,
you shouldn't say queer.


Because that's prejudice.
You should say gay.

Oh yeah? Gay, faggot,
queer, whatever!

They won't play on my team!

- One is enough!
- Take it easy.

Why? He wants a queer
on the team, doesn't he?

- What is your problem?
- I have no problem!

If that bothers you,

maybe you have
some unresolved issues!

- It's you!
- Why are you so nervous?

I'm not nervous!
I'm cool!

I won't put a faggot on the
team just because you like them!

- No one's altered like that!
- You've changed, man!

Oh fuck!

What's that, Carlitos,
I'm gonna have to save you

from hetero assholes
all the time?

- Is this a trend now?
- What the fuck is that?! Guga?

- So, do you like it?
- Have mercy!

I don't like this situation!
I'm doing the soundcheck

for my number and it's
too noisy out here.

How about you get out of here?
Bug off! Get lost!

- Mind your language!
- Holy shit!

Guga! Oh no, guys!
The bar is closed for you!

Really, not today! What is this?
A freak show?

- What's that, honey?
- You heard me, shemale!

I think you better
walk away, cutie.

- Piss off!
- I'm getting out of here!

‘Cause I don't want
to get infected

with this bizarre thing.

Come here, Carlos,
no pussy in this world

is worth that sacrifice
you're making!

Hanging out with these faggots!

What does he mean by that?

We bet on who
would fuck you first.

He must be crazy about you,
as he's even taking it up the ass

to win the bet. Get real!


Bad, Carlitos! Really bad!

Shit, you blew it, Carlos.

I'll send you a message.

I'm on my way...

I'm just gonna stop to buy some
snacks and I'll be on my way.

[Camilo] We can't have
a queer on our team!

Let's kick him out
and call Zeh Maria!

- He's the top scorer.
- But the guy is a fag, for God's sake!

What's the problem?!

He's into booty. As long as it's not
your booty, that's hardly your problem.

What the fuck, man?

Do you know who's gay?
My cousin Antonio Carlos.

- The asskicker?
- I have a brother-in-law who's gay!

He works at a model agency.

Full of hot chicks and queers!

Are you guys shitting me?
Is everyone a fag?

With relatives who are fags?
Are you a fag as well?

- Of course not!
- You must be, you're a goalkeeper!

- Such a queer!
- Pansy!


Let's go, guys,
what are you waiting for?

Let's go, guys!

- Let's win this shit!
- Let's go, guys!


Damn, Zeca, go beat
your mom, you fuck!

- I'm with you, bro!
- Let's go?

In a minute, there's something
I need to sort something out.

[Camilo sighing]

Gays are getting cheeky, eh?!

They're everywhere, bro!
Way too cocky!

[Electric disturbance]

♪ Suspense background music ♪


[Whispering] Come on, Carlitos!
Finish them!


[High-pitched voice]
Faggy wants it, faggy gets it!

♪ Cheerful background music ♪


- Shit, where's Carlos?
- I don't know, I'm not his mother!

[Carlos with high-pitched voice]
Hello-oh... I'm here!

C'mon! One for the cameras!
Let's go, it's time!

[Gong e tinkles]

What the fuck is this, man?

[Fan whir]

♪ Smooth background music ♪

[Antunes] Carlos...
what's up, brother? Geez!

[Laughters echoing]

Let's go, squad! Let's go, guys!

Go! Bulldozers!

Do you mind, Zeca! Damn!

♪ Cheerful background music ♪

Edney! Here! Here!

[Thud echoing]

[Whiz echoing]

[Muffled scream]

[With thin voice]

[Thump echoing]

[Whiz echoing]

♪ Smooth background music ♪


[All shouting]

[Stoked crooning]
♪ Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! ♪

♪ Cheerful background music ♪

[Stoked shouts echoing]

Aren't you celebrating with,
us, man?

You mean, with a fag?!

I'm here for everybody!

Oh, relax... Are you afraid of a kiss?
What the heck?! I'm kidding!


Let's go!

Go, go, go!

Let's go, it's not over yet!

Ouch, I'm hurt!

We're the champions, guys!

[All chanting]
♪ Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! ♪

Go, kiss it, kiss it!

We've won, fuck!
The cup is ours!

- Kiss it, kiss it...
- Damn!

- Kiss it, kiss it...
- It's ours!

Holy shit!

Let's fill it up with beer!
Beer, shall we?!

- C'mon!
- Let's go!

Hey guys, I'll have two pints
and then leave!

The missus doesn't release you
for the final?!

- I'll make it quick and...
- Aren't you coming with us?

Ah, Marcos! Come on,
let's have a quick one.

I'm coming! I'll just change shirts
‘cause this one stinks.

Bro, stop being such a pus...

Stop being such a ga...
Ah, I give up!

I'll stop being stinky, as you are.
I'm just changing shirts,

my car is over there.
I'll meet you in the bar.

- Shit, I'm not stinky!
- Yes, you are!

Hey, Carlos, my real talk:

I don't give a shit if you like
being screwed.

Hang on, wait.
Who said I like being screwed?

I like screwing and being screwed.

♪ I like screwing and being screwed ♪

♪ I like screwing and being screwed ♪

- Let's go!
- I'm versatile!

Wait, wait! I'm going
to hurry Marcos up.

This enema loving gay will take
hours. Go on, I'll follow you.

♪ Enema loving gay!
Pah tee! Pah nah! ♪

♪ Enema loving gay!
Pah tee! Pah nah! ♪

[Edney] Hey, this one goes to the shop!
It's beautiful!

[Chatter in the distance]

♪ Suspenseful background music ♪



[Wind blowing in the distance]


He's a freak!





♪ I like being and I like to ♪

Did you like it?!

Oh, Carlitos...

Are you awake?

Ow... my baby!

Are you alright?

[Slurred speech]

No, look... no need to answer now!

Ok, I have to speak with my son.

- In private, ok?
- Ok!

- It's a guy thing!
- Yes, I understand.


[Amelia sighing]


of a homophobic... attack!

Right, Carlos?

Why?! Why beat
someone up like that,

just because they
like to screw a man.

That's what you do, eh?

Being... screwed...

that's the weird thing,
do you understand?

But screwing...

who never... huh?

- Dad...
- Huh?

Stop talking shit,
for the love of God.

Son, look, it's ok, you...

That was all very good!

It's made me realize...

[With choked voice]
that I love you deeply, son!

No matter what you are!


I love you very much, ok?

- Dad?!
- Huh?

What happened?

♪ Smooth background music ♪

[Monitor beep in the distance]

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[Beeping continues]

I came as soon as I heard.

[Beeping continues]

Where the fuck are you???

♪ Suspenseful background music ♪

"In case it wasn't obvious,

[With choked voice]
"I am you... and you are me!


Chin up...

be brave...

and dive into the world, Bi!"

[Still crying]

[Deep sigh]

[Exhaling hard]

[From afar]
♪ Electronic music ♪


So, are you going to perform?

- Dad?!
- Daughter!

- Dad!
- I'm back, daughter! I'm back!

- You've changed everything!
- Do you like it?

You've got vision!
It's very nice.

You're so beautiful, honey!
So beautiful!

- I'm your daughter, right?
- I missed you!

- Come, I want to show you everything!
- Let's go, let's go!

[Guga] Go, Nubia!
Kill it with your head-spinning, sissy!!!

Shake, shake, shake, shake!

Shake, shake, shake, shake!

Shake, shake, shake, shake!

The twist from The Exorcist!


A round of applause
for Nubia Pineiro!!!


Go, sister! Go throw up!

That's it, tomorrow she'll
need a neckbrace!


And now, moving on, I would
like to call a great friend!

He's gonna come on the stage
to sing and play with us!

I would like our community
to receive him with love...



[Gloria Gaynor]
♪ "I Will Survive" ♪

♪ At first I was afraid
I was petrified ♪

♪ Kept thinking I could never live
without you by my side ♪

♪ But then I spent so many nights
thinking how you did me wrong ♪

♪ And I grew strong ♪

♪ And I learned how to get along ♪

♪ And so you're back ♪

[Rhythmic clapping]

♪ From outer space ♪

♪ I just walked in to find
you here with that ♪

♪ sad look upon your face ♪

♪ I should have changed
that stupid lock ♪

♪ I should have made
you leave your key ♪

♪ If I'd known for just one second
you'd be back to bother me ♪

♪ Go on now, go ♪

[Crowd screams]

♪ walk out the door ♪

♪ Just turn around now ♪

♪ 'Cause you're not welcome anymore ♪

♪ Weren't you the one who tried
to hurt me with goodbye? ♪

♪ Did you think I'd crumble? ♪

♪ Did you think I'd lay down and die? ♪

♪ Oh no, not I
I will survive ♪

♪ Oh, as long as I know how to love
I know I'll stay alive ♪

♪ I've got all my life to live ♪

♪ And I've got all my love to give ♪

♪ and I'll survive ♪

♪ I will survive ♪

♪ Hey, hey ♪



[Rhythmic clapping]

♪ It took all the strength
I had not to fall apart ♪

♪ Kept trying hard to mend
the pieces of my broken heart ♪

♪ And I spent oh-so many nights
just feeling sorry for myself ♪

♪ I used to cry ♪

♪ But now I hold my head up high
and you see me ♪

♪ Somebody new ♪

♪ I'm not that chained-up little person
still in love with you ♪

♪ And so you felt like dropping in
and just expect me to be free ♪

♪ Well, now I'm saving all my lovin' for
someone who's loving me ♪

♪ Go on now, go ♪

♪ walk out the door ♪

♪ Just turn around now ♪

♪ 'Cause you're not welcome anymore ♪

♪ Weren't you the one who tried
to hurt me with goodbye? ♪

♪ Did you think I'd crumble? ♪

♪ Did you think I'd lay down and die? ♪

♪ Oh no, not I
I will survive ♪

♪ Oh, as long as I know how to love
I know I'll stay alive ♪

♪ I've got all my life to live ♪

♪ And I've got all my love to give ♪

♪ and I'll survive ♪

♪ I will survive ♪



[Woman in the distance]
Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo!


♪ Smooth background music ♪

[Ovation continues]

[Ovation echoing]

[Guga] The show was a blast, guys!
But a greasy burger would be nice now!

Let's go!

- Let's go!
- I'm starving!

- Hey, Carlitos!
- Hi!

Brazil wants to know!
After all, are you gay?


Aaah, I don't know!
It seems I am.

Look, all I know is that
I'm really proud...

of what I found inside me.

Do you know what? I feel healed!
It feels as though I was sick.

Sick from intolerance,
sick from prejudice.

And now... I can see
everything clearer.

With more lightness, with joy.

Exactly! We need to survive!

Look at me,
eating my own hat.

[Guga] It's like that with us, love.
We grab bulls by the horns,

and make them into unicorns.

Speaking of unicorns,
you killed it on the stage tonight!

- Did you like it?
- I was scared to fall over!


♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Aaaah! ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Boom boom... ♪

[Keys clinking]

[Deep sigh]

♪ Suspense ♪

What the fuck is that?!

♪ "Freak Le Boom Boom" ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Only you!
You better all ♪

♪ I shake it up ♪

♪ Cause awh!
I need a man ♪

♪ And my body
Is for you ♪

♪ Oooh! Yeees!
Oh why ♪

♪ I love you baby
All the time ♪

♪ I want you baby
In my mind ♪

♪ I need you
Te quiero ♪

♪ Oooh! Je t'aime! ♪

♪ Aaaah! Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Aaah! Aaah! ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Only you
You better all ♪

♪ I shake it up ♪

♪ 'Causa awh!
I need a man ♪

♪ And my body
Is for you ♪

♪ Oooh! Yeees!
Oh why ♪

♪ I love you baby
All the time ♪

♪ I want you baby
In my mind ♪

♪ I need you
Te quiero ♪

♪ Oooh! Je t'aime ♪

♪ Aaah! Boom boom! ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Me gusta!
Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Me gusta!
Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Oooh! Aaaah! ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Me gusta! Me gusta! ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

♪ Freak le boom boom... ♪

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