Machine Gun McCain (1969) - full transcript

Tough criminal Hank McCain gets released from prison after serving twelve years for armed robbery. Hank hooks up with his son Jack, who has devised a daring plan to rob a Las Vegas casino. Unbeknownst to Hank, Jack is also involved with volatile and ambitious mob capo Charlie Adamo, who uses Hank as a pawn so he can gain control of Vegas territory that's currently being run by the formidable Don Francesco De Marco.

I have in my hand evidence
from Charlie Adamo in California.

Generino Esposito has kept 200,000 dollars
from our California election campaign fund.

- How do you vote Graminia?
- Guilty.

- Ortensia?
- Guilty.

- Bonadias?
- Guilty.

- D'Carlo?
- Guilty.

- D'Marco?
- Though it hurts me, guilty.

You can call the coast.

Charlie? It's me.

Yes it's done, thanks to you.

It was necessary, of course. Wait a minute.

Charlie, we had another death in the family.

- Bye Father.
- Run along now, bye.

The Royal Hotel, where the richest casino
in Las Vegas has an unexpected visitor-

Charlie Adamo, the newly
elected boss of west coast operations.

Adamo, ambitious to add to his personal
fortune, disregards orders from the top...

and moves swiftly to stake
his claim in this forbidden territory.

Wait here.

Hey Abe, you better get out there, it's
a guy throwing up all over the crap table.

- Let me sleep, eh?
- Hey Abe, get out there.

Your joint is burning up.

- Adamo?
- How are you? You looking good.

You know, I love you,
you son of a gun, I love you.

- What are you doing here Charlie?
- What am I doing here?

Looking for help, that's what I'm doing and
you're sleeping, what's the matter with you?

A man is got to sleep.

- Oh, what can I do for you Charlie?
- Hey, look at that sun.

You know you got
terrific weather here in Vegas.

What sun Charlie? What, what's up?

No, nothing,
everything is fine, I got no kick.

Except Masanga's breath, sat next
to him on the plane coming down.

- Murder.
- So everything is Ok, eh?

I'm on top, it's nice.

You know, from Mulberry Street to the top.

Who knows? Maybe I got lucky.


- But I'm up there.
- Yeah, I heard it.

In charge of the whole
west coast now, so what's your worry?

You know what Abe?
We're not getting any younger.

What's on your mind Charlie?

What I'm talking about is an investment.
I'd like to put some money here in Vegas.

Something nice.

You know what they say, they say Vegas
money grows fat and that's right, isn't it?

- I got Joanie to think of.
- Why do you say so?

I'll find a good spot.

Give me a couple of days
to scout out a little.

I'll find you a place.

I found a place Abe, I'm standing in it.
I want to buy a piece of the action here.

Look Charlie, I'm only a manager.

Twenty percent, how
much is it going to cost me?

Not even half a
percent, the owners won't sell.

Well, you tell the
owners that I've made a reasonable...

proposition and I want a reasonable answer.

Otherwise, something unpleasant could
happen to the casino and maybe also to them.

And Abe, maybe to you.

Look Charlie, I'll find
you another, a good place.

But the Royal, forget it, eh?

Adamo not forgetting the Royal...

has another plan ready,
a plan that calls for a specialist.

Hope I never see you again.

You're a lucky guy, full pardon after
12 years don't happen every day.

Here you go, Hank, sign right here
buddy, hope I don't see you again.

Well, so long fella, good luck.

I guess you know already,
Rosemary is out. I got her phone number.

Was worth it, eh?

- What?
- The fresh air, that air cost 25,000 bucks.

You like it?

Say, how does it feel to be
outside again after 12 years Dad?

- Must be a change, eh?
- Don't call me Dad.

Only seen you twice in my life.

- All right?
- Ok, Ok.

I'm Cooter.

- Hi Hank.
- Hello.

- Good to see you, I'm Barkley Mr.McCain.
- Hey McCain, you want a drink?

Hank, I want to show you something.

Look, I thought you'd like to wear
something decent for a change.

I hope I guessed right
on the measurements, how they look?

That door leads to the bathroom.

If you need something, just call me.

Twenty five thousand
dollars is a lot of money.

- What do you want?
- I need you for a job.


But we'll have plenty of time to talk about
it tomorrow, enjoy yourself today Hank.

Here's your dog, buddy.

Looks like you haven't
seen one of these in years.

Hey you, what's yours?

Go on in, show is on now. Come on, let's go.

Rosemary Scott?
This number is the one she gave to me.

No trace, eh? Never mind.

Why you've being so coy about?
Hey, I got it. Baby, you got to hear this.

- Why don't we flip for you, eh?
- Really?


Well, excuse me.

What's with her?
She got hang ups or something?

- How you meet her?
- She works for a photographer I know.

Excuse me.

- Hey, that seat is taken.
- Scotch and soda.

Sport, I said that seat is taken.

What's the matter? You that lonesome?

Ah, come on, can't you
see he's drunk? Come on.

Or deaf.

- Or else looking for trouble.
- Hey, Irene we're over here.

Man, this chick is nowhere.

Look, we all like our little fun
and games, so let's settle right now.

Hey Irene, about before, it's time to pay
rounds, who's going to be baby? Bob or me.

- You know this guy?
- No.

You have something going with him?

You know, a guy once followed me from
Union Square all the way to North Beach.

You know what he wanted?
Summer retirement properties.

Well, that's not what this
guy's after, not by a long shot.

You've a big turn-on for him?

Stay there.

All right sweetheart, let's get out of here.

- You got a car?
- Over there.

I've been in prison, twelve years.

Armed robbery, I...

I'm looking for someone, I need someone.

I don't believe you.

- Yeah?
- Where you want to go?

Where do you live?

Hey, Irene.

All right, go inside, go on.

- There's two million cash here Pop.
- Who's behind you guys?

What you do mean who's behind us?
We've worked on this deal for two years.

We aren't with anybody
Mr.McCain, just us and you.

- Don't get sentimental on me.
- All right, what's the story?

- You know this place?
- Vegas, the Royal.

The safe on weekends worth millions.

The Royal, eh? A new place.

- Who owns it?
- It's privately owned.

We thought of everything, no problems.

Yeah, well, whose
idea was this? This your idea?

- No, we all worked on it.
- I thought out the details.

We need you Pop, we need somebody with your
kind of experience to pull it off, you know?

- It'll be hard work.
- It's up to you, what you say?

Fifty-fifty, plus expenses. I decide that.

- Plus an advance, is that right?
- That's right.

- Yeah.
- Sure.

Jack, can I talk to you
alone for a few minutes? Excuse us.

All right, sit down. Go, sit.

Cigarette? Something wrong?

Who are those two slobs out there?

- Cooter and Barkley.
- Cooter and Barkley?

- They're good.
- They're bums.

They're punks,
they're fags, they're fringe nothings.

- Now, whose idea was this?
- It was mine.

- It's good.
- Thank you.

What do you do? Sell women?

You sell marijuana? What do you do?
Where you get the 25,000?

I wouldn't give you 25 cents.

What do you do? You go out
and you hustle yourself all over the street.

Small time, no dignity.

You don't beg.

That's why Hank I need this chance.
I got tired of being small change.

You're going to
be small change all your life.

All right kid, I like the plan.

I'll do it, my way. And I don't want those
two Hollywood fags standing in my way either.

And I, I want an advance, I need the money.

- It's all ready.
- Go get it.

Hey, don't worry your daddy is here.

- Well?
- Everything is ok.

Well, this will do for now.
I'll need more, I'll call you.

So long boys.


Twelve years in prison,
I still get a kick out of these lights.

- They beautiful.
- Not beautiful, they're cheap.

It's an attraction, for sad, fat
businessmen begging for more money.

For hustlers,
for thieves, for pimps, I love it.

Hank, I love you.

- What's that? The Royal?
- Yeah.

It's a new place, I love new places.

Come on, let's see it. Seven.

You kick.

- A hundred dollars in fives please.
- Harry, cash them.

- Coming out, coming out, clear the decks.
- Your shooter is coming out, there you go.

Hey, one minute.

- Irene.
- Yes?

Here, you do it.

- How do you want it?
- How do we want it?

- Fives, fives. Make it fives.
- In fives.


Thank you.

No more bets please.
No more bets, all bets clear.

Nine black the winner, nine black.

- What's wrong?
- I just thinking all this dough.

- Last six.
- Hey, give me a match?

All right folks, place your
bets, ball is rolling. No more bets.

- Thanks.
- Anytime.

Good, that's 500 dollars.

I need some chips honey.

- There.
- Thank you.

- You all right?
- Yes,

He's a real millionaire.

I'm going to take this place for
2 million dollars, understand, see?

All right, let's go, come on.

- Happy birthday sir.
- What the hell are you doing here?

Happy birthday Mr.Adamo.

- What do you want?
- I tried your office, I had to talk to you.

He went for it. My old man, he went for it.

He wanted to know if I was
covering for anyone else, that's all.

Well, he's not stupid.

Now, don't worry about me
Mr. Adamo, I'm on top of this all the way.

- How old are you?
- Twenty.

Just do the right thing and I'll
take care of you pretty good.

You don't talk to me.
From now on, you talk to Duke.

We don't know each other, you understand?

- Now, get out of here.
- Ok.

Your roll, here we go, getting
hot and heavy. The lady is hot.

- Come on.
- New shooter coming out.

It's seven for the lady, who's betting next?

Come on folks, don't
be shy, the lady is luck.

All that mine?

Another one, all right, here we go.

- And you, what did you tell Adamo?
- What could I say?

I certainly couldn't tell him you
three are the real owners of the Royal.

Go on, what did he say to you
when you turned him down?

He made threats.

Maybe it's a mistake to keep
Adamo in the dark about the Royal.

You know uncle, we...

You just operate the Royal so no
one finds out who owns it, it's best, eh?

Ah, grazie, thanks Abe.

We all appreciate very
much your loyal behavior.

Ah bravo, now enjoy a night in New York.

Pete, take Mr. Stilberman back downtown
and show him around the best places.

- Goodbye sir.
- Goodbye.

So long Abe.

Francesco, Carlo, now I want your advice.

Hey Charlie, what are you waiting for?

What am I waiting for?
I'm waiting for a priest.

Come on Charlie.

Hey Charlie, Charlie.

- Charlie.
- Hold it, one second.

- Can I see you for a minute?
- Yeah. Alright, I'll be with you one minute.

Yeah, sure.

Pretty good, isn't he?

I think he's a lunatic.

What are you doing here?

I just heard you're going to
have company, arriving from New York.

Don Francesco.

Ah, come on Charlie.
I just don't have the time.

Wait just a minute, will you?

- When?
- This evening.

- Why?
- Didn't say.

- Charlie, I got a 3 o'clock appointment.
- Relax a second.

- Forget that, will you? Do it later.
- No, I'm going to do it now.

You have any idea why?

No, I don't have any idea.
What do you think I am Mandrake?

The only thing I know is that I
don't like it, he don't call, nothing.

He just comes. What's that supposed to mean?

Things here on the west coast couldn't
be better, must be a routine check.

The hell is he
coming here for without warning?

Come on Charlie, you're going to talk or box?
I want some fun, so come on.

You said they would be on time, didn't you?
I told you this would happen.

They're always late, you know that.

Who the hell do they think they are?

Next time you'll listen to me
and we'll leave the house an hour later.

You need a haircut.

- Charlie, I'm serious.
- So am I, shut up.

- Really?
- Frank.

- How are you Charlie?
- Ah, breaking even.

- How are you?
- Fine, thanks.

Margaret, nice to see you. Welcome to Frisco.

- Hello Joanie.
- Hello Margaret.

- Hello.
- How lovely to see you.

- What an elegant tuxedo.
- Really? Do you like it?

What do you call this? Pair of pajamas?

- Your wife has good taste in men Charlie.
- She's got good taste in money too.

- She likes it green.
- Well, green is a good color.

- The best.
- Nice to see you again Mrs. Adamo.

- Joanie.
- Ok, Joanie.

♪ Soon, I know you're bound to come ♪

♪ Come soon, soon, soon ♪

So, how's things in New York Frank?

Smooth as oil.

In New York.

Charlie, why don't we take them
somewhere more amusing? Like the bocce ball.

- It's fun at the bocce ball.
- I'm sure you're tired and want to go home.

Charlie and I have to talk about business,
boring business, see you in an hour Charlie.

In your office.

When I was a boy I remember
my father used to sing O Sole Mio...

and I used to accompany him like this.

Delicious. Well, now to business?

Abe Stilberman,
he manages the Royal in Vegas.

I'm sure you remember him.

Well, the other day came
to New York just to tell us...

someone had gone to him
with a deal concerning his place.

What do you know about it Charlie?

- Well, what did he tell you? Exactly.
- That you threatened him like an Al Capone.

- And he got the best of you.
- I never threatened him.

Listen, when we gave you the 6 western states
you were told to lay off Vegas and Reno...

and not to go without asking us, right?

Right, so...

what gave you the idea you could
stick your nose into Abe's place?

The Royal is ours and by ours, I mean...

Don Salvatore's, mine and a few others.

Do you think we want
an ape like you for a partner?

When I took over the west coast,
it was full of apes...

and the operation was in the toilet.

Now, I straightened it out. Me, nobody else.

Now I'm taking heat. Why? For what?

How the hell do I run this district
if I'm left in the dark?

What's the matter?
I can't make an investment?

I'm not allowed to make a dollar?
I ain't got that right?

When someone talks to us about rights...

he ends up like Generino Esposito, you know?

And with me, you don't raise your voice.

Frank, Frank listen, I thought the
Royal belongs to the competition.

- I don't know that you're involved.
- I always pushed you.

But this time, it's up
to the disciplinary council.

Listen Frank, I'm sorry.

- But I thought it was open...
- You shouldn't think.

Stay away from Vegas Charlie.
I don't want to have to tell you again.

Will you love her and comfort her, honor
and keep her in sickness and in health?

Do me a favor, will you? Screw off.

Here, take care.

Well, Hank and Irene...

you have consented to gather in holy wedlock
and have witnesses before others, amen.

Kiss her.


There's a man over there waiting for you.

I've been looking for you
in every place in this town.

I'm Johnny Rocco, your son Jack and
his friends were the ones who sent me here.

You better call them
Mr. McCain, I don't know why exactly...

but something went wrong
with the plan, there's a little change.

You better call them Mr. McCain.

- Well, what is it?
- He rented a car and left with a girl.

- Where they go?
- Rocco didn't know.

What you mean he didn't know?
How can he not know?

What the hell are we paying him for? Eh? Eh?

Easy Charlie, easy.

You think something is happened?
Don't worry, he got the order.

Tells me his old man is Ok, tells me
there's nothing to worry about.

But he'll be on his way here,
Mr. Adamo, right where you want him.

Watch him.

Keep him here, no women, no liquor.

You understand?

Listen Charlie. You can trust Hank. He's ok.

You've taken care of everything.

- Stop it Charlie.
- Crazy.

You better cool it.

You know, Rosemary is out.
Got a joint called the Anchor on Main Street.

What's on your mind?

- Thinking about going back into action?
- Yeah. I don't know.

You're not throwing
in with that son of yours?

What's wrong with my son?

Years ago we'd soon starve
than throw in with the likes of him.

You know, you're ignorant.

You're really ignorant.

- Who is he work for?
- Charlie Adamo, who else?

Adamo runs the whole west coast now.

- I want a machine gun.
- What?

You heard me.


No, it's 9 o'clock,
and that nut hasn't phoned yet.

Your gun is better off in my pocket, eh?

His dad put on a good
act, I'll say that for him.

I don't think he was acting.

What if the call doesn't come in?

Why shouldn't it?

Well, all I know is if Mr. Adamo tells me to.

I got to do it.

And you know, it's a pity at your
age not to be able to make it anymore.

You know Jack,
sometimes people bleed to death.

Go to hell, you make me sick.

You just better pray he calls.

- Tell me where you're going.
- No.



Hank? Hank, where the hell are you?
You got to come back here Hank.

Hank, help me.

I don't care about your problems. I'll give
it to you once and I'll give it to you slow.

The address is Daly City,
it's near Freedom Crossing.

It's a big construction company
called ACME, you can't miss it.

Now, you be there alone.

You be there by 10:30 sharp,
otherwise I won't be there.

Ok sonny? Bye-bye.



- Where are you?
- I'm here baby booby.

Let's hear about Charlie Adamo Jack.

What orders did he give you?

- He gave you 25,000 dollars, didn't he?
- Listen Hank...

There's no time to explain.

The Royal job is off, you and have I to...

The orders that he gives
you sonny boy, don't concern me.

You're a wonderful kid Jack, just wonderful.

Wonderful boy.
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Forget the Royal, is no longer our job.

- Hank, believe me.
- You're a stupid slob Jack.

Watch yourself, Cooter and Barkley
are waiting outside for you to come out.

- I couldn't shake them.
- Now, why should that be my problem?

It's not my problem, it's your problem.

- Waiting outside for both of us.
- No, not me.

But they said only you.
Why should they want me too?

Hank, what will we do?

Scream, scream.



Everything all right?
I said, everything all right dumbo?

- Yes fine, hard to get, but I made it.
- Ok, get your little tail out of here.


Everybody around here
does as he goddamn pleases.

Well, I've had it. I've had it up to here.

Everybody is got
something to say, talk, talk, talk.

- But nobody tells me who owns the Royal.
- I didn't know, you know that.

I'm in trouble right with you Charlie.

I'm so close to the top I can smell it.

Come in.

Mr. D'Marco is here to see you.

I thought he went back
to New York this morning.

- Hey Frank, how are you?
- Hi Charlie.

You should've called me,
I would've sent a car.

Don't worry, it's such a pleasure
for me to walk in California.

- How are you Masanga?
- Fine Don Francesco.

- May I?
- Please.

I don't know why this city
must make me feel younger.

I got up real early this morning.

You know what I thought Charlie?

Why don't we all hop
over to Las Vegas? All right Charlie?

It'll be a good idea to make
peace with Abe. You too Masanga.

I know you like the place,
so here's your chance to see it again.

Oh, I know what you like.

- Thank you. Are you avoiding us?
- No, Joanie.

- You're blinding tonight, how are you?
- Just fine and you?

I feel marvelous. I just spent a very
amusing afternoon going around Las Vegas.

- I also won $2,000 shooting craps.
- Fantastic.

- Best of luck to you Don Francesco.
- And to you.

Abe? Excuse us.


Find a phone and call the kid's house.

Now what's wrong? You two
still sulking over what happened?

I don't like fighting in the family,
it's not good, for you, for me...

for everybody.

Shake hands. Be friends, forget about it.

I'll flip you for the
cost of the party and if I lose...

- I'll throw in the price of the statue.
- The insurance company paid for it already.

- But if you want to pay twice it's Ok.
- Hey, you're a bandit.

Hey Frank, this guy is a regular bandit.
Come here, you bum you.

Ah, I love you too Charlie.

- Here you are sir.
- I would like a little bit more of that.

- The shrimp salad?
- Yes. Thank you very much.

- Frank.
- Yeah?

What, what's happening?

- Why?
- This sudden trip to Vegas.

Charlie is worried,
there's something going on.

Nothing, everything is been settled.

- Has it?
- Sure.

- Wait.
- What's wrong?

I can stand the West any longer, you've
absolutely got to get us to New York.

- And what else?
- Have Charlie transferred.

Joanie, this isn't the time
to talk about it, not now.

I've got to be near you.

All right, I'll do my best.


Gosh darn, every
time I'm ready to leave here...

my pockets are clean and my shoes are dirty.

- Me too.
- At least you're a winner.

Not big one.

- What time is the show at the Palace?
- At midnight sir.

- You see? We'll be late.
- No, it's just around the corner.

- Have a good time folks.
- Thank you.

- Hey.
- Sir?

- Will you take that to room 808?
- They just went out sir.

- Oh, take it up anyway please.
- Certainly.

Nasty business in your area Charlie.

Find out, let me know what's behind it.

- Marvelous.
- I'd have to think it over.

This is the fourth call I've put through.

- No answer.
- Look this.

Get me on a plane to Frisco.

Get the next plane.

- Everything all right?
- Yeah.

Room 49, give me a hand here.

An explosion in a filling
station, north Vegas Freeway.

Attention second Brigade,
three alarm fire at Sierra Lumber Yard,

Second and Boulder, South Las Vegas.

The hell is it? Find out what that is.

There's nothing to worry about.


Charlie, do something.

What am I going to do?

- Where's Frank?
- Downstairs with Abe.

- Does he know anything?
- No, but he will if we don't turn up.

But don't worry, how
could he know about McCain?

Even if he finds out
we had nothing to do with it.

- How much?
- Enough.

Too much.

How much did we have in there?

- 1, 800,000 dollars.
- One million, eight...

The police, call the police.

I'll take care of it.

- You take care of the place.
- Yes.

- Understand?
- Yes sir.

Go on.

Sheriff, there are 18 people badly
injured and another 20 or so not so bad.

- That's all I could count so far.
- Sheriff...

Yes sir?

Well, a lot of noise, a lot of damage but...

A lot of folks got hurt Mr. D'Marco.

Yes, that's the most
painful part of it of course.

So please, tell the people that our
insurance company will pay them generously.

Let's not let the press
overdo an episode of limited importance.

We can't have the prestige, come on.

The prestige of the Royal compromised.

And, would you be so kind as to
take care of it yourself, would you?

- Sure.
- I'm very grateful.

Have a cigar, come on. Sit down.

I also hope to be able to find whoever
is responsible as soon as possible.

- Responsible for what?
- But Mr. D'Marco, what about all the...

Who do you want to hold responsible for a...

an unforeseen breakdown of the
air conditioning plant? Come on, sit down.

And the fires that broke out
at opposite ends of Las Vegas?

Why, coincidence Sheriff.


Not even worth talking about them.
You want to know something?

Within two or three months, the Royal
will reopen more beautiful than before.

And, this unpleasant...

accident will be completely forgotten.
Completely forgotten, believe me.

Excuse me, eh?

- Where are we going?
- Better lie low a while.

- Regan is a friend, he'll put us up.
- California then?

First we go to Arizona,
then we go to California.

All right then Duke, tell me the
way it really was, point by point.

Don't leave anything out.

McCain was granted a pardon they said.

Bene Franco, capisco. Si, it's all clear now.

Well, for the moment I want
you in command of the West Coast...

till I find another who's qualified.

Every one of us here in New York
is available if you need us Franco.

Ok, fai mi sapere.


Don Salvatore?

Peter, telephone to Mr. Bonadias
and to Graminia and also to Ortensia.

I want them all to come here at once.

And you have been assigned
to a special job in San Francisco.

Very good.

And in New York the stock market closed
with the Dow Jones averages up three points.

A bomb scare panicked guests at the Royal
Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas last night...

injuring several of its patrons.

For reasons not
yet clear, the air conditioning...

plant erupted in a series of explosions
fortunately causing only slight damage...

according to a hotel spokesman.

However, no appreciable loss
was suffered by the casino.

Dallas, a tornado cut through...

Charlie Adamo? Duke Masanga?

That's right, the weather is
improved, the race to run on schedule.

No entries scratched so far.

- Is line up, Bell Push, Mocker...
- Hello? Yeah.

She's Beautiful in the third at Saratoga.
Hundred across the board, Ok.

Yeah? Body Snatcher and Cotton Rabbit, eh?

No, Sonny Boy is been
scratched, been disabled they say.

- Countess Peggy, Countess Peggy.
- LA, this is New York.

The pictures will be here in two
hours with lots of the girl, all recent.

- A few of McCain taken 12 years ago.
- Ok.

Ok, yeah. We have both names here in
Chicago, we'll have some photos by 3 o'clock.


With $2 million at stake, the organization
network of operatives and contacts...

mounts a nationwide, round the clock
vigil to block every means of escape.

They're boarding right now sir.

We've got an 802 at 5th and Main.
Bryan reports Pershing Square station.

I thought you were on nights.

Well I was and then they pulled me off night
duty altogether without a reason or anything.

Well, I don't ask questions. Damned if I
want to be transferred to Watts or someplace.

You wait here.

Come on.




Who are you?

What are you doing here? What do you want?


Hank please.

Come on.

Good, thanks.

They left the car in West Los Angeles.

That makes it easier.

Don't be smart, eh?

Peggy, get me Los Angeles.

- Watch yourself Peter.
- Yeah, don't worry about me.

Take it easy.

I can't anymore.

- I can't anymore.
- Sure you can.

Come on, babe.

I am loaded.

- You better not try that one again.
- You gave the guy with business, eh?



I thought you'd turn up.

Hank, let him go.

- Who is he?
- He's nobody, he just helps me around.

Get out.

It's Ok Steve, I'll see you tomorrow.

It's a lot of work
you know, just staying alive.

- Don't worry about it.
- I'm not.

- Ok.
- Ok.

You're the only person
in this world I can trust.

- Come here.
- You come here.

Oh, Hank...

- Hank, am I glad to see you.
- Rosie...

Oh, Hank, Hank, Hank.
Here we are like a couple of kids.

- So what?
- Right, so what?

Boy, you really look morbid.

Oh yeah? You don't look so
hot yourself, you're all grayed up.

So what? I got my
personality to pull me through.

Oh yeah, you're a real card.

- Right, time is short, right?
- Yeah, life is short.

Look, you just tell me what I can do.

I got a couple of friends I can trust.
Just, just, just tell me what to do.


Chuck Regan, he's,
he's got me a couple of passports.

Passports? Are you kidding?
They're watching everything that moves.

I don't know, Mexico?

- What about Mexico?
- No.

Look, I might be able
to find somebody that might get you there.

I'm not alone.

We're married.

Ah, she's a kid.

I got her on the beach with the two million.

- With the what?
- With the two million.

What beach?

On the, on the what
youmaycallit, the Golden Sands.

Ok. I'll get the setup, I'll go get her.

It's been 12 years, Hank.
What the hell is left for us anyway?

Still, I never thought I could
do without you while it lasted.

What a trip, eh?

Irene, Irene.


Irene, it's Rosemary, Hank sent me for you.

Let's go.

Hurry. Get down.

Ok, it's all right. He's got a
cabin cruiser, Long Beach.

Going to cost you a hell of
a lot but it's the best I can do.

- You'd better stay here tonight.
- All right.

You coming? You go ahead.

How you get tied up with a kid like that?
I don't like to be an I told you so, but...

you should've come home.

Hey, Rosie.

Isn't it late for you
to be coming home Mrs. Scott?

Come in.


Sit down there Rosemary.

Let's have a little talk. You know who I am?


But I know what you are.

- And I know what you want.
- Perfect, so we avoid wasting time.

Where's McCain?

You don't really think
I'm going to tell you that.

I'm sure of it, I can be very convincing.

- Not with me.
- Why?

Are you so different from everybody else?

Yeah, I am.

Oh, yeah, I remember hearing
all that crap about you two.

The Machine Gun Lovers, Hank McCain...

and Rosemary Scott.

That's right. Hank McCain and I...

are different from you.

Well now, you just tell me where McCain is.

And I'll have the pleasure
of making his acquaintance.

And I'll be able to
find out how we're different.

Ok Rosemary?

You might as well get it
through your pretty head.

I'm not going to tell you one damn thing.

I think you'd better.

Or you'll never want to
look in a mirror again.

Well, before starting this beauty treatment
will you allow me to have one cigarette?

Sure, go ahead.

- Do I have to go alone?
- Better not be seen together.

All right, go ahead.

- Is it too breezy for you?
- No, it's fine, thank you.


Hey, you're crazy, come on,
we got to go. We got to go now.

Let's get out of here.

Move that car.

All right Irene, come on.
Just tell him it's the money we want.

All you do is convince him give it up.


Come on out, you bastards.

♪ No one knew better than McCain
that a man who thinks he's free... ♪

♪ Knocks his head against the wall. ♪

♪ No man knew better than McCain,
just how bitter it would be. ♪

♪ To be beaten after all ♪

♪ No one knew better than McCain
they're the ones who fixed the game ♪

♪ They're the ones with loaded dice. ♪

♪ No one knew better than McCain
but they got him all the same ♪

♪ And they made him pay the price, ♪

♪ Hank McCain would not admit that
there are things no man must ever touch ♪

♪ Hank McCain could not believe the
simple fact that there are things that... ♪

♪ May cost too much ♪

♪ Hank McCain was like a legend to
the end he lived up to his name ♪

♪ No man ever was nor
ever will be like the man called... ♪

♪ Hank McCain ♪