Machine-Gun Kelly (1958) - full transcript

Machine-Gun Kelly, the famous bank robber, seldom without his Thompson machine gun. The story opens with great jazzy music and a murder shown in shadows. His moll is the driving force behind his exploits. He has an exaggerated fear of death and death symbols. The sight of a coffin makes him freeze during a bank job, causing his lieutenant to lose his arm. Finally, the gang kidnaps a little girl along with her nurse and hold them for ransom. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- You have good time, honey?

- A hundred proof,
bottled and bond.

- Somethin' funny happen?

- Is gonna happen.

The cops are gonna find
Howard's hat and coat

a couple of miles downstream,
a gun on one road,

a magazine on another.

A ditched stolen car, and
there'll be no Howard,

no Maize, and no Kelly.

And no Tommy.

- Glad you had a good time.

- My goodness, Teddy dear, I
wonder what this is all about.

What do you think the
police want with us?

- I don't know, Harriet,
nobody's told me yet.

- Just a check.

- Hello, officer.

Now, go ahead Teddy, dear.

Now you show this nice
officer your license.

- I don't need your license,

Did you see anything of
a 1931 Cadillac sedan,

black, three men in it?

- Did we?

I think we did.

Yes we did, right up the
road about three miles.

Or was that a maroon car?

Well anyway, we saw a car
with three people in it,

I'm sure we did.

Didn't we, Teddy dear?

- Nope, we didn't see one.

- Thank you sir,
sorry you've been delayed.

- Honey, you
oughtn't look like that.

You oughta smile pretty.

- You know, kitten,

I'm gonna get you a nice little
white mouse to play with.

- Capo.
- See your license?

Get outta the car, open
up the trunk.

- If there's something
you're looking for,

maybe I can help you find it.

- No, no, give 'em the keys.

Here, open it yourself.

- Seems like you're
pushin' hard at me, mister.

That makes me think
you maybe got a reason.

- Go ahead, search the car.

Search us, too.

You think those brass
buttons you got

give you a huntin' permit
on respectable citizens,

don't you?

You search 'em, push 'em
around, eye up their women.

- Joe, found the Cadillac sedan

about eight miles off
the west of the highway.

- Car switch?
- No sign yet,

but the birds scattered.

This block is canceled.

- Okay.

I'd like to take you up
on your offer.

I really would.

- Darlin', you tryin'
to push us into a cell?

- Well, he was easy.

Cops like to turn you sick
scared just by starin' at you.

They start you to runnin'
and hide,

and then they laugh in
their fat guts.

They beat the cement with
the night stick

to make you run faster.

Well, that might work
with booze hounds and bums

and kids stealin' apples,
but not with me.

Not with me.

Come on, let's go.

- You know, sugar, the
cops scared you.

- You don't listen to
me so good sometimes.

Stop callin' me cute names
and showin' your garters.

- Georgie, you know I
don't wear stockings.

- You like to be looked at,
don't ya?

You like to be petted,
you like soft things

like silks and satins,
fur for your neck.

You just remember, baby.

Somethin' soft'll choke you
right into a soft death.

Car ready for Maize?

- Yeah.

- It'll reach the
highway in about an hour.

You pick 'em up.

- Okay.

Uh, gas?

- Fill it up.

Wild Mountain, hey you got
one of those overgrown tomcats

in one of your cages?

- Nope, it's the real McCoy,

Caught him on a little
trip about a month ago.

- You're a real big
game hunter, ain't you?

- Time I was, before I
caught the fever.

Before that big striped
cat in India savaged me.

- Striped cat out of a bottle.

Hey Harry, they tell me that
drunks that slip far enough

drink anything with alcohol
in it, even hair tonic.

You know, you stink of it.

- What I say is true, don't
matter if you believe me.

- That's eight gallons.

A buck 60.

That's, uh, $201.60.

- Yeah well, here's a
buck six bits.

You can keep the change.

- Two hundred, George.

- You'll get yours when
the payoff's made,

just like everybody else.

- It's not the same.

I'm a hired hand, not a partner.

- Listen, great white hunter,

you take the pennies when
I get 'em and be glad.

Or I'll have Flo here
slap you silly.

- Want me to, Harry?

I think you'd like it.

A slap's better than no
touch at all.

- I remember African
hyenas showed their teeth

just like you two,
dirty smilin'.

- Oh George, I'm thirsty.

Leave him alone.

- You know, you stink of
those mangy animals, too.

Go get us a couple
bottles of pop.

Nevermind, the stink might
sweat right through the bottles.

- Like to see the big
mountain cat, George?

- You catch him yourself?

- I had a little help.

- I guess.

Okay let's see this big
bad cat of yours.

- Don't get too near the cage,
he's mean.

He don't like the smell of men.

- Where'd you buy him?

- Buy him?

I caught him.

Trapped him, roped him,
tied him off.

You know, lions'll try and
stare you down if they can.

And if you break, they'll
make a try for you.

There was a time once in Kenya,

wandered about 200
yards from camp, no gun.

Stumbled onto a black-maned
lion in the scrub.

Rose up and faced me.

Why, it was a queer feelin'.

Him lookin' at me, and me
starin' right back at him.

Then he skins his teeth once,
turns around, and walks off.

- Harry, you're a liar.

- If you say so, George.

You think you could
weight him out.

- I'm lookin' at him.

- I mean, if he was
outside the cage.

- Harry, put the lock back on.

- I want my 200 bucks, George.

- I'd hate to lose you,
you're a good man with cause.

- Gimme my money,

or I'll leave Maize
inside the dragnet.

He's a nervous man like me,
and he probably talks a lot.

- There, pick it up, put
the lock back on that cage.

- You won't be mad at me
after, will ya George?

I had to do it.

I gotta have that double C-note.

- I'm just glad to see you
got some guts, now go ahead.

- I was only only bluffin'.

I wouldn't let him out,
you know that.

- You can keep the two bills.

Eh, it's only a scratch.

Come on, get up.

You make sure you pick up Maize.

- Read all about
the big bank hold up.

Bandit gets 41,000.

- What're you making?

- God of good fortune,
Chinese idol.

- Hm.

What's that stuff?

- Jade.

Beautiful stone, isn't it?

- Mm-hm.

You like beautiful things,

- More than anything
else in the world.

- Get away from him.

- Everybody here?

- Except Fandango.

- Did you keep those parts?

- Eh, I shoulda dumped 'em.

Made me nervous.

Cop stopped me.

If he'd have searched
me, we'd all have had it.

- You mean you would've
had it, don't you, Maize?

- What's the sense of keepin'
these parts?

Breech blocks and pins are
like signatures, that's why.

Besides, parts are hard to get.

I had to heist the state
arsenal for this.

- Fast.

- Two minutes, 38 seconds.

And blindfolded, only
42 seconds more.

- My baby can handle a Tommy gun

like most men can't even
handle an automatic.

Machine Gun Kelly's
my little baby.

Best gun of 'em all.

- That's funny?

- I was just thinkin'
Machine Gun Kelly,

that's a hard nickname to say.

See, what would be
short for that?

- How about

- Hello.

Gee, the way you're all lookin'
a me,

you must've been worried sick.

And that rough road
you had me on

just about chipped me to pieces.

- Anybody stop you?

- Yeah, an officer on a cycle.

Tall, good-lookin' blonde fella.

And very polite and courteous.

We talked about my little
run about for a while.

He's an amateur mechanic,
whaddya think of that?

- Does it check?

- 36,000.

- Isn't someone gonna
offer me a drink?

My throat is just
parched with dust.

- Howard, get the paper.

- There's some bourbon
on the bureau.

- Bourbon?

Haven't you got anything
lighter than that?

Like a cordial or somethin'?

- We got bourbon, you
want it or not?

- No thanks, I don't think so.

- I think maybe you
better have one.

- All right, if you insist.

A small shot with a lotta water.

You know, plenty of body
and very little spirit.

- I'll get it.

- Read that.

- Yeah, everything worked
out just fine, didn't it?

- Right here, read it out loud.

- The State Trust Bank of
Lebanon was robbed this morning

by two armed bandits with
automatics and a machine gun.

They got over $41,000,

and the bandits ignored
securities and bonds.

- All of it.

- Well, there is all of it.

I didn't even open
the black bag.

- You better be nice, Fanny.

- Don't call me Fanny, and
that could happen, you know?

You know how newspapers
exaggerate and everything,

and maybe it was a teller
or a cashier or.

- He wouldn't be
dumb enough to have it on him.

- He thinks he's smart enough

to charm his way outta anything,
this guy.

- Oh, don't touch me, I
tell you, let me alone.

I'm, I'm, hurt, you hurt me.

I'm hurt.

- Yeah, that's it.

One part's broken into.

- What he already took,
we'll call his share.

- What's the matter, can't
you take a little joke?

I want my cut, I tell ya,
I want my cut.

- You already got it.

- Don't you try, I'm warnin'
ya, just don't try it.

- Flo, give him some

Now you know Fanny doesn't
like strong liquor.

Why didn't give him some
cordial or something?

- No.

- Where's the file on
bank operators?

- A new bunch on our backs.

- I guess.

- Should I try to use
the weapons file?

- Might as well.

- I'm sorry, I didn't
spot any of them.

- Don't worry about it.

We've got a lot more
going for us

than they have for them.

Print files, mud files,
MO files.

And if they're not in there
anywhere, they will be.

- They wanna be known.

Can't be important unless
everybody knows what they've

In a way, they actually
wanna be caught.

Better check on machine
gun specialists now.

- You still foolin'
with that thing?

- It's a different one.

I finished the god of
good fortune.

This is the god of death.

Ugly lookin' character,
isn't he?

No, hey look.

What's the matter, is it hot?

- You keep
your junk away from me.

- It won't hurt you, George.

Just a symbol.

It's like the skull on
the bottom of poison,

or the fires of death.

- You know, one of these days,

your educated wisenheimer
ways are gonna buy you a seat

on a hot rock.

- Well at least you're always
threatening to, George.

- Are you crazy?

Not here, and not here,
don't shoot.

And don't stay mad.

George always gets upset
about things like that.

- And don't ask him to hold off.

- I've gonna carve a map
of hell in your kisser.

- Don't, for god's sake, don't.

- Come on.

I'll stitch a new belt
right across your belly.

Come on.
- Drop that!

- Put the knife away.

Open your coat.

Loosen your arm, go ahead,
try me.

- Go, let it go, let it go.

- Come on.

- You're crazy, George.

- Playing games?

Better not be so noisy about it.

There's a beat cop downstairs.

Maybe he has nothing better
to do than to pick you up

for disturbing the peace.

What's the matter, Howie?

You look sick.

Oh, getting thick.

You'll have one that
ends up in curls.

How's the boss, baby?

- That's me.

Well, did you look it over?

- Better than that.

The assistant teller
thought he was a real sheik.

We had a talk.

- I told you just look, not try
and be smarter than you are.

- Oh, he was easy.

So was the bank.

Be a lotta nice money
coming in Saturday.

There's a big construction
outfit that pays Saturday night.

The armored car makes
the delivery.

It's in the vault and checked
out, 15 minutes later.

- What about the armored car?

- They leave a soon as
they get the receipt.

That's seven or eight minutes.

- That gives us about
three minutes

with only the guard
to worry about.

- Three minutes isn't enough.

- I'll work it out.

We'll take two cars, two
and two guns, no picking.

We can use Fandango to drive.

- I already stopped
in to see him.

He said fine.

- You mean his feelings
weren't hurt?

- No.

He said all was forgiven.

Fandago doesn't forget
people mauling him easy.

One of his buddies who
had a mad on against him

told me that Fandango
was waiting for a chance

to even things up.

- Ah.

But he'll talk about this deal,

- Uh-huh.

- Okay, Maize.

You go down and talk to
our friend Fanny.

Tell 'em I wanna set the plan.

Tell 'em we meet Harry's
Gas Station about two miles.

Flo, sketch out a floor plan.

I'll be back after a while.

- Gee, Harry oughta clean
up this place.

Looks terrible around here,
what a mess.

- Yeah it does.

- Hey, where's Howard and Maize?

- They already know
about the plan.

No sense in making this
a convention.

- George, you didn't tell
me I was point out player

this time.

- That's what I wanted to
ask you, Fanny.

- Ask me, I don't even know
what bank you got set up.

- I mean the squealin'
and the sound of singin'.

- George, sometimes you
talk in riddles.

- You know Fanny, one of your
friends doesn't like you.

You weren't nice to him,
so he's talkin'.

- George, I don't like
your sense of humor.

- Fanny, why didn't you
take the beatin' I gave you

like a man?

- No, no, no no, no!

- Teller's cage is here,
the vault's back here,

guard'll be here.

The alarms are here, here,
and here.

This door leads to the hallway.

Down this side is the washroom,

and the other way leads to
the vault area.

- We'll be to the bank
the same time

the armored cops are there.

Gives us an extra minute or so.

The minute they leave,
we'll move.

Right then, Howard,

you ask the teller if
you can use the washroom.

Then go the other way
to the vault.

I'll be over here by the alley.

- I thought you said we
were in the bank.

- No guts to be alone
for a couple of minutes?

What's the matter with ya?

You want me to hold
your hand for ya?

I'm gonna have a chopper
and a suitcase,

I don't want even the chance
for the guard to get curious.

Now look at here.

The minute that
armored car leaves,

I'll be in the front door
with a gun on everybody

that might be there,
including the guard.

You pick the letters, Howard,
and Maize.

You be across the street.

Now you move right up front

the minute you see me go in.

- You know, even bein' in
the bank to pick up time,

it's cuttin' it pretty close.

The construction payroll
crew could arrive too soon.

- Well, Flo's gonna be
up about three blocks

with a conked out car crosswise
in the middle of the road.

- And poor Floey will
be sitting there

with tears on her face,
just helpless as can be.

- That's right.

- And if tears don't
stop the money.

I can always show 'em
a little leg.

- Sure, a little.

- What's the matter, ma'am?

- I don't know.

- Well, maybe I can help you.

- Shake a leg, Joe, we
gotta pick up that payroll.

- Get outta there!

The alarm!

- Florence, baby, oh
it's so good to see you.

- Hi, Ma.

Ma, this is George, I
wrote you about him.

- You never could pick
your men, could you?

- I'm tired, and I'm
hungry old lady, let me in.

- Oh, ya punk.

- Ma, please.

- He's awfully cocky for man

who can't even crack a
hick town bank.

- He does real good, Ma.

It's just that something
happened, we didn't figure on

- I read all the clippings.

The cops got a
perfect description.

You got a couple of months
of trouble and worry.

- We're clear now.

Otherwise we wouldn't have come.

- Okay, go back to readin'
your magazines,

and you wipe that
chocolate off your chin.

And stop eatin' 'em,
you're fat enough.

- This a new girl?

- Shut your mouth,
she's my daughter.

- Ain't we all?
- No respect.

Oh, these young girls nowadays.

Come on into the dining room,

I'll get you something to eat.

- You hungry, George?

- Come on now, you sit right
down here at the table.

Now I'll fix you up some nice
cold chicken and potato salad.

Frank, come on in and
see who's here!

You know, your father was
real worried about you.

Would you like a little
salad with that?

- Chicken and potatoes
will be fine, Ma.

- I can heat the chicken
up if you like.

Say, how about a nice belt
of rye whiskey, good stuff.

Bonded warehouse stuff,
12 years old.

- Hey, that's for me.

- It's a wonder booze
wouldn't make you sick.

Seein' as how you served two
stretches for running it in.

- You tell your old lady
to keep her wise cracks

behind her teeth 'cause she's
gonna be wearin' false ones.

- I already do, smart Alec.

- Ma, I could use the chicken.

- Right away, have
it in a jiffy.

Frank, yoo-hoo!

Don't you wanna come
and see your daughter?

- Well, you look fine,
just fine.

- This is a friend of mine.

- Sure, Kelly.

Machine Gun Kelly.

Bring one along?

- I always got one with
me or close by.

- Here have a drink.

- Yeah sure, thanks.

- Too bad you lost your
driver in that bank job.

He was a good man, so I heard.

That other fella got
away though, that's good.

- Not so good when I
see him again.

- Not your friend now?

- He run when he saw
cops and guns.

- Happens many a-time.

One wrong apple and the
whole cider barrel goes sour.

And they can yellow out
at funny times.

Little things shake 'em.

They're no good, you
can't depend on 'em.

- You know, you gab too much,

I don't like talkin' to
people, get outta here.

- Sorry, only tryin'
to be friendly.

- Here we are, now don't
be bashful, eat up.

Not very fancy, but he food's
good, and plenty of it.

There ya are.

Some people are makin' the
headlines, not you, though.

Number one boy, public
enemy number one.

- Just because some bum
stumbles over his own feet

and shoots down a couple
of feds, he ain't so much.

- He ain't so much.

- I'd like a bourbon and water,

I'll take it over there.

- I beg your pardon.

My name is Phillip Ashton,
I'm a friend of Michael's.

- Michael?

- You call him Fandago,
I believe.

May I join you?

- Why?

- There's something
you might like to know.

Thank you.

You have a friend named Kelly.

You work with two
others, Maize and Howard.

Howard blames Mr. Kelly for a
certain large amount of money,

the death of his friend,
and a shallow palm.

He joined with some
other gentlemen

in the suit of his profession.

But he hasn't forgotten.

He means to kill Kelly
if he sees him.

- How is Fandango?

Thank you.

- He had to lose his arm.

He doesn't find it
too difficult.

- He tell you how it happened?

- Yes.

- Now what are you telling
me about Howard for?

- His new bunch wants Kelly to
stay out of banks altogether.

They say he might die.

Please, allow me.

- Now the whole trick is in
ridin' and whippin' like this.

Oh no no no, never
fight a chopper,

what you do is drift with it.

- Oh, I bet that kicks a lot.

- Plenty, but I like
things that kick a lot,

like pepper and cheap
booze and a tommy gun,

but especially a big,
grown, beautiful broad.

Mm, Flo sure has the
nicest sister.

- And that makes you my

- Yeah, that's a couple
of relatives.

There's no harm see,
it's all in the family.

- Mm-hm.

- Hey, play somethin' steppier,
will ya?

Come on sister, you show me,

- If you say so, brother.

- Go sit in the corner, girl.

You oughta put a muzzle
and leash on that.

- Ah, get outta here old lady.

- You hit me.

- You wouldn't, George.

- You hit me.

- On the spot, Howard
wants to kill you.

He'll gun ya down, George,
you hear me?

He's in with a new bunch,
they're warning you.

- Everybody out.

- Girls gotta right
in this room.

Go hold your wake
somewhere else.

- You get 'em out,

or there won't be much
good of you, either.

Get 'em out.

- He's no good.

His wives gave him the air,
didn't they?

You better wise up
and do the same.

Come on girls, don't
stay in a room with that.

- Do they know we are?

- No, it was you who
didn't do right.

Wasn't it?

- You know where they are?

- No, but I can find out.

You weren't in the bank in
time to cover the guard.

- This new crowd, are they big,

- Well, Howard isn't alone.

- Flo.

How should I handle this?

- You askin' me?

Somethin' scared you, George.

- Yeah, I'm askin' you.

- You tell me, George.

It was you who did wrong.

- Flo, you know how
somethings get me.

I can't help it.

It comes all over me
like a cold sweat.

- Now tell me, George.

You were scared, weren't ya?

- Yeah, I was scared.

But you're the only
one knows that.

I'm not afraid of anything else,

you know that too, don't you?

- Sure, baby, I know.

- Well, I've gotta get
Howard and the rest of 'em,

all at one time.

- Gun 'em where they hang out.

Your name's Machine Gun Kelly,
ain't it?

Show me.

- Oh, shut up, Ma.

George, there's only
one thing to do.

I'll turn 'em in for
the Lebanon job.

- A daughter of mine's goin'

- Why should George do what
the cops can do better?

- Listen, this is inside,
this guy's after Kelly.

Then let Kelly take care.

- There's a mob
behind Howard now.

- So all right, so let
Kelly take 'em on.

Unless he's yella.

Run away brave boy.

Tough boy, there,
Machine Gun Kelly.

- He isn't running.

George isn't afraid of
any man living.

- Afraid of gettin'
your hair mussed, Howard?


- So they warned me outta
the bankin' business, huh?

We're gonna get out, all right.

- Why, sugar, we doin'
all right?

- Eh, it's nickels and dimes.

And your old lady wants
some headlines,

I'm gonna give her
some headlines.

We're gonna get into somethin'

- What's that, honey?

- Kidnappin'.

- Are you sure she hasn't
got anybody to meet her?

- Positive.

I've been watching her
for two weeks, haven't I?

- If she was my kid,

I wouldn't let her come
walkin' home from school alone.

- She only lives
around the block.

She doesn't have to cross
any streets or anything.

- Looks like the last of 'em.

Maybe she was sick today.

- Uh-uh.

I saw her go in this morning.

- Well, maybe she got
sick in school,

and they sent her home.

- George.

- Funny lookin' little flapper.

If I was her old man, I wouldn't
pay a dime to get her back.

- Smile George, be sweet.

- Hi, hi.

- Hello.

- Don't you remember me?

- I don't think we've ever met.

- Oh, you can just bet we did.

You were about oh, so big then.

- How big?

- About so.

- Then I couldn't remember,
could I?

- Well, you got me there.

Hey, you know your dad
sent us to pick you up.

Hop in.

- I can't, I'm waiting
for my nurse.

- Nurse?

- Yes, here she comes.

- Let's go.

- No, everything's set, the
note's already on its way.

We'll take her with us, too.

Get the kid.

You know, you're a very
pretty little girl.

How old are you?

- Nine.

- Come on with me.

Come on, Daddy's waiting.

- We're gonna take your
nurse, too, come on.

- I don't understand.

- You don't have to.

Scream, and you die.

Why don't you hold the
kid on your lap,

you'd like that, wouldn't you?

- Sit on my lap, Cheryl.

- Why can't we sit in the back?

- Well, this is cozier.

- We'd have more room.

- This is much cozier,
isn't it?

- We're just going for
a little ride.

It's all right, Cheryl.

- All right you two, get out.

- You're late.

- We're here, ain't we?

Get in the other car.

- What are we doing out here?

- It's all right, honey.

Come on.

- Hurry it up, hurry it up.

Go home and get the rest
of everything.

- See you tonight.


- Save it.

Okay, let's go.

Hit the radio.

You still scared?

Eh, you don't have to answer.

I wanna tell you somethin'.

If that kid cries or squawks
too loud, I'm blamin' you.

There's no price on your head,

so I'm not gonna worry about
damagin' the merchandise.

You understand what I mean?

- Yes.

- You seem pretty cool.

Maybe you're workin' up
some cute ideas.

Well, forget 'em.

If I see anything
that bothers me,

I'm not gonna ask questions
or wait for answers.

So don't hang any steppins
to dry in the window.

in the window.

There's a room in there, and
you can sleep with the kid.

Now, whenever you want, you
can fool around out here,

you know, play the radio.

But when I say get in there,
you do it.

- May we go in there now?

- If you want to, but leave
that blanket on the window.

Keep the door open all the
time, even when you're sleeping.

- Cheryl won't be able to
sleep very well

with the light coming in
from this room.

- You see that she does.

- We
interrupt this program

to bring you a special
new bulletin.

Camden Ohio police report
that nine year old Cheryl Vito

may have been kidnapped.

When the daughter of steel
executive Andrew Vito

didn't return from school
with her nurse,

Miss Lynn Grayson, a
search was made,

and no sign of the child
or the nurse was found.

Authorities suspect
that Miss Grayson,

only a day in the Vito employ,

may have been the contact
for a kidnap ring.

No ransom notes have been
received as yet.

Stay tuned to this station
for further reports

as they come through.

- Did you hear that,

How's it feel to be
number one suspect?

Where you goin'?

- To our room.

- Well this time, you
didn't say may I?

- Aren't you a little
young for Giant Steps?

- Look at that, you made
the great stone face laugh.

I didn't know you were
such a wisenheimer.

You smart off with me again.

- May I?

- Yes, you may.

You may take three
butterfly steps.

- We're just one great big
vaudeville act, ain't we?

- A ransom
note has been delivered

to the home of Andrew Vito.

This afternoon, nine year old
Cheryl Vito and her nurse,

Miss Lynn Grayson, disappeared
from the school grounds

only a scant block and
half from the Vito home.

Police have not released the
details of the note as yet.

This station will report on
them as soon as possible.

- What are these
two doin' here?

You're supposed to be
back in the city.

- But the child's probably
cold and frightened and hungry.

And I'm not leavin' till I
see that she's all right.

- Listen, you kind-hearted,
white-haired old granny,

this ain't a weekend's fishin'.

Too many people up here
outta season,

and the whole works can blow.

- Don't bother me.

- You're supposed to be
back handlin' the contact.

- Just came along for the ride,

I'll go on back.

This way you can get rid
of one of the cars, too.

- Hungry?
- Yeah, I am.

Why did you bring a parade?

- I couldn't find them.

- I just brought some little
things for the youngster.

Gee, I could've brought some
of Martha's things for you

if I knew what size you were.

- It's awfully kind of
you to think of Cheryl.

- Well, it's not her
fault that Daddy's rich.

Is it, sweetheart?

- Are you my grandma?

- Heavens no, honey.

But I'd like to have a
little girl like you, though.

- There's only her father.

She's all he has.

- Guess what's in here?

- I can't see it, I don't know.

- There you are.

Something to keep you company.

- I have Lynn to
keep me company.

- Say thank you.
- Thank you.

- I'll take care of
the baby doll,

and you can take care of me.

I don't know what you
have to do with this.

Please, won't you help us?

- Now look, don't ask
something I can't give.

You just do as you're told,

and the both of you'll be
home before you know it.

You hungry?

- No.
- Well the little one is.

Go on, get out there and
earn your keep.

Go on, go ahead.

Oh now, now.

Look here.

You don't see her cryin',
do you?

And she's even littler than you.

- More
information on the Vito

The contents of the ransom note

have been released to the press.

It's on a standard
Western Union form.

The message cut out of
newspapers and magazines.

It reads, your daughter is
safe, she will stay safe,

as long as you follow

Go to the police if you want to,

but be ready for the worst
if they get in the way.

We want $100,000.

Stay by your phone, remember
the number you hear.

- Okay, get your old lady
and Frank outta here.

- Ma is with the kid.

- She oughta buy a cap
and a rockin' chair.

- Very funny, Georgie.

- Well, I guess I better
see this is clean.

- How old are you?

- What?

- How old?

- 25.
- Hm.

- Married?
- No.

- Oh that's right, they said
miss on the radio, didn't they?

You got a boyfriend?

- In a way.

- Nice guy?

- Yes,

- Big, tall?

- Fairly.

- Big as me?

- No.

- Is he good?

You know, as long as we're here,

and we're gonna be here
for a couple days,

there's no reason we can't
get some good out of it, eh?

I mean, put the kid to bed,
go on.

Now, don't start yellin'.

You wouldn't wanna wake
the kid, would you?

Now, there's nothin' to
be afraid of, sweet face.

I just wanna show you how to
live a little, that's all.

You need a big man.

- Okay, big man.

Sit down.

- That's a big gun, George.

- That's right.

Why don't you go outside
and take a look around.

- Yeah.

- Thank you.

- You're gonna be a
lot of trouble.

- This
station is kept to inform

about the kidnapping
of little Cheryl Vito.

Now we turn over our
facilities to her father

in hopes that her words
might have some effect

upon the people that
have taken her from him.

- I want to say to
whoever has my little girl

that I'm ready to pay
anything you ask.

I got the telephone call, but
I couldn't hear the number,

you hung up too fast.

Please, please call again.

- What's he tryin' to pull?

- You know I've
called in the police,

but they promised not
to interfere,

now please believe me,
this isn't a trick.

I just didn't get the number.

I just want my little girl back.

She's all I have.

Please believe me,
please believe me.

- That was Daddy!

- People
of this entire nation

beg the kidnappers to do
nothing in panic.

There is no trap possible here.

Please call again, call again.

- Get bright eyes in bed,
it's past her bedtime anyhow.

Come on, come on!

- You think you have a talent

for this type of thing, Mr.

- Get in there.

- Your girlfriend's back.

- I heard it on the radio.

- I don't like the sound of it.

- It's nothing.

Frank must've gotten a
little nervous.

- Okay, you go back and tell
him to speak clear this time

and do it now.

- It can wait.

It'll make Vito riper.

- Get down to the store
and call now!

- Well.

- We ask
again that the kidnappers

please call back.

Mr. Vito is prepared to
fully with your demands.

Please call back.

- Hangin's too good.

- They use the chair now.

- That's even better.

The kind of people who
do somethin' like that.

Yes ma'am.

- I go the wrong cigarettes.

My husband smokes Camels.

Better make it a carton.

- The whole carton?
- Mm-hm.

- Yes.

- We ask again

that the kidnappers
please call back.

Mr. Vito is prepared to
fully with your demands.

We will repeat this
every 15 minutes

until we receive
further instructions.

- You know this kidnappin'
business is awful.

- Oh, yes it is.

- What kind of people,
what kind?

- Well, hanging's too
good for them.

- That's just what I said,

- Ah, I gotta get going.

- Okay, stop around later?
- Maybe.

Haven't seen you around before.

- My husband and I rented
a cabin for a few days.

- Hunting?
- No.

Hunting's out of season,
and you know it.

My husband's a writer.

He writes articles.

We thought he'd write
better up here.

- Just like to know who's about,

but just in case anything
happens, we can help you.

Call if you need me.

- Thanks ever so much.

Now what?

- Tobacco for his pipe?

- Mm-mm, smokes cigarettes.

Only one thing to do,
call him up.

- Oh, you can put a sack of
flour in the car, if you please.

- A whole sack?

- Mm-hm, if you please.

- Yes, ma'am.

- Anything wrong?

- No, I just wanna see
you off all right.

Woman late at night's
not always safe.

- I'll be careful.

- How long will you be staying?

- No idea.

- Been here long?

- Mm-mm.

Got here this afternoon.

- Plate from New York, huh?

- From the middle of the city
to the middle of the country.

- Well, good night,
and be careful.

- Uh-huh.

- You forget something?
- To call in.

- The little lady must be
expecting to do a batch of

bread and biscuits.

- Yeah?

- Bought a whole sack of flour.

- Susie, this is Freddie.

Just put a couple of calls
through from the General Store.

Where to?

Just one, to Youngstown, Ohio.

Susie, put me through to
the state police.

- I knew I should've
waited until morning.

- What's the matter.

- A cop was in the store.

- I put a call to Frank
in double talk.

He got the message all right.

When I came back, the cop was
still pokin' around the car

and asking questions.

- How many did you
have to answer?

- Oh, I don't think
enough to hurt.

- Wrap the kid up, we're
gettin' outta here.

- What for?

So some cop noses
around the car.

Maybe he was just lonely
for a good-lookin' broad.

- We'll clear out to a gas
station, wrap the kid up.

- We
repeat the message

to the abductors of
little Cheryl Vito.

Mr. Vito is prepared to
fully with your demands.

- Well, here's the tracer on
that Youngstown, Ohio call.

It's a bar called the Blue
Sky, public booth in it.

- Got a man there?

- I posted one as soon
as I found out.

The Ohio office is
checking out for us.

- Clinton.


- They just identified
Howard as one of the men

mixed up in the Lebanon bank job

and that Elizabethtown mess.

- State boy described a
Louisville paper

found in the suspect car.

Those two bank jobs
six months ago,

Lebanon and Elizabethtown.

Whoever gunned Howard and
the others might be tied in.

One of them used a machine
gun, the mob was sieved.

- It's possible.

Elizabethtown got Maize
killed and Howard hit.

Check up on everybody who
knew either one of them.

We need more.

- A set of phony license
plates, the newspaper,

the description of a girl.

We have them running.

Let's hope they don't
dump the kid

so they can travel faster.

- We
repeat the message

to the abductors of
little Cheryl Vito.

Your message has been received.

We will repeat this
every 15 minutes

until we receive
further instructions.

- Now we can make the pickup
and the first payment.

Apple, you go in--
- I'll give the orders, Flo.

- We planned it this way,
that's why Apple's in.

- Now I changed my mind.

- You don't mean I'm out.

- No, but we're bringin'
somebody else in.

- Well, you have to cut
Harry in extra as is.

If you didn't run from the
cabin, we wouldn't have.

- It was you who
almost blew the lid off

back at that general store.

- I did?

I did nothing, nothing!

What about your, uh, little goof

at the Elizabethtown job, eh?

A coffin scared you silly.

- Don't say any more, Flo.

You know I don't like
to be called about that.

- You don't like?

You silly, scared bum.

Not just of coffins,
graveyards and things.

He's scared to die, to
get hurt, to do anything.

- Well everybody is, Flo,

- Not like you.

You were peddlin' watered
down gin when I picked you up.

I gave you the machine gun,
the name, the reputation.

I gave you a backbone.

- Look, there's no locks,
you didn't have to stick.

- You know why?

Because you were dumb
enough and scared enough.

I could use you, make you
do anything I wanted you to.

You were my gun hand.

- Don't shame me, Flo,
don't shame me.

- I could've had 50 better
than you, and I still can.

They wouldn't push
around so easy.

- And you're the one
that's scared.

You're scared when
your looks went,

you'd have nobody.

- That's right, smart guy.

But I was gonna leave you
after this one.

I finally pushed you to
the big time, big kill.

I wasn't planning for you to
be around to spend the money.

- Flo, you're not bein'
very smart.

'Cause I'm gonna kill you now.

- Ah, you haven't got the guts.

- There was Howard and
his mob, wasn't there?

- Because I made you do it.

I made you beg me to understand
why you were afraid of dying

and things about death.

I mothered you till you
went out to prove to me

that you were a man!

knows you're not.

- You were always so
soft and so easy.

I never knew that.

- Leave her alone.

Shut her up, or I'll
slap her silly.

- You want to be as
brave as your man?

- Flo baby, you want
a new man now?

- Sure.


- Get your hands off me,
I don't want your help.

- I feel sorry for you, George.

I never saw anybody look
the way you did

when she told you
about yourself.

- Georgie shouldn't do
things like that.

He's hitting old Harry again.

Apple, slap the boy's wrist,

- Go ahead, Apple, and
I'll peel and core you.

- Put the gun away, George.

- Yeah, you must be crazy, Flo.

Well, Apple?

'Bout time I killed somebody,
go ahead.

- Oh, we wouldn't have made
a very good team, anyway.

That's how I like it, baby.

- Flo, get her and the
kid in the other room.

- Go for your gun.

Harry, you pick him up,
take him outside.

- Yeah?

- I ain't ever gonna
hit you again.

- I know, George.

- Blue Sky?

Is Fandango there?

Put 'em on, will ya?

- Why you calling Fanny?

- I need him for a job.

- He hates you.

- We're not scared of him,
are we?

Besides, we need him to
make a pick up.

Hey, Fandango?

This is George Kelly,
Machine Gun Kelly.

I got a job for you,
what you do like better,

money or revenge, huh?

- I'm not mad at you anymore,

Say, you really made the
headlines this time, didn't you?

Where should I drop the money?

Oh, all right, bye.

- All right, how'd you
lose your arm.

- 1917, the war, you know.

- You were
about 15 then.

- Oh?

May I have a cigarette, please?

Thank you.

Actually, I lost it
when I was a boy.

Match, please.

I was working in circus
as a trapeze performer,

and one night, I fell
and smashed it badly.

- Who was the call from?

- What call?

- The one at the Blue Sky?

- Oh, that.

A friend.
- Who?

- I told you, a friend.
- Tell me again.

- His name's Phillip Ashton,
you don't believe me?

If you don't believe me, you
can go call him and check.

- We will.

- Well, anything else
you wanna know?

- No, you can walk now.

- Oh, well thank you very much.


- Well, that's it.

You'll step wrong
sooner or later.

- I've got my best man on him.

- Let's hope he's
the pickup man.

The kidnappers contacted Vito.

He's all set to deliver
50,000 in cash.

If Fandango's the one, we can
follow him through the hoops.

- He got away.
- Where?

- Down the hallway.

- Well how did it happen?

- Well, he stalled for a minute,

then ducked into the ladies'

- What?


What did you say?

- Listen, you
want the kidnappers?

Well shut up and don't
stall for a trade.

The gang is run by
Machine Gun Kelly.

Later on, I'll tell you where.

- That call may have been
from our friend, Mr. Fandango.

The head of the gang is
George Kelly,

sometimes known as Machine Gun.

- When rabbits roar,
it's a bad time.

- Harry?

- Yeah.

- You feel all right?

- Okay.

- You're a good boy, Harry.

You know, you've been real
good this time around.

You're no longer a hired hand,
I'm gonna make you a partner.

That's right, a full partner.

1/3 of the pie is yours.

- A third, huh?

With Fandango, that
makes four of us.

- Well, Fanny won't be playin'

At least I don't think he will.

He'll be pickin' up the
money pretty soon.

Why don't you take the
car, go down and meet him

after he gets it, see?

But don't walk right up to
him, follow him a little.

And if he doesn't head
straight for the meetin' place,

you bring him in.

- I got ya.

- They all right?

- They're both asleep.

- That's good.

- You worried about 'em?
- I'm leavin' George.

- I don't have to tell
you now, hurry back, huh?

- I'll hurry.

- No, I'm not worried
about those two in there.

I was just hoping they'd sleep
through so they won't know.

- Know what?

- When they were killed.

Flo, we're not going for
the hundred, we'll take 50.

That'll be enough for
me for a while.

- You?

- Oh, you know I mean us.

We can stall the cops
a couple of more weeks

by having more instructions
and messages go through.

By that time, we can
be out of the country.

You know, all we have to do is
hire a couple of blind stiffs

to make calls they don't
know anything about.

Maybe it's better the kid won't
have to bother growin' up.

- You ready, Mr. Vito?

- Yes.

This money doesn't mean
a thing to me.

You're not staking out
this place where I'm going.

- Don't you worry, Mr. Vito.

We won't make a move until we
know your little girl is safe.

- Well, all we can do is wait

and hope the informer calls us.

We could pick up Frank
Ellstrom and his wife now.

- Good.

- Speaking.


It was our little bird, gas
station out on the highway.

- All right, Fanny.
- Oh, Harry.

- Goin' home?

- Yeah, as a matter of fact,
I was.

I gotta go pick up my car.

- Good, I'll keep you company.

- Oh, all right then, would
you mind carryin' this for me?

Because I wanna light
a cigarette.

- My good arm's occupied, Fanny.

- Oh.

- Turn to the left, get
onto the highway.

- Left, meeting place
isn't that way.

- No kiddin'.

We figured
you'd yell copper,

so we changed our minds
a little bit.

- Oh, fine.

It's all right with me.

Where are we goin', your place?

- Mm-hm, you'll be
glad to say hello

to your playmates, sweetheart.

- Oh Harry, don't be cruel.

You were following me very well.

I didn't even see you, and
I could hardly hear you.

I guess your experiences
as the great white hunter--

- Knock it off, cripple.

- Okay Harry, bring
your friend in.

- He's our little friend.

- Hello, fink.

- What do you mean by that, Flo?

- George, stop!

What's the matter, honey,
what happened?

- I heard a scream,
someone was screamin'.

- Gonna lay down, sir?

- Tell me what happened?

- I was in a coffin.

You had put me in a coffin!

- You're crazy, honey!

You had a bad dream!

- I'm pretty sure you're
gonna be in one.

Shut her up!

- Kelly, George Kelly.

We're out here, Kelly.

- How did they found out?

- Me, me, I told 'em
Georgie boy, yeah.

I was weak enough to be
pushed around,

mangled, maimed, that's
what you thought.

Now they're out there,
go on, go fight 'em.

Go fight 'em, yeah, yeah
make those dreams of yours

about coffins and
burials come true.

- Not you, Fanny.

- Yeah me, you stupid animal,

Yeah, I told 'em,

do you think when you were

talkin' to me over the

I didn't hear that
mountain lion?

That's a sound I couldn't forget
very easy, could I, George?

You thought you were a wise guy,

Wise guy!

- Harry, stay away from
the window, they'll shoot,

they'll kill you!

Harry, stay away!

- You wanted the jungle,
now live in it!

- Harry, don't shoot,
don't shoot.

- They got a sniper out there.

We'll all get killed.

- Oh, no we won't.

You out there, listen to me!

The little girl and her
nurse are here!

You keep shootin' I
will put them in a place

where they'll be hit!

- Are you
Florence Becker?

- Yes I am!

- We have your
mother and father in custody

as accessories.

It's all over, there's
no place to run,

even if we let you out of there.

Don't do anything foolish.

Let the child and her nurse go,

and we'll offer a
recommendation to the courts.

- Did you hear that?

We'll live.

- You always wanna give up,
don't you?

- Well Flo, why die for nothin'?

Just to show that we
got some guts?

Flo, I don't wanna show mine

with my life spillin'
out of 'em!

- You watch it, Georgie,

your shadow'll scare you
to death someday!

- Flo, please do what I
say, put the gun down.

- Uh-uh, Machine Gun Kelly.

You liked being called that,
didn't you?

Well, I made you, and
I'll make your name stick

whether you like it or not.

For those two dead,
you'll get the chair,

and I'll plead that I'm a
woman, and I'm scared of you.

It'll be a nice touch, huh?

- I never wanted any of it.

I didn't want to be
public enemy number one.

I didn't want any part of it,

It was all your fault.

It's your fault.

It's your fault.

- You all right, miss?

- This one got in the throat.

- He's dead.

- You the tough man
in the crowd?

You got a tough name, Kelly.

Why didn't you shoot it out?

- 'Cause I knew you'd kill me.

- Machine Gun Kelly.

Come on along, Top Gun Kelly.