Machekha (1973) - full transcript

Based on a story by Mariya Khalfina. Shura Olevantseva leads a happy life with her children and her loving husband Pavel. One day she hears the news that the woman, who once loved her husband, died and that Sveta, Pavel's daughter about whom he knew nothing, is now an orphan. It wasn't easy for Shura to welcome Sveta into her home. It was even more difficult to win her heart, and to give her back the joy of childhood and the belief that she's not alone.



Screenplay E.Smirnov

Directors A.Yablochkin, F.Veinfeld

Starring Tatiana Doronina

Leonid Nevedomsky
Nadezhda Fedosova
Vladimir Samoilov

Lena Kostereva
Sasha Dalyokiy
Tamara Sovchi


Wait, Alexandra!

- What do you want?
- Your Yurka run from Kindergarten again

Serafima Ivanovna had hurt her legs
to run after him
-I'll teach him a lesson!

Aha, sonny! Come here
I've got something to tell you!

I'll teach you the lesson!


Take her. Feed her also

I've got the whitewash. Have to finish
before Pasha comes back

We will have dinner now

and sleep

So? Again kicked out from kindergarten?

See once I'll beat you for this

Ok come

Sit down

Such a bandit is growing!

Be fast!

Hold on

I'll drop you at grandma

Put it in the corner

Right place for it

You have double celebration it seems

House-warming party
and your birthday

Ahan, double!
Will celebrate two days

Someone at the door

A letter. To Pasha.

From Varya, sister-in-law, it seems

You know, Polina...

Two years I dreamed about
this damned sideboard!

This one is good!

- Shura! Turn the TV on!
- Why do you shout?

- Switch the TV on!
- It seems humorous show is there

Fix the curtains!
How long should I wait?

One moment...

That's it! Where's the needle?

"If we talk about the best
workers of state farm...

we mention Pavel Olivantsev -
master of grain combine harvesting.

Our reporter interviews him..."
- Are you crazy?

"Excuse me, one minute please!"

This is Pasha!

"...we would like to know your opinion"

He's become so emaciated

-I think that machinery
will be ready on time...

in addition, we are promised
to get new machines...

-Thank you!..Reporters are often blamed
that during such interviews...

we usually pay more attention to
production, equipment, performance...

but not to private life problems...

Please say something about yourself.

-I am a master of a
combain harvesting team

Our team is god. Our people are good.
- About yourself please?

-I'm married

-I have a son, Yurka
He goes to school next year

Daughter's just born

Our farm has promised
to give the flat. So

I'm inviting you for
house-warming party.

- Thank you, Pavel Egorovich.
- You are welcome.

You've come!



Ok then see... This one will stand here.

And my flowers - here. It is right place

And shelf... to here

you'll fix it.

- Well...
- What?

- It's good.
- It is. Just like a dream.

- Can't believe in this.
- Yeah, it is a dream.

- Pasha, You are so emaciated on TV...
- Yes? Leave it!

But your speech was good.
I was surprised.

-I was worried so much
-Worried? -Yes...

Will you fix the shelf?

- Is it ok?
- Little bit down..


-Little bit more.

It is ok now.

Did you have lunch, Pasha?

I am asking, did you have lunch
at mom's place?

Why you silent?


"Natasha suddenly died
one week ago...

and left after her...
- Daughter Svetlana age of 8.

-Svetlana, 8 years of old.

When we had arrived at her place...

Natasha said the truth about that...

she'd beed burdened 5 months already.

Svetka was born here.

She has got Natasha's surname

but... but...
- But patronymic is Pasha's

patronymic is Pasha's...

I could adopt Svetka, but haven't

confidence in my health
and my own children.

I have got a lot of children.

And to take her to
orphanage, when... when...

When father is there

when father is there -
I cannot do this.

So, decide according to your...
- conscience.
- according to your conscience.

We'll wait for your reply for two weeks.
If you don't reply...

the fate of your daughter will be
decided by other people.

Your old friend Nikolai Melnikov.

My god, you scared me.

- Where is he?
- He's gone.

He didn't say, where.

What a mistake! Her
man gets some letters

and she keeps them unread on the table!

You supposed to read and fire it!

I thought it is from sister-in-law.
I need to lie down

Do you understand what you ask for?

Harvesting is not a meeting.

And cannot be postponed.

You want me to be punished?
- I'll not let you down.

Can you explain at least
why do you need to go?

I cannot. And don't want also.
- Why so?

I'll be back in three days.

-Light up a cigarette.

- Hi guys.
- Hi Pavel Egorovich.

- Hi Mikhalych.
- good evening.

You'll not go there
'coz I will not accept her

If baby was yours, why didn't you
go before? She would easily lure you.

It means that baby isn't yours.
- You don't understand.

I made a proposal to her many times,
even before her pregnancy.

She didn't agree. Because
she was elder and bad in health.

and she hidden the fact
of pregnancy \and left.

-And if she didn't hide,
then what would happen?

You would leave me
and marry this fright?

Have you loved her?
- Yes.
- What "yes"?

-have loved?

I thought you just had fun...

So what then?

have loved, you say...

And now want to put her girl
on my neck?

It will never happen, Pasha.

- Where is the letter, mother?
- There was no letter ever!

Enough. See what the condition
you put her in!

What is my fault before her?
I didn't know about my daughter.

She isn't your daughter. And nobody
forces you to call her daughter.

What will we tell to
people? If only you would

be childless... but you
have your own kids!

Of course... These are
mine. That one is stranger...

And how can you match even?

If Shura only would be cleverer
and stronger in character...

otherwise how she can be step-mother?

My daughter needs mother.
Not step-mother

Alexandra is not 17

She isn't so stupid as you think.

and you, mother... just like
a heavy stone on her legs.

Don't worry.
I'll not bring my daughter here.

I'll ask other people to help

Did you hear that?
I'm not good enough for step-mother!?

Mama, listen. Tomorrow
make kasha for Alyonka.

Don't allow Yurka to
go to river side alone.

Where are you going? -With him, mom.

What the people he's going to go to?

So... what's this? no light,
didn't lock the door..?

Move a little...

Listen, why to be so nervious?

Not a big deal!

People adopt orphans
from orphanages...

and she is not orphan
she is not stranger.

Listen... you know...
I had a presentiment about it -

I withdrew money today morning.
for our journey.

Don't want to oversleep.

We won't.

Ok then. Let's go.

- Sveta, what year are you in?
- Second year.

- Do you study well?
- Well.

You have so beautiful purse.
Show me?

I knew that you'll come.
I had no doubts.

Listen, Mikheich...
She lived all time alone?

One asked for marriage.
Single one.

But independent. Good man.

But she refused.
She lived with Svetka alone...

like she used to live before you.

Natalia was ill often.
She got poor heart after the War.

All her relatives dead before her eyes.

She loved Svetka. There are no words
to describe her love to daughter.

But she intimidated her too much...

"Nobody needs you, except me"-
she said.

"Only own mother can love a child."

They lived here.

Natalia worked in post office.


We will not take anything from here.
Let's go dear!

Dear passengers! Please pay attention
to the information about the flight.

Our altitute is 10 000 m.
The speed is 850 km/h

The outside temperature is -35 degree.
Thank you.

I'll make two dresses for her.
From that motley staple, remember?

We will buy sandals for a while.

I will quilt the blanket.

Ah, listen... here...

What to do with her surname?

-She is my daughter and will have
my surname. -That's right.

But birth certificate isn't here.

They didn't give me this document.

- Maybe it's in her purse?
- Ask her.

Sveta, give me your purse.
There are documents. Mother's.

It is required by school.

Sveta, it is required by school.

It's ok. Later.

Something precious is in purse.
Some toy maybe.

Put your bags on luggage rack.

They shouldn't stand here.
- I'm sorry.

- Please.
- All of them? -Yes.

- Thank you.
- Welcome.


Take it. I gift it to you.

I've not space enough.
Put it on the sun.

It likes the sun.

- Hold it.
- You are crazy.

Such a beauty! You took 5 years
to grow it!

- It doesn't matter now.
- Where's the girl?

-She'll live in drawing room.
In my drawing room.

All the beauty went to ruin.

Want to see?

See, how it is now...

Good. Sveta has her own corner.
Her own room, you can say.

and cannot be better...

Sveta! Hello!

Why are you standing here?

Come, join the girls.
They're going to take bath.

Shurka..why did you hang
a millstone about your neck!

You'll not be able to manage,
you have different character...

and small intellect...

She's not a child.

Keep quiet.

She doesn't look at anyone.

She doesn't talk.

Now he realized whom he brought.
but there is no way back.

It'll take long time
to cast off this yoke.

God's gift...

-Don't stand here being all ears!

Mama. What could I do?

To know that there is
homeless child..

when her father is alive?
- You're such a fool!

Could you listen to your mother
if you have lack of mind?

Grandma, let's go from here.

Sveta! Come here!

That's it. I've finished. Let's
try it on! Take this one off.

Just look how beautiful it is!
We have to go out now. Hold it.

Means, you dislike it

What will you wear then?

So, you disliked it...

- Hello!
- Hello...

Together with you
we'll be able to carry 5 pieces!

You'll take 2 small. And I'll
take 3 big. Dad will get surprised

and will ask, who helped us to
bring so many watermelons!?

This is my teacher...

Hello, Ekaterina Alexeyevna!
- Hello, Shura! How are you?

-We are fine. No reason to be sad.
Better than others, I'd say!

Will go to school.

Good. Drop in, don't hesitate.

Thank you. We'r going
to get watermelons.

And breast, and tummy...
we'll wash everything...

so that clean girl
will walk here and there...

so clean girl...
so good girl...

oh! Come here!
Do you want to wash her?

Say "Come! Join us!"

She doesn't want, it means.

- Hello. - Hello.

- Ok, let's see later!
- Of course.

- Say my hello to your wife.
- Thank you.

- So, how's she?
- not bad, getting accustomed.

Pasha, I've noticed that
she admires Alyonka.

So I've bought this.
Let's act like you've bought!

- Go and put it.
- What? -Doll.


On her bed.

As it's from you.

- Does it matter, WHO will put?
- Put, I said!

You are fool, Shura.

- Really?
- Yes.

You're lousy bastard!

Hide it wherever you want,
I'll find anyway.

- God's gift.
- What are you saying

How dare you!
Who tought you these words?

You are so malicious and
hurting Sveta.

Any other girl would complain
to father about you.

He will be right to beat you.
She is girl. You are boy and...

should protect her.
She is your sister!

Your blood sister!

And your dad is her own dad also.

- And you?
- I'm mama.

-But grandma says
that you are step-mother.

Sonny, don't listen to this.
It's bad word.

- Foul word?
- No. Not foul. It's simply bad.

-Listen, I'll tell you everything...

When your dad was young.
So young like... student Sasha Sotnikov.

But your dad was a
tractor driver already

- Where have WE been?
- You were not born yet.

-But where have we been?
-You weren't born yet.
Dad didn't know me

- You weren't born too?
- What? Why?

I was born. But dad didn't know me.
But he met Sveta's mom.

Then we got the letter
after her death.

We came there, Sveta was crying.
But your dad said:

"Don't cry...

Don't cry, Sveta.

I'm your own dad. You've got
sister and brother who'll not hurt you."

That's what he said.
Stand in the corner!

Mom, we don't need her.
Ask dad to bring her back.

Mama! Come here..

Mama, why do you teach Yurka
such bad words?

He hurts Svetka.
- I do not teach him.

-Really? -Well, if you sweet daughter
doesn't want to accept you...

it is not my fault!

You can pour oil on her head -
will be no effect.

For her and for people you'll
remain step-mother, villian.

-Ok she doesn't want to accept me.
But I know my Yurka very well.

He's not wicked.
And don't teach him these words.

- Take her to orphanage...
- O my god... -Or somewhere else!

It's a yoke on your
neck for whole life!

I'll not take her anywhere.

- Polina! What you dressed up for?
- I'll go to the city.

- Did you see Svetka? -No.
- She's ran away. Let's search


Mother's right. I've put
this yoke on my neck myself.

Maybe she didn't run at all.

Everything's packed
and purse isn't there!

-But you said that she sleeps
with purse and goes out with purse...

-But I didn't ask her to go out

- Shura! Look!
- Oh she is here! You can go Polina..

O my god...

You are my poor child.
What do you want from me?

Tell me... what do you want?
What do you miss?

Tell me and I'll do.
Tell me for the god sake


Let's go.

Let's go home, my dear.
Take your purse.

Well... How are you?

Good. Better than anyone else.

Have bought everything?

- And paints? -Paints also.
- Give them to her.

Give them yourself.

- But for me?
- Ok take this.

Here are paints for you.

And sketch book also.

Thank you.

- Keeps silent?
- Yes she does.

I try in different ways.
But in vain.

-Maybe to give her some home work?
To do some shopping... -Not at all!

People will say "step-mother
has got the maid"

- Don't listen to them.
- No, Pasha,

She doesn't speak to anyone.
People will misunderstand...

and call her "mentally defective
like her mother"

They laugh behind my back

So then let them wag their tongues

We live good, no?
Better than enyone else.

Sveta darling

He is your dad...

but you...

are so shaggy-haired.

-Let me braid your hair
-I can do it myself.

Ok fine

While at home, you can manage.

But you need to comb your hair
when you go out.

-Kolesnikova Natasha...

-You have father's surname now:

You have to respond, when
teacher calls you Olivantseva Sveta.
Go, my dear

Maximov Alexander...

Matyushina Luba...

Ovchinnikova Galya...
- Hello

Okayomov Kolya...

Olivantseva Sveta...

-Hi girls. We want to eat.
We're awfully hungry.

- How is your daughter?
- Not bad, Lyosha.

Slowly gets accustomed.

And your mother-in-law,
Grumbles still?

Why she'll grumble?
My daughter isn't burden for her.

She'll also get accustomed.

- Didn't wait for me?
- I did. But not today

-I've been sent for the spares.
Otherwise I wouldn't come.

-That's great. Take bath
and I will serve lunch

-How is Sveta?

So... how are you doing in school?

Not bad

Ok. But how to understand this?
It means good or just so so?


Listen Sveta! Why do you
behave like this?

You are not small and must understand...

when father's asking you...
- hey it's too much!

Pasha, I forgot to tell you our
morning incident! -Wait, Shura!

Me and Svetka... We had lost
our kitten Tuzya

We searched everywhere.
And then I tell her:

"let's check on the wardrobe".
I lift her to see there,

And kitten is there in the clew,
got tangled with threads...

Lunch is ready. Let's go

- It'll get cold.
- Let's go.

Here is what I don't understand..

Why are you so happy?

Why do smile in front of her?

She doesn't want to know you.
But you continuously laughing.

That's truth that nothing can
affect or brake you.

It seems, you mother's right
to call you "easy minded".

Wait a moment.

-I can't get it, Pavel Egorovich,
by my silly mind...

whom are you growling at?

Was it me, who made child
before marriage?

Was it me, who brought her here,
and put on your neck?

Was it me, who said "grow her up
and I will watch"?

Who are you? Father or stranger?

Have you asked me at least once,
how do I manage with her?

Have you advised something?
Have you helped in something?

I cannot force you to take
them to cinema...

what did you do for her to
accept you as father?

"here are paints", "here is the book"

It isn't true that she doesn't get
accustomed. She does!

I also thought that she's showing
her attitude.

Then I noticed,
she is not happy with herself

Her character is not my fault.

- Then it's all my fault?
- Then yes.

-I work hard. Days and nights.

When will I go to cinema with her?

It's home it seems... Our own flat.

Television is here.
Mother-in-low is not here.

But she... looks at me...
that I want to run away.

Seems, her mother instilled something
that she hates us now.

She hates you and me.
- Pasha, she tries! She tries as she can!

-No. It is you only who really tries!

All your crazy ideas... dolls...
gifts... kittens on the wardrobe...

instead of...

You are indulging her.

Can't handle this. I'm going.
- Where?

- Just going!
- What do you mean!

Fine then! Go!


What happened, Shura?

I need... to...

to talk.

Come inside.

Ok guys! My gongratulations
for implemented plan ahead of schedule!

But we have to help
the neighboring farm.

So, Pavel, take your team
to Petrovsky region.

They have technical problems.

- Galya! Serve one more person.
- go on your own.

That's it

You are free till 6 p.m
and can go home.

Pavel, are you not going home?

I'll not go.

I have to check the machinery.

Oh come on, Pavel!
Don't trouble yourself.

I can't manage with Svetka.

She's got difficult character

Many reasons.

Woman is the soul of family.
Control yourself.

Be nice looking. There are new
gowns in the shop. Buy one.

It's not easy
to maintain love and peace.

Come on!

-Hello, Ekaterina Alexeyevna!
How are you doing?

-I'm fine.. -Only one problem is there:
we don't have eligible bachelors

Only if to import ones.

-Shura, what happened with you,
sad and speechless?

-She's become choosy now,
her husband is respected man!

"I am happy flying like a martin

and tender wind is flying towards me

but I am cheerful, but I..."


Pack Pavel's bag for travel!

His team will go on business
for five days.

Svetka! Come down for a minute!

Sveta, come to me please

Let me introduce myself.
I'm director.

Everyone should follow
director's orders.

Comrade driver! Let's take Sveta
for a drive on our fields?!

- Sure!
- Let's go?

We are ready to go to dad! Sit down!
- That's great!

Be careful... Let's go!

- Do you miss the farm?
- Yeah.

-Take Alyonka to day nursery
and come back then!

Polina and other girls complain
about farm difficulties.


Can't hear... Ok go ahead!

There's puppet show on Sunday

I've seen the playbill

Have you ever seen this show?


You will see.

I have seen once.

Laughed out loudly.

You know... there are dolls...

made of cloth...

They are worn on hands.

They dance...

sing the songs...


So you will go there on Sunday.
With dad and Yura.

I didn't recognize you...

I thought... some guest...



- What's happening?
- Nothing special.

For what reason you are dressed up?

-Just a gown for home...

New one. Me and Polina did
some shopping.

It only can be easily soiled

What? You just don't understand
anything in this...

That's all.

It'll be always like this now

What d'you mean "always"?

hey what are you doing to me?!

He liked it

But I'll lead... like this! Now what?!

Ah... Again I lost!

What's the brain you have!

So good mind you have, dad's gens!

Sveta, give me your hand, please.

Put it on your lap

Sveta, why didn't finish soup yet?

If you don't want, you can tell...

Don't want, then don't eat.

Take the second course...
Pasha! I've got funny story to say

Yesterday, neighbor's
pig fallen in cellar..

Sonny, where is your "thanks"?

-But why Svetka doesn't say "thanks"?

-Don't worry about Svetka!
Worry about yourself!

-Right words!

Later on, Sveta also will tell!

Ok, go and play, sonny.

So that pig fallen in the cellar...

And their fat daughter-in-law
got into cellar for him.

She helped the pig
But can't herself come out

All the men used the ropes
to get her out of there!


- Give it to me.
- I'll not give.

-Sveta! Leave him. What're you doing?

-Pasha, don't hurt her!
Come to me, my girl..

-I will teach you the lesson
such a bandit!

-O my god!

Don't cry, baby!
Come to my place...

-Sveta! Look here... Sveta!

Tomorrow morning you and I...

will go to photographer...

he will repair this photo...

it will be better
and more beautiful!

And we will put it here
in big frame!

-What's the nonsense! To beat baby
for nothing! For some pictures!

-Mama. It is not just picture.

It is everything what is left
after her mother.

That's why she was worried
about her purse.

To keep photo in safe.
but failed

-Tell me, Yura, why did you
need this purse? What for?

Don't keep silent.
And you keep aside, mother!

-what a monster!

You don't have right to torture baby
just for some pictures!

Let's go, baby... Want to kill him?
Let's go, baby

I am fed up. Enough, my dear children.

I'll file a complaint
to executive committee

They will show you

Let's go.

- Hello.
- Hello, Ludmila Yakovlevna

Come in.

- Alexandra...
- Nikolaeva.

Excuse my look, we're getting
prepared to take bath.

-I've come to meet you.

And see how do my students live
-Please come into the drawing room

They live here.

This is the son's bed.
And that one is daughter's

Everything is here

Her study table. Father buy's
everything is required.

Her books are here...

Sit down please.

Thank you

The reason of my visit is...

Is Sveta overloaded with homework?


- See, you have small baby also...
- Is my Sveta overloaded?

How can you think about?

My child is of good health, you know!

Her weight is more than 1 pood.

I work at home myself.

-I see

How does she call you?

-in no way! She's not accustomed yet.

-And father?

-in no way, too!


- Bye.
- Bye.

-That's all.

Can't handle this anymore.

-That's all. I can't... I can't...

Polina said... On the Women Council
Kulichicha jumped up again...

spoken against us...

What's the house! What's the people
living there!

That it's been half year
the child is in the family...

and calls them in no way!

Then my teacher stood up and said:

"It's not important how she calls them.
It's important what she feels."

And Kulichiha couldn't object.

I didn't tell you one thing.
When you were out for business...

I visited Ekaterina Alexeyevna.

And you know, what she said?

"Forget this offence" - she said.

"And what about
her difficul character...

see, when I transplant the flower...

what is required for its growth?...


and warmth.

But we're talking not abut plant,
but about child"

Yesterday I was passing by
Administration board

And Viktor Evgenievich shaken my hand

and said: "Don't worry Alexandra.
Everything will be fine"

I was really surprised

Good people understand everything

in a correct way.
I don't care about bad ones.


You have to...

love her.

She looks like you!

Yesterday, I went for a walk
with Alyonka

We were passing by school
when classes were over.

They go all together...

but OUR looks different from others:

looking like... very accurate...

Her teacher said that
she is ideal student

Means can't be better

Sharp mind... She grasps everything...

She paints... She plays chequers...

Pasha, play chequers with her.

Just ask tomorrow:
"Where are our chequers?"

And she will do everything herself.

So, you say time...

and warmth.

Alexandra Nikolaevna. You also
do not have electricity?

-We don't have...
Something happened to Sveta?

Not at all. I've registered her
in drawing studio.

You'll have to bring her there
twice in a week.

I will.

Though she is so small. But they
saw her drawings and accepted her!

Something happened?
- Yes. Husband's become ill


This medicine is new.
You can't get it in our drugstore.

You have to buy it in the city.

- All the best.
- All the best. Thank you.

There's nobody.

ok then...

Sveta darling. I'm leaving.

- When Alyonka wakes up, feed her.
- Ok

-Sonny, do as Sveta tells you.

Don't worry. I'll be back soon.

Mama! Pasha is ill and I'm going
to get medicine in city drugstore.

Can you sit with kids?

-When everything is fine
you don't remember about me!

Mother's words became bad for you!
So live yourself now!

-O god! Mama! Whole life I was
following your orders. Isn't it enough?

Why are you angry?

What is our fault?

That Pasha accepted his child?
That he didn't take her to orphanage?

How much you gossip against him.
But Pasha spares you!

And about girl?
You said she is weak minded,

but she has only high marks in school!

-So live alone then!
What d'you want?

-You think I like to see
you exhaust yourself?

Will you sit with kids?
- No! -Fine then.

- "exhaust yourself"

-Sveta? What happened?

-Here it is... hot-water bottle.

It's hot. I'll change
it when it gets cold

Thank you.

Sit with me...


I feel relieved.

I have given him the hot-water bottle.

Mom... Mama!

You are my girl

You are mine

How are you now?

Not bad?

Not scared?

English subtitles: Maria Panina

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