Macadam Stories (2015) - full transcript

Improbable encounters bring tenderness, laughter and compassion to a world of urban alienation.

So we all know the focus of this meeting

Is to vote to decide whether or not to repair the elevator

It's a disaster. Everybody is so fast

Mr. Anberio waited for seven hours

Mrs. Ischio's finger was burned with a button

Can not go on like this again

Since the administrator does not want to be responsible

We will contact the manufacturers directly to the construction as soon as possible

As for the part of the replacement fee

Apportioned down to 124 euros per quarter

The tenants pay a year

I would like to propose a vote here

Who is in favor of replacing the elevator?

Do you not raise your hand?

Do not

Who is against?

What's wrong with you? Do not want to change the new elevator?

After all, I live on the second floor

Never used the elevator

Come here for the first time here twenty one 00: 01: 48,734 -> 00: 01: 49,901 Are you tight? twenty two 00: 01: 50,700 -> 00: 01: 55,234 I just do not want to pay for something you can not use twenty three 00: 01: 57,433 -> 00: 02: 00,101 Do not you know what is "united"? twenty four 00: 02: 00,934 -> 00: 02: 02,934 Know but ... I mean

You can not force me

you must�

In short I do not pay

I propose to discuss the matter for another

Make a good conclusion

Go to the bedroom

If you wish, I can leave

No we go to the bedroom to meet

We have reached a conclusion

You can not pay but can not take the elevator

Do you accept?


Who is in favor of Starkwitz without elevator?

(Your lunch fee)

(Automatic mode)

(Forward distance)

You can not see him today

But today is the day of sight

Yes but he is in the infirmary

Infirmary? Is he sick?

- Did he get out of last night?

Listen to me two days later to see him again


Can you transfer these to him?

I can not take something to the torturer

It's nothing just cigarettes, coffee and sugar


- that's it for you - I can not get it

Give it to your colleagues, they are very good

-Are you ok? - Yes

Everything is good?

- soon see - okay


Not here

(Forward distance: 100 km)

Do not you find it interesting?


I have to talk to you

what happened?

I do not know what to say to you

Say what?

good Morning

I'm sure I'm lost

Are not you supposed to be in Iowa?


Then you are not completely lost

I do not take pictures today.

Make a little bit ready to shoot again tomorrow

- now the light is not good - understand

I'll not mind that

I went down and looked at it here

Where are you going?

You can not go out so late

I can not live here I am not a hospital patient

Sorry i see you in a wheelchair This is the staff area

I'm lost

Are you a nurse?


Do you come to visit

I do not just look at it

See what?

Nothing i ...


I am a photographer

I am

Do you know the work of International Geography Magazine?


But you did not bring the camera?

Right but ...

Because i just came over

Take a look at it

Looking at it?

That's right

I am looking at the scenery

You are physically disabled people must be very convenient

I am not a disabled person

this is nothing

Is to take pictures when working hurt

Will soon be able to stand up and walk


Are you going to stay here for a long time?

Until the photo shoot so far

- take a picture Just one - yes one

Only shoot one?

I usually only shoot one

But it was very good

I have to go back

I wish you good luck have the opportunity to see you again

Are you here every night?


I am here for a rest ...

Are you ok?

I have been in the door has been kept non-stop

- hope no more problems - if it happens again

Do not hand

Strength is not enough like this

You're welcome

(Mom's stuff)

what happened again?

I was locked in the door

Not at all funny

is it? Hard to say Oh

Want me to help you open the door?

I do not have to call the locksmith

Just you

come on

what do you want to drink?


I see if there is

To add ice

I only have this

- that locksmith? - yeah yeah

Didi ...


My neighbor is locked out


He is coming soon

- Didi is a locksmith? - he will open the door

same as you

Please sit down

What's your name?

- are you? - Paul

Not James is not Charlie

I'm called Charlie

I called Jenny Leaf

-what happened? - nothing

Why did you move here?

Are you so rude?


Your parents?



-You live by yourself? -Correct

Until other families adopt me so far

A family really want my people

I'm not kidding

- I live with my mother - son of a bitch

- need to give you any thank you? -no need

- help you pour a cup of drink? - my shop is downstairs

Your home is good

- your friend shop? - be it?

- what does he sell? -something

Do not my drink drink your vodka?

You are exaggerated

You do not seem to be good at decorating

I do not intend to live for a long time


no reason

-what is this? - something like a poster

Movie poster


Do i have some of you in the collection?

There are no movies that I played

Are you an actor?


Are you red?

Be it

Jenny Leaf ...

What did you play?

You must have never seen

- you're not red - i'm red just you do not know

Have you ever played a film?

There should be a box

I want to see


-why not? - because i do not want to

And I do not know where to put it

I'm curious to help me find you

Do not touch me

Come back to me tomorrow

-After school? -it is good

You are going home and I'm tired

- see you tomorrow - okay

good night

good night

I started taking it

Is this your camera?


Looks very old

But I love to use it

Do not you have a digital camera?


Digital camera

Immediately after taking pictures

My family has one

very useful

I do not like that kind of thing

Do you often travel


Travel around the world?

Three quarters of the

I thought of walking somewhere else

go on holiday

Find a warm place

On a small island

Have you ever been to Greece?

- been there - what is it like?

very beautiful

There is sea

Very hot locals are very kind

Have you heard it?

That sound

what is that?

I hear every night like a child's voice

There is a child crying

Do you work this nurse?

I work very quiet at night

Emergency room more hard

I am only responsible for taking care of those who fall asleep

But suffer your husband

Are you married?

Do not want to answer it does not matter

I did not get married

Tonight is a bit weird

Did you shoot the sky?


Yeah the sky

Or other places

I have filmed a lot

is it?

can I see?


Other photos can also be


Other country where you worked

Will you show you tomorrow night?


So good night

good night

Where am I?

I'm called John McKinsey

Are you the witness of the LORD?




I do not know where this is

Can you borrow a call with you? phone

what! phone?


- can come in - thank you

Please come in

follow me


I'm John McKinsey

Sorry you are?

I'm John McKinsey I'm going to talk to the head

Please wait

Hello there

I'm McKinsey


McKinsey is my mother

McKinsey please cite the sign

Saturn is the wedding ring of the universe

Please wait

McKinsey I'm the commander of the Ravenson

I do not care who you are

I just want to know what the situation is now

Where is McKinsey?

It was anxious to lose contact with us an hour ago

I do not know where this is

People here speak French

what did you say?

Would you like to have coffee?



coffee? Do not have to thank you

Who is she in McKinsey?

-what? -Who is she?

-what? -Who is she?

She is ... I'm in her apartment

She is a ...

Arab woman

Are you kidnapped?

I was not kidnapped

I come over myself

Landed on this damn roof

Should be wrong place wrong

How is this ... how could that be?

We are learning the reason

We will go to you but need to know your position

Do you want to see what landmarks are in the window?

Do not you have a better way to locate?

But in space

I saw some tall buildings

- all look like - understand

Everything looks like a gray neighborhood

Warehouse and empty parking lot

Know it sounds like Pittsburgh

Neon is an industrial area

looks like�

John let us talk to the people around you

We find someone who speaks French


Do you want to talk to her?

Is the trouble for you

and many more

Want me to listen



Please indicate your identity


What's your name? - Agatha Hamilton

- Which country is there? -France

I was born in the Algerian Kabylian region

In 1967 came with the mother and brother and sister together

My daddy he ...

Do you hate America?

No nasty

Would you please address in France?

Picasso Community No. 26

Wei Le Li Building, 12th Floor

The ladies around you are called John McKinsey


- he is the NASA astronaut - understand

He came back from the outer space


Will we pick him up first?

no problem

You can not reveal his identity


Can not tell anyone he is in your home

no problem

We'll call you again

Okay, bye

They will call again later


Thank you

Would you be hungry?

Do you eat something?


Eat something

Do not have to thank you

Eat it

Please say




Find you


(Kabyle dialogue)

There is a man of space


The United States

(Kabyle dialogue)

He is the person of NASA


You look good at me

She is a very good southwest people

very kind

She loves Patrick

That is, he sent Cui Ke she loved him

Patrick is also very good

But a little stupid fool

He loves Monica and she is bad and bad

I have seen this album


I have seen this episode of the United States broadcast


That man is dead

The man is his

He died in a car accident and died

I do not understand

- dead - dead

Dead this man

- no - yes

Do not you tell me that he is dead?

I do not believe

What is it?


Patrick was married to Monica

Got married and put on the ring

- Patrick is married to Monica? -Correct

I can not believe it

Monica is so bad how could it be

The script is not the story I wrote

South West? What's up with her?

South West has psychological problems

She later committed suicide

She later hangs

Nancy died? Can not be true

how come? She should not end up

What about Harry?

- Harry - did he die?

Harry killed his father

But in fact they are not father and son he did not know

I do not see this album anymore

You see it very much

Come on the movie

You have a good deal

What parts do we want to see?

"Woman without hand"

-how? Is it a horror film?

It was not my film in 1982


Is black or TV or movie?

Movie friends


There are a lot of great black and white movies


"Woman without hand"

You do not have to stay

- I do not care if you want to see - I'm playing


John I'm Leu Sen of NASA


John you have to wait

How long?

Two days

Do not joke immediately sent people over

No way we all think you are still in outer space

If you drop the problem will lose money

Now the funds have been short enough

How can the situation improve after two days?

Send someone to pretend to be on your back in space

You will quietly return home to be treated as a hero

Who is a hero? I still he?


But he played you

of course

This is what the superiors instruct you to understand


We want to talk to Ms. Hamilton

- she is not - where is she

How can i know where she is?

We must ask her to agree to shelve you

She seems to be a good man

Good news to tell you again

-did you sleep well? -Hello

The head office calls me to stay here for two days

Can I sleep here?

This side? of course can

Can stay for two days?

Want to live this No problem my son 's room is empty

- thank you - I'm happy he never came to see me

Eat Cuscous tonight


I do the best to eat Couscous

My mother cook the best time to eat

Now the kids say I cook the best to eat

This is the case

Is the water pipe broken?

Do you say something that leaks?

I called the electrician and we had to learn to swim

I should be able to fix it


I should wait for me

Do not leak it?

Should be no problem

Thank you

Eat Cuscous tonight

Cuscus ... I want to sleep

Are you tired and tired?

I want to sleep

No problem with me

Thank you

Here is the bedroom to sleep

My son's thing you can take it with

He is tall and strong like you

Your clothes look good

My son is called Markey


Is he your son?

where is he? Is he not here?

No he is not

Here is the toilet


I know what it means

We finally have a word that makes sense

very nice

-Do you like it? -like

Where did your last gun go?

I do not know

Is the husband in your film a good man?


He finished the film soon passed away

Why died?

I do not know

May be too sad

I want to see another

I'm not tired

- how are you tomorrow? -it is good


Look at you in the movie

-why? -do not know

As if you were another person had another life

Everyone has a lot of life you know later

Not everyone can use the film to leave traces

When you watch a movie, do you think the play is yourself?

I do not want anything

Just watch a movie

he is�

-What is his name? -he is�

I like him

he is�

I put the pictures together


This is Egypt

Who is she?

She is not an ordinary woman

finish watching

You are so lucky to be able to do the job

Can know many people

Travel around to touch different things

I have to go back

good night


Can i take pictures of you?


I want to take pictures for you




Shoot up should be beautiful

I have never done such a thing

me too

You've got you so many people

Also are celebrities

But I did not shoot you

are you kidding me?


Have you seen me

Feel the night shift of the nurses really poor

So want to take a portrait of small people?

No such thing

- i think you're so ... - what?


It did not

I do not know you

who are you?

Maybe ... I do not know if I know you?

- do not know - so hello

When do you want to shoot?

Tomorrow night

Why do I want to work at night?

Not in the daytime

Where do you want to shoot?


You will not spend much time while taking a break

talk later

Eat it


good to eat

Did you hear that?

What is this sound?

No one knows how the ghost or demon may be howling


John I have to go out

- Zhu door? - put here as your own home

Your own home

Do you want to go out?

Help me take it

Thank you

Will you come back?

Toni Cuscous

Right against Cuscous

Goodbye John


- Hello - Hello

- Can not watch movies today - it does not matter

- what happened - what happened?

"Nero" to repeat the

-what is that? - I play the stage play

- that's great - that's fine

I want the producer to let me play the same role

Popeo is the best role in the world

hope everything is fine

Wish me luck

good luck�

Can you laugh one?

That's it

It's great

That's it

I helped you buy cigarettes and coffee

- Do you still have sugar? -Have

Need something else?

I want orange soda


- canned - no problem son

Remember to eat you see so thin

They hurt me all day vomiting

But this is for you

I talked with social workers

They will arrange for you to work

In the power company to work very bad?

They helped me to work for two weeks

With a group of crazy work two weeks to learn what?

Go home after more than know how to change the light bulb

Can everything be fine at home?

Very good Hedda calls from Algiers to me

-what happened? - nothing

What are you laughing at?

tell me

We have a man in space


There is an American astronaut living in our house

Where did you come from?

Outer space

What is he doing in our house?

He was lost

NASA to pick him up before

I can not take him out of the care

And others are good though I can not understand him

But he has double good eyes

Have you got Alzheimer's disease?


This can not tell someone that it is the highest secret

I'm going to cook for him tonight

I borrowed your clothes for him

He was so thin that there was only a space coat

What clothes?

Jeans and soccer clothes

My Marseille team suit

No way

Do not

Do not


Do not

what happened?

It is you

Give the key to me

I did not ask you to go away

Let me come on

-what are you doing? - take you to the room

Do not take me to the toilet


What happened?

Did you see the producer?

I want to see him but ...

I'll get your towel to you

An end

An end

Who is the end?

My man

where is he?

Where is Anten?

where is he?

Where is the end?

I do not know that I do not know him

Is he dead

I want to sleep by him

I want to sleep by him


How can such a thing happen

Respect us

Eat it

really tasty


What is outer space?

Outer space


Like the sea


As if sneaking into the sea

Space is everywhere

Surround you

Do you know the Greeks?


Such as Zeus Ulysses

I know the Greeks

Yes the Greeks

The eyes of the Greeks, stars, astronomy


No wonder the stars


The Greeks thought the stars were holes

Small hole small circle

Circle cave

-cave? - yes

God is there only ...

God only?

- those gods only - God only?


God I understand

- gods - yes

They think that the gods observe the earth from those holes

Gods from those holes to observe the earth

Of course he kept looking at us

- do you understand what i mean? -understand

God is everywhere

I like this concept

After a darkness

There is a strong light which


Your son


He is my son

Is he okay?

Okay? Is it okay?

he's not here

Maji is still small when my son Ma Ji

I'm holding him like this

Will he fall asleep?

I'm singing and hitting the horse to bed

I like you very much


- Hello - Hello now?

Still very early

Yesterday I'm sorry I'm in a bad situation

It's ok

Welcome you to play at any time

Fortunately, you did not see the producer yesterday

-why? - I read the script yesterday

- you can not play in Piazza - what do you say?

She was only 15 years old

so what? Play this kind of thing ...

You can play Agrippina

what? Agrippina

Are you crazy? She was 90 years old and I was too young

so what? Play this kind of thing ...

What do i tell you about you? Goodbye


what's up?

That's my glasses

My glasses, life, work me me i ...

Take it Agrippina really fit me?

She is the villain is the best role

The other characters are stupid and very interesting

Come and talk to the producer

I was messed up yesterday and could not get the courage

Or I'll send you a tape for you

This is feasible

If i would do it abroad

- Do you have a camera? - I can ask Didier

Will you shoot?

I am a genius

You go to a game to play me to the camera


To do so

- soon see - good

John has your phone



Thank you

Is the NASA called them ...

Come to pick me up home

I'm so good to cook coffee

Well, I was playing with me

- you play Nero - okay

Where are I standing


it is good

let's start

Point it

- will not it be too exaggerated? What does that mean?

Feel too hard to fight this role

Is this accidentally photographed?

Ok little like that

Good start

-Ready? -All right


All right

Wait a little longer this time

This is no problem

Started by you?


Mom you want to see me


Give me lines

- what lines? - I forgot my lines

Do not you remember?

Sorry it has been for 20 years

And before I was playing Popia

Come back at nine o'clock

it is good

what happened?

Have you heard that sound?

Often heard

Sounds like crying

Is the tiger in the call


I heard that there was a circus came here

Throw the tiger

All right

Remake once

Mom you want to see me

Why is your son so cold?

Why does it seem so ruthless?

You can not do that


Son why do you seem so ruthless?

What is the problem?

Your tone is like reading

Sounds like that bastard Frank Mannan

Who is Frank Mannan?

I am a classmate in my class

However, Lili Pu Qiu

Her tone is poetic

As if she created the same

Do you like lily puppy?

Continue to record it

Why is your son so cold?

Why does it seem so ruthless?

much better

But the tone can be normal?

Like a conversation in life

But this is the classic line of ancient drama

So just to play like this

What are you doing? I am very busy

I came to the emperor to repent to ask for forgiveness to Caesar

Repentance Want me to forgive you?

You must have made a big mistake so humble

Love his son is a sin?

Do I want to give him the best of this?

It is hard to say that if he is poisoned for him

A mother wants to replace a child

Or to pay their own pay really do not forgive forgiveness

But the mother loves her only son ...

I can not do it

-what happened? -I have no idea

This does not work

I can not remember my lines

I'm afraid I'll screw up

Just have a good idea

I was not funny?

I do not think so

Did you know that?

In fact, there is no need to send this tape

Anyway, nobody cares

I do not know you a week ago

You showed me the movies you played

I think you played well

You are a good actor

take it easy

But since it is necessary to read lines to read well

Otherwise you will not be selected

At least for now


Mother loves her only child

In her eyes he has been an infant in the baby

Need her caressing

Occasionally also need to be scolded

Mother was blinded by love

Can not see his son has grown up

Such a mother can be forgiven

Let us return to the past

Forget those disputes

You are just a lovely child when you are young

Now you have grown into handsome and strong

Quebec's man

Your muscles under the skin uplift

its mine

Your proud face

Strong eyes

It is mine

But I'm an old woman

I can only be a shadow

Hide my love

Hide my tenderness

No longer a woman

No longer your mother



- I can not wait for you last night - sorry

Can you walk


Can you watch me?

Take off your coat

Can you laugh one?

I can not laugh at jokes

Let me laugh

I'm not a funny man

Nor is it a photographer

I live in the neighborhood

Take the elevator at night to go out

To the hospital to buy vending machine potato chips to eat

And there's no film in my camera

Is it okay?


These Cuscouss give you on the road to eat

Thank you

Give you a memorial

Thank you

Will you come back to see me?



(Lonely heart guest)