Macabre (1980) - full transcript

A New Orleans housewife leaves her daughter and son home alone to meet her lover. While with him, she receives a call that her son has died. Wreckless driving rushing to her house results in a horrible accident. The lover dies and she is sent to a mental institution to recover from the psychological trauma. Upon her release a year later she moves into the boarding house where they would rendezvous. The landlord has passed away and her blind son is left to maintain the house. With every day that passes, his lust for her grows while she remains true to her lover. The situation comes to a "head" on a weekend visit with her daughter. All secrets will be revealed and no one will be the same. Inspired by actual events.

Lucy, gimme the ball!

Alright, Michael, but
it's the last time!

I'm off to work, kids.

Bye, Lucy.

Mum promised to take you
to the movies, Michael.

Be a good boy. See you later.

- Bye.
- Bye, daddy!

No way I'm giving
you this one, too.

I don't care, I'm
riding my bike!

Then I'm not helping you if you
fall off, that'll teach you!

Hi, it's me.

See you in thirty
minutes, all right?

What did I tell you”? You
better listen to me!

I don't wanna ride my bike anymore!
I wanna play ball together!

Okay, first one to drop
it loses the game.

But I'm throwing first!


- Lucy?
- Yes, mum?

I have to go out. Keep
an eye on Michael.

But you told dad you were
taking us to the movies.

I'm sorry, my meeting has been rescheduled
and Mrs. rinse can't sub for me.

Mrs. rinse, huh?

Yes, her.

- Bye.
- Bye, mummy!

Sidney? Keep an eye on
the kids, thank you.

Don't worry.

Mrs. duval? Robert?

We're here. Come in.

Robert, Mrs. baker is here.

Mum, I'm embarassed.

Excuse me, I have
to go upstairs.

I can do it myself.

Call me if you need any help.




How's your work
meeting going, mum?

- Fred!
- Jane!

My dear Fred...

My love...

My love...




Here's your tea, Robert.

Lucy, I told you a million
times never to call me here!

What? What are you
talking about?

- No, it's not true!
- Jane! What happened?

- It's not true...
- Jane, calm down!

- No, no...
- Jane, wait!

- No! No!
- Jane! Where are you going?

- Where are you going? Wait for me!
- Help me!

- Hurry, Fred!
- Janel

Jane, wait!

- Faster...
- Yes, Jane.

- Go faster!
- Calm down.

Fred! Fred!

Try to calm down. - It's all my fault,
I should have never left him alone!

Michael is dead!

Jane, please.

- It's all my fault...
- Stop saying that.

- I should have never left him alone!
- Stop thinking about that!

One year later...

Who is it?


Mrs. baker...

Come in, Mrs. baker.

I turned the electricity off.

After my mother passed... - You mean
there's no electricity upstairs either?

No, no.

- Everything's working in your apartment.
- Did you get my rent money?

Every month.

But, even if you
didn't pay me...

Well, I have a job.

But I would have kept your
apartment empty anyway.

Yes, for you to use.

You're an angel, Robert.

Have you got some
coat hangers, Robert?

Yes, of course.

Of course.

I'm going to get them,
they're in the other room.

Wait, I'll do it.

- Mrs. baker?
- Yes?

Do you think you'll be staying
here for a little while?

Don't worry, I'm not going
to bother you too much.

- Mrs. baker?
- Robert...

I wanted to tell you that
I made something to eat.

- Nothing fancy, but if you'd...
- I'm sorry, Robert.

I'm busy tonight.

Well, I...

I just thought that you...

I understand.

Maybe another time.

Of course. Another time,
if you'd like to.


You look very sharply dressed.






Yes, like this...

Oh, yes...

- Hi, Robert.
- Oh, it's you.

Good boy.

- Did you fix that thing for me?
- Yes, of course. Let me get it.

Did you turn the
electricity on again?

You expecting some visitors?

All fixed.

- It's eight dollars.
- You did a great job.

I'll give you ten.

A two-dollar tip.

Thanks. Thank you, Mr. Wells.

Hey, Robert? Don't tell me
that crazy woman is up there.

Is she back already?

No, no.

- Excuse me, I've got something to do.
- I always knew you were a womaniser!

Oh, don't pull my leg.

- Well, goodbye. Thanks again.
- Tell me, is she good? Huh?

- You can tell me.
- Goodbye, Mr. Wells.

Dad? What time is it?

It's the fourth time
you've asked me, Lucy.

Are you ready to go, by the way?

Dear Leslie...



I think it's for me, Robert.

I'm Leslie baker.

Is Jane here?



Mum! Mum!


Mum! Mummy... mum!

Oh, mum!


Control yourself, Lucy.

Why don't you come in?

We can stay just for a few
minutes, you know that.

Could you please excuse
us for a minute, Robert?

- How are you?
- The usual.

- I see you're looking much better.
- Alittle.

- Did you get my monthly check?
- Yes. I went to the bank yesterday.

- How's work going?
- Fine, I'm always busy.

Always busy? - Well, I like my job, and
I'm not a guy who looks for distractions.

But I'm mostly working from home, so I can
stay with Lucy and not leave her alone.

If you need anything... - No, thanks.
I have everything I need here.

I think you're doing well, Jane.

Yeah, I'm feeling great.

Well, sit down.

This house looks kinda nice.

Excuse me, I'll be right back.

- Here. I hope they're tasty.
- Thanks, but I've stopped drinking.

- Oh, I'm sorry!
- Come in.

You're not disturbing me.

Come here.

- Where does my mother sleep?
- Upstairs.

It's much nicer there.

What a cool instrument,
how do you play it?

Oh, this?

I don't know how to play.

I only repair them.

It's a saxophone.

Lucy? Where are you?

It's time to go.

I'll be back, I promise you.

Sorry, I forgot
about our dinner.

I'm busy tonight.

Don't worry.

Maybe we could have
a drink together.

Would you like to?

See you later, then. I'll be
waiting for you upstairs.

Come in.

Come in, I'm in the bathtub.

I'm taking a bath, come in.

We could have our drink
here, what do you say?

I'm here.

Won't you have a drink?


- Maybe later.
- Where are you going?

Let's chat a little.

Do you have a
girlfriend, Robert?

No, not yet.

Really? Well, I'm sure
you'll find one this year.

Are you waiting for someone, Mrs.


Are you jealous?

Don't lock the gate, though.


Finally, my love...

Come closer, my love, quick.

- Hey, Robert!
- Yes?

It took me a lot to find it!

- It costs two dollars and thirty cents.
- Lower your voice. You have it?

Yeah, it's the April 10th edition,
the day after the accident happened.

"Yesterday, April 9th, a tragic
accident happened on state highway 221.

The accident involved a car, driven
by Fred Kellerman from Philadelphia,

who was riding with Jane
baker from New Orleans.

After entering a
curve at high speed,

the car skidded out of control and
smashed against a guard rail,

which tragically penetrated the cabin
killing driver Fred Kellerman...

By decapitation.

Police are investigating to
determine what caused the accident,

as well as to discover what caused
the woman to flee the scene...

To get to a building in St.
Charles Avenue."

Hi, Robert. Is my mum home?

No, I'm sorry. She went out.

But I think she'll
come back soon.

Such a shame. My dad
doesn't know I'm here.

I brought her a gift, something
that'll look great in her bedroom.

I'm sure she's going to love it.

Can I go upstairs?

I want to make her a surprise.

A surprise?

I shouldn't let you upstairs.

Your mother doesn't allow it.

Please, let me go upstairs. It'll
take a me a minute, I swear.

Lucy! What are you doing?

Nothing, just finding a good
place to hide the gift.

Let's go downstairs, come on.

I bet you're dying to
know what the gift is.

You want me to tell you?

I brought her a
picture of my dad.

He's changed a lot.

He almost never leaves home
ever since the accident.

He must feel very lonely. He doesn't
talk to anyone, not even to me.

He was always so happy before.

He misses mum so much.

I wish she'd get back home, I
wish to see them together again.

That's dad's wish, too.

I know that, even if
he doesn't say it.

The doctors said she's completely
cured, so she could come back to us.

You know the reason why she
went here after leaving home.

I know you do.

But it's all over now.

All over for good.
That bastard is dead.

Mum is finally back
to her old self.

My daughter was
here, wasn't she?


She said she had a gift for you.

Why did you let
her into my room?


I thought that... - Remember, no one is
allowed upstairs without my permission.


I brought you back the
glasses we used last night.

Where should I put them?

Over there, thank you.


I'm sorry about before.
I'm just a little tense.

I didn't mean to offend you.

- I hope you realised that, I...
- It doesn't matter.

I guess it's not easy for you to live in
this house all by yourself. - Don't worry.

You know something? I've
never seen your bedroom.

Well, I can see it's definitely
missing a woman's touch.

- Don't you think?
- No, no. I like the way it is, actually.

Don't worry about it.

Where do you keep
your bed sheets?

They're in that closet.


Found them.

You'll sleep better tonight.

- Give me a hand, Robert.
- Gladly.


Like this.


It's been a while since
I've made a man's bed.


Can you give me a hand here?



Well, try sitting down now.

Come on, sit down.
Let me help you.

Good boy.

No, no! I can do it myself. - Oh, come
on, let me help you. Don't be a baby.

I'm sorry, I must go!

Fred! Come here, darling.

You're late, I thought
you wouldn't have come!



Is my mother home?

No, I think she said
she went out of town.

Can you let me in, please?

Tomorrow marks the first
anniversary of my brother's death.

Me and my dad are always
putting flowers on his grave.

I'd like mum to come with us.

She's never even seen
his grave, you know.

I wonder if it could be the right
occasion to make them go back together.

Did she ever tell you
how my brother died?

No, she never did.

But you should hope she forgets those
memories, if you want her to get better.


You're totally right.

See, my brother was
a very lively boy.

Just like mum is.

What a waste.

All for that toy boat.



Come closer...

Oh, Fred...



My love...

Now, Fred, now...


You should use some more.
Here, like this.

- See”?
- Yes, you're right.

Your father didn't want
me to use make-up.

He never complained with me.
He even bought me a lipstick.

Will I also get those
lines under your eyes?

Don't worry, it will take years.

Come on, let's go.

Robert, we're going out.
Do you need anything?


Just a minute.


Could you please
come here a second?

If you're going anywhere near St.
Charles Avenue,

there's a shop at
the street corner.

I need a special type of glue they sell.
Here, I wrote it down for you.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

Listen, Jane is not my wife anymore, and
I don't give a damn about what she does!

No, I told you already, I don't
care about what that woman does!

I don't give a damn about it!

But you must know, Mr. baker.

- Please, listen to me.
- Cut it out.

How many times you
want me to say it?

I'm telling you once
again, she's dead to me!

She died the moment I lost
my son because of her.

Do you get it now?

I couldn't care less about what she
does every night, about her fridge,

and not even about her visitors!
I don't give a damn!

I'm very much aware
of Jane's madness,

but with all these tales you don't
sound too sane either, Mr. duval!

I suggest you try to control your
imagination, this fridge story is absurd!

It makes me sick just
thinking about it!

I refuse to believe
such macabre lies!

It's true, it's all true! I
heard you talking to my father!

I want to know what you told him! She's
my mother, it's my right to know!

There's nothing to know about.

You misunderstood. Yes, we talked, but I
didn't tell him anything in particular.

Oh, did 1? And what did you
tell him about the fridge?

You're just trying to
put him against her!

You're jealous!

You want her just for you!

I'm not coming here anymore!

And I'll make sure
she won't either!

You'll be alone! Alone!


Are you still here, Lucy?

Don't go in the kitchen, Lucy!

Don't touch the fridge!


What did you expect
me to find in there?

- You know what. Something horrible.
- You're crazy!

You're insane!

Am I?

Am I crazy, huh?

You keep imagining things and you're
jealous of my father and of our family.

You're scared my mother will come
back home and leave you alone.

You think I don't
know you love her?

But you'll never take her away.
Not even Fred could do that.

Even my father says you're crazy,
and I know my mum thinks the same!

You're crazy!

Am I crazy to you?

I'm crazy...

Good girl...

Follow me.

Come and see.

But if I really am crazy...

What is this?

If this is not an earlobe...

Then tell me what it is!
Come on!


It's me, are you back already?

Bye, Lucy. Try to behave
and be a good girl.

I will. Enjoy the weekend,
see you on Monday.

- Give my best to Mrs. Allen.
- Of course.

Thanks, Lucy.

They're beautiful.

We'll have a great time together, honey.
It'll be like old times.


You sure you don't need any help? - No
worries. I want to do it all on my own.

It's going to be a great dinner.

Hurry up, then.

It looks like Robert's starving!

Just one minute.

- Let's see if I managed to do it like you.
- It smells great.

I know you'll love it, Robert.

It's delicious.

You even remembered to use a
little cinnamon. Well done.

You're not eating, Robert?

Well, I...

I don't feel too well today.

Don't you even want to taste it?

Please, Robert, do it for Lucy.

- Well, what do you say?
- It's very good.

You know, mum, this year me and Mary Allen
are going to cook for our whole class.

I don't even know what grade
you're in, Lucy. Imagine that.

Lucy, what's wrong?

What's happening?


Lucy, where are you going?

You thought you could get
away with it this time too?

But you forgot about your
Lucy, mummy dearest.

You know I love you, we all do.
You're always the prettiest.

What do you want from me?

You're insane!

Am I, mummy?

Am I the crazy one?

What about you, then?

- What are you keeping in that fridge?
- No!

What are you hiding
in there, mummy?

We all know about it, you won't have to
give any explanations like the other times.

Even dad knows what's in your fridge.
Robert told him.

You trusted him so much, and now the
doctors are coming to get you. - No!

But they'll never let you
out this time, mummy.

Never! - Shut up! Stop it!
Go away, leave me alone!

I've done it again, just
like I did with Michael.

What did you say?

What's Michael got
to do with this?

It's time for you to know.

No one would believe you anyway.

What did you do?

I drowned him, and keeping his
head under the water wasn't easy.

You sick bastard!

- He struggled but...
- Damn you!

Damn you!





You're against me, too!

Fred, my love...

We're finally alone now...

Fred, my love... now, now...


My love...

Who's there?


Subtitled by francesco massaccesi