Macabre (1969) - full transcript

A scheming blonde plots to steal her husband's money, not by killing him, but by driving him to the brink of insanity so that, once he's institutionalized, she and his twin brother (whom she's having an affair with!) can run his estate and have all his dough!

- One Moment, I'll take care of
you right away.- I'm in no hurry.

- What do you need?

- An aspirin.

- The village is quite big.

- Quite so.

Here's your change.

- You say nothing.
I'm coming in then.

I warned you by phone that I'd come
if we could not reach an arrangement.

You're not so badly put up after all.

For me, life is not going so well.

I had an accident that changed
me a little as you see.

You're still attractive.
You've hardly changed.

- get to the point. What do you want?

- During these four years the business
has not worked very well for me.

So I thought that you
would like to help me.

- Don't be so sure of that.
I'll not do it.

Leave it at that.

You don't have the right to
demand anything from me.

Everything is finished.

- Excuse me. I didn't know. I'll come back.
- No. Don't go.

I'm not going introduce you to this man
because I've talked to you about him.

I was his mistress, yes.

I was his mistress before I knew you.
Now he's trying to blackmail me

believing that you know nothing.

You did not think I would reveal
so much to my husband?

Now it's your turn.

Come, speak.

- I assure you it was not my intention.

It's that I'm going through a very
difficult time at the moment.

- Go away immediately and do not
come back and disturb us.

What does that mean?

- I met him in Algeria
when I was a dancer.

He had several businesses.
He trafficked weapons.

I was alone.

And you know what often
happens in these cases.

- I think you should've have told me.

- Why should I have told you?

It was an unimportant episode in my life.

- There's something important to you?

- Us.

- Do you have a Light?

- It's forbidden to smoke in here.
- I didn't realise. I'm sorry.

- Anything happen while I was gone?

- What could happen?

- I didn't sign the contract with Gruber.

So I'll have to leave next week.
Do you mind?

- You know I don't.

- I know. I'll get you something?

- What do you want to do?

Let me think.
What do we do every day?

We can get bored here or we
can get bored with Dr. Hernandez.

- Any woman is less cold than you.
- You think so?

- It would be easier to have an
affair with an unknown woman

- Why do you insist?
It's just a matter of comfort.

You did not sleep well
and you woke me up.

Your friends are waiting at the casino.

It is not necessary that
you keep me company.

Close the door gently.

- No, don't touch me,
I took a big risk coming here.

- Can you tell me how long you're
going to play this little game with me?

- I had warned you.
You know my conditions.

- This is about my brother.
You think it's so easy?

- And you think this is easy for me?
It's me who lives every hour with John.

Bear with him. Whenever I'm
close to him I feel disgusted.

- Why? It's as if he was me.

He has the same skin.
Even you couldn't tell us apart

- If I wanted to, I could.

With you it's something
different that attracts me.

- Why did you marry him then?

- I met him at a bad time.

I was unemployed and
I was tired of going in circles.

He came back from America
and wanted to settle here.

He gave me a bit of security. So I
decided to try marriage.

When will you have the courage to do it?

- I will.

- When? I need you.
- I swear I will.

But going on like this is living hell.

- It's me you're going to drive mad.
What irony.

- I do not want to be your lover.
I want everything.

I want to leave this miserable
village and live. Live as before.

But your happy to see me in secret and
you would never have the courage to act.

- And my reward would be you, correct?

A woman.
You think this is a sufficient price?

- Yes. A woman who
needs a real man at her side.

A man without fears.

And I fear that you're
not man enough for me.

I advise you not to do that.

- You have five days to find the money

I'll wait every night at 11:00.
Near the ferry.

And I advise you to be there

- I feared so.
Your lies have been exposed.

- I thought that if I made him believe that
your my husband he would disappear.

- But he investigated and he
assumed that you and me

We are in the hands of a
blackmailer for nothing.

- I'm glad it happened.

Finally, it compels us to act.

If this man speaks to your brother...

- And if we pay him
do you think he will go?

- No, I know him well.
We have little time.

Everything was planned in details.

You were studying medicine, drugs.
We just needed the bait.

Now we have him. Do you realise?

- Sometimes you frighten me.

- This is the only way.

- Monday he should go and sign with
the Grubert laboratories.

That will be the best time.

- Five. Three.

- Three white, Dr.
- Pass

- Looks like luck smiled on you this time.

- I will be absent two days, Peter.
Don't forget this order of phosphate.

And you Denise, you want me to bring
you something from the city?

- Nothing special.

- The contract with Grubert
can be very beneficial for us.

- For you. Don't forget that I'm
nothing else than your employee.

- You must not blame me. You did what
you wanted to do with your money.

- I wanted to see the world.

- And you ended up in Vietnam
with a bullet in the stomach.

- Tonight I'll make you listen
to a lecture on the radio.

- You can leave us alone if you're busy.

- Never on the evening.

- You took your pills?

- Take them every 4 hours.

- The pharmacy is already closed.
I'll be back before dawn.

Nobody will notice my absence.

Prevent him from sleeping.

It's very important
that he does not rest.

Do not forget. 1cc of narcomenol.
He must not die.

We must simply fatigue his brain
by preventing him from sleeping.

- Right.

Good luck.

No, John. You must not die too soon..

You were always the favourite.
The number one.

The Champion.
And I always had to be second.

I was the one who took the stray bullet.

The one who had spent his share of
the inheritance and had to come back.

Asking for a job and smiling for that.

Sometimes I think you've taken
advantage of my situation.

But me I did not waste my time.
Of course I didn't ask for it.

But what do you want? Sometimes
things happen that way.

Perhaps you have suspected us, John.

Maybe you have surprised
Denise and me once or twice.

And now, even if you
can't believe it, I'm sorry.

This is perhaps why you have changed
a few things in your will,

With the intention of not giving us a penny if you die.

But suddenly things have
reached a point of no return.

You're not really going to die.

Therein lies the dilemma, my brother.

You'll live long enough just to give
me and Denise the time needed

so that we can administer your fortune.

I will destroy your brain, John.

And you'll never understand
what happened to you.

From now on you're going to move in
a nonsensical and strange world.

You'll eventually become insane.

- Damn, but this is my friend, John.
How are you?

- Fine.

- As you have not returned to my
office, I was worried.

I hope you have not suffered
another setback?

- I advise you to be careful.

Your illness is like an animal,
crouched and ready to attack.

He looked like he was afraid of me.

- Peter, you're waiting for me?

I think you are mistaking me.
- Mistaking you?

The chap with the van, I thought

Excuse me, you're probably his brother.

- Or he is my brother.
It depends on how you see things.

- Peter told me about you.

I knew you looked alike
but this it's - Hallucinating?

- Yes and curious.
Well, goodnight then.

Because you're a friend of
Peter, and because it's raining.

I can accompany you to
your home, if you're agreeable.

- If you want

Tell me. Are you very
close to my brother?

- Turn right.

How did you meet him?

- At a bar, we got talking.

And we arranged
to meet

- Anything else?

- Stop there. At number 5.

- One question. You live alone?
- Yes

- In that case why don't you
invite me in fora coffee?

- If you wish. But only for 5 minutes.

- Come in.

It's tiring being a
waitress for eight hours.

Make yourself at home.

Would you like some music?

The electrical
wiring is faulty here.

Play that record please.

Rosie is a good friend.

Your brother never talked about me?

- It's curious. When he's in town
he always comes to see me.

What's bothering you?
- Nothing.

- You're looking for company
but you don't want to enjoy yourself.

Your brother is not like that.
- How is my brother?

- As you're interested,
Maybe we could have

some fun.

I felt that I could fail in love with
him, but something has separated us.

- Then maybe you could
also fall in love with me?

We are absolutely identical.

- But you already have a wife, and this
is what makes you different.

- I'm not.
Don't talk to me about her.

It's been over a year, its like I'm
living with a ghost. I can't stand it.

- You don't seem well,
are you alright?

- How long till this music stops?

Rosie, stop the record.

What are you doing? Let me go.
- Peter has already kissed you once.

- I swear...No...

- What difference is there between
me and my brother? Answer.

Why does my wife prefers him to me?

- It's Peter. Everything well?

- Perfectly. I'm going to inject him again.

He is still under the
effect of the first injection.

No, I wont let him sleep.
Don't worry.

- Fine.

I've also completed
the first part of the plan.

The girl suspects nothing.

I'm going to the second appointment.

- You have done well to come.
- Who are you?

- I thought I had a face you could not

- You have the money.
- What money?

- I warn you. Don't try to fool me.

I said 200,000 pesetas.
The sooner the better.

- Alright. Get in.

It's a large sum of money.
Why should I give it to you?

- What's that suppose to mean?
You know very well why.

- Tell me anyway.

- Well, if it's necessary.

Your brother does not want you
to know certain details that I know.

Well, this information is worth
exactly 200,000 pesetas.

- Why did you bring me here?
Be careful.

- I'd like to know why I should pay.

If I didn't give you the money
What would you do? Tell me.

- I would simply say to your brother
that you have a relationship with Denise.

- You have evidence?
- Very convincing.

- I wanted to impersonate
Peter to know the truth.

But I'm his brother.
The husband.

- No. You lie.

- What do you want to do?

- If you do not have that sum of
money you can give me part of it.

And you're not the brother.

- You can never be sure.

- You and Denise have planned
something. I know very well.

Why are you trying to make it
look like you are your brother?

No. It does not surprise me that all

three of us are looking for the
same thing.

Money. And if this is so it would
be easy for you to agree with me.

What do you think?

- Unknowingly you appeared at the
most opportune time to help me.

- How long will we keep him awake?

- Until John accepts everything
that Peter lists.

You're not sick John. You're not sick.

You went to sign a contract
with the Grubert laboratories.

You were in town. Many people
have seen you. Dr. Durand. Annie.

They are witnesses who can
swear that they saw you.

You were in the apartment of Annie.
You kissed her.

I will burn it in your memory.

Each sentence. Each scene.
You killed a man, John.

You killed a man. You have killed.

- What are your concerns?
Your brother is not like that.

He looks for company but he
does not pretend to have fun.

What are your concerns?
Your brother is not like that.

He looks for company but he
does not pretend to have fun.

- How is he? How is my brother?

How is he? How is my brother?

- What...what...what difference
is there between him and me?

Answer. Why does my
wife prefer him to me? Why?

- He's starting to learn the lesson.

- No, you're lying,
What are you up to?

If you do not have any money

No, you are not your brother.

- You can never be sure.

You have planned something you
and Denise.I know her very well.

Why are you impersonating your brother?

It does not surprise
me that the three of us

are looking for the same thing.

Money. And if this is so it would
be easy for you to agree with me.

- This shock will cause him
to have an attack of epilepsy.

- And then?

- He'll be unable to
distinguish reality from fantasy.

His mind can't handle it.

- And if it could?

- In Vietnam I saw how American POWs
captured by the VC were sent against us.

They were brainwashed.
I'm using the same techniques.

- It may be better for him to die.

- But not for us.

- The attack has become a crisis.

The recovery will be quick, as usual.

An attack of epilepsy is
like a rebellion within the body.

Functions are impaired, and some
patients suffer from schizophrenia.

This is terrible, Madam.

For the patient and those around him.

- Thank you for everything, Doctor.

- What happened?

What happened to me?
- You had another attack.

- Where?
On the highway?

- No, here.
You didn't have time to go away.

- I didn't leave?

- Calm down.
You've been delirious for two days.

- Then it was only a nightmare.

- Drink.

- Tell me.
It was hard for you this time?

- For me it is always the same.

- You look at me as if I were guilty.

- At first I hid my illness.
Because I was afraid of losing you.

- Of course.

- What else can you blame me for?

- Our wedding fooled me.

Living in this village is choking me.

- Can you imagine what a woman
like me can do in a town like that?

- You are with me.

- Your illness each day
makes me more afraid.

I always wonder when your
next attack will occur.

I'm young.
- Shut up.

Please, do not talk like that.

- Almost normal.

- You went back to see Dr. Durand,
the specialist that I had recommended?

- I met him recently in town,
but I was not myself

- When?

- When I was unconscious.

- No, forget about your
hallucinations. If you will.

- It was a nightmare
much too realistic.

In addition the man I killed is real.

- The man you killed?
Where is the body?

There surely is a corpse?

- I hid it in the van.

- This is ridiculous.
Your glucose level worries me.

- What would you think if
what you've always feared,

suddenly began to happen
slowly in your memory?

- I would say that your
glucose level is minimal.

The lack of sugar
often affects the brain.

The patient can have bouts of delirium.

What you need now is rest.

- I remember his terrified
face when I shot him.

The van must be in the garage.

Indeed, there's a blanket.

I'm sorry, but there's no corpse.
Have a look yourself.

The supernatural exists only in books.

Your nervous system is in tatters,
my friend.

- You know a girl named Annie?

- I know a lot of girls. But Annie, no.

- She works as a waitress in a café.
At first she thought I was you

- At first? You go back to your dream.

Why torment yourself?
You must forget everything.

- It's as if I saw before me
the different pieces of a puzzle.

And I couldn't do anything with them.

I remember this woman.

Of each sentence and each word
we've exchanged in her apartment.

- Was she pretty?

- Yes, she was. And affectionate.

- At least your story has an enjoyable
part. Denise might get jealous.

- Is it true that you do not
know this woman?

- Who is this?

- I don't know.
I've never seen her in my life.

Or perhaps I saw her once.

How many times do I have to repeat it?

Someone might have
put this picture in my pocket.

- You're too excited, John.

It is better that you
take your tranquilliser.

- No.
- Take it.

- Insulin lowers the glucose.
You knew it? -Of course.

- You have never used as much insulin
syringes in the pharmacy. Why?

- He accuses us of
injecting him with insulin.

It could be funny.
- But I'm not in the mood.

It's better that I leave you.

- If you had known us at the same time I
wonder which one you would've chosen.

- We will never know.

- He claimed to have evidence
that you were lovers.

- Who?- The man I killed.
- You're mad.

- When Peter was hurt and came to
live with us. I was afraid of him.

I had the impression that you plotted
something. He made you laugh.

- It was the only opportunity to laugh.
- I was jealous.

- I know what you're doing.

That's why you wrote
this humiliating Will.

- The idea obsessed me.

I even thought about impersonating
him to possess you. Do you understand?

But I was afraid because I
thought that if I had reached my goal

- And if your brother had tried the
same thing. If he impersonated you.

And if he had me confused
- Shut up.

- Even me, I'm not sure.

Only he knows. Isn't it funny?
- Come on, shut up.

Please Denise.

I feel lost.

I'm afraid.

So afraid

I need you so much.

- At this hour it's full of lights in Paris.

When I went out there in
the evening I felt alive.

Do you understand? Alive.

Rivoli, L'Etoile, St-Michel.

It's been ten years since I was there.

- We'll return together.

- Do you think we can be happy
in spite of what has been done?

- We will. You'll see.

- John and I were born at the same time.

And we always thought
we would die together.

As if one without the
other could not exist.

- What are you saying?
You're not going to kill him?

- No. He will continue to live
so that we can go to Paris together.

The world is cruel.
Even he didn't show any compassion for us.

He's done everything
to keep us at his mercy.

To keep us chained to his will.

- I think I will fear him anyway.

He was a tail man with a scar on
his cheek.I remember shooting him.

Then I dragged him and
covered him with a blanket.

He must be there. If find
him it means I'm a murderer.

Otherwise I'm mad.

I remember he wore this
feather in his cap.

The photo of the girl. The gun.

And now the feather.
These are tangible things. Evidence.

- Evidence of what?
- That I killed that man.

That it happened.

- There are witnesses who have seen
you semi-unconscious these past days.

- So what do you think?
That I invented this to amuse myself?

You think I'm mad?

Answer me. Am I going mad?

- Let go of me.

- Excuse me.

- I want to assist you
but you are not helping me.

- I don't know.
I feel like my head will explode.

I cannot think.
What kind of illness is this?

- You need a neurologist.
- What will you do?

- Call Dr. Durand.

- No, please. Give me a day.

There's something very
important I have to do in the city.

John, I advise you not
to stop me from doing it.

- You heard? Why didn't you
tell me he was in this vicinity?

- I thought it was a temporary thing.

I couldn't believe it.

But now I'm scared.
- I will talk to Dr. Durand.

He may call on him if John is in town.

Madam, I'm afraid that
confinement is necessary.

Who's on the phone?

What do you want?

- You think you can get
rid of me so easily?

- But who are you?
- I give you until tonight.

I need 200,000 Pesetas.

I'm at the new hotel.

- Wait a second.

- Mr Muller left this for
you in case you came.

- You know where he is?
- He needed to settle some business.

"Do not forget to be at the
station at 1 am. Without fail.“

- You know what office?
- There's one at the end of the street.

- This man came here?
- He was there a moment ago.

You must have passed him.
- He had a scar on his face? - Correct

He had to sell his car urgently and asked
me for a one way ticket to Montevideo

If you want you can go see him.
He lives at San Mateo No.5.

- What do you want now?
- I need to talk to you.

This time you did not mistake
me for my brother. Why?

- I do not know.

- Your cigarettes are there.
- Where?

- Here. Take them.

- How does it open?
- The other night you knew how.

- I came to see you
because only you can help me.

This is my last chance.
- Help you?

- You're sure I came here the other night?
- Of course. You don't remember?

- You lie. Because I was
sick the other day. Sick.

I couldn't have been here.
Did I kiss you when I left?

- Like this?

- Did I kiss you like that the other night?
- I do not know.

- And the photo?
Did you give it to me?

- A photo? No.
But I'm missing one.

- Then you know Gert Muller.

- I don't know him.
- Don't lie. He lives here.

You're all in league to destroy me.

And yet I'm not mad. Not yet.

You'll tell me everything.

I may have committed a crime and
I don't care if I commit another.

I didn't come here, right?
I didn't come here.

- I don't know. I don't understand.
- Answer.

Speak once and for all.

- Who are you...Let me go.

- He had your prescription in his pocket
Dr.That's why we called you.

- This is one of my former patients.

- He was headed here when he fainted.

- He suffers from epilepsy.
See his pupils.

He's been taking drugs for a while.

- His papers are in order Commissioner.

- You feel better?

- A bit of water, please.

- What happened to you?

- I came to give myself up.
I just murdered a woman.

- Is it here?
- You say that you killed two people.

Where is the other?
- I don't know.

- You have hidden her somewhere?
Made her disappear?

- I don't know. I don't know.

- I left her here.

Everything seems normal.
Are you sure of what you have told us?

- Yes, she hit the wall
and the light went out.

It always happened this way. Always.

They went out before.

- You think that these bodies exist or not?
- For him, they are real.

His brain is subjected
to unbearable pressure.

In medicine it is called a
paralogic ultra-inhibition.

- Too complicated. What should we do?

- Commit him.
He could kill to prove us he's right.

Some cases of pathological
inertia can end up being dangerous.

- Very good Dr.
You can return in the car.

I'll continue the routine investigation
and await for your report.

- You come with me John?

- Where are you taking me?
To my clinic, I want to examine you.

- Doctor, is it possible to
provoke an epileptic crisis?

- We are all potentially epileptic.

- But tell me, can it be
provoked without the patient noticing?

- In truth, yes. It can.

John, what are you doing? Come back.

We will not do you any harm.
Come back.

- You were lucky.

- You brought the money?

- A dead man doesn't need money.

- You want to kill me again?

- Don't make me shoot.

I understand everything.

- Nice outfit for a funeral.

- So what happened?
- It's all over Denise.

He's dead.

- Dead?
But we did not want him to die.

- He saw the motorbike in the city.

He understood everything
and he attacked me.

We fought. Along the railway.
He went under the train.

- What are we going to do now?
They'll investigate.

- So what? We don't have to worry.

John was insane. We can prove it.

He can also be accused
of killing Gert Muller.

Anyway, I don't think anyone will suspect
that this man was your lover.

- Who would think that after so many
years? - He has done us a great service.

John had believed he had
killed a man 40,000 miles away.

But it was useless. Now we can
no longer manage his fortune.

His lawyer will execute his will.

And he will laugh at us from hell.

Why did you stop it? I love this music.
- You'll wake up everybody. Calm down.

Peter, I will receive a little money
and then we will be able to leave.

We will forget all these
terrible events. You'll see.

- Do you think we can?

- Stop drinking.

- One doesn't kill a brother every day.
This is a good excuse.

- You're hurting me

- I killed my brother for you.
For an uncomplicated woman.

For the right to have you when I please.

I need to know if it was worth it.

- It's dawn. They will soon come
to interrogate us. I'm afraid.

- Don't worry. John was sick.
Everyone noticed.

We administered drugs
to him for months to weaken him.

They will never have proof.
A very clever plan

- I'm eager to see everything completed.

- Do you think it will be alright for us?

You think we will escape and
be happy for the rest of our lives?

There's something that we have,
perhaps, not taken into account.

- And what's that?

- We will be together.Face to face.
And each will know what the other did.

You think we can bear this?

- It's absurd. Stop drinking.

- I have to drink, for God's sake!
What else can I do?

You made me happy for a few minutes,

and now I have 24 hours to hate you.

- You're drunk. You wanted it.
Me and money.

- I could easily kill you. But that
would be too convenient for you.

Together we will suffer more. I promise.

And one day when I'm desperate,
I will kill you.

- You've gone mad.
The police will be here soon.

They must not find you here in this state.

Otherwise you're going to give yourself away.
Don't you understand?

John, it's you.

- Yes, it's me, John. Your husband.

- He said on the phone that he met John
in town while I treated him in my office

I realised that something odd
was happening.

That he was not lying.
He was not hallucinating.

- You have an idea of who
the dead man is?

- Yes, it is the body of the man
that John imagined he had killed.

- An incredible story. John has
been found dead at the station.

- The brother and the wife must
answer questions. Let's go.

- For the first time

I've held you in my arms.

As the woman that I love.

And you are with me.

- It was you.
It was you who killed him.

You're mad. Let me go.

- In front of the station
I torn his mask from his face.

And it was he who fell.

Why didn't you like me a little?

Tonight you did without realising it.

I would have given you everything.

But now I have to kill you, Denise.

I have to do it, Denise.

I love you, but I have to do it.

We could have been so happy.

Why didn't you want to?

Why didn't you want to, Denise?