Mac and Me (1988) - full transcript

An alien trying to escape from NASA is befriended by a wheelchair-bound boy.

Closing pressure valve.

Hydraulic systems deactivated.

Insulation cover open.

Did you hear that?


- That. Did you hear that?
- No.

Electrical system activated.

There it is again.

Procedure number six completed.

Second memory bank access open.

Prof. Klienman,
it's good to see you again.

- Good to see you, Major.
- Agents Wickett and Midford.

- Professor.
- How do you do.

Looks like we've got a malfunction...

...on the aft sampler feed.

Try a reset.

Doctor, remember Major Bradley,
head of intelligence.

Major, how are you?

Opening C-five container now.

Three full loads.

The gross weight discrepancy's
still there.

Recheck the pre-stat.

I've given it the auto test.
I've given it the manual test.

- It's still there.
- All right, let me see.

Could you reset these
and give me one last...

You see any
little green monsters in there?

HMS samples look great.

Section seven, closing down.

Gross weight discrepancy's still there.

I've cross-checked everything.

Let me see that.

Changing codes on the function keys.

Roger. Twenty megs left
in bank two memory.

Opening aft sampler chamber.

Pressure system in second mode.

Eighth procedure completed.
Going to program nine.

What happened?

Seal it back up!

What happened?

I don't know!
I undid the panel and it blew!

Come on, guys, shut it back!

Look out!
There's something in there!

- What the hell?
- Don't move! Don't move!

Larry, back off.

Back off, Larry.
Get away from it.

Reverse the aft sampler.

Back off! Back off!

You okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

Look out!
Get out of here! Come on!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Breakout, breakout.
We've got a problem here.

Do you see anything?

Pull back to second perimeter.

Repeat, pull back to second perimeter.

We have a breakout here.

Code Red.

How many are there?

Keep still. Don't move.

Stay back.
Stay away from them.

Open the doors to the left!

Hey, to the right!

Moving in!

- Get ready!
- Wait! Hold your fire!

- Stay back! Stay back!
- Hold your fire!

Everybody hold your fire!

Roger. We see him.

He's heading towards the north fence.

Holy smoke!
What the hell is that?

He's hung up on the fence!

Look out!
It's on the windshield!

Look out, Dad!

We're gonna crash, Dad!

Oh, no! Look out!

Oh, my God!

Look out!

Look out!

Stay here, okay? You okay?

A fire extinguisher!
Do you have a fire extinguisher?

I've got one! I've got one!

- Here!
- Hey, get away, get away!

It might blow, come on.

Come on, that's it.

Close your mouth.
Close your eyes.

It's okay.

Looks like a biggie.

Well, Mom, get in that lane,
follow 'em down.

Will you guys just stop it?

Can we get down and watch?

No way.

Is anybody hurt?

Nah, nothing serious, lady.

Something just ran across the road.

I tell ya, I'm not crazy.

It looked like an omelet with two eyes.

It must've been some sort of alien.

My dad, he's telling the truth...!

Think it was a drunk?

- It's probably an ADUl.
- What?

An alien driving under the influence.

We need the paramedics here
when you get time.

- It'll be midnight...
- Okay, bring it up, bring it up.

It's gonna be backed up for hours.

Good evening, miss.
Everything all right?

- You tell me.
- This won't take a minute.

All right, you can go.
Go on.

Next car.
Come on, let's pull up. Quickly.

Wonder what they were looking for?

Omelets... with eyes.

Wow! He jumped over two cars!

And nobody got hurt? Yeah, right.

That car's flat! Jeez!

Okay, give it back, Mike.


- He took my Coke, Mom.
- Come on, you guys.

I don't have it.
I didn't take it.

- I knew it!
- Gross!

- That wasn't me.
- Who was it, then?

- Mom...?
- It wasn't me!

I'm onto you!

Come on, Mike, give it back.

- Mom.
- Thanks.

Eric, wake up.
We're almost there.

- Eric.
- All right.

Hey, look at all the cars.

This looks pretty nice.

Pretty nice.

- Great hill for the wheels, man.
- Yeah!

No, you're not going down
any hills until we've...

...checked it out, okay?

I know, Mom.

Okay, we're almost here.
Close your eyes, guys.

Close 'em.

Oh, there's a pretty girl.

I said close 'em, you cheaters.

Come on.

You guys are gonna love this place.

Okay, you can open 'em.

Kitty, kitty.

Wow! Top of the hill!

Cool, check it out!
Two-car garage!

Yes, it's the chauffeur's day off!

Can we afford this?

No, we can't, Eric. That's why
I'm forced to sell your brother.

- Tough break, Mike.
- Hey!

That's my stuff you're
throwing around there.

Relax, lady.
It's just our furniture pads.

Oh. Sorry.

Bring the groceries in, guys, okay?

- I like it.
- Me too.

Hey, how's it going?

We're communing with the earth spirits.


- Welcome to California, bud.
- Really.


Aren't you gonna carry anything?

Sure. I've got my skateboard.

Let's go.
Hello, California women.

Have no fear,
your hormonal hero is here.

Oh, my God!

- Oh, great house, man.
- I can't see anything.

Put the stuff over on the table, guys.

- You'll love it.
- Ceiling looks good.

Yeah, well, check it out.

This is totally rad!

Is this gonna get me a great
Mother's Day present, or what?

You really scored big, Mom.

Look over here.

Hey, is that all ours?

Yeah, about the first 25 yards of it.

You think there's any
wild animals out there?

Definitely, definitely.

- Some big grizzly bears.
- Yeah, there's probably some.

- Alligators, big nasty ones.
- Are you guys kidding?

- Maybe a couple of gorillas.
- Penguins, penguins.

Maybe a werewolf.

- Yeah, right.
- Hey, Mom, where's my room?

It's down the hall.

Watch the door.

Did you notice, my dear,
that there is not one step... the entire place?

Low counters.

Wide hallways.

And you can see out of every window.

And, baby, you ain't seen nothing yet!

- Okay?
- Oh yeah, it's great!

Did you see the size of these closets?

I'm gonna need more clothes!

Yeah, we'll put you on the list.


What do you think, huh?

I thought we'd put the bed
right over here.

That way you just wake up
every morning...

...and see the sun coming
over the mountains.

You did great, Mom.

Thank you.

Want some lunch?

Ah, no thanks. I'm fine.

Ah, your mom said this is your TV.

You want me to hook it up for you?

No, I can handle it.
Just put it down over there.

You got it.

There's Tooter Shellby on Sea Snail...

...or is it the other way around?

Casey Kelp on Clamdancer.

Junior Wetworth riding Snorkaway.

And Allstar Seaworthy atop Seabiscuit.

They're all in line.

Here's your T.O.W.

My what?

Tuna On Wholewheat.

Oh. Thanks.
Hey, come look at this.

...Allstar Seaworthy,
grabbing an early lead...


That's very good.

It didn't do that last time.
It stayed on.

Yeah, well, if it happens again,
let me know.

And as they approach the home stretch...

- Hi.
- Hi.

- You looking for your friend?
- Yeah!

He went down the hill.

- Did you get a good look at him?
- Yeah, he's real cute.

What did he look like?

He's your friend,
and you don't even know...

...what he looks like?

I was just kidding.
He's my brother.

Your brother?
Where are you from?


Welcome to the neighborhood.

Looks like you'll be
an interesting addition.

Hey, Deb, time to eat.


I've got to go. What's your name?

- Eric.
- I'm Debbie.

This is my sister Courtney.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- We'll talk later.
- Okay.

- See ya.
- Bye.

Come on.

What happened in here?

- Did you just go down the hill?
- No.

Mom is gonna freak out.

There's something weird going on.

- Look at this.
- What?

There were footprints here.

Somebody was just in my bathroom
taking a shower.

Yeah, right. You think she's
gonna go for that, huh?

I'm serious.

The TV went on, and it
wasn't even plugged in.

I'm not joking, Michael.

Who broke the lamp?

Well, Sherlock Holmes here
thinks he saw a ghost.

Oh, did the ghost do it?

Something was just in my bedroom.
It jumped over my head.

- Yeah, right.
- What thing?

I never saw it.
It just kept doing things.

I'm not lying, Mom. I swear it.

Right. I've got something better
for the fireplace, anyway.

It's Harvey!

Eric, you asleep?


Now, come on. I want you
to stop worrying about this.

Did you lock all the windows?

- Yes.
- Good.

I was thinking maybe it wasn't
such a bad thing, anyway.

All it did was take a shower
and drink a soda.

Well, maybe it was one of the
neighborhood kids or something.

I'm sure there's a rational explanation.

Come on, try and get some sleep, huh?

It's been a long day.


Oh, my God!

Michael, Eric, what have you done?

I didn't do it, Mom.

Oh, my...

Oh, this is my mother's painting!

It's a hundred years old!

Whoa! What happened in here?

Everything's ruined!

It's totally ruined!

It wasn't me, Mom! It was
the little creature! I saw it!

The house is totally destroyed!

What do you want me to say?

I don't want you to say anything!

Well, calm down, Mom.

This is incredible. It's insane.
I don't believe it.

Look at this. Oh, my God.
I'm going back to bed.

What the heck happened, man?


Stop it, Eric, stop!


Oh, my God!



- Come on.
- Eric, swim!

Swim to the side, Eric! Swim!

Mom! Mom!

Swim! Swim, Eric!

No! Eric!

What is it?


Eric, look at me!
Say something!

- Did you see him?
- What?

The little creature!

I can't believe he did this.

He's all right, Mom.
I'll go get him.

No, no. Just go and get some help.

2-17, paramedics on the way.

I don't know why he did it.
I just saw him go.

Deep breath? Good.

One more.

Oh, fine. Now sit back.

- How's your head feel?
- Fine.

No dizziness?

I want you to follow this
with your eyes.

Good. Once more.


You're a lucky young man.

Everything seems to be okay.

Could you leave us alone for a minute?

Your mother tells me that
you've been seeing some things.

Can you tell me about it?

You wouldn't believe it.

Try me.

It's a little creature.

Do you see him often?

Just the things that he does.

Has anyone else
seen this little creature?

Just Debbie.
She's the girl next door.

I'm gonna give you this ah,
mild sedative.

It'll help you get some rest.

Why don't you just ask Debbie?
She knows all about it.

Here, you take this.

And we'll discuss all that later, okay?

You get that rest.

I'll come back to see you soon.

He's not your brother, is he?

Why didn't you tell them
that you saw him?

Because nobody would believe it.

What is he, some sort of ghost?

I don't know what he is.

You should have backed me up.

It wouldn't do any good.

They only believe
what they want to believe.

They already think
you've got schizo-freakia.

Schizo what?


It's when you see people
that really aren't there.

Well, I'm gonna prove it to everyone.

I'm gonna catch him.

Can I come in?


Sorry to hear what happened.

You look okay.

I'm fine.

Mom wants to go, Deb.

Okay. I'll see you later.

Give me a call.

Hey, why don't you invite Eric
to Brittany's birthday tomorrow.

- You want to come?
- Sure.

Okay, I'll see you then.

Bye. I'm glad you're okay.


- Hi.
- Hi.

I'm Michael, Eric's brother.

I'm Courtney, Deb's sister.

- Yeah.
- Nice meeting you.

Me too.

- McDonald's, huh?
- Yeah.

Why don't you stop by for a Big Mac?

Let's go.

You never told me about her.

I knew I shouldn't have
taken this job right now.

Mom, it's gonna be fine.

- Are you getting a draft?
- Uh-uh.

I'm rolling up the window.

You should be in bed, anyway.

- I'm fine.
- Michael!

Hey, look out, you idiot!

I saw it, Mom.
I had plenty of room.

What is the matter with you today?

I'm gonna have to hire somebody
to take care of you guys.

- I can be on my own, Mom.
- That's it. Not if I can help it.

Well, Debbie's mom said
she could look after him.

Okay, we're here.

I should have called in sick.

You can't call in sick
on your first day.

- Are you gonna be okay?
- Guaranteed.

Listen, I'm getting out at nine.
Mr. Allen is bringing me home.

- Please be there, guys.
- We'll be there, Mom.

I'm not ready for this.

Mom, relax.
You've already got the job.

- You look great.
- Thanks.

Never seen her this tense before.

Yeah, well, it's her first job
in ten years.

- You know what I feel like?
- A Big Mac?

- The man is a genius.
- I'm psychic!

I tell ya!

That's over, though, you know,
she's in Indiana...

...I'm here, she's there.

Well, you know,
that doesn't really matter.

So... let's talk about you.
Are you dating anyone?


What are you doing right now?

Oh. What subject?

Oh, I'm that's... that's
sort of my subject.

You know, I can help you if
you want some help.

Come on over.

What are you doing here?

- Did you catch him?
- Not yet.

- I want to help.
- What about your mom?

I'm not going to tell her.
Who's that?

It's just my old Chicago Cubs mascot.

Here, you can carry
the equipment. Put this on.

What are we going to do?

It's just a precaution.

I think you should know I bruise easily.

Get those cords! Come on!

You still haven't told me
what we're going to do.

Here, strap this vacuum cleaner
on your back.

We're gonna suck him up.

- What's he doing?
- I don't know.

You ready?

Hit it.


You got him!
Don't hurt him!

You're hurting him!

We got him!

Get me off of this thing!


- Debbie! Debbie!
- I'm dizzy.



Hey! What's going on?

Get me off of this thing!

Turn it off! Stop it!

Get this off of me!

- Are you okay?
- Would you get me off of here?

I think I'm gonna throw up.

Would somebody please tell me
what is happening?

He's in the vacuum.

What? What are you talking about?

It's the thing I've been
telling you about-the MAC.

The what?

The Mysterious Alien Creature.

You've got to get him out of there.

Plug it back in.

Wait, Eric, what are you gonna do?

Just do it.
I'm gonna reverse the motor.

Get me a drink.

We hurt him bad, didn't we?

It's okay.

He looks tired.

This is unreal.
This is incredible, guys.

This must be like what they drink
on their own planet.

Where'd he come from?

I don't know.

He came in the van with you.

I saw him when you first got here.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- I thought you knew.

Wait a minute. This is what
they were looking for...

...back at the accident.
That's Mom.

- What are we gonna do?
- We're gonna tell her.

Don't tell her about me, please!
My mom will go crazy!

Okay, split, Debbie. Go!

I'm sorry we set you up.

I'll see you later.

There must be a power failure.

What happened?
All our lights are out.

It's okay. It's just my mom!

Come back!

What's going on?

Power's surging
in the whole neighborhood.

- Michael?
- Yeah.

Is everything okay?

Fine, but you'd better
come look at something.

What's the matter? Where's Eric?

- Ah, he's fine. He's over here.
- Where is he?

What are you doing on the floor?
What is all this smoke?

He ran off again!

It's Eric's friend, Mom...

...the one he's been trying
to tell us about.

They caught him in the vacuum cleaner.

- They?
- We.

Okay, let's start from
the beginning again, shall we?

Can I have my chair first, please?

Go get him his chair.

I sucked him up in the vacuum... prove to everyone that he exists.

He's not lying, Mom. I saw it.

You sucked this living thing
into a vacuum cleaner?

Yeah, and then we blew him out again!

It's the truth, Mom.

No, I can handle it.

I can, really. I can handle it.


Strange-looking pets
in this neighborhood.

Mike! Hey, Mike, wake up.
Looks like he came back.

- Who?
- The little creature. Come on!

Ah, cool!

Wow! He cleaned up everything!


- You think he did it?
- Hey, I sure didn't.

Check out the door!

Glad we didn't kill the little dude!

Yeah, he even fixed Mom's old painting.

And look at the ceiling!

Hey, we should rent this guy out.
We'd be millionaires!

Look at this. What is it?

I don't know. Looks like
he's trying to tell us something.

I bet it's got something to do
with where he came from.

A Wickes Furniture store?
And what about these?

Maybe he likes horses.

This is incredible.
I don't believe it.

Thanks, you guys.
I really appreciate it.

We didn't do it, Mom.
He came back.

Come on.
Are you telling me this thing...

...came in and cleaned up the house?

Think about it.
Would we do something like this?

That's a good point.

He left these. We think it's
some kind of message.

It's that thing they were looking
for back at the crash site...

...I'm telling you.

It's an alien, like the guy said.

You still don't believe us, do you?

Come on, guys.

I believe there's something,
but the question is what.

Come on, Mom, let's go!

- How far do you want to go?
- How about to the next driveway?

Come on, let's go down to the
bottom of the hill and back.

Okay. I'm gonna beat you.

Wanna make a bet?

Good dogs. Good dogs.
Stay where you are.

Come on.

Eric! Eric!

I don't think he saw me.

What is that?

Don't hit him!

What is he, crazy or something?

What was that? I've never
seen anything like it.

Tired of feeling all by myself

Being so different from everyone else

Somehow you knew I needed your help

Be my friend forever

I never found my star in the night

Living my dreams was far from my sight

You came along and I saw the light

We'll be friends forever

I can't face the thought of you leaving

So take me along I swear I'll be strong

If you take me wherever you go

I want to learn the things that you know

You know whatever you do

I'll follow you

Get your shoes on, we gotta go.


Maybe he went to haunt somebody else.

That's not even funny, Mom.



Yeah, he's ready.

Okay. Bye-bye.

Eric, that was Debbie.
She's on her way.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

Gonna have a good time
at the party today?

Did you remember to lock the back?

- Yeah, I got it.
- Water and Power, ma'am.

We're looking into
last night's blackout.

Can we check your power boxes?

Sure. They're around the back.

Thanks. It'll just take a minute.

Mrs. Cruise, did you notice
anything unusual last night?

Like what?

What were you doing
when the blackout occurred?

- I was driving up the street.
- I see.

Thank you.

Mom, that's the guy from
the crash in the desert.

Don't you recognize him?

Remember? He was the one
looking in all the cars.

Doesn't it seem a little weird?

- Hi.
- Hi, Debbie.

My Mom wants to leave in five minutes.

Okay, fine. Come on, we've got to go.

Ah, I'll pick you up at the party later.

Listen, don't forget the present
I left for you on the table, huh?

And call me. I want to know
what's going on.

So what happened?
Where is he?

Shhh. Come on.

It's here.

Get Rankin
and the capture group up here.

This is 100 X-Ray.

Think they followed you here?

I don't know.

I bet they're looking for him.

Maybe that's why he's so scared.

- Who is it?
- I don't know.

What's all this stuff?
Straws and flowers.

I don't know.

And there they go!

And it's Allstar Seaworthy...


He doesn't look so good.

Get that drink.

What's the matter with him?

I don't know.

Here, you want some?

He looks depressed or something.

You have a family?

Oh, my gosh, there's three of them.

- Three?
- Ask him where he came from.

How am I gonna do that?

Wait a second.

Your family here?

He's pointing to my school.

Oh, my gosh, that's my mom!
What are we going to do?

You'll have to go without me.

She won't do that. She's supposed
to be looking after you.

We can't leave him here like this.

You have to go, Eric.

Tell her I'll be there in a minute.

- What are you going to do?
- Just go and tell her.


Bye! I'll see you later!

It's not safe here anymore.

You have to come with me.


I won't let anybody hurt you.

What is he doing in there?

I think he was changing
steering wheels...

...on his wheelchair.

Debbie, wheelchairs
don't have a steering wheel.

Maybe it was a flat tire.

Maybe I'd better go help him.

I'll do it.

Oh, no!

Kinda old for a teddy, isn't he?

He's from Illinois.

Sorry it took so long.

That's okay.
So, how do we do this?

My wheelchair can fit in back,
and I'll sit in front.

Sounds good.

Here, take him. Go.

All right, here we go.

Sit down.

Are you crazy?

There's no way you're gonna
get away with this.

I had to do something with him.
Keep him quiet.

Sit still.


Everybody fasten your seat belts.

Let's go.

- Well, what do you think?
- Follow them.

This is J-3. We're traveling
east on Valley Vista.

Tell them to stand by.


So, Eric, how long
have you two been together?

She means the teddy, Eric.

Oh, a long time.

- Keep still.
- Does your bear move?

Oh, yeah. Uh, he's one of those
new computerized kind.

But I thought you said
you had him a long time.

I have.
He just got new microchips.


What's in here?

Hi, Brittany! Happy birthday!

Thank you.

This is my friend Eric.

- Hi, Eric.
- Hi.

He's cute.

Hiya. How's it going?

- It's going.
- Nice teddy bear.

Hi, Eric, how ya feeling?

Have you seen my brother yet?

Uh, he'll be here soon.

- No, Mac, give me that.
- Did you see that?

- There's something in there.
- I don't believe it! Freaky!

Look it, honey, we're leaving, okay?

I'm gonna go, and I'll leave
Courtney here to watch you...

...until Michael gets here, okay?

Boy, that teddy is amazing!
I'll see you.


Happy birthday!

Okay, kids, let's get
this dance contest going!

- He's here!
- What?

- Mac! He's in the teddy suit.
- He is? I don't believe this!

- Let's dance!
- Debbie, what's going on?

It's okay. Everybody thinks
he's just a toy!

Hi, Michael.

The thing I was telling you about
it's in the teddy suit.

Oh, no way!
He's so cute!

Yeah, real cute.
Listen, those guys...

...who were following us, they're here.

Well, what are we gonna do?

I don't know.
Just keep him dancing...

...they'll just think he's a teddy.

Concrete is jumping in the city

Okay, pick up the pace,
That's very good, Kathy,

They only lie to impress you

And wait around for your defeat

It's so hard to find someone

Who really cares

Gives you all that you need

In the end is always there

To give their heart right from the start

You know you can't get burned
staying down to earth

When the pressure feels like
more than you can take

Love won't hurt living down to earth

If you let it

Open your heart and it won't break

Down to earth

- What's he doing?
- I don't know.

This is Base-1.
Where are you guys? Move it!

You know that nothing comes for free

All right, come on, move it.
Let's go.

Clothes don't matter baby,
looks can fade away

What's inside that makes the man

Leave him alone!
He's not hurting anyone!

You don't know what you're getting into.

- What's he done wrong?
- Come on, kid, back off.

- Back off.
- What's he done wrong?

Hold on, Mac.

Get after them! Move it!

Let's get the car.

Get him before he
hits the street! Look out!

Come on.

All right, come on!

- Come on!
- Oh, no!

Come on.

Come on, come on, come on!

Go! Keep going!

Come on!

- Look out!
- Stay with him!

Come on!

Come on! Come on!

Stay with him!

He's in here!
Come on, come on!

Let's go, let's go!

Check the aisles!

There he is!

- You okay?
- I'm okay. Go!

Mom! Mom!


How long have you been in lingerie?


Excuse me, I'll be right back. Eric!

Come on, guys, cool it!

- What are you people doing?
- Stop that kid!

Eric! What is that on your lap?


The door's jammed!
The door's jammed!

Get something! Get something!

What do you think you're doing?


This is not gonna work, Michael!

- Just trust me.
- It's gonna work.

Be careful.


Don't hit him, Courtney!

- Get him!
- Get ready!

Stay with him.

Michael! Eric!

Come on, we've got you!

- Now!
- You got him!

All right!

Hey, those are my kids in there!

Those kids? Those kids
just ran off with a...

A little creature from outer space?

No, Wickes.

Well, no, Palmdale's fine.
I just need...

That's fine, thank you.

No, the address.
Wait, give me that again.

Why don't you give it to him?

Here, Mac.

I don't think he's feeling too good.

Something's happened to his family.

He keeps on pointing
in the same direction.

There's a Wickes in Palmdale.

It's about 20 miles from the crash.

- We have to go there.
- What do you think?

I think we should call your mom.

Look, she's not gonna understand.

She's just gonna tell us to turn him in.

Maybe that's what we should do.

No, we have to help him.

What if they have a good reason
for wanting him, Eric?

What if he's dangerous? What if
he's got a disease or something?

He doesn't have any diseases.

I know no one's interested
what I have to say...

...but I think he's
communicating with someone.

It's his family.

Don't you like him?

Of course I do.

I just don't want anyone to get hurt.

Look, we're gonna get caught
sooner or later.

I don't see what we've got to lose.

We're gonna go.

Come on. Let's do it.

All right!

Let's go, come on!

All right!

Thank you, my dear.

Ooh, he likes this.

Here, see if he likes this.

Maybe they're just flowers.

- How about a spaceship?
- Great!

Yeah, and we'll have a close
encounter of the third kind.

What's that?

That's when you get to go on the ship.

Here's another police car.

Keep him down.

We're fine.

Hey, he's pointing at something.

It's the horses.

We've been passing horses
all the way here.

Hey, did you see that?


That's it!

It's a sign, not a store.

Looks like he wants to go down there.

Maybe he's picking up
some sort of signal.

Hold on.

Maybe he lives around here.

I've got an ocean of love for you

You and I are just a wave

Love is in motion, wave

'Cause I got an ocean of love for you

Waves of motion

Waves of motion

Hey, look!

Windmills! That's what
he was trying to tell us.

It's the straws! That's it!

We must be getting closer!

Bummer. I thought it was
gonna be a spaceship.

You never know.
There still could be one.

What's he doing?

He's communicating.

That's it.

Let's go.

You sure this is it, Mac?

You guys better just wait here.

Better give him the flashlight.

Let's go, Mac.
Come on, on my back.

Be careful.

I know everybody's trying
to be optimistic,

but what if they really are dangerous?

- They're not dangerous.
- Michael!

Are you sure it's okay?

Yeah, just wait there.

Get off, Mac. Come on.

She's alive, Mac.

We're gonna get some help.
Just stay here.

She's alive.

Give me some drinks, and the jackets.

- What is it?
- There's three more of them.

- Three?
- Are they friendly?

Well, we'll find out soon enough.

- There's only two cans left.
- That's fine, let's go.

Come on, Eric.

Be careful.
It's slippery there, guys.

Hey, Mac.

Give me a straw.

That's it.

See, Mac?

She's gonna be okay, Mac.

It's okay.

All right, see if you can
get the other one to drink...

...the little one.



Here, put, the jacket,
put the jacket on her.


It's okay.
No one's gonna hurt you.

Here's your baby.
He brought us to you.

Easy, now. It's okay.

- She must be Mac's sister.
- Must be.

She's so gentle.

Easy. Easy.

She won't hurt you.

I'm Debbie. I live next door.

This is my friend Eric.


Here, give me the other jacket.

Okay, just a minute.

All right, put the jacket on.

Give me that one, too, Debbie.

Hey, hey, hey! Hey, come on!
Guys, give me another drink!

We don't have any more.

- Oh, shoot!
- We better get something soon!

We're Mac's friends.
He brought us to meet you.

No, friends,

What if they need some kind of
medical attention or something?

Look, we can't just
walk into a hospital.

Everyone's gonna freak out.

Well, it's just like you said,
people are gonna...

...find out sooner or later.

Oh, my gosh...

What's he doing now?

He just tied a knot in the tire iron!

It's okay, I think he's just bored!

Well, keep him busy!
Guys, keep him busy!

- Here! Here, read him this!
- It's okay. He's got the hat.

Look, maybe we should go public.

If we can get 'em on
the news everyone... gonna want to help 'em.

I'm not so sure about that.

I think they'll be a big hit on TV.

- What's he doing now?
- I think he wants my bracelet.

- Well, then, give it to him!
- You're hurting me!

- Michael!
- Well, do something!

- What?
- I'm driving. I don't know.

You can't do this when
we're in a vehicle like this.

Now, you just cross
your arms and don't...

...unloose them until I
tell you you can.

Cross your arms.

That's right. Just be the mommy,
be the mommy.

That's right. You teach 'em.

How much further is it?

We should be there by now.

He's starting to move again.

What do you want me to do?

- Simon says!
- Simon says, yeah.

- Put your hands on your head.
- Hands on your head.

- Your head.
- That's right, on your head.

Head. Your head.

All right, it's working, guys!

- Okay, Simon says to...
- All right, great.

Simon says... wiggle your ears.

Wiggle your ears.
Wiggle your ears.

All right, it's working!

- Think of another one.
- Clap your hands.

Simon says clap your hands.

Clap your hands.

Old MacDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o

And on this farm he had a bird,

All right, just keep 'em singing,
all right?

- All right, you got any money?
- Yeah.

All right, pay for the
gas, get some drinks.

- I'm gonna call my mom.
- What if they trace the call?

We're not gonna be here that long.

- Just go do it.
- Okay.

- Do you need anything?
- Yeah, get me some smokes.

Don't do that!

It's okay, they won't hurt you!
They won't hurt you!

Well, when did she leave?

Did she say where she was going?

You better come quick.

They got out of the van.
Everybodys freaking!

Why didn't you
keep them singing, Debbie?

Ma'am, I have to total
all the groceries first...

...then I can deduct the coupons.

What is that?


It's all right, son. It's just
a promotional gag or something.

Well, they're not advertising
clothes, that's for sure.

Oh, I think they are real.

Oh, they don't know what they're doing.

We're getting out of here.

Ernie, customer service
to register four.

Do you believe this?

That's it, man.
I'm going back on the soda.

Hey! Hey, put that down!

Hey! What the hell
do you think you're doing?

I don't believe this.

- Stay with Mommy.
- Security. Get security, quick!

Security to the front, please,
Buck, get up here,

- What is that?
- I don't know.

- Get 'em out of here.
- Don't hurt 'em.

- They're not dangerous.
- They won't hurt you.

All right, all right now you
put that down right now.

They're not dangerous.

Like hell it isn't.
Now, now, put it down.

Look, they're not gonna hurt you.

Look, I'll pay for the damage.

You stand back, now.
I'm warning you.

No, they don't understand you.

He's telling the truth.

Tell him to back off!


Give me the gun!

Get out of here! Get out of here!

- I'm not leaving!
- Go!

- Give me the gun.
- Step back!

Move away from it!

- Step away from it!
- They're not gonna hurt you!

- Move it, now!
- Michael, please!

Come on. You don't understand!
They're not gonna hurt anyone!

Give me the gun!

Come on! Don't shoot 'em!

Come on, don't shoot 'em!
They're not gonna hurt you!

I don't know where they came from.

We found them in a cave.

Just get over to the car.
Come on, move!

- They're not dangerous!
- Just get 'em down here...

...right away!

No! Leave 'em alone!
They're not gonna hurt anyone!

Hold your fire, everybody!

- Hold your fire!
- It's still got a gun.

Just do as I tell you.
Hold your fire.

This is the police.

Put down your gun,
and nothing will happen to you.

I repeat, put down your gun,
and nothing will happen to you.

He doesn't understand you.

Get back, get back, get back.

Get those people out of here.
Get those people back.

Move it!

- Get those people out of here!
- Evacuate that building!

Get those people out of that building!

Can you tell them to stop?

I told you, they don't understand.

Clear this building now!

I can stop them!
Let me go out there, please!

I can't let you do that, son.
He's got a gun.

We're gonna lose 'em, Bill!

They don't know how to drive, anyway!

- Stop him!
- Eric!



Get a doctor!

Hey! Eric!

- Eric!
- Let me get him on the ground.

Eric, talk to me, please!

Eric! Eric, talk to me!

Talk to me, Eric.
Come on.

I know he's still breathing.

- Eric!
- He's gonna be okay.

Get back, I'm a doctor.
Get back.

Oh, my God!

Eric! Come on, Eric, talk to me, please!

- Eric.
- What is it?

Eric, everything's gonna be okay.

- He's gone.
- What?


- He's gone?
- There's nothing I can do.

- I'm sorry.
- Eric!

Oh, my God!


He can't be!

My God, Eric!

- We've got a problem.
- What is it?

- Little boy's been hurt.
- Which little boy?

I don't know his name,
but he's in a wheelchair!

- Where is he?
- He's over here.

- Wickett, secure the area.
- Take that area over there.

He's ten years old!

All you people move back!

Let me in. I'm his mother.

They can't help him! They can't!

We tried to stop him.


Oh, my baby.

My baby!

They won't hurt you, Mom.
They won't hurt you.

They're not gonna hurt him, Mom.

Just trust 'em, all right?



You okay?

He's okay!


Mom? Mom?

Okay, the house. Is everything
arranged in the house?

Everything's been taken care of.

- What about the car? The car?
- It's fine!

Headroom-what about headroom?

It's perfect. There's
plenty of headroom!

- Are you sure?
- I'm positive!

- Let's go! We can't be late!
- I'm coming!

All rise.
Please raise your right hand.

I hereby declare on oath...

...that I absolutely and entirely...

...renounce and adjure
all allegiance and fidelity... any foreign
prince, potentate, state...

...or sovereignty of whom or which...

...I have heretofore
been a subject or citizen.

That I will support and defend...

...the constitution and laws of
the United States of America...

...against all enemies,
foreign or domestic...

...that I will bear faith
and allegiance to the same...

...that I will bear arms on behalf...

...of the United States of America...

...when required by the law...

...that I will
perform non combative service... the armed forces
when required by the law...

...that I will perform work
of national import...

...under civilian direction
when required by the law...

...and that I have
taken this obligation freely...

...without any mental reservation
or purpose of evasion... help me God.

And if you agree to all of the above...

...please state so by saying, "I do,"

I do.

Now, may I extend a warm congratulation.

You are now citizens
of the United States of America.

When you know who you are

When you know you belong

You're not a stranger anymore

Sometimes it's not so clear

You're out there all alone

You're not a stranger anymore

Here in the we're not two worlds apart

The day dream we both see

Reach for that star no matter
where you are it will be

Just believe in you and me

You're near the rainbow's end

So let the whole world know

You're not a stranger anymore

And here with the heart
we're not two worlds apart

Changing we both see

We from that star no matter
where you are it we'll be

Just believe in you and me

When you know who you are

When you know you belong

It's written on your face

And now you found that special place

You're not a stranger anymore

Tired of feeling all by myself

Being so different from everyone else

Somehow you knew I needed your help

Be my friend forever

I never found my star in the night

Living my dreams were far from my sight

You came along and I saw the light

We'll be friends forever

I can't face the thought of you leaving

So take me along

I shall be strong when you take me

Wherever you go

I will learn the things that you know

Now that you made me believe

I hope you take me

But I know what you need

Able to see the things that you see

So that what ever you do