MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday (1994) - full transcript

A close friend of MacGyver is murdered. In searching of a reason for this assassination, MacGyver discovers a secret nuclear weapons plant right in the center of Britain.

It won't work, MacGyver.

You can't do it.

Why not?

I've done it before.

Not with 400 pounds.

It's no problem, I tell you.

Look out, Paul.


Please... cut me loose.

Forget it.

Damn you.

We're both going to die.

No one's gonna die.

No one's gonna die.

No one's gonna die.

Afternoon. Name's MacGyver.

Invitation, please. Quiet.

But slowly.

It's all right... I'm a guest.

I just haven't had time to

unpack the invitation.

Thank you, Mr MacGyver.

You may enter.

Thank you very much.

Good dog.



There he is.

Hey. Hey.

How's me old mate?

Happy birthday, Paul.

Look at you.

This is fantastic.

I can't believe it's
been fifteen years.

Oh, come on, don't remind me.

That's ridiculous.

All right, thanks for coming.

It means a lot.

You kidding me? I
wouldn't miss this.

You only turn forty once
in your life, I hear,

although in your
case... Yeah... I...

No, thank you.

So, did you like the car

I had waiting for you?

Well, it's...


But... Yes, it's
very nice. Thanks.

Well, at least you didn't
roll it this time.

It's early.

Oh, by the way...

you still owe me a new
pair of ski poles.

Oh, much more than
that, my friend.

Much more.


I never told you how
much your letters meant

when I lost Elizabeth.

I'm sorry I couldn't
have been here for you.

We had some good times...

didn't we, Mac?

Absolutely the best.

Everything all right with you?


We have to talk.


Elise, Natalia.

Now you can actually
meet this wonderful man.

MacGyver, my daughter Elise,

a doctoral candidate at 19.

And, if you'll forgive a
little paternal bragging,

my most trusted and
gifted associate.

Papa, please.

Very nice to meet you again.

You, too.

You look just like your mum.

Thank you.

MacGyver, Natalia Krimm, a
close friend of the family.

The man who carried me up
a mountain on his back.

Nice to meet you.


MacGyver and I spent the '70s

brainstorming solutions
to save the world.

What a shame they didn't work.

We're still trying.

There's the man I want to see.

Frederick Moran, Paul's brother.

I'm honoured, Mr MacGyver.


It's good to finally meet you.

Thanks for making all this happen.

Oh. My great pleasure.

I wanted to meet you years ago,

but I was far too busy
working, to afford this place.

Excuse us.

I must steal our guest of honour.

Of course.

Your trip was
satisfactory, I hope.

Yeah, it was great.

Got a little bumpy at
your guard gate there.

Oh. My apologies.

Sadly, a necessity these days.

There's already been one
attempt on my life.


Yes, two years ago, in
the heart of the city.

It seems that nowadays anyone
with money is a target.

Particularly a wealthy

Excuse me.

Ladies and gentlemen,
your attention please.

Would you all come
a little closer?

Yes, that's right, thank
you. Please, come in.

I would like to introduce you to

a very special friend
of this family.

In fact, there would
be no celebration

of my brother's birthday today...

had it not been for
this man's heroism.

So please, I'd like you
all to raise your glasses

for a very special toast.

Get down. Get down.

It's nothing. It's my shoulder.

Help the others.

Frederick. It's Paul.

They've shot Paul.

Call the paramedics.


Paul. Paul.






Paul, come on.

Come on.


Sir. They've taken your niece.

They've kidnapped her.


I'm Tony Graves, family friend.

Where's Mr Moran?

He's in the study, sir.


I'm not interested in statements.

I want action. Do you understand?

Look. Try to get hold
of yourself, Mr Moran.


Frederick, I'm so sorry.

If there's anything I can do.

Thank you, Tony.

You can step aside, Mr Graves,

and allow the police
to do their work.

Oh, sorry, captain,

I forgot how, easily
you get confused.

Don't get smart with me, Graves.

I can make life very
difficult for you.

Oh, really?

Chief superintendent, this
is my home. Remember that.

And this is my
investigation, Mr Moran.

We must all understand that.

Excuse me, sir.

Yes, what is it?

Thank you.

They found a body by the river.

It could be the girl's.

Can you wait here, please?

Mr Moran, the face,
it's been battered.


Oh, no.

From one generation to another.

This was to have been the
happiest week of my life.

Expectations of joy.

Renewed friendships.

And now, my brother is gone.

My whole family.

It's very hard.

They will always
live in our hearts.

It's a sad day for all
of us, Frederick.


forgive me for ignoring you.

You came from so far...

No, don't even think about it.

Rest as long as you like.

My secretary will gladly handle

your return arrangements.

That won't be
necessary, Frederick.

I insist. You're my guest.


I've changed my plans.

I'm not leaving.

Paul was too good a friend.

Not leaving?

MacGyver, please.

Let the police handle this.

Well, the police can have
their investigation,

I'll have mine.

Besides, I'm a new face in town.

Working alone, maybe I can do
some things the police can't.

You are indeed the man
Paul said you were.

Bless you, MacGyver.

My resources are at your disposal.

I will support you
in any way I can.

Thank you. Perhaps...

Tony can be of help too.

As a liaison.


His background is Intelligence.

I'd be...

proud to help.



And, if we could persuade
our uniquely qualified...


Frederick, please...

But Natalia...

I said no.

I'm sorry, MacGyver.

Look, it's getting late.

I could use a lift home.

Thank you for the lift.

I'm sorry if I offended you

with my reaction to Frederick.

Oh, it's kind of
tough to offend me.

Mind if I ask why you
did react like that?

I do mind, as a matter of fact.

Thank you for escorting me.

I think I'm quite capable
of letting myself in.

I bet.



Damn them.

Damn them.

Any ideas?

Of course.

Terrorists, who else?

Why would they hit you?

I've been seen with Frederick.

Photographed. You know the press.

Always linking people together.

They love rumours.

With all due respect,

this looks like more
than just rumours.

Fortunately, I'm not dependent on

material possessions.



Looks like they forgot one of
your material possessions.

Please give it to me.

All right, look.

You move like a cat, you
handle a gun like a pro,

and you've got a poison
cartridge pen in your purse.

Is there anything
you want to tell me

about your... unique

There's nothing to tell.

Yeah, right.

I've run across a couple of
these things in my time.

And every one of them
belonged to a KGB agent.

Come on, Miss Krimm.

All right.

I was studying
languages in Moscow.

I was approached and offered
a job with the KGB.

Most of my time working for them

was spent in London.

But it's over now. Past.

I broke all ties years ago.

So what do you do now?

Little work for Frederick.

Mostly I keep to myself.

Let me ask you something.

You still have
contacts in this town?

I told you, I broke
all ties years ago.

But you still know people, right?


leave me out of it.

I don't want to renew
those connections.

Hey. I'm not too familiar with
the terrorist scene around here.

I could use some help
getting in, okay?

I said no.

It's not my business.
I keep to myself.


the Morans have been a very
important part of my life,

and they have just been crucified.

I was told you were a good
friend of the family.

Well, you've got a chance
to prove it right now.

I could use your help.

So could they.



Yeah. Sleep well.


Tell me what you need.

This is an honour, comrade.

To be on the same level

with someone of your rank.

Stop it, Nikolai.

This is the man I...

Did you bring the money?

Your turn.

This group is very dangerous.

They have no political agenda.

They're anti-establishment

They'll work for anyone.

Qaddafi, the I.R.A., you name it.

They're very violent.

Can I get in?

I can make contact with
their leader today.

His name is Joseph.

I'll take care of the
details. He trusts me.

But I warn you.

If they suspect you...

they will kill you.

Set it up.


Which one's Joseph?

Joseph's watching.

First you got to prove
yourself against our best.


Very impressive.

Now finish him off.

Go on.

You've earned it.

It's a stupid leader who
sacrifices his own men.

I was looking for professionals,

not a bunch of suicidal punks.

All right.

You've earned yourself
a private meeting.

You come with good references,

and Nikolai says you're solid.

We'll let you know when and where.



Nice bridge.

Yeah. Well, things are risky

at the moment, all right?

Oh, feeling a little
heat, are you? Police?

No. Who?

Big money.

The Moran job was for hire,
but something's turned.

That's why you're here.

Three of our strike
team have disappeared.

The other's afraid to surface.

He hasn't shown at our
regular meeting spot.

Yeah, where's that?

Just listen.

I'll give you the
information you need.

The money knows where we meet.

It's become very dangerous.

All right, so it's dangerous.

Where's this meeting place?

In the sewers.

We meet at the fourth quadrant.

Fourth quadrant. All right.

Our stray's coming to my
place tonight at 11:30.

Be there.

You'll get instructions for
your first assignment.

Wanna give me some hint
as to what that might be?

Our ace in the hole stashed
at the meeting spot.

The suit's own handwritten
request for the hit.

And photos he gave
me of the target.

You're gonna retrieve
them for us, tough guy.

Eleven-thirty, all
right? Be there.

Well, you can't go in
without it, MacGyver.

If you don't wear a wire,
we'll have no way of knowing

if anything goes wrong.

I don't like wires.

If something does go wrong,

they're impossible to explain.

Well, I'm telling
you, it's foolhardy.

You'll be walking in naked.

Look, just listen to
me on this, okay?

I'm experienced in these matters.

So am I.

Damn it, man...


It was my...

It was...

It was my understanding

that you were...
open to assistance.

Yeah. Assistance, yes.

Orders, no.

I'm not giving orders. Tony...

why don't you go and
wait in the car?


I'll be down in a minute.


I'm sorry.

Sometimes Tony can be
a little overbearing.

He's used to being in charge.

Yeah, so am I.

He means well.

And you are very stubborn.


It's part of your charm.

How can I help?

Okay. We know somebody
other than Joseph

was behind all this,

so you can start by
making a list of people

who might have wanted
Frederick dead.

You mean? Anybody
you can think of.

Including his friends.


What's going on here?

It's all right.

You're all right now.


Why am I naked?

Nikolai found you in
Soho and called me.

You've been very sick.

Why are we in bed together?

You were burning up with
fever, then chills.

I couldn't think
of what else to do.


I saw this once in
an American movie.

We watched many of those
during KGB training.

Mind if I ask what
happened here, exactly?

The details are unimportant.

Let's just say your fever broke.

My fever?

We've lost a lot of time.

We should get to work.

What do you mean, "we"?

I'm just here to help.

Your clothes, sir.

Why did the terrorists
want to kill you?

They didn't.

I think it was the
people who hired them.



My contact was hit.

The Moran attack wasn't terrorist,

and it wasn't aimed at Frederick.

Who, then?


Are you sure?

I think so.

There were some pictures of Paul

and a...

handwritten note from
whoever ordered the hit.

I was supposed to get them, but...

Do you know who? Did
you read the note?


There wasn't time.

All I know is somebody
had Paul killed,

and that same somebody
wants me out of the way.

Who'd want to hurt dear Paul?

I don't know.

But something was bugging
him the day of the party.

He started to tell me, but...

Maybe it's got something
to do with his work.

I need to get into his lab.

Tony Graves can arrange that.


His company funded Paul's work.

What's going on?

There's been a break-in
at Paul's lab.

A break-in? Yeah,
about an hour ago.

What were they after?

I don't know.

Thank you.

Dr Massey?

This is Mr MacGyver.

Dr Massey, good to meet you.

Oh, of course, forgive
me. Paul's friend.

Oh, and, this is Natalia Krimm.

She's a close friend
of the Morans.

How do you do?

Well, doctor, it looks like...

Excuse me, doctor. I'm sorry.

Is this what Paul was working on?

Paul was fine-tuning a portable
mass spectrometer he designed.

But not just any.

The most highly sensitive
ever developed.

For the START signatories.

Capable of measuring the
slightest nuclear presence.

Huh. Big stuff, huh?

It's such a tragedy.

The death of my
brilliant colleague,

and now the desecration
of his work.

Did you notice anything missing?

Oh, everything.

His records, files,
all his samples.

Work in progress.

What samples? Of what?

Well, Paul had just completed

the first air sample test

for the new machine,
from all over England.

Now everything's gone:

the samples, records, results,



I'm getting tired of finding you

at my crime scenes.

You have no business
here. Now, get out.

And that goes for
the rest of you...

Hey... Excuse me,
chief superintendent,


it was my company that
financed this lab.

I don't give a damn
what you financed

with your filthy money.

Watch it, Capshaw.

Don't threaten me, Graves.

I forgot what a
tough guy you were.

What was it? Eleven counts

of excessive force, one death.

Oh, you don't frighten me,

you pompous little ass.

Hey, hey. Come on, gentlemen.


I want this lab cleared now.

Dr Massey?

Paul mentioned the
word "samples" to me

just before he died.

Do you know anything
about his findings?

What samples he might
have been referring to?

No, that's my frustration.

Paul never spoke to anyone

about his work, except Elise,

God rest her soul.

Oh, she was his confidant.
Brilliant mind.

Of course, the man lived
for his research.

I mean, he slept here.
This was his second home.

Wait a minute. Paul slept here?

Yes. Yeah, well, yes, at times.

He kept a little room upstairs.

Right. Clear the room, please.

It seems you don't
understand English.

Leave the room immediately.


you're getting dangerously close

to interfering in my territory.

Now please, stay out
of my investigation.

Two minutes.

I just needed two more
minutes in that room.


I'm gonna take you home.

I'll contact you later.

What is this?

Have I outlived my usefulness?

Just try to understand, will you?


Ten minutes ago we were
working as a team.

Now, suddenly, you don't trust me.

Look, this is nothing personal,

but right now, I can't
afford to trust anybody.

Damn you.

Who just saved your life?

Who nursed you back to health?

Natalia, believe me...

you've helped a lot.

And I appreciate
everything you've done.

You need me, MacGyver.

Oh, I do, do I?

I'm a better spy than you are...

in matters requiring deceit.

Capshaw's always hated Tony.

He hides that well.

Years ago, Tony worked
for a brief time

with British Intelligence.

He was in American Intelligence

stationed in the U.K.

It all ended very badly
for him, though,

when a terrorist suspect
died during questioning.

Graves killed somebody?

That was never really determined.

But Capshaw had the
misfortune of being present

as a young officer.

He's hated Tony for it ever since.

Apparently, he feels his
reputation and career

were permanently smeared.

Mr MacGyver. Yeah?

Your results.


I don't believe it.

What is it?

The air sample shows high
level of uranium isotope.

U-235. So?

It's what they use to
make nuclear bombs.

Uncontrolled nuclear material

is being processed
somewhere nearby.

In England? But that can't be.

Oh, well, this says it can.

Somebody's operating
a nuclear facility,

and Paul found it.


The cold war is over.

I don't know.

Maybe it's just about...



Maybe. Think about it.

Terrorist groups.

Rogue nations like
Iraq, Iran, Libya,

they'd pay anything for
nuclear capability.

And if there is somebody
who can supply them,

I don't even want to think
of the implications.

I got to find out where
the sample came from.

MacGyver. No.

Listen to me. We're both
under surveillance.

We can't go back to
your place or mine.

You're a target.

We need a safe house
we can use as a base.

I'll find us one.

All right.



It's a C.

Thank you.

Look here.

The castle was last
purchased in 1983

by Lyndover Limited,
a trading company.

Thank you. Okay.


You're a lucky guy.

X-rays show no sign
of cerebral damage

or concussion.

However, I'd be more
careful about the company

I keep in the future.

Would you excuse us, doctor?


Hey, chief. Now what?

Well, "now what" is we're
gonna have a little talk

about life, MacGyver.

Life and manners.

All right.


when a stranger conducts

a private investigation in my city

and refuses to share his
findings with the police,

I call that bad manners.

I agree.

So, what were you doing at the,

laboratory and the London Library?

You find something?

With all due respect,
chief inspector,

I don't feel free to
comment on that right now.

Don't test me, MacGyver.

You know...

throwing your allegiance

to scum like Tony Graves

can only bring you more trouble.

Like today.

Nobody has my allegiance.

That particular association

makes me seriously
question your motives.

I have no association,
no obligation, no ties.

I am strictly in this
for personal reasons.

Well I do have obligations
and associations.

To Britain and her
subjects, MacGyver.

For your sake, let's hope
we're on the same side.

It doesn't make sense.

A nuclear plant,

built without detection,
and so close.

I've known Tony for many years.

I can't imagine him being involved

in anything so repugnant.

Why even though...


Tony always had a
very strong drive

for material gain.

That's why we had to
sever our business ties.


But selling nuclear weapons?

That's global terrorism.

Tony fought that all his life.

Look at his service record.

Twelve years, U.S. Intelligence,
an antiterrorist expert.

Yeah. I know.

I ran a background check on him,

and aside from that incident

with British Intelligence,
he was clean.

We must call in the authorities.

This is getting too big.

No, wait a minute,
wait a minute. J...

Don't we want to see how
deep this thing goes?

Yes, we must.

For Tony's sake.

Chief Superintendent Capshaw
might very well use this

as an opportunity for
vengeance against him.

This note that you found...

was there anything on it?

A name, initials.

Anything that might lead us
to my brother's murderers?

No, I didn't get a
chance to read it.

Do what you have to do, MacGyver.

I back you a hundred percent.


Oh, man.

Armed police. Don't move.

Stay down.

I said, stay down.

I warn you, MacGyver,

I get nervous in the
presence of murderers.

What? Wait a minute.

Shut up.

Don't even try.

This yours?

Well, I'm sure it's
covered in prints.

Maybe even a blood sample.

Come on, that's a plant.

I didn't kill anybody.

Oh, really?


So this wouldn't be
your watch crystal

and bezel then?

Come on, this is a set-up.

Don't move.

You got to listen to me.

I'm placing you under arrest for
the murder of Anthony Graves.


After him. Come on.


Come on.



Was this door always like this?


Can you get to the back of
the carriage, please. Now.

He got out. You checked
every carriage?

Yeah. Come on then. Come on.


Where have you been?

You set me up.

Are you crazy?

Capshaw was waiting for me.

Graves was dead, and
evidence against me

was conveniently beside the body.

Tony, dead?

Oh, that's good.

That's so very good.

The KGB should be proud of you.

MacGyver, I didn't do it.

You and Frederick
were the only ones

who knew I was going there.

That's not necessarily true.

Yeah? Well then, who?

All right.

Superintendent Capshaw.

I'm serious. Think about it.

You've been followed
from the start.

He could have followed
us to Frederick's,

maybe even wired his study.

Tony could have been his partner.

So Capshaw knows
Tony was a suspect,

kills him and frames
you for the crime.

It could have been a
conspiracy all along.

Tony had law-enforcement

And all that hostility
between them

was just a facade.

Capshaw could have ordered

the attack on you in the sewers.

That's how he got the evidence.

If it had been me, why would I

have bothered to save your life?

You dragged me into this.

I wanted to put the KGB
behind me, remember?

Don't you know how I feel?

I'm on your side, all the way.

I need to think.

Nothing would surprise
me at this point.

And now I'm a suspect.

That's beautiful. Beautiful.

I can help.

My KGB contact, Nikolai,

there's a rumour he's
found new employment.


His expertise is in
nuclear facilities.

It could be only one thing.

If it's true, I can verify
the location of the plant

and find out what kind
of security it has.

What makes you think
he'd tell you?

He'll tell me.

I'm KGB, remember?

Ex-KGB, remember?

Of course.

The circumstances
do not relieve you

of your legal responsibilities.

My family has been murdered.

My only brother killed.

And you speak to me like this?

How dare you.

Mr Moran. I am
requesting information

as to the whereabouts of
Mr MacGyver, a fugitive.

With holding such
information is a crime.

I resent the accusation.

And your insensitivity,
chief superintendent.

Now get out.

As you say.


I'm outside Nikolai's now.

We rendezvous in exactly one hour.

If something happens
and I can't make it,

you must leave without me.



Who are those guys?

Get in.

Morning, gents.

Where you heading on
those old plates?


Plates of meat. Feet.

Oh, Carcroft Castle.

You don't look like royalty to me.

Jump on.

Come on.

What's your name? MacGyver.


Just call me Plato.

You like music?



♪ I'm ready to rock ♪

Hold on. Here we go.

Thank you, sir.

Hey Plato, would
you mind stopping?

Can you cut the engines?

And the music?

I think that's for me, my friend.

Listen, it's a long story.

But I'm innocent.

Now, I don't want to
get you in trouble,

but I could use your help here.

Us blokes got to stick together.

Look like a couple of ices anyway.

What? Ice cream freezers.

Geezers. Oh.

See you round the other side.

Switch the engine off please, sir.

And the music.

We're looking for this man.

Have you seen him

or anyone that looks
like him? Sorry.

If you do, will you notify
the police immediately?

Yes, officer. Yeah.

Put your helmet on. Yes. Yes, sir.

Hello, ladies.

We're looking for this gentleman.

You're a good man, Plato.

You be lucky, MacGyver.

So you're all together
there, are you?

Hello? Yes.

I realise that, but
you must understand,

the serum guarantees
truth, not cooperation.

I know.

Very well. I'll do my best.

Are you ready to begin?

I'm tired.

Elise, don't fight it.

You can't lie with the serum.

I'm tired.

We need the software code

to your father's spectrometer.

What makes it so sensitive?

How can we upgrade ours?

I told you everything.

You know as much as I do.

I worked with your father

for over five years.

And I have access to
almost all his research.

But I know he kept certain
information to himself.

Only one who had access
to all the files was you.

I did not see the files

you refer to.

We must have that information

to secure the plant
from further detection.

Elise, they will kill you.

Now, don't be foolish, my dear.

They'll kill you, you know that.

We've been through this
so many times before.

Elise, I must have an answer.

Try the library.


My father. Is he...?

I'm sorry.


They drugged me.

I woke up here.

Who are "they", Elise?

I don't know.

I answer questions about
the spectrometer.

They want one...

to monitor emissions.

Avoid another detection.

They're processing nuclear
materials in a facility

under the castle.


You must hurry.

I heard them talking.

The first shipment leaves today.

Two tactical weapons.

I'm sorry.

I helped them.

I tried not to. I really tried.

No. It's all right.

It's okay, honey.

I'm gonna get you out of here.

I'll be back.

Don't touch that.


I was afraid you'd get this far.

Pity, MacGyver.

You're just too good
for your own good.

It was you all the time.

It's kind of hard to believe

anybody would be sick enough

to order the death
of his own brother.

Difficult decisions are the lot
of the entrepreneur, MacGyver.

Especially with stakes this high.

Yeah, what stakes?

Change is everywhere, my friend.

Yeltsin's democracy could
be the first to fall.

There's a Communist
coup in the works,

perhaps from the inside.

But as yet, my clients are
organising themselves

from the outside.

Profits will be enormous.

You'd put the whole world
at risk... for profit?


It is indeed beautiful.

I accomplished the impossible.

A state-of-the-art
nuclear facility

right here in the
heart of Britain.

Built... without detection.


Paul found it.


It took me ten years
to build this plant.

Our products will be
used to take control

of Russia's nuclear arsenal,

before the Strategic Arms
Reduction Treaty takes effect.

I foresaw the demand, and
now the market is mine.

I am sole broker for nuclear
capability and devices...

for the world.

Well, what about conscience?

What about law?


This is a violation of the
most basic and crucial laws

of civilised society.

You're offering
genocide for profit.

What are you thinking?

As I see it, MacGyver,

the law is simply one of the
risks of doing business.

Well, as I see it, Fred...

you're just one more cheap crook.


Your logic sucks.

"Tactical nuclear device".

Damn you.

For always succeeding.

For making me the one
to have to kill you.


I'm real sorry about that.

I didn't want it
to end this way...

Oh, knock it off.

But certain ends
require drastic means.


Ex-KGB my butt.

This is beyond KGB.

Beyond anything.

This is my family, my country,

the future of the Soviet Union.

Natalia, there is no Soviet Union.


I refuse to accept that.

I am a patriot.

I will never allow the dissolution

of the KGB or the Soviet.

They stole my country.

I want it back.

That world is over.

No, that's lies. I won't listen.

Your country is in the middle of
a massive transition right now.

Can't you see that what you're
doing is counterproductive?

I have a mission to
preserve the Soviet state.

You stand in the way.

Will you listen to yourself?

You don't understand.

You could never understand.

No one's ever stolen
your government,

discarded your beliefs,

left your people without dignity.

With nothing.


you seem to have things
well in hand, my dear.

So, MacGyver...

since you've been good enough
to deliver the evidence

you so cleverly hid in the sewers,

there seems no further
reason to delay your demise.

Shoot him.

Can I say something...

before you do?

Natalia, y...

You realise you're a phoney...

and a total hypocrite here.

You don't care about your
people or your beliefs.

You're on the verge of

killing thousands and thousands

of people for your
precious Communism.

And your partner in
this... noble scheme...

is a greed-driven
billionaire capitalist

like Freddy boy here.

Shoot him.

Some Communist.

I admit there's a
certain hypocrisy

to that aspect of the arrangement.

Just a little.

But quite honestly, it's been
my intention from the start...

to correct it.

Separator temperature
controller inoperative.

Please restore immediately.

Separator temperature
controller is inoperative.

Please restore immediately.

System will fail in 60 seconds.

Separator temperature
is increasing.

System will fail in 50 seconds.

Separator temperature critical.

System will fail in 40 seconds.

System failure in 30 seconds.

System has been disconnected.

Thank you.



Uranium separator
failure imminent.

No. Stop.

I hate you.

Give it up.

Nuclear systems jeopardised.

Automatic override engaged.

Nuclear emergency averted.

Automatic override
has been bypassed.

System failure imminent.

All nuclear systems at risk.


system failure imminent.

All nuclear systems at risk.


Nuclear systems operating
beyond design limits.

Red alert.

Plant failure imminent.


Nuclear systems operating
beyond design limits.

Red alert. Plant failure imminent.

What have you done?
I've armed the bomb.

It can't be disarmed
without a trivet wrench.

You lose, MacGyver.

Now we all die.

Nuclear detonation in
one minute, 30 seconds.

Nuclear systems operating
beyond design limits.

Red alert.

Plant failure imminent.


Nuclear systems operating

beyond design limits.

Red alert. Plant failure imminent.

Nuclear detonation in one minute.

Detonation in 50 seconds.

Detonation in 40 seconds.

Uranium separators destroyed.

Nuclear facility is inoperative.

Detonation in 30 seconds.

Detonation in 25 seconds.

Detonation in 20 seconds.

Detonation in 15 seconds.

Detonation in ten seconds.

Nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four,

three, two...

Nuclear detonation averted.

Nuclear device disarmed.

You never give up, do you?

I guess it just
wasn't meant to be.

I owe you an apology, MacGyver.

We are on the same side.

Thanks for your help.

You bet, chief.

See you soon. I hope.

My father cared so
much for this planet.

He just wanted to do some good.

He did.

The world's a safer
place because of Paul.


But my father,

your friend, he's gone.

Then I guess it's up to us.