Mac (1992) - full transcript

Niccolo (Mac) Vitelli is the eldest of three brothers and leads their family after their beloved father dies. Their father was a builder and his sons continue in this family trade. At first, they work for Polowski, who does shoddy work and cheats on his jobs. When the brothers can no longer take being employed by such an angry vitriolic boss who takes no pride in his work, they set up their own company. Together, Vitelli Brothers Construction builds houses with pride and care. However, Mac turns out to be an overbearing workaholic, with obsessive concern about the quality of their work and incredible attention to detail. His intensity and driven ambition precludes a happy family life and eventually drives away his two happy-go-lucky brothers from his nascent construction empire.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Mac, you get the money.

You get the money today.

You no leave
unless I get the money.

I'm here to collect

for the fireplace
my father built.

Why are you wasting your time?

I just sent
the check out today.

My father said I have
to see it, Mr. Stunder.

Well, if I give you
another check,

that means
I will have paid him twice.

And that's not right, is it?

So why don't you just go home
and tell that to your father.

I stay until you pay me.

You're not getting anything
from me,

so why don't you just
go home.

No. You're a thief.

You call me a thief?

Your father's a thief.
He is not!

He is so.
He is not!

You call me a thief?
He is so!

Come on. Say it, you're scared!
Get off my jacket!

Get off my jacket!
Albert, let him go!

Touch me again and my father
will beat you to death!

Albert! Albert! Let him go!

Come on! Touch me again and my
father will beat you to death!


Go ahead. Don't be afraid.


Here's a little something
from the guys.

A little collection I took up
on the job.

I, um, couldn't get everybody,

He's in heaven, Mac.

So don't worry, huh?

He's like my dog.

Go see your father.

Why? Why? What is this then?

Now your brother dead,
why you looking for him?

Vico, you okay?

I don't wanna see you.
Get out of here.

Your brother don't see you

Good to pee, huh?

What's the matter
with your hands?

It's blisters.

It's nothing. No worry.
Don't get scared.

Here, look.

No hurt you.

Pee. Pee-pee in your hands.

Pee-pee in your hands!

There. Good. Rub it in.
Rub it in good.

Makes a callous hard.

Makes a root hard.

Come on. No do every day.

Just once in a while.

Now you come to see my brother

that he's dead?

Did you hear her?
She always has to start.

She always has to aggravate.
Embarrass people.

I know. I tell you, she's nuts.

Hail Mary, full of grace...

He lived with the love
of his children...

Our Father...

Hail Mary, full of grace...

Who built this box?

I wanna know who built it?

I know I no build it.

It's gonna leak on me.

Bring me the shoemaker
who built this box.

By the work,

one knows the workman.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

You remember...

there's only two ways
to do something.

My way and the right way.

And they are both the same.


Brown! Hey, Brown!

Last-minute motherfucker.
What did I do?

You don't cut the clock close
and work for me.

My car broke down, man.

Go suck your mother's tit!

You're fired!
Now, you shot your wad!

Fuck you!
I resign, motherfucker!

Thank you.
Suck my dick!

Grow one!

Suck my fucking dick!

Get out of here,
you fucking son of a bitch!

Fuck you! Fuck you!

Fucking son of a bitch!

The Polack fired Brown.

Should have fucking fired
Tony Gloves.

Fucking fired
the wrong fucking guy, Brown.

Should've fired Gloves.

Gloves ruined Brown.


Tony Gloves!

Who calls?

Listen, Gloves.

Somebody took
two lump hammers.

Pass the word around.

Move your end up.

What the fuck is this?

This? It's a bathtub.

Don't be smart with me.

Go, take a walk.

I want to speak
to your brother.

Take a walk? Where?

Get 202-by-4s,
pile them over there.

I want these walls in
before noon.

Okay, boss.
That's right.

I am the boss.

Your stud is too close.

I told you this before.

They're 16 on center.

I want them 24.
How many fucking times

I'm supposed to tell you
the same thing?

You do them 24,
the wall shakes.

I build 24 on center.

That's what I build.
You want to work here,

you build them at 24.
All right, those next walls,

I'll do them at 24.
No, no, no.

This wall.

Take it apart
and do it again.

Hey, it's all done.

Take it a apart!

I'll tell you guys

I keep your crew working
because you guys work on my job.

When I tell you to cheat,
you better cheat.

I find this kind of work again,
you're all fired.

Well, maybe
we should get fired now.

That's up to you.

What are you looking at?

I want to see no faces.

Just asses and elbows.

She won't stop moving.
She won't stop moving.

Excuse me. Excuse me.
Excuse me.

Hey, Ma...

Yeah, but, Ma,
come eat with us.

Sit with us.
Don't bother me.

I wanna stay home.
I wanna stay by myself.

God help me please.
Ha, life.

Let my children mind
their own business.

I don't wanna know
nothing anymore.

What are you gonna do?

What can you do?

You gotta be like me.

I come home,
I take my head off.

I'll go out.

Sometimes I stay home.

I go out.
I like to go out.

Mac, you think you could do me
a little favor?

I'm a little short
right now.

Oh. Forget it. Forget I asked.

You sure you can't do
any favor?


What was today?

I know, I shouldn't.

I mean, what's the use?

You save, you save,
you work.

You save, and then you die.

You're dead, so?

Hey. Hey. Be-le. Be-la.


What happened to your pants?

Listen, Bruno,
I talked to the Polack.

You're on.

I'm on?
What? Did you have an accident?


I'm on?
I got you on.

What color's that?
No color. Clear.

So okay?
I mean, you want to, right?

You asked me to ask him,
so I asked him.

Doesn't smell like paint.
It's just I have to...

Gotta work it out with school.

It's like glue.
Sticky, yeah.

So, what should I tell Polowski?
Yes or no?

Uh, mostly yes.


He's thinking about it.
Let him think.

Well, he specifically told me
to ask him.

Well, and I'm glad you did.

And I want to.

And I will, probably.

Very probably.

Now you got me all confused.

He's not like you, man.

No. Nothing.

What do you mean by that?

What is that?
You're driving me crazy now.

What the fuck is going on here?
Nothing, Mac.

All I'm saying is that's
what makes him him and you you.

Come on, Bruno, spill it.
What is that?

Tell me?

Come on, you can tell me.
I'm your brother.

I'm not telling you nothing.

Look, tell Polowski
I'll come in, all right.

But not tomorrow.
Like, you know, in a day or two.

I'll do whatever you wanna do,
all right?

I know what that is.



I knew it.

I should've went to college.

So you got your brother
working too?

Just part-time.
He's in school.

Business school?
Hey, Nat.

Where's the 2-by-4?

You want to make money,
you got to learn to do business.

Business. Money business.

You don't do with your hands.
You do with your mouth.

When people pay you money,
they don't know what for,

and smile when they pay,
you done business.

all you did was work.

What are you looking at?

You don't know her.

Keep dreaming, Vitelli.

You're Alice Stunder?

Yeah. Who are you?

You don't remember me?

Your father's a thief.

Open the door.

Why should I?

Maybe if you look at me
you'll remember me.

Look at this.

Will you look at this.

Yes. I look at it every day.

This is...

This is work.

I know. I live here.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean...

You know,
sometimes you get all...

You know?

That's quite all right.

Anyway, I didn't come...

The reason why I came...

Ahem. Reason why I'm here
is, uh...

You know...

I wanted to ask you
if you, uh...

wanted to go out with me.

If you don't, it's okay.

I understand.

I'm Mac.
I'm Alice.

it's nice to meet you, Alice.

You can keep your coffee.

Hey, I'll see you.

Okay. I'll see you.

And she said,
"Don't you feel it?"

So I said, "Feel what?"
She said, "The feelings."

What feelings?

Yeah, what do you mean feelings?


What kind of feelings?

The inside feelings.

I don't get it.


Hi. How you doing?

Hi. How are you?
Okay. Hello.

Hi. Hello.
This is Mac, everybody.

How you doing?

Oh, that's nice. Thank you.

Oh, how private.

Are you a dancer?


Were you ever a dancer?


Have you ever danced?


Would you like to go dancing
with me?


I'd like to take you

I'm married
and I have a son.


So it's working out for you?

Yes, it's working out.

Thank you.
Well, that's great.


What do you think?

That's it?

That's all you do?

That's the whole thing?

Come on.

You can't feel it?

Feel what?
The magnetism?

I feel.
If you were a woman...

No, no,
you feel what they feel.

No, I got feelings.

But you can't feel
the magnetism.

You mean the weight?

They feel your weight.

They don't feel
your magnetism, man.

I mean, what are you...? I think
you imagine your magnetism.

It's like, you know...

There's something behind
this weight. It's magnetism.

Sure, they feel the weight,
that's part of it.

No. It's the weight.
That's part of the magnetism.

You're all paraphernalia,
that's all.

I keep my gloves on.

You're like a surgeon
with those gloves.

Gotta be free. You got
layers and layers of clothes.

What does it do you?
You got on a T-shirt.

That's all it is.
That's all it is.

Right under there.
Keep laughing, fellas.

I gotta find another way then.
You're telling me.

What I need is a convertible.
That's what I need.

You want a convertible?

If I have a convertible,
I'm made.

Anyone who's anyone has one.

Marlon, Dean, Elvis,
Sinatra, Sal Mineo.

And the guy's standing over me.
And I'm folding away,

folding the laundry
with my burnt fingertips.

And he's staring at me,

breathing his cigar breath
on me,

almost rubbing up
against me.

And he's fat too.

So I say, uh...

"What am I, in your way?"

And he gives me this look.

And I'm looking
right at him.

I'm looking
right up his nose.

And he says,
"What's the matter?

You don't like
working here?"

I don't like working here."

Yeah, so quit.

So I quit.

What are you doing now?

I'm working, what else?

Feel this.

Don't mess with me.

You know what I think
happiness is?

To love your job.

Not many people know this,

but that's why
they take vacations.

But it's the truth.

If you hate your work,
you hate your life.

I like my work.

I do a job for me.

Every job is like a...

first love.

When my father died,

when my father was just about
to die,

he looked away.

I don't know where.

And he said,

"Put the three pieces
with the seven pieces over here,

"not over there.

Put the three pieces
with the seven pieces."

Back on the job.

That's where he went.


I'm on a path.

Polowski, those other guys,
they're taking the highway.

All they're doing
is changing lanes.

You feel it now? Huh?

Do you feel it, baby?

You feel it?

Now you feel that magnetism?

I'm Italian, baby!

I'm about to create the Vitelli!

Convertible! Convertible!
You feel it?

Well, you fat fuck, you did it!


Lunch over there! Lunch!

Watch it, watch it, watch it.


Lunch time, brother Nick!




Watch it, goddamn it!
Gus, you all right.

He's all right.

Gus, you all right?
My head. My head.

He's all right.
My head. Where's my head?

He's all right.
How the fuck would you know?

Go fuck yourself,
that's how I know.

Nine o'clock in the morning,
you're drinking beer.

Fuck yourself,
you black Guinea bastard.

Where's my quarters?
Kiss my ass in Macy's window.

Fuck you, you dirty 4-F.

Where's my quarters?
I'm a 4-F?

You black fascist motherfucker.
I'm a 4-F?

You Mussolini-loving

I fought in the fucking war!

The invasion of Normandy,
I was there, man.

Who did you kill?

Fuck you, you jackass!

You donkey motherfucker.

Excuse me.

I'll rip
your Adam's apple out!

Come on.

Vico! Vico!

Vico! Bruno! Get in here.

I work with this shit!

What's going on?

You're gonna die now,
you black Guinea bastard!

Get off me! Get him off me!

He called Mac a 4-F, Vic.

He called him a 4-F!

Get off me.

Get back!

Thataway, Mac. Come on.

Come on.

I'll make you eat
your fucking hat!

He called him a 4-F!

Said he...
He called him a 4-F!

Punch him out.

How many times I tell her.

Tuna fish.

You know who eats tuna fish?


Check the mule.
Earth special.

Nat, this is from my mother.

And she sends her regards.

My mother's a widow,
you know.

But she can cook.

What happened
to that scaffold?

What happened
to that scaffold?

What happened
to that scaffold?

You know, guys,
I don't know.

I get the feeling,
probably not true,

that you guys don't like
working for me.

Who ratted on me?

Fuck you all.

You bastards.

Hey! What's...?

Why can't you do the job
the way Polowski says?

He's the boss.
You work for the guy.

Do what he says.
Gotta knock down a wall.

The wall shakes. It's no good.
What do you care?

You don't live there.
You live here.

What do you mean
what do I care?

Well, you know,
now we're out of a job, okay.

We got no job.

Hey, who busts his balls
all day long, huh?

Yeah, but I work.
I just work.

Hey, I argue.

Inside. Internal.

I don't make a big show.

I don't knock down
a whole wall!

I'm not breaking my hump

to come all over some cocksucker
and he don't taste it.

But what are we gonna do

I mean, we gotta get
in a better predicament.

How did Levitt
build Levittown?

The Milstein brothers?

but those guys got money.

They had money. Money.
We ain't got no money.

They didn't have money.

They made money.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

Two brothers and a sheep.

A she-wolf.
Whatever. The two brothers,

they saw the seven hills,
said, "Let's go.

We build here."

And from there
they took over the world.

Yeah, Romulus and Remus.
That's the guys.

Except Romulus killed Remus.

He killed him? How?
Don't know. They couldn't decide

where to build or some shit.

He killed his own brother?

It's a myth.
Yeah, a myth.

So it's true?
Yeah, whatever.

Look at the map, huh?

I mean, they got like this.
Mm, mm, mm.




Shit. Without Italy,
there is no civilization.

Oh, yeah? What about the Greeks?
I include the Greeks too.

Greek bastards.
How come in the movies,

the Romans always talk
with English accents?

In the movies, the Romans,

they always have
English accents.

You know, "My Lord."

Will you listen to me?

Because I'm talking at you.

I'm listening.

These guys had nothing.

They had each other.

And that's what you need.

In this life,

you work with people
that you can look at.

What are you saying? That you
wanna start our own business?

You mean you, me and Bruno?


Ma will like that.

All of us together.

She'll like that.
We're gonna start a business?

Where would we get the money?
From me.

It's coming from me.

From you?
I can't picture it.

I got it. I'll get it.

And we would be
full partners?

The Vitelli Brothers.

The Vitelli Brothers.

The Vitelli Brothers.

Yeah, who is better than us
anyway? Polowski?

Polowski can suck my dick.

Yeah. He can kiss my ass.


What a take.


I tell you, if I had money,

I'd have a different woman
every night.

Every night
a different woman.

Clarence. How are you?
Hey, Mac. How are you?

How's the accountant?
I can't complain.

I'm Clarence.
Sorry. This is Al.

Are you anyone?

I'm Vico.


Yeah. Whoo!

You take a look at that land
I told you?

Let me know
if I can be of any help.

What do you build, Vico?

What do you build?

I build...


Maybe if you're looking
for a partner or something?

I know...
You need anything,

you let me know.

What I do
is I document life.

You see, what interests me,

what interests me
is the primitive.

You see.

Are you a dancer?


No. Not here.

Would you like to go dancing
with me?


I'd like to take you

Are you nuts?
I was just testing it out.

Get out of here!

What's wrong?

Come on. Come on,
you're almost family.

Come on. What's the problem?
It's my party.

Who painted that picture?

My father.

It's exhausting.

You having fun?

Are you having fun?
I was just testing it out.

Are you crazy?
I'll kill you, now!

Tell me something.
You like him?

Do you like him?
That's my brother. It's family.

I know.
You can't be shy.

Yeah. Come on.


What? Oh, she's shy.

Come here you.

I'm gonna kill you.
Come on over here.

You know what you did?

Did you see what you did?

See what was going on
over there with me and her?

What, are you out
of your mind?

Couldn't you see
what I was doing with her?

Why get involved with me?
I was following your advice.

Why involved with me when
I'm involved with these broads?

What, did you see her?

I've never seen a beauty
like her in my life. Why...?

You told me to do that.
Why did you come over?

I'm gonna fucking
strangle you.

If you see me
talking to her again,

you stand clear.
Sorry. I was just trying.

I had something going.

I was manipulating over there,
and you come over.

She's gone now.
I can't believe you.

I'm sorry. Sorry.
Don't go near her.

Go near her.
No. I want you...

No. Go near her.
I want you to go near her.

No, I want you
to go near her now.

No, go. Go ahead, find her.
Now. Go ahead, go.

I'll be on your back
All right.

and I'll rip you down.

Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead.
You ruined it now.

Just go.
I'm sorry.


You wanna go?

We're going?

We're gonna go.
Yeah, come on, let's go.

All right, go ahead.
You stay. It's your party.

Bye. Bye.

Bye. Bye.
Let's go. Let's go.

You going? Hey, they're leaving.

So this is it?

Yeah. This is it.

You come here often?


I hope it doesn't rain
because the roof leaks.

The what?

You see this land?

This is all city property,
gonna be sold at a city auction.

For how much?

Exactly, I don't know.

But this guy
you just met, Clarence,

he figures somewhere
between 7000 and 10,000.

So how much do you have?

Half. About half.

So you need another five?

Uh... about.

Why didn't you ask me?

I have money?

Ask you? Ask you?

What's the matter with that?

I could help you.

You're gonna help me?

Yes, it's possible.

I'm gonna take your money?

Get out of here.

I've got $4436.26
in my savings.

To the penny?

Twenty-six cents,
to the penny.

It's always good
to be exact.

I want you to have it.

I'm not taking it.
Why not?

You're crazy.
You've been saving up for years,

and I'm gonna take
your money?

Yeah. I'm looking for something
to invest in.

I'm an investor.

Forget it. I'll give you
something to invest.

I know a good investment
when I see one.

Oh, yeah?

So you wanna give it to me,

I wanna give it to you.

I don't know what to...


I didn't mean that.


Wait! No! No!

Oh, dear.

That still leaves me
about 600 short.

Sell the truck.

But the roof?

Leave it to me.

So, Oona,
what's your book about?

It's about people
who believe in themselves.

I mean, if you really believe
in yourself...

I mean, people who believe
in themselves,

they're all
in lunatic asylums.

It's about who you are.

What you do is nothing.

I am being.

And someday,

the herd will know
what you know:

that Oona Goldfarb exists.

And then when that day comes,
I'm going to buy you out.

I mean, everything.

Drawings, paintings,

paintbrushes, pencils,

I mean, you touch it,
I buy it.

Oh, do it. Do it!

Go on! Go on!


Um, is this the Vitelli house?

I saw your ad in the paper
about the truck.

Alice. Just one minute.


This is a good truck.

Holds the road.

Like a tank.

Like a tank. Right, Mac?

Why do you wanna sell it?

why do you wanna sell it?

That's a good question.

That is. That's a good question.

We're moving to Florida.
Yeah, you know.

Yeah, we're opening
a dry-cleaning...

You know, dry cleaning,
so you...

I mean, you understand,
you're a fireman.

We just... We don't need it.

We thought
of driving it down there.

We could have sold it there.

But we thought
this is a New York truck.

This has...
The New York truck.

The courage,
the strength to be in New York.

And some trucks
when you change weather,

the engine
has to adjust to the climate.

Have you ever had that happen?
And, well, it does.

And this climate,
this engine,

they're made for each other.

So I don't think
we should even argue.

I think we should
just call it 500.


That's fair.

Let's... Five hundred.

Four seventy-five.

I'm calling it 500.

Four eighty-five?

Let's just call it 500.

Thank you. You're very nice.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Have a nice day.

Take care.


Lot number 24.

Sold for $10,000
to Mr. Jay Miracle and Sons.

Jay Miracle and Sons,
lot number 24.

Next lot, lot 25.

Selling lot 25.

I need an opening bid
on lot 25.

Hey. Hey, guys. Hey.

Okay. This is it.
This is it.

Look at those guys.

Who do they think they are?

Four thousand.

Good luck. Good luck.

I hear 50. Do I hear 50?

Wanna have fun?

Let's have some fun.
Let's tie our ties.

Two thousand. I bid 2000.

I have $2000.
Do I hear two-five?

Four thousand I bid.

Four thousand dollars
is the bid.

Four thousand is the bid.

Do I hear five?
Do I hear five?

Five thousand.

Six thousand.

Six thousand is bid.
Six thousand is bid.

I have six. Do I hear seven?

Eight thousand.

What the fuck?

Hey, Mac, take it easy.
Use your head.

We only got 10 to spend now.
Come on.

I know. I know. I know.

Do I hear 9000?

Fifteen thousand.

Jacking it up on purpose.
Not worth more than 10.

Do I hear $16,000?

I have 15.

Cocksucker. Cuntlapper.

Do I hear 16?


Twenty thousand, I bid.

Now, Mac,
he's taking us for a ride.

He can afford to do this.
We'll see about that.

We'll see. We will see, huh?

Gonna make a fool out of me.
Make a fool out of me.

Twenty-five thousand.

I bid $25,000, man!

He's not gonna fucking beat me!
Mac! Mac!

I have 25,000.

Do I hear 27?




Thirty-five thousand I have.

I have 35. Do I hear 37?





Fifty thousand.
I have $50,000.

Fifty, I have.

Forget it. Forget it, Mac.
Stop. It's enough.

Leave it. Just leave it.

I have $50,000. I have 50.


Fifty-two thousand.
I have 52,000.

Do I hear 53? I have 52,000.

Do I hear 53? Do I hear 53?

Do I hear 53?

Fifty-two thousand.

Fifty-two thousand once.

Fifty-two thousand twice.

Fifty-two thousand thrice.

Sold to the gentleman
in the brown tie.

Fifty-two thousand dollars.

Lot number 25.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Next lot, lot number 26.

We're binding
on lot number 26.

I can't breathe.
Mac. Hey.

What? All right.
Okay, come on.

All right. Come on.
Let's get him out.

Come on. All right.

I can't breathe.
All right.

Take it easy.
All right, let's go.

Go ahead. You'll feel better.
Just relax.

Good. Good.

All right. Okay, thank you.

You need a lot of attention,

You'll be all right.
You'll be feeling great.

I think
we should get married.

Is this a proposal?

Are you proposing?

You'll never get away
from me.

Why should I?

Mac, I brought you
some flowers.

I didn't buy them, but my mother
grew them.

Hey, Mac.

Yeah, thanks, Gus.



I'm gonna get you anyway.


We got the dog.

It's a new dog.

I mean, it's not a fighter
or anything like that.

You know, I gotta protect
the dog.

It's the wrong type of dog,
but it's beautiful.

It's like a nice friend.

So now I gotta get a dog
to protect me and him.

It's got fur all over him.

We call him...
Well, his name is Jeff.

Two visitors at a time.
Those are the rules.

Shut up and go to sleep.

Don't talk to me like that.
I'm a sick man.

I'm sick too!

You're not as sick as me.

Pull that curtain shut.
Pull it shut!

Pull it the fuck shut!

Excuse me.

I gotta go to the bathroom.

How you guys doing?


This is for you.

What is it?
The city of New York has a lien

on the land you bought.

A lien?

That's right a lien.


Deal's void?
Deal's void.

Deal's dead?
That's right.

We got the last laugh
on those bastards. See?

When you feel better,
maybe this other thing,

we should talk about it.
Let's talk about it.

When you feel better.

You said you'd take it easy.
I'm not the kind of guy

who believes everything I say.
Gotta get land.

What did I tell you?
What did I tell you?

Not work yourself up.

What did I tell you?
Testa dura.

This has gotta stop.
I don't wanna have to wheel you

down the aisle.

You guys getting married?

Do you hear me?
Am I coming in?

Over, loud and clear.
Does Ma know?

No. We'll blow that bridge
when we cross it.

So this is it, huh?

Yeah. This is the land.


Calm down.

We should go inside.

Come over here.

I'm under medicine!

I'm not a communist!

I'm a... I'm a Christian.
Son of a...

What's that?


That's a hospital?

You mean a nuthouse.

No, people who are sick.

A place.

Yeah, a place. For nutjobs.

No, no, they're sick.
They're sad.

They're, uh...

What's the word?


Dis... Dis...




They're insane.

You mean like The Snake Pit
with Olivia de Havilland?

You know, she was...

She had a domineering mother

and she was attached
to her father,

and her boyfriend died
in a car crash.

Yeah, that was
a very emotional movie.

I saw it with Ma.

She loved it.

Holy cow. A cow.

An actual cow.

Wow. If there's one thing
I love, it's a cow.

Did you know
there was a cow farm here?

No. No, I did not.

They're so friendly.

Okay. Gotta go now.
I'll see you again, okay?

As long as we understand
each other.


Go away.

Please, go away.

Bad smell, Huh?

It's windy.

Hard to tell about the smell
when it's windy.

The smell carries.

No, no. You smell the smell.

Well, so there's
some complications.

Minor. Minor comps, so...

Minor complic...
I would call them problems.

Problems. yeah.
They're problems.

I mean, really, with the smell
alone, it could be hard to sell.

That's true. That's very true.

It's an opportunity.

I mean...

It's an opportunity.


Time to get up.


Think you could keep your foot

a little steadier
on the gas?

It's asleep.
My foot fell asleep.

Well, wake it up.
It's been asleep all morning.

Pour some coffee on it,
will you?

Do something?

I can't exhilarate the car.

I can't get any exhilaration
on the gas pedal.

The thing won't wake up.
I can't work for you.

You're driving me crazy!

Fine. Go, get out of here.

You're staying too long now.

You're driving me crazy!

Get out of here.

Throw a brick at me?

I'll throw a brick at you.

When I get you home
you'll find out.

You're crazy!
I know it.

I can't work with you.

You know, you're crazy.

You're a putz too.
Get out of here.

Go home to your mother.
Go change your pants.

Where's he going?
Get out of here.

I'll go home.
What's he gonna do, break it up?

What's he up to?

What was that?

That's our new bricklayer,
Paulie Bay.

What is this?

Hey, Joey? Fat Joey?


What is this shit?
Hey, that?

It doesn't matter.
It's only in the corner.

Get you men, dig it out,
and re-pour it.

I'm not doing it.
You're doing it, Joey.

Hey, don't mess with me.

You mess with me,
I'm calling the union.

You breaking my balls.

You can talk to my rep.

A couple of pieces of shit.

Big deal.

Big fucking deal.

You're fucking doing it,

I'm not doing it.

Hear what I said?
You're doing it.

I'm not gonna do it.
You're doing it.

Keep pushing, I'm gonna sue

the shit out of you.
You're doing it. Understand?

I'll call my rep,
he's gonna get your ass.

Get your fucking rep.

I'll put him
right up your ass.

I'm gonna sue you.
You're doing it!

You don't fucking ruin my
fucking house, you understand?

You're doing it!
I'm gonna get your Sicilian ass.

I don't know
how you can wreck foundations!

*...when you were here
Beside me *

* Safe in the glow
Of your love... *

Take a building apart
for two pieces of shit.

Never seen such an asshole
in my life.

Okay, okay, take it easy.

* Nothing can ever replace

* The warmth
Of your tender embrace *

Now, keep digging.
Keep digging.

Make him happy,
the motherfucker.

* Mama

I like it.

I like... I like the...
The rocks.

What's with the guy?

What... What guy? What?
Over there?

He's getting crushed.

What is he doing there?

He was born there.

I don't wanna work building
buildings the rest of my life.

I'm more than that.

What I am...

I work, yeah, sure.

I work in the sun
with my shirt off.

But I don't sweat.

It's always like I stepped
from a stream.

Anything soft,
that's for me.

I'm a flower doctor,
not a carpenter.

I take a flower,
I caress it.

I've had flowers
throb and bend

till they jump out
of their roots.

Oh, how beautiful.

I've heard them scream.

What? Oh!

Get off! Get off! Get off!

You're right.

I'm sorry. Sorry.

Too quick, huh? Too quick?

Twelve times three is...

Mac, got a minute?

Yeah, sure. Go ahead, shoot.

Well, I was just...

Two times three equals six.

One times three
equals three.

I could use a little...

Equals 36.

Go ahead, I'm listening.

Oh. Oh, good. Good.

I thought you were, uh...

No. No. Go ahead.

Nine times seven is...



That's what I said, 63.

Hey, math is important.
Don't forget that.

Fifth grade, I got a hundred
on every test.

And at the end of the year,
I won a penknife.

What's up?

That's what I'd like
to know.

Oh, God.

and he's still not home.

He's only got one thing
on his mind, that guy.

One thing.

I'm exhausted.

I'm nauseous.

I know, too quick, right?
I know.

Get out.

Go. Go.

I'm sorry.
I mean, it's just...

You're so...

You're so there.

You're so different.

You're... You're, uh...

So what?

What am I?

Jewish. You're so Jewish.

It's just I've never been
with a Jewish woman before.

And, I mean, you know,
you hear things.

I've heard things, that they...
That they like...

They like to...

They like to what?
What do they like?

They like manliness.

This hernia is killing me.

Vico! Bruno! Time to get up!

Argh. Thunder?

You guys have
a good night's sleep?

Yeah. Yeah. I got a few.

I got a couple of winks.

Good. Let's go, guys.
Time to go.

Stack those bricks over there.
You stack them.

Come on, would you?
What's the matter with you?

Stack the bricks.

Wait, I'll give you a hand.

Oh, Jesus!

Vico! Vico!

Get an ambulance!
Get an ambulance!

What happened?

Nat fell off the roof!

Oh, shit! Get a doctor!
Get a doctor!

It's gonna be okay, Nat.
It's gonna be okay.

Easy now.

Go home.

Everybody, go home.

* Hyah, hyah

* Mule train

* Hyah, hyah

* Mule train!

* Clippety cloppin'
Over hill and plain *

* Seems as how
They never stop... *

Lower that music because
it's breaking my drumsticks.

* Clippety, clippety
Clippety cloppin' along... *

A job?

What does that mean? A job?

Yeah, what does that mean?

Well, a job is pretty bad.

It's a pretty bad thing.

A life?

A life is a match on fire.

Yeah, a life is a match
on fire.

It's snuffed out quick,
a life.

it can be snuffed quick.

So my life I keep for me,

that's what that means.

Yeah, my life I keep for me.

You don't snuff my life
with no job.

No way
you snuff out my life.

Listen, Nat,
don't worry about a thing.

You're all covered,
you're on the payroll,

you draw a salary
till we finish.

After that,
uh, you need anything, uh...

whatever I can do, I'll do.

You're a good man,
brother Nick.

I thank you.

You hang in there,
all right?

And don't fucking die on me.

Done? Get it done.

Why you doing it
that way?

Hey, I'm doing it,

so I'm doing
what I would do.

You do it,
then you do what you would do.

So that's it.

Hey! What are you, fucking nuts?


You're sick.

There's only two ways
to do something. Only two.

The right way and my way.

And they're both the same.

There's 15 guys in one spot!
Spread out!

Where's the cement men?

Hey, Mac, where's my pipes?

Where's that lying user
Fat Joey?

I need my pipe.

Joe, how's your daughter?
Fine. Thank you.

Bruno? Hey, Bruno!
Hey, Mac, I need my pipes.

Tony Gloves is asleep
in the cellar.

I'll kick that zip right
in the stomach! I'll kick him.

Why do you have to shout?
I got...

I gotta shout.
Shouting is part of life.

I got six men over there
waiting for pipes.

Did you call Fat Joey?
Oh, shit, I forgot.

How many times I tell you
to make that call?

Don't know, maybe 400.

Fat Joey enjoys to hold up
a job. Understand?

He enjoys it, man.
What do you think he's doing?

He's probably off eating

seven, eight, nine,
10 hamburgers right now.

He's big. He's gotta eat.
Man, he's got a neck on him.

Have a cigarette.

Well, what are you
gonna do, huh?

Heavy guys, they die young.

He's very obese.
Like Lard Krugar.

Remember him?
Sure. Good actor.

He was a good actor.

Died young.
Bring it down.

Bring it down.

Good, good.

I got a hard-on
for Fat Joey.

And I'll get him back.
I will get him!

How you doing?
How's it going?

Well, so what, do you want me
to go make the call now, anyway?

That's it.
Yeah, make the call.

Go get the wood.

Go make the call.
All right.

You know... You know something,
I know guys, they do yoga.

They could help you.

Because you're sick.

You really are.

I wasn't sleeping!
I wasn't sleeping!

Get to fucking work!
I lost my keys!

I was looking for my keys!

Don't tell me about bricks,

I'm moving out.

Sure, go ahead.

Kill your mother.

Why are you doing this to me?

Why are you doing this to me?
You're crazy!

You'll miss your mama!

You're my son!

You're my favorite son!

Vico. Vico, knock on the door
once in a while,

and see if your mother
she's alive.

Okay, Ma.

God bless you.

Get out of my life!

I hate you!

Get out of here!

Come back!

I'm dead! I'm dead!

You no-good rat! I'm dead!

All right, so, uh,
see you tomorrow, huh?


You hit me.

I'm about to do it again.

Why, you dirty wop.

If you wanna fight,
take it outside.

I'm gonna cut
this wop's heart out.

Anybody steps in here,
I'll give it to them first.

One step further, Fatso,
and I'm gonna de-brain you.

Nobody's gonna do nothing.

Anybody does any killing here,
I'll do it.

This is a private affair.

No, it ain't.
Put down that stool.

Put it down!

Drop that knife.

Okay, Fatso,

if it's killing you want,
come on.

Get him, Burt! Get him!

Get that fatso!
Come on.

Get him. That's Burt, man.
That's Burt Lancaster.

You don't fuck with him, man!
On the floor.

I'd trade a pair of you
for a good campfire girl.

Hey, Mackey the Knife.

You build one beautiful house,


And you know how I hate

It costs.

Even in a woman,
beauty costs.

Let's just go.
If he says anything,

say you're sick
or something.


All right?

Sick. I feel sick.

That's it. You got a fever.

Hey, where are we going?

Home. We're going home.

The day's over, Mac.

The horses go
and the bosses stay.

Loneliness of an existence.

Want some drink?

I'm building a 10-track house
right behind you.

You need a hand,

someone to show your houses,
you're not around,

let me know.


Thanks a lot.

I'm right behind you.

I'm trying
to keep things together.

You think that's easy?
With what I've got to work with,

you think that's easy?

All I said was it'd be nice
to have one day off.

Don't start, all right?

Do not start, it's Sunday.

Sunday's the day of rest.

That's right.

And that's what I said.

And it'd be nice
to have one off.


Come on.

You think they smell it?

I'm never ever gonna sell
these houses.

Don't say that.

Don't ever say that.

You don't know how to sell.

What do you know
about selling?

Who sold your truck?

Right? Am I right?

I'm right.

All right.

So this is where I come in.

This is my job.

You just...

You leave it to me.

The smell blows in,
you blow it out.

Right over here.
This is the one I like.

Come in.

That smell.

The motherfucker.

Throw your blood, man! Throw it!

What's the big deal?
No. It's no big deal, Vico.

I got four houses here
I can't sell

because that cow shit smell
from the farm is in the walls.

I got people coming
to look at them.

I got fans here
to blow the smell the hell out.

I got men
to hook up the fans.

I come in,
the fans aren't going,

the people smelled
that shit,

the people take back
their deposit.

It's no big deal, all right?

Look, It wasn't our idea to buy
this land in the first place.

How's about we don't talk
about who's idea it was

and we just hook up the fans
when I tell you!


Why don't you tell yourself

to hook up the fans?
This way you can repeat it

to yourself a hundred times!
And you won't forget

because you told yourself!
Tell myself?

Yes. Because you told yourself.
I should tell myself?

Tell yourself
to hook up the fans, yeah!

Everywhere I turn, man,
it's like I got nut houses!

I got shit houses!


I got that farm, man.

I'll go to that farm,

and I'll kill
every cow on it

making my houses
smell like dung!

I'll choke every one!

And that farmer too, man!

I'll get them all!

And that fat, Gypsy Red...

I'll take a hammer

and I'll smash it to rubbish,
you hear me?

I don't give up,
you hear me!

You'll have to kill me!

And it takes a lot
to kill me!

I don't give!

Not until I'm dead
and buried!

And even then,
I'll come back!

It's the Polack, but you didn't
hear it from me, all right?



The informer informed.

It's Polowski.


I happened to have given him
the keys to my model house

in case I'm not there,
I'm out looking for another job,

to show my houses.

You gave him the keys
to your houses?

Yeah, I know. I know.

You gave him the keys
to your houses?

Now Francis suspects

that he's been telling buyers
that his houses are my houses.

He's using your houses
as a model?


I can't believe this.

You gave him the keys
to your houses?


He's been selling his houses

that are barely
out of the ground.

Mine are up in the air,
and I can't sell them.

That dirty...
Francis knows this?

He's got antennas. The fuck.

That dirty 4-F.

Hey, Mac. How you doing?

I heard you were sick.

I was. But I'm getting better.

Good for you.

You look pale, Polowski.

I do?

I heard you're almost all sold.

Luck of the Irish.

You're not Irish, Polowski.

You know, just, uh...
It's an expression.

You know, Polowski, the thing
about the rat race, right, is...

The thing is if you win,

you're still a rat.



Polack motherfucker!

What are you doing?


Leave him alone!
Mac, leave him alone!

Stop it!

Stop it! Stop it!


Stop the...
Don't just stand there.


Mac, you promised!

You promised!


Motherfucking Polack!


You cannot tear my pants.

You mother...

Help them, you cowards!


Let me go! Just let me go!

Get him! Get him! Get him!

Motherfucking Polack,
you hear me?

Motherfucker. Motherfucker.

Let me go! Let me go!
Let me go!

Eat it, you fucker!

You fucker.

I'll rip
your fucking throat out.

That's enough!

Try to fuck me?
That's enough!

I'll rip you're fucking throat.
Trying to fuck me?

I'll kill you,
you motherfucker!

I'll fucking kill you!

Hello there.

Excuse me, sir,
but what is that?

Huh? That's a thing we do.

It's to say a little thanks,
you know, to God.

For his gift from the forest.

I'll take it down
when, you know...

Here's a deposit for the man
who works on Sunday.

We hope
that we're the first.

You want my house?

We want it to be our house.

This is a good house.

We think so too.

You look like good people.
Good stock.

You'll take care of it?

We will.

Yeah, okay.


Did I mention, Mr. Tabin,
that the cow farm's been sold?

Why, no.

Yeah, they're gonna build
a racetrack.

I see.

I thought I had to tell you.
Of course. Of course.

Well? So?

Did you tell my wife?

Quite right.

A racetrack for horses,
is it?

Horses? Yeah, well, sure.

I see.


Let me say one word.

I'm from horse country.

So you still want the house?

I do.

I most definitely do.


They're all sold out.

All four are sold.

All four houses.

I know, Mac, go to sleep.

I can't believe it.

Some people
are born seconds.

I don't say they're valets.

They're people who dream
about how sweet life could be.

But when you're born broke
like all of us,

well, money becomes important.
Oh, I know.

What you need is loyalty.

What you need
is people to stand by you

and not second-guess you.

That's what I'm saying.

If I'm wrong for saying so,
just say so.

Ten houses, prime location.

Think about it.

Talk to your brothers.

We'll talk.

* I'm just a gigolo... *

Every once in a while
things are good.

That's how Levittown

Experience teaches you
when the iron's hot,

don't unplug it.

You think I should buy
this land?

These are boom times.

The building boom is here.

You're the best builder
in Queens.

I don't know about that.

I'm telling you. You buy
this land and build on it,

a lot more people will say
what I just said.

* Just a gigolo

* As life goes on without me

* I'm just a gigolo *

* Everywhere I go

* People know the part...

What's that in your coat?

The thing in your coat?

I get carried away
in hardware stores.


Vico, you realize I got a credit
line with Mr. Deutscher?

Mr. Deutscher trusts me,
and you're stealing hammers.

What the fuck's the matter
with you, huh?

What's the big deal?

So I stole a hammer
from some Jew.

Big fucking deal.
He's got a million of them.

Hey. Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey!
Hey, hey, hey!

What are you doing? Hey.

Cut it out!

It's no big thing.

Don't you make
a big thing about this.

He didn't kill nobody.
Well, he could have.

I was fucking around.

You can't tell him
what to do.

I can never express myself.

I can't do one thing.
I'm telling him.

Don't you tell me
what to do, Mac! Ever!

Yeah, I'm telling you!

You know
how you make me look?



Go get it now!

You know,
you always do this.

You're Hitler.

You always do this.

That's what you are.
Worse than fucking Hitler.

Every holiday.

You mean to tell me,
you side with a Matzo Christ

over your own brother?
Every holiday.

A Matzo Christ.

It's the holidays!
It's Thanksgiving!

Yeah. Yeah, this is our fucking

Yeah, happy Thanksgiving!

One of these days
he's gonna get me mad.

If I get mad, I'm gonna stick
his head in the ground!

I'm gonna pull a Samson!

Vico! Vico?

He's not home, Ma.
Where are you?

They don't listen to me, Al.

I try but...

I wanna talk to you.

Please, come on up.
Vico! Vico!

When he gets home, Ma,
I'll tell you he's home.

Until then, he's not home.

I need him.
Go ahead, you were saying?

I don't know. I don't know.
I don't know.

I don't know, okay?

What? What is it?
Something? Something?

Something's happening.

Vico, please come up.
Something's happening?

Where's Vico?
You okay?

He's not home! You okay?

Tell him her mother
wanna see him.

Are you all right? Huh?


Yeah, I'm fine.

You sure?



You know how many years
I know Mr. Deutscher?

What kind of man he is? Huh?

This is not right.
It's not right.

This is wrong
that I do business with him,

that I should give him
my trust.

That he wants me

so I don't spend
the rest of my life

with someone
looking over my shoulders.

Don't tell me, Mac.

Please don't tell me.

You should tell them.

They're the ones
who need to know.

That's the future.

I'm a fugitive
on a chain gang.

This is no life.

All work.
Nothing but work.

Yeah, for Mac, fine. Yeah.

That's all he knows.

But I got news for him.
Nobody, nothing, nobody,

nothing works every day.

Every day.

I mean, the sun
don't even come out every day.

I know him all my life.

He's my brother.

Every morning,

"Vico. Vico. Vico."

Just once. Call me once.




Ten times.
Every one's a blow.

I can't take it anymore.

All right, so what are we
talking about here?

Money? Right?

Yeah. Money.

Our money.
Yeah, our money, right.

Because you know
what he wants to do?

Yeah. He wants us
to stay with him

and build the 10 houses.

Look, I...

He's my brother. I love him.

But, uh, I can't stand
working with the guy.

I can't stand
being with him.

I can't stand him.

* It was fascination

* I know seeing

* Seeing you alone
With the moonlight *

* Above

* When I touched your hand

* And next moment

* I kissed you

* Fascination turned

* To

* Love

So you guys have all talked?

Yeah, yeah, we talked.

It's a big job.
Ten houses is a big job.

We've come this far, huh?

Isn't that something?

So it's safe to say that
everybody sees the opportunity?

Well, uh, yeah.

Well, that's what we got
to talk about.


It's just, uh...

what I said to you before,
you know.

No. What?

I have some...
I have some problems.

Well, sure, that's why we're
having this meeting, right?

No. Look, I want my money.

It's your money.
You'll get your money.

we can work something out.

I don't think you understand.

I need it. I need all of it.

All of it?

I mean,
I've done everything I can.

I... I can't do any more.

No, come on, it's okay.

Look, if you need money,
what we can do is we can...

No, Mac. No. No.

What? What's the matter?

I want my money.

All my money.

And then that's it, I'm out.

What is going on here?


Yeah, I think, uh...
I think it is better.


We split up.

You guys are leaving?

What happened?

That's our decision,
that's all?

This is the way you think
with a family?

I don't know you anymore.

Yeah, we want our money.

Your money.

Your money?

Yeah. Yeah.

You guys think
I go through all this...

What do you want us to do,

What can I say?

It's not supposed to be...

It's supposed to be us.


I don't know these people.

Maybe for once
you should open your eyes, huh?

Open your eyes.
What's going on here?

Why don't you just
take five?

Take what?
Maybe you'd better.

Take a walk and leave us alone.

You two are the ones
should take a walk.

Oh, you think so, huh?


Let me see your face.

Are you going with him?

Yeah. I am.

I'm not working with you,

Stab your own brother.

How many times
I'd walk home...

just to get away from you.

Sick to my stomach.

What do you want us to do, huh?
What do you want us to do?

You want us
to hold your hand?

Want us
to live our lives for you?

It's over.

We're splitting up.
That's it.

Everything gets split.
That's life.

And you know what I say?
You know what I say?

That's what the fuck I say.

Great. Great.

You get out of here
and you leave this man alone.

Get out!

Let's go, Harr.
Okay, Harr.

Come on,
we're not wanted here.

Oh. Shh.

I'll get them.

I'm gonna get them.

So this is how you want it,

This is how it's gonna end?

Hey, from now on,
you call "Mac,"

I don't turn around.

I don't hear no more
from you.

You know something, Mac,
you're a cripple. You know that?

I'm a cripple?

You motherless motherfucker.

What have you ever given
to anyone in your whole life?

Get out!

These are my houses!

Get the fuck out!

Hey, Mac. Hey!

No, I'm clean.

You're clean as shit.

No, I am clean.

These are my houses.

Take your dirty, filthy money
and get the fuck out of my life!

I'm clean!

I'm fucking clean!

I'm fucking clean.
Fucking clean.

Do you hear me?
I'll kill you!

Do you hear me? I'll kill you!
Get in the car.

Bruno, leave it. Leave it.
Bruno, Leave it.

Leave it. No, leave it.
Leave it.

Leave it. Come on.
Come on. Leave it. Leave it.

Get in. Just get in.

What's the matter, Mackey?
You need some money?

Here, Mac.

Take this.

I don't need it.

It's over, Gus.

Take the money.
It's all right.

It's not the money, Gus.
It's not the money.


Here, take it.
Take this back.

Take your quarters back.

No, it's all right.
I don't need it.

Now, listen to me, Gus,
you take your pay.

You take it, please.

Now, you listen to me.
Listen to me, Gus.

Listen to me.
You take your pay.

You take your pay,

No, you keep it.
I'm all right.

Please, take the money. Please.
Take it.

No, Mac.

I gotta watch over everything.


I gotta do everything.


Every stinking thing,
I gotta do.



I gotta do everything.

See the detail?

That's care.

That's someone
taking the time.

They actually took time.

I built that.

We built that,
me and my brothers,

out of the ground.

In your grandfather's day,
the man who had a craft,

that was the thing to be,
not like today.

Today it's the man who can talk
who's respected.

Where before,
it was the man who could do,

not talk about it,
but actually do something.

They were the ones
looked up to.

The beauty of it
is in the doing.

And doing it.

Once you reach the goals,
it's nice.

It's pleasant, but...

It's the doing.

That's the thing.

John, are you home?

This is Daddy.

John, are you home?

Hello, John?

John, are you home?

John. Are you home, John?

If you're not at home,
when you get home

give me a ring on a job,

Put out my number on a job,

Soon as you get back,
call me at home

or call me on the job.

All right, John?

Yeah, man,
with these fucking machines,

they're driving me crazy.

Sometimes he's home,

and I talk into the beep
and he gets on the phone.

My son John, you know?