Maayavan (2017) - full transcript

A police officer is on a mission to nab a criminal,who does murder in a same mysteric pattern.


(Song from 'Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal')

Ambattur, Chennai

Sir, it is mentioned
as Doctor here.

Now is that an honor he achieved
or is he a medical doctor?

The deceased individual is a
person of very high stature.

His name was recommended for the
prestigious Presidential award.

So, ensure his name carries all the
necessary honors for everyone to know.

Sir, there are too many
degrees mentioned here.

So shall I mention everything
or just mention 'Doctor' alone?

Yes sir.

Haven't I mentioned
everything clearly?

Yes sir.

- So mention as it is.
- Ok sir.

Now leave.

Madam, who is he?

His gym trainer.

He has been with him, day and
night, for the past six months.

'Sundeep Kishan'

'Lavanya Tripathi'

You fool! Useless! Look
what you did to my shop?!

You have made it a habit!
I curse you!

Look at him, such an ugly face!

'Jackie Shroff'

You fool!


Rocky, now take a right.

Enough Rocky.

Hey, why are you...?


You monkey!
Now come back!

She just can't obey!


'After three months...'

- Good morning mam.
- Please come.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

How are you?

I am fine.

Let me have a look.

I'll take care of it dad.
You don't worry.

Hope everything is correct
in the discharge summary?


How much is the bill amount?

- Come on. I'll pay it.
- Ok sir.

Mom, ensure
everything is packed.

I'll wait downstairs.

Why do you want to stress yourself?
Your dad will take care of it.

How about a game of Rummy?

Come on dad.
Quiet now.

I'm broke and can't bet.


What do you prefer? Mutton
Rasam or pepper Rasam.

Thank you sir.

Have a seat Kumaran.

Yes, tell me.

Sir, I plan on joining back
in the force immediately.

Bored of resting at home?

It's good that you
are joining back.

Thank you sir.

A clearance report
must be presented.

For the records.

Get done with the tests tomorrow and you
may resume duty day after tomorrow. Ok?

What tests are you
talking about?

I didn't receive any
such intimation.

Not many know about this.

See, If it was
just an accident...

then all you had to clear
was just a fitness test.

But in near to death cases or
traumatic experiences, such as yours,...

a psychiatrist test
must also be cleared.

Sir, its been four months now.

Only after the doctor said that
I am completely fine, I...


it is just a formality.

Everyone knows that you
are completely alright.

Like I said, its
just a formality.

Please do it.

Ok sir.

'Psychiatric room'

Her husband is troublesome person!

This has already happened 2

At least after that she
should have warned him.

It's evident that her
husband is stupid

But what's wrong with her?

He doesn't do it on purpose.

That girl too isn't so innocent.

I'll punch you right
on your face!

Ensure you warn your husband and
ask him to behave properly!

Mind it!

Yes sir?

Inspector Kumaran.

I'm here to see the doctor.

Sir, kindly wait for sometime.

We will call you.

Savithri, if you think your husband
is innocent then support him.

It is tough to find a man who respects
women and doesn't abuse them.

So don't fall for her words
and lock horns with him.

Correct madam! That is why you are
required around to solve issues.

Can you guys wind up a bit soon?

It's getting late for me.

Didn't I make an
appointment before coming?


Aadhirai here.
Do I have any appointment?

Oh! Is it?


- You guys may leave.
- Ok madam.

I am inspector at Ambattur.

I met with a major
accident 3 months ago.

Hence, I'm here for a
psychiatric evaluation.


I didn't get that.

It's not an accident.

It's an incident.

High traumatic, near
death incident.

Oh. I'm sorry.

My bad.
It's been 3 months.

I am alright now.

I was informed that this is a formality
and hence officially nothing has been...


No. I am ok now.

My doctors have
already approved.

Any of them a psychiatrist?


Any of them a psychiatrist?


That's not a good start.

It's not a good thing.

Let me apologize to you first.

In case, if I had
been mean to you.

No. No problem.

It's ok.

Fine. So what was the
last movie you watched?

Come on now. I was bed
ridden for 3 months.

That's not the question for me.

Well, patients these days...

watch a lot of movies
when they are bed ridden.

Either they do that
or else doze off.

When I was affected with
Typhoid last year...

I watched 11 movies.

Excuse me. I am a
police officer.

I can't support piracy and
watch movies using torrents.

Then do one thing.

Next time you are bed ridden...

make someone buy you original DVDs of
some old hit movies and watch them.

Believe me, it helps.

It will keep you from thinking about
your plight and when you'll recover.

It'll distract your
mind from all those.

That's what I meant.

Where did you study medicine?

Here is a color photocopy
of my certificate.

The original is
pledged in the bank.

I'm currently repaying the loan. Ok?

I'm sorry.
I was just kidding.

Please don't mistake me.

Nothing wrong in what you asked.

Why are you apologizing?

No. I am sorry.
It was just a casual talk.

See, what's wrong in it?

For instance when you are
not in your uniform...

if anyone asks for your identity,
won't you show your badge?

In that case you must apologize.

You are still afraid.

What? I didn't get that.

That incident still haunts you and
even now there is fear inside you.

It is not advisable for you to
join back in the force now.

Better undergo the treatment for
few more days before joining.

How can you be so sure
that I am still afraid?

I am the doctor here.

You, my patient.

I can't prove this
fact using an X- Ray.

You sound like a retard.

Let me see that degree
certificate once again.

If I already knew that you are an egoist
officer who refuses to show his badge...

I wouldn't have even shown my
certificate the first time.

My guess was correct.

It was to confirm that you still
have fear inside you I said that.

You are quite short tempered.

Temper is directly
proportional to fear.

You fool!


I didn't do it

Beasts! Thrashing them ends
up in us having joint pains.

Remember, you are merely
gulping down water.

I seriously mean it...

the way you are gulping down the
water is a bit over acting.

Even the water would be embarrassed.

How dare that retard
talk to me like that?

Who is the retard
you talk about?

Who else? That psycho doctor.

Officer you are the sole witness.

What did I tell him when he
promised to buy us drinks?

Didn't I make him promise not
to talk about that doctor?


Promises are null and
void amongst drunkards.

In that case, you too must
have been drunk inspector.

So you keep up your promise.

Tell him brother.

Just leave it.

After all he is our own officer.
Let him say what ever he wants.

Need an extra hand?

No thanks.
Everything's good.

No one needs extra hands or legs here.
Just mind your business.

What's with the permission?
Just join in.

Thank you sir.

Listen, a scoundrel has
been caught red handed.

Go and hand him some thrashes.

Chain snatching?

No, Eve teasing case.
The girl is admitted in the hospital.

- Filthy fellow!
- Hey you!

I meant him not you.

He must be thrashed first.
Doesn't show any respect at all.

So tell me mister
Sub inspector...

won't it hurt if any
girl calls you a coward?

Is that what that doctor
exactly called you?

Why should it be exactly that?

Isn't it enough that she meant it?

Why does a sober fellow got to do
with honor, valor and pride?

No use talking about honor and valor with
those who find valor after getting drunk!

Yes. Correct.

Good night.

Did he mind it?

I don't care if did but he took
the bottle along with him!

Listen, how did you clear the 'mental'
test and get the clearance certificate?

It is not called 'mental' test.

It is psychiatric evaluation.

Yeah. So how did you clear it?

Don't let it out.
I requested the DSP sir.

He arranged another doctor and
got me a clearance certificate.

No retard girl should stop me
from joining the force.

Good morning sir.

Good morning.

Sir cash or card?

I'm running low on cash.
How about card?

Sir, the bill amounts to just 183
bucks and we can't accept card.

- Would you like to buy something else?
- Let me check.

One..two. I have two hundred cash.

Here mam.

Here sir.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Excuse me sir.
- Yeah?

There is a shortage of 5
bucks in that change.


- Please do check it sir.
- Why don't you check it?

- Sorry sir
- It's ok.

Are you a student?


But I am doctor.



I too did B.Sc. Psychology.

Then I got diverted into business
management and marketing.

By the way, I am Rudran.

And I'll give you my card.

I know you.
You are a motivational guru.

You are a mentor who instills
confidence into the minds of thousands.

Wow! I never knew that
I was so popular.

Don't come to that conclusion
based on what I said.

I belong to the same field...

...and knowing about people like
you helps me in my profession.

Quite true.

Why don't you attend
my class sometime?

I have already attended.
Guess some 3 months ago.


I don't believe in such motivating
sessions like you carry out.

Self help and motivational session
could provide, may be a small boost.

I strongly believe that it won't
bring about a big change in life.

Thank you.

See you.

- Sir please.
- You!

Sir...Sir...please let me off.

- Sir, please sir.
- Get in.

Sir, you were chasing
me the other day

But someone else
knocked you out.

I'm really sorry sir.

I've already been
punished but why again?

My body can't take it anymore.

Is it? You thought
we'll let you escape?

Don't worry, this time you won't be
thrashed by all of us.

Only he will.

Yes sir?


At Vavin road?

I'll be there in 5 minutes.

- Murthy.
- Yes sir?

- To Vavin road.
- Ok sir.


No doubt in it right?

No doubt sir.

She was back after
late night shoot.

Only her personal make up
man had accompanied her.

We have sent the obtained finger prints
to the lab for testing.

His number too is not reachable.

Also there are evidences
of a rape attempt.

Press leak?

Nothing yet. was reported
directly to the D.I.G.

- Directly to the D.I.G?
- Yes sir.

Is she very popular?


Her name is Vimhsa.
Currently the top actress.

- Free him.
- Ok sir.

Should I wake her up?

- Sir!
- Sir.

What happened sir?

Welcome sir.
How have you been?

I need a room.

Single or double occupancy?

- You! Just make it fast!
- Ok sir.

Don't get upset.

I am here for real.

I saw you outside the shopping mall.

I followed you.

Mr. Kumaran you need help.
Please listen to me.

Mr. Kumaran!

- Mr. Kumaran.
- Get lost!


Sir! What happened sir?
Please wait.

What happened?

Please sir.

What happened?

No problem sir.
My house is in the neighborhood.

Just come over and rest for an hour.
You look very tired.

Don't think.
Just come with me sir.

Hey! Haven't you
guys started yet?

We are about to.

- You are running out of time. Quick.
- Ok.

Dad, you too join us please.

I've lot of work dear.

So quit it and come
along with us.

Clever girl!

- Ok now start.
- Come on.


Ok. Leave.

Come on.


There is a cab waiting.

- Call me after you reach.
- Okay.

What next?

Aren't you the doctor who advised
him not to join back in the force?


Wasn't I correct in saying so?

If he hadn't joined then
this wouldn't have happened.

Wait. Hold on.

He must take this shot.

Or else he'll get into more trouble.

No way.

When I left him the room he
was slowly turning normal.

I guess a good sound
sleep will cure him.

Go check.

Check if he is asleep.

He is one of the most trustworthy and
important individual in the department.

Please take care of him.



Don't you understand?

Get out!

Take this shot.

Then I shall leave.

Stop staring!

Hold yourself Kumaran!

A popular celebrity
has been murdered.

I receive a complaint saying you were not
there in the spot for even 5 minutes.

It has been escalated.

High profile recommendation.

Sir, I need 15 days off.


Sir, yesterday I had
a mental break down.

Stress disorder.

The doctor who analyzed
me was indeed correct.

I'm still haunted
by that incident.

More over, yesterday's murder
and the murder committed... the person who was about to
kill me were quite similar.

I am unable to be
calm and composed.

Please forgive me sir.

Can I talk to Saravanan?

Ask him to talk to
me immediately.

First you must learn to control
yourself from getting provoked.

And so these exercises will
help you in achieving that.

Sort it meanwhile I'll be back.

"Slow and steady, let
me care for you."

"Slow and steady, let me bring
happiness into your life."

"Let me hear you
out; let me care."

"Let me touch your heart."

"Slow and steady, let
me care for you."

"Slow and steady, let me bring
happiness into your life."

"Let me hear you
out; let me care."

"Let me touch your heart."

"As the universe aligns itself and
sprinkles us with rain of affection."

"So come join me and let's wake
up together in this new world."

"My heart beat rises when you are not around
but it calms down at the sight of you."

"As the universe aligns itself
sprinkles us with rain of affection."

"So come join me and let's wake
up together in this new world."

"My heart beat rises
when you are not around"

"But it calms down at the sight of you."

"Love is a drop of rain
that mixes in the sea."

"Yet the sky searches for it
and gets it back again."

"Love is a drop of rain
that mixes in the sea."

"Yet the sky searches for it
and gets it back again."

You must have many patients

Yet why give me a special
care and attention?

It is easy to identify some people...

who will require such help
throughout their life.

He looks like he
is steady and fit.

I'm yet to begin the treatment.

This is just something
to warm him up.

"Love is a drop of rain
that mixes in the sea."

"Yet the sky searches for it
and gets it back again."

My pet dog, Samba...

I jumped into the well to rescue it.

My sister too followed and she
too didn't know how to swim.

She came in search of me.

I'm gasping for breath!
I'm gasping!

"Slow and steady, let
me care for you."

"Slow and steady, let me bring
happiness into your life."

"Let me hear you
out; let me care."

"Let me touch your heart."

"Slow and steady, let
me care for you."

"Slow and steady, let me bring
happiness into your life."

"Let me hear you
out; let me care."

"Let me touch your heart."

"As the universe aligns itself and
sprinkles us with rain of affection."

"So come join me and let's wake
up together in this new world."

"My heart beat rises
when you are not around"

- Lift him up.
- Hey what are you up to?

Hey! Leave me!

"Love is a drop of rain
that mixes in the sea."

Sir come on.

Help! Help!

The boat isn't moving anywhere.
Swim to the boat.

Doctor, he might be in danger.

- Say something.
- Wait.

Don't do anything until I say.

"Yet the sky searches for it
and gets it back again."

Take that rope.
Throw it.

Sir, catch hold of
the rope and come.

- Come on sir.
- Pull! Pull!

What's the surprise?

A surprise...

shouldn't be revealed.

We are not going in
the police vehicle.

So come on.

Let's take my car.

He is Rudran.

India's #1 motivational speaker.

He has changed many lives.

In fact, you could have taken me to
him instead of toiling so hard.

Things would've been easy.


I was just kidding.

His seminar is called...

'Confidence is believing.'

I know.
I've been here earlier.

No problem.
Come on.

This is indeed a surprise.

This is my 1st time here.

How is it usually?

It's boring for me.

Excuse me, can you scooch.
We are together.

I can't!

We will go and sir there

Come on

It's ok.

Fox, down.

Please be seated.

Words like self
confidence, hope...

You all know what it means.

All you have is the
understanding of it.

But what about realization?
None of you have it!

There is a vast difference between
understanding and realizing.

First, one must realize.

One must work hard
to make it a habit.

It's tough.

It is something that can be achieved
by discipline and dedication.

Talent is very very cheap.

Dedication is everything.

- Sorry.
- Now, I'm going to teach you...

some simple techniques.

Follow them and...

try turning these into habits.

Stop it I say!

Refund me the 15,000
bucks I paid up.


I've attended a week
of your sessions.

I am still the same.

All my burdens and debts
continue to remain put!

Stop cheating the people.

Don't you talk about confidence!


Listen! Do not waste your money!


Did I promise you a job?

Or did I advertise
to pay your debt?

I've helped you enhance
your life style.

Yet my life style still
continues to be the same!

Look at yourself! Yelling out with
confidence amidst so many people.

You have become confident.
Isn't it?

That is what I am preaching here.

Apply this confidence
on something good...

...and you may prosper.

Stop blabbering!
Let go off me!

Stop cheating!

I'll make sure that I
get back my money!

Let me make it clear to all.
I am not marketing anything here!

Nor is this a short
cut to success.

All you can get from a one day
workshop is a small idea.

Then it's up to you to cling on
to that idea, learn it...

and prepare yourself.

And that brings to the end of this session.


- Hope you guys enjoyed it.
- You just dozed off!

You were snoring.

Hi sir.

I'm Kumaran.

- Crime branch.
- Wow. I'm surprised.

A police inspector in my class.

You appear to be a very
progressive person.

Thank you.

Your seminar was quite interesting.
It is very useful.

Sorry. This is Dr. Aadhirai.

She is psychiatrist.

Hello. How are you?

I'm fine.
How are you?

Isn't she here because
you insisted?

Yes sir.

I thought so.

Have a seat.

Don't insist on dealing
the same case again.

Trust me sir.

I promise to solve it.

I have got no problem with that.

Too much pressure
from either side.

One second.

Please connect me to crime
branch officer Saravanan.

I'm 50 year old now.

Such cases are too
risky for my age.

It will then affect the remarks on me.
It suits you just fine.

You can handle it.

Sir, what are the forensic
experts doing about it?

There is another murder
that is very similar to this.

It was while chasing that
murderer I got hospitalized.

He died during that incident.

After 3.5 months exactly a
murder in a similar way.

A case with so many similarities.
Can't they link and investigate?

You asked me for the case sheet.

I handed it to you.
You take it forward.

Stop creating a ruckus.

Tell me what assistance you require
and I'll have it arranged.

No thank you sir.
I'll take care of it.

Excuse me.

You had said that, last 10 days before his
death, your son kind of acted strange.

Can you explain us it in detail?

I could see that his behavior
was changing slowly.

Suddenly he stopped
talking to me.

He started staring
in a mean way.

Then out of the blue
he started talking.

But there was a peculiar
change in his behavior.

Peculiar change in behavior?

Like what?

He stopped training
people in the gym.

He doesn't have the
habit of reading.

But then my daughter in law said that
he started reading English articles.

He started smoking.

Thanks madam.

From the beginning of her acting career,
he was her favorite make up man.

It's been 15 days since her death
and he has not yet returned home.

His phone too is not reachable.

It's all a mystery to us.

But the last 3-4 months
he was with us,...

...he was totally a changed person.
He acted quite strange.

It was to get him admitted...

I requested my brother
to come down.

When I reached here, the minute he saw
me he acted like I was a stranger.

Then somehow he managed
and made it up.

I was taken aback.

Can you please
switch on the motor?

Just a minute sir.
I'll be back.

Sir, actually...

Tell me whatever it is.

Like I said he was totally
a changed person.

He kept cleaning all his
things over and again.

Also the way he looked at my daughter
too was quite strange and fishy.

I was scared.

I don't believe in
ghosts and spirits.

But I have no answers
to the way he behaved.

Any change in his
physical appearance?

Nothing like that.
He looked normal in that way.

Just a minute.

All of a sudden he started
reading such books

We have never seen him
read English books.

He also started dying his hair.
Isn't it?


The last time I saw him,
he had dyed his hair.

Any recent photo?

Just a minute.

Here, have a look.


He was here four days ago,
attending the session.

A prime suspect in a murder.

I need the CCTV footage and all the
contact details he had provided.

Here you go sir.

Murthy, verify this new
address and phone number.

- Do you believe in ghosts or spirits?
- No sir.

That make up man was using
that number for 10 days.

But no calls made or received.

Did you track the SIM card?

The SIM is inactive as of now.

But we have the IMEI number of the
phone used to activate that SIM.

He has now inserted
a new SIM in it...

and that SIM has been used to make
one call, that too 6 days before.

To where?

Hotel Royal Plaza.

I need his details.

Room# 208.


Where is the guest?

I don't know.
He stepped out.

- Do you know where?
- No sir.

Is he a criminal?

Put him behind the bars sir!

He is troublesome!

He orders the room to be
cleaned 5 times a day.

Rascal! He doesn't even tip!

What happened?

Do you know when this
room guest will return?

He is at the bar upstairs.

"As you get lost in a ball
of fire inside the drug..."

"Near me and you will feel
the ocean around you."

"Even the still doll seems
like its laughing at you."

"So control yourself, don't touch
me and keep a safe distance."

"No one can near me."

"So wait and watch my move."

"Many may come, many may go but I'll
continue to live and prosper."

"Time is the only hero that can
you help you challenge me."

"Diva! Diva!"

"Try nearing me!"

"Diva! Diva!"

"Can you defeat death
and reach me?"

"Diva! Diva!"

"Try nearing me!"

"Diva! Diva!"

"I am beyond time; so come catch me."

"Diva! Diva!"

"Try nearing me!"

"Diva! Diva!"

"Can you defeat death
and reach me?"

"Diva! Diva!"

"Try nearing me!"

"Diva! Diva!"

"I am beyond time;
so come catch me."

What would you like to have?

Brandy? Whiskey?

You are the prime suspect
in actress Vimsha's murder.

We need to inquire you.
Come along.

If you investigate me
when I am inebriated...

there is a high chance I
might spit the truth. Isn't it?

Leave me. Leave!

I didn't refuse to come.

I need to talk to you in person.

"Diva! Diva!"

"Diva! Diva!"

"Can you defeat death
and reach me?"

Wait here.

"I am beyond time; so come catch me."

How about a smoke?

Why did you murder Vimsha?

You won't understand
even if I explain.


Can it be only understood
by beasts like you?

It's not an understanding.

It's realization.

Didn't you learn in
Rudran's seminar?

Why did you want to
talk to me in person?

Do you know the reason behind the delay
of the second murder I committed?

What about the 1st murder?

What do you mean?

Exactly 5 minutes after I
committed the 1st murder...

you reached the spot!

You chased me.

Both of us...

fought to death.

In fact...

I died...

and you were saved.

What are you blabbering?

Just a minute. I'll be back.

This body is a waste!

I'll deal with you later.

Arrest him Karna.

- Hey!
- Wait! Don't run!



Don't you run!

Both of you must be suspended!

We believed the recommendations
you had from other officers

The situations is
quite mysterious.

We don't think you guys can take
control and handle the responsibility.

We are letting you off
with a strong remark.

Be careful. You may go.

How can we let it off so easy?

You finished off a killer
saying he tried to kill you.

Now you say this guy
committed suicide.

I died...

and you were saved.

I'll deal with you later.

That's not the right
way to consume water.

Never pour the water
directly into your throat.

You must sip it and swallow
it with your saliva.

Just one day...

can you let me of the hook and
give me no health advises?

You'll be blessed.

Fine. Ok.

Well, let's not talk
about your health.

How about your kick boxing?

Is there any subject that
is out of your reach madam?

Well, there is cooking. I
don't know how to cook.

I must learn.


- I was here on my morning walk.
- Your contact number?

Make way.

- Sir!
- Sir!

He is the head of advance
center of neurology.

Name: Narayanan.

He is one among the top
three in his domain.


His specializes in brain.

He is well renowned
in brain research.

Major science institutions
have declared holiday.

The murderer was wearing gloves.

We couldn't obtain
any finger prints.

Sir, any clue?

Here is my assumption of what
would have happened here.

Early morning, the scientist must
have been here on his morning walk.

There is a major difference between the
murders that happened earlier and this one.

Here the victim is a male.

The murderer was careful about
getting caught while committing this.

He was wearing gloves.

But at the same time he is indicating a link
between the earlier murders and this one.

Sir! I don't understand a zilch.

The murderers are different.

The 1st confusion is that all the murders
are executed in the exact same manner.

Over that you say this murder is
a bit different. I don't get it.

Sir, could it be ghosts or spirits?

Even I am confused.

The earlier murders had petty motives.
Like rage or for pleasure.

But this particular murder seems
to have a motive behind it.

- Brother.
- Yes?

Note this serial number and
ask Murthy to follow it.


Find out when it was applied
and the other details.


Fine. That will be all.

This book?

He spoke to me about this once.

- His name is...
- Rudran.

Yes, Rudran.

My dad wasn't much
impressed with this book.

I'm not sure if he even
completed the book.

Why do you ask?

He conducts seminars.

Has your dad ever
been to any of them?

No way. Not a chance.

My dad conducts seminars in Stanford.

I'm sure he would have never
attended such seminars.

Thank you.

Sir is conducting a session right now. He
will be out in few minutes. Please wait.

- I'll talk about it in next session.
- Excuse me sir.

They are here to meet you.

Hello sir.

How are you?

Come in.


Are you alright?

Of course.

I am alright.

What happened?

Why do you look dull?

- Tell me Mr...
- Kumaran.

Yep. Sorry.

I forgot.

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

If you don't mind, can
I ask you something?

And what would that be?

Do you...

smoke regularly?


I quit after a point
and then start again.

Not a chain smoker though.

Do you know anything about
scientist Narayanan?

A scientist?

A scientist in which domain?

Name sounds quite familiar.

He is a renowned scientist.

Specializes in Brain Neurology


I don't know him.

He had been reading your book.

Hence I just wanted to find out if
he had attended any of your seminars?

Or if you knew him? That
is what bought me to you.

No. No.

No. No.

Are you alright?

How long has he been smoking?

Did he use to smoke earlier?

No sir. No.




Where are you off to?

- Isn't this his pet?
- Yes sir.

Usually its very quiet in the seminars.
What's wrong now?

I have no idea. It's gone mad.

For the past four days it
keeps barking at Rudran sir.

In fact it tried
attacking him once.

Hence he ordered it
to be tied outside.

Sir, please have some
patience and listen to me.

You must surrender yourself to
the police custody. Please.

Its for your welfare.

You might be in danger or you might
be a danger to someone else.


Sir, there is a reason
why I am saying it.

What ever is happening
to you has happened to-

-couple of them before and
both of them are dead.

We have no clue who is behind all
this or why this is happening!

Get out!

I'm a Crime inspector.

You have no clue what I
can do with my powers.

Yet I am being polite with you.

And you have no clue what
I can do with my powers.

If I inform my lawyer,

then under the charges of
mental torture...

I can make you run around fighting
the case for a year, in the court.

You have been insulting
me way too much.

Now, get out!

We'll see.

Too many coincidences.

We must keep observing
him and trap him.

The most important thing,
we must capture him alive!

All I asked was the money I paid!

Hey! Stop! Stop!

Hey! Stop!

Return my wallet!

Give me my wallet man!

Come on!


Shut up!

What is it Rudran sir?

Looks like there is
dust all over you?

Fox! Stop!

Try barking now!


Newly married?

Do not respond to him Saravana.
Just bring him.

Sign here.

To be accurate...

you must also create
a dental record.

What would you do with my finger
prints if I set myself ablaze?

This is the first signature Rudran
signed and then he struck it off.

The forensic experts have recreated
the struck off signature for us.

As per their suggestion...

the ideal name could be Pramod.

A person signs a different
signature only if...

he has changed his name or...

if he has changed his signature.

Rudran doesn't fall
in either category.

So the question that raises here
is, whose signature is this?

Why did Rudran sign that name?

Sir, it could be an
attempt to divert us.

Come on sir.

We are behind this
case for the past 3 months.

We are not even close to
even having any evidences.

So please.

I feel we must cling on to
this and make a break through.

Rest everything seems to be quite
confusing like some science fiction.

Mr. Subash.

Karna is right.

Even if it is misleading
it is best that we follow this.

But sir it is fine if we
have to find a person.

But how do we find someone
using their signature?

Do you have any idea how
many Pramods are there here?

In which case we will have
to search the whole country.

We can't search in a
such generalized manner.

Our main central
node is Rudran.

We can only target his circle.

My daughter in law said he started
reading English articles.

Out of the blue he started
reading such books.

My dad conducts seminars in Stanford.


Hello. This is inspector
Kumaran here.

Yes, tell me sir.

Does your dad know
anyone called Pramod?


Any of your dad's classmates,
students or colleagues by that name?

I am not sure.

Mom might just know.

Hold on. I'll pass
the phone to her.

Madam, do you know anyone
by the name Pramod?

Did you say Pramod? Yes he
used to work with my husband.

Used to? What about now?
Doesn't he work there anymore?

Yes. He quit the job there.

Any idea why?

Sorry, I have no idea.

Why don't you try inquiring at the
institute? You might get an answer.

Ok madam.


- Tea or coffee?
- No thanks.

This is the brochure from the
recent conference we held.

On the left is the
former CEO, Narayanan.

And the person shaking hands
with the army officer...

is Pramod, whom you
are inquiring about.

Finally! We have our man!

Sir! You may order the tea now.

Does he still reside at the same address?
Or has he relocated?

Aren't you aware?

It's almost 6 months
since he passed away.

How did he die?

It was a natural death.

Fine. Is any of his family
members available?

No one.

Only his wife.

She had a fall, by the well
in their backyard and...

descended into coma.

Her condition remains to be critical.

Sir, our condition is ever worse.

Any close friends of Dr. Pramod?

There is Mr. Velayudham.

You can meet him in the
science lab upstairs.

You go there meanwhile
I'll inform him.


- Hi sir.
- Hi.

I'm inspector Kumaran.

Is he troubling you
even after his death?

Just 2 years senior.

But an immensely
talented fellow!

Sir, did Pramod work
under Narayanan?

Of course, all of us
worked under Narayanan.

Because he was the
director of the institute.

Pramod envied him because actually
Pramod was supposed to be the director.

But Narayanan used his political
influence and became the director.

Looks like he won't
complete any book!


No, thank you.


Thank you.

Come on now!

Pramod hated the fact that he
had to report to Narayanan.

Is Dr. Pramod indeed more
intelligent than Narayanan?

Of course!

None can match him.

He is a wizard!

He was already an all India gold
medalist in medical science, M.B.B.S,

The he achieved his doctorate
in neuro science and...

then he came to Tamil Nadu and
mastered the Siddha medicine.

Finally, he studied nano medicine and
again he was the university topper.

At the age of 50...

he made the best breakthrough in
neuroscience, in the whole world wide.

Sir can you give us some
information about his research?

That is classified Mr. Kumaran.

I wonder who is the next wackadoodle
coming in as replacement for Mr. Narayanan.

I don't have the rights
to reveal those details.

Not even to the police?

This comes under the
central government mister.

What you are asking for
is very very sensitive.

Well consider it to be as
sensitive as military secrets.

Sir, there are lot of confusions
and difficult knots in this case.

We are already stressed!

The only lead we got was Dr. Pramod.

We are devastated after knowing
that he too passed away.

If we don't get any information on this
further then this case is a dead end.

What are you saying?


Did anyone murder Pramod?

No sir.

Else, did Pramod murder anyone?


I'll explain you everything about the case.
Let me know if anything strikes you.

Around 6 months ago, a woman named
Devi was murdered at Madipakkam.

The murderer was a
person named Dheena.

He was a gym trainer.


I do recollect.

Dheena was Pramod's trainer.

He was pretty close
friends with him.

What are you saying?

Dheena was Pramod's gym trainer?

Yes. Indeed.

Ok, now there are many
links than we expected.

I don't know how but Pramod is
involved in all the murders.

5 murders have taken place.

There is a common link
in all 5 murders.

Let me explain the
pattern in it.

The characteristics of a particular person
and his habits change all of a sudden.

For example, a normal person...

suddenly becomes too
obsessive about cleanliness.

Well to the level where they even
hold a glass with a tissue paper.

Similarly they start to smoke.

That too a peculiar
black cigarette.

Specifically, a
particular brand.

And above all, the
most important...

they begin to have lusty
attitude towards women.

One minute.
One minute.

Where did I place it?

Check if this is the brand?


Indeed it is!

This is Pramod's brand.

The character of that particular person,
both physically and psychologically changes.

Which is confusing.

They have murdered people within few
days of change in their behavior.

They aren't afraid of getting
caught while committing the murder.

The finger prints are obtained and
it's quite easy to crack who did it.

But when we near and
surround the murderer... hook or crook they
find a way to suicide.

And just like a scheduled
plan, a replacement turns up.

I mean someone else's body...

is possessed, just
like he claims.

Of all the murders, only
Narayanan's murder had a motive.

Because the murderer was wearing a
gloves while murdering him alone.

How do you link Pramod
to all these murders?

Quite simple.

The last murderer, whom
we have arrested...

singed Pramod's signature.

He then struck it off and then
signed again with his signature.

What the heck?


since there is lot of connection between
the cases you are dealing and Pramod...

I shall disclose the confidential details
of his research that was rusticated.

I'm over looking the rules
here and sharing it with you.

If the media or the public comes to
know of it then it'll trigger chaos.

Project Maayavan.

This was the title of Pramod's research.

He was striving to invent a
technology to copy humans.

What do you mean?

For example.

Who are you?

- Sir?
- Who are you?


So what do you answer when
you are asked 'Who are you?'

You say out your name.

How does that happen?

Your parents gave you a name...

...and everyone around you
calls you out with that name.

This is stored by you brain, in your
memory and hence you are able to answer.

The memories are what
makes you Kumaran.

The life inside
everyone is the same.

But we all differentiated
by our memories.

It's your thought process and memories
that instigates you to investigate.

It's my thought process that
has made me a researcher.

Now, out side your brain...

if I make an exact copy of it...

isn't it similar to have
made a copy of you?

All that we call our memories,

biologically speaking...

are nothing but different chemicals
in different shapes inside our brain.

And neurons are what connects these
differently shaped chemicals.

He kick started this
research using a rat's brain.

And that because, there
is not much difference in...

...the mechanism of the human
brain and rat brain

He injected a silicon
electronic gel into it's brain... generate the shock waves
residing in it's brain...

which in turn installs
thousands of nano transmitters...

...from the electronic gel into
every neurons in the brain.

Once the process of
copying is activated...

the nano transmitters collects all the
physical information in the brain...

and transfers it digitally
using a fiber optic cable.

It forms the complete digital
structure of the rat's brain and...

gets copied into a hard disk.

In simple terms...

it's like copying a song from a cassette,
in analog form to...

into CD, in digital format.

The CEO before Narayanan...

was impressed by this technology.

Pramod got his approval to copy human
brain using this technology and...

constructed a lab in the institute,
specially made for this.

The biggest risk of doing
this research on human is...

that even a small screw up...

would result in that individual
descending into coma or turn retard...

Or worst, one could die.

Without even a consideration
or value for human life...

he worked vigorously towards
achieving success in this research.

In fact...

at one point, he went to the
extent of risking his own life.

He injected his brain
with the electronic gel.

His copied the data from his physical brain
using latest wireless technology.

He succeeded in copying it
completely into a digital hard disk.

Using this memory back up...

even after your death, no one can erase you
until the copy of your memories are alive.

You can call it more or
less like immortality.


won't there be any side
effects of injecting

the artificial silicon
gel into human brain?

Which is why...

he is being rated as one of the
top most scientist in the world.

His inventions are that accurate.

In fact, until his last
day at work with us...

the gel that he injected in
his brain was still inside.

He was perfectly normal.

There are instances in the medical
history where individuals...

...have survived for 30 years
with bullet inside a brain.

Moving on to the next
level of this research...

the memories and skillset
of an individual's brain...

had to be translated into
another human's brain.

Could be Pramod's bad luck, that the
old CRO was replaced and...

Narayanan became the new CRO.

It was when he approached Narayanan
to move further in this research...

If data from an individual's brain...

can be imposed in to another
individual's brain...

...then it's almost like
winning over death.

What crap is this?

- Did you just say crap?
- Yeah!

First of all...

what is that you are
concluding in this research.

First tell me what's
your understanding?

You are here because of
minister's recommendation!

Gentlemen relax.

Let them both discuss.

No more arguments.

Science must be
helpful to mankind.

It shouldn't turn dangerous.

I quit!

I am not one of you, who comes
here just to earn his livelihood.

I don't want to plead and beg him
every time for an research approval.

- I know how to do it.
- Pramod.

Cool down.

Then later...

he met our department's

and tried impressing him
directly with this project.

Oh lord!

Project Maayavan.

So tell me...

what made you think that I will
recommend for this project?

Sir, through this
project Maayavan...

I can make you live
for a 1000 years.

We can use the brain samples
of Dr.Abdul Kalam...

...and bring him back to life.

But, incapable people
like Narayanan....

...are promoted as CRO
of institute by you.

Which is why science and technology
are stranded in our country.

Enough! Stop it.

The so called science and technology has
developed enough to touch the satellites.

The latest 3G/4G technology
has messed up our privacy.

On one hand the satellites have
penetrated enough to reach our toilets.

On the other hand you say you want to
penetrate into another individual's head.

That's a brutal thought
you got there!

Is there no humanity
in you at all?

Tell me this...

you say you want to erase someone else's
identity and live in that individual...

...that too for a 1000 years.

Are you that scared of death?

Because of your research
trial, an individual

has succumbed to
indefinite comma.

Is it recorded in your report?

It is to supervise and report
about people such as you...

I personally recommended
Mr. Narayanan to the CRO post!

Do you think a scientist has the
privilege of misusing science?

Are you a psychopath?

Ever heard about sitthar
sages from ancient times?

They are known to exchange
souls between bodies.

But they died without disclosing
that secret to the world.

Do you know why?

So that people like you
shouldn't misuse it.

Multinational companies are
very keen on this project.

Are you aware?

Now what?

Showing me
your arrogance?

Nothing is beyond the god.

But that doesn't mean you
should aim to become god!

Don't you get it?

Of late no one understands
what politicians has to say.

If I give a little space
then you would get into... head and get your
project approved.

Hence I will inform
Mr. Narayanan right away and...

I officially ban
this research.

Do you get in now?


Post that we totally
lost touch with him.

One fine day, we received an
information that he passed away.

But based on what
you all said...

...looks like he might have
just achieved immortality.

Is it possible?

Only he can answer it.

The style in which he has
placed his feet on his shoe.

The way he his handling his
cigarette with his left hand.

This is ditto Pramod.

I got it authorized
using your password.

Its ok.
I'll take care of it.

This is the modern 'Truth Serum.'

The result of LSD mixed
with 'Truth Serum'...

gives this output.

A medicine that will make
one speak the truth.

It has never been used
on anyone in India.

Because the law here
doesn't allow it.

Hence, under the influence
of this medicine...

if he spits out the truth,
the law won't accept it.

This case seems to
be beyond the law.

Hence, the primary step here
is to find out the truth.

Ok sir.

- Yeah.
- Ok.

Go ahead

It can be used only once on him.


If we have to use it
on him again...

...then we will have
to wait for days.



Do you recognize me?

I'm your colleague, Velayudham.

Can you hear me Pramod?


Was your death a natural
one or was it a suicide?


But why?

Why did you commit suicide?


He is trying to
fight the medicine.

We don't have much time.

How do you copy the data of your brain
into another individual's brain?

How do you take over another
individual's brain?

I imposed the digital back up of my
brain in to another individual's brain.

The first person I
selected was Dheena.

My gym trainer.

I injected his brain with
the electronic gel and...

using that I installed thousands of seventh
generation smart nano transmitters...

in the neurons present
in Dheena's brain.


all my digital memories
present in the hard disk...

...gets copied into
that transmitters.

When he regained his consciousness
he was normal as usual.

In order to find out if my experiment
was a success or failure...

I had to commit suicide.

At the last second
before my death...

the nano transmitters
in my brain...

sends signal to Dheena's brain and
activates the copying process.

In the first stage...

the nano transmitters
generates devised shock waves

in Dheena's brain and
erases off his memory.

Immediately, my digital memories
present in the transmitters...

will get copied into his brain.

Now, this time when he
regained his conscious....

his body is...taken over by me.

As a new human.

As far as I am alive in
someone else's body...

the hard disk in the lab gets
updated with my running memory.

Fine but why did you kill
that gym trainer's wife?

Very irritating person!

What's with this new habit of smoking?
You have been acting strange lately.

How dare you smoke
inside the house?

Of late your activities make me
wonder if you are indeed my husband!

What about actress Vimsha?

You very well know
why I killed her.

Thank you.
Please get the cheque.

Come on now!
Stop that habit.

It's clean. This isn't a lab
and that is not a chemical.

Keeps wiping it often!

It's become a habit.

It's been years since we had an outing
and some quality time such as this.

Last, we had an outing during
our 25th wedding anniversary.

The next outing is going to be
60th wedding anniversary

Did you hear?

You. Please move.

Madam, you go ahead.

Make way.

He spends almost all
his time in the lab.

Looks like you have forgot to enjoy the
beautiful things around you Pramod.

I must start enjoying it soon.

Live life as a new human being.

Sorry. Sorry.

- Shit!
- Sorry sir.


Are you blind?

Listen. I said I am sorry.

If those nonsense are pouncing
upon you, can't you move away?

Excuse me sir!
Show some respect!

She didn't do it on purpose.
She even apologized.

Why are you being rude?

Your madam might be ok with anything
or anyone falling upon her.

But I ain't like that.

How dare you?!

Forget it.

- Poor old fellow. Why beat him?
- What the heck?

No use talking to people
who can't respect others.

How dare you slap him?

I'll finish you off!
Be careful!

I made up my mind that
moment itself.

That I'll kill her using
her own make up man!

But how?

From the body of one person...

how did you manage to get
into another person's body?

How is that even possible?

The moment I resurrected
in Dheena's body...

I selected my next target...

and copied my up to date
digital memory in the same way

into his brain like I
did in Dheena's brain.

Then when I die again...

the other person gets activated.

Now, I would have
resurrected in him.

And so...

the moment the make
up man died...

I resurrected in Rudran's body.


Rudran must be killed.

Only then, along with my latest memories...

I can resurrect in the
next target's body.

How do you do that?

Where do you do that?

It can be performed
only in my lab.

Where is your lab?

My lab!

Where is your lab?



- Where is that lab?
- Lab...

Ask him who is his next target.

If you commit suicide now...

in whose body will
you get activated?

Tell me Pramod! Who
gets activated?


Come on doctor!

Who is it?

Come on doctor.

Who is it?


Come on. Come on!

- No!
- Dr. Pramod!

Come on!

Who is it?

Who will get activated?

Whose body are you
going to take over?

Tell me Pramod!

Tell me!

On whom have you set
the nano transmitters?

Who is it?



Who is it?

Sir! Stop him!

Sir are you alright?

How dare you inject me the medicine!
You son of a gun!

No Kumaran! Karna!
Control yourself.

- Check him.
- Sir are you ok?

I'm ok.

- I'm ok.
- Stop staring!

If we don't find whom Pramod has set up
then all our efforts so far will go waste.

We can't waste time anymore.

Find out scientist Pramod's...



students and staff.

Get me a list with all of them.

Where is the lady from
that house admitted?

That's her.

Here sir.

- Here?
- Yes.


- Madam?
- Who is she?

Dr. Pramod's wife. She is in coma.

Did she ever come
into her senses?

I was informed that she blinked
her eyes once. I never saw it happen.

Is that all your
dedication at work?

Come on now.

She is not the
only patient here!

Don't you judge just like that!

You must have been on the phone!

Listen madam. Your husband
has wrecked havoc.

And look at you
sleeping peacefully.

If her senses turn back
or even if she blinks...

please inform to this
number immediately.

But my dedication ain't
up to that level.

Don't mind what he said.

- Please.
- Please do warn him.


Sir, there are hundreds
of profiles in this.

How do we zero in on the
particular individual?


As per my psychological analysis
on the 134 profiles presented,

if I have to arrange them
in top to bottom order...

then these are the
top 15 out of them.

Because these 15 are very strong,

have healthy medical
records and...

possess a high stature
in the society.

Does these 15 profiles contain the profile
of the person we are looking for?

Well, Rudran will show it to us.

Do you recognize what
this is Dr. Pramod?


First they gave me a drug
to find out the truth.

And now this.

Lights on.

As I expected...

Rudran has deceived
us in pulse reading.

His pulse seems to be steady.

There was no major fluctuation.


this polygraph test was
just running in the front.

We did another test in the
background, face reading.

Which means, a test based on the minute
change in the the face reactions...

to find out a person's state of mind.

If he had found out about it he would
have controlled his face expressions too.

Hence, he was informed only
about the poly graphic test...

and his face expressions have been
recorded in a camera secretly.

We showed this footage to a
face reader, Mr. Vincent.

Change in reaction at
time 3.08 in the footage.

At that instance
it showed your photo.

Then again at 3.22.

Where Pramod is shaking
hands with an army officer.

It is very obvious that he had
panicked at these two instances.

The photo from the conference...

is indeed army Major Sathyan.

After inquiring...

we found that Pramod and Major
are good friends since college.

Major arrives here at Chennai
tomorrow morning 11.

We can make him understand
the situation.

I believe we can do it.

His next target must
be army Major Sathyan.

We can't rely on
beliefs here Kumaran.

He is an army man.

It is risky to near him without
any assured permission.

Though we don't have evidences
to legally incriminate... least we must know.

That the path we are
in is the right one.

Sir, how about
we try this out.

Lets tell Rudran...

that we found that army
Major is his next target.

What if he panics and
tries to commit suicide?

Then we can confirm it.

Shut up Karna!

Why not?
Let's try that out.


Are you serious?


I don't see any other way.

Let's try it.

Pramod, how could you just
rat out Major so easy?

That was a dummy polygraph test.

We found who is next
using face reading.

Isn't it army Major Sathyan?

One autograph please.

Forget it Karna.

We shall get it from Major.

Let's plead and he might
just sign it for us.

Sir please. Please. Please.

He won't Karna.

He is quite furious.

See you Pramod.

Come on Karna.


Karna! Hold on!

Let him go!

I said leave him!


Are you alright?


Are you alright?

What did the doctor say?

No problem if he is saved...

Or else?

Doctor how is he?

The bullet that
pierced his body...

...has hurt his wind
pipe very bad.

We have controlled the
situation for now.

But we can give a proper answer
only after the wound heals.

Thanks doctor.

He is a motivational speaker,
why would he commit suicide?

Is it indeed a suicide or
is it a police Encounter?

I can't answer to the
assumptions you make.

Sir, series of murders are
happening in the city.

So far what has the police
department done about it?

Wait. Hold on.

The inquiry is going on.

I shall arrange a press meet and
answer your questions then.

Sir, do you think Major
will believe all this?

We shall approach casually, like we are
here to fix an appointment with him.

So is that all?

What else can we do?
He is an army Major.

We can't do much.

- Keep updating me every hour.
- Ok sir.

- Check the saturation.
- Ok.

- Suction, second hourly once.
- Ok sir.





Please move.

Ok. See you.


What is it sir?


Excuse me sir.

Can I just have a moment...

Please sir.
Just one meeting.

Sir we might get some loop and
we can proceed with that.

If we hadn't nabbed Rudran then
we would have never got so far.

We have already tampered
with the system a lot.

We already need to clear
the mess we have made.

He isn't a normal person
amongst the public.

He is an army Major.

If he gets furious then he
can drag this to any level.

Just one meeting.


Yes Kumaran?

Seems like you are
desperate to meet me?

Evening 4 O clock.

Come to the army campus.

Let's meet.



Major Sathya.

Sit down.

Please wait outside.

I told you the other day that
I can do anything I wish for.

Look at me!


It's a power.

Next, I could be a minister.

Then prime minister.

Well in fact...

I can even become
the American president.

Come on Kumara!

I am going to live for
another 1000 years!

I am immortal.

In this, only life of yours...

you have already seen
me reincarnate 5 times.

Hence, I am telling you...

you better run away!

Don't toil so hard and fight!

Do you need an autograph?


It's shocking Kumaran.

I don't see any other way out.

We must find out his lab!

It must be destroyed ASAP!

We must divide into
two team Karna.

We must find out the lab.


we must prevent him
from going to the lab.

One team must follow him and
find out whom he is meeting.

Another team must do a survey using
the profiles filtered by Aadhirai.

We can take help from Friends of police,
detectives and retired police officers.

She came into her senses
just a little ago.

Hence, I called you
up immediately.

But she went unconscious again.

Can you give us any information
about your husband?

Madam, this is...

What did she write down?

She has drawn circles.
That's it.

Coin? Moon?

- The sun?
- Bangle?

A ground?

- Come on Karna!
- A CD?

Sit down.

What happened?

He is experiencing a trauma from an
incident he fell into a well at childhood

It still haunts him.

What did you just say?

An incident from you childhood
where you fell into a well.

His wife drew circles
could it indicate a well?

There is a well in the backyard
of Dr. Pramod's house.


Let's check it immediately Karna.

Sir, let's investigate.

This isn't a well
in the first place.

Try opening it.

Sir, it looks like a chamber.

Karna, get it drilled
along its borders.

It can be arranged.

Just few minutes.
Few minutes.

- It's open!
- Not bad!



Major sir, isn't your
life stored up here?

Now I wanna see how you are
gonna live for a 1000 years.

An exact similar one!

It is similar to the
lab in the institute.

He has just manipulated
the structure.

Otherwise it is quite similar.

Wait, an important component
seems to be missing.

Mr. Kumaran.

It's here.

Wrong password

It can be opened only
with a password.

Do you know any hackers?

It is impossible
to crack this one.

This is a strong random
password generator.

The password keeps changing
every five minutes.

- Why are you bombarding me with calls?
- Hello?

Sir, it's my wife.

Why do you keep
calling repeatedly?

What happened?

Subha are you crying?

The encryption is too
complicated sir.

Look there is no signal here.
Let me call you back.

A video call?


just listen what I have to say.

Why are you crying Subha?

You better escape.

Don't you get caught.

Somehow make sure
you save our kids.


- Mom!
- Mom!


Yeah! That's right.

There is only one way out.

We must find out the company that
developed the Password generator.

How about breaking it open?

What if it explodes?

Boss, this ain't a movie.

Sir, this is even worse.


- Ajay!
- Sir?

Where is the cube box?

I don't know. Officer
Karna was here.




Please do not harm my daughters.

Arm up!


There are so many of you or else I
would have offered something to eat.

You are under arrest Major!

Here is the evidence.

From Dr. Pramod to his lab...

...everything has been
informed to the Kernel.

One second.




Major! No!


I've a reputation.

For your sake, do not
try anything cheap!


- Where are you going?
- Move!

Prepare dinner.

I'll back home by night.

Start the vehicle.

Come on.

- Clear the roads everywhere!
- Ok sir.

There are 12 bullets in this.

I guess it should be enough?

You are a Major yet why
indulge in such activities?

You know something.

Since the time human came into existence;
do you know what everyone wishes for?


We must fill diesel.


Maintain a safe distance.

He is very unpredictable!

Where would he go next?

Where would he go next?

He constructed a special lab for
this purpose, at the institute.

Velayudham sir! He is the one who
has access to the institute lab.

The chase between the police
force and the Major finally...

...came to an end at the
Sholinganallur gas station.

The fight between the police and the Major
resulted in the gas station exploding.

Seven people were declared...

Hello. Greetings.

Sit down.

Please sit down.

So what's up Velayudham?

How are you?

Are you asthmatic?

- Bring him some water.
- Ok sure.

Where is the inhaler?

If I let you alive from here
then he will kill my father.

Don't make any hasty decision.

Who gave you this gun?

Calm down and listen to me.

Your brother is asthmatic.
Where is his inhaler?

Come on just listen to him!



He has reached. Quick!



Hold on.


Listen to me! No!
I'll shoot you.

I said no!

I'll press the trigger!

Come on!

Now you can shoot me.

But make sure you don't shoot her.

Don't shoot her.

Shoot me.




Look at me. Shoot me.
Don't look at her.

Come on shoot me.


Shoot me!


Shoot me.

Shoot me!

'20 years later'

(Song from 'Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal')